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This is a short fun read about Hibiki’s 5th kill in Malaysia. Just after he completed his job, he got into a little accident and suffered short term memory loss, ending up as a waiter and kitchen helper to pay for food and lodging.

He was leading the simple life, happy and contented working in a small family restaurant until the local thugs started harassing the owners.

The more i work on this, the longer it expanded.

Will be splitting this into 2

A Hibiki Adventure – Number 5 (7400+ words)

A Hibiki Adventure – Who am i ( 25/9/2020)

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Short excerpt

Bobby threw me onto the table before sliding me along the 2.4m span, as he dragged me while laughing and grunting, stacks of used dishes, fish bones and empty coconut toppled all over the restaurant floor.

I could hear Naomi screaming for them to stop as she helped her father up to his feet.

Naomi : stop !!! please stop !!.. we will pay you… we will pay you !!! please… sobz…

Bobby : …. you say that every time…i’m here for the interest today…

Wu : please…. we gave you everything we can spare already…. we need more time….

Bobby : More time ? … you think i who ?? .. i do charity one ah… ? Fauzi… come here…hahah

I scrambled off the floor only to get kicked by Bobby’s man.

Naomi tried to stop Bobby but was held back by Fauzi

Bobby : No money to pay… got money to hire worker….har !!!…

Jeff : No… no… no… please… don’t… arghhhh!!

Bobby grabbed me by my shirt and literally lifted me off the floor before flinging me towards the makeshift tank of shellfish and crabs.

Jeff : arghhhh!!!

I could feel the pain in my ribs as i struggled and crawled out of the tank with a crab clinging onto my thumb.

Naomi : Leave him alone BOBBY !!

Bobby : Why are you so concerned about him Naomi ??!! Who is he to you…??

Naomi : It’s none of your business… !!

Bobby : we practically grew up together Naomi !!! how can you say it’s none of my business !!

Naomi : and here you are harassing me !!

Bobby : it’s just work…. it’s my work !!

Naomi : Just fuck off…… Jeff…. Jeff… are you ok…?

I could feel bruises all over my body and i only just managed to shake the crab off to see it scurry away into the nearby bushes.

Naomi helped me up and i could feel the headache acting up again.

She put herself in front of her father and i, facing off Bobby and his gang of thugs.

I don’t know why a small loan of 20000 Rm can balloon 100000 Rm over a few months but it seemed the father and daughter duo are at their wits end.

Naomi : Leave Bobby…. get out of my sight… i’ll sort the loan out with you another day….

Bobby smirked as he looked at his men. All of them waiting to see what he is going to do.

Naomi and Bobby were classmates, surely he would not….

Before i could finish my chain of thought, Bobby slapped Naomi across her cheek.

Wu : No!!… Girl ah…

Jeff: No…!

Naomi fell to the ground as whistles and catcalls sounded out from the gathering of Bobby’s men. A few more arrived on motor cycles and Bobby stepped back.

Bobby : I don’t need you to tell me what to do in front of my men…..

Bobby turned and looked at the approaching group.

Someone important has arrived it seemed.

I helped Naomi onto her feet as i looked at the man with a scar across his left eye.

Naomi : Oh my god Jeff… It’s Shan…. don’t offend him…. don’t say anything.. let me handle this….

The man looked to be in his forties, and upon reaching, asked if Bobby has managed to collect the money from Naomi and her father.

Shan : Still no… ? so useless…. what did you say the last time ? … if she don’t pay.. you will rape her right…. ?

Bobby : Boss… i….err…

Shan : go… go rape her….!! everyone is here…let us see you do it…. !! haha

Bobby looked lost and he remained frozen on the ground, unsure of what to so. On one hand, I could tell he would not go that far so as to rape Naomi but he also did not want to lose face in front of his men

Shan pointed his thumb at his own nose.

Shan : You don’t want… ? sure… then i do it… hahaha… hahah…

Shan approached Naomi and she quickly backed away, pushing me backwards at the same time.

Jeff : what should we do….?? what should we do ??!!

Naomi : get the knife… !!

I fumbled for the knife from the chopping board and i dropped it with my trembling hands while trying to point it at Shan.

Naomi ended up grabbing a smaller one and waving it in front of her.

Naomi : stay back….!…stay back !!!

Shan charged forward and easily disarmed Naomi of her knife. He then grabbed onto her hand and squeezed her breast, fondling them in front of his men who all cheered and pleaded with their boss to let them have their turn after he is done.

Naomi : ernghhhh!!!..

Jeff : Naomi …!

I tried to stop Shan only for him to grab onto my ear painfully.

Jeff : arghhh..!! arghhh!!..a rghhh!!!!

My hands held onto Shan’s wrist and by the time i broke off his grip, i could feel the burning sensation spreading from my ear to my face.

