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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

“I should have just taken that overseas degree and started my own tuition center.” Jamie sighed to herself, walking up the stairs with her pile of books and papers in her hand. It was a warm Friday afternoon on the last week of school and by the time Jamie reached the door of the detention room, she was already covered in a thin sheen of sweat as she backed into the door clumsily, trying to open it with her back.

“Alright you guys, settle down.” Jamie called, walking into chaos as her request went unnoticed by the five large Secondary Five students busy engaging in a wrestling match at the back of the room, the soundproof walls and lack of windows perfect for this activity, having been a jamming studio before the principal saw fit to convert it into a detention room for delinquent students instead.

“SETTLE DOWN!” Jamie slammed down the books in her hand, screaming at the top of her voice and finally getting the attention of the students who grinned at her, getting up from their sparring session and heading back to their seats at the front of the small room.
“Eh, Miss Hong, you’re taking us today ah?””Ya siacher, you so suay ah?””Cher, this one is detention leh, not music lesson!”

“Yes, but I was assigned to take all of you, so if the five of you could settle down and just cooperate till 5pm we should have no problems alright? I’m sure we all want to go home.” Jamie forced a smile to her face, conscious that her sweatiness caused by the heat was causing her thin grey blouse to cling to her body, exposing the outlines of her bra and her small, but perky breasts, and that her students were extremely interested in the show.

“Can lah, cher.

“Alright, so attendance. Benjamin? Sean? Siva? Malek? Christopher? All here? Good. Alright, do your homework and we’ll be done in 4 hours time, alright?” As her students nodded, Jamie collapsed into the chair behind the desk at the front of the class, pulling out her phone and enjoying the air con while trying to take some enjoyment back from her lousy Friday.

“Seriously, this is not what I signed up for.” She muttered to herself as she flicked through instagram. Fresh out of JC, Jamie had been eager to enter the teaching service and had taken a Diploma in Education right away, her talents with the piano landing her a path in teaching Music at the age of 23. However, her request to be posted back to her old girl’s school had been rejected due to a quirk of the system which landed her in a neighborhood boy’s school with an infamous reputation.

It was not that Jamie disliked her students, she genuinely enjoyed teaching and over the one year that she had been with the school she had already made a reputation as one of the nicer and kinder teachers there with several boys choosing to behave after being taught by her. It was just that the toll of dealing with the older boys was a strain on her passion for teaching and her bright-eyed enthusiasm was often no match for the hardened young punks of the upper secondary levels, not to mention the fact that her shy, kind demeanour was often ineffective.

That, and the stares.
From Day One, Jamie had known that an attractive young lady like her teaching in a boy’s school would be trouble, but she had not been prepared for the culture shock. Her slim and toned figure together with her pretty face had already raised wolf whistles during her first few weeks from the more daring students, and she had already endured a gauntlet of lewd remarks such as “cher, suck my cock!” and “eh siala, fresh meat!” during her classes. Jamie wasn’t sure that she could take more of it but as she was on a bond, she had no choice but to remain.

Her thoughts were broken as one of the boys called out to her.
“Miss Hong ah, can help me? Got problem.”

“Uh…alright.” Jamie sighed as she put her phone down and stood up, walking over to Sean’s desk.
Cher ah, you see this sum…”

“I’m not a maths teacher, you know.” Jamie laughed casually, trying to lighten the mood.
Ya lah, but you can try lah! You see…you see…” Jamie leaned closer and that was when she felt the first sharp slap across her ass.

“What the f-MALEK! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET INTO MORE TROUBLE?!” Jamie screamed, grabbing his hand as the boys jumped to their feet, knocking over their chairs.

Cher, relax lah, trying to compliment you right? Your pantat nice to touch, so I touch lah! Saying you chio what.” Malek laughed, pulling his hand free of Jamie’s grip with no effort at all.

“What you just did was considered sexual harrassment. I could get you into more trouble than you already are in. And I haven’t even done anything to offend you, do you have to resort to this?” Jamie kept her frustration in but her eyes were already full of rage.

