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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

I get off the bus and walk through Pasir Ris park, passing families and couples out for their evenings, enjoying themselves, as I head towards the chalet area.

The cool evening air blows in my face, as I walk up to the door of the chalet I was instructed to go to, noting that the curtains are drawn fully across, and a recognizable pair of shoes is already at the doorstep. I knock on the door, and wait, as the door opens, and my best friend- well, actually, more of my former best friend nowadays- opens the door and lets me enter, closing it behind me.

“You can go upstairs and wait first.” She orders.

I nod, walking up the narrow staircase to the small room, noting that the first floor seems to be laid out for a party, with food and drinks. It’s obvious whose birthday it is, of course, because I wouldn’t forget my former bestie’s birthday, but as to why I’m there? That’s still a mystery. It’s definitely not because she’s inviting her best friend over for cake and drinks.

She enters the upstairs room after about ten minutes of me sitting on the bed idly, and looks me over. “Seriously? That’s the best you could wear? Go put on some makeup. Put on lots of it, in fact. Nice and thick.” She tosses her makeup bag at me, and leaves the room. I open it and slowly, reluctantly doll up my face, making sure to put on lots of thick, bright red lipstick and eyeliner, the end result looking like some cheap girl along the streets at night waiting for men.

“Well, looks like at least you can do something right.” She smirks, entering the room again. “Take off your clothes, and stay upstairs till you’re wanted.” I obey, silently stripping off my tank top and shorts, then pulling off my bra and panties, dropping them into my bag, which she slings over her shoulder and sets off down the stairs, locking the room door behind her, leaving me naked.

I pull the blanket over me and wait, staring into space and daydreaming to pass the time. I can hear people arriving one by one, conversation going on, and smell food below, as the party begins, but I have no idea why I’m upstairs naked. I have a sneaking suspicion though, and it isn’t a good possibility.

I must have dozed off though, because I’m woken by a tight slap from her, as she tosses me a strip of black cloth. “Put on the blindfold, and kneel down next to the bed with your hands behind your head, slut. And make sure you act like you’re enjoying it, or I’ll make sure you get punished after tonight ends.” She orders, heading back down the stairs.

“So, what’s this treat you have for us?” I hear a voice laugh through the air. “Oh, come upstairs and see. It’s a lovely dessert for all of you.” I hear her replying, her voice filled with mirth. Next, the sound of footsteps and laughter headed up the stairs, followed by the door flung open, and then silence.

Followed by cheers.

“So this is that bitch you’ve been telling us about!””She looks pretty hot. Do we get to try her out?””Man, I’d love to see those nice red lips around my dick.””She’s got one hell of a figure!””You’re lucky to have a slut like this for your personal use!”

The comments fly, as my face flushes crimson with the shame. And my suspicions are confirmed, as she closes the door, and laughs. “Go ahead guys, she’ll do anything you want. And she’ll get into any position, because she’s one hell of a gymnast. Take this as my 21st birthday party entertainment.” She giggles.

I hear the voices debating, arguing who gets to take me first, then suddenly, I feel someone step forward, and place his hands on both sides of my head, as his hard shaft touches my lips. I hear pants unzipping all around me, anticipating their turn.

“Go ahead and suck it, slut. Let’s see if you’re as good as she says.”

I open my mouth, hesitantly, knowing that if I don’t perform, I’ll be in for a world of pain when they leave tomorrow. I force myself to smile, looking up at whoever it is, despite being blindfolded, and begin to lick and suck on his rod, using every single technique I’ve learnt over all this time, forcing myself to act like a complete whore as I let my lips and tongue dance all over his erect manhood, forcing myself not to gag on the taste of sweat.

I hear him groan with the pleasure, pushing my head further down, as I deepthroat him, struggling not to gag, my tongue wildly flicking his shaft as my suppressed gagging sends vibrations along his length, adding to his pleasure and to my pain.

Tears well in my eyes as I fight to breathe, feeling him pull back out halfway, then slam back in. I press on, continuing to pleasure him, using every ounce of my attention to bring his climax out, until I feel the first spurt hit the back of my throat, feeling relief as spurt after spurt of the thick, sticky fluid fills my mouth, the familiar, disgusting taste sliding down my throat, as he pulls out, and I instinctively lick him clean.

