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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

“You’re fucking kidding me.” I speak out loud, and instantly regret it, as Judith slaps me across the face, a sharp, stinging backhand lashed across my left cheek.

“No, bitch, I’m not. And make sure it happens, or we’ll make things unpleasant for you. Got it?” She grins. I sigh, and pick up my bag, as I leave Judith’s flat, minus my underwear again, feeling the cool breeze on my face.

Ten hours later, 10 pm, and I step into MBS, dressed in what has to be the most out-of-place outfit ever. Next to me is my new counterpart, Steph, and we’re both in the uniform of our JC, ties and collarpins in place, looking like innocent students wandering around MBS at night, which of course doesn’t make sense, but to Judith and her friends, it makes perfect sense. That bitch sure has money, I think to myself as I head towards the lift lobby. Steph remains silent as we take the elevator up to the room that we were instructed to go to, clutching her pile of books under her arm, as though it will offer her some small protection from what’s about to happen to her.

We walk up to the room, and I knock on the door. “Judith? It’s us. Open the door.” I call, a resigned look on my face, as Steph fidgets behind me.

“Take off your shirt first.”


“You heard me, bitch. Take off your shirt. Oh wait, no, have Steph strip your blouse off in the corridor. Hurry up.” Judith laughs, from behind the door. I look at Steph, and she nods, resigned, as she places her books and bag on the floor, then begins to undo my blouse, quickly pulling it off, leaving me in just my black bra and my tie hanging loosely between my breasts.

“Alright, that was just for fun. Come in.” Judith grins, pulling the door open. I walk in, Steph trailing behind, noticing two men sitting in the room, heavily tattooed, and naked. Internally, I’m groaning to myself, knowing that this is yet another round of Judith’s bullshit, but outside, I remain stoic, determined not to show her any emotion to make her happy.

“I lost a bit of money this week, and these guys wanted me to pay up with my body, but I offered them something better. Don’t worry, I’ve done the standard checks for anything that might ruin my toys, and they’re clean, so…you’re going to do anything they want until tomorrow morning.” Judith waves us over to the bed, as we stand there, Steph still in her uniform, trying not to break down into tears (she cries a lot, by the way. I think she’s still not used to this.) and me, standing next to her, trying not to give my weary, annoyed look (which usually earns me a few slaps).

“You. The tanned girl.” The first man, with a huge dragon across his chest, points at me.

“Yes…Sir?” I grit my teeth, forcing myself to be polite, knowing my track record for being “insolent” and being punished for it.

“Strip off everything except your tie. Hurry up.” He grins at me. I pull off my bra, dropping it to one side, then pull off my skirt and my panties, trying to sway my hips as I do so, in a practised manner learnt from being forced to perform stripteases countless times. I finish removing everything but the tie (is it some fetish?), and then stand there, naked, except for the little strip of black cloth hanging between my breasts with the school logo embroidered on it.

“Kneel down and lick my lam pa. Now.” He orders, pointing at his groin. I sigh to myself and kneel down, then place both hands on his thighs and begin licking his balls, tasting the sweaty, unwashed taste and fighting not to gag at it, as he places one hand on my head, holding me there as I continue moving my tongue over his balls.

“The other girl, now I want you to suck my cock, but unbutton your blouse first.” I hear Dragon (let’s call him that) order Steph. She gasps, and I think to myself: Bad move, girl., as immediately, a slap echoes through the room, followed by a little whimper from Steph.

“You will obey and stop acting like an innocent prude, got it bitch? You’d better make them happy!” I hear Judith snarl, and surprisingly, for once, she has a tinge of nervousness in her voice. I would be celebrating, but I’m too busy having sweaty ballsack in my mouth, so I just continue licking, as I hear Steph kneel down next to me, soft whimpers coming from her (and no doubt beginning to cry already), as she experimentally licks Dragon’s cock and sobs.

“Your hands so free meh? Wank my other friend lah!” Dragon orders. Steph begins sobbing openly, which is a stupid move by the way, because these men obviously want to fulfil their fantasy of violating innocent JC schoolgirls, with the uniforms and all, and crying just encourages them. Judith slaps her several more times, which finally makes her place her hand on the other guy’s cock, the guy with the huge eagle tattoo on his arm, and start jerking it slowly. I sigh as I continue licking, knowing that her reluctance is going to get her into trouble. The other man, Eagle, just laughs, as Steph forces herself to give Dragon’s cock a few sucks, then pulls up, sobbing and retching from the taste.

