This is a work of fiction

An epic adventure of love, hate & politics in the office.

I got married early compared to my peers.
My wife Belinda and I went for our ROM when we were 23. We were madly in love, and we could hardly keep ours hands off each other. Sex was great, amazing in fact and felt our characters were really compatible. We dated for less than 6 months but felt that we want to live the rest of our lives together.

Hell even the zodiac signs says we’re meant to be together. Against the objection of our parents, we registered our marriage in May 2006, just days after the country’s election.
Our friends said we were crazy, my relatives thought it was a shot gun marriage, even the justice of peace gave us a long speech when he presided over our ceremony. I guess even he knew this was a fairy tale without a happy ending.

The initial couple of years were great, we were living the live we wanted. We got our own 3 room flat in Toa Payoh, our very own love nest. It had nothing in it when we moved in. We could not afford the renovation works and we did not want to trouble our parents as they already helped with the down payment.
We painted the house on our own, assembled our own furniture. On the day we moved in, there was only a mattress on the floor but we were happy. Each other was all we need.

Folly thoughts.
Belinda and I are poly graduates, she started work the moment she finished school while I did too after I completed my NS. We did what all couples did. We worked, we bought stuff for the house. We travelled.

Chinese new year came and we had to give red packets to cousins older than us because many of them were not even attached. It was amusing at first.
It was one of the best period of my young adult life. Imagine finishing work, meeting your sweet pretty wife at the train station. Grab some food from the coffee shop, talk about what happened during your day, and end the night off with some hot banging sex all over your new place.

I was on top of the world….. for a while.

Nothing could come between us. Nothing could separate us.

By 2008, things started to get stagnant. Sex was not as good as we remembered and we quarrelled frequently. It’s not over money, it’s not over infidelity, it’s nothing.

Fucking nothing but we would just quarrel.

On the 1st of January 2009, Belinda and I had a long talk and we decided that was it.
Belinda : We can’t live the rest of our lives like this…..

I agreed. It was stifling, and it was really affecting my life. I don’t want to live like this.

What comes next happened so fast and smooth you would think it’s was a orchestrated plan. There was no more quarrel, no more shouting. We talked as if we were friends, nothing more.

We moved back to our parent’s place who knew better than to try and say “ We told you so “  in our faces but it was evident they were itching to say it.

Not that I mind.

The house in Toa Payoh was rented out to my wife’s cousin who worked in the area. The rent goes towards paying the mortgage and any excess was split equally between both of us.

Initially I would still check back with Belinda, whether everything is ok, was the rent paid on time. We still talked, mostly messages.

Without fail, on the 10th of every month, the money would be credited into my account. As time went on, there was no need for me to even talk to Belinda. Not because I don’t want to, there was nothing to talk about.

I was thankful Belinda and I were never into those crazy social media stuff. The idea of posting our photos and what we did online did not sound logical to us at all. We did not have much to share anyway, no Banquet, no pre wedding shoot, just a simple ROM ceremony.
It was something we would come to appreciate when we parted ways. Imagine having to find and delete all those photos of me and Belinda together. Some day another would probably just resurface and remind us of the painful memories we did not want to remember.

Our lives went on normally until during Chinese New year of 2010.

Belinda said we should consider doing something about our legal status as husband and wife.
If she did not mention it, it would have slipped my mind that I was married.

Living by myself and for myself seemed to be how I liked it. The freedom, it cannot be explained. It’s like a pair of wings. I could do anything I wanted and go anywhere my heart desired.

I told Belinda I agree, we should probably get a lawyer and work things out.

She replied that she was not in a hurry, but we shouldn’t leave things hanging too for the good of both of us. With the rental income plus our CPF, the house would be paid off in a couple of years. We agreed to hold on till then before we sell it, and split the profits.

That was the last correspondence I had with Belinda for the whole of 2010.

3rd May 2011

It was a day of significance for me. Not only was it my first day at a new office, it was also the day I turned 28.

I had followed my team leader Mr Liew and we left our jobs together to come to this new firm. He initially broached the idea to me and said he was confident about the prospects in this company. Besides a 15% pay increment, the benefits were far better too. I was interested of course, who wouldn’t ?

Besides I work well with Mr Liew, despite being a father of 2 at 45, he still had the boundless energy of a fresh graduate. He taught me everything I knew. From dealing with difficult people and situation, to understanding the mechanics of office politics.

Mr Liew : Office politics…. It’s everywhere…. You hate it… you don’t like it…. But you still have to play the game…. It’s just the way things are…

Mr Liew taught me skills and gave me ideas that schools would never have in it’s syllabus.

How do you deal with workers who was trying to be funny ?

How do you make sure the contractor does things the way you want it ?

How to do things your way even though it appears you are not .

He opened my eyes to this beautiful and ugly world of the construction industry. An industry where favours, money, and secrets changed hands right under our very nose.

Corruption…. It’s everywhere…Small… big… in different scale…

It’s how you define it.

The more you try to hide something, the more people would want to dig it.

Mr Liew : … The best secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.

7 am
I was at Tanjong Pagar market waiting for Mr Liew with 2 coffees in front of me. Barely a minute later, I saw him walking towards me and I gave him a wave.

Mr Liew : So how…. First day of work… nervous or not…. Haha…

James : Haha… I’ve been working for 5 years leh brother…. Hahah…

We laughed together, despite our age different, I address him more as a brother than as a superior, but I was careful not to let this get in the way of work. When it was work related and during meetings, I would still call him Mr Liew.

We had a good breakfast, finished our coffee before we walked over to our new office a stone throw away.


The HR girl introduced herself as Sharon. She spent some time going through the various forms we needed to fill in. As I waited for her to make copies of my ID and documents I quietly observed the office and the people that comes in.

The company took up and entire floor of the building. The reception it right at the middle of the whole floor in front of the lift lobby. The glass meeting room I was at is tucked at the side of the reception, giving me a clear view of everyone that walked into the office.

One thing struck me though was behind the reception, there was 2 company names. One which I was joining and another.

I causally asked the HR are we sharing office with another firm and she replied me in a most peculiar manner.

Sharon  : Oh… that… the other one is actually the Boss’s son’s company…

I have heard of that name before, it’s another design firm.

James : Oh… are we competing for business or working together… ?

Sharon : erm…. Haha… I don’t know how to answer that question….we… operate independently as separate legal entities….but…er…

She whispered in a knowing manner.

Sharon  : Daddy pays the bill ma… so..

I laughed and nodded.

Her facial expression changed suddenly as she got back to arranging her documents. I looked up and saw this man walk into the office.

He’s tall. 1.8 at least with a good built. Smartly dressed and his hair was slicked back and cast into place with a good dollop of hair gel. Yes, like Shanghai Tang.
He walked as If he had this air of arrogance around him, talking briefly to the receptionist before turning left into his office.

Sharon  : That’s the wing associate for the company. Mr Lau. .. boss’s son.

I could not understand the funny position that companies come up with these days.

Wing associate. That was also Mr Liew’s position.

Well, granted that the office was divided into 2 wings, North and South, it seemed pretty reasonable.
North wing will be where we work. South is the company helmed by Mr Lau.

My position ? 

Thankfully it’s still decent. Senior project & admin manager.  I actually administer the contracts mostly but what do I care. As long as they pay me.

That was until Sharon passed me a box of my new name card.

I almost fainted.
To save space and text, the printed SP AM James *****

There’s a spacing between SP and AM but it just looks so funny being beside each other.

I showed Mr Liew my name card when Sharon stepped out ….

James : Eh na bei…. They give me Spam position….

I thought it would make Mr Liew laugh until I saw his name card.

I burst out laughing, hitting the table and clutching my stomach.

WA Liew *******

James : Wah liew….. this company is joker company la brother…

Mr Liew shook his head and just that moment , I saw the Boss son’ come into the meeting room.

We stood up and he introduced himself as Terry.

Terry : Hi I’m Terry…

We shook hands and he welcomed us onboard. He sort of hinted that even though we work for different companies in a way, our help was still expected when there is something major going on.
With that he headed out and into the lift.

James : Eh you same position with him also… Wing associate…

Mr Liew nodded.

Mr Liew : Yes… next time people will say this company team leaders is call WA Lau and WA Liew…..

I laughed and took a seat.
Sharon came in with our staff pass and said she will show us to our seats.

I got up and followed behind Mr Liew. Sharon stopped by the reception to grab some drawer keys that were labelled with our names, probably for our desk drawers.I heard the chime of the lift behind me.
It rang and buzzed in my ears.

My eyes caught the reflection of the opening and I froze.

I could not move.

Sharon : Ok.. follow me…

She turned to the right and Mr Liew followed.

I made a full turn and locked eyes with the woman standing in front of me.

I have not seen her in a while.

Dressed in slick tapered work pants, with her white blouse neatly tucked in, she looked chic and professional. She grew her hair long, well pass her shoulders.

Both of us froze of a second and I could see her swallow a lump of saliva as we stared at each other.
We did not speak.

She looked away first and continued walking towards me.
Another Lift chimed, and Terry came out.

Terry  : Hey… I missed you at the café… called out but you never hear me…

I watched as Belinda turned, smiled and hugged Terry before he planted a kiss on her cheek.

I don’t know what I was feeling.
I could not describe it.
Mr Liew : James… oei… keep up…

As another lift Chimed to unload more staff onto the floor, I swung to the right, focusing my eyes on the reflections of Terry and Belinda on the glass doors of the meeting room.
They turned to the left and walked in with their hands held.

I was in  a bit of a daze as I logged into my account.
I needed a coffee.

I headed to the pantry which was shared by both offices.
There she was.

I went to the coffee machine and waited for her to be done with her coffee before putting a fresh cup under it.

She stayed beside me, adding in sugar and creamer.
We were waiting for the other to speak.

Belinda spoke first.

Belinda : We’re all trying to move on James… hope you understand…

James : I do… don’t worry… I won’t say a word..

Belinda : Let’s keep this under wraps… we should probably look at getting the paper work done…
James : Sure…

I agreed, we parted ways at the pantry.
I got back to my seat which was beside this girl Sandy. I had shook hands with her when I got in earlier but this time round she was sobbing on her desk .

James : Err…. Sandy… are you ok ??

Then without warning, I saw Terry stormed into the office and dropped a file onto Sandy’s table.
Terry  : Check what you are doing before you give them to me.. !!
He stormed off as I stared on.

Ok…. This sucks…
Sharon came by with a box of stationaries and she gestured for me to go over to her as she issued Mr Liew his stuff.

James : Wah… Terry so fierce one ah….

Sharon : Stay away from Sandy James….

James : Why ?? …

Sharon : She’s Terry’s ex girlfriend…..

My eyes widened as I turned to look at Sandy.

She is quite pretty. As she stood up to throw some tissues, I could see her height and built is pretty similar to Belinda.
I took the opportunity to dig a little since Sharon seemed like the gossipy kind.

James : Oh…ermm… Terry dumped her for someone else ah…. Just now I saw… him with another girl….

Sharon’s eyes brightened as if she had found a fellow gossiper to whisper to in the office.

Sharon  : No… no…  …. Sandy was the one that dumped Terry…. Shhhhhhhhh….
She turned and checked behind her shoulders before adding..

Sharon : Don’t say I say one ah…. After they break up, Sandy requested for transfer over here….. last year this time Terry very fat one….. but because of this, he go exercise… lose weight… now look a lot better… but too late already….
She lowered her voice a notch.

Sharon : Now he got someone else already… but hor… he still cannot let go of Sandy… always find trouble… sigh…
She straightened herself, brushed her blouse and walked off.

I nodded my head in a knowing manner.

Mr Liew : Don’t kaypo la… go and Spam your work…

James : Wa liew….

We laughed and I walked back to my desk.

By 10am, I saw and shook hands with all the team members in my team.

So did Mr Liew.


Mr Liew : What do you think ?

I laughed and looked at Mr Liew.

James : We’re fucked… 


We’re in trouble and Mr Liew knew it too. 

The people in our team are a mish mash of rejects from what I could see.

We held out hopes that things would get better after a while. Once we get settled in and adjust accordingly, everything would be fine. 

It was not the case. 

We did what we could but by the end of the 1st month, it was clear the people in our team were trouble, or troubled. 

First was Sandy. She’s a good girl, sweet, pretty and hardworking but she is being harassed by Terry. 

Almost every week, sometimes twice a week, he would make unreasonable demands of her. Sandy does admin work, mostly filing and since she used to be from his team, Terry came over frequently to question her on her past works. 

Not only that, he makes her do the administrative work from his office too. 

2 separate entities my ass. 

Because of this, I often find Sandy quietly sobbing by her desk during lunch. 

I tried to ask her out to eat with the rest of us but she said she had no appetite. 

I made it a point to buy something back for her every time it happened. 

Sandy : No need James… it’s ok…. Come I pay you back the money… 

James : No need la… it’s ok…

She flirts with me on occasions though, when she’s in a good mood. I think it was when she could see from the company movement charts that Terry is overseas, she would be more relaxed. 

Sandy : Eh… don’t treat me so nice la James…. You like me is it… haha… 

I laughed and replied. 

James : You so pretty… everyone will like one ….. but… I scare la… wait Terry come and scold me.. 

Sandy : Tsk !… 

She would narrow her eyes at me, flashing her cute dimples. 

Inside the office, Sandy is the only eye candy for me. She dress well, usually some body hugging dress. Her work is ok, some mistakes here and there but still within acceptable limits. 

I loved Wednesdays and Fridays. It was the days Sandy would go for her yoga class after work. 

Working with a inefficient team can take it’s told mentally and physically on your body and like everyone else, I need a form of release. 

You see, Sandy would leave the office at 6pm sharp, heading across the road to a Yoga gym before arriving back around 7.30pm with her dinner to continue her work. I think the routine sort of began when she knew Terry would leave work on the dot. 

She could easily get her stuff done while she enjoys a slow dinner. Me on the other hand, liked to feast my eyes on Sandy’s body. 

It’s either black or grey tights most of the time and with tights, there is no way to hide anything. The elastic fabric is like a 2nd skin and every time I see her walk out of the office in that and a loose tshirt that was almost translucent, my dick would stir. 

It gets better when she comes back in. Sometimes she goes for a short jog. The beads of perspiration, the stray strands of matted hair on her forehead. It was a arousing sight.

Her sports bra are always colourful, neon purple with prints and her tshirts always loose, exposing a shoulder blade. With her hair tied up into a bun, she looked deliciously healthy. 

I was tempted to ransack her gym bag on some occasion but I held back. Telling myself to control my urges and emotions no matter how tempting her body hugging dress and her high heels looked that day. 

The days with stockings are especially hard. 

I had to force myself to look away whenever Sandy brings something over for me to vet through and sign. 

I could not resist staring at her bare black stockinged feet one day as they were tucked snuggly in her cartoon slippers as she placed some files for me to take a look. 

James : Why you bring me things never wear heels one ah… is cartoon slippers…

Sandy : Aiyah… uncomfortable to wear whole day… you only 1 desk away… slippers can la… 

James : But I like to see you in heels … haha 

She smacked me with her file and went back to her seat. 

From that day on, she made sure she wore her heels whenever she came over. 
Right down the seat from Sandy sits Hakim. 

Hakim is a problem. He always arrive at work well past 10 and leaves on the dot. It was something Mr Liew had spoken to him 2 weeks into the new job but he still kept at it. HR says he’s a ok worker with some family problems and the boss was willing to turn a blind eye to it. 

It did not sit well with Mr Liew though. Hakim is careful with his work, he’s been with the company for close to 8 years, the only issue was that he’s always distracted. 

Sometimes his mind would just drift off and stare into blank space. 

On certain days, I would find him sleeping, nodding off at his seat, even more surprising though is that he never made any mistakes in the stuff I asked him to help me do. 

It was always a 100% 

Perhaps it was because of this the Boss was willing to turn a blind eye. 

Hakim too was transferred from the other office, his transfer was recent, only a few months ago I heard after my wife Belinda came on board. Belinda had this thing for being punctual and it really irks her that Hakim is late most of the time yet he had the cheek to leave at 6pm. 

And because of his recent transfer, he still had a ongoing project that he’s helping Belinda with. 

It’s like a timed event. 

After Terry comes over and find trouble with Sandy, Belinda would come over and scold HaKim. I bet both of them head down to a café for their tea break after that. 

Hakim is huge, he’s like a 100kg on a 1.9 frame. I would not have the balls to talk to him in that manner if I was Belinda who only stands at 1.6m. Hakim’s sneeze could probably lift her slender frame of 43KG off the ground. 

I cannot imagine if he actually hit her. She would go right out the window. 

That would never happen though. 

Hakim is like a gentle giant. He may be big, but he’s actions are gentle and slow. Almost like that watching a display of Silat. Gentle but firm. 

He is also a nice guy, always smiling. 

Belinda always like to disturb him nearing his prayer timing on Fridays. It if was me I would get really irritated but it never fazed Hakim. He was always calm no matter how Belinda ruffled his feathers.

Moving on down the line, we have Alex. The youngest member of the team. 

He’s fast. Really fast. 

I could give him something in the morning that would probably take 2 days to do and he could send it over to me by mid afternoon on the 1st day. 

There’s just a problem. 

It’s full of mistakes. I would waste a ton of time tidying up his work before asking him to do it again. 

And Alex, stays really late. 

He’s punctual, I got to give it to him. 

Alex is in the office at 8am sharp everyday, rain or shine. 

He would only leave at 10.30pm. 

Sounds like a good worker right ? No. 

He’s got nothing to do, he would still stay till 10.30pm so he can take a cab back home base on company policy. He would surf the net, watch youtube, have his dinner. 

And his cab fare is eating into my project budget. That’s like 600 a month for his cab fare alone. 

I massaged my head as I looked at the figures and stuff I need to deal with. 

Then there is still uncle Tong. The oldest member of the team. 

If you discount the speed at which he does things, he’s actually quite good. 

He’s just slow. 

I cannot blame him but sometimes when you need things fast, it’s really painful. 

Something that would take no more than 3 hours, Uncle Tong would take 2 days. 

Thankfully it has no mistakes. If not I would probably roll up and die. 

He’s also a loner, I don’t know where he goes for lunch but he would just disappear. Sometimes he would appear out of nowhere from behind some cupboard or room without a word. 

He’s known for startling people in the office because he’s so quiet. 

Silent steps and asset of wrinkled deep gazing eyes. 

It’s no wonder he has not much friends in the office. 

I tried talking to Mr Liew about this but he asked me to handle it. 

He’s tied down with bringing in new jobs for the team or we would all be dead in the water soon. There is a couple of jobs we’re working on but the team is bleeding money. 

3rd June 2011



I was having a drink with Mr Liew across the road from our office and he says he’s confident with a job he’s bidding for. The client knows him well.

Mr Liew : I’m just worried if we can handle it given the state of the team.

I gulped down my beer and lifted up my hand. 

James : There’s Sandy…which Terry is bothering. … then there’s Hakim… which…. 

I quickly held back from saying ‘my wife’ . 

James : Which… Terry’s girlfriend is bothering… 

I counted off Alex, ticked off Uncle Tong and looked at Mr Liew. 

James : Bro… we cannot handle a big project with this team… not in this state… 

He looked at me and replied. 

Mr Liew : What did I teach you on your first day at work ? 

He continued. 

Mr Liew : Find the root of the problem…..then solve it… 

James : Ok… ermm… fire the team… we hire from scratch…. 

Mr Liew laughed and said he could see the potential in the team.

Mr Liew : We just need to make it work… 

James : How ? 

He laughed and asked for the bill. 

Mr Liew : I leave this to you…. Fix it James…. You’ve never let me down before….

James : Wa Liew… 

He signed the bill and threw the receipt at me. 

Mr Liew : Fix it James… I mean it….. you have 3 months…I don’t care if you have to sleep with Sandy….. which I know you do… you fix it… 

He checked his watch and said he got to go. 

Mr Liew : Weekend… family time.. 

I watch him leave the pub and I drained my beer. 

Ok… now I just need to figure out how to get Terry to stop harassing Sandy, Hakim to focus and come to work on time, Belinda to stop harassing my team member, Alex to wake the fuck up, Uncle Tong to miraculously speed up on the things he do.

I sighed and leaned back on my chair. 

The server came over to clear my empty mug and asked if I would like some dessert or more drinks. I shook my head. 

Waitress : Piece of cake sir … Perhaps ? ? 

I smiled 

I was about to say no when I saw Sandy in her Yoga outfit walking towards the office. 

It’s coming to 8.30pm 

She’s a bit later than usual that day. 

I saw her head into the lobby and decided to get her something. 

James : I’ll take that piece of cake… pack it up for me please.. 

I paid for it and was about to cross the road over to my office when I saw something interesting. 

Terry appeared from round the corner and he too went into the lift lobby. 

I crossed the road and took the lift up to the office. 

I got another shock when I saw Alex at the entrance all packed up and ready to go. 

He’s leaving early that day. 

James : Eh… going already ah… 

Alex : You better go too…. Don’t stay here. 

He nodded his head over his shoulder towards the office and I walked over to check it out. 

From across a distance, I could see Sandy sitting down on her chair, her arms crossed while Terry was gesturing wildy at her. 

I kept out of sight but close enough to hear what they were talking about. 

Terry : You moved right ! you moved out without telling me ! 

Sandy : Why should I tell you anything !… who are you to me !… 

Terry : I am still paying rent for that place.. !! 

Sandy : Then don’t… I don’t need your rent, your money… just fucking leave me alone. 

The argument got heated and soon Sandy was on her feet. 

Sandy : Go and fuck your new girlfriend !…. leave me alone for fuck sake… 

Terry : What I do it none of your business….she’s better that you… 

Sandy : Good!… then go to her… stop harassing me … you think I don’t know you always come by my place… with the spare key ? You think I don’t know what you were doing ?? har ! 

Terry :That was our place !! .. my place !… I paid for the rent…! ..

Sandy : No one forced you to … 

The quarrel went on and soon, they were pushing each other, jabbing on each other’s chest. 

This would spiral out of control soon. 

I wanted to do something but I don’t know what. 

In the end I did the only thing I could. 

I called Sandy’s phone after moving further away from the office closer to the lift lobby.

I could hear her loud ringtone from where I stood.

A few seconds later she answered. 

Sandy : Yes James ? …

James : Sandy …. Do you happen to be in office ?… i was on my way back to office and I bumped into Alex at the train station..… He says you’re still there….can you help me check if I left the blue file with the project brief on my desk ? …… 

Sandy : Hold on… Yup… it’s here… 

James : Thank god… I thought I left it at the restaurant…. Ok thanks… I’ll head back to grab it. 

Sandy : Oh… you’re coming back up…. Ok… see you.. 

I hung up and disappeared into the staircase landing. 

I peeped through the small vision panel and I saw Terry walking out a minute later, looking a little irritated. 

After waiting for the lift to chime and signal his departure, I left the staircase and walk over to Sandy. 

Sandy : Here’s the file James… 

She smiled but I could still tell she looked a bit upset. 

James : Here… Have some dessert… 

I placed the piece of cake on her desk and came clean, telling her I heard them quarrelling and that I called her in an attempt to make it stop. 

Sandy : It’s ok James… thanks… I’m just….very sick of his constant harassment…. He keeps stalking me… what I’m doing…. It’s like he refuse to move on…. He kept accusing me of not moving on because I still love him….

James : Doesn’t he already have a new girlfriend ? … why is he still bothering you… 

Sandy went on to say that he keeps a close tab on her life, he would secretly visit her place when she’s out. 

Sandy : He says as long as I say it, he will consider having me back… but not as a girlfriend because he is already with that Belinda….. he ask me to be his lover… 

Sandy : I told him it’s not possible…he says as long as I’m not attached…. He still believes he stand a chance… 

I raised an eyebrow before nodding slowly. 

Like that also can ah, there’s really all sorts of people in this world. 

Sandy : Sigh… sorry James.. I shouldn’t bother you with all this… thanks for the cake… 

She turned away and went back to her terminal, clicking away as I looked at her body. The way her legs crossed. Her slender arms and long fingers. 

There’s a small mole behind her left ear. Something about it that turns me on. 

James : So…. To sum it up…. He’ll stop once you’re attached right ?? .. 

Sandy turned around and looked at me before she burst out laughing. 

Sandy : It’s ok James…. Don’t bother volunteering yourself… I don’t want to get you into trouble… haha.. 

James : Wah.. you can read my mind… haha.. 

I thought about it for a moment before I make her preposition. 

James : Well…. We’ll just have to make it seemed as if you are attached when in fact you are not then…. 

Sandy thought about that for a while and asked. 

Sandy : Can you do that ?? 

I gave her a wink. 

James : I’m James…. What can’t I do ? 


Sandy laughed and waved me off. 

Sandy : Don’t joke la… 

James : Have a nice weekend… go back and rest ok… leave this to me… 

She laughed and thanked me for the cake.

6th June 2011



I got into office and I saw Sandy putting her head down on her arms to catch some rest. 

James : Hey… you ok ?? 

When she looked up at me, I could see she has a bit of dark circles around her eyes. Despite the light makeup she had on, you could still tell she’s tired. 

Sandy : Terry…. He’s bothering me at my new place…

James : As in what ? he keeps knocking on your door or something… ? 

She shook her head. 

Sandy : He’s just being creepy, I see his car being parked at my place the carpark…. But I can’t see him anywhere….. then out of nowhere, he would call me and I would jump. 

She began by saying that she got so paranoid that she kept peering out her window every now and then but still sees Terry’s car at the carpark. It would freak her out so much she rather not leave the house. 

Needless to say, she did not get much rest or sleep over the weekend. 

James : Go and tell Terry’s girlfriend…. Ask him not to bother you… 

Sandy : Haha… it’s not simple… Terry… he’s very scheming… he always make things out in such a way he’s he good guy…. He will surely have something to say about that…end up will make me look stupid… 

I thought about it for a while before going back to work. 

Meetings kept me busy for most of the day till about 4pm. 

I saw Terry came into the office with a few boxes of muffins and he passed it to the receptionist. 

Wah, free snack for afternoon tea. This I would not miss out. Grabbing my coffee cup, I headed to the pantry just as the receptionist Lisa is arranging the boxes on the narrow counter. 

She opened up 1 box and stack the other on the lid of the 1st before opening the 2nd one and so on. This would save quite a bit of space since the counter is pretty small. 

Lisa : Lai lai James… eat…. Terry buy one… 

James : Of course… thank you… thank you… 

Lisa turned and happen to see the water dispenser was empty and she asked if I could help her grab a bottle out from the storeroom and change it. 

James : Sure.. 

Lisa : Thanks ! 

I left my cup on the counter and opened the storeroom which is right by the side of the water dispenser. It’s a old storeroom, cramped full of stuff. You cannot even open the door fully, which meant I can’t leave it with the bottle in my hand. It’s too tight to even accommodate the wide of my shoulders and the bulky bottle.

I squeezed myself in and grabbed a bottle of water. 

Suddenly I could hear some voices outside and I recognised it as Terry and Sandy. 

Sandy : Why were you at me place the weekend ? 

Terry : You’re mad… why ? I cannot park my car there is it ? You own the HDB carpark ? 

