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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

The long school week comes to an end, and I head out of school, slinging my bag over my shoulder, and pulling my wallet out, as I board the bus, towards the usual place. I’ve turned down two invitations to dinner tonight from my friends, saying that I’m not feeling well, but truth be told, I’m fine, only that as usual, I’ve got another type of “date” to attend.

The same old pathway, the same old lift, as I head up towards the flat and let myself in. Surprisingly, tonight it’s devoid of people, but I can hear muffled moans and whimpers coming from one of the rooms, as well as the voices of what seems to be all of the guys plus Judith and Clara. For one moment, I’m thinking that those two are probably busy letting the men pleasure them, and I’m inclined to just walk out before I can end up getting humiliated as part of their pleasure party. Then the room door opens, and closes again, as Judith walks out, fully dressed in an old PE shirt and FBT shorts.

“Oh, you’re here already. Put your stuff down and change into just your underwear. We’ve got something different for you today, so you’d better play along.” Judith grins, as she pours herself a glass of water and watches me. I sigh to myself, my shoulders slumping, as I pull off my blue tank top, then slide my jeans off, standing there in my favourite black bra and blue panties. Judith finishes her glass of water, then beckons me over, as she opens the room door and pushes me in. I can see Clara leaning against a wall, also fully dressed, which makes me wonder what is going on, then I see the guys surrounding a girl in the middle of the room, and the realization hits me pretty hard, as I stifle my gasp of shock.

Because there’s another girl, someone who I don’t know at all, and she’s tied up and gagged, bent over the study table, getting fucked from behind while she whimpers and moans with each thrust. She’s in the uniform of the JC that Judith, Clara and me were from, which means she’s still a student there and probably a junior, but her uniform blouse has been torn open and pulled behind her back, her bra ripped open, her breasts pressing against the table. Her skirt is missing, and her panties have been pulled to one side, allowing access to her slit, receiving a pounding while she squirms and frantically whimpers with each thrust into her. I can see that she’s been crying a lot, but it’s been no use, and her face has been covered with…probably a lot of cum. I stare at her, stunned, not knowing what’s going on.

“Stop looking so shocked, Mel. Once he’s done, you’re going to help us break her in. Remember how we got you trained? It’s her turn today.” Clara laughs.

“But…what…why…who…who is that?” I stammer.

“Oh, you don’t recognise her? You probably won’t, even though she’s a gymnast too. Anyway, this bitch offended Clara back when she was retaining in our JC, and after Clara tried you out a few weeks back, she decided to…get this bitch in as well.” Judith grins, as the man begins thrusting faster and harder, making the poor girl struggle and plead frantically, her protests muffled by the gag in her mouth, as he slams deep into her and releases his load, pulling out, and wiping himself clean on her tattered panties, as she slumps onto the table, whimpering, his cum leaking out of her ravaged body.

“Alright, you’re up. Mel, this is Stephanie. Steph, this is Mel, your senior of sorts, and you two will be working together very closely once you learn to obey us.” Judith laughs, as she pushes me towards Steph, then forces my face towards hers.

“Kiss her, Mel, go on. Say hello.”

“H-h-hello, Steph.” I stammer, still shocked.

“I said, fucking kiss her!” Judith orders, as she pushes my face into Steph’s. All I can think is how sorry and how guilty I am, and how shocked I am that there’s another girl here to suffer with me, as I force myself to open my mouth, and plant a kiss on Steph’s lips, even though there’s a rag stuffed into her mouth. Steph evidently is protesting, because I can hear muffled pleading, of the “please help me” variety, but I’m just as powerless as she is, if not more.

“Good. Now lick all that cum off her face.”

I comply, because I’ve been taught to fear punishment already, as I begin to lick the salty, sticky droplets off Steph’s face, as she continues to plead for help and struggle. I can only hope she learns quickly, I think to myself. There’s no escaping this, and she’s already been taking a lot, judging from the cane lines all over her ass.

“Next, you will show our new friend what’s one of the most common things she’ll be doing. Go on, demonstrate your oral talents!” Clara laughs, as she pushes me to my knees, while Judith slaps Steph and forces her to look, slapping her every time she tries to close her eyes. I can feel my face burning with shame, as one of the men approaches me, and pushes his shaft in my face, against my lips. I open my mouth and begin sucking on it, utterly humiliated, face flushed crimson, as I once again begin to suck and lick on his cock, for the thousandth time already. It’s shameful enough that I’ve been made to do this several times, but in front of another new girl, in front of a complete stranger…it’s worse. Somehow. I don’t know why either. I can hear Judith slapping Steph, which gives me some strange little comfort, that at least she’s not willingly watching me humiliate myself. But why would anyone want to? Besides my “owners”, that is, I think to myself, as I begin to lick his balls, while my hand wraps around the shaft and jerks it off.