“Eh, you down there. You lick balls damn well, you confirm slut sia. Not bad. You go kneel in that corner first, let this one suck my cock first.” Dragon laughs, pushing me away. While my face is burning red from the comment of being called a slut, I grit my teeth and do as he says. It’s earning me time without having my mouth full, and that’s a small mercy for now. Steph continues sucking, and I watch her, internally thinking about how bad her technique is. Didn’t she get broken in? Doesn’t she know that she’s going to have to give up her inhibitions if she wants to get by without any extra pain? I groan to myself, as she pulls off Dragon’s cock and stops wanking Eagle off, coughing and gasping for air. Dragon gets annoyed and pulls her back by her hair, then begins to face-fuck her, making her gag and choke, as he slams his cock down her throat, grinning at me and looking me in the eye as he violates her orally. After about 5 minutes, suddenly though, he pulls her off and pushes her aside.

What happens next then shocks the hell out of me.

“Eh Judith! Chao chee bai, you promised that you’d pay using two skilled girls. You give me one slut, can, then the other one you send me some stupid pussy that doesn’t know how to please men? Nevermind, we use you instead!” Dragon growls. Judith gets up from the sofa where she had been watching with a smug look, and for once, I can see a scared look in her eyes.

“Eh, brother, don’t like that la, I can make them both be good for you, don’t need to use me la-” Judith’s protests are suddenly cut off, as Eagle grabs her from behind and slams her against the room wall, making her scream, as he pulls her hands behind her back and holds her.

“You fucking bitch, I make sure you get it one good time. Want to borrow my money, then want to pay back using lousy girls? Nevermind, I’ll fuck every cent’s worth of my money out of you-” He looks at me and Steph. “-and those two girls you brought? They’re gonna help make sure you regret making us dulan!” He laughs, as he grabs the back of Judith’s red dress, and with one hard yank, rips it open down the back, the straps fluttering aside, revealing her small breasts in a white strapless bra.

“Hwa, red and white, national day is it. I make sure I fuck you 49 times then!” Dragon chuckles, as he walks over to Judith, leaving Steph and me momentarily forgotten. I sneak over to Steph and pass her my waterbottle, letting her gargle, as she gratefully accepts it from me, her makeup already running from the tears and spit from her face-fucking, her uniform stained. I sigh to myself. “Later, take my blouse. You still have school tomorrow.” I whisper.

Meanwhile, Judith isn’t having a good time. I watch, a slight tinge of a grin on my face, as Eagle pins her to the bed, then ties her hands to one of the bedposts with his belt, as she continues struggling, left in her lingerie, her dress lying in shreds on the floor. Dragon slaps her hard, several times, as she screams, protesting even as he rips her panties off, then slams his cock hard into her without warning, evidently dry from Judith’s screams of sheer agony. While I feel a little sorry for her being raped brutally like that, the other half of me is cheering the men on, after having been enslaved by her for so long, watching her get the same treatment her friends have been inflicting on me is somewhat cathartic. Although she’ll probably take it out on me once today ends, I sigh to myself.

That feeling is compounded, as Eagle waves to me. “Eh! Tanned slut! You come here. I want you to make her suffer.” He orders. I stand up, my mind torn between not wanting to piss Judith off even more, and not wanting to disobey these two very brutal looking men, and I decide that probably, obeying these guys would be the less painful of the two choices. For now, that is. I walk over, as he tosses me Dragon’s belt, while Dragon slams deep into Judith, fires his cum into her, then pulls out, wiping his shaft on her face, grinning as she continues struggling, swearing at them, his cum trickling out and down her legs onto the bed.

“Judith ah, you said that this slut is your toy, and you like to whack her right? Today, I let her whack you. Song song gao gao till you learn what it means to piss me off.” Eagle laughs, then gives my boobs a squeeze, before patting my shoulder. “Whack her tits. Make it hard, hor, if she not pain, I make sure you join her on the bed, understand bo?” He orders.

I grip the belt, and look at Judith in the eyes, my face stoic, wondering whether I should spare the bitch who’s been giving me hell for months, or should I just go with the flow and make her feel exactly what she’s been doing to me.

I raise the belt, still pondering.

“If you don’t hit that bitch, then I make sure you’re next to her getting whacked hor. Faster!” Dragon growls, slapping my ass. He rips off the school tie from around my neck, the shock bringing me out of my thoughts, as he uses it to secure Judith’s legs, so that she’s now tied down, spread out, and struggling as I look at her. Eagle fishes her panties off the floor and stuffs it into her mouth, silencing her cursing and protesting, and now, it’s just me, holding the belt, and Judith, and it seems like the rest of the room is immaterial.