Cher, that one not sexual harrassment lah. Don’t use all your cheem words. You want to see what your simi sexual harrassment is?” Malek laughed, as he pushed Jamie hard against the wall of the small classroom then moved right up to her so his face was in hers, the smell of cigarettes blowing into Jamie’s face.
“Malek, I’m going to give you a chance, alright? Sit down and I’ll forget this happened.” Jamie forced herself to remain calm as the other boys surrounded her, while out of her view, Ben slipped over to the door, locking it and sealing them all in the soundproofed room with no windows to leak what was about to happen next.
“You want to forget this happened ah, cher? You suck all our cocks, and-” Malek’s words were cut off by a tight slap from Jamie, the crack echoing through the room as she finally lost her temper followed by the sound of a slam as Malek grabbed both her hands and pinned her against the wall.

“Okay lor, you won’t do it willingly, then we do it the hard way lor. I always wanted to try fucking you since the first time you came to school.” He laughed as Jamie began struggling, Siva and Chris moving to grab her hands and hold her in an armlock, her strength futile against theirs.

“Help…HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP-” Jamie’s screams were cut off by a tight slap across her face from Malek.

“Soundproof room lah,cher.” Ben grinned, dangling the keys to the room on one finger then tossing them into a corner. The five boys had already put their plan in place by texting each other ever since Jamie entered the room. Unknown to her, they had already been planning to take their young lusts out on the “fresh meat” for ages and while the plans were mere teenage fantasies for the most part, the circumstances had led to things escalating beyond their control. The consequences were a far-flung thought now compared to the sight of Jamie restrained and forced onto her knees, struggling in vain against the two holding her in place.

“Okay cher, how about this. You strip for us, let us take photo for souvenir, then we let you go. Ai mai?” Sean laughed.
“Go to hell. You let me go now, or this will be even worse for-” Another tight slap cut off Jamie’s protests and as she opened her mouth to scream Ben pulled one of their gym towels into place, Jamie biting down on the towel and gagging at the sweaty taste, her screams now muffled as Sean picked up a pair of scissors and moved over.
Jamie began struggling but against five of the rugby team’s finest she was no match. Her blouse was the first to go followed by her skirt. Malek roughly pulled off her low heels and tossed them to one side as she continued squirming and screaming, her eyes now welling with tears, her face flushed red with anger and shame.

“Smile, cher!” Ben chortled as the boys held Jamie in place, her lingerie-clad body exposed for his phone’s camera.

“Not bad ahMiss Hong, wear so sexy for what ah?” Siva mocked, as he flicked her bra strap with one finger. Jamie whimpered with shame. Being a Friday and a date night, Jamie usually wore her favourite black lace bra and panties set to school with the intention of meeting her boyfriend after, and to have something so intimate now on display felt like something private was already in the open.

“Maybe she’s quite slut ah, everytime act so guai but actually she horny like fuck. Is that true ah, cher?” Malek laughed as he ripped off her bra with one sharp tug then did the same for her panties, leaving Jamie naked. “Wah, she waxes leh! So smooth! Confirm slut already.” Jamie began wriggling about even more as she felt one finger run along her slit. Malek pulled off her silver necklace with one last tug, laughing at Jamie’s whimper as she watched the gift from her boyfriend snap then fly across the classroom to land in a corner. Ben began snapping more pictures as the boys held Jamie down and Sean began tying her up using a convenient pack of cable ties that they had bought earlier.

Finally, Jamie was left on the floor with her wrists strapped securely behind her back, naked, the gym towel tied around her mouth and her legs left free to kick, but currently held in place wide open by two of the boys. The boys began enjoying the sight of their teacher now naked and unable to resist, her face flushed red and already wet with tears. Jamie was slightly tanned and had a slim body with faint muscles toned from her days in the track team for her JC and university and this only turned the boys on even more.

“Wah, cher, you got angkong ah? Never knew you were so wild ah!” Siva grinned, tracing the small flower tattooed just under Jamie’s left breast and the small navel piercing that she wore, Jamie’s secret indulgences in her otherwise conservative lifestyle.
“She’s really slut what, I told you all. Eh, so I go first?” Malek laughed. “Just now I won the fight what.”