“Finish him in your mouth, then drip it into Steph’s face.” Clara orders. I obey, as I catch his entire load in my mouth, then hold it there, fighting the urge to gag on the sickening taste, as Clara pulls Steph’s face up towards me. I can hear her muffled screams as she struggles and thrashes about as much as she can while tied up, as I open my mouth and let the cum flow out onto Steph’s face, feeling utterly guilty, as she begins sobbing. I don’t envy her. I know the shame and the pain that she’s going through right now, not to mention the fear of having been kidnapped and raped repeatedly over the past…well, whatever period of time she’s been here. My training took about an entire week, and I was lucky (or unlucky?) that my family was overseas and no one was around to question my disappearance. I can only guess that she’s similarly out of contact for as long as they want, which makes breaking her in easier.

And I fight back tears, remembering, and try not to show any reaction, to being forced to do the same to another girl right now.

This has only just begun, and I pity Steph, because she’s got a lot more to go, I think, as I feel myself being pulled over. Judith points at a strapon on the chair, and grins at me, as the rest laugh.

Oh, oh fucking no, not this, I think to myself…

I gingerly pull down my panties and buckle the strapon around my waist, the guys laughing as they watch my expression. It’s a double-ended strapon, which means that there’s a shorter end covered in bumps that I have to insert into my own pussy first, which means I’ll be getting stimulated while using it. I fight the urge to pull it off and run from the room, knowing it’ll never happen, as Judith motions with her hand in the direction of Steph, and I step behind her.

“Steph, you’re going to willingly beg to be face-fucked by the guys. If not, Melissa will continue to put that strapon up your ass for as long as it takes.” Clara grins, then pulls the gag out of Steph’s mouth.

“Please, don’t! Don’t do this! Please let me go please please please please don’t do this who are you please let me go-NNGGHH!” Steph’s long stream of pleading is cut off, as one of the guys pushes me towards Steph, then forces me to ram the strapon up her ass. Steph gives a long, pained wail, struggling, as the guys hold her down, while Judith walks over to me and slaps me, making me gasp.

“If you don’t start moving, you’ll suffer the same fate. Start fucking her! And we’re taping this, of course.” Judith laughs, as she picks up a cane and taps my breasts with it lightly, threatening me. My face flushes as I put my hands on Steph’s hips for support, then begin to fuck her up the ass slowly, making her whimper and groan, as I fight the feeling of stimulation in my own body from the smaller rubber end moving about inside my own slit. The cum filling her asshole is enough to provide some lubricant, but these people have definitely chosen to use the most vicious attachment today, a large rubber tube covered in ribs and bumps. It’s probably, no, most definitely hurting Steph like hell, as she sobs and whimpers, pleading me incoherently to stop.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry Steph…I…I don’t want to do this either…” I mumble, as I continue to use her. The feeling is utterly humiliating, from being forced to serve these people to being forced to break another girl in so she can be their fuck-toy as well. One of the men pours a large glass of vodka, then pushes it against my lips.

“Drink it all. It’ll help you.” He smirks. I open my mouth and drink, the oily, spicy taste burning my entire mouth as I gasp and tears well in my eyes, as a pleasant warmth floods my body from the effects. I continue to pound Steph with the strapon, feeling a little dizzy, as the spectators watch us and laugh, enjoying the show.

“Not going to beg for it then, Stephie?” Clara taunts, in a mocking tone, as she slaps Steph, making her cry out in pain. This is sick and wrong, I think to myself, as I keep moving my hips, feeling my body press against hers, feeling the alcohol loosen my inhibitions, feeling my pussy warm up from the other end of the strapon. I fight the stimulation, not wanting to get any pleasure from this, but it’s futile, because the rest can clearly see my attempts to fight it, and laugh.

“Don’t try to hide it, you’re enjoying this, Mel. To think you’re still denying yourself after all this time with us…” one of the men laughs, as he slaps my ass, then moves behind me. Oh, no, no, no, not this, I think to myself, as he pushes me forward, ramming the strapon fully into Steph, making her scream, then holds me in place, as he begins to fuck me up the ass, Steph’s punishing ignored for the moment as he reaches around and pinches my nipples roughly while he pounds me, making me gasp and pant.