There was a angry silence as I kept really still inside the storeroom. 

Terry : Try the muffin… it’s nice… hmmm… this cheese flavour is fantastic… 

I could hear him munch on the muffin as Sandy went to make her coffee. 

Suddenly Sandy screamed.

Sandy : AHHH!!!.. 

The sound of boxes crashing down rang out and I could hear Sandy’s cup fall against the table. 

Sandy : What are you doing !! ? Why did you throw your muffin ! 

By then the commotion attracted a few other colleagues and I could hear Lisa and Sharon talking in the pantry as well. 

Lisa : Aiyo…. What happened…. 

Sharon : Oh no… get Auntie Fang here to clean up… 

Terry spoke next and it made my blood boil to hear the words that came out of his mouth. 

Terry : Haizz… Next time be more careful Sandy… now everyone no need to eat already… 

Sharon : Aiyah… this muffin nice one leh… I was still hoping to eat…

Terry : Nah… go and buy another round Sandy… it’s your fault.. 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

Sharon : Thanks ah Sandy… buy more chocolate ones… 

I could hear Sandy stomping out of the office in her heels as the crowd dispersed. 

I waited a while more before I heard Auntie Fang comment in Hokkien that it’s so wasteful. 

She was picking them up and said she wanted to keep them and eat but I stopped her. 

Auntie : Still can eat one… 

James : Auntie… wait you stomach ache… who bring your grandchildren to school…? 

She thought about it for a while and relented after I told her Sandy is buying a new batch. 


I went over to Sandy’s desk and asked if she’s game to stop the harassing once and for all. 

James : I can’t say it will work 100% but it’s a good mind fuck nevertheless. 

She gave me a puzzled look and as I outlined to her what I have in mind, a smile slowly broke out on her face and before long, she was laughing and smacking her thigh. 

Sandy : Let’s try it then… haha.. 

Mr Liew came over a while later at 7pm before he left and said. 

Mr Liew : What are you up to James…. This is a office ah… your boy girl relationship please don’t play here…. 

James : Don’t worry… I’m just doing my job… 

He gave me a frown and asked me to send him some documents and he will review them at home. 

10th June 2011



As much as we want to put the plan into motion, we cannot do it immediately. 

If something happens out of the blue, it might seem a little suspicious. This was why i waited a week. 

It’s Friday . Belinda would usually come and disturb Hakim because she gives him his assignments on a weekly basis and they’re due on Friday. From where I sat, I had a clear view of everyone coming in and going out of our office wing. 

Whereas for the rest of the team, they all had their backs towards the entrance in a straight line. 


Belinda did her usual 10 minutes talk with Hakim in a impatient manner. 

Belinda : You only just came into office ? We start work at 9 you know…. I have been looking for you the whole morning…. The file you send me…. The file name wrong spelling… 

I rolled my eyes and went back to work, keeping a close eye at the entrance. 

I was to warn Sandy when Terry comes in. 


Terry walked in with a file in his hand and I sneezed into a napkin a couple of times. That was the que. 

Sandy caught it immediately and quickly picked up the phone and pretended to speak softly into it. 

Sandy : oh…. Ermm…. Yes …. 

Terry got right up behind Sandy and waited for her to hang up. 

Sandy : Ermm.. yes I’m in office…. Oh ok… just leave the delivery at the reception….thank you… 

When Terry did her usual stunt of asking her about stupid and trivial admin stuff, Sandy just nodded with a smile without protest. 
She did not frown, she did not seem like she was affected by Terry, more so of just wanting to get it over and done with. 

Her nonchalant attitude seemed to affect Terry as he seemed to be lacking some insults that day.

I checked the time, I had made arrangements for flowers and gifts to be sent to Sandy that afternoon. 

99 roses and a bottle of wine. 

Yah I paid for it but I’m going to claim it from Mr Liew. 

It’s about making a statement. 

Sandy went back to her work after Terry left.

12 Noon. 

The commotion has started. 

I can hear Lisa and Sharon talking about the flowers from the pantry. 

Lisa : Wah… chio leh…. 

Sharon : Wah… like that a couple of hundred leh… who give one… 

I had already prepared the story for Sandy. 

Sandy : No la… friend only ….Developer’s son.. 

Lisa : Wah… where you know one… 

That was enough to sow the deceit and fan the flames of rumour

By 3pm, news had spread throughout office that a developer’s son had given Sandy 99 roses. 

Auntie fang told me someone would be coming to propose to Sandy later and I almost burst out laughing. 


Terry burst into office. He looked mad and upset. 

He walked towards our table and I notice he could not tear his eyes away from the roses and wine. He looked like he wanted to talk to Sandy but held back. I tried to keep a straight face but I still found it funny. 


Sandy started to pack up her bags.


Sandy got up and immediately left work on time, skipping her usual schedule of yoga. 

As expected, Terry came looking for her barely minutes after she left. 

Terry : Where is Sandy ? 

James : Oh.. she… answered a call … then took her bag and left… think her friend picking her at the drop off point…..just leave only…. 

Terry : ok thanks.. 

I held back a chuckle and shut down my computer. 

Mr Liew : Tonight no happy hour ah ?? … 

I smiled and gave him a wink. 

James : I’m working tonight…. 

I pulled out a small trolley suitcase from under my desk and rolled out to the lobby. 

Instead of taking my usual route to the train station, I walked in the opposite direction, crossing the road towards the HDB blocks at Everton park. 

I walked towards the ATM where a lady with 99 roses waited. 

Sandy : Why so long… heavy leh… 

James : Got people give you roses still want to complain… 

Sandy : No one gave me so many before mah.. haha… 

I checked the time and looked back at Sandy 

James : Are you ready ? 

She nodded. 

We walked towards the carpark and I unlocked a Mercedes C class I rented for the weekend. 

Yes I kept the receipt. 

Claim from Mr Liew. 

We drove back to Sandy’s rented place in Hougang avenue 7. She rented a flat there on the 3rd floor. It gave her a direct view of the carpark from the kitchen and her bedroom window. Given a choice, she would want to just rent a room but she wanted the privacy, so she splurged a little on the old 3 room flat, spending almost half her pay on it. 

James : Very fast hor… the moment you move out… Terry knows… 

Sandy : He knew the moment I updated my address with HR. 

I laughed and established the loyalty of Sharon and where it lies. 

We went in slow into the carpark, just to be sure. Sandy said Terry’s car is nowhere to be seen and she directed me to park at the very spot he parked over the weekend. 

James : Don’t worry, I doubt he’s here last week… probably just parked his car to rattle your cage. 

We got out and I directed Sandy to leave the roses in the car. 

James : Take off your cardigan …. 

She narrowed her eyes and gave me a look as she folded her arms.

James : Take it off. 

She removed them, revealing a pair of creamy arms, she had on a sleeveless dress that day. Dark grey, with some black trimmings. 

Sandy : Stop looking ok… 

James : free show why not ?? 

She threw the cardigan at me and I caught it. 

Sandy : Now what…

I brought it to my nose for a sniff. 

James : Hmmm… nice.. 

Sandy : JAMES!!! TSkk… sick… 

I laughed as she came over and hit me on my arm. 

I left Sandy’s cardigan in the back seat. 

Using my index finger, I gestured for her heels. 

She made a face with her mouth and took them off. 

Sandy : Don’t you dare smell it James. ! ..

I laughed and I dropped 1 in the back seat and 1 in front. 

I threw a bag of opened tissue and a condom wrapper on the floor. 

James : Let’s go.. 

Heading up to Sandy’s place, I put a pair of men’s shoes outside the gate. 
We entered the flat and closed the door. 

The lights were off but we switched on a small lamp to cast a orange glow throughout the place. 

We ordered Pizza, watched some TV in the living room and chatted. 

I asked her about her relationship with Terry and briefly understood from her his character. The way he thinks. His manner in which he treats the people around him and beneath him. 

Sandy : He has airs, very arrogant…. If he doesn’t think you are on par with him, he looks down on you… 

After we’re done with dinner, we hung around in the kitchen in the dark, drinking a can of beer.


Sandy : He’s here… there… there…. His car…. Turning in… 

I drained the beer and got ready. 

This kind of people don’t give up easily . You would be naïve to think that just a simple trick like this would make it stop. 

It would not but for a start, it would fuck with his mind. 

That’s what we want to do. 

Fucking with his mind and playing with his thoughts is a good start. 

I quickly put on my shoes, grabbed my suitcase and got out of the house. 

I took the stairs up a couple of floors and took up a observing position from an angle.

Terry’s engine remained running and he parked beside my car. His is a newer model, looks better too. It’s a S class after all. 

I knew he would choose to park beside my car. It’s a ego thing. 

As if sizing up your competitor. 

What better way to show off by parking your car beside another one that screams mine cost about twice of yours. Besides, there’s a lesser chance of the car owner being a dick and ramming his car door into yours. 

It would hurt everyone equally. 

I watch him do a double take at my car. 

There was no way you would miss the large bouquet of roses on the passenger seat. 

I even threw a few petals on the dashboard and on the bonnet. 

I watch as Terry peered into my car, no doubt taking in the scene and letting his mind run wild. 

He suddenly turned and looked back up towards Sandy’s place. 

My phone buzzed and vibrated. 

James : Hello…

Sandy : I’m ready… 

James : Ok…he’s heading up… 

As Terry walked towards the flat, I unzipped the trolley case I brought along with me. 

If this was a Hollywood movie or something you would expect perhaps stun grenades and a slick sniper rifle, maybe some bullets arranged in a straight line for visual effect but sorry, this is Singapore. 

You cannot buy a gun off the mama shop around the corner. 

I unclasped the buckle and looked at the stuff I have prepared. 

It’s everything you can get from the mama shop at the corner.


I know what you have in mind as the box opened up. 

A nice grey foam with cut outs of the items I bought and everything neatly tucked inside. 

James box of tricks. 

Don’t be ridiculous. 

It’s just a old trolley that I could do without and could not be traced back to me. 

It looks battered and old but the lock still works well. 

I changed into T-shirt, and pulled off my pants. My boxers are actually casual shorts that day. I had planned for this. 

I slipped on the slippers I brought along in the staircase landing and took out a pair of glasses and a cap. Everything took less than a minute. I took out the toothbrush and toothpaste and stuck it in the outside compartment together with a pair of shaver.

Sandy’s unit is located at the corner of the block, the estate has not been upgraded with lifts for every unit at the moment. The easiest way would be to take the stairs up 3 floors leading directly up to her place. 

There would be where Terry would come up.

There was no need to run down the stairs or do anything drastic. Just play it cool. 

I was already up 2 floors on the 5th, so I just went up one more to the common corridor which led to the lift lobby. 

I pulled on a cap and put on a pair of glasses. I pulled up the handle of the trolley getting ready to roll. It would make a hell lot of noise along the black tar road towards my car. 

I barely made it out of the lift when I got a message from Sandy that Terry was at her door and demanded for her to open up. 

Sandy sms : He’s here already… are you ready ? 

James sms : 10 seconds. 

I exited the lobby and walked towards my car, dragging the trolley loudly. If Terry looked down , he would see the image of someone I pulled my cap low and head towards the driver seat. 

Taking my time to open the boot, I casually glanced up from an angle as I loaded my trunk. I could see Terry staring at me from the 3rd floor. I wonder what was going through his mind when he saw me putting a luggage into my car. 

Is Sandy moving out with me ? Or did I just finish moving in with her ? 

I started the engine. I even revved the engine for a second before I put it into drive, just to irritate him . 

No matter how expensive your car is, if you are not driving it, it still cannot move.

As expected, I saw Terry glaring down at me as he hit the railing with his arm.

Now would be the time Sandy opened the door. 

It was all up to her. 

I told her to act as if she was not affected by Terry’s visit. When she opened her door, she would be dressed only in her singlet without bra and her underwear. Her hair would be a little frazzled and above all, she needed to have that satisfied look on her face. 

James : Don’t be afraid of him… don’t show you are bothered…. Say your boyfriend will be back soon…. Ask him what he wants… act as if you just had the best sex of your life…. 

Initially she was a little apprehensive about being dressed in that way but I told him that level of dressing would leave a lot to his own imagination. Let his own mind fuck with him. Jealousy would drive a man mad. 

Anyway, there was nothing about her he has not seen. 

That comment earned me a little slap on my face albeit a playful one.

I turned out of the estate and made a round to the next, parking at the other carpark and waited. 

I sat still and waited for Sandy’s call. She was to inform me once she got rid of Terry.

It’s been more than 10 minutes, there was still no word from Sandy. I gave her specific instructions not to engage him for too long. Just close the door and ignore him if he loiters around. 

Another 5 minutes passed and still no word from Sandy. I was beginning to get a bit worried when my phone rang. 

Sandy : He’s gone, but he’s waiting at the car park…. He say he wants to see who you are. 

James : Haha.. what did you tell him… 

Sandy : I said you went out to get more condoms… but he did not believe me… he thinks I’m just trying to spite him…

I chuckled and told Sandy to get make sure she can see where he is. 

My plan was simple. 

I would be driving the car back into the carpark, but this time round, I would put up the magnetic sunshade on the windows, it would effectively block Terry’s view of who is in the car to a certain degree. 

It’s already at night, with the slight tint on the glass and the sunshade, there was no way he can see who I am.

Sandy would get ready, once I’m in the carpark, she would get into my car and off we go. 

We can easily lose him on the road but along the way, if he would see us from behind, he will only see Sandy and I kiss each other. I had checked with Sandy if she was comfortable with that and she said it’s just my ploy to get fresh with her. 

Sandy : If really necessary, we’ll do it… 

Well that was what I’m counting on. I won’t pass up a chance to be naughty with Sandy. 

That should be enough for a start to fuck with his mind. Imagine seeing your ex-girlfriend in the car in front of you kissing another man. 

It would not have mattered actually. Especially not if she’s your ex-girlfriend but not for Terry. He’s the one that cannot let go. 

Sandy : Are you turning back in ? 

James : Yup, be there in 5 minutes… get ready. 

As I turned into the estate, I could see Sandy coming out of the staircase and walking towards the drop off point. I had no doubts that Terry would see her. It’s right in front of him. 

He parked his car directly in front of her stack of flats, taking over my old lot. 

There cannot be anything more childish than that coming from a close to 40 year old man. 

Sandy had changed into a tube dress. I did not expect that. 

I was thinking more along the line of “ she told her boyfriend her ex is bothering her, then she just comes down in her sleep clothes, maybe with bra on and get in the car to get away “ 

Something simple at that but no. 

Besides changing into the tube dress, Sandy had put on a pair of heels. They looked nice and sexy on her but it was not practical. 

Even before it happened, my heart started to beat faster. 

I could literally imagine it before the action starts. 

Terry would definitely see my car the moment I stopped at the drop off. He would be on the ready. 

My heart started pounding when I saw him start his engine.

I accounted for the event he came out of the car but I did not think of the possibility of him blocking our way with his car. 

James : Fuck !… 

I could read his mind as I see the headlights come on. 

Sandy probably felt something was wrong and she started running towards me. 

And damm those fucking heels. Hell they looked good but there’s no way she can run in them. 

She struggled to get towards my car and I could already see Terry’s car pull out of the lot. 

Everything was happening at the same time. 

Sandy desperately running towards me. 

The head of Terry’s S class starting to turn. 

It’s ok. His car can block the exit, I can still reverse out. I had all 4 sunshade up on the window, leaving only the front and rear windscreen. 

Then another pair of headlights lit up the entire interior of my car from behind for a moment before it dimmed as the car level out on the slight ramp.

James : FUCK! … 

The passenger door opened at that moment and Sandy literally jumped into the car the moment Terry screeched to a halt in front of mine as I locked all the doors.

Sandy : Shit !… James… How… 

The taxi behind me was alighting some passengers and he too was wedged into the drop off by another car behind him but none of us could move. 

We were all blocked by Terry. 

Terry’s door opened and Sandy panicked. 

Sandy : Shit… shit.. James… how !!.. how !!… 

I needed to block my face. 

He cannot see who I am. 

I turned towards Sandy and I pulled her over to me. 

James : Come over… Block me with your………… 

I wanted to use the kiss we discussed. 

She did agree to a kiss. 

With my cap on, and Sandy’s hair, we might stand a chance long enough for the impatient drivers behind to start honking at Terry to move. Once he did, we’ll be free to go, but no. 

Things don’t go as plan. 

They rarely do. 

I was about to reach for Sandy’s cheek with my hand but she was faster. You see with a cap, I need to turn my head sideways so the brim don’t hit her face but Sandy panicked and she straddled me on the driver seat, her backside and back hitting the honk for a good 2 seconds before she settled down on my lap. 

That honk started the frenzy. 

As Sandy positioned herself to block me from Terry, she kept moving her body, rubbing her butt against my groin causing a massive erection. 

The honk sounded a few more times as Sandy tried to see where Terry was and attempting to block me at the same time.

James : Ooff…. 

Terry was already walking towards us. 

The honks of the cars behind started sounding too.

High beams started flashing. 

It happened so fast that I had no time to react. 

Right when the moment Terry pounded on the glass on the driver side of my car, Sandy grabbed my cap, pulled it off and pressed my face into her breast. 

James : arhfffff… 

I sucked in a deep breath of air filtered by Sandy’s breast. As I found myself pressing harder onto her, I realised she was not wearing any bra. My face was being pressed and bitch drag across Sandy’s full B cleavage.

Her tube top slid down a little more and the angry honks intensified from the cars behind me. 

Terry : COWARD…. You fucking COWARD !! …

I could hear Terry shouting outside my car as he hammered on the windscreen. 

I felt Sandy kiss the top of my hair as she tried to make it seem like we’re making out. As I tried to turn my head to the left to grab the cap Sandy had threw onto the passenger seat. Imagine my head turning anti-clockwise from the 12 o’clock position to 9 o clock position in my attempt to reach the cap but I did not expect Sandy to press her breast onto me again as Terry hammered on the door. 

As I turned, my nose pulled down Sandy’s tube, exposing her right nipple as she gave a yelp. Her retreated a little but within half a second, she realised she would be exposing my face, she slammed her breast back into my face and I could feel her cradling my head as her nipple literally squeezed into my nostril. 

James : arffmhmmm… 

I tried to move but my face was being breast fucked by Sandy’s right breast. 

I opened my mouth to tell her to ease up a little and it was another stupid mistake. 

Her nipple brushed right across my open mouth and scratched across my wet open tongue, coating itself with my saliva.

Sandy : AHH!!… 

I could hear more shouting and I assumed the taxi driver was the one shouting the vulgarities in Hokkien. He was also hitting on my car door but mostly he was cursing at Terry.

Terry shouted back at them before returning to his car angrily. 

I pulled back for a much needed gasp of air and quickly gestured for Sandy to get off me. 

Sandy struggled to get off, her leg dragging across my erection as she tried to cover her breast and pull up her tube. 

James : Quick.. quick… 

Sandy got off and adjusted her tube while putting the cap on me at the same time Terry reversed his car clear of the drop off. I immediately put the car into drive and pulled out. 

Terry wanted to follow us but was blocked by the rest of the angry cars behind me honking angrily. 

Even as I drove passed the cars that saved us, I could see them pointing the middle finger at us. 

I stepped on the accelerator and made several turns within the neighbourhood before stopping at a quiet spot in Defu industrial estate. 

I switched off the engine while Sandy and I panted in the car without a word. 

Sandy’s hands were plastered on her chest , the same position she kept after she pulled up her tube dress. 

Mine remained on the steering wheel. 

20 seconds past and we did not speak. 

My erection was still throbbing under my pants. 

We turned to look at each other for a moment before we burst out laughing. We laughed and laughed till we had to hug our stomachs and wiped away our tears. 

It was coming to 10pm. 

Sandy’s phone was ringing and I could see Terry’s name on the phone.

She answered it and put him on speaker. 

Terry : Why ? your boyfriend no balls is it… he no balls ah…. Har ?? 

Terry taunted and cursed over the phone. 

Terry : Har ? He’s a fucking coward I tell you… why ? don’t care to talk man to man is it…. Fucking hiding inside his car….. he no balls I tell you….. he got no fucking balls… 

Sandy kept quiet as Terry went on with his tirade. 

Terry : Are you enjoying yourself with him ? har ? you like to fuck a man with no balls is it… ? 

Sandy hung up on him. 

I was about to tell her we can call it a night but Sandy got out of her seat and straddled me once again. This time round she made me move the seat back a little to give her more space. 

James : What you doing…. Sandy… hey.. 

I watched in horror as Sandy pulled up her dress, revealing a pair of cream white g-string. 

Her hand fiddled with the phone. 

James : Wait.. wait.. what you doing…. ?? 

Sandy : I want to send him a picture of this… 

James : Sandy wait… wait.. there’s no need for this… 

She pulled down my pants and positioned her cream gstring clad vagina beside my erected dick as she tried to take a picture.

Pushing herself up on the passenger seat, she tried to get back to the straddling position and I tried to move my fucking erected dick away so as not to impale her vagina. 

I could feel precum seeping out from my dick. All the stretching caused her g-string to moved out of place a little. 

She rejected Terry’s call the same time she tried to right herself up again to take the photo.

Her leg pressed painfully on my left pelvis and I yelped and lifted her a little but in that attempt I slipped down further. 

Everything happened so fast. 

There was nothing I could do. 

Sandy’s tried to go for another shot but the phone rang again, my dick was right under her love hole. It’s ok, the most brush across and rub against it painfully. 

She’s dry, won’t just slip inside like the movies. 

I’m honestly more irritated with her than aroused despite my erection. 

Suddenly Sandy shouted with a yelp and she dropped her phone. I felt the full weight of her sit down without warning onto my waiting dick and I shouted in pain too. 

I could feel myself pushing painfully against the dry slit of her pussy. I kept trying to work my way out of the position, but I ended up rubbing against Sandy’s slit and g0string.

Our car lit up and I could see a police car parked behind us with the flashing lights. 

Sandy : Shit.. shit..

James : Stop moving… stop moving… 

Sandy’s phone rang angrily. 

Her hands went to my shoulder for support before holding onto the seat behind me to lift her body up. I suddenly realised the fan speed for the aircon was blasting too. We must have accidentally hit it while moving around. 

I saw Sandy’s body shivered and her nose twitched before her eyes blinked. 

Her entire body shook as she gave a small sneeze. The sneeze somehow aligned the position of my dick and her vagina and I felt my dick head pushed in a little into her vagina. 

Sandy’s eyes opened wide in shock as she stared helplessly at me. 

She tried to push herself up but it happened again. 

Another sneeze. 

Her body shook, I could feel her vagina squeeze on my dick as her muscles contracted around my mushroom head. 

Sandy tried to speak but could not manage a word. 

It’s not as dry as I thought. 

I could feel the warmth slowly creeping up on my dick. 

Shit.. it’s happening and I saw Sandy braced her body for another sneeze. 

The last was the hardest and as her body shook, her eyes closed, her hands gripped down painfully on my shoulder as she fucked herself down onto my erection. 

Sandy’s mouth gasped open as we stared at each other in shock. 

Neither of us moved as I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

That tight warmth and the comforting weight of her slender frame felt out of this world. 

Her phone rang angrily again as the officers blast their siren once before I saw their car door open. 

I tried to calm down and Sandy tried to fight off another sneeze. 

James : Get up… before we both get arrested. …. 

Sandy pulled herself up and I felt that heavenly drag of her wet tight pussy against my hungry dick. 

I immediately put up a hand to indicate I’m sorry and we’re moving off as we put the car in drive. 

I pulled out of the industrial with my pants down. 

Before we exited onto the main road, I pulled up my shorts and looked at Sandy. 

She had her head turned away towards the passenger seat window. 

James : ermm… it’s not my fault ah… it’s… 

Sandy : Shut up James… I don’t want to hear it.… 

I parked at another carpark before I changed back into my work clothes. Walking back to Sandy’s estate, I made sure Terry was no longer loitering around before I gave her the green light to go back home. 

It was coming to 11pm by the time we were at her front door. 

As she unlocked her gate, she paused. 

Sandy : Don’t you dare tell anyone what happened… 

James : Nothing happened Sandy… nothing happened…. 

She went in and turned around to look at me.

She looked away for a moment before focusing back on me. 

Sandy : So… we going ahead with the rest of the plans ? 

I smiled and nodded. 

James : Why not ? 


I could still feel my erection stirring after I got into the car. 

It was near impossible to shake off the feeling when Sandy slowly impaled herself with my dick. It was not a smooth and seamless entry but the very notion of it being so unplanned and half baked turned me on in some weird way. 

Every sneeze, that concentration of energy as she fought against gravity and the inevitable descend on my waiting dick gave me a mental jolt every time I thought about it. It’s like that sudden shiver you get when you release a good shot of orgasm. 

It was a 15 minutes’ drive back to my place at Serangoon and had no choice but to seek a release in the shower as I thought about Sandy. 

My mind felt a lot clearer after the shower and I sat down to think things through a little. 

First thoughts went to Belinda. 

What the fuck is she doing with someone like that ? 

Is Terry a totally different man in front of her ? 

And does she know about his infatuation with ex girlfriend ? 

I meant, it’s not like it’s any of my business, Belinda and I are history, it’s all pending some paper work to sort things out. 

I don’t hate her for anything but end of the day, she is still considered my friend and ex wife. It just did not seem right for her to get hurt by this jerk. 

She was someone I loved once. 

Even though we are no longer together, the thought of her with a jerk like Terry stirred up some emotions.

Sorting out my desk I looked through the locations I’m heading for the weekend with Sandy. 

Yes, you can say it’s a date of sort since we will be spending the weekend together. 

It will not be just fun and games

Everything would be designed to fuck with Terry’s mind. 

11th June 2011



I made plans with Sandy to meet at the interchange and I’ll pick her up from there. We have a long day ahead of us and I want to avoid bumping into Terry in case something unexpected happens.

I helped Sandy with her large suitcase and loaded it into the boot. 

Sandy : Morning… 

James : Morning…. 

I was surprised when Sandy took out a thermos flask and passed it to me. 

Sandy : Nah… coffee… and got bread… 

She chugged a sandwich my way too and I gave her raised eyebrow look. 

James : You know… we never really….. finished… so no need to make breakfast la… hahah

I felt a hard push on my left cheek as my head was forcibly pushed towards the driver side window. 

Sandy : Shut up James… 

I drove on as Sandy tied up her hair, exposing her smooth armpits from under her white singlet. She wore a white bikini with black trimmings and the long strings of her bikini went around the back of her neck halter style in alternating colours. 

She put on her shades and crossed her legs as she helped me open up the thermos flask at a traffic stop while I took a sip of coffee. Anyone looking in from the outside would probably think we’re husband and wife, or maybe in a relationship. 

I wouldn’t mind. Sandy has a nice body, she’s spontaneous, pretty independent but still has that streak of weakness than men would fall for thinking she needed them to protect her. End of her day, it was still her looks and her figure that appealed to me the most. 

Come to think of it, she’s pretty similar in built to Belinda too. 

I wonder if that was the reason I found her attractive. 

We got to Sentosa within 30 minutes and I parked at the carpark of one of the luxurious resort. No we’re not having a staycation or anything. 