Jamie began struggling even harder but it was impossible to break free of the grip of her students as Siva held her shoulders down while Ben and Chris held her legs wide open and Sean picked up his phone to film. Malek unzipped his pants, his cock springing free as Jamie’s eyes widened, not expecting a teenager to have a shaft that large.

Cher, your boyfriend confirm fuck you right? Confirm nice and sweet and boring right? It’s okay. Today we show you what a real fucking is.” Malek smiled at Jamie maliciously as he knelt between her legs, her struggling intensifying as the tip of his cock touched her slit.

“So dry ah? Nevermind, you’ll get wet for me. Confirmed.” Malek twisted Jamie’s nipples, hearing her muffled scream and watching her wince, then with a groan of pleasure he grasped her slim waist and used it to pull himself into her, thrusting deep into Jamie’s cunt with one sharp movement, her scream of sheer agony from being penetrated dry escaping the gag.

“Wah, damn tight sia. Bet your boyfriend’s lanjiao fucking small.” Malek grinned as he began fucking Jamie hard, her small breasts bouncing from the force of his fucking as he kept one hand on her hips while the other began rubbing her clit trying to get her wet. To her horror the forced stimulation began making her wet after about ten minutes of fucking, and this made the boys cheer at what they saw as their teacher enjoying her rape.

Siala, so you really are a slut ah cher! Kena rape still can get wet, shiok ah!” Malek laughed as he began moving faster and faster, Jamie’s eyes widening in fear and shock as he grabbed her hips and began slamming faster, clearly heading for an orgasm. Jamie began shaking her head violently, a muffled “NONONONONONONO” escaping from behind her gag.

“Not in you ah cher? But I thought you liked it!” Malek grinned as he stood up and jerked himself off over Jamie’s face, the warm spurts covering her hair and face and mixing with the tears and smeared makeup. Jamie collapsed back limp, grateful for the small mercy of having her rapist not finish in her, a small mercy that was about to be taken away.

“Eh, bring her over. I want her to ride me.” Sean grinned, already in a chair with his cock standing at attention. Jamie struggled feebly as the boys pulled her over and forced her to straddle Sean then pushed her down onto him all the way till his shaft was buried deep in her.

“Ride him.” Ben ordered. Jamie shook her head violently, whimpering, not wanting to take part in her own rape, only to scream as Sean grabbed her nipples and twisted them hard, pulling them away from her body, her shrill screams once again escaping the gag. Sean grinned as he felt Jamie’s cunt clenching about his cock from the pain, twisting harder to intensify it.

Cher, it’s time for me to be the one teaching you, and right now I’m telling you, if you’re not disciplined we will punish you. Do you…want…more?” Sean punctuated each pause by digging his fingernails into Jamie’s nipples, already stiff from the aircon and from their abuse, Jamie screaming and her eyes rolling back from the excruciating pain. Sobbing at the feeling of participating in her own rape, she began to move up and down slowly, forcing herself to ride Sean’s cock.

“Let her go, guys. Let her do it herself. We must let her show her potential, believe in her ah!” Sean mocked, as the boys let go. Not wanting to anger them again and still unable to move her arms, Jamie forced herself to move up and down, feeling Sean’s full length deep in her sore, stretched cunt, being on top making him feel larger and making her feel more uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that she had to lean forward to keep her balance without her hands which left her tits right in Sean’s face, letting him lick and nibble on them, making her whimper and wince as she continued riding him.

“Faster leh, cher. You fucking boring leh,” Sean slapped Jamie’s ass, making her move faster and faster, her tears now streaming down her face and dripping off her lovely features as she sobbed uncontrollably, unable to comprehend why her afternoon had gone wrong so quickly.

“And by the way, I’m not as nice as Malek ah.” Sean grinned, as Jamie, moving faster and faster, realised Sean’s cock was tensing in her. The realisation made her slow down only to speed up again as her nipples were twisted sharply, Sean refusing to let go this time until she finished him off. As Jamie sank down one final time Sean held her in place, groaning with a satisfied smile on his face, the feeling of warm fluid spurting into Jamie’s cunt making her go limp with a sob of defeat. As Ben and Siva pulled Jamie off Sean’s cock he wiped it clean with the shreds of her clothing. Jamie was pulled to the teacher’s desk this time, then thrown onto her back as Chris pulled out the gag.