Because finally, after all this time, I have a chance to give her a taste of what I’ve been getting.

I raise the belt, her eyes widen, and I bring it down, hard, across her small, perky tits, as her entire body jerks taut, a muffled scream escaping from behind the gag, Judith’s eyes welling with tears. She gives me a glare through the tears, which definitely means “when we’re done with today, you’re going to suffer for this.“, but I don’t care, because that one lash felt amazingly empowering and liberating, and with a grin on my face that I know I’ll be paying for dearly in the near future, I bring the belt down again on her tits. Over and over and over again, viciously lashing it across her small chest, Judith thrashing about, her muffled screaming filling the room, as I beat the hell out of her, the men turning her over so I can get at her ass too, ensuring that her ass cheeks turn a lovely, crimson shade before they turn her back over and order me to slap her pussy with the belt too, making her eyes roll back as her entire body shakes with the pain, Judith now beginning to sob uncontrollably.

What a useless bitch, I think. One small whipping and she’s already crying and on the verge of fainting? After all that she’s put me and Steph through? That pampered, spoilt bitch probably hasn’t taken a good beating in her entire life, I muse to myself, as I bring the belt down on her abs this time, making her scream even louder. Finally, after beating the hell out of Judith for nearly ten minutes, Dragon taps my shoulder, and I reluctantly give Judith one last smack across her chest, before lowering the belt.

Hwah, you must really hate this bitch. Nevermind la girl, I make sure you enjoy yourself tonight!” He laughs. Judith shoots me a pained look through the tears on her face, her eyeliner already running down her face in two dark streams, saying very clearly now “You are going to pay for this very painfully, Melissa“. Oh well. You win some, you lose some, I think to myself, as Eagle walks over holding a strapon. I stiffen, remembering hours of torment with that by Judith and Clara, but he hands it to me, as Dragon, easily overpowering Judith’s feeble struggling, unties her then ties her up again, with her hands behind her back this time.

“You there. Come, come, you come here. You also.” Dragon orders. “We’re going to make this bitch learn her lesson, ai mai?“. He tosses the strapon to me, and I buckle it on, gingerly, Steph’s eyes widening, remembering the countless times she’s been fucked by me. Thankfully for her today, she’s not the one who’s about to get it. Eagle pushes me onto my back, then forces Judith to straddle me.

“Your friend worked so hard to whack you, now we let her relax. Ride her! Or we’ll let her whack you again for half an hour.” Dragon orders, slapping Judith’s face. Judith’s face twists into a look of sheer rage, yet resignation (which is probably how I look most days at her house), as she slowly forces herself to lower her body onto the strapon, and begins riding me slowly. As she rides me, I grin at her, placing my hands behind my head, determined to make her feel as humiliated as possible while I still can. Dragon pushes her forward, so that she’s on all fours riding me, as Eagle gets behind me and begins fucking her up the ass, grabbing her tied-together wrists to hold her up, Judith’s eyes widening with the pain. Probably rarely used, I think to myself, and good for her, after all the times she’s forced me to take it up the ass when I hate anal. To complete the fun, Dragon yanks Judith’s panties out of her mouth, then turns her head to the side and begins fucking her face, enjoying her gagging and choking. Stupid bitch has probably never taken it this roughly in her mouth before, I muse to myself. Stuck up, stupid, arrogant, pampered bitch, I think to myself, enjoying the sight of her eyes wide and filled with tears, the source of my torment getting used and abused in front of me. Now the only thing that would make life perfect would be if Clara was here.

Oh yeah, Clara. She’ll probably help to make my life a misery once today ends, I think, sighing, as I continue to enjoy the sight of Judith suffering. Eagle finishes up her ass first, then pulls out and wipes it in Judith’s hair, followed by Dragon, who cums in Judith’s mouth and holds his cock in her mouth, slapping her face over and over again until she swallows, gagging and choking. She doesn’t even swallow either? How do guys even want to do her all the time? I ponder, as they both pull out, then pull her back into a position where she can ride me better, cum still leaking out of her ass and smeared over her lips.