It was all a show. 


It’s so easy to tell a lie these days . 

All you need is to upload a photo.

Using Sandy’s phone, I took a few shots of her at the resort entrance. We walked into the café and ordered 2 drinks and I took a shot of her from across the table, making sure I caught the car key fob and the 2 drinks in the frame. Sandy sat upright, her head slightly angled away as she cast the camera an alluring smile. 

Her legs were crossed, showing plenty of her long smooth hairless leg as she smoothed out the short denim shorts she was wearing. She even adjusted her bikini strings to look like a stray strand had accidentally came into the picture. 

Another shot of her biting the temples of her ray ban shades with a slight smile completed that scene. 

She knows what she’s doing. No wonder Terry fell for her. 

We went to the beach for the bikini shots. There was even a video of me removing her straps as she laid down on the mat and applying the sunblock for her. 

It was a shot 8 second video but it several attempt to do it because we keep laughing. 

My erection never left me during that period. 

Imagine time and again, asking you to remove and tie her bikini strap and making you take a video of it. 

How would you control and hold back your emotions and feelings ? 

There was the usual shots of both our feet by the sand, the horizon. Even a few of Sandy walking in the water in her bikini as her shades dangled off her fingers. 

As I scrolled through the photos at sentosa, I cannot begin to imagine what a jealous ex would think when he looks at them. 

We did 3 change of bikinis, and clothes for Sandy at different location in Sentosa. The idea was to build up enough photos to post it on a regularly basis to drive home the message that Sandy has moved on. 

We left Sentosa at noon and went to the cinema at Vivocity. 

We did not bother with the tickets but we just took photos of the popcorn and drinks we bought as a snack. 

I snapped photos of Sandy browsing books and magazines. 

I took some of her in the supermarket after she changed a new set of clothes. 

We reached 6th avenue by 3pm and we were both a little drained. We ordered a beer and took stock of the photos we had taken that day. Sandy went through at least a trunk worth of clothes. 

After we drained the beer we took a short walk to one of my previous project I did with Mr Liew. A sweet and homely house located within the private estate. 

It was still vacant after a year as the owner mainly stays in Indonesia and the only person there is the caretaker. I had called earlier to inform the caretaker that I would like to drop by to take some quick photos for other project references and he agreed right away. 

After all it was I who made it possible for him to have his own bathroom within his small living quarters tucked in the corner of the large house. The owner was a little apprehensive about spending the money for the caretaker’s private room but I convinced him that it would not make a dent on his budget. 

Not when he spent 20k on a ugly chandelier. 

Not only did I paint the caretaker’s room in her favourite colour, I gave her bathroom fittings that cost more than the ones I used at home including a Hans grohe rain shower. 

Caretaker Suthi : Aiyoh… this 1 is it expensive ?? 

James : Free one… free one… supplier sample… he don’t need it back… I stay HDB also not enough water pressure to use…. Give you la… 

I rang the bell and Suthi waved us in as she unlocked the gate from the living room. 

James : Auntie Suthi… how are you ?? 

We spoke a little before I told her we just need some photos and we’ll be off in 30 minutes. 

After she walked away, I got sandy to post around the house. 

One of her drinking a glass of water by the small pool as she looked at the camera.

After changing into her jogging gear she held the hose and pretended to water the plants in the yard. 

One more change of clothes with her wearing only my work shirt as she leaned against the kitchen cabinet eating an apple with a shy smile. 

That should do it. 

Sandy and I grabbed a strong cup of coffee after that and we pressed on. 

Botanic gardens. Holland Village. Dinner at Dempsey. 

All staged. 

I sent her back to a neighbouring carpark from her estate and did the same walk with her back to her place. 

Terry was nowhere to be seen despite close to 10 miss calls on Sandy’s phone and twice as many insult messages about her boyfriend. 


I waited for Sandy to unlock as I kept a constant look about the estate. You can never be too careful. 

Sandy : James… 

I turned and look at her. 

James : Yah ? 

She hesitated for a moment before adding. 

Sandy : Thank you for everything… I enjoyed my day… 

She hesitated for another moment before I spoiled the moment. 

James : So…. Are you going to sleep with me ?? 

Sandy rolled her eyes with a loud “TSK! “ 

Sandy : Bye James… see you tomorrow… 

She closed the door on me, not a slam, but a gentle thud. 

Walking back to the car, I looked at the backseat, it was littered with Sandy’s clothes, her bikini, her gym and yoga gear, her shoes, socks. You name it. 


A smile broke out on my face as I head back to my place. 

I share spare you the details of what I did with them. 

I received a message from Belinda just when I was about to fall asleep that night. She told me that her cousin requested that we continue renting him the flat till end of the year. He would be turning 35 then and he would like to buy it over from us. 

I told Belinda I’m fine with that and she says she’ll keep me up to date about the paperwork. 

12th June 2011


7 am 

I picked Sandy up at the same spot by the interchange and she had prepared breakfast for me as well. Some cut fruits and bread and coffee. 

We went to the market opposite bukit timah plaza. Took more photos of her buying groceries and having her meal. 

There was even a series of her picking out fish and vegetables as if she was going to cook a meal for her boyfriend.

After that we went to a horse riding club and got her all geared up. 

Sandy paid for the session and I got a few good photos of her on the horse with a sweet smile looking all radiant happy. 

The tai tai life. 

That was it. We parted ways by mid noon and I went ahead to return the car. 

The rest of the photos she can manage on her own. The pedicure, the spas, there’s no need for me to be there. 

My instructions to her were clear. 

James : Now you need to work out a schedule and timing when you put these up on your social media. …. Spread them out…. Less on weekdays… a couple more on weekends. 

Sandy nodded and said she knows what to do. 

Sandy : Will it work ? 

James : End of the day, it’s still up to him to believe what he wants to believe. He will draw his own conclusion but given his infatuation with you… it will surely fuck with his head… 

Telling blatant lies online and on social media.

Isn’t this what everyone is doing these days ? 

Just the other day Mr Liew send me some motivational quote about no matter how rich we are, how much we have achieve and so on, in the end our grave is the same size, so stay humble.

I sent him a picture of a pyramid with the message “ explain this “ 

He sent me a picture of his middle finger. 

It’s funny what people would readily believe base on a couple of pictures these days.

We see a picture of a nice resort, a location checked in. Instantly we would think our friend is having such a good time at a exotic location. From food, to holidays, to a good night out, everyone is more concerned about uploading the photos onto their account, sharing the night with friends who they hardly see and meet. 

The irony of social media. 

It’s a good stalking tool though, hell I don’t think you can even call it stalking. 

It’s insulting to use that term. 

Once Stalkers had to climb walls, peep through window, practise quiet footsteps and maybe invest in a good pair of shoes. All this just to steal a few glances at the woman you love but not today. 

People would volunteer all the information readily on their profile. 

There is no need to even stalk these days.

We shared a cab back to Hougang and enroute, Sandy asked why am I helping her ? 

James : Because I like you mah… 

She smacked me on my thigh and jabbed me in my stomach. 

Sandy : Don’t joke la.. 

I laughed. 

That’s a good question. 

Why did I offer to help her ? 

Would I have done the same thing is Sandy is not pretty with a good figure ? 

Probably not. 

I’m being honest here. There’s nothing worst then trying to be a gentlemen when you are not. 

And I’m not one. 

I do harbour thoughts of sleeping with her but end of the day, it’s for the team. 

Sandy has been there a while. She knows things. Information that would take Mr Liew and I a long time to discover and find out on our own. Even if we are proactive in seeking the information, they may not present themselves willingly too. 

James : We’re… a team… aren’t we ? … we should all be able to work and focus properly without worrying about other stuff… in your case it’s Terry… 

Sandy nodded quietly but she still raised an eyebrow at me. 

Sandy : That’s all ? 

James : And of course I wanted to sleep with….

I did not even get to finish the sentence and was smacked on my head by her. 

I alighted first after making sure Sandy could handle the luggage of clothes. 

James : I’ll see you at work tomorrow ya. 

Sandy nodded and gave me a thumbs up. 

That very evening, I checked my facebook account. 

Yes I had one despite my objections of sharing private information online. I don’t share much. It’s just a photo of me and mostly cat videos. 

I could see that the sentosa hotel photos created quite a buzz on Sandy’s account. Even Sharon and Lisa were talking about it at the comments tab. 

13th June 2011


10 am 

Mr Liew called me for a quick meeting and he ran through with me the stuff he had lined up for the team. 

Mr Liew : Ok.. nothing big but just enough to keep things afloat. 

He got a job for a refurbishment of a old Semi D and a small café. 

Mr Liew : You know the drill…. This 2 sure get one…. I know the owner… 

Moving on her lowered his voice a notch and told me he’s gunning for a bigger one. 

Mr Liew : This will keep the team afloat for a couple of years at least… 

He showed me the drawings of the site. 

The owner owns all 3 units here, he has permission to tear down and do a 5 storey apartment with 28 units. 

I nodded as I took in the information. 

Mr Liew : This one… I think 80% ours…design and build job…. The contractor and I very gum one… 

He rattled off a list of things for me to do and I got right to it. 

I passed by Sandy at the reception and I could see Sharon grilling her with questions where did she go over the weekend. 

She shot me a wink without anyone seeing and I smiled on my way back to my desk. 

It was then I noticed Hakim’s seat was empty. 

I know he would be late usually but that day was a little too much. 

It was coming to 11am. 

Right when I was about to give him a call, Belinda came over. The moment she saw that is desk was empty, she went ape shit. 

She didn’t really cursed but she put him down. Really down. As if that was not enough , she directed her anger at me. 

Belinda : What is your team thinking James ?? I don’t understand why you are keeping him !… He’s so irresponsible !… cannot even turn up for work on time.. 

I kept quiet as she threw her tantrum before walking away. 

I went back to my seat and was about to reach for my phone again when Sandy came over. She slid her chair over to me. 

Sandy : James… I need to tell you something . 

James : Yah ?? 

Right then, I saw Hakim running into the office. It was coming to 11.30am. 

Sandy suddenly stopped and said another time. She better get back to work. 

That week was pretty bad. 

Hakim reached work well past 11 and left on time at 6pm. 

Mr Liew spoke with HR and even called a meeting with the big boss but there was no conclusion. 

Mr Liew and i even sat down with Hakim, asking if everything is ok and what was going on ? 

Hakim : Sorry…. Sorry… nothing la…. Sorry ah…. Very tired… cannot wake up… sorry… won’t happen again. 

He did look quite tired everyday. 

Hakim is only 3 years older than me yet he looked drained and haggard, in fact he would pass for a 40 year old. 

This went on for about 3 weeks until 1 day Hakim totally did not turn up for work and he did not call in sick. 

Mr Liew reached his limit and demanded that Hakim be asked to leave and he get a replacement. 

Mr Liew : How to work like this…. Everything all bottle necked … 

All is not doom and gloom though. 

Terry still tried to irritate Sandy but as the act of her being attached to a wealthy developer son spread, it was evident he toned down by quite a bit. 

Drastic enough for everyone to notice. 

I overheard Sharon gossiping about it too. Apparently the story has developed to the point that the developer is considering working with us on Sandy’s sake.

30th June 2011



I massaged my forehead and sighed as I look at Hakim quietly packing up his stuff, getting ready to leave work and it’s not even 6pm. 

This was it. I need to give him a piece of my mind. 

As Hakim got up to head to the bathroom, I thought it was a good opportunity to talk to him alone but I was stopped by Sandy. 

Sandy : James… I need to talk to you… 

James : 1 minute…. I need to talk to Hakim… 

I was about to walk away but Sandy pulled my hand and held me back. 

Sandy : Yes… it is about Hakim…. 

I dragged my chair over to her and Sandy spent the next 20 minutes telling me what was wrong with Hakim. 

My eyes widened in shock. 

I covered my mouth in despair and I even shook my head in disbelief as Sandy slowly revealed the problems troubling Hakim. 

Sandy : He was not like this…. Hakim use to be like you… driven…. Confident…. Full or energy… but now… 

I sat back into my chair as I watch Hakim quietly took his bag and slipped out of the office. 

Sandy : Can you help James ? …. Is there anything you can do ??

I exhaled and looked up into the office ceiling. 

Sandy grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me to face her once more. 

Sandy : I appreciate the help you gave me James… it made a difference… I hope you can do it for Hakim too… He is a valuable staff… he can do things one…. You want this team to succeed…. You need him… 

I thought about it for a second before nodding my head. 

Sandy snapped her fingers and said whatever I had planned, count her in. 

Sandy : Count me in…. I’ll do it… for the team …. 

I went over to Mr Liew and spent the next 30 minutes telling him about what Sandy told me. 

He listened without a word and at the end of the meeting he nodded his head. 

Mr Liew : Go fix it… we need Hakim… give me the receipt… 

I nodded and left the meeting room at 7.30pm, the same time Sandy walked into the office in her yoga gear. She saw me come out of the room with Mr Liew and she gave me a questioning look.

I gave her a thumbs up and she did a little victory punch in the air. 

This is going to be tricky….. 

I sat back in my chair and my eyes closed…. 

I need time to think. 

James : Sandy… 

Sandy : Yes ? ….

James : Do i look like a loanshark to you ?? 

She laughed as she checked me up from top to toe. 

Sandy : Well…. clothes make the man ? 


Sandy : How will looking like a loan shark help ? 

I shrugged my shoulders 

James : I don’t know…. Maybe we can have the scare factor on our side ? it would create an impact ? 

Hakim was being plagued by 2 issue. One is money, the thing is he was not really in debt. If he was, he could slowly pay them off. He’s drawing a mid 3k salary, he’s also single and staying with his mother. Technically they should be pretty comfortable since their 3 room flat was left to them by his dad who passed away. 

The financial problem came partly from Hakim’s younger brother who borrowed heavily. He was in and out of prison for a while for drug related crimes. The period when he’s out had been especially taxing on Hakim. Not only did he need to take care of his old and sick mother, he also need to make sure his younger brother Farid did not do anything stupid to their mother. 

Thankfully there was no debt collectors knocking on their door with exception of Farid. 

Yes, he was the one hounding the family for money.

According to Sandy, Hakim once shared with her that Farid had stolen from his mother before, leaving her without a single cent for food the entire day till he gets back from work around 10pm. 

She could not remember Hakim’s phone number to call him and aside from malay, she could not speak a word of English to ask for help. His neighbours too are working adults, only returning home late at night, in the end, he found his mum crouching on the kitchen floor after getting home. 

She was too hungry after starving the whole day but she still went ahead to take her medication. 

My heart literally broke upon hearing that. 

How can anyone do that to their mother ? 

Sandy : Seriously James… I don’t think you look scary enough to be a loan shark…. Besides… nothing scares a drug addict when he’s high…. Not even the police…. Have you seen an addict before ?? 

James : Have you ? 

Sandy : Yes… my uncle… 

She turned away after that, a clear sign that she did not wish to continue that conversation. 

In terms of finances, Hakim told Sandy that he was paying a lot for his mother’s medication but when queried about exactly what his mum was suffering from, he could not put a finger to it, just kept saying old people illness. 

He spent up to a thousand a month on medications and supplements alone for his mother. 

That’s a cool 35% of his pay.

James : Sandy… you doing anything tonight ? 

She narrowed her eyes at me before giving me a sideway glance. 

Sandy : I’m….. meeting my boyfriend….and staying over at his place ?…according to my….. facebook posting schedule……haha… 

We laughed at the same time. 

She shook her head and said she had no plans. 

Sandy : You…. Asking me out ? … 

James : Yeah… 

I shut down my computer and got up.. 

James : Let’s go to Hakim’s house… 

Sandy did a search through her admin files for some old forms Hakim filled and copied the address down. 

We took a train to Tanah Merah before changing to a bus to Bedok South. 

It was close to 9pm by the time we sat down for dinner but we were not in a hurry. 

Hakim did not know we were going over. I wanted to see things as it is. Not when he knows guest are arriving. 


Sandy and I headed up to Hakim’s place and his front door was open. 

I could see a old lady sitting on the small sofa watching TV while Hakim was hanging up some laundry at the back of the kitchen. 

It’s a typical 3 room flat, there were not much furniture but the place is kept neat and tidy. 

A large intricate carpet laid in the middle of the living room and I could see the old ceiling fan turning lazily on the ceiling. 

Sandy waved to the old lady who saw us and in turn called out in Malay to Hakim. 

Hakim came out of the kitchen and he was surprised to see Sandy and I at his place. 

Hakim : Eh !… what happened ?? What are you all doing here ? 

He seemed really shock and surprised but thankfully there wasn’t a hostile tone in his voice. He unlocked the gate and invited us into his house. 

Hakim and his mother served us drinks. 

Hakim : Help yourself to the drinks…. Want snacks or not ?? 

James : No need… no need… 

Hakim : Sandy …? Need anything ?? 

Sandy : It’s ok… no need… ermm.. can I borrow your power point for a while… charge my phone… 

Hakim : Go ahead.. 

His mother very kindly said to him that she would excuse herself and let us talk. 

He translated that to us with a laugh and as much as I wanted to thank her, my command of the malay language is limited to military use only. 

Yah. As in marching. 

I told Hakim honestly why we were there and that Mr Liew wanted us to help him solve his problems so he can concentrate on his work. 

For a good 30 minutes, Hakim briefly ran through with us his mum’s condition and he showed us the medications she was taking. 

A lot are health supplements and another half as traditional medication without any labels. 

James : Are you sure she’s sick ? 

Hakim : Have to be right… it’s been like this for almost 2 years… 

James : Did you go to the doctor ? 

Hakim revealed that his mother refused to head to a private GP clinic as she complained that it will be expensive. She has never stepped into one before in her 73 years. 

James : What about polyclinic ? At least find out what is wrong with her… 

Hakim : There’s no one to bring her… I want to but all my leave is used up… I even advanced my leave for the following year…. There is the super long wait at the clinics… then they will refer here, refer there…. It’s never ending… 

James : But you cannot be spending so much on medication you don’t know about either… 

We descended into a moment of silence when it was suddenly shattered. 

It was shattered by some loud commotion at the gate. 

Another man I assumed to be Hakim’s brother appeared at the gate. 

He spoke quickly in Malay to Hakim before he started shouting at us. 

Farid : Who the FUCK are you !!! HAR ?……… what you doing in my house ?!! Come and find money is it ??!! I don’t have la !! 

He walked in aggressively towards me and Sandy and we immediately stood up. 

Farid : I HAVE my LIFE…. You want or not. .!! you want or not ?? TAKE LA… Fucking CHeebye… puki.. @#$@#$@%@

I could not make out the series of curses that followed but Hakim was pushing his brother back as he told him we were his colleagues. 

Hakim : Keep your voice down !… Ma is resting !… 

Farid : Resting … everytime I come back for money she’s resting !… everything she give you… .. you think I don’t know she gives you money ?? 

As he went on, I could tell he was starting to get incoherent in his speech. He reeks of alcohol and stale cigarette smoke. 

He spoke in bits of Malay to Hakim before turning to glare at me and Sandy. 

Sandy had retreated behind me subconsciously and I could feel her holding onto my shirt from behind. 

Then without warning Farid cast a look at Sandy who was still in her hip hugging tights and her yoga top. It was still pretty translucent but as a mark of respect since we’re coming as guest, Sandy had pulled another singlet over her neon sports bra in her attempt to cover up a little. 

It’s not much but it’s all she had. 

Farid’s eyes cast a errie stare before he shouted something in Malay and he suddenly made a grab for Sandy . 

Sandy : !!! AHAHHHHH… It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react. 

He caught old of Sandy’s left wrist and tried to pull her towards himself, cursing in a mish mash of dialect and malay.

Hakim shouted at his brother and with five fingers spread out, he delivered a hard shove that drove him back a few steps towards the entrance of the house. 

That really brought up the flames Farid as he attempted to lunge towards Sandy and me but was blocked by his brother.

By this time the Hakim’s mum came out of the room and she was trying to calm the brothers down. 

I quickly held onto Sandy’s arm and pulled her back by my side. 

James : We better leave.. things don’t look too good.. 

I told Hakim we better make a move first but we were stopped by Farid. 

Farid : Where you going?? NB CB…. Fucking CB … you chee bye…ah…har… Knn…. Scare ah ?? har ? you scare ah.???? Bo Jee si bo ??? 

I really don’t know what his problem was, he just kept cursing at Sandy and me. 

It took about 3 minutes for Farid to calm down as his mother poured him a glass of ice water and pulled him outside with the help of Hakim. 

All 3 of them were talking by the common corridor. 

Sandy and I took the opportunity to quickly grab our stuff and go.

Hakim gave us a nod of his head towards the lift lobby as we stepped out of the door, eager to get away from his mad brother. 

Sandy : EH wait… my phone… 

Just then Sandy dashed back into the house to grab her charging cable and phone, suddenly Farid lost it again. 

There was some pushing and commotion but before anyone could react, Farid pushed everyone aside and dashed into the house after Sandy. 

He turned and slammed the grille gate shut, throwing the old bolt into the lock and shutting everyone out. 

The shouting immediately began and Hakim raised his voice significantly at his brother in a threatening manner asking him to open the door. 

Their mother tried to speak too but after a while she just started to cry. 

James : Open the door !!!… open the fucking gate now !! 

Hakim : FARID!!! .. open up !! 

Sandy’s eyes were wide open as Farid reached for her. She screamed and pushed Farid but he was much stronger than her. 

James : FUCK !!! OPEN UP!!… 

I kicked on the gate several times and by then the neighbour had came out of his flat with his phone in hand, ready to call the cops, what shocked me most was the brother’s mum quickly ran over to the neighbour, pulling and getting onto her knees, begging him not to do it. She even grabbed onto his phone.

James : Open this fucking gate now or I’m calling the police ! 

I frantically reached for my phone as I watch helplessly as Farid wrestled Sandy to the carpet. 

Sandy : NO!!.. please.. no!.. stop!!.. stop!!

Hakim desperately tried to reach out to Farid but there was no way to communicate with him. 

He seemed like he was possessed. 

Farid : Fucking BITCH…. You… chee bye… fuck.. fuck… KNN… come my place for fuck !

He looked like his mind had been blended in a juicer as he tried to press Sandy to the carpet after wrestling her down. 

Sandy tried to push Farid off but it was futile effort. I could see Farid’s right knee speading Sandy’s left leg across the carpet as she sobbed and looked helplessly at us. 

I started dialing for the cops but Hakim held my hand and pleaded for me not to do it. 

Hakim : Please James… !… I can talk to him… trust me,… I can talk to him …. 

I shrugged him away as Sandy screamed and cried as Farid had by some serious tugging and pulling , tore and removed her loose yoga top, leaving her with only her singlet and her orange neon sports bra. 

Hakim : FARID !! STOP!!! … 

The amount of commotion is deafening. 

The old auntie begging the neighbour. 

Hakim holding onto my hand and shouting at his brother at the same time. 

Sandy crying and pleading for me to help her. 

Not to forget Farid’s random cursing as he tried to rape Sandy. 

He pressed down onto Sandy’s hands and even though he was in his old dirty jeans, he started to dry hump Sandy on the floor through her yoga tights. 

Sandy : NO!!!.. NO!!>> PLEASE!!… 

She struggled and pushed while she fought for air around Farid’s stinky breath as her legs desperately tried to close up but was kept apart by Farid. I cannot image the feelings that was going through her mind as Farid continued to press down on her, rubbing his crotch against her privates. 

I tried to dial the cops again the same time I let loose a slew of vulgarities at Farid. 

James : You come out !!… NB chee bye… lai la…KNN… don’t hide behind the door like a pussy… !! 

Hakim held my hand back again, cancelling my dial as he shouted again at Farid to stop. 

Sandy’s white singlet has been pulled up, revealing her tone tummy. I could her trying to push herself off the floor and get away from Farid. Her muscles in the mid section flexed aggressively, I could literally see the contractions and squeeze of her toned packs. 

Perspiration beads caught the dim white light from the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling.

Her arms too glisten with sweat as she tried to fight off Farid. 

Thud thud.. thud… 

3 loud thuds followed and the shouting got louder. 

Farid : Why is it always so hard to get money from you people !!.. har ? money only what ?? Big deal is it ?? KNN… @#$@%@

Farid in his blind rage had grabbed and hit Sandy’s head 3 times against the carpet. It was pretty hard and thankfully there was the thick carpet there to provide a bit of cushioning. 

The hit took out most of the fight in Sandy as I could see the struggling dying down. She seemed a little disorientated as Farid press his face down onto her breast and started sniffing and biting on the fabric of her sports bra. 

Hakim shouted in Malay to Farid and his big hands tugged at the gate but his brother would not listen. 

As if to show a direct act of defiance, Farid started taking off his clothes, revealing a half completed tattoo on his shoulder blade. 

He started to take off his pants too , throwing them to the sofa his mum was resting on moments earlier. 

Farid’s right hand slid right under Sandy’s sports bra and he squeezed roughly onto her breast. He even pulled her bra and flipped it upwards, exposing half of Sandy’s tits. 

Without wasting anytime, Farid spread Sandy’s legs and pressed his face directly onto Sandy’s privates which had no doubt by then been soak with her sweat in her attempt to fight Farid off. 

Hakim : FARID!!! STOP!!! 

I shook myself free from Hakim and was about to dial the cops again but was stopped by Hakim’s mother this time round

She had the neighbour’s phone in her hand too as endless streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks. 

Barely a few minutes past and it felt so long. 

I had the impulse to push and pull myself free but was thankfully stopped by my fear of hurting a elderly woman in her seventies. As if that was not enough, she dropped down onto her knees and begged me not to call the police. 

I could feel my face flush red with blood as panic coursed through my veins. 

“Tolong… Tolong @#$@#$@…. mix with a smattering of malay pleas I don’t understand kept coming from the brother’s mum while I star helplessly at Sandy’s exposed nipples which was being licked and sucked by Farid. 

Sandy groaned and sobbed as she hit Farid weakly in her attempt to push him off. She even grabbed Farid’s hair, pulling them back but it only made him more angry. 

Her blows had no effect as Farid pulled and removed the singlet which dangled off her left arm and tried to tie her hands together. 

Sandy fought with her life and everything she had as tears and mucus streaked her face. Her legs trashed and kicked while her elbow swung wildly. 

Farid grabbed onto Sandy from behind and his right arm clamped down like a hard vise onto Sandy’s breast, depressing them towards himself as he squeezed and pulled Sandy’s nipples, causing her to scream out and thrash around in pain. 

His legs closed in like a crab’s pincer onto Sandy’s legs before locking them and spreading them apart the same time his left hand went down to stroke Sandy through her tights. 

Sandy’s arms initially tried desperately to free herself from Farid’s grip as he lick disgustingly at her ears and her sweaty neck but she stopped fighting after a while. 

Her hands went loose and she allowed Farid to do what he wants admist all the shouts and threats we were throwing at him. 

Farid’s left hand went down for the elastic waistband of Sandy’s tights. 

She did not fight him, allowing him to pull down and expose a good portion of her butt and thighs. With a combination of pulling and tugging, Farid, lowered Sandy’s tights and using his legs, start to kick them off, bunching up the piece of stretched clothing around Sandy’s knees. 