“Please…boys…just let me go alright? I’ll never tell a word to anyone…please…just stop this…I beg you…please…” Jamie whimpered, gasping for air, her body shaking from her sobs of shame and pain.
Cher ah, if you tell anyone…all the pictures and videos today? We’ll put it online. You can be a pornstar. I’m sure MOE will love you for it ah, and I’m sure our school will fucking love it too. And your boyfriend…wah! If you want us to keep it a secret ah…you better fucking obey us.” Chris spat into Jamie’s face, laughing at her look of utter shame.

“Now you’re going to ask me to fuck you. It’s for the camera.”
“No, please, not like this-NYAARGGHHH!” Jamie screamed, her body jerking taut, every muscle strained as Chris pinched her clit with his fingernails, cruelly digging them in.

“You want that again, cher? FUCKING BEG!” Chris yelled, slapping Jamie. Unknown to her, he had always hated the young teacher, viewing her attempts to reach out and be kind to her students as condescending gestures instead. The fact that she was beautiful as well had increased his dislike of her, and to have her in his hands to do as he wished right now was releasing all sorts of dark thoughts from deep in his mind.

“Please…no…i’ll do anything…please don’t hurt me…please…please have sex with me…” Jamie whimpered.
Cher ah, not dirty enough. You’re going to talk like a dirty fucking slut for us, and if you don’t, I’ll fucking make sure you scream till you lose your voice.” Chris threatened, slapping her pussy, Jamie wincing with the pain.

“You hear all the stuff we say in class? Don’t tell me you’re that innocent lah. Your boyfriend fucks you nice and gentle right? We’re not your fucking boyfriend! Now do it or you’ll scream!” Chris ordered as he grabbed Jamie’s nipples and dug his fingernails in again.

“ARGGHHH! NYARGHH…OKAY! STOP! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M A SLUT! I WANT YOUR…YOUR…PLEASE STOP…I WANT YOUR COCK! IN ME! FUCK ME! I’M A SLUT AND I WANT COCK! I..I…” Jamie broke down sobbing, the pain too much for her to bear, her eyes rolling back as she approached unconsciousness only to be brought back by a tight slap and another gob of saliva spat into her face.

“Good enough, cher. It’s okay. You’ll learn. Got remedial for this later.” Chris laughed darkly, and before Jamie could ponder the meaning of his words he grabbed her hips and slammed into her hard, fucking her without any thought for her comfort. Jamie whimpered, the brutal fucking too much for her to take, having been already fucked hard twice in the short span of one hour and taking her third cock before the hour was up. But even the small relief of being able to blank out was soon taken away as she was forced to bring her mind back into her ordeal.

“Say you love it, cher.”
“I…I love it…”
“Say you’re my slut.”
“Now tell me that you love being fucked like a cheap whore.”

“I…I…I can’t…I-ARGHHH! I LOVE BEING FUCKED LIKE A CHEAP WHORE!” Jamie screamed as her nipples were twisted once again. Chris leaned forward, cupping her small breasts then digging his fingernails deep into them, making her scream even louder, his irrational hate for his teacher going into the fucking.

“See? Not so hard to learn right? Just like music. Your voice fucking perfect too.” The other boys laughed, the remark cutting deep to Jamie, having always been proud of her elegant and melodious singing voice, which was now beginning to turn hoarse from all her screams. To her horror, Chris began rubbing her clit again, using one fingertip moistened with her juices, laughing as her face began changing, trying to fight off the feeling of pleasure that began pushing through the haze of pain filling her mind.

“That’s right, Miss Hong, don’t fight it. You said we must let our true selves be seen, right? Then show us how slutty you are. Kena rape still can cum. Fucking bitch.” Chris grinned as he rubbed on her clit faster and faster while fucking her. A member of a teenage gang, Chris had fucked many girls before whether willing or reluctant, and forcing them to have an orgasm for him every time was his way of showing his dominance. Despite being way older and being his teacher, it was still no different for Jamie. 