“Someone’s wet, despite trying to act like she’s not enjoying this. I wonder what this makes you?” He chuckles, one hand exploring my clit, making me squirm, fighting back moans, biting my lips, as he rubs it, making my slit gush despite my best attempts at restraining my body.


“Not what? You’re a slut. Say it.”
“I’m…i’m not a slut…” I groan.

*SLAP* he slaps my ass hard, for that retort. It hurts, and the sting brings tears to my eyes.

“You’re what?”
“I’m..I’m a slut…your slut…your cheap and dirty fucktoy…” I groan, as he begins thrusting faster.
“Good girl. Steph, you hear this? You’ll be as obedient as her soon.” He sniggers, then pulls out of me and slaps my ass. “Continue fucking her.” I comply with his order, fearing punishment, as Steph begins whimpering and pleading again, feeling the rubber shaft piston in and out of her ass. Meanwhile, the guy walks around to face Steph, his cock right in her face, as he slaps her cheeks with his hard shaft, the slapping sound echoing through the room, Steph closing her eyes and sobbing with the shame of being slapped with his rod, feeling his erect cock bounce off her face with each slap.

“Not going to beg for it, Steph? We’ve got a lot more fun ways to make you more compliant, you know.” He smirks, as he continues slapping her. Clara walks over and wraps a hand around his shaft, then jacks him off, finishing his load all over Steph’s face, as she whimpers, feeling the thick warm fluid splatter her face, still glistening from my attempt to clean it up with my tongue earlier. All wasted, I think to myself ironically, as I force myself to keep pounding Steph’s ass, staying quiet, doing what I’m ordered, trying to escape tonight without any further degradation, I hope.

Of course, my hopes are never fulfilled, as usual.

“Okay, since this isn’t working, let’s try another thing. Pull out of her, Mel.” Judith orders. I comply, as I step back, looking at the slimy rubber rod of the strapon. Clara undoes the buckle, then pushes me down, so that I’m kneeling behind Steph, looking at her pussy and ass, still dripping cum.

“Since pain isn’t getting to you, how about…pleasure?” Judith taunts, as she cups Steph’s face with one hand, then spits into Steph’s face, making her whimper. Clara grins, as my facial expression turns to one of pure shock and horror, realizing what they’re about to make me do.

“Oh, no no no, no Judith, please, not that, please-ARGHHH!” I scream, as she slaps me across the face. Hard.

“Firstly, never address me by name, didn’t I tell you that? You’ve earned a lot of punishments already, stupid bitch.” Judith growls. “Now eat Steph out, or I’ll make sure you’re next to her for the rest of the breaking in.”

Faced with a much worser alternative, I close my eyes and lean forward, resisting the tears that are starting to fill my eyes, as I stick out my tongue and take my first lick of Steph’s cum-filled, ravaged slit.

I grimace, tasting the sharp taste of Steph’s juices and the cum of all the guys, as I begin licking her out, feeling her squirm and hearing her whimper, as she protests against the ultimate humiliation. She seems to hate being with another girl as much as I do, because as I continue to eat her out, Steph begins to sob even harder.

“Please…stop this…I beg you…I beg all of you…don’t…don’t do this…please…not another girl…I’ll do…I’ll do anything else…please…” Steph begs. Her pleas fall on deaf ears though, which is an obvious attempt to add to the sadism of the whole thing, because no matter how broken she is now, I’m still licking her, and haven’t been told to stop yet. I can hear the laughter as they watch Steph breaking down from the shame of being eaten out by me, no doubt being filmed to add to the whole thing. Steph begins squirming about and writhing more, her hips jerking towards me involuntarily, and I can hear her fighting back her moans, as she begins to climb towards her climax, despite the whole situation.

“No…no…nononono not like this…nonono-UGHHHHHH!” Steph jerks her hips into my face, groaning out loud, sobbing as she does so in a strange, tortured tone filled with pleasure nonetheless, her juices splattering my face, as I continue to lick her, until I’m grabbed by my hair and pulled back, as Steph convulses on the table, moaning in the throes of her orgasm.