I could see Sandy’s panty, a pastel blue soaked with her sweat being pulled out of place and getting into a wedgie. 

Farid got up and put Sandy onto her fours as he held onto her neck in a vise like grip.

She did not fight him. 

He started to take off his boxers as he pressed his face onto Sandy’s lower back, smelling and licking up her sweat. 

Sandy let him did as he wished too even though streaks of tears soaked the carpet beneath her. 

Sensing the fight gone in Sandy, Farid let go of his grip on Sandy’s neck and tried to pull down her panty but that was the moment Sandy was waiting for. 

Sandy suddenly lunged forward towards the gate. 

I did not know what was going through her mind but everything happened so fast. 

I saw her hands reached out and I heard the jingle of keys the same time Farid shouted and grabbed her body pulling her back towards him. 

Sandy’s eyes and mind met and for that moment, time stood still. 

The noises were shut out. 

I saw Sandy’s right hand swung up in her attempt to throw the keys to us but her wrist was hit at the last minute by Farid. 

The keys left her hand, flying lazily through the air as if the earth’s gravity had been cut by half. 

It flew. 

It flew alright. 

And within that split second, for someone who hardly goes to the temple to pray, I begged. 

I begged and prayed to whoever is listening….. 

I prayed that the keys land within my reach as I watch Farid pull out Sandy’s panty.


Optional reads

If Farid rapes Sandy

Hakim and I reached out for the keys at the same time as it crashed and slid a little along the smooth tiled floor near the door before coming to a stop within reach.

I managed to grab it the same time I saw Sandy scream and trashed after being turned around to face Farid. Passing the keys to Hakim, my heart almost stopped beating as I watch him unlocked the grille gate. 

Farid did not care that we were coming in. He was too focused on spreading Sandy’s legs and holding her flailing hands down by her side. He was trying to kiss Sandy as her head shook left and right, her hair matted messily all over in her attempt to avoid him.

Hakim pulled the gate back so hard it slammed against the side wall with a loud clang.

He covered the short distance within 2 steps as I followed closely behind him. 

I thought he was going to pull Farid away, perhaps stop him madness by grabbing onto him but no. 

I was wrong. 

With a mighty roar, I stared in amazement as Hakim drew up his clenched fist with without hesitation, swung it down across the left side of Farid’s face. There was a sickening sound of bone hitting against bone as Farid let out a small muffled grunt as he fell onto his side. 

I could almost feel the pain from hearing the sick thud of that blow. 

Sandy took the opportunity to pull herself out, rolling to the side, grabbing her clothes and running over to the guy’s mum who had now came through the gate as well. 

I was about to start throwing my punches at Farid but he was not moving. The blunt force Hakim gave must have been quite a hit. Farid laid down on the floor, groaning and speaking in broken sentences. 

My fist remained clenched, itching to land a few good blows should he dare to stand back up and continue with his curses. 

I quickly took off my shirt and covered Sandy who as shaking and shivering in shock. She still had a mind to try and over herself up as her sweaty body glistened with all the perspiration from that ordeal.

Tears streaked down her face as she pressed herself against my embrace.

Hakim dragged Farid by his arms and threw him into the room before closing the door. 

I took Sandy’s damp panty and quickly got down onto my knees and tried to pull them on. I was hit with this unexplainable erection so huge that I thought I was going to burst through my pants. 

Sandy held onto my shoulders for balance as amidst her sobs, lifted one leg after another to slid through her panty. Pulling them up on her own, I caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy and felt another jolt in my pants. Her private was right in front of my face, I could even detect this whiff of womanly scent that turned on some senses that I thought was long gone ever since I broke up with Belinda. 

I felt a bit guilty as I should not be getting an erection after witnessing such an ordeal but I could not help it. Would you be able to control your erection if you had seen something like this ? 

Her legs were shivering too as I helped her pull on her tights. It took some tugging as they were really figure hugging and I was pretty sure she deliberately bought 1 size smaller to show off her curves. 

Hakim came out with a large T-shirt of his together with a towel and immediately passed it to Sandy as he apologised profusely. 

The neighbour got lucky as he stood by the gate, no doubt having caught a glimpse of Sandy’s unkempt state. 

Hakim’s mother returned him the phone and begged him not to call the police once more and he just shook his head in resignation before turning and walking away with his mind filled with images of Sandy’s legs and exposed pussy. 

Before I could even take stock to the situation or talk to Sandy, I was caught by another surprise as Hakim’s mother suddenly came over to Sandy and me before kneeling down the carpeted floor. 

James : Auntie !! No… no… please… get up… no.. Auntie !!… 

Even Sandy was a little taken aback as she wiped away the tears with the back of her hand as she tried to pull Auntie to her feet but she would not budge. 

She kept crying and sobbing as she begged in Malay for Sandy not to call the police. 

Hakim tried to persuade his mother to get up but she scolded him it seems and moments later Hakim relented and got on his knees too. 

James : What are you doing Hakim !! ? Please get up !… 

He translated to us that his mother was adamant that we don’t call the police. She cannot afford another heart break to see her son go back in again. 

I don’t know what to do but to alternate between Hakim and his mother trying to pull them up on their feet. Sandy too felt loss and a little disorientated as she too, kept saying please and no to Auntie. 

I looked at Sandy who was still clutching onto the towel Hakim gave her and she met my eyes too. 

Before I could say anything I watch her clenched her fist tightly around the towel before mouthing ‘ Forget it’ to me. 

I wanted to persuade her otherwise but the thought of a 70 year old women kneeling and tugging on my pants is getting to me. In the end I relented too and said it was up to Sandy. 

After Sandy agreed to not calling the cops, all 3 of us managed to pull Auntie up to her feet and helping her to the chair.

Sandy : Auntie… you cannot protect your son like this… 

Everyone descended into an awkward silence as we looked at each other, not knowing what to say. 

I broke the awkwardness by saying to Hakim that he cannot let this go on. 

James : Bro… how much of these do you think your mother’s heart can take ? It’s very traumatising for everyone…

Hakim : I don’t want this either…. I could not wait for Farid to go back to jail…. Maybe then I can go back to my peaceful life… 

His mother probably caught on to what he said and quickly held his arm, talking smoothly in Malay to him . 

James : Look at what happened… imagine if Sandy did not manage to throw us the key…. It’s unthinkable… 

I looked at Sandy who was hugging her knees as she looked at us talk. 

James : Have you thought of moving out ? Somewhere your brother cannot find you ? 

Hakim : Where can we go ? … i…. I don’t know… never thought of that before… I mean… we already have a place to stay here…. 

James : I know you have a place to stay but is it the best option for your mother ? … she’s already old, can you imagine if your brother comes back and bother her when you are not around ? 

Hakim scratched his head in a frustrated manner and said he had no other options. 

Hakim : I struggled daily to call the police myself, to send him back but my mum kept stopping me…. 

Sandy : Why is your mum defending your brother…!… look at him.. I mean… 

Hakim turned and looked at his mother before saying that actually she too wanted Farid back in prison for the things he’s done and for taking drugs but she cannot bear to be the one to send him back, and if it’s within her means, she will make sure he doesn’t go back.

I shook my head and said that she would only cause him even greater harm this way. 

I turned to Sandy 

James : Just a call from you and he can be out of your life by tonight… it’s simple as that…There’s so many witness.. 

Hakim looked at his mother who kept shaking her head before looking at us. 

James : I have an idea.. .. translate this to your mother… 

Hakim nodded. 

James : We’ll let this matter rest on one condition. …. 

I waited for Hakim to finish his translation before going on. 

James : you guys need to move…. Preferably to somewhere nearer to Hakim’s workplace and away from Farid… that way, even if your mum needs you, it’s not too far away for you to rush back… 

I paused again before going on. 

From the nods I saw, Auntie seemed to be taking it pretty well. 

James : Farid will have to fend for himself… even if he lands back in jail…. It’s of his own doing… not either of you… 

Another few nods came after the translation before Hakim asked us a question. 

Hakim : Farid comes back at irregular days and hours… sometimes he can disappear for an entire week..and…. and..… what if he know’s we’re moving… ? 

James : Bring only the essentials and we will do it over a period of time…he must not know where you are moving to… 

Hakim : What about this place… ? 

James : Change the locks.. Close it… he can spend nights away at a time, surely he can find a place to stay…. You don’t want to let him burn down this place your dad left you do you ? … He would trash it… fill it with junkies and his drugs…

Hakim said he needed some time to discuss this with his mother and we made a move after we excused ourselves. 

Hakim : We’ll discuss this….we need time to think.. 

Sandy and I hailed a cab and I sent her back home without a word. I don’t know what to say to her, I meant, what can you say in that situation ? She leaned against my arm with her body and I let her rest her head against my shoulder too. 

It was close to Midnight when I walked Sandy up to her place. 

She thanked me for sending her back before shutting the door without a word.

I too made my way back home before collapsing in bed after a hot shower. 

1st July 2011



I was surprised to see Hakim in the office at 9am that day talking to Alex, both of them talking softly. 

Hakim saw me and gave me a brief nod before diverting his gaze behind me. 

I turned and I saw Sandy a short distance away. 

She looked fresh and pretty that day, her hair tied up in a bun and she showed off her slender arms in a sleeveless beige blouse. Her black skirt sat a little high on her waist, and her calves looked even better than her entire sweat drenched legs the night before. 

It must be that pair of heels. A simple 2 inch lift that propped up her posture. 

Sandy had on light makeup but the way she did it really reminded me of Belinda. It finally dawned on me the resemblance the 2 girls had from certain angles. It was probably the reason why I found her attractive. 

Sandy : Morning James… 

James : Morning.. 

Sandy did not have her bag with her and when I looked at her desk, her PC was already turned on. She must have got to work early, probably went to the bathroom or something. 

Hakim gave me a look which pretty much asked if I could talk and I nodded towards the direction of the meeting room. 

What surprised me though was that Alex followed us into the room. 

James :ERmm… Alex ? … 

Hakim : I asked him along James… I think maybe we can work something out….. together.. 

It piqued my curiosity but I patiently sat through Hakim’s explanation. 

Hakim : I’m sure you noticed… Alex is always the 1st to arrive and the last to go….

James : Of course I noticed…. I’m the one that tabulates the project finances too so I know his taxi claims is the highest as well… 

I’m a little blunt but I don’t care. Since this opportunity presented itself, I might as well make full use of it. 

Hakim nodded and Alex looked away, obviously embarrassed. 

James : Actually I meant to have a chat with you about this Alex….. just that I couldn’t find the chance to do it… so since we’re here, might as well make things clear. 

I told Alex directly that his taxi claims has to stop. It’s really eating into the team’s budget for each job and the reason I continued approving it since we started was because Mr Liew asked me to. 

He did not want to make any rash move that would cause people to leave the team. It’s easy for people to just throw in their letter especially when a new set of team leaders come in. Mr Liew’s rationale was that there must be a reason why they were hired in the first place, and they deserve the benefit of doubt that they had something to contribute. 

Hakim was about to carry on but instead he nudged Alex to speak up on his own. 

Alex : Sorry James… actually my… situation is a bit….complicated. … 

Alex had 4 siblings and he was the youngest in the family. His eldest sister is already married with kids and the huge family is actually squeezing together in a 4 room flat. 

That’s like 7 adults and 2 kids. 

He admitted that there was hardly any personal space for him to do anything and the noise, he could not stand the noise. Everyone gets along ok but he could not get the rest he needed with 2 screaming kids. At the moment Alex sleeps with his parents in the masterbed room on the floor. 

He even had to queue to use the bathroom sometimes. 

This was the reason why he made sure he’s the 1st to get up at 6am everyday before leaving by 7am before the chaos starts. 

He chose to stay late too because when he leaves at 10.30pm, his nephews would be asleep by the time he gets back and there was no need to fight for the bathroom. The taxi claims is sort of an additional perk he was abusing. 

James : Why don’t you rent a place… you’re a working adult… getting a room should not be that hard… 

Hakim : He did… in fact it was one of the 1st thing Alex did after saving up…. But he got scammed…. 

Turns out he paid for 2 months deposit in some rental scam and got played out big time. Despite a police report, they never caught the PRC guy since he returned to China. 

That bad experience left a bad taste on Alex’s tongue and he had been holding back on getting a place of his own since then. 

I nodded and sighed. 

James : My cousin is doing rentals… I believe he can help… don’t worry…. He won’t scam you… his wife is a police officer…..appear on crime watch before… 

Before I could finish Hakim apologised and cut me off. 

Hakim : James… I have another idea… 

Hakim : I will rent my current place to Alex… on the cheap….. 

My eyes widened and I turned to look at Alex. 

James : What ? Does he know about Farid. ? 

Hakim nodded. 

Hakim : He does… but once we change the lock, a new tenant comes in… with proper paperwork and all…. If Farid harass him, I told him not to hesitate getting the cops… 

It took a while for me to digest this and Hakim continued. 

Hakim : My mum and I would move. My friend is outstation in Dubai…. He has a spare room in Pasir ris which is not being rented out..… we will go there… Farid won’t find us there… 

My ears picked up as the pieces fall into place. 

If fact I felt my spirits being lifted already. 

James : OK!… good… there you go… 

I snapped my fingers with a smile. 

James : We solved everybody’s problem… ! 

Neither Alex nor Hakim seem to agree with me and I gave them a questioning look.

Hakim : There’s just a small problem… 

James : What ? 

Hakim : My mum….. she would only agree to move out for 3 months…

He turned to Alex and continued. 

Hakim : Alex can continue renting the spare room since I sleep with my mum… that one is not a problem….my mother cannot bear to be away from her home for too long…. 3 months is the longest I can get her to move…. 

James : But… but that doesn’t make sense…. I mean…. 3 months later Farid would come back, he would continue to find trouble and everything would go back to square one…. 

I looked at Hakim who seemed to have something weighing heavily on his mind. 

James : Hakim…. Are you ok ?? 

He nodded before he stood up and his eyes met mind. 

Hakim : What Farid did to Sandy is wrong….he must not be allowed to get away thinking it’s ok… last night I spoke with him when he sobered up a little. He kept saying he likes Sandy, the way she looks, it’s his type… he always liked Chinese girls… 

Hakim : He kept insisting Sandy was the one that kept making eyes at him, hinting that she wants him… that was why he did what he did…. But we all know it’s bullshit… Still Farid went on and on…. Talking about nothing except Sandy…. 

Hakim continued, saying that Farid even gave Sandy a name of his own, Aisha.. That was what he would call her after he marry her. 

Hakim : He must be stopped…he needs help… 

I was a little taken aback because I don’t know the reason why he brought this up. 

James : What…. Do you mean ?? 

Hakim took a deep breathe before spitting out the words that must be so hard for him to since Farid is his brother. 

Hakim : We have 3 months…. To make sure Farid goes back into jail… and my mother must not know about this… 

I blinked twice and looked at Hakim, trying to digest what I just heard. 

James : Ermm… how… do you plan on doing that ?? I mean…. I thought you said he’s still hanging out with junkies… it should be a matter of time before he gets caught and dragged back in right…. 

Hakim : I… I’m not sure about that… he’s been out for 2 years… still not caught yet…

He paused and continued. He added with a sigh that going back to jail would probably be the best option for his brother, he revealed that Farid tried to take money from his mother again last night before managing to grab close to a hundred dollars from her purse after shoving her down the kitchen. 

Thankfully she did not have a really hard landing.

Hakim : Actually…. We…. Have something in mind… but we could not put it all together…. So we were wondering if you could help in that aspect. 

Hakim started to describe an idea which is actually quite simple. 

I liked it. 

The simpler the idea, the more likely it will work. 

Give Farid the money he ask for . 

When he goes to his regular contact to get his drugs, he call the cops. 

Simple. He roughly knows who is supplying his brother with the drugs, an old neighbour who used to stay in the opposite block.

Alex on the other hand had plans for the move, as in he would help Hakim and his mum make the necessary transfer of daily essentials to their temporary place in Pasir ris. It was the least he could do since Hakim is renting his place to Alex. 

He also proposed doing it in phases so as not to arouse Farid’s suspicions.

I thought about their idea and although it sounded pretty straight forward, there were too many variables. 

What if Farid did not use the money for drugs ?

How many times does Hakim need to keep giving him ? 

What if he’s getting them through other dealers ? 

What if they run ? 

There are hundreds of drug deals going on in the street everyday, what if the authorities don’t get Farid ? Given a choice if they needed to, they would probably go after the dealer, getting the junkie is a bonus. 

There is not enough control even though it was a sound idea. 

Alex : What do you think ?? 

I kept quiet for a while as I thought about their plan. 

James : It’s ok… but there are too many variables… coming from a 3rd person’s perspective, I would prefer if everything is more or less controlled. 

They looked at me, waiting for me to go on. 

I found my eyes shifting a little as I looked away, almost embarrassed to bring up what I have in mind. 

Hakim : Go ahead James… let’s hear it… 

I spent 5 minutes giving them the rough idea of what I wanted to do and the meeting room became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

Hakim : Are you serious James ?? 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued. 

It takes care of all the variables. 

Farid would be caught red handed with the drugs. 

Theirs is no place for him to go. 

It’s it a safe controlled environment, and we don’t risk getting into trouble with the dealers.

I stood up and added. 

James : Leave the most dangerous part to me… I know where to get it… 

Hakim : James… are you sure… ?? 

James : We’ll all be there… that’s 3 of us… it’s more than enough to overpower Farid if things don’t go to plan…he might get hurt a little if it comes to that but let’s hope the plan works out…nobody should get hurt… 

Hakim : Ok… 

Alex nodded too. 

I nodded and pushed in my chair under the table, a subtle sign that the meeting is over. 

Mr Liew had cast his glance over a few times and we are late on some deliverable as it is. 

James : There is there one thing….. 

I paused and took a deep breathe, casting my conscious aside. 

James : For this to work…. Sandy must not know… 

I could see the grim look on their faces but the nodded their heads, no doubt realising this was a better way to get things done. 

I walked out into the office and pulled my chair beside Sandy. 

James : You ok ? 

Sandy nodded her head, chewing on some apple slices as she offered me one. 

James : I have something to tell you… 

Sandy : Yah ? 

James : Farid was arrested last night…

Sandy turned towards me with a surprised look. 

James : Hakim called the police, they came, he was caught with some pills on him…they brought him in… 

Sandy : Really !.. 

I almost felt guilty looking at the sight of relief that seemed to be washing over Sandy’s expression. 

I nodded. 

Sandy : That’s…. that’s great…right…

I smiled and gave Sandy’s hair a gentle stroke. 

James : Forget about what happened last night ok ?? , don’t brood over it… it’s over….. 

Sandy smiled and gave me a thumbs up. 

I could feel my erection stir once more as I looked at her bra strap that was apricot in colour, looking pretty sweet against her smooth skin and peeking out from her sleeveless blouse. 

James : One more thing….Hakim…. is planning to move… We’re all helping out next weekend…. Alex and me…. And ermm… His mother insisted on cooking something for us… as an apology of sort…. 

Sandy turned and crossed her legs, causing her the hem of her skirt to ride up a little. 

James : You doing anything next Saturday evening ? It’s a little late… about 9pm or so…. The relative Hakim is borrowing the lorry from can only make it at that time…

Sandy smiled and agreed to it immediately. 

Sandy : Sure… I’ll be there… 

She swiveled her chair back towards the screen and continued with her work. 

When I looked back up, I could see Hakim and Alex looking at me. 

I gave them a slight nod and as if some trigger has been pressed, both their heads turned back towards their screen almost in unison and they went back to their work. 

I got back to my seat and started feeling a little unsure about this.

Hopefully everything goes as planned and Sandy would walk away from all this none the wiser, everything would go back to normal.



After giving my head a good shake I drained my coffee and opened up the files I needed to get stuff done.

I had just started getting down to my work when I noticed some commotion at the office entrance. Terry and Belinda walked in briskly towards Mr Liew’s office.

After a short talk at in his room they went to the meeting room. 

From their body language, i could tell it was a heated discussion. Eventually all 3 of them were standing up and I could see their hands raised up, gesturing angrily at each other.

10 minutes later when Mr Liew stormed out, Terry and Belinda left the office too. 

Belinda had her arms folded as she stormed out while Terry followed close behind talking into his phone. 

This doesn’t look too good. 

I went over to his room and Mr Liew spoke without looking up. 

Mr Liew : Whatever you are doing James…. it better be over soon…. things don’t look good for our team… 

He finished signing a couple of folders before looking at me in the eye. 

Mr Liew : Is the team ready ? 

I shook my head.

James : Soon…

I asked if everything is ok he said he will talk to me about it another day.

Mr Liew : I’m not in the best of mood for this now… 

I nodded and left his office. 

6.30 pm 

The rest of the day is uneventful. Just the way I like it. 

Work, clear your mails and get ready for the weekend. 

I went home at 7.30pm, had a nice quiet dinner by the coffee shop before settling down on my bed with a good book by 10pm. 

Without even realising it, I drifted off to sleep. 

Alex and Hakim set up this chat group on wasapp and we kept each other up to date. 

2nd July 2011 



Alex was already at Hakim’s place early that morning and they shifted 3 suitcase of belongings over to Pasir Ris by lunch and called it a day. 

I got dressed in simple plain clothes and left my house. 

I was a little apprehensive about heading to the warehouse but I knew it was my best shot of getting what I wanted to get. 

I haven’t been there in years since my childhood. 

I alighted 1 street down as I walked towards the small warehouse of the charcoal supplier. 

Yes, Charcoal, the black piece of petrified wood you use for your BBQ. 

It’s not something valuable, not many people buy it these days since we use gas but it’s a old family business. I remembered heading down to the warehouse every week with my grandfather when I was young. 

Old matured trees lined the street and a dirty old truck was parked out front. 

The main shutter is closed, it always is, even for loading and unloading, the shop does it with a large door by the side. 

Now I visit this place not for the charcoal. 

I came for the Opium. 

You see, Charcoal arrives on large barges from the sea back then. It’s easy to smuggle stuff within the bags of black gold and Opium is easiest to hide. 

They would do it in bigger quantities back then and my grandfather would buy it weekly. Just a small pinch here and there. 

As society progresses, Opium have fallen out of favour in the early 90s and it was not even viable to smuggle them into the country in large quantities. The risk you take is not worth it for the small amount of profit.

I overheard once the shop owner telling my grandfather that hardly anyone buys it anymore. That was during one of my last trip with him before my PSLE exams. My parents barred me from heading there once I got into secondary school.

Well my grandfather doesn’t smoke them, it’s just that certain gods he worships favors Opium if you get my drift. 

The same musty smell greeted me as I knocked on the door. 

It’s weekend in the middle of the industrial estate, there’s hardly anyone around but I know someone will answer the door. The owner stays in his shop. 

Ah Hock… that’s what my grandfather calls him. 

I expected a wrinkly old man to open the door, it’s been almost 2 decade since I last saw this man, he was in his late 40s then, he should be almost 70 by now. 

The old door creaked and opened a crack. 

Instead of Ah Hock, I saw a bangala worker. 

Bangala : Boss… today closed… 

James : Errr… I’m… I’m looking for Ah Hock…. 

He looked at me for a moment before looking back behind him and speaking to another person. 

Moments later another man came to the door, he had a streak of purple in his dark black hair and he bit on a cigarette as he asked me what I wanted. He looked gruff and irritated and seemed to be in his forties. 

James : I… use to come here with my grandfather last time….. to look for Ah Hock… I need to get something…. For the …. For the gods…. You know… 

He looked me up and down before asking me to fuck off. 

Man : Go fuck yourself… we sell Charcoal.. 

The door slammed shut in my face as I sighed and walked a few steps backwards to look at the shop. 

There was a security camera pointed at the entrance and I have no doubt they were looking at me. 

Even the red blinking light looked menacing as I looked at it. 

Suddenly an idea struck me as I opened up my phone folder and searched for some family photos my cousins had sent via the chat group. I found one with my grandfather and immediately full screen it and pointed it at the camera. 

I held it there for a few seconds before the door opened again. 

That’s it. 

Ho seh liao…. Don’t give me face see my grandfather also must give face. 

The same man opened the door and I immediately spoke. 

James : Just a bit… just a bit would do… I don’t need a lot … 

He opened his shop door fully and gestured for me to go into the warehouse. 

I tried to hold back a smile but before I could step in fully, he stopped me by the entrance and pointed to a altar beside his office. 

Man : You should me photo… I also show you photo.. 

He pointed to the black and white photo on the altar and I immediately recognised Ah Hock. 

It took a few seconds for me to register that in my head before I regained my composure. 

James : W…Wh.. When did he pass ? 

Man : Few months ago… Cancer… I’m his son.. 

James : Oh…. oh… you .. you are Tommy… 

I suddenly remembered the name my grandfather always called out towards the back of the shop. 

He looked surprised and asked to see the photo again. 

He returned the phone to me and I tried not to dust off the charcoal stains that had been left on my screen in front of Tommy. 

Tommy : What do you want… 

James : Just a bit. 

He considered my request for about 5 seconds before asking me to wait outside the warehouse.

I did as I was told and 5 minutes later, Tommy came out and gave me a cellophane wrapped package. It was no bigger than the old fifty cent coin. 

James : How much ? 

I’m not sure how much these things cost so I took out 3 pieces of 50 dollar bills. 

Tommy took 1 piece and asked me not to go back there again. 

Tommy : We no longer bring them in… just leftovers for regulars…. They’re all in their late sixties…seventies… I won’t entertain you again… 

I nodded as I kept the package in my pocket and in my attempt to make conversation, I asked something stupid that made Tommy cast me an even more hostile glance. 

James : All these still from Indonesia ? 

His glare told me I had outstayed my welcome, I smiled awkwardly and thanked him before walking away.

He lit another cigarette and spoke in a normal voice as I walked away.

Tommy : India… mostly from India these days…. Send my regards to your grandpa.

I gave him a thumbs up and added ;

James : He’s probably playing chess with Ah Hock now…

Tommy laughed, threw me a middle finger before disappearing into his warehouse.

I never saw him again.

I got back, changed the packaging carefully and kept my stash aside.

4th July 2011



I went over to Hakim and pulled him aside for a word.

James : Hakim… tomorrow… bring your mother to the polyclinic…

Hakim : Huh ? I got no more leave… she’s feeling ok actually…

James : Exactly… bring her… get a doctor’s opinion…. And stop eating unnecessary medicine…

Hakim : but it’s going to take probably an entire day…

I told him Alex and I would cover his work.

His priority is to get his mum to have a through checkup.

James : You’re not on leave tomorrow… you’re out on site taking measurements..and photos… you get what I mean ? …

Hakim nodded and thanked me for helping.

James : Oh.. by the way, it would not take an entire day…. Probably half a day or so should do… the rest of the more detailed referrals would take months though… haha

Hakim laughed and gave me the thumbs up.

Everything went smoothly for the rest of the week.

When Hakim turned up for work on Wednesday, there was no way to describe the look of relief and gratitude on his face. He showed up at 9am sharp for the 1st time since I started work at the office.