Strangled moans began to fill the room, mixing with her whimpering and sobbing as she tried to fight the sensations betraying her body, completely opposite from her thoughts as Chris pushed deep into her and filled her with his cum then rubbed her till she began clenching around his cock. Jamie gave one last, loud groan as she climaxed while stuffed with her student’s shaft, the other boys cheering and laughing at her humiliated look.

“Wah, cher, I’m only fucking 17, but I can make you cum for me. See? You’re just a slut, your cheebye is just meant to be fucked. No need to act so atas in school already lah, we all know your secret now.” Chris taunted, Jamie feeling nothing but pure shame from being made to have an orgasm from a rape, and a rape by boys way younger than her, to make it feel even worse.
Christopher pulled out then wiped his cock clean of the mix of her juices and cum in Jamie’s hair as she slumped limp onto the table, gasping for air, sobbing, feeling the warm mixture of fluids dribbling out of her sore, ravaged cunt, too weak and ravaged to struggle any longer.

“Relax, cher. Now only 2pm. You said we got till 5 plus, right? Long way to go, cher.” Siva grinned as he stood up, ready for his turn.

Jamie whimpered, knowing her ordeal was far from over.

Siva grinned, running his hands over Jamie’s sweat-glazed body, a soft whimper escaping her lips as his hands stroked her slowly, running over her breasts then down to her hips as he grabbed her and violently turned her over on the teacher’s table. Jamie gasped, the air knocked out of her as her breasts were pressed into the wood of the table, bent over facedown with Siva kicking her legs apart and pulling on her wrists to make her arch her back, Jamie’s wrists already sore and red from struggling against the cable ties.

“Please…just let me go…I’ll leave all of you alone alright? I won’t tell anyone…just…just let me go…” Jamie pleaded, tears still streaming down her lovely face, now smeared with a mess of her makeup and cum. Siva ignored Jamie, pulling out his erect cock and stroking it against her slit slowly and enjoying her tensing and squirming as she felt the hard shaft touching her again, her fourth cock for the day already.

“Eh, Ben, you want to be the first in her mouth? I always wanted to see Miss Hong kena double-fucked leh!” Siva called. Ben stood up and walked over to Jamie while unzipping his pants, pushing his cock into her face and laughing at her humiliated expression as she closed her eyes and mouth, not wanting to suck him off.

“Open leh, don’t shy ah cher. You might like it!” Ben taunted, bouncing his shaft off Jamie’s face then using it to slap her pretty cheeks. Jamie winced, the feel of Ben’s cock slapping against her face actually surprisingly painful, not to mention extremely shameful. The other boys laughed, making sure to record the sight of Jamie being cock-slapped for their collection. After a few more slaps Ben got bored and pinched Jamie’s nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth to breathe and shoving his cock in as she gasped for air.

Jamie choked as the hard shaft went all the way down her throat, Ben pushing her head down till her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his cock hit the back of her throat, making her gag and splutter. Jamie desperately pushed her teeth behind her lips, not wanting to anger Ben by letting her teeth graze his cock, fighting the urge to choke. Ben ran his hands through Jamie’s hair, the cum stains from earlier in sharp contrast to her black hair highlighted with light brown, then gripped hard on her head and began to fuck her face hard, using Jamie’s mouth like he would use a cunt.

The boys cheered as the sound of Jamie gagging and coughing filled the room, Ben’s brutal face-fucking making her feel like throwing up with each hard thrust of his cock into her mouth. The feeling was completely new and utterly humiliating for Jamie. Oral sex was something that she had always reserved as a special treat for her boyfriend and when they did it she was allowed to do it at her own pace. Her boyfriend would make sure to wash himself before she started and would talk to her nicely, telling her how much he loved her and her effort. This was completely different. Ben was unwashed and sweaty, the taste making Jamie gag, and instead of gently holding her head he was gripping it hard and slamming into her mouth mercilessly while grunting things like “Take that, bitch.” and “Yeah, you like that you fucking slut, don’t you?”.