But just as I attempt to catch my breath, the next man has already stepped up, and put his own rod to my lips. I open my mouth, only for him to grab my head and slam himself forcefully into my open mouth, making me choke, as he begins to roughly fuck my face, ignoring my frantic gasping for air from the shock. I attempt to continue my oral pleasuring, but he ignores my actions, enjoying the experience of using my mouth as if it was my slit. The face-fuck lasts a lot shorter though, thankfully, as he unloads in my mouth as well, slapping my face with his shaft for fun as I gulp down yet another sticky mouthful. And as he steps away, without even giving me a moment’s respite, I feel yet another man thrust himself into my face.

This continues on and on, for what seems like endless eternity, although on hindsight, I’m sure it probably would only have been about…six? Seven? Probably seven men have used my mouth, before I finally get a chance to breathe, gagging and retching and hearing them laugh at my humiliation as I bend over, cum dripping out of my mouth, my face and hair splattered with more cum, and some splattered on my chest even.

“This slut of yours is pretty good, Judith. Does she fuck as well as she sucks?””Yeah, can we try the rest of her too? I’m sure she’ll be good for anything.””Her body looks like it was made to be fucked, yknow!”
As the chuckles fill the air, I groan inwardly. And here I was, thinking that I could get away with sucking off all of them. But before I can even think about the shame of getting fucked by several men waiting for me, I hear another girl’s voice cut through the air, which shocks me.

“Hey, Judith, can I try her too? I’m sure she’s been learning to please you too, hm?” It’s a high pitched, melodious voice, somewhat familiar in fact, but before I can even attempt to pinpoint the owner of the voice, I feel myself being turned to face the bed, as my head is slowly pushed down between a pair of slim legs, to cheers from all the men watching.

“Go ahead, darling. You can try her too. She licks as good as she sucks.” My former bestie laughs, as my face is pushed into a smoothly waxed pussy. I refuse to begin though, my mind rebelling as always when faced with situations like this.

And of course, what usually happens next, which is no different from always, is the sharp sting of a belt lashed across my ass, making me gasp with the pain, as Judith lashes her belt across several times, until I begin licking her friend’s slit as if it was the last ice cream I’d ever eat. Or something like that. I taste the sharp, bitter taste of another girl’s juices flowing freely, mixing with the cum splatters on my face as I eat her out, forcing myself to trace my tongue over her clit, swollen with all the stimulation, then slide my tongue up and down her slit, unwillingly making myself perform, hearing all the spectators enjoying themselves.

She’s a lot easier to please than Judith though, as she jerks her pussy into my face after less than five minutes, mashing my lips against her own swollen lips and moaning as she squirts her juices into my face, soaking my blindfold. She lets go of my head, as I sink back onto my knees, head hanging down, trying to spit out what’s left of her juices from my mouth, not caring about everyone in the room with me, fighting the urge to break down into tears from the sheer humiliation.

“So can we fuck her now?” I hear one man ask, jolting me back awake.”Yeah, why not? Come on, Mel. Get up and onto the bed. Time to be the slut you are.” Judith orders, a malicious note of laughter in her voice, clearly enjoying my look of shame, or what is visible from under the blindfold at least.

This is definitely going to be one fucking long night. And “fucking” is definitely the appropriate word to describe it.

“Go on Mel, get on the bed. What are you waiting for?” Judith orders. I force my reluctant body to move, standing up, feeling the various bodily fluids trickle down my naked body, as I sit on the side of the bed, not knowing what to do next. I feel someone get onto the bed and lie down behind me, then someone pushes my face right into someone’s hard-on, my lips making contact with the shaft.

“Lube it up for him, go on.” One of the men chuckles. I stick out my tongue, and give it a few slow licks, coating it with my saliva, then get my head pulled away, as I’m forced into a half-kneeling, half-standing position on the bed, still blindfolded and not knowing what’s going on. I feel my legs being positioned to straddle someone’s body, as I’m pushed back down onto my knees, my hands pulled behind me by another person so that I’m leaning backwards while kneeling over whoever it is between my legs. I hear laughter, cheers, and then I’m pushed downwards, as the tip of his manhood touches the entrance to my pussy, making me squirm. If I could see my face in a mirror right now, it would probably be an expression of utter humiliation and shame, and I know that everyone else in the room is enjoying it. Except for me.