Hakim : James… there’s nothing wrong with my mother… just a little underweight and blood pressure a little low… other than that she’s healthy….Doctor just asks her to exercise and go out for walks more…

I have never seen someone look so relieved and happy as Hakim shared that piece of news with me. As happy as he was, he soon sank into a short bout of embarrassment as he realised that he had been letting his mother eat useless supplements for the longest time.

James : I’m glad she’s ok… that’s one more thing off your mind at least…

Hakim has schedule her mum to see a specialist for her knee since she complained that they hurt a little occasionally, but that referral would take a couple of months.

Hakim : Anyway James… Thanks man… for…. Helping to cover…

James : No worries la… we’re a team… instead of wasting leave for all these stuff…. Might as well we cover each other a bit, there’s no telling when I might need you to cover me too…

He gave me a thumbs up and got back to work.

Alex still comes to work early and leaves late but he no longer claims for the cab fare.

Terry and Belinda came a couple more times to bother Hakim and Sandy but it was nothing compared to the heated discussion they had with Mr Liew.

All in all, it was a good week.

A smooth week.

Too smooth it seems.

To the point it made me worry a little. It’s the feeling that bugs you when everything seems to be going your way.

I can’t explain it.

8th July 2011



Hakim said in the group chat that Farid has not returned home in 3 days.

He brought up the discussion and meeting over home cooked meal the last time he saw him and Farid agreed to show up. Hakim has been sending him messages the past couple of days pretending to check with him what he would like since their mother would need to prepare the food.

You see, the purpose of setting up the Saturday gathering had a few purposes.

Hakim would contact Farid with the excuse of wanting to pay him a lump sum and for him to get out of the house and stop making trouble for their mother since she is in ill health once and for all. He was not to return until Hakim nurses his mum back in a few months.

Next, to inform Farid that they will be renting a room out to Alex to make ends meet and that after that round of money, they would not be able to afford anymore due to their mum’s medical fees.

It would also serve as a subtle warning to Farid that should he cause anymore trouble, the tenant would call the police so he should watch his own stupidity.

Hakim and his mother have started shifting progressively with Alex’s help. Since they won’t be gone for more than 3 months, they don’t need to bring too much. It can be done over several days, shouldn’t be a problem. This they had accomplished easily. Only one final move left and they’re ready to go.

The dinner cum gathering the next day is fake of course and Hakim’s mother would not be there. She would be safely tucked away in Pasir Ris after she has prepared the food for a supposedly work meeting. Needless to say, she would be kept in the dark as well.

Sandy would never agree to be the bait so we had to keep it from her too, not after what happened.

Now getting Farid over to his place is but one part of the plan.

We needed him to stay.

Long enough to put the plan into motion.

There is no telling how long the discussion would take. It might be 5 minutes, it might be 10. Maybe 30.

No one knows.

Now if Hakim deliberately drags the discussion, Farid would surely catch on to it so we needed a reason for Farid to stay.

And that would be Sandy.

Unknown to Sandy, after the brother’s discussion, regardless of what mental state Farid is in, Hakim would demand that his brother make an apology to Sandy. He would say it was the only way she would not pursue the matter.

We planned for plenty of allowance.

I had given the timing of 9pm to Sandy for the move, take into consideration our plans for a home cooked meal, ideally we should be meeting around 7.30 pm.

We would be meeting up with Farid at 5pm.

Why 5pm ?

According to Hakim, between 5pm to 8pm would be the period Farid gets desperate. It was the timing he usually asks for money, without which, he would not last the night without his fix.

It also pretty much sets his mood for the evening.

Hakim : I tell him we talking about money at 5pm, he will show up at 5pm.

That was what Hakim said.

But simply showing up is not enough.

We know of course immediately after getting the money, Farid would rush off to get his fix. It’s a no brainer.

There is no way we’re going to give him the money at one go.

The sequence of event would go as follows , Hakim have his discussion with Farid while Aex and I wait at the next block. His mum would be at home, cooking, none the wiser to what we have planned and Farid would see his mum busy preparing for a home cooked meal.

Hakim would give Farid some money, enough to get his fix, but not enough to get him satisfied.

There would be 3 reasons for Farid to come back base on what we planned.

Being filial and come back for dinner with his mother. I almost rolled my eyes on this.

Two, the balance of the money he would be getting.

Lastly, Sandy.

He did say he likes Sandy even though it might be in the heat of his madness. Still Hakim did mention that even when Farid is sober, he says he likes Sandy and he felt sorry for his action although I very much doubted it.

Now, best case scenario would be Farid goes out after meeting Hakim, gets his drugs, comes back stoned and have a heavy dinner. 

Opium is a analgesic drug that produces euphoric effects.

The safest way to consume it would be to smoke it thereby magnifying it’s addictiveness but prior to the arrival of the tobacco pipe, opium was consumed orally. 

There is 2 ways we can use it, one to lace Farid’s food, let him sleep in his euphoric state. Hakim would personally call the cops once he’s brother is out. 

Another would be to plant the opium on Farid, but chances are he would be having something more potent in his pockets. 

If that fails, there is still Sandy. 

When it comes to that, Hakim would call Sandy to head up since Alex and I are late and on our way over. 

Farid would be called to the room with the excuse that Hakim wants to talk to Sandy for a while before his brother makes the apology. 

Using that as a pretext to keep Farid in the room for a while, Hakim would call the cops while talking to Sandy. 

Hopefully if all goes to plan, by the time the cops arrive to get his brother, it would all be over without Sandy ever realising her role in this. 

She will only see the image of Farid being led away bringing a closure of sort to this whole fiasco. 

If all else fails, Hakim, Alex and I would be more than enough to hold Farid till the cops arrive. 

Even he is found without drugs on him, a urine test would reveal he was a junkie and with Sandy at the scene, she would surely take the chance to report Farid. 

I hope it all goes according to plan. 

There is only so much we could plan. 

The rest we have to hope for the best. 

9th July 2011



Hakim, Alex and I had a last minute meeting under his block before we parted ways 15 minutes later. 

Alex and I spent the next 45 minutes staring at our phones 1 block away. 


Our phone buzzed and right on time, Farid appeared. 

My heart started to beat faster as Alex paced up and down, it finally dawned on us it’s starting. 


Hakim text us saying that everything is going ok so far. Farid has left to get his fix but promises to be back for dinner by 7pm. 


Hakim sends his mother over to Pasir Ris before heading back.

I don’t know where the time flew to. I only remembered drinking at least 4 cups of coffee with Alex at the coffee shop aong Bedok south avenue 3. 

We firmed up the timing with Sandy in another group chat about the dinner and helping to move. 

Sandy msg : Ok.. all wearing casual right since we moving stuff. 

James msg : Yup.. I’m just in berms and t-shirt. 

Sandy msg : Ok… I’ll do that too. 

James msg : Wait for everyone… we head up together ok ? 

Sandy msg : Sure.. 

Alex Msg : Ok..


I paced up and down the coffee shop as Alex looked a little dazed and tired. 

There is this sinking feeling in my stomach. I cannot explain away the feeling.


Hakim msg : Farid is late… 


Hakim sms : He says he’s on his way… 

Our eyes never left the phone. 


Hakim sms : He says 5 minutes more… 

James : Alex, let’s go wait nearer the block… 


The moment we left the coffee shop my heart dropped. 

Sandy sms : I’m here… need the bathroom… see you guys up there…

It’s as if someone swung this heavy axe right into my chest as I felt my breathe leave my lungs. 

Right across at the open air carpark of Block 70, I saw Sandy alight from a cab. 

She was dressed in a white t-shit with short denim pants and shoes, she had a rubber band in her mouth as she collected up a good bundle of her hair trying to tie them up in a pony tail. 

Diagonally In front of her at block 69 I saw Farid but he was not alone. 

He had a friend with him and they walked in a relaxed swagger towards Hakim’s place at block 70. 

Alex and I froze. 


Sandy skipped up the steps to block 70 2 at a time heading towards the lift as Farid closes in barely 30 meters away. 

It doesn’t look like he has spotted Sandy yet. 

Immediately Alex tried to run towards Sandy but I held him back. 

James : Wait.. wait… still quite far away… she can make it into the lift. 

We slowed down to a brisk walk as we kept an eye on Farid. Suddenly he looked at his watch and tapped his friend on the arm and they quickened their footsteps. 

James : Still got time… still got time… 

Then I was hit with a chilling thought as I watch Farid and his friend head up the stairs of the open air carpark.


Those HDB blocks has lifts with security system. Guest cannot just walk right up, which meant Sandy probably has to wait for Hakim to send one down. 

I started running. 

So did Alex. 

I only reached the end of the block when I saw Farid and his friend running towards the lift to stop the door from closing. 

It all happened within a split second but I saw it. 

That half a second pause Farid did when he realised who was inside the lift he stopped. 

He walked in as Alex and I sprinted with everything we got. 

I could hear the beeping of the lift as the door started to close.

I have to make it

Just a few steps more. 

I managed to hit the open button the same time Alex jammed his hand into the middle of the closing door, causing the lift to buzz angrily as the door opened one again. 

I entered the lift, trying to control my breathing. 

Sandy’s expression was one of shock and horror as she plastered herself against the back of the lift, shivering where she stood. 

Farid saw me enter and he walked right up to me. 

Close. Real close. 

Our chins almost touched each other as we looked at each other without a word. 

Alex was right behind me, I could feel his breath on my left ear. 

The lift buzzed again, angry that it had been held up so long. 

Beep beep…..

beep beep….

Beep beep………… 

The buzzer sounded like the heartbeat monitor albeit a angrier and more hostile version. 

The beeping stop when the lift door closed with a thud. 

But the beeping sound continued in my head. 

Beep beep…. 

Beep beep… 


It’s funny the kind of images that comes to your mind during moments like this. 

Moments from my secondary school days where you go inside a lift, hit the button for the highest floor and trash it all out came flooding into my head. 

This time round though was a little different. 

There was no trash talking, no asking which gang are you from. Where is your chief ? 

How you want to settle ? 

Want to one on one ? 

Page your brothers to come down ? 

None of that applies

There was no need to talk, everyone knew what was coming. That euphoric tension in the lift is like a drug itself. You see, all living things are programmed the same way. 

It’s fight or flight. 

That split second decision your brain makes that dictates your action. 

Increased blood flows to your muscles, increased blood pressure, even your muscle tension increased to provide your body with increased speed and strength. 

Farid moved first shoving me backwards as he drew back his fist. 

I could feel Alex behind me as he supported my retreat the same time I swung my arm at Farid. 

Sandy’s scream seemed to be suspended in mid air, much like the scene in inception when everything freezes. 

Both our hits connected and shouts, curses and threats shattered the silence inside the lift. 

Farid got me on my cheek while I landed one squarely on his jaw. 

It’s was not a hard hit for the both of us, there was not enough room for big movements. 

Farid started hitting and throwing punches like a mad dog at me as I turned to my right, blocking most of his hits with my left arm and shoulder. 

I waited for an opportunity to drive in a jab towards his stomach and he grunted before trying to kick me. 

Sandy : STOP!!! ARHHHH.. STOP!!! 

The shouting started from Farid as he held onto my shirt, pulling me close but I squeeze my arm in between his, pushing up his jaw with my right and tried to punch him in the throat with my left. 


Hakim stayed on a low floor, with the average speed of 2.5 seconds per floor, it took less than 15 seconds to reach the floor Hakim stayed. 

Everything happened with that few seconds but it felt longer. 

I was so focused on Farid that I failed to notice that Alex and Farid’s friend was trying to separate the both of us from each other. 

Farid : You NAR BEI CHEE Bye… fuck!!.. 

Farid cursed like a mad dog as his limbs continued flailing and landing kicks on my thighs, my calves and the side of my body. 

I saw an opening and I hit him with a tightly clenched fist at the underside of his neck near to his lower right jaw. 

He tried to hit back but that one did the trick. 

Farid lost his footing for a moment before collapsing onto the ground the same time the door buzzed open. 

The commotion is deafening. 

Hakim talking rapidly asking what happened. 

Sandy crying in the lift as she held onto her arm while Alex pulled her out. 

Farid’s friend spoke to Hakim in Malay as he tried to pull his friend off the floor. 

When I finally sobered up a little to take stock of the situation, I realised that Alex had been kicked a few times inside the lift and there was even the dusty mark of Farid’s shoe print on Sandy’s left calve. 

The place she was kicked looked a little red. 

I didn’t think I was hurt though until I went to look in the mirror inside Hakim’s bathroom. It was nothing, a couple of bruises and some small cuts on my fists and forearms less than 1cm each. 

Farid though has been contained inside the master bathroom. 

No it was not my punch or anything. I’m not superman. 

For some reason Farid went into a vomiting fit, Hakim said his brother is dehydrated. 

Hakim : He tried vomiting but hardly anything comes out except some thick liquid. 

He had called an ambulance and they should be reaching shortly. 

Farid’s friend spoke quickly with Hakim before dashing into the lift and getting away. 

When the SCDF officers arrived 10 minutes later they put Farid on a drip before bringing him away. Hakim said he would be following his brother to see how he was. 

By 8.30pm 

Alex, Sandy and I sat stoned face at the coffee shop. 

So much for our grand plan. 

Alex and I spoke nothing about using Sandy and we just wolfed down our dinner while Sandy only had milo.


Hakim text us to update that his brother is fine, just very dehydrated and is now running a slight fever. 

Hakim sms : They know he’s taking drugs…. 

That was the last message Hakim sent that evening. 

We parted ways at 10pm and I sent Sandy home. 

11th July 2011



Everyone showed up for work on time. 

Hakim said his brother is still warded but placed under watch. They are taking his statement. 

He even apologised for the trouble his brother caused but on the bright side, he added that it’s unlikely he would be bothering his mum and him in the near future. 

Alex would still be renting a room at Hakim’s place as planned. 

Sandy is still in the dark and we agreed to keep it that way.

The highlight for that morning was seeing Terry and Belinda again in Mr Liew’s room. 

Something is brewing. 

I can almost smell it. 

This time round it was Belinda who stormed out first before leaving Terry and Mr Liew to talk. 

10 minutes later, Terry left too, not before coming over to Sandy and casting a glance at what she was doing. 

15th August 2011



For a good whole month, it was pretty much peace and quiet. Aside from some brushes with Terry’s team, everyone did ok. 

It’s like normal office life. The daily grind. 

Alex and Hakim worked well as a team, Hakim would check his work and give him some pointers and in return, Alex taught Hakim shortcuts base on scripts he wrote. 

Even Uncle Tong joins us for lunch a couple of times that month. 

For the very first time, it felt like the team is finally coming together. 

Mr Liew bought the team lunch and drinks twice and he too commented to me that it looks like the team is shaping up well. 

James : It’s a good team from what I see.. 

Mr Liew : Good or not… only when the crunch time comes…. Then we will know… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Mr Liew : All is peaceful and well now… jobs are manageable, of course it looks ok…. It’s only when the pressure piles up, then you can see if the team is a good one. 

I shook my head and said he thinks too much. 

James : You think too much la…. Everyone can do their work, submit on time, good enough already…. 

How naïve I was.

I thought with a few years in the industry, I had seen it all. 

The construction industry is a dirty one. 

Money changes hands under the table all the time. 

Kickbacks are common, so are preferred relationships with your handful of contractors. 

All contractors will know when to sharpen their knives,

If you didn’t, you’re not one. 

So you want to build a grand resort on our island you say…. Who should I get to do it ? 

The Dim sum breakfast gathering of all the big bosses of the local builders were of a scale never seen in Singapore’s history. 

Have you watched Hong Kong Triad films ? 

Well, the gathering was not that showy of course, more classy. 

More low profile. 

But it was a gathering of the big boys nonetheless. 

On a tiny island, not many can build a resort. 

With more than 5 years of experience under my belt, I thought I had seen it all. 

Things that they don’t teach you in school and any upgrading courses. 

Stuff you only learn on the job. 

I knew it was tough getting projects unless you knew the right person but the situation in the office got a little complicated. 

Mr Liew finally sat down with me and took me through the grand picture. 

There are projects, but not only are we bidding for it, Terry is too. 

James : What ? Aren’t we the same company? In a way ? 

Mr Liew : We’re not… His is so much bigger…. Our team plus the one by Darryl is barely half his size. 

Darryl helms the other team within the space we work, dealing mostly with projects in Indonesia.

James : Why are they bidding for the same project as us ? I thought you said you knew the Client. 

Mr Liew : Yeah, so did they… and it’s common knowledge we’re under the same roof…. End of the day it’s money that talks… 

James : So the past few meetings ?…. ? 

Mr Liew revealed that there had been a few confrontation with Terry and since we’re new to the office in a way, he reluctantly gave up 1 to Terry as a form of courtesy, the one he mentioned earlier to me. 

Mr Liew : There is another one… a Good class bungalow… off Merryn Road…. It’s just the 2 of us fighting for it. 

James : What ? … this is stupid… what is the boss saying about this ? 

Mr Liew : He’s in semi-retirement mode, says what will be will be….. he’s just another old fuck… 

Mr Liew is angry, and he seldom lose his temper. I guess this really riled him up big time. 

He spent 30 minutes going through the project with me. Alex has been helping him the past week to get some basic stuff done and now the physical model of the house is being built. 

I was to help compile the report and attend the presentation to the Client with him in 1 weeks time. 

Terry and Belinda would be doing the presentation after us. 

Mr Liew : We need to get this.. Make sure the model looks good… this old uncle cannot read drawings…. He want to hold the house model like play lego like that see then can understand. 

Mr Liew : Help me look after this James… I need to concentrate on the other bigger one…. That would feed the team for an entire year… 

James : Ok…sure. 

19th August 2011



I picked up the model together with Alex and Sandy at the factory in Ubi before carefully taking a cab back to office. 

The model looks decent, it even lights up when you hit the switch at the side. It could easily rival those in the show flats you see for new launches with the fancy trees and cars. 


The copier churned out copies of the report and everything was going well. 

The team laughed and joked while Mr Liew surprised everyone with some curry puffs from old chang kee as a mid afternoon snack. 

By 5.30pm, all was ready. 

The model dusted and covered with an acrylic cover. 

The reports neatly stacked by the side. 

Everything laid ready in the meeting room. 


I went to the pantry and happen to see Belinda making her coffee. 

James : Hey… 

Belinda : Hey… 

James : All ok ? 

Belinda : Haha… what are you trying to ask ?? 

I shrugged my shoulder as she dropped in 2 cubes of sugar into her coffee. 

Belinda : We’re going after the same fish… I’m sure you know that… 

James : I do… but it’s just work… not that we can help it. 
She nodded. 

Belinda : We’re a bit behind schedule… the model maker cannot get our model out in time by today.. only the 1st wing was delivered…. Another part would come only on Sunday…… got to be back this weekend to make sure they fix it properly…

James : Ok…. Ermm.. ..

I hesitated for a moment before I asked her another question. 

James : How’s things between you and….. Terry… 

Belinda paused but she did not look at me. 

Belinda : That’s my personal life James…. I don’t want to talk about that with you… 

I nodded as she turned away. 

As she walked out, Sandy walked in and I raised my cup at her. 

When the 2 of them passed each other, I realised they had the same blouse on, just that Belinda wore a pair of pants and Sandy had a skirt on. 

They gave each other a glance before passing right by without a smile. 

They would pass off as twins if just given just a cursory glance from certain angles. 

Not surprising. 


The office was already empty and I’m the only one left in my wing as Mr Liew shut off the lights in his office and waved goodbye to me. 

Mr Liew : Have a good rest ya…. Monday is a big day… Leaving soon ? 

James : Yup in a bit… 

I was about to shut down my computer when I saw Sandy back after her Yoga and her run with a yogurt smoothie in hand.

Sandy : Not leaving yet ? 

James : Soon.. 

As Sandy bent down to remove her running shoes, I felt this feeling stir within me. It’s been a while since I had sex, and the buildup of hormones is starting to get to me. 

Sandy changed out of her shoes and slipped into her slippers. I watched her fumble though her bags for towel and clothes and I asked her. 

James : What are you doing ? I thought you normally go back straight without bothering to change … 

Sandy : Yah but I’m meeting my friends for dinner…. I’m going to grab a quick shower. .. go ahead and leave first… don’t need to wait for me.. 

James : Haha… I don’t plan to.. 

Sandy gave me a irritated look and hit me with her towel as she gathered up the stuff to head to the bathroom. There is a shower stall at the last cubicle of the toilet for our office. 

One each for the male and female baths. 

With the empty office, I started to get a bit of funny ideas. 

James : You… need help to shower ?? 

Sandy laughed before throwing me a flirty look but I knew she was just joking.

The moment Sandy disappeared into the toilet, I got up and followed her from behind and make sure she entered the bathroom.

Another glance around the office told me it’s empty and I walked to the pantry to make sure no one was hanging around.

The coast is clear.

I went to the reception and took a peek into the other wing and was surprised to see Belinda working at a corner alone.

She looks occupied with her stuff.

I cannot resist the urges that was coming up within me, there was just this uncontrollable push in me that made me want to masturbate and cum inside Sandy’s smoothie.

I switched off all the lights in the office. It would give me some time if someone comes back. The lights coming on would be an advance warning even though I knew Sandy would not be that fast.

Without wasting time, I grabbed her drink and retreated to a blind spot by the back of the filing cabinets. I even took her running shoes and her damp socks that were soaked with her sweat.

I struggled with myself whether should I do it but I could not resist.

Somehow images of Sandy being held down by Farid came flooding back into my head and I picked up Sandy’s ankle socks from her shoes and held it by my nose.


That alluring and intoxicating fragrance of warm fresh sweat from her feet coupled with images of her groaning under Farid flooded my mind. I started to touch myself as I pictured myself as Farid, trying to remove Sandy’s clothes.

It’s good material for release.

I started stroking myself as my eyes closed, thinking about the moment as I kept smelling and licking Sandy’s wet socks.

Barely 2 minutes into it I could feel myself cumming.

Right before I did, I heard a crash.

There was this sick crushing sound.

My heart skipped a beat and my erection deflated quickly. I paused what I was doing and listened for about 30 seconds if someone was approaching.

I heard some footsteps then it stopped.

I was too freaked out to move, the thought of being caught with my pants down and holding Sandy’s worn socks would fuck me right over.

I quickly replaced the socks and pulled up my pants.

I quickly duck walked over to Sandy’s cubicle to replace her yogurt smoothie when the lights came on all of a sudden.

I quickly grabbed my bag as an excuse to say I’m about to leave but my bag dropped from my hands as I looked towards the meeting room.

Someone is inside there.

I walked a few steps closer and I could see it was Belinda.

Sandy was wiping her hair dry as she walked in from the entrance.

Walking towards the meeting room, I suddenly realised that model had been crushed, Belinda was holding onto a piece of the roof.

James : What did you do !!

Belinda turned around in shock, her eyes widened.

Belinda : It’s not me !… I heard the crash and I came over … the lights of the model was blinking…so I came in… it was already like this when I entered…

Sandy came too and she covered her mouth as she looked at the state of the destroyed model.

Belinda : James you have to believe me, it’s not me !… I came and it was already this way….!

Sandy : How could you do this!!!

Belinda : It’s not me !!

The 2 girls started screaming at each other while I stared on in shock.

This is not happening.

I quickly went forward and look at the damage; it was way far beyond repairing it. It’s like a hurricane swept through it. One of the mini figurines of a man was upsides down inside the pool with his head torn off.

Sandy : Your team cannot finish on time and you had to resort to this …

Belinda : I already said it ‘s not me !!! I came in because I heard the noises too !! Which part of this do you not understand !!

As if that was not bad enough Belinda turned and shouted at me.

Belinda : JAMES!!.. tell her I would not do something like this…

Sandy : How the fuck would James know if you would or would not….?

Belinda pointed a finger at Sandy

Belinda : Watch your words, I’m warning you…

Sandy : Or what ?? You’ll fuck my ex boyfriend ??

My head was really spinning as I watch them trash it out.

I immediately called Mr Liew.

James : It me… we have a problem… the model…. It’s … damaged… it’s fucked up real bad.

Mr Liew kept quiet on the line, no doubt about to explode.

I braced myself for his wrath but it did not come.

I explain the situation to him and told him what I saw, trying my best to speak up over the din the 2 girls were making.

James : What do you want me to do now ??

I waited for a few seconds before Mr Liew replied.

Mr Liew : Go destroy their model too James..

James : What!! I can’t… their model is not even…

I barely finished my sentence when Sandy cast me a look and suddenly started running towards the other wing.

James : Sandy no!! WAIT!!.

Belinda screamed and chased after her.

James : Hold on..

I put Mr Liew on hold and ran after the girls but by the time I got into the other wing it was too late.

Sandy flipped off the acrylic cover to Belinda’s model, raised her fist and smashed it in, destroying the model as if Godzilla had just stepped on it.

Belinda : You bitch !!. .how could you !!! You’ll get fired !! I’ll make sure of that..

Sandy gave her the finger and walked back over to our wing.

James : Fuck…

Belinda sank down onto her knees and sighed, burying her face in her hands.

I brought up the phone and told Mr Liew what happened.

James : We’re fucked big time…Sandy went and smashed their model…. ..

I waited for Mr Liew to reply as Belinda glared angrily at me.

Mr Liew : Go home James… take a bath. Have a good sleep… I’ll see you on Monday…

James : Wait.. wait Mr Liew…

He hung up on me as I sighed in the office.

God, it’s a 5 mil job, fees the most a couple of hundred thousands, is there a need for things to come to this.

I went over to Belinda and squeezed her on her shoulder.

James : Hey..

Belinda : I did not do it James…

Her eyes were red but she was not crying.

The Belinda I married would not cry over this.

Belinda : I did not do it..

Just then my phone buzzed, a message came in.

It was from Mr Liew, and that message contained a picture.

An exact same replica of our model stared right back at me just that it sat neatly on a table somewhere.

Mr Liew sms : I did it… … go back and rest… Monday is a big day.

I hugged Belinda as she pressed her forehead on my shoulder.

James : I believe you…

Belinda : Do you ?

i nodded.


The exasperation in Belinda’s expression cannot be described in words, the same goes for my helplessness. 

For once I’m at a lost as to what to do. 

After a minute or so Belinda pulled herself away from me and we parted ways. 

I got back to my side of the office and I saw Sandy sitting at her desk looking at me. 

Sandy : Do you know…. Belinda from… someplace before ? She speaks as if she knows you… 

James : No. I knew her the same time I knew you.. 

I packed my stuff and left.

22nd August 2011



Needless to say the first thing in that happened in the morning was a meeting between Mr Liew, Terry, Belinda and Sandy . 

I was called in as well. 

The shouting went on and on and I don’t know what was I supposed to feel as Mr Liew accused Belinda of destroying the model while she defended herself. 

There was no cameras inside the office. The only one in the lift lobby points only to the waiting area. Not the entrance of the office.

What was I supposed to do ? 

I don’t know. 

Terry suggested postponing the meeting but Mr Liew wanted to go ahead. 

Mr Liew : You can choose not to go…. The client is a old friend, I’m not blowing him off. 

Despite not having any model, Mr Liew was a little surprised that Terry and Belinda went ahead for the presentation as well, coming in after we had our turn. 

I don’t even remember how that day passed. 