Her ordeal was soon intensified as Siva grabbed her hips then slammed his cock into her hard, fucking Jamie’s sore cunt without any mercy, making her sob from the degrading feeling of being used by two different cocks at the same time. The other boys stood around laughing at the sight of Jamie being spit-roasted, with Ben and Siva coordinating their movements so that when one pulled out the other slammed into her. Jamie was caught between the two of them as they high-fived each other while laughing from the thrill of being able to double-penetrate a pretty girl, and to make it even more “shiok”, a pretty girl that happened to be their teacher. Ben began pistoning faster and harder, turning Jamie’s “No, no, no” into “Ghkk, khkk, nghkkk” as he slammed his cock all the way down again then held her head in place and filled her mouth with his cum.

“Swallow or I won’t pull out.” Ben ordered. Jamie forced herself to choke down the mouthful of cum, fighting the feeling of wanting to throw up at the taste as the warm, slimy fluid slid down her throat. A muffled whimper escaped her lips as she felt Siva push deep into her and stay in place as well, filling her with another load of cum even as she forced herself to swallow one. Both boys grinned as they posed for a picture while balls-deep in their teacher, then pulled out and wiped themselves clean with the shreds of Jamie’s clothes, leaving her to collapse back onto the table sobbing with shame, completely worn out, with cum dribbling down her legs from the marathon fucking. Actual penetrative sex was a rare indulgence for Jamie with the busy schedules of her and her boyfriend, and to go from having it once a month to suddenly having five different cocks within less than a couple of hours was completely exhausting, even with her fitness from her nightly runs. Jamie closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath, her mind a complete blank and still in shock from the entire experience. All she wanted was to curl up and cry and forget what had happened.

But the boys had other plans and there was still time for them to play with their new toy. As Jamie sobbed quietly to herself, she was snapped out of her self-pitying by a sharp smack on her ass followed by being pulled to her feet by Chris dragging on her hair.

“Get up, bitch. While we’re taking a break, I want to see a show. You can help us to get hard again.” Chris held out his hand, as Malek passed the scissors to him. “Don’t even think about running away or trying to fight back, because you’re still trapped in here and I don’t mind beating you up. You’re not the first girl I’ve had my way with.” Jamie nodded at the threat, still crying, knowing she was defeated as Chris cut the cable ties off and let her hands free from behind her back. Chris tossed the scissors onto the table then dragged Jamie to the whiteboard and pushed her so that she was sitting on the floor below it while leaning against the wall.

“Alright, cher, we liked your performance when you sang during Teacher’s Day, but I think now it’s time for a different performance. Play with yourself.”

“Wh…what? No…please…anything but that.” Jamie begged, not wanting to further degrade herself, desperately trying to salvage what little dignity she had left.

“You better fucking get yourself off for us to watch now or you won’t enjoy it.”

“Please, boys, haven’t you had enough already? Just let me go, I won’t tell anyone I swear-AHH! NO! PLEASE! STOP! I’LL DO IT! STOP!” Jamie began screaming, a sharp crack echoing through the room followed by several other loud smacks as Sean began using a long wooden ruler to beat her, aiming the ruler at her breasts and smacking them hard.

“Plenty more where that came from, cher. Do it.”

Jamie nodded, sobbing uncontrollably again as she threw the last scraps of her dignity away and pushed her fingers into her cum-filled cunt, trying to finger herself but failing miserably and stopping within a few seconds, unable to make herself perform so shamefully for her rapists.

“Are you really going to stop? Fine…” Jamie’s screams began filling the room again as Sean mercilessly began beating her with the ruler, viciously aiming it at her breasts to inflict maximum pain.

“MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE! JUST…JUST…I’LL DO IT! I’M DOING IT! I’M DOING IT! I’m..just stop…” Jamie frantically pushed her fingers into herself, one hand rubbing her breasts while the other hand dipped into her cunt and rubbed on her clit even while she was being beaten, the beating finally stopping as she began to play with herself more and more. The boys laughed, watching Jamie’s face flushed red with an expression of utter shame as she performed something deeply intimate for them, violating herself for their entertainment.