“Well, hurry up, put that gymnastics experience to use!” The other girl, who I’m still trying to figure out the identity of, slaps me across the face, laughing as she does so. Tears begin to well in my eyes, soaking the blindfold, as I lower myself onto the man, gasping as I feel him enter me. He’s huge, and I feel every single bit of his impressive length as it slides deep into me, filling me up, my pussy squeezing down involuntarily as it tries to cope with the intrusion. I groan despite myself, forcing myself not to enjoy this, not to be stimulated, as I begin riding his shaft, my body moving up and down, feeling his length slide in and out of me, feeling the shame as my body begins to respond and my slit begins to moisten. The physical exertion leaves my tanned body glazed with a thin sheen of sweat, as I fight my body’s urges, but it’s no use. I can feel myself being turned on and stimulated even though none of this is clearly consensual.

That bitch Judith, I think. All this time, she’s known that going on top and riding the man has always been my least favourite position, because it makes me a willing participant in this whole situation. And all this time, I’ve been forced to be on top, whenever she feels like making me feel particularly cheap and dirty. Tonight is no exception. I feel the man below me tensing, his hands gripping my butt really tightly, as I continue to bounce up and down, now leaning forward with my hands on either side of his shoulder to better support myself, moaning and panting from the exertion and the sensation, the spectators laughing as they watch me degrade myself, looking like a cheap whore, enjoying myself from this. But as I’m about to hit my own climax, he hits his own one first, slamming me down and spurting his cum deep into my pussy.

I groan, because it’s an extremely kinky yet dirty feeling, to feel the thick fluid fill me like that, yet my mind is rebelling at the shame of being filled by a total stranger. Somewhere deep inside, I thank my lucky stars that I remembered to take the pills before coming, and that I know Judith would make sure that whoever uses my body is clean, because she definitely wouldn’t want her long-term fuck-toy (that’s what she refers to me as, by the way) infected with anything. And I’m definitely grateful that he finished first, because getting an orgasm for all these people would be the ultimate humiliation.

I feel a hand grip my hair, pulling me back by my ponytail, a signal to dismount the first man, as he rolls off the bed, and I’m allowed to sink back onto my knees, feeling his cum drip out of my pussy and slide down my legs. Fuck, that’s a lot of that inside me, I think. But before I can even catch my breath, I’m pulled off the bed and pushed against the bedside table, forced to bend over standing up, feeling the cum slide down my legs, as another man stands behind me and cups my small breasts.

“Mmm, nice and firm. They’re just the right size.” He laughs. Then, he grips them tight, pinching my nipples, making me gasp, then grit my teeth, wincing at the pain. Those watching laugh at my reaction, as I squirm, then jerk my body forward, only for him to pull me back, as he enters me from behind, fucking my pussy hard this time. I force myself to be grateful for the fact that at least I’m not being forced to participate, yet, it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m being used, as I feel him pound me roughly.

He pulls on my ponytail and spanks my butt with every thrust, making me groan and gasp out loud from the pain, the pleasure making it even more of a contrast, as I feel my body being forced to approach yet another climax, my mind going ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfucknononono-

Thankfully, before I can climax, he pulls out, but this time, I’m less than happy about it, because he spins me around and pushes me to my knees, then finishes all over my face. I can feel the warm, sticky droplets hit my blindfold and splatter over my cheeks, cheers and wolf whistles filling the room as he releases one last spurt onto my face, then pats my head condescendingly, making me grit my teeth, holding my tongue, not wanting to be punished, no matter how degraded I feel.

As I kneel there, cum dripping off my face, I feel yet another pair of hands pull me to the bed. I’m thrown over flat, and my hands are held down in front of me by two other people. Something’s wrong, I think, as a hand slaps my butt, making me wince, then I feel yet another hard object press against me from behind. But this time, it heads towards the other entrance. And that makes me start struggling furiously. Not there, not there, anywhere but there, I think, panicking, as the other people hold me down, laughing.

“She’s a feisty one, no?”

“Told you she doesn’t like it. Just hold her down and let her enjoy the surprise!” Judith slaps my face, then brings her head close and whispers into my ear, just enough for me to hear. “Either you let them fuck your ass like a good little slut, or I’ll make sure the other guys come over once this party ends. It’s only Friday, we’ve still got Saturday and Sunday to teach you a lesson if you need one.” Judith threatens, then stands up again and slaps my ass once more. “Go ahead! Really. She’ll struggle but she’ll still take it.”

