The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

I’m in a hotel room, with the man of my dreams.

Yes, that guy. The guy I mentioned a while back, who took me out on Valentine’s Day, and who I’ve been harbouring a not-so-secret attraction for, only kept in check by my “other” life (with Judith and gang).

We’re sipping on glasses of champagne, and I can’t remember the occasion, but it’s good champagne and good conversation, as we sit on the balcony of the hotel, looking at the skyline, enjoying the breeze. I’m in a black strapless dress, my heels left at the entrance, as we converse, and I can feel his eyes roaming over my body, the wind blowing the fabric tight against my body. And frankly, I actually welcome the looks from him, because well, it’s him.

The alcohol’s definitely loosened all our inhibitions, because he places a hand on my thigh, and I respond by pulling it higher and giggling. He gives a confident grin, as he picks me up from my chair and carries me to the bedroom, dropping me on the bed. I quickly bounce back up to my feet, giving him a knowing, expectant look as I turn around and allow him to unzip me, my black dress falling to the floor in a pool of dark, silky fabric. I giggle, spinning around and undoing his shirt buttons, as he kicks off his jeans, standing there in his boxers, while I face him, in a black lacy strapless bra and matching panties set.

“Oh Mel…You’re amazing.” He smiles, as he reaches behind me and undoes my bra with one hand, letting it fall to the floor. I push him onto the bed, pulling off his boxers as I do so, revealing his erect shaft, ready and waiting, as I pull off my own panties, secretly delighted to see him aroused so quickly.

I kneel in front of him and give the tip of his cock a light kiss, smiling to myself as I hear him moan, enjoying myself completely as I begin to suck and lick his shaft, sliding my tongue all over it, coating it with my saliva, preparing it for what’s next. After about ten minutes of lavishing attention on his rod with my mouth, I stand up, as he slides back up against the head of the bed, grinning at me. I grin back, as I straddle him, slowly, seductively, then plant a kiss on his lips. He responds, pushing his tongue past my lips, as we lock our mouths together wildly. I can feel his hands exploring my back, then sliding over to the front and gently teasing my breasts, stroking my stiff nipples, the feeling making me gasp into his mouth with pleasure. I can feel my pussy getting extremely wet, and I’m loving every moment of it, because it feels so right, so amazing, so good compared to the degrading, dirty sex that Judith and Clara and her friends force on me. And for once, this time, I’m not hesitant to let a man take me.

I lower myself onto his shaft, making him groan, stifling my own moans of pleasure as I feel the hard rod fill me up, feeling just right for me, as I begin to ride him, my hands on his shoulders for support, his hands cupping my breasts as I slide up and down slowly, seductively, moving my hips to make it look even hotter. I ride him, gasping and crying out in pleasure every time I sink down onto his cock, feeling the amazing sensation of it inside me.

As I slide up once again, he pushes me off, and I roll to the side. We lock eyes knowingly, and I lie back, my arms wrapped around his neck, as he rolls on top and spreads my legs wide, holding my hips, then plunges deep into me. I can feel every inch of him inside me, and it feels just so amazing, so damn good, as he fucks me slowly and makes sure I enjoy every single moment of it. I jerk my hips towards him, meeting each thrust, as he bends down and kisses me slowly, again, then moves his lips over my neck and down towards my chest, sucking on my nipples, as I go wild, spasming about and moaning loudly.

We climax at exactly the same time, something that I thought impossible after months of being denied orgasm while being made to pleasure others. I feel him spurt his warm fluids deep into me, as I squirt some of my own juices all over, as he collapses onto me, panting, and I dig my fingernails into his back, moaning, calling his name, feeling the waves of pleasure wash through my body, the feeling just so amazing, and just so right, as we lie together, our sweat mingling.

Finally, he pulls out, and I kneel on the bed, before dropping onto all fours and licking him clean, ending with another light kiss to the tip of his cock. He returns the favour by licking my pussy clean, not caring about tasting himself, as he kisses me, letting me taste the mixture of our essences combined. It tastes good, unlike all the other times I’ve been forced to swallow the cum of others. We begin making out again, naked, the cold air blowing on our bodies, not caring, as we’re still extremely warmed up from the wild lovemaking.

And then the alarm rings, sharply, and I’m jolted back to reality.


“Ah…fuck.” I groan to myself. I can see daylight through the windows, and I hear the door to the room unlocking, as Judith enters, untying me, then tossing my bag and clothes onto the floor.

“Go shower and get dressed, slut. You’re getting away without any punishment this weekend, so count yourself lucky.” She laughs viciously, as she saunters out the door, slamming it shut. I notice she’s just wearing an oversized t shirt, and nothing else underneath, and I can hear her talking to Clara as she heads down the stairs. So that bitch did spend the rest of the night letting the guys take her. Well, that’s her problem. She’s the willing one, not me, I wasn’t willing…

Ah fuck. Enough harping on it, I think to myself. It’s not like I can change facts even if I convince myself I’m innocent. And with that, I head to the shower and try to shower off all the traces of last night. It takes ages, especially to wash the dried cum out of my hair, and I take an even longer time to flush it out of my pussy and asshole with the showerhead. But I’m finally done, after the third time or so, and I dry myself, dress, and head down the stairs, hoping to get out without any further nonsense.

“Oh, you’re done. Enjoy your weekend, Mel. We’ll see you soon!” Clara laughs, giving me a grin, as I fight not to throw a retort back at her, knowing it’ll only earn me more trouble. Judith opens the door, then pushes me out and slams it shut, and I can hear her laughter once again, as I sling my bag onto my shoulder, then trudge towards the exit of the chalets, walking very slowly, still sore from all the fucking. My mind drifts back to the pleasant dream I had before my rough awakening, and I can’t help but feel aroused again, despite my ravaged body.

If only.

If only I could have that instead of all this.