“Oh and Miss Hong ah, if you don’t finish, we’ll beat you again. Finishing your assignments is important, you know?” Ben mocked, making the other boys laugh as Jamie whimpered, unable to even find any enjoyment in the forced masturbation. Despite her best attempts to turn herself on by playing with her sore nipples and rubbing on her clit, the fact that she was being forced to perform it for five people who had just raped her was enough of a turnoff that her efforts were completely useless. However, whenever Jamie began to slow down or display reluctance, Sean would flick her breasts or tap on them with the ruler to keep her going. Jamie finally managed to force herself into a state of arousal by recalling memories of her time with her boyfriend, which helped her to get turned on just enough to bring herself to a short climax, the boys enjoying the sight as the last few shreds of Jamie’s dignity were thrown away while she began gasping and moaning with her forced orgasm.

“Wah, I like the performance cher. Best performance ever. You can give it to me anytime.” Malek grinned as Jamie fell limp again, gasping for breath, unable to comprehend what she had just done. Even though she was forced, getting herself to an orgasm in front of them had just made her a willing participant of her own rape and that made her feel even worse than she already did. To make things worse for her, Jamie was pulled to her feet again and dragged over to Ben who was seated on a chair, ready for Jamie to ride his cock.

“Alright cher, your hands are free so it’s time to ride me and…” Ben tilted his head to indicate Sean and Chris, standing on either side of her. “Suck both of them off. If you don’t know how to, you’d better learn fast or those nice tits of yours are going to hurt again.”

Jamie let out a stifled sob as she placed a hand on each of their shafts, then began stroking them. Ben twisted her nipples, making her wince and let out a short, sharp gasp, with him only letting go when she began to ride him, her cunt now extremely sore from what was her fifth fucking for the day. As she forced herself to move up and down on Ben’s cock, Sean and Chris began pushing Jamie’s head around like they were passing a ball, letting her suck on each of their shafts for a while before passing her to the other. Jamie forced herself to continue stroking and jerking the other cock off while she sucked on one, alternating between them like some cheap porn star, her mind now completely blank in an attempt to displace what was happening to her from her mind.

This routine went on for a while, with the three boys enjoying Jamie’s efforts, along with the sound of her tortured gasps and moans filling the room and the wet sounds of her cunt and face being fucked. In fact, things were almost starting to calm down with Jamie settling into another haze and blanking out her mind to the fucking. Blanking out, until she felt the hard shaft of Malek pressing against her asshole.

“No…no…what are you doing-NOT THERE! NO! NYARRGGGHHHH!” Jamie screamed at the top of her voice, Ben grinning as he felt her cunt clenching around his cock harder while Malek slowly pushed the tip of his cock into his asshole, spitting on his cock to try and lube it up. Jamie’s eyes began rolling back from the agony as he worked his shaft into her bit by bit, pushing it deeper and deeper until it was all the way into her, Jamie’s tears now streaming down her face again from the sheer agony of being fucked up the ass for the first time. She had never tried anal in her life and had never intended to, and the feel of having her first assfucking was more than she could take. As Malek and Ben began to alternate pushing their cocks into Jamie, Sean and Chris continued to take turns fucking her face with Jamie now completely stuffed in every hole and pushed way beyond her limits. Taking three cocks in her while being forced to jerk another one off was something that she had never in her wildest dreams imagined would happen, yet it was happening, with her purity and innocence stripped from her within the span of two short hurs along with her clothes and her dignity.

Sean was the first to finish again, pushing Jamie’s head down onto his cock and making her swallow his cum while she continued to jerk Chris off. She forced herself to swallow the sticky mouthful with a weak whimper, unable to protest any longer at her brutal treatment. As Sean pulled out and turned her head to face Chris, he finished all over Jamie’s face, splattering more of his cum over her lovely features and adding to the mess all over it.

“That’s right, cher, you look so pretty now like that!” Chris mocked, forcing Jamie to suck him clean then wiping his shaft dry on her panties. However, any thoughts regarding that comment were slammed out of her mind as Malek began fucking her faster and harder in her ass, Jamie beginning to scream and cry from the pain all the way right up till he slammed deep into her then finished inside her, letting her feel the sensation of more warm cum filling up her other hole. To make it even worser for her, Jamie was then forced to suck Malek’s cock clean as well, her initial refusal to take a cock right from her ass to her mouth soon turned into obedience by another beating with the ruler.