Wu tried to stop Shan only to get kicked onto the floor.

The laughter and jeers filled the entire courtyard as Naomi was shove into the living area of the house. I charged in after Shan although i don’t know what i could possibly do.

While Naomi was thrown onto the sofa, i tripped onto a stool in my clumsy charge and went tumbling down onto the floor.

The headache is getting worse and i was aching all over my body.

The throbbing pain in my head seemed to get worse everyday, reminding myself of the pain from the accident i suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Before i could get back up, Shan pinned Naomi down on the sofa and i quickly ran over to wrestle him off her.

Jeff : Naomi run !!..

I hugged onto Shan who elbowed me twice on my head. I could feel the insides of my brain shake like jello from the impact of his hit.

My grip loosen as Shan grabbed my hair and slammed me against the side of the wooden armchair.

Naomi : leave him alone…!!!

Naomi started hammering Shan with her fist only to invite a amused laugh from him. With blood rolling down the front of my head, i saw Naomi grabbed a bottle of whisky and tried to slam it at Shan’s face.

Naomi :arghhhhh !!

Shan : hhahahah..

Shan easily deflected the swing and instead relieved it from Naomi’s grip.

Naomi : aRNGHH!!

Shan : don’t waste the drink…. hahaha..

Shan took a swig as he grabbed onto Naomi’s hair. Naomi slapped him and Shan spit the drink all over my head.

I tried to stop him from raping Naomi and i felt the thud when he swung the bottle against my head.

Naomi : JEFF!!! no…!…

I collapsed onto the floor and everything went fuzzy for a few seconds.

I sucked in a deep gasped of air and like a moving freight train smashing into me, everything came back.

Everything that happened the past few weeks came back.

Like tetris block falling into place, my memory all flooded back like a tsunami, engulfing the clueless man that i had turned into since the accident. I could finally remember.

Everything, not just my name.

I felt the familiar tease of my muscles, the clenching of my fist and the slow exhale of my breath as i got back up on my feet.

I heard the ripping of clothes and i saw Shan tore Naomi’s singlet, exposing her white bra underneath.

Anchoring myself on the ground, i delivered a kick strong enough to send Shan sprawling onto the groun.

Shan : arGHHHH!!!!

Naomi was crying and trying to cover herself up on the sofa.

Shan pulled a knife and sent it within inches of my face.

I grabbed his wrist, twisted the knife back to face himself and sent it into his shoulder as Naomi screamed. It penetrated his skin and i hammered it into his shoulder with my palm without even shifting from where i stood.

Naomi : ARGHHHHH!!!! OH my god !!!!

Shan : AGHHHHH!!!!! Bobby !!.. Fauzi !!!

Shan whimpered in pain as he called out to the rest of his men waiting outside the house cum restaurant.

Naomi : oh my god Jeff… oh my god…. you need to go… run…!!..

Naomi was tugging for me to leave but i held onto her, pulling her into my arms.

Naomi : gasp !!…. what are you doing… !? are you ok !!?

Jeff : i’m fine……are you ok… ?

Naomi nodded as Shan’s men started flooding into the room.

One of them tried to play the hero and he charged at me.

I avoided his fist and redirected his 2nd attempt with one hand. Blocking his kick with my heel to his shin, i pulled Naomi further back behind me before tackling and slamming him face first into the floor with my hand on the back of his neck.

Naomi gasped in shock as she stared wide eye at what i just did.

Naomi : Oh my god……..Jeff…..You…. you remember who you are….?

Shan : Kill him…. kill that fucker !!!!

More of Shan’s men came into the house but Bobby was nowhere to be seen.

Naomi’s fingers tightened their grip on my arms as we slowly back deeper into the house.

Naomi : fuck .. fuck … fuck…. please tell me you’re a soldier … or a police officer… or at least someone who can get us out of this mess….or tell me you are some rich spoilt billionaire with an army of personal guards looking for you….!!

I turned and looked at Naomi.

The kind sweet girl that has sheltered me, clothed me, and fed me for the past few weeks even though she didn’t know who i am.

A dirty and bloodied injured man she found lying by the side of the road with no money, no identifications, nothing.

Jeff : do you trust me Naomi… ?

She nodded.

I grabbed the leather belt hanging from the side of the door and coiled it around my hand, turning to face the men that had their weapons drawn.

Naomi : Jeff……

Jeff : I’m not a soldier….. neither am i a police officer…. and i’m definitely not a billionaire….. … but with your help…. i can get us out of this mess…..

Naomi : … what…. what do i need to do…. ?

I gave the sweet homely girl who has been taking care of me the past few weeks a grateful smile as i wiped tears off her cheek.

Jeff : just close your eyes….

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A Hibiki Adventure – Number 5 (7400 + words )

A Hibiki Adventure – Who am i ( 9100+ words )


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