I writhe about, tears freely flowing once more, as I feel the tip of his manhood start to press into my butt, sliding up from my slit and over to my asshole, and I force myself to grit my teeth, preparing for the pain of being entered from there. I really hate anal, I think. I’ve been used all over, in so many different ways that I’ve lost count, and so many times that I’ve lost count, but the one thing that I really hate, and is only used as a punishment usually, is an ass-fucking. And now, without even doing anything wrong, I’m still getting one.

I’m snapped out of my thoughts, as he places both hands on my hips, then begins pushing in slowly. The others hold me down, as I grit my teeth, fighting not to struggle, but still squirming, unwilling to go down quietly against the one thing I hate the most.

My struggling is more or less futile, because all it serves is to excite everyone, who cheers, as the man behind me pushes the tip of his manhood into my asshole, making me cry out with the pain, struggling even more violently as he slowly pushes it deep into me, not caring that I’m sobbing and begging for him to stop, gritting my teeth as I clench down to try and stop him, yet all it does it make him even rougher, slapping my butt as he rams himself into my ass.

I scream, my mind momentarily going blank from the shock, then crashing back to reality very roughly, as he begins to fuck my ass. Hard. I can feel the entire length as it pistons in and out of me, I can feel the tears soaking my blindfold, and I can feel my entire body’s muscles clenched as I fight the pain, hating every single moment of it.

Getting forced to be some party whore for these people was already degrading enough, but to receive the one thing that I hate the most probably tops it.

I can feel him pulling on my ponytail as he rams deeper, taking his time to slowly pull out them slam back in with rough force, the spectators laughing as they watch the contorted expression on my face. I try to shut my mind out, to focus on any other thing other than this, but it’s no use, because every time he thrusts himself back into me, I give a little whimper, a little cry of pain, and the jolt makes me snap back to reality.

After what seems like an eternity, I feel him start to go faster. Even as I continue to groan with the pain, inside, I’m pleading with him to finish faster, because the sooner he finishes, the sooner this ends. And the sooner he’s done, well, let’s hope no one else is into giving me an ass-fucking. I focus on my breathing, shutting out the pain, and every other emotion, as he slams deep into me, gripping my hips hard, then begins spurting his load into me. I can feel the creamy, thick fluid oozing out of my asshole as he pulls out, then wipes his shaft in my hair, making everyone snigger.

I collapse limp on the bed, as my arms are released, and sob quietly to myself, feeling cum slowly trickling out of both my holes, completely worn out, and praying to someone…anyone, really, that the night is going to end here.

Of course I know it’s a delusion, though, because it definitely couldn’t have been that long since they started using me. I continue to lie there, gasping and panting, trying to catch my breath, my mind in a complete haze, not paying attention to my surroundings any longer. This probably can’t get any more degrading, I think to myself.

And once again, I’m proven wrong.

“Hey, she hasn’t gotten off all night, you know. Why don’t we make the slut cum for us!” The other girl, who I still haven’t figured out the identity of, giggles.

And her suggestion is met with lots and lots of cheers. No, I think, no, please, not for these people, not now, not like this. But while I’m pleading quietly inside my mind, I feel myself being turned over, then held down on the bed again, with my legs spread really wide, and my arms tied together with what feels like a belt. As I squirm, I feel someone begin to suck and lick on my nipples, already standing stiff after all the fucking, and the sensation makes me gasp, my face flushing red as my slit begins to get moist once again, as whoever it is continues to suck and lick on my nipples, their tongue sliding all over my breasts.

This person knows what they’re doing, that’s for sure.

“Take off the blindfold. Let’s see her expression when she cums for us!” I feel the blindfold ripped off, and see Judith’s smirking face right in front of mine, as I continue to squirm and writhe about, the sensation of my sensitive nipples being licked and sucked feeling amazing yet dirty and wrong at the same time. The light floods into my eyes, blinding me after hours blindfolded, and I can see about 6 to 7 men standing about me. I look around, trying to find the other girl, but can’t see her, only Judith standing there in a sports bra and FBTs, then I look down to see who is licking me, and I yell in shock, struggling furiously, as the men holding me down roughly push me back down and keep me still.