Siva stepped up next, forcing Jamie to suck him off while she continued to ride Ben. Ben pulled her down and came in her, then left his cock deep inside her while she continued to suck Siva’s cock, letting Jamie feel filled up by his shaft, the sensation uncomfortable and humiliating for her. With Siva being the last in the room to enjoy Jamie’s efforts, he made sure that she knew what she was doing by taking his time to slowly play with her hair and whisper crude insults to her.

“That’s the way, Miss Hong, look at how much you’ve improved? See? You’re such a good cocksucker. You should do this for me all the time. I bet you love it, you slut, just that you don’t want to admit it. That’s right, do it for me like you do it for your boyfriend, I bet you’ll never be able to suck his cock again without thinking of us.” Siva taunted, grabbing Jamie’s head and pushing it down onto his shaft then finishing in her mouth.

“Swallow it, then tell me that you love it.”

Jamie forced herself to choke the last mouthful down, then opened her mouth to show it was empty before forcing herself to choke out the slutty words.

“I…I love your cum…thank you…” Jamie sobbed.

Siva stepped back, allowing Jamie to collapse into a shaking mess on the floor, her naked body now covered in sweat, with cum leaking out of her ass and cunt and covering her face and hair. Jamie sobbed uncontrollably as the boys surrounded her and snapped more pictures while Chris scrolled through her handphone.

“Please…just let me go boys…don’t…don’t do this any longer…I beg you…” Jamie pleaded, unable to take any more.

“It’s almost over, cher. Or is it? Get the fuck up and kneel.” Sean ordered, using the ruler to slap Jamie’s ass. Jamie forced herself to get up into a kneeling position as Siva rummaged through her wallet, the boys pushing her around and getting her into the proper pose. Jamie was made to kneel with her hands behind her back and her knees open to show her pussy still dribbling cum, with her hair pulled back and tied into a rough ponytail using a piece of masking tape, making sure that her face was visible for the camera. Ben added the finishing touch by placing Jamie’s NRIC and Civil Service Card on her breasts, making sure they were visible as the boys snapped more photos.

“Okay cher, listen up. We’ve got all these photos and the numbers of your boyfriend, your parents, your family, and in the picture that you’re posing for now, everyone can see your just-fucked slut face and your fucking IC and teacher card. So…you tell anyone about what happened today, we’ll make sure you become fucking famous. Got it?”

Jamie nodded, sobbing.

“I said, got it, bitch?” Chris snapped.

“Ye…yes…please…please don’t spread anything…please don’t show anyone…”

“Oh, relax, it’s all for our private collection. We won’t let anyone share you. But from today…” Malek laughed, stroking Jamie’s face then wiping his hand in her hair.

“From today, you’re our personal whore, cher, and from now on we’re going to be the ones teaching you instead. If you ever dare tell anyone or disobey, prepare to be the most famous pornstar that this country has ever had. Teacher gangbang porn, confirm people find shiok.” He laughed. “Now lick the cum off the floor, you fucking slut.” Malek ordered with a light slap to Jamie’s face.

Jamie forced herself to lick the small puddle of cum that had dripped out of her cunt onto the floor, gagging at the taste of floor and cum, but fearing more punishment if she disobeyed.

“Alright Miss Hong, good lesson today. We’ll be in contact for your remedial lessons soon.” Siva laughed as he tossed the shreds of Jamie’s clothes to her. “Wipe yourself up and lock up. And…” He threw her one of his PE shirts and shorts.

“You can wear these back to the office. Enjoy your day cher.” The boys laughed, dropping the key into Jamie’s lap as she collapsed against the wall, clutching her ruined clothes and lingerie and starting to sob harder, finally breaking down from the shock of her intense rape. As the door slammed shut Jamie curled up on the cold floor, whimpering, still covered in cum.

It would take her till 7pm to finally recover and wipe herself clean with her torn clothing before putting on the sweaty PE uniform and sneaking to the staff toilet to wash up. No amount of showers would make her feel clean enough and unknown to her, the boys still had more plans for her.

Jamie was about to embark upon a second career as a personal fuck-toy to a group of juvenile delinquents, and she would not enjoy it at all.