“Ride the tanned slut until you cum ah, Judith. Don’t cum, don’t let you zao home!” Eagle orders, picking up the belt and handing it to Steph. “You, whack hertits until she cums. Like that, then she confirm fuck the strapon faster like slut.” He laughs. Steph, in a blur, begins to whip Judith, who without the gag, now begins to fill the room with her shrill, agonized screaming, as she pumps her hips faster, trying to get herself off, her eyes glaring daggers at me and Steph. You stupid girl, now she’ll take revenge on you too, I groan internally to myself, as Steph, taking out all her suppressed anger as well, beats Judith’s tits until they’re totally dark red, bruises forming in lines over the small, firm mounds. Judith is now sobbing, as she finally rides herself to an orgasm, squirting all over me and the strapon, her mouth open and eyes wide from the forced pleasure, face red with shame and exertion, and for once, humiliated in the same way that I’ve been going through over all this while. Dragon pulls her off me, then helps me to get up, pointing at the bathroom.

“You two, go bathe and zao first. I want to make sure this bitch goes home knowing who she messed with.” Eagle laughs. I pull Steph into the bathroom, gathering up our clothes, and locking the door, then I push Steph against the glass wall of the shower cubicle.

“You idiot. Why did you join in? Now she’ll give you hell too. I thought I could be the only one who takes the heat when she gets out of here. Now she’s definitely raring for revenge, and you’re going to be part of it.” I hiss, exasperated. I don’t want this girl to suffer like I’m suffering, and I don’t like watching her innocence slowly stripped away with every week of getting used, and that’s why I’m raging at her. But I let go of her, conscious that it’s not her fault for wanting to take some revenge, plus, it’s awkward as fuck for me to be pressing her against a glass wall when we’re both naked, and our tits are pressed against each other.

(Then again, not like I haven’t been forced to do even more sordid things to her by Judith and Clara every week)

“I…I just wanted to make her feel how I felt okay? Don’t blame me for it.” Steph sighs, as she steps into the shower cubicle first and begins washing up. I can hear Judith’s protests and curses from outside in the bedroom, plus muffled slaps and the sound of her getting fucked again.

“Well, we’re in for it. Look on the bright side though, she’s probably getting it worse than she’s ever had in her life. I bet that spoilt bitch hasn’t taken anything this rough before, despite the amount of guys she sleeps with.” I laugh, sarcastically and dryly, as Steph steps out of the shower and lets me get in. I feel the warm water washing away the sweat and the mess, enjoying the fact that I’m in an expensive hotel despite the reason why I was here, as Steph pulls on my uniform, the clean uniform without any makeup or cum stains. “Yeah, that fits you well. It’s 4am. Better go to school straight.” I suggest, as I try and remove the worst of the cum stains from her blouse.

“You?” She looks at me, surprised.

“Oh, I’ll go home. Not in the mood to go to school later. Relax, yeah? They’re only rabid about attendance at JC.” I laugh, as the door knocking snaps us out of our moment of peace. It’s odd, that for once, Steph and me have managed to connect in some small way, because after being fucked together and being forced to fuck each other all the time, we’ve definitely not had any time to become friends. This girl here would have definitely made a good friend to be with, I think.

Another life that doesn’t involve us doing depraved, degrading things with each other and to each other every week, of course.

I open the door, and I’m shocked at how bad Judith looks, and I’m fighting not to burst out in laughter myself though, because it’s how she makes me go home some weeks. In her red dress, but minus her lingerie so that her erect nipples are clearly visible, cum still running down her legs, her face and hair covered in more cum, her makeup in a teary mess, and with streaks of cum in her hair even. In short, the “whore who has just gotten the fucking of a lifetime” look.

“Good luck getting a cab, eh, bitch?” Dragon laughs, as he pushes Judith out of the door, tossing her bag after her. “We’ll call you if we want to gamble again!” He points to the door. “You two can also zao already. Hope you enjoyed taking your revenge!” He chortles, slamming the door, leaving the three of us in an awkward silence, two freshly-showered girls in school uniform facing one well-fucked, extremely pissed-off girl leaning against the wall trying to catch her breath.

Then Judith turns, glaring at us, and I know that the entire day of fun is about to come crashing back onto us.

“Today is Friday, right? Tomorrow night, 6pm, both of you at my place. You’re going to stay until Monday morning. Be there on fucking time, and when you report, I want both of you to stand outside my door in your underwear.” Judith hisses at us, before delivering me a tight, stinging slap across the face, catching me off-guard, as she turns and storms down the hotel corridor. I turn to Steph, and meet her eyes, our expressions exactly the same.

Oh, shit.