Because it’s that other girl who’s busy pleasuring me, not a guy. And while it would have been humiliating enough already to get pleasure from one of these guys, to get it from another girl is well, just not something I’d agree with, to make a vast understatement. I trash about, trying to get free, but the guys holding me down are a lot stronger, and I have no choice but to give up, falling limp onto the bed and squirming about, tears welling in my eyes, my face flushed crimson with the shame, as I begin to groan and pant, forced to feel pleasure, my body betraying me despite the circumstances. I can’t see her face still, but this other girl is definitely a lot dirtier-minded than Judith, because she’s busy lapping away between my legs despite all the cum leaking from my pussy, her tongue wildly lashing about and teasing my clit before tracing all over the sensitive bud, making me jerk about moaning, because it feels so wrong and yet so damn good, and that’s humiliating enough in itself.

Her tongue slides down and begins cleaning up the cum leaking from my asshole, making me struggle again, the feeling bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm.

This girl knows what she’s doing, and she’s definitely no stranger to this. Her expert tongue continues pleasuring me, until, tears of shame streaming down my cum-splattered face, every muscle in my body tenses and I arch my back upwards, crying out in a forced orgasm, panting as my pussy clenches and squirts out my juices mixed with the cum of the guys from earlier.

I collapse back onto the bed, gasping for air, sobbing uncontrollably now, despite the rush of adrenaline surging through my body and the extremely pleasurable feeling all over me. The girl gives my pussy a light kiss, giggling, then stands up, allowing me my first look at who she is. I yell in shock once again, as I recognise her face.

“CLARA? No. Not you too…not you…” I sob, as she comes closer to me, grinning viciously, then plants a light kiss on my lips, before forcing her tongue past my lips, taking a slow, lingering kiss, letting me taste the mixture of cum and juices from her mouth, then standing up again and smirking.

“Oh, Mel, Mel. You really think Judith was the only one with a grudge against you? She’s been telling me about your little arrangement for a long time, but tonight’s the first time I’ve gotten to try you. And it looks like I’ll be seeing a lot more of you.” Clara chuckles, as she steps back, the others cheering at the performance she just gave for them. I whimper, completely spent, my mind in a daze, as the next man steps forward, spreads my legs and begins to fuck me, but I just lie there, groaning and gasping as he uses me but my mind not even present any longer. Clara…why her? Why her of all people, to betray me? I think to myself, as the man begins to pound me harder and harder, then pulls out and fires his load all over my face, jolting me back to my senses as he slaps my face with his rod.

“Lick it clean.” He orders. I oblige, as the others pull me up so that I’m on all fours, my face in position right in front of his groin. I lick and suck the mixture of cum and juices off his shaft, gagging at the taste. I hear camera shutters clicking, the rest of the people have their phones out and they’re recording this, taking pictures of my face, and the look of utter humiliation on my face as I suck and lick his cock, cum dripping out of my ass and pussy, and splattered all over my face and hair, my thick makeup smeared and running with the tears that continue to stream down my face.

After that, it’s pretty much the same for the next few hours. The men take turns using me in every hole, and force me to use my hands as well. I’m made to finger myself for their entertainment as well, climaxing in front of them again and feeling even cheaper, as they record the show I perform for them. Once they’ve had their fun though, Judith and Clara finally speak up.

“Alright guys, anyone else wants to try her one more time? No? Then it’s our turn. It’s my birthday after all.” Judith laughs. The men cheer, as they follow Judith back downstairs, while Clara stays to tie my hands and legs together to make sure I can’t get free, then tosses a blanket over me before heading down the stairs as well, locking the door behind her.

And I’m left there, to sob quietly to myself, feeling the cum leak out of me, feeling the mixture of sweat and other bodily fluids smeared all over my naked body, and feeling completely used and degraded. I can hear more activity going on downstairs, which means that bitch Judith is probably letting the guys have their fun with her as well.

But unlike her, I don’t enjoy this. I’m not some slut like her, I was always a good girl, always the demure, quiet one who didn’t go around trying to get fucked like she did. So what if I had to orgasm in front of all of them? That was their fault, she forced me, they forced me, I didn’t do it willingly…

Worn out, spent, exhausted, I fall asleep trying to convince myself of my innocence.