I only remembered going for the presentation with Mr Liew who magically had a model waiting on site. 

Nothing could explain the look on Terry and Belinda’s face as they glared on angrily. 

I was riddled with guilt even though I had no hand in this. Belinda’s eyes pierced right though me as she looked at Mr Liew wrap up the presentation.

I was too ashamed to even look at Belinda in her eyes as the client gave us the job on the spot. 

Belinda did not even bother to speak to me after we left the client’s place together. 

When I was alone with Mr Liew I asked him whether was there a need to go that far. 

Mr Liew : They took a 25Mil job right from under our nose… and they will continue to do it just because they say they have a bigger team and that they say ours is not ready… 

James : Our team is… ready…

Mr Liew : Yeah.. good…. There will be more of this to come. 

It did not just end there. 

The situation escalated to the point Terry’s Dad came down to the office to reduce the tension by calling for a general meeting for the both teams before meeting separately with Terry and Mr Liew. 

That did not stop the conflict.

Belinda stopped talking to me after that incident. I wrote a lengthy explanation about how I was in the dark too and sent it over to her as well. 

That incident changed the entire dynamics of the office, you could feel people are not as friendly as before between the 2 wings. Lines were being drawn more clearly.

As the days past, Mr Liew got more edgy and competitive. 

In the next 3 months that followed, the tension between our teams rose higher than before. 

Terry deliberately bid for the same projects we did, successfully getting some from Mr Liew, enraging him further

We win some, we lose some. 

Despite his slew of contacts, he lost out in terms of manpower. 

We did what we could, the team really tried. Even Uncle Tong stayed well beyond normal hours but it was not enough. 

What happened hurt the teams on both side. 

What puzzled me was why Terry wanted the jobs we were getting. 

It’s peanuts to him. Small jobs, a house here, some renovation to old malls. These jobs don’t make money one, just enough to keep things moving. 

Terry’s team is big, so with him taking on small jobs, it’s just not going to meet the bottom line for him. 

Still, he kept it at. 

Despite this, our team still worked fine. 

30th November 2011



I was called into the office with Mr Liew by the boss. The big one. 

Terry’s dad. 

He’s in his late seventies but still looked pretty alert. 

Mr Lau : This has to stop… it’s childish…. And you’re killing each other…

We spent an hour in the discussion and Mr Liew took the opportunity to bargain for more control over the projects and the finances including hiring decisions. Something Mr Lau reluctantly agreed to on the condition that he is kept in the loop for new hires. 

Mr Lau : There is too much people doing too little things on Terry’s team, I was thinking if you need some staff, you can…. 

Mr Liew : No… you just promised me control of the hiring decision…. I don’t want those people eating into my budget… 

It finally dawned on me why that was the 1st thing Mr Liew bargained for. He knew this was coming. 

Mr Lau : Fine…. I have one more thing to say. 

5 minutes later, Terry and Belinda came into the room as well. 

Mr Lau : This project is in UAE…. Client is some cousin of the Highness… 

He wanted us to work on it together. 

None of us spoke. 

Mr Lau : This master planning project, will keep the whole office going for years…. So stop the senseless squabbles and get things done…I want all 4 of you to fly over for the presentation in a month time with the proposal…. There’s no negotiating on this… 

With that, he left the office, leaving the 4 of us with an uncomfortable silence in the meeting room. 

Belinda spoke first as she took over the design brief. 

Belinda : I’ll do it, I’m the lead, you all will support. 

She spoke directly to Mr Liew and I was expecting a fierce rebuttal but that did not happen. 

He nodded and asked me to give Belinda my full support. 

If there’s one thing I learned from Mr Liew, is that you pick your battles. Pick those you can win. 

Terry just stared on blankly before leaving the room. 

When Belinda and I were alone in the room, I apologised to her. 

James : Sorry… I didn’t know things would… 

Belinda : Forget it… I don’t want to talk about it.. 

She stormed out of the office without looking back. If there is one flaw with Belinda, it was her temper. She’s stubborn and headstrong and she takes a long time to forgive people. And the one thing she hated most was being lied to, being betrayed. 

Fuck I was not even the one who lied to her.

We were simply pawns in a bigger game. 

I did not expect her to harbour that anger for so long, it’s been 3 months. 

I did not expect her to not even reply my messages and apologies. 

Most important of all, I did not expect that day to be the turning point in our marriage. 

What did I mean by that ? 

My team worked closely with Belinda for the period, staying back late almost everyday. 

No one complained. 

Mr Lau promised a flat 1.5 month bonus for the teams if we get this job, this was on top of our performance bonus and aws. 

Terry and Mr Liew only took on a supervisory role, Belinda and I did most of the work. 

When the guys leave at around 8 or 9pm, Belinda and I would still carry on working into the night. 

No, that did not rekindle anything. 

We did not suddenly fall back in love, kiss and have sex in the office. 

It’s just that we got to spend more time together as colleagues than as husband and wife. 

We did not speak to each other unless it was absolutely necessary, and it was always about work. We ate quite a few dinners together quietly in the pantry. 

Belinda would give me all her prawns from her hor fun while I would automatically transfer all the fish cake over to her. It just happened, habits don’t change despite us being away from each other for so long. 

Then there would be the occasional coffee. 

Belinda knew how I liked mine, so every time she set one down in front of me, it was perfect. I did the same too. You can just tell that it was not a deliberate act. There was nothing to it, no agenda. 

It’s the same thing as you getting another coffee for a friend. 

There would be moments when I stopped doing what I did and just looked at Belinda, deeply focused on her screen and my mind would go back to the days when we dated. 

I would be lying if I said I did not notice Belinda looking at me the same way too, probably thinking what went wrong between us.

Terry on the other hand is a fucker. He hardly touched any of the work.

Belinda would get irritated if he calls.

Terry calls only if he wants to fuck her. 

It was obvious. 

Belinda would be gone for dinner, take longer than usual and come back smelling of fresh soap and shampoo yet wearing the same clothes. Despite the shower, she was usually moody and unhappy when she sits back down to work. 

Since she lost a few good hours, those days would stretch late into the wee hours of the morning and she would be in a foul mood the next day as well.

I don’t blame her, here you are rushing your work and what ? Your boyfriend calls and wants to have sex ? 

What the fuck ? 

I honestly don’t know what Belinda sees in him. 

5 days before we were due to fly, Belinda and I gave an overview of the project to Terry and Mr Liew together with the big boss.

They would be the one doing the presentation. 

4 days before we were due to fly 

I worked till 3am in the morning with Belinda. She fell asleep on her desk. 

I covered her with my jacket and left. 

3 days before we were due to fly, Mr Liew came down with Chicken pox. 

Which pretty much meant only the 3 of us would be heading to Dubai.

24 hours before our flight, I dropped Belinda a message to remind her to bring her masks, she could never stand dust and sand very well. 

It was just a friendly reminder, nothing more to it but she sent me a message too, telling me to remember to bring my Po Chai Pills. 

Foreign food usually wreaks havoc on my stomach for the 1st day or so. 

2nd Jan 2012



The 3 of us took a 7 hour flight to Dubai international airport.

Terry and Belinda sat in business class. 

I checked in alone to economy. 

It was a uneventful flight and the moment we landed, all of us checked into The Palace downtown hotel. 

Meeting with the client would take place the next morning. 

There were only 2 rooms. 

Terry and Belinda took the suite while I just had a normal twin room to myself. 

As I watch Belinda walked into her room down the hall with Terry, I felt this tinge of jealousy as I imagined what they will be doing for that evening. 

I shook my head to clear it. 

James : It’s all in the past James… move on.. 

3rd Jan 2012



We had breakfast on our own and met in one of the function rooms at 11am sharp. 

The meeting is scheduled for 11.30am . 

We set up our laptops and got ready our materials. 

Belinda looked good that day. She wore a long sleeve white blouse and a dary grey skirt that reached up to her calves. She also put on black pantyhose paired with a pair of grey heels. 

Her hair was neatly tied up in a bun and she put on a pair of black framed glasses that day. 

Her eyes were a little red, I guess the dry air affected her ability to put on contact lens. 

Terry : Belinda and I would present… you just stay out of our way… 

I wanted to roll my eyes. 

Yeah, my boss is not here, no one is going to talk back to Terry , not that I cared. 


A tall good looking gentlemen entered the room and we all stood up. He was flanked by 2 aide and he reached out to shake our hands. 

Terry : Good morning Sheikh Rasid. Nice to meet you… I’m Terry. 

The man laughed and said he’s not Rasid. 

Omar : I’m Omar… I’m the assistant to Sheikh Rasid.. 

Terry : Oh.. oh… nice to meet you… 

Omar shook our hands and apologised on behalf of the Sheikh. He said that he was not feeling well and requested we make the presentation in his hotel suite instead a short drive away. 

Terry : Sure. No problem… 

Terry pointed to me and asked me to pack everything up. 

I unplugged the laptops and started collecting the materials. Belinda tried to help me but Terry told her not to bother, instead choosing to introduce her as his girlfriend to Omar. 

Omar’s assistant tried to help me too but Terry told them it’s ok, I can manage on my own. 

As I lugged all the materials on my shoulders, I could not help but feel Terry was a little jealous of Omar who had 2 assistant to follow him around. 

During the short trip to the waiting cars, Terry kept barking orders at me the same way Omar did to his assistant, as if he too wanted to show off he had someone at his bid and call. I was fucking angry but I held it in. 

There are bigger things at stake here. 

We arrived at another hotel a short drive down the boulevard and was directed to a private lift that goes right up to the private suite with a nice view of the city. 

When the lift door opened, my eyes literally sparkled as I looked at the sheer opulence of the room’s décor. 

I don’t even know where to start. There were glitters everywhere, and if you thought a gold tap in Singapore is extravagant , I saw a fucking gold fountain the size of my CPU right by the lift entrance. 

Lights bounced off the crystal chandeliers as thick carpets lined the path which we walked on. Intricate sculptures set within a small fountain spew water and smoke down a man made stone steps, flowing down to the Jacuzzi below. 

Columns of bubbles and lights danced wildly in the water that had rose petals floating around in them. The sides of the decking looked wet, as if someone had just stepped out of it. 

I thought I was walking into some film set of Indiana jones. Thick cushions with gold and silver threads were arranged neatly along the floor and I could see bowls of dates, fruits and smoking pipes lying by the side table. 

I walked right pass this small cozy cabana right within the suite that had a large TV screen nested inside together with 2 massage chairs that was glittering away.

Plants I have never seen before sat proudly in big vases of all shapes and sizes and I must have passed at least 3 bodyguards just standing around. Those were just the ones I manage to see.

I turned a corner and saw a large dining table of sort filled with documents and files. The setting here was more informal, resembling a study of sort.

I don’t even remember how far I walked, fuck what is the size of a suite at this place anyway. 

We entered into a inner courtyard and I saw parrots eating papayas on a perch before we were showed into a room.

Omar opened the door for us and we entered, coming face to face with a pot-bellied man in his fifties. He was dressed in his bathroom and he had a orange juice in hand. 

I was a little taken aback by his dressing but hey, if you have oil spilling out your backyard, you can go to a meeting in your underwear. No one would say a thing. 

But the curious thing though, it was not just Rasid, there was 2 other girls in the room with him and fuck are they beautiful. 

They have got to be at least 1.7m tall at least and they were dressed casually in shorts and a tube top. I thought women got to be covered up in this country no ? 

They looked fair and definitely of middle eastern descent. Our eyes met and I have never seen eyes that green before. 

Green eyes. 

Have you gaze into a pair of green eyes before ? 

There is something mesmerizing about them. 

Their figure made me wonder what were they doing inside the room, they should be on some Victoria secret runway doing their rehearsal. Instead they just sat at the side, talking shyly as they looked at us. 

The more I look at them, the more I think they are indeed some Victoria secret angels.

One of them smiled at me and I returned it naturally but I quickly looked away. 

Men would kill to sleep with women like that. 

It was obvious I was not the only one looking at the girls. Terry’s eyes too drifted and lingered far longer than I did. 

Their legs are long, shapely and it’s as if there’s this weird shimmer to it as the light hit their skin. 

I could almost feel my erection stirring and I quickly looked away. 

I happen to catch Belinda looking at Terry who was letting his gaze linger a little too long on them. 

Rasid : Hello ! You must be Lau’s son…. Terry… nice to meet you… 

Terry : Hi. Nice to meet you… 

Terry and Belinda shook hands with the Sheikh while I lined up for my turn despite juggling with all the stuff I’m carrying. 

Terry just pointed to the side table and asked me to set the stuff down. 

Terry : Eh you no need to come here… put the things down there… 

The fuck is the problem with this guy. 

Rasid cast me a glance before looking back at Terry, all smiley and warm. 

Terry introduced Belinda as his girlfriend, totally ignoring me. Rasid gestured to one of the girls and introduced Aliya as his wife. 

Rasid : Aliya is my wife…. And Aisha, is her sister… 

Wah, the fuck man. If I have a sister in law like that, I would surely be up to no good. 

I bet he got to fuck both sister. 

After the formalities, I got the presentation set up and Terry kicked off the presentation. He kept stealing glances at Rasid’s wife and her sister. It was too fucking obvious you would need to be blind not to notice. 

At one point in time I thought he was doing the presentation to them instead as the girls kept smiling at Terry.

Along the way, questions were asked by Omar mostly. 

Omar : I’m Sheikh Rasid’s architecture consultant. Please don’t mind me getting a bit more technical on these.. 

Terry : No… no… no problem at all. 

No problem my foot. 

The work was done by me and Belinda, Terry had a hard time answering Omar’s questions and I had to step in a few times to help him. 

Terry did not look too happy but I could not be bothered. 

You cannot answer then what you expect me to do ? Hide in a corner and snigger ? 

Grow up. 

The presentation went on and after Terry was done, he passed it to Belinda to finish the next phase of works.

Then the fucking thing happened. 

It came as a shock to us as we never expected Rasid to say something like this. 

Rasid : Terry…. Don’t mind me saying this… but…. Why are you getting a woman to present to me ?? Can’t you do it ?? 

It was a pretty sexist statement and I could see Belinda was shocked. 

Rasid went on. 

Rasid : You know… woman… I love them….. very much…. 

He gestured lazily to his wife before saying that they should stay in the bedroom. 

Rasid : they are more useful inside the room no ?? wah ahahahaha… wah ahaha.. 

He laughed a throaty laugh as I looked on in horror. 

What made me sick was Terry actually agreed. 

Terry :Well… they have their uses in the bedroom that’s for sure… ahahah.. 

Rasid laughed louder, like some monarch pleased with his subjects laughing at his joke. 

Rasid : Exactly…!… They belong in the bedroom eh…. Or under the table… while I eat… snort.. snort… grunt… ahhaha.. wahhhahaha.. 

Terry : Whahah… sure.. sure… I think so too.. 

I felt like vomiting as I stared in disbelief. 

Terry : Well, I’m sure you are pretty pleased with your wife….. you’re the envy of many man I think… haha… 

Rasid quiet down and sipped from his juice with a smile as he narrowed his eyes at Terry. 

Rasid : My wife eh.. haha… yeah… yeah… she’s pretty…. And she’s really good too… wahh.. haha.. … don’t you think so ?? 

Terry : Haha… well… my.. girlfriend… Belinda…. Knows what’s she’s doing…. Both in and outside the bedroom….haha.. don’t worry…. She knows the project well enough… 

I looked at my wife and nothing could describe the disgusted look she has on her face as she glared at Terry. 

Rasid : Ask her to sit down Terry… men talking business… woman should not interuppt…. You do the presentation…ok ? … ahha.. 

Terry stammered for a while before gesturing to Belinda to sit down and she stormed off to my side with her arms folded. 

Terry tried to do the presentation but he was unable to do it, he didn’t know shit about the project once it gets in depth. Omar asked a few more questions which Terry was unable to answer, Rasid got frustrated and gestured to me. 

Rasid : you.. you.. you…come… you do it… 

I stepped out slowly and carried on. 

For the next 40 minutes, I answered everything they asked and I left them in no doubt our company had what it takes to do this job. 

Rasid nodded his head in a dream like manner and I wondered if he actually paid attention to what I just said. 

Rasid : Good… good… 

Omar went on to whisper something to Rasid before saying he needed to make a call and he excused himself. 

Rasid stroked his hairless head and asked Terry . 

Rasid : You know… Terry…. I thought I could catch up with your father Lau…. But he’s not here… … and I invited him… it’s a bit…. Rude don’t you think ? 

Terry : Oh… ermm.. my dad is getting on with age….and…. long travel isn’t very suited to him… 

Rasid laughed again. 

Rasid : Well,…. The last time he was here, he didn’t look like he was getting old.. ahahahahahah…. 

Terry laughed along too, unsure of what to do. 

Rasid stopped after a while as he thought about something while he stared at Terry. 

Rasid : I… noticed… you kept looking at my wife…. Aliya 

Terry suddenly panicked and he quickly replied. 

Terry : No… no… I’m sorry… I’m… I’m just ermm.. she is beautiful…

Rasid : Whahaha… ahha.. it’s ok.. don’t worry…. If you are not staring, I would say you are gay… ahahahaha… haha.. they’re both beautiful no ?? My wife and her sister… 

Terry : haha… yeah. They are… 

Rasid gestured to Aliya who walked over, strutting her tight body before standing beside Rasid. His hands went under her pants and he stroked upwards, immediately I felt my erection stir. 

Imagine landing my palm that tight buttocks. I wonder how they would feel If they were squeezed. 

Rasid : My dear… do you think Terry looks good ? 

She nodded her head and Terry laughed, adjusted his tie and looked away, oblivious that Belinda was glaring at him. 

Rasid : Well… your… girlfriend is beautiful too… 

Terry laughed. 

Terry : Not as beautiful as Aliya and Aisha

Rasid smiled and whispered something to Aliya. 

Aliya moved with the gracefulness of a cat and she sundered over to Terry. He just stood there like a block of wood as Aliya smiled at him. Her finger went to Terry’s chest, smiling as she slowly pranced one full round in the clockwise direction, her eyes never left Terry.

I could see Terry swallowing a gulp of saliva. 

Rasid : Terry…. Ask your…. Father…. He would tell you I’m a generous man…. I really am.. as long as I’m happy… hahah… 

He stood up and refilled his cup with more juice. 

Rasid : Your dad….. had a small company for the longest time….. 

He gestured to the surrounding around him. 

Rasid : What do you think happened that made it possible for him to take that great leap forward ?? … eh ?? hahahaha… haha… 

Rasid lightly punched Terry on his arm and added. 

Rasid : We became friends of course !!! Wah hah.. hahahah… 

He sat back down and nodded his head towards Aisha. 

I too swallowed a mouthful of saliva as Aisha joined her sister by Terry’s side. 

Rasid : I can… make you the happiest man alive… 

Terry : ERmm… Rasid.. i.. errmm… i… haha… I … don’t know what to say… I ermm… 

Rasid : Well don’t say anything… ..

He paused as he looked at Aliya. 

I watched in sheer amazement as Aliya started to reach for Terry’s buckle. 

Terry : No.. no.. stop… i.. i.. Rasid.. 

Rasid : Why ? Are you refusing my gift to you ? ?? …

Terry : Rasid… i… i.. 

Aisha’s hands slipped onto Terry’s shoulder and removed his blazer. 

I had to turn and adjust my erection discreetly as Aliya pulled down her shorts, revealing her naked love hole. Aisha helped her sister remove her tube before she herself stripped to nothing. 

Terry : Rasid… i…wait.. i..can’t… she’s your.. 

Rasid : I have many wives Terry…. Sometimes I forget their names… wahhh.hahah.. hah.. hahahah… 

As sudden as his gift offer, Rasid changed his tone and subject immediately. 

Rasid : We can give you the job for the master plan…. I like working with your father… but… I would like a gift from you too…. 

My facial expression changed immediately as Rasid’s gaze went over to Belinda. 

Terry did not have a chance to speak as Aliya kissed him on his lips while Aisha removed his clothes, her devilish fingers playing with his nipples from behind. 

Rasid : She is… Singaporean no ? …. 

Terry was too occupied to reply. 

Rasid : I haven tried a Singaporean before… wha.. wahhhh.. hahaha.. haha.. 

I could see Belinda shaking a little as she edged a little closer towards me. 

I turned and looked behind me, there were a couple of guards standing around and Omar had just hung up his phone. 

Terry ‘s pants came off as he stood motionless in the middle of the room. 

Terry : I … I…. 

His eyes looked at Belinda in an apologetic manner. 

Belinda screamed at Terry 

Belinda : FUCK YOU!! .. 

Terry ‘s cock sprung up the moment Aliya removed his underwear and without wasting time, she coaxed a groan from Terry as she sucked down on his cock, sliding her wet lips down his shaft. 

Terry : ARghhhh.. ahh.. 

Aisha slithered around like a snake, licking and sucking on Terry’s nipples while her hands explored his body. 

Rasid laughed as he looked at Belinda. 

Rasid : So Terry ?? … what do you say ?? 

Belinda : FUCK YOU ALL!!… FUCK you Terry !!. 

Terry tried to talk amidst his groans of pleasure. 

Terry : Arghh… no.. arghh.. Belinda… please… argnnnhhh.. arghh.. Belinda… think… of… arghh the big picture… agrghhh… Belinda…eagh…

Rasid : Terry….. oh Terry… so is it a yes ??? 

Belinda edged closer to me. 

Belinda : NO!!.. NO way.. I’m not doing it.. ! 

Rasid laughed, smacking his thigh the same time Aliya got up and turned around, bending over in front of Terry while Aisha stroked his wet cock, helping Terry position it for entry into Aliya. 

Rasid : I’m not talking to you lady… I’m talking to your boyfriend… he owns you no ?? wah.. hah.. ha… 

I finally snapped out of my stupor as I was caught in a trance by what was happening in front of me. 

James : No… no way… we don’t want the project anymore.. 

Belinda took another step closer to me. 

Terry : Arghh… arghh.. shut up James… arghh.. .. you’re just an employee.. aghh.. arghh.. shut up…. You don’t have the right to speak.. arghhhh… 

Aisha helped to gently pushed and nudge Terry into Aliya’s vagina as she moaned in a sensual erotic way befitting a real Victoria secret model. 

Aliya : ARgghh…ergnnhh…. Terry ~~… aeghh… come in… 

Terry : Belinda please… arghh….a eegnnh… aewghh… do this… and…aeghh.. I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.. aeghhh .. aerghh… 

Rasid : So it’s a yes ? it’s a yes right ? hahaha…she looks pretty scared…

I could not believe what Terry was saying. 

I started shouting at him. 

James : Fuck you Terry… how could you do this to your own girlfriend !! You call yourself a man ?? 

Terry grunted as he started to fuck Aliya, he could hardly speak out as he lost himself in the pleasures of being service by the 2 wives of Rasid. 

Belinda too started screaming at Terry, asking him to stop and we should all just leave. 

The room was filled with our shouts and Rasid’s laugh. 

Most prominent of all, it was filled with the moans and groans of Terry fucking Aliya. 

Rasid started talking in Arabic to his aides who started to walk towards us. 

I felt Belinda grab my arm from behind and I immediately shielded her, pointing my finger in a menacing manner at the approaching men. 

James : Stay back… fuck.. stay back !!.. 

Belinda : Terry stop this !!! fuck..! 

Rasid : Wahh.. hahahah.. hahah… 

Clap !! clap !! clap !! 

Rasid silenced the room with 3 thunderous claps of his fat palms and pointed at Terry. 

Rasid : Terry… say it clearly…. Will you honour me….. with a gift from Singapore ?? 

Rasid stood up and stepped off his seat. 

Rasid : Yes……. Or……. no….

Terry was covered in sweat as he looked at Rasid. 

My fingers clenched into a fist as I watch him divert his gaze towards Belinda. 

Rasid rubbed his palms gleefully as he pretended to flip though the contract we brought along. 

Aisha cast me a sly smile as she kissed Terry’s neck. 

Aliya too turned towards us as she reversed her shapely body into Terry’s cock. 

I looked around the room as it descended into this eerie silence. 

Omar and his assistants looked on expressionless at us.

It was so quiet I could hear water trickling from some fountain somewhere. 

Rasid : Terry….. Yes…. Or no ? 

I stepped back half a step and I felt Belinda behind me. She was holding onto my arm by now. 

Rasid : Yes…… 

Rasid : Or… no… 


There was not even a hint of hesitation from Terry.

He was panting from sex and he hardly put in any effort to even look at Belinda properly as he spoke out breathlessly.

Terry : yy… yess…..

He blurted out another half hearted apology together with a half baked reason.

Terry : I…. i….. I love you Belinda…. i…. arghh.. arghhh… I love you….. do it…. Do it for us….arhghhh.. arghh…

Just a short reply and his attention went back to the 2 girls that were all over him. Aliya pulled Terry down to the floor, straddling him what Aisha spread her legs over Terry’s face, bringing her wet cunt down onto Terry’s face.

She even guided his hands above his head to fondle her breast as he started licking on her pussy.

He barely got a few licks going before he groaned and moaned like a pussy as I watch Aliya guided Terry’s penis back into her vagina before she lifted her body up and down in a trance like rhythm.

Aisha started moving her bottom too, rubbing her delicious wet pussy against Terry’s smooth shaven face as he groan, moaned and choked on the combination of wet cunt juice and his own saliva.

Rasid : Good !! You got the job !! congrats !!! Wah.. haha.. ha.. ha…

Belinda grabbed the closest thing she could find and it happened to be a tray of fruits and she started throwing them at Terry and the girls but none of them hit. They were not even bothered as they continued their lustful dance right in the middle of the room in full view of everyone.

Apples and mangos rolled lazily around the copulating trios as Belinda screamed at Terry.

Rasid just smiled as he observed the scene unfolding in front of him.

Belinda looked at Rasid who was laughing. He was checking Belinda out, from head to toe, letting his eyes slowly feast on her body.

There was no way you could miss out how is eyes roamed all over Belinda, tracing the profile of her tight blouse as it disappears into her skirt. His gaze drifted lower to Belinda’s black panty hose and her heels as she staggered behind me.

James : Stay back… we don’t want the project anymore…

I pointed a finger at Rasid before switching it to a full palm.

Rasid laughed and said to Terry .

Rasid : Terry…. Your guy says he doesn’t want the project anymore…. Hahha… wah… hahah…

Terry had mounted Aisha from behind as she adopted a doggy position, grunting and moaning as he slid his wet cock into her welcoming vagina.

Terry : Ignore him… he… he’s nobody… arghhh….

Rasid shrugged his shoulders at me and directed his gaze to Belinda who remained behind my back.

Rasid : Belinda…. What do you take me for ?? whahahah.. haha..

He laughed in a jovial manner.

Rasid : Come… let’s talk…. Like civilised people…

He walked slowly to his seat , his fingers gesturing at Belinda.

James : No don’t..

Belinda remained behind me as she kept an watchful eye at Rasid and his men.

No one made a threatening move. They just kept quiet and observed.

Rasid : Come on Belinda….I’m a civilised man…. Do you think I’m going to rape you ?? wha… wahahah.. haha…

He touched his round belly and extended his invite again to Belinda.