“Guess you’re just a slut in the end, Steph. You know what? Mel here lasted quite long too, through all the punishments, even more than you got, but in the end, both of you broke from another girl’s tongue…” Clara laughs. My face flushes, remembering how I begged a long time ago for Judith to stop eating me out, and ended up begging to be fucked in a thousand different ways in the sluttiest, dirtiest words possible, just to try and stop her from licking me out, in vain of course. And then I was fucked in the thousand different ways anyway after she made me climax too.

“So, you said you’d do anything else if Mel doesn’t lick you?” one of the guys grins.

“Yes…please…anything…not this…just let me go..” Steph sobs.

“Good. Lick Mel out instead, then.” He laughs, as the others pull me onto a chair and spread my legs, so that Steph is facing my slit.

“NO! PLEASE! NOT THAT-ARGHHH!” Steph begs, her pleading cut short by another of the men lashing his belt across her ass. And once again, in a rash decision that I know I’ll regret severely only after I finish talking, I yell.

“LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE-oh no. No, no, no-I’M SORRY! STOP!” I stand up and yell, only to scream in pain and realize my mistake, as they switch their attention to me and grab me, then slam me down onto the table opposite to Steph, bent over as well, as they tie my wrists behind me and rip off my bra, leaving me naked as well.

“It looks like Mel here has volunteered to demonstrate what happens to disobedient sluts.” Judith grins, as I look into Steph’s face, her look of anguish and pain, and know that I’m about to be wearing the same expression very soon. I struggle, in vain of course, as Judith forces my panties into my mouth, muffling my protests, and the scream that follows as I feel a cane slash across my ass. My entire world becomes a haze of pain, my screaming muffled as the men begin to cane me viciously, covering my ass in red lines, before pulling me upright and forcing me to kneel facing Steph, holding me in place, as they begin to cane my tits, focusing on my nipples especially, the sheer agony making me go close to blacking out, each sharp lash onto my sensitive breasts sending a sharp burst of light in my eyes. After a virtual eternity, the caning stops, and Judith rips the gag out of my mouth, as I gasp for air, panting, tears streaming down my face.

“Still want to disobey, hm?” Judith asks, cupping my jaw with one hand.


“What are you?”

“I’m your slut…your obedient bitch…i’m anything you want…please…just don’t whip me any more…” I gasp, feeling degraded for calling myself all that, but right now, I’ll say anything just for the pain to stop.

“Steph, watch and learn.” Judith grins. “Mel, beg for a face fuck. Now.”

“Please…please fuck my slutty face…use my mouth like a cunt…I want you to shove your big hard cock down my throat and make me gag and choke on it like a dirty whore…make me your bitch…” I whimper, as one of the men begins slapping my face with his cock, the signal for me to open my mouth. I obediently open it, as the caning stops, and he begins to fuck my face roughly, his hands on both sides of my head, slamming his shaft down my throat, as I gag, feeling the hard rod hitting the back of my throat, the sound of my choking filling the room. After about 5 minutes of slamming his cock down my throat, he pulls out, letting me gasp for air, then finishes all over me, splattering the thick, warm fluid over my face and hair. As I wheeze and gulp down air, I can feel his cum dripping down my face, the white contrasting with the crimson shade of my face right now, red from all the humiliation and the exertion of being forced to take a cock and deepthroat it.

“Well, Mel, have you learnt your lesson?” The man grins at me, as he wipes his cock clean in my hair, even as I continue to face the floor, kneeling and bending over, gasping for air.

“Yes…yes sir…please…please stop this…I promise I’ve learnt…please don’t do anything else…” I beg.

“Good. Get up bitch.” Judith orders. I obey, standing up, as she tosses my clothes at me, and a towel.

“Wipe yourself up and get out of here. Your contribution to Steph’s training is done for today.” She laughs viciously. I grab the bundle of my clothes and towel off the floor, then quickly leave the room, anxious to leave before anything else happens. As I close the door behind me and head towards the bathroom, thanking my luck that they’re more interested in Steph today, I can hear her pleading and screaming start up again as her “training” resumes. I don’t envy her, really. But there’s no way that I’m going to be able to save her, because even if I called the police now, they’d still have leverage on me, that they would use from inside of their cells to make my life a living hell.

So this is the status quo, as always. I sigh to myself, as I towel as much cum as I can off my body, then quickly get dressed and leave, not bothering to shower. I can always wash up at home, even if the feeling of sticky cum residue over my body feels disgusting. Better to get out before I’m called back into the room for more depraved nonsense.

I have a feeling though, that I’ll be seeing more of Steph in the future, when she breaks. And it’s not a good feeling, I think to myself, as I head home.