Rasid : Come… come… sit …. Let’s have a chat….

A good 10 seconds passed before I heard the unsure click of her heels as Belinda covered the short distance towards Rasid.

Terry was on the brink of orgasm as Aliya’s tongue disappeared into his mouth and Aisha’s moans getting foxier and more rapid.

There was no porn scene like shouting, it was this constant gasping of the hot humid air surrounded by the sounds of wet sticky bodies hitting against each other.

Terry : ARghh.. arghh… I’m… I’m going to cum…a rghhh.. arghh…

I saw for a moment Terry tried to pull himself out but Aliya hugged onto him from behind, her manicured fingers twirling with his nipples as she bit down on his neck, pushing Terry’s shaking and vibrating body into her own sister/

Terry : arghhh..a rghhh.. aghhhhhhhhhhh….

Aisha slammed herself backwards, probably squeezing down on her pubic muscles, milking Terry’s cock for all it’s worth as he emptied his load into her vagina.

Terry : Arghh.. arghhh…. Arghhhhhhh…. Arghhh….

Even as he deposited his load inside Aisha, it was not over.

Aliya guided him out before opening her warm mouth, taking his spent dick into her mouth for a good clean. The royalty like treatment caused Terry his balance as he collapsed, spent and gasping for air onto the floor of the suite.

The sound of Belinda dragging a chair opposite Rasid snapped me out of my trance as I immediately walked over to her side.

James : Belinda don’t…

Rasid laughed and gestured to me.

Rasid : Who is this…. Gentlemen…. I believe we didn’t get properly introduced….

James : I’m James…

Rasid : Ahh… good James…. Please don’t interrupt my chat with Belinda… or my men will escort you out…

I was about to lash out at him but Belinda held onto my right arm with her left hand.

She gave me a look which communicated all she wanted to say.

If I get myself thrown out, she would be all alone in that room.

I took a deep breath and quiet down.

Rasid : I asked Terry a question Belinda… and he answered….

He leaned back on his chair, studying the features of Belinda as she swept back a stray strand of her hair.

Rasid : I asked if he could give you to me as a gift…. He said yes…

Rasid’s eyes went down to Belinda’s breast.

Belinda : I’m am not some piece of goods you can trade with..

Rasid : No of course not… you’re a gift…ahaha…

He went on to say he is a gentlemen, he never forces anyone to say yes to him.

Rasid : I am an educated man… civilised….. most of the time…. Tell me you price…say it…. I’m pretty sure I can afford it…

By then Terry had recovered and got up on his feet.

Terry : Just do it Belinda !… it’s for the whole office… think of all the….

Belinda : YOU SHUT UP!!! ..

Terry : THINK of the BIG PICTURE !!

Belinda : Get the fuck out of my sight… !

Rasid laughed and stuck to his own question.

Rasid : Say it…. Belinda… your price…

She shook her head firmly and said no.

Belinda : With all due respect sir, i’m not doing i…

Rasid’s smile left his face and he gestured to 2 of his men who came forward and grabbed Belinda by her arms.

Belinda : NO!! NO!!!! RASID ..NO!!!…

I immediately moved, pushing one of them back but he only staggered a few steps before finding his footing. When my hands connected with his body, I knew I was pushing against a huge mass of muscles, not some steward or butler serving in the suite.

I wanted to throw a punch but fuck Terry came and grabbed onto me from behind, pulling me back.

Terry : STOP JAMES!!!… it’s none of your fucking business, stay out of this..

I broke free and without hesitation, I turned and struck Terry in his cheek with my right fist, causing him to curse in a smattering of languages at me.

James : Stay the fuck away from me.

Rasid smirked and spoke to Terry.

Rasid : You hire staff like this ?? hahah…

Terry : I didn’t hire him… my father did…

Belinda trashed and kicked, her heels came off and one of the men just bent down to grab them with his huge hands while holding onto Belinda.

Terry turned towards me and said I’m fired.

Terry : You’re fired… get out of my sight…

James : Fuck you… I quit…

I pointed to Belinda and said I’m taking her with me.

Terry : She is my girlfriend ….. she’s none of your concern. …

I went forward in an attempt to strike Terry again but someone came out from nowhere and grabbed onto me from behind. One of Rasid’s men.

James : Let me go !…

I struggled but it was no use, he put me in a choke hold till I was gasping for breath before dropping me like a sack of potatoes onto the floor.

Rasid : Belinda …. You’re boyfriend gave you to me as a gift… and look what he did to my wife…. He fucked them did he not ? … I expect something in return…hahah…

Rasid removed his robe, revealing a large tummy and a pair of silk boxers.

Belinda : Fuck you… fuck all of you… you all are pieces of SHIT!… Fuck the sheikhs, the king, every one of you fuckers !! fuck you all !! All you so call royalty… cousins, nephews, whatever the fuck your relation is… fuck you all…. Just because you have money… you think you can do anything you want….

I was taken aback at the outburst. I have never seen Belinda so angry before.

Terry : Belinda …. Don’t fight this…. You can have anything you want… why are you making this so difficult.. ?

I could see Belinda’s eyes getting red. She was on the verge of crying and she was trying her best to hold it back in.

There was nothing Belinda could do as Rasid walked over to her. Belinda tried her best not to cry as Rasid smelled her hair and her neck from behind. I was immediately hit with the fragrance of the familiar smell etched in my brain. 

Belinda never changed her shampoo, nor her fragrance. It was the same one since she started using them in her poly days. 

Rasid’s hands touched Belinda’s waist from behind and I could see tears on the verge of rolling down her cheeks as Belinda cast me a look. It was as if she was pleading with me. 

No, she was not pleading with me to save her. Be realistic. I’m not James bond or Ip man. There was nothing I could not in the room except stare on helplessly. 

Belinda’s eyes pleaded with me to look away. To turn my head away. 

She did not want me to see her in that state. 

I held my gaze steady, my breathing erratic as Rasid unbuttoned the 1st button of Belinda’s blouse. 

Rasid : You see… I see myself… somewhat …. As a teacher… 

Belida’s body shook as Rasid pressed his nose onto her neck as his hands reached for her breast from the front, lightly grazing them on the surface as he reached for her 2nd button. As soon as that came off, I could see the light grey lace bra Belinda wore that day. 

Rasid’s men deliberately looked away, trying hard not to get aroused by the scene but it was near impossible. 

Belinda’s smooth skin and her supple breast were a natural gift of hers. She has really light areolas, with a tiny pinch of a firm and solid nipple. Cupping her breast in my hand was one of the best feelings I ever had. 

No others came close. 

Rasid continued talking as he slipped 1 hand into Belinda’s blouse, cupping his hand onto her lacy bra, feeling up her firm breast. 

Rasid : The very man you called your boyfriend…. Offer you up as a gift…. In exchange for a project….what does that say about someone like that ?? 

Terry’s eyes looked a little bloodshot but he said nothing. There was nothing he could say to that statement. 

Rasid : Do you think it’s a good idea…. To give the project to someone like that ?? 

Belinda kept quiet, fighting off a shiver as I saw Rasid’s hands went into one of her bra cups. 

Rasid : Nice…so firm….and the texture of your skin….

Belinda’s eyes pressed shut as a drop of tear rolled down the side of her face. 

Rasid : I’m a businessman…and …. I make deals… 

His hands left Belinda’s breast and I could immediately see her body relaxed a little but immediately tensed up again as Rasid slid both his hands down Belinda’s waist, tracing out her hourglass figure for all to see, pressing her blouse and skirt against her body. 

I heard the release of a zipper and Belinda’s skirt got loose. Her legs gave way for a moment and she was held up by the 2 men. The skirt fell off, bunching up into a bundle by her feet, the crumpled ends of Belinda’s blouse covered what remained of her modesty above her waist. 

Rasid : and I love women too…. But still… I don’t make deals that I’m not comfortable with…

Belinda’s body tensed up significantly as she yelped. 

Belinda : NO!… 


Rasid’s hairy arms tore Belinda’s black panty hose near her buttocks. 

Belinda : No.. please… sob… 

The first sob left Belinda’s mouth as strength starts to fade from her legs. 

Ziappppp!!!!! ZIappp !!!! Ziapppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Without warning, 3 successive tears ripped apart the panty hose and Rasid threw the remnants onto the floor in front of him. 

Everyone could see Belinda’s legs shaking as she pressed her eyes shut.

She was left only in her panty, a pale light pastel green panty, her bra and her blouse. 

Rasid gestured for his men to let go and Belinda collapsed onto a heap on the floor. 

Rasid : So… my first advice to you…. Would be to leave Terry…. 

He immediately turned to Terry and added. 

Rasid : No offence Terry…. But it’s the truth… 

Nothing could describe the look of anger on Terry’s face. 

Rasid : Well… my wives were willing to please and serve but look at your girlfriend….she’s not very cooperative…. Might as well make the best of this and teach her something… 

Rasid slowly walked back to his chair and gestured for Aliya and Aisha to go over to Belinda. 

Rasid : Nothing turns me off more than an uncooperative partner. 

Aliya and Aisha flanked Belinda on her sides and to my horror, they started to undress Belinda. 

Belinda : No!!.. no… please… no!!… don’t do…. this..please… no!!! 

Belinda wanted to resist, to fight but I guess suddenly being manhandled by 2 beautiful girls is a little disorienting. She kept trying to push them away but they were gentle with their movements yet firm in doing what they wanted. 

Despite Belinda’s protest, they stripped her of her blouse and bra and with tears rolling down her cheeks, she gasped a loud breath of air as each sister sucked down onto her tits as Belinda struggled to break free. 

There was no way she could do that. 

They had her pinned down. Their mouth working their magic on her sensitive nipples. Girls know each other. They know the pressure required to bring out the sensitivity. They know where to touch and how hard to touch it. 

Aisha’s fingers went to Belinda’s legs, spreading them apart so did Aliya. 

There was a sudden tight push in my pants as I watch them stroking Belinda at her privates as they sucked on her breast. 

Belinda gasped and pleaded for them to stop but it seems they knew what they were doing. They had to. Despite the stress of being undressed in front of so many men, it was a matter of minutes before I saw the wetness slowly seeped through Belinda’s panty as she gasp in countless breathes of the hot dessert air. 

When Rasid was satisfied that Belinda was well lubricated and aroused, he stood up and waved his wives away. 

Belinda curled into a ball on the floor, her sobbing returned. 

I stood up but before I could speak, Omar put a hand on my shoulder and stopped me. 

I watched in amazement as Omar walked up to Rasid. 

Omar : Enough. .. 

Rasid immediately bowed a little before giving way to Omar. 

Omar turned to Terry and said. 

Omar : My name is Omar Mustaf Rasid . I am the client…. 

He pointed to Rasid and said that was his assistant. 

Terry stared in horror without a word as Omar barked out a few orders. 

He pointed a finger to me and said. 

Omar : James will lead this project together with Belinda…. This is my condition if I were to award your company with the project. 

He went on to state a few other terms to be included into the contract to Terry. 

Omar : My guys will follow up with you on the necessary paperwork… 

This was it. 

We’re saved. 

Omar is our saviour. 

Omar : Get Belinda something to cover herself up… 

Servants appear from out of nowhere to put a robe over Belinda and helped her to her feet.

Omar turned to Terry and told him that the next time he asked for his father, his father better show up or don’t bother sending anyone else along. 

Omar : I don’t take people who turn down my invitation lightly. … 

Terry nodded his head like a useless timid kitten. 

It’s over. It’s all over.. 

Belinda grabbed her clothes and heels but before she could come over to my side , she was stopped by Rasid. 

Rasid spoke in Arabic to Omar and everyone in the room stopped moving. 

Omar thought about it before nodding his head. 

Omar : You’re a feisty girl Belinda… I like you…… but you’re not leaving here just like that…. Not after you… insulted so many of us… 

Belinda : NO!!! Please… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… please Omar… I didn’t know… 

Omar put up his hand, his face straight and expressionless, one look and you can tell there is no room for negotiation. 

Rasid : Insulting the royals is a serious crime Belinda…. The punishment is….. Severe… hahah…

He laughed heartily and continued.

Rasid : You are not leaving this place until you choose to fuck one of the men in this room… wahahahah…. Hahah… .. excluding Terry and… James…


Omar turned to look at me and said to me loud enough for the whole room to hear. 

Omar : You like her James…. I can tell…. From the way you look at her…. You like her… 

Terry glared at me without a word and I found myself without a tongue at that moment. 

I could not say anything except look at Belinda who was looking back at me. 

Omar pointed to the 2 of us. 

Omar : If there is something I learn about living with brothers and cousins who is constantly out to get you, it’s reading people…. I read people for a living… 

Omar looks at Belinda and added. 

Omar : You like James too… don’t you… 

Belinda too could not say a single thing as Terry shouted at her. 

Terry : Is that true ??? Is that true !!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!.. 

He went over and grabbed Belinda’s arm. 

Terry : What ?? A few weeks of late night working together and you fall for him ???!!! IS IT ??? 

Smack !!! 

The room echoed with Belinda’s palm hitting Terry’s face. 

Belinda : You have no right to even speak to me !! 

Terry was so enraged that he raised his hand and was about to hit Belinda but was held back by Omar’s men. 

Omar : I’m a sexist Terry…. I strongly believe men to be more superior to women….but I never condoned hitting a women… do that in front of me and I might just feed you to my pets. 

A moment of silent follows before Rasid spoke. 

Rasid spoke in arabic with Omar and they both laughed heartily. 

Rasid : Choose Belinda….. Choose now… hahahah

Omar said something and it must have lightened up the atmosphere as a few of their aides laughed. 

Several men spoke too in Arabic as they looked at Belinda. 

Rasid : Choose ……..Belinda…. choose me… please… 

Omar walked right up to me and stood with his hands behind his back, he spoke softly, loud enough only for me to hear as the men surrounded Belinda, forming a circle of sort, speaking in arabic.

Omar : Listen carefully James……………I can… let Belinda choose you…. … on one condition… 

I could not speak. 

As the words from Omar registered in my ears, a chill went up my spine as I struggled to keep my composure. 

James : Sh… she… she might not choose me…

Omar : She will choose you…. I know she will…. 

My heart struggled to pump blood all over my body. 

Omar : I don’t care what you do….. but when I’m in Singapore for the preliminary review of the project..….i want Belinda… 

He gestured to his men. 

Omar : It’s either this…. Or that.. 

Omar : Choose James…. Choose… 

Right after Omar spoke, Rasid shouted at Belinda. 

Rasid : Choose me Belinda… hahaha.. 

Rasid cheered louder as a stressed out Belinda looked like she was about to burst into tears. 

I nodded my head reluctantly and Omar gave me a smack on my back. 

What’s important is getting out of here . 

We’ll worry about the rest later. 

Omar clapped his hands and said to include Terry and I into the list of choices. 

Terry glared at Belinda and shouted angrily. 

A groan of disappointed voices rang out as Terry looked at me before turning to Belinda. 

Terry : Don’t you dare do it !!! DON’T YOU DARE DO IT !!!!! 

He gestured angrily at Belinda. 

Terry : I’m your BOYFRIEND!!!! CHOOSE ME!!!

Terry kept shouting at Belinda. 

Rasid rubbed his hands gleefully as he looked at Belinda clutching her clothes in her hands while trying to cover her body with the robe given to her. 

Several of the men whistled as they made playful grabs at Belinda’s robe. 

Belinda’s eyes and mine met. 

At that very moment something clicked. 

All the noises in the room were shut out. 

Belinda pushed her way out of the crowd of gathering men and ran towards me. 

Right before I held her in my arms, Omar spoke softly by my ears before slipping away quietly into the background. 

Omar : See you in a few months James… 

As Belinda hugged herself onto me, the room erupted into chaos as Rasid laughed and threw some fruits over at us in a playful manner. 

I could see Aisha and Aliya looking slyly at me. 

Terry looked like he was about to shoot himself in his own foot. 

Belinda shivered and shook as she pressed herself onto my body, for the first time letting her emotions loose. 

Terry started shouting at us but was held back by Rasid’s men when he tried to come towards us. 

The commotion died down after 15 minutes and Rasid too came and shake my hand before saying he look forward to visiting me in Singapore soon. 

Belinda and I did not speak to each other in the car. 

Terry’s vehicle was dispatched a full hour after ours, giving Belinda time to grab her things from their room. It was too late to book a new room so Belinda came over to mine. 

She spent an hour in the shower before I had my turn. 

When I came out, Belinda had made a pot of tea. 

She sat by the window, dressed in yoga lounge pants and a loose yoga top. 

Our eyes met and I went over but I remained standing. 

She pressed her face against my stomach and hugged me before she started crying again. 

I kept thinking about what Omar said as I looked down at Belinda. 

I had to fight really hard and bite down on my own teeth to stop myself from shaking. 

I’m not shaking because I’m afraid. 

I’m not shaking because I’m worried or thankful that Belinda is in my arms. 

I’m shaking because looking down at Belinda at that angle,………. I thought I was looking at Sandy. 

Belinda and I sat down to have our tea but neither of us said anything. 

There was no need to. 

It was as if we knew each other just wanted the quiet moment to bask in our own thoughts. I knew it was a matter of time before Terry came knocking on my door. It’s just a question of when. 

Even if I wanted to have a conversation, what could I say to her ? 

Are you ok ? 

How does it feel ? 

Are you angry ? 

She’s probably getting a good mind fuck thinking about how easily Terry offered her up to Rasid. 


James : We… order dinner in ? 

Belinda nodded and I made the call for room service. 

By 8.30pm, we were done with our meals and Belinda had made another pot of tea. We hardly spoke, it was as if there’s this sudden awkwardness that descended upon us. Yes we are husband and wife but it’s been a good few years since we are in the same room. 

Not to mention that we would be spending the night together. 

My room had a double bed but I honestly had no illusion of having some hot sex that night. Be realistic, after going through such an ordeal, who in the world would be in the mood to have sex ? 


There was a buzz on the doorbell and I braced for the inevitable. I knew Terry would come. 

It there is going to be an all-out brawl, I’m up for it. 

I opened the door just a crack but it was not Terry. It was room service. 

James : We did not order anything… 

Hotel Staff : It’s from Sheikh Omar… he says it’s an apology for the unpleasant afternoon. 

I opened the door as the staff wheeled in a bottle of Champange, chocolates and a large bunch of roses. That was not all. Tucked under the trolley, there was a small cake, some hotel spa vouchers and even some complementary tickets to the tourist attractions in Dubai. 

I thanked the staff and closed the door as Belinda looked through the things sent to us. 

Food and drinks aside, there was a small blue box that every girl would recognised. It came with a small hand written note and it’s for Belinda. 

A small bracelet sat sparkling in the box. I don’t think it’s very expensive, probably less than a thousand but I was curious about what was written on the card. 

Belinda passed it over to me after she was done reading it. 

“ Dear Belinda , 

I apologise for the unpleasant afternoon. I would have been a more gracious host if not for the circumstances in which we met. I could give you the prettiest gems I have but I know you would not accept them. Please accept this as a token of my apology. 

I look forward to work with you on the masterplan soon “ 


Belinda : I don’t want it… just leave it and send it out. 

After draining the bottle of Champagne, we collapsed in the bed and slept through the night. 

4th Jan 2012



I woke up first and pulled the blanket over Belinda before I went to the bathroom. She was up by the time I came out and we went down to the café for breakfast. 


I scanned the café, keeping an eye out for Terry. 

I was a little surprised that he did not show up the moment he reached the hotel to knock on my door. In fact I was looking forward to the confrontation. I cannot imagine the satisfaction I would get if I could throw a few good punch on this fucker. 


Belinda and I were done with our breakfast and we went to the lobby to check if there are rooms available. 

Belinda : WHAT ! … ermmm.. ok.. thanks… 

James : Eh.. siao ah… 600 USD rack rates plus tax…. For 1 more night….and I don’t think you can claim for this one… don’t waste the money la… 

Belinda : It’s a rip off… 

James : It’s probably peanuts to the people here… 

We walked back into the lift to head up to my room and I was surprised Belinda actually asked me whether I was ok with sharing my room with her. 

Belinda : you…. Ok with sharing the room…. If not I could always go to another hotel… 

I rolled my eyes and was about to say we’re husband and wife but I stopped myself. 

I gave Belinda a look as we both crossed our arms in the lift. 

James : I’m fine…why ?? Are you uncomfortable ?? 

The lift reached our floor and we stepped out. 

Belinda : Haha… a little…. It’s…. I don’t know… it’s been a while… 

James : I won’t rape you while you sleep if that’s what you are worried about… 

Belinda jabbed me in my ribs with a frown and a crooked smile as we walked towards our room. 

We slowed down our footsteps as we got closer as we noticed the same hotel staff standing outside our room with another trolley. 

James : ERmm.. yes ?? 

Hotel Staff : I was instructed to ask why did Ms Belinda did not accept the gift. Is it because she does not like it ?? 

Belinda : What ! ? … ermm… no.. no.. it’s… I’m not comfortable with accepting it… please help me thank Omar for his gesture… 

The staff gave a curt nod and a slight bow before saying he had some other stuff for us. 

James : What ? Again ? 

He just smiled and we opened the door for him. 

There was a platter of cut fruits, neatly arranged and cling wrapped together with more chocolates and some sweets. Another bunch of flowers was presented and this time round, beside the initial Tiffany box, there is another one. 

A polished red wood box sat beside the Tiffany. 

James : You are shitting me right ? 

The staff just smiled before leaving the room. 

Belinda opened the box and it’s a fucking diamond ring. I don’t know how big, how many carats or what’s the clarity. 

My proposal ring to Belinda I got it from a neighbourhood goldsmith shop. The diamond is so tiny you need to put it under 2 microscope to see it. What do you expect ? I was 23. 

Even our wedding bands were just stainless steel rings we got from some cheezy trinket shop. It’s not the value of the rings. It’s the significance behind it that matters. 

James : Fuck man… send this back too… I think he might give you a car after this… 

Belinda dropped the box back onto the trolley, uninterested. 

I was not surprised. Belinda was never impressed by wealth and anything flashy. She believed in working for what she wanted. If she didn’t earned it, she did not want it. 

We settled down on the bed and I began to talk to her about Terry. I was curious how she ended up with him and she told me the story from the beginning. When she joined the firm, she was hired by Terry’s dad. It was still a small firm then but 3 months after she joined, it grew rapidly to the size it was today. 

She met Terry after he came back from Australia after a failed attempt to set up shop there. 

Belinda : He pursued me aggressively and at that point in time, I did not know he was related to Mr Lau. Nobody knew. Somehow he always got the good projects, those that I want for my portfolio…. So naturally I chose to work with him.. 

She revealed that it was only 3 months after they got together that she realised he was the boss’s son. 

Belinda : I regretted, I knew people would talk about this…. But it’s too late.. He told me it’s fine and….sigh… 

Terry : Did he treat you well ? 

Belinda took a while longer to consider my question before replying. I could tell she was struggling to decide how much to tell me. 

Belinda : It was just ok I guess….partly… I have only myself to blame

Belinda admitted that she remained in the relationship because she does have some feelings for him despite the huge age gap, but she also thought about her career in the office. She wanted her own team, her own projects and eventually, she wanted her own office. 

Terry wanted to give her the money but she refused. What she wanted was the experience and the exposure, and of course, the contacts that came along the way. 

She sighed deeply before she looked at me.

Belinda : I know what you are thinking…. That I’m selling my body to advance my career… 

I shook my head and said I would have done the same thing.

James : but so far I cannot find any hot girls who is the bosses’ daughter that I want to sleep with. 

Belinda laughed and threw a pillow a me. 

There was another knock on the door and we looked at each other. 

James : See… see… this time I fucking tell you is gold bars…. I think 1 kg… you pay GST alone you will steam… 

I got up and went to the door. 

I was surprised though, this time round was not a hotel staff. It was one of the assistant I saw beside Rasid the day before. 

He had a large box in his hand, about A2 size wide, 20cm deep. 

James : Ermm… yes ? 

Man : A token from Rasid. He apologises for what happened yesterday. 

I raised an eyebrow and thanked the man before closing the door.

James : You huat liao la…

Belinda came over and help me set the box on the bed and we opened it together. 

Inside the box was 2 smaller boxes. 1 labelled for each of us. 

Belinda opened hers and resting on a bed of flower petals, is a silk scarf with a sparkling brooch. There’s also a hand written note by Rasid. Just a ‘ sorry’ followed by a smiley caricature of his round body. 

I opened my box and I cursed out loud. 

James : Knn…. 

Inside were just 2 files and a CD rom of some project information together with a list of people to CC to for future correspondence. 

Belinda laughed and she too chugged the box aside. 

I asked if she wanted to head out to check out some attractions or something but she said no. 

Belinda : You…go ahead… I just want to stay in the room…

We ended up chatting for a while longer in the room before catching some movie that is showing on HBO in the hotel. 

At 3pm , there was another knock on our door. 

James : Lai liao lai liao…. We’re flying back on a private jet… 

Belinda laughed but this time round it was not any hotel staff. I saw through the peep hole it was Terry. 

James : It’s Terry. 

Belinda got off my bed and stood by the side as I took a deep breathe. 

I swung the door open and waited for Terry to make the first move. 

He ignored me and just look straight at Belinda. 

Terry : Can we talk ? 

Belinda : There is nothing to talk about… 

Terry : Come on… what do you expect me to do back there???? What would you do if you were in my shoes ??? HAR !! 

Belinda : I would grow a spine….. and ask them to fuck off… 

Terry : Fuck you… don’t forget you are my woman… you bitch… I’ll fucking rape you a hundred times over..!! 

Belinda screamed at Terry but he went on. AS if taunting Belinda to react and hit him. 

Terry :Why ? Har ? Afraid to let James hear is it ?? har ?? 

Terry turned to me and sneered like a cheap fucker. 

Terry : I’ve fucked her till she’s loose already you know that ?? har ?? I fucked her so many times…she’s like my personal whore…. Everytime I need to release, I would call her….you like this type is it ?? HAr? Kena fucked before one… 

Terry’s eyes stared at me wide apart, as if he deliberately forced himself to do it, his lips pressed together, the sides a little crooked as he tried to give me the most fuck up look he could muster. 

Terry : You try la… go and try her chee bye…. KNN… I fuck until loose already… Everything you can think of…. We do it already.. what ? In office ? In car?? Har ??? Buay song is it ??? 

Belinda screamed and tried to kick and scratch Terry but I stood in the way, trying to hold her back. It was obvious he’s trying to rile her up.

Terry tried to step into the room but I held out a hand and stopped him with no expression on my face. 

Terry : Get the fuck out of my way… 

Terry pointed at Belinda, saying that he would gladly let every fucking men in Dubai rape Belinda if it means him getting the project. 
Then he tried to charge into the room to grab at Belinda. 

He shoved me first but I immediately bounced back and pushed Terry backwards, causing him to stagger out of the room. 

He charged at me and I immediately threw a punch but missed and he bulldozed me onto the carpeted floor. 

Belinda screamed for us to stop as she grabbed the 1st thing she could get her hands on and she started hitting Terry with the stainless steel cover for the treats Omar sent. 

Belinda : STOP!!! GET OUT!!! 

I tried to hit Terry but he ducked and got up, going straight for Belinda. With a lucky swing of the cover, Belinda hit Terry right on the bullseye and she caused him a 2 cm cut on his eyebrow. A small trickle of blood flowed down his cheeks as he touched the warm blood on his face. 

That enraged him further and he slapped Belinda so hard across her face that she collapsed onto the bed. 

I grabbed Terry by his hair and as he staggered back, I kicked him in his gut and he cursed at me, falling backwards towards the entrance. 

I could have gone and help Belinda but instead I went for Terry, if I don’t get him out of the room, it won’t make a difference. Terry stood up, clutching his stomach and I bulldozed him all the way out of the room , letting his body hit the wall on the opposite side of the corridor. 

I must have kicked him pretty hard in the stomach as he was still clutching his tummy, cursing at me in dialect and saying that I’m fired. 

James : Fuck you…. Terry… fuck off… 

I closed the door and ran to Belinda.

Her left cheek was red and swollen, the hit caused her lip cut itself against her own teeth and she was bleeding. 

She sobbed, unable to hold back the tears due to the pain. I clutched her in my arms as she pressed herself against me. 

James : Sorry… I should have stopped that before… 

Right at that moment, the room phone rang. 

I picked it up and the front desk said they have a call for Ms Belinda. 

James : Who is it ? 

Frontdesk : Please put Ms Belinda on the line Mr James.. 

I passed the phone to Belinda and shrugged my shoulders. 

James : I don’t know… it’s for you. 

Belinda sobbed as she answered the phone and she too, was put on hold for close to a minute. 

Belinda : Hello ? ? 

Her sobbing had calmed down a little actually, so from the way she speak you can hardly tell she was crying before. 

This is the part that puzzled me. 

Belinda : SObb.. sob… yes… 

I looked at Belinda and mouthed “ Who is it ? “ but she did not reply me. 

Belinda : Sobb… I’m… sob…. Sob… I’m… fine… sob… sob… no… 

I was really puzzled as Belinda sobbed harder before she started crying over the phone. 

You know the kind you would think she’s talking to her mother or someone that she could confide in, Belinda cried and sobbed, saying in bits and pieces over the phone that Terry had assaulted her. 

Belinda : I’m…. I’m.. sob… sob… I’m… ok… sob… it’s…. Terry… sob… sob…. No…. no need… please… sobbb… sob… no please…. 

Then without warning, she hung up. 

As if that was not enough, the moment she hung up, her sobbing stopped. 
That was when Belinda’s eyes met mine. 

That look. 

I know that look. 

I was the more dominant one in our marriage. Most of the things Belinda would just give way to me, but that look in her eyes. 

It was the que to me that I should keep my mouth shut and apologise even though it was not my fault. 

James : Ermm… 

Without any hint of what she was about to do, Belinda pulled off her top. 

I could not wrap my mind around what was happening and Belinda removed her pants too. 

James : What… what are you doing ?? oei… what are you doing… ??? 

Belinda crawled towards me in her bra and panty and started taking off my pants. I don’t know what was happening but seeing Belinda doing that gave me an erection of course. I haven had sex in a while and what I’ve witness the day before increased the amount of semen I have in my balls, waiting to be released. 

Belinda straddled me and we kissed.

That kiss felt like the head of a match meeting the rough edges of the striking paper. A hot fuzz of emotions coursed through my body and all the feelings came back. 

Belinda removed her bra with my help and I sucked onto her tits, feeling the warmth of her breast on my face. 

James : ARghh ….hoorrrrr.. 

I don’t even know when my pants came off but I only remembered Belinda guiding my cock as she parted her panty, lowering herself onto me. 

James ; ARghhhh …gh…. 

That tightness, that slippery warmth and comforting snug feeling of my wife’s wet love hole made me shook and shiver on the bed. 

James : ARghhh….what… what are you doing ?? 

Belinda moaned as well as I fucked myself upwards into her , holding her hips down. 

Her body shook, her breast bounced up and down as her hair cascaded down onto me. 

Belinda : Fuck me James….. fuck me…a erghhh… ergnnh… 

James : ARghhh.. arghh.. 

I’m confused… I really am. 

I don’t know what is happening. 

We switched position shortly into doggy as I cupped onto Belinda’s breast from behind, feeling the love pillows rub against my palms as I fucked Belinda from behind. 

Honestly it was a really short session. 

I’m not embarrassed to say it lasted less than 10 minutes. It was just so sudden and I was on the verge of my orgasm. 

James : ARghh.. grghhh… i… I need to grab a condom… aeghhh… I’m cumming… arghhh… 

Belinda pulled me out and gestured for me to stand up on her bed. 

I did as I was told and she knelt down and sucked onto my throbbing cock. 

James : ARghhhh… arghhh.. what… what are you doing ?? !! arghh…I… i…. 

Belinda never let me cum inside her mouth before, even if I did, it was with a condom. 

So I was really unsure about what to do as I edged closer and closer to my big O. 

James : Dear… dear.. stop… stop… I’m.. arghhh.. arghhhhh… arghh… 

I could not hold it any longer when I felt Belinda’s tongue pressed down and rape my pee hole as she stroked my throbbing cock as I shot a huge squirt of semen into her mouth, not only that, I could feel several big squirts following closely behind. 

Belinda was fast, after the 1st squirt, she pulled me out and continued stroking me. I was out of control. 

I moaned as Belinda stroked and shot my cum all over her face, her breast before wiping my cock dry on her cheek. 

James : Ohh my god… argh… what was that all about man…. 

Belinda immediately barked out her instructions and asked me to leave the room.

James : What ? 

Belinda : Put on your clothes and leave … now !!!! 

James : What??? WHYY ?? WHY ? 

Belinda : DO IT!! .. 

I was taken aback at the sudden outburst but I did as I was told. I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on. I checked the peephole and made sure Terry is no longer our there before I opened it. 

I watched as Belinda swept all of Omar and Rasid’s gift all over the floor and a cold shiver ran up my spine. 

She threw her clothes onto the floor as she got into the bed .

My god… she cannot be doing this… 

I forced my legs to carry my body that was still recovering from the orgasm out the room. 

I hit the lift button and got to the lobby, panting as I watch 2 cars pull up by the front entrance. 

Several men and 2 woman alighted from the car and walked briskly towards the lifts. 

James : Fuckk.. 

My heart slammed against my ribcage again and again as I stared at the indicator on the lift panel and saw the lift stop at the floor I was staying at. 

James : Fuck… fuck… …

I immediately rushed back up and ran back to my room. 

When I got to the entrance, I shouted to Belinda and she gestured to the men blocking the door to allow me to go through. 

Before I could speak, Belinda cried out loud, burying herself against my body. 

All the hairs on my neck and body stood on it’s ends as she just cried, sobbing and shouting into my body. 

She refused help from the 2 ladies who said they were doctors. 

The group spent 20 minutes persuading Belinda to go with them but she refused. 

Belinda : I just want to stay here…. We’ll be flying off tomorrow. 

The men made phone calls, spoke in hush tones before arrangements was made for us to switch rooms to another floor. 

Belinda kept telling the 2 ladies that she did not want to pursue the matter and that she just wanted to rest and go home.

In the end they relented and left. 

When we’re finally left alone, I stared at Belinda but I couldn’t speak. 

I really could not speak. 

Belinda : I know Terry James…. I know what kind of person he is…. I know what I’m doing.. 

I could not think of a way to answer that question. 

Belinda : I’m sorry…. I bet you must be thinking what happened to me…. 

I did not reply her. 

There was a knock on the door at 8.30pm that evening. 

Another trolley was presented with the same gifts, arranged the same way with another hand written card from Omar. Placed at the side of it all was also the box with Rasid’s gift and my own box of documents. 

Omar’s card to Belinda says that Terry has been escorted to the airport and will be boarding the next flight back to Singapore. 


To be honest, I was still reeling in shock. 

Belinda climbed into bed beside me and gave me a crestfallen look.

Belinda : Do I disgust you ?? 

James : I don’t know what to say… 

There was a brief moment of silence before Belinda started sobbing again. Softly. 

Belinda went on to say that she needs to make sure Terry stays as far as he can from her. 

Belinda : I know Terry James…. I have seen what he does to his ex-gf. …. I will not sit still and do nothing…

James : You do know…. By doing this… things is going to get tough back in the office…. I meant…it’s already going to be tough after the incident yesterday but this…… this…. This will be.. . you…. Just fucked Terry up big time… 

Belinda nodded, saying she understood the implication. 

Belinda : Omar wants us on his project… we did all the work…he needs us… besides….. Terry’s father is doing some….. creative accounting for Omar’s company … money passes through us… 

James : What do you mean ?? 

Belinda : Just leave it at that… Omar’s company uses a few local firms for his projects to keep everyone on his feet… aside from the financials is a little fudgy, the rest of the project is usually rock solid. These I heard from Terry some time back when he boasted about his father’s accomplishments. 

5th Jan 2012



After some quick packing, I grabbed all the gifts given to Belinda and stuffed it into my luggage. 

Belinda : What are you doing ?? 

James : It’s not nice to keep rejecting people’s gift… you never know if we need some favours or help from them in the future. 

A car was waiting for us at the lobby to take us to the airport and I could see Rasid talking to 1 of his aide as he approached us to shake our hands. 

Rasid : Wah ahhaha…. James…. Belinda… . have a good trip back ya…. 

He lowered his voice a little and asked me how was Belinda with a naughty look. 

Rasid : Ehh…. Wah hahaha… nice… hahaha… very nice breast…. Hahaha.. 

He did a eyebrow wriggling look as I smile awkwardly.

Belinda did not really want to talk to Rasid and she quickly got into the car avoiding him completely. She was humiliated by Rasid after all. 

Rasid just smirked and laughed at her before pulling me asisde. 

Rasid : James…. i…. need to talk to you… 

James : Yes ? I saw the project information you sent me… I will look through them when I get back… 

Rasid : No… no.. hahah.. it’s not about the project…. 

He turned and casually looked around before turning back to me.

Rasid : Belinda… you know…. I like her… she is like chilli…. Pepper…. Hahah… I like spices…wah hahahaha…. 

I must have a really dumfounded look on my face as Rasid laughed and pat me on my back. 

Rasid : Relax… I know… I know Omar wants Belinda too… but you see…. Omar…. He…. He is… collector… he likes to hold onto his possessions….. he will not let go…. Whereas for me…. Wahhh.. hahaha. Haha…. I like something fresh…. All the time… so… you get what I’m saying… ?? 

I nod slowly as I digested what he said. 

James : But… but isn’t he your boss ??? i… I mean… 

Rasid laughed… 

Rasid : I know Omar…. He is a gentlemen…he won’t force Belinda if she says no…. but if….IF…. she says yes…. She must be prepared to stay for the long term… wah hahaha.. haha… no Belinda for you James … whahahaha… 

He pointed to his big tummy and added. 

Rasid : Me ?? … just 1 spicy treat…. Enough…. And…. I can let you…. Try my wife and her sister too !! good eh …. Good eh ?? Wah.. hahahaha… 

I was totally shocked Rasid could say something like that as I smiled awkwardly. 

He pat me on my back and pointed to the car as he chewed on some dates. 

Rasid : I… see you in a few months James… 

I got into the car and my shell shocked expression was too easy to read, especially for someone who is my wife. 

Belinda : What did he want ? 

I thought about it for a moment before saying we’ll talk later. 

Once we were safely checked into the airport and settled down by a quiet café in the transit area, I told Belinda everything. 

What Omar wanted, What Rasid wanted. 

James : This is madness….how can these happen…I thought it’s usually money that changes hands under the table for this industry… 

Belinda just kept quiet, staring blankly at the polished tiled floor. 

James : Fuck this… we go back, we tender our resignation… and fuck this shit…. Get another job…there’s no lack of opportunities… 

Belinda spoke after a while, saying that if we choose to run, we would forever be on the run. 

Belinda : They will destroy us…. Our reputation… it’s a small industry… 

James : Then what do you want to do ?? what can we do ?? 

She shook her head before burying her face in her palms. 

10 minutes later Belinda said that if we were to hang on, having that project under our belt would open up a lot more doors. 

Belinda : I don’t know… I really don’t know… 

I just kept quiet and look at her. 

We did not speak about this for the rest of the flight back to Singapore and we turned up for work as usual the next day. 

6th Jan 2012



Sharon pulled me aside when I was at the pantry. 

Sharon : James… james… come.. come… eh I tell you something… 

James : What what ?? 

She looked around before saying to me that Belinda was caught cheating by Terry….and he broke up with her. 

James : WHAT !? 

Sharon : Yah… he hired PI… I think got photos…

James : But we were all overseas together… how? 

Sharon : It’s been going on a while already I heard….

She lowered her voice significantly. 

Sharon : I think… the people are saying Belinda very slut one…. She …. She likes… you know…. 

Sharon’s eyes narrowed into a sharp stare, almost as sharp as her venomous tongue. 

Sharon : She like to play those gangbang and rape kind of thing… 

James : WHAT ?? 

Sharon : I don’t know… I also hear from people one… ok.ok… go and work liao… don’t tell anyone I tell you ah…. 

I poured my coffee and watched in amazement as Sharon brought Mr Liew some files to sign in his office and began her low whispers as well. 


Sandy : James…eh.. you heard or not… Belinda… likes to play those bondage sex thing…. Terry caught her or something… 

I just nodded and pretend I was not very interested but Sandy continued. 

Sandy : I’m sure it’s just bullshit, she probably dumped him and he started these rumours…. 


There was some commotion in the office but I was not sure what. 

I saw Mr Lau walk into the office together with the IT guy Jacob hurriedly. 

I saw a few staff whispering at their desk. 

Then there was a email prompt. 

I opened it and I immediately recognised the person in the photo. 

Her face was not shown but her body, I knew every inch of that body by heart. 

I had touched every inch, caressed every part. 

I knew who it is even with the face cropped away. 

Then there was more commotion. Internet access was cut off in the office. 

We were all locked out of our computers and staff were told to pack up and go home. 

Sandy :Eh eh.. eh… you saw the mail ?? is it her ??? Look like her leh… the figure… the hair… 

James : You can tell meh ?? Also look like you what… you all about the same… 

Sandy gave me an irritated poke. 

Sandy : but…but… I know Terry…. This is his doing… 

I eyed Sandy as her eyes met mine, and I could tell something was bothering her. 

James : Terry did this to you too ? the photos… 

She hesitated for a while before she nodded. 

Sandy : He had… videos… pictures… everything… 

I sighed and massaged my head. 

My phone beeped and it was Belinda. 

She had left the office and asked if I was free to meet her for dinner. 

I heard Jacob stay announced something about cleaning up undesirable emails to the office and I could hear Mr Lau shouting for Terry from where I stood. 


I met up with Belinda at Toa Payoh interchange. 

We ate at a coffee shop we used to frequent. 

James : What was that man… you let him do that to you ?? 

Belinda : I was blindfolded…. I didn’t know…until he showed them to me after…. I made him delete it !!!… there was more… but he insisted on keeping 1 or 2 for remembrance…. 

After dinner, we sat down at a bench in the middle of the town center and watch people walk by without a word. 

15 minutes later I asked what was she thinking. 

Belinda : Terry wants me to quit…. he’s doing this to force me….but the more he wants me to leave, the more i want to stay…..

She sighed and added.

Belinda : Whether to get fucked once by a old man or multiple times by young one…..


James : You are kidding right… 

Belinda : Of course I’m kidding… 

I heaved a sigh of relieve, for a moment I thought she was really considering going down that path. 

I sent Belinda back to her mum’s place, stopping a block away in case we bump into familiar faces. Neither of us said anything but it’s something we both had in mind. 

We had no intention to complicate our relationship further. We don’t want to give anyone false hopes that we’re getting back together. 

Nothing happened over the weekend and the uneasy peace made me felt uneasy. 

9th Jan 2012



Belinda and I were called into the office with Mr Lau and Mr Liew the moment we stepped into office at 9am. 

After a gruelling 3 hour meeting and a conference call with Rasid, we had our work set out for us. 

Nothing was mentioned about what happened when we were in Dubai but Mr Lau wanted to speak with Belinda in private. 


My team received an email that Belinda would be transferring over to our team. She would be reporting to Mr Liew with immediate effect. 

I heard some murmurings between Hakim and Sandy before Alex joined in. 

Even Uncle Tong rolled his chair over to the group, talking softly among themselves. 

My phone rang and Mr Liew called me into his office. 

Mr Liew : What is this ?? You have any idea ??? 

James : I think they broke up…. They quarrelled in Dubai… It looked quite ugly…. That’s all I knew. 

Mr Liew : This better not be some shit ploy to spy on us or some shit…. How childish can this office get ? 

I did not give a reply. 


Mr Liew met with Mr Lau for over an hour before calling a meeting of our own including Belinda. 

Mr Liew : Ok. Guys…. Ermm.. I’m sure you have a lot of questions at the moment but here’s the brief summary of what is going on. 

He pointed at Belinda, saying that she would be joining us permanently and our team would be dedicating 50% of our time to work on the Dubai project. 

Mr Liew : It’s a decent project, the fees are ok . I’m sure we can handle it on top of what we have on our hands… there’s just a small problem…. 

He sighed and said that Terry would be helming another team and both offices will be working concurrently on the project. 

Mr Liew : 2 options… those fucking arabs love options…. 1 from us… 1 from Terry…May the best one win…. 

He went a little into specifics before saying that once the scheme is confirmed, whoever won would take the lead but the main person who is coordinating the whole project will still be Belinda and me as requested by the client. 

Mr Liew : In the meantime, we are all starting at the same line…. Belinda… 

I saw him hold back a sneer as he tried to keep his tone professional. 

Mr Liew : You will come up with 1 option on your own…you have no other projects on hand… it should not be hard…. 

I wanted to throw up at what he did. 

Mr Liew made no attempt to hide his contempt for Belinda, after all they quarrelled pretty often over other issues and projects, not to forget, Belinda took a few projects right from under his nose. 

This kind of “Xim Pear” loosely translated into “heart problems” via Hokkien, will not go away easily. There is bound to be some discontentment. Something you cannot simply shake your hands, say sorry and expect things to go back to normal. 

Sure, Belinda was under Terry’s team when she took the projects but one thing is clear. Terry is shit, so the person helming the team that took Mr Liew’s project is actually Belinda. Yes, she has what it takes to be a threat to Mr Liew. 

What would you do if something like this happens to you ?

As long as you are a working adult, I’m sure you know the kind of feeling I’m talking about. 

We’re talking about stirring up a big pot of shit and hoping it doesn’t spill over, and I was not surprised Mr Liew started churning the ladle already.

Mr Liew : Belinda … is experienced, very good with her work…. She won a few projects over from us not too long ago… 

I almost wanted to roll my eyes at Mr Liew but managed to calm myself down. 

Belinda just stared at the whiteboard. She knew better than to speak up. 

Mr Liew : So anything you need, ask her… she can do everything… 

I saw Hakim sniggering while Sandy rolled her eyes at me as Mr Liew spent another 5 minutes stirring shit.

Mr Liew : Any questions ?? good….. please….get back to work.. 

Before I left he held me back for a private word.

Mr Liew : I don’t trust her, leave her on her own… I don’t care if she drowns or quit…. Our team is fine without her… you get what I’m saying…. 

I nodded. 

Mr Liew : Ok good… I have a few trips coming up… this is in your hands James… I’m looking at Cambodia, there’s some lobangs over there my friend introduced…. 

9th March 2012



Over the next 2 months, we worked on the schemes as much as we could. Belinda had no support from my team. Even if there were, it was minimal but she did not let it faze her. 

So what if no one helps her ? All the more she wanted to proof that she could do it.

I stayed back 3 times a week to help her without her asking. She asked me to leave but I ignored her. Together, we refined both the proposals. We planned our work carefully so it doesn’t contradict each other. 

James : You do know there’s a chance that Mr Liew would not even show your work right…. 

Belinda said she knew that the day she started working on it. 

Belinda : I won’t be surprised if it ends up in the recycle basket… 

Still, she gave it her best shot. There was no shortcut from Belinda, it’s not in her character. If she wanted to do something, she would go all the way. 

Nothing went well for Belinda in the office. Terry’s mail with Belinda’s picture painted her to be the ultimate office slut who would sleep with anyone. A couple of Pinoy and Indians made their move on Belinda but she told them to fuck off, all the more reinforcing the rumour she’s some spicy slut bitch who only sleeps with the boss. 

I could tell she was affected by it but she refused to let it show. 

Everyday I would see her walk into the office, head held high acting like she was not bothered with the way other colleagues look at her but in fact it was the exact opposite. 

I knew this would be something she bottled up within her until one day she could no longer suppress her feelings and explode. 

Belinda ate her lunch alone most of the time. 

My team refused to eat with her, after all she did make some of their efforts go down the drain when she won over some jobs.

When I asked her to have lunch, she would say it won’t be nice if I was seen with her. 

James : I’m asking as your husband… not your colleague… 

That statement took Belinda by surprise that day, she agreed and we had a simple meal at a café. 

Terry, on the other hand had within a short span of 2 months, built up a team of 8, a totally new team he formed just to take us on. He lead the team personally and it was staffed with all foreigners. 

I heard from Sharon that she would have preferred if Terry got interns for the project. 

Sharon : They look like they don’t know what they’re doing…. Their resumes also so so only…. Nothing impressive. Waste money….

Terry came over pretty often and he was hitting on Sandy pretty aggressively too. 

Terry : Lately never see pictures of you and your rich coward boyfriend… where is he… har ? real one or not…. So many months still don’t dare to show face….. no balls….KNN… 

He would make this kind of statements while browsing through files and stuff within earshot of the whole team. 

If you think that was bad, what he said around Belinda was a hundred times worst. 

Terry : Aiyah…how come got some weird pussy smell… like never wash properly like that…. I think overused already… 

James : HEY!… you’re disturbing the office… you want to act in a drama or a play please head back to your own office… 

Terry : Fuck off la…. You think you lusting over a swan is it…. Haha… it’s some rotten piece of Chee bye I tell you… haha… 

This is how fucking childish Terry can get. 

On one particular occasion when there was a thunderstorm and Belinda came into the office drenched. She removed her jacket and was wiping herself dry when Terry came over with a cup of hot coffee in his hands. 

Terry : Wah… so wet ah…. Must be a lot of people service you…. Ask them cum properly la… all over like that how to work… haha… 

He’s mad. Don’t you think for someone to make such a crude statement needs to be checked by a healthcare professional ? 

I mean come on, you’re like what, in your 40s and this ?? 

Sometimes I really don’t know what these people are thinking. 

The team has pretty much gotten use to Terry’s theatrics but that day something snapped in Uncle Tong. 

WHAM !! 

He slammed the table so hard that Terry jumped a little and spilled some of his coffee onto himself. 

Fuck even I almost squeeze out a bit of my pee as I look at him all flushed at his face glaring at Terry. 

He pointed a finger full of wrinkles at Terry and said something that made everyone gasp in surprise. 

Uncle Tong : You !! …FUCK OFF from this office !!.. I have never seen someone so rude and childish as you Terry… !! 

The outburst gave Terry a shock as well and it took him 3 seconds to recover and rebuked Uncle Tong. 

Terry : Don’t think just because you are an old staff you can talk to me this way…. Don’t forget you are an employee !!! 

Uncle Tong : I didn’t…. I think it’s you….who forget you are a man…yet you still wuss around here like a pussy after being dumped. 

Terry was so mad he almost wanted to throw his cup at Uncle Tong but Hakim stood up and clapped. 

Hakim : Woot !! ..Woot!! Bagus la Uncle Tong… WOOT!! 

That outburst earned a few sniggers and I could see Sharon running out with a gleeful look on her face as she waited for more drama to unfold. 

Alex stood up and in a dramatic manner, stood to attention and salute Uncle Tong before bursting into laughter together with Hakim. 

Even Sandy covered her mouth as she sniggered and not to forget Belinda, she too was a little surprised at the outburst but as she dried her hair with crumbling bits of tissue, nothing could describe the look of gratitude on her face. 

Terry : You watch out…!.. 

He stormed out of our office as cheers and jeers erupted for a good 5 seconds. 

Belinda gave Uncle Tong a slight nod as she bit down on her lips and got back to her work. 

12th March 2012



Omar and Rasid would be arriving on the 17th Saturday night and they wanted the presentation on Sunday morning, the 18th . Their schedule is pretty tight, they wanted to get it all over with by mid noon on Sunday. 

The date, 18th of March is also our company’s dinner and dance. It’s the founding day the company and an events company was hired to do all the preparations for the dinner together with the theme and games. 

We were informed about the theme that day, it was supposed to be some back to school party. Come dressed in your old school uniforms or some shit. 

Most of the staff were excited except the 2 teams that still had a presentation on that morning. 

Now as with all presentations, we would print countless copies of reports, presentation boards and we would have a scaled model. 

My team has 2 options, So everything would be multiplied by 2. 

A function room has been booked at M hotel, a short distance away from our office for convenient sake and Omar and Rasid would be staying there for the trip.

Now, simple math. With the number of people working on my proposal, of course we finished it well ahead of time. 

By Thursday night, everything is ready. Mr Liew flew off to Cambodia, saying that he would be back on early Sunday morning, still in time for the presentation 

Everyting is Printed, binded and sealed. 

All set to go. 

I even called the courier company to send a van down to so we can load everything up and send it over on Friday afternoon so we can set everything up. 

Belinda though is running a little late. 

I stayed back on Thursday night to help her and only at 5am Friday morning did we finish compiling everything. This time round, we kept everything under lock and key. 

Besides locking the meeting room, our proposals were loaded into 2 large boxes, each about the size of your average coffee table. They were sealed shut and labelled. 

Mine is labelled James and Belinda has her name on hers. 

Nothing could go wrong. 

Or so we thought. 

16th March 2012



It was drizzling the whole day and it looked like it’s going to continue well into the night. Weather report says the skies should clear up by the late evening.

I called the courier company several times but no one answered the phone. Only at 5pm did the manager call me back saying they had some issues on their end and they would not be able to deliver our stuff. 

James : What the fuck are you talking about….. then where am I going to find someone to do it ??!!! It’s FRIDAY Evening !!… don’t you even have a vehicle left ??? 

I even told him I could wait well past office hours. 

James : It’s a fucking short drive, not even 5 minutes… what difficulty are you talking about ?? 

I was so fucking pissed with the company that I slammed down the phone. I cannot imagine the office has been using this company for the past few years. Everyone looked at me as I tried to think of a solution. 

My blood was still boiling when I saw several staff from that very courier company came into the office but they went towards Terry’s wing and started moving his presentation stuff out.

James : Fuck… 

That pretty much explains everything. 

As if that was not enough, I saw Terry casually strolling out from the pantry , smirking like a typical fucker you would love to punch in the gut. He walked slowly past us, sipping his coffee as if he did not have a single thing to worry about in the world. 

I tried a few other companies on the phone that we had dealt with but it was too late for them to arrange any dispatch over to us by then. I had this feeling that Terry too had a hand in that. 

James : It’s only a few blocks away, we will walk if we have to…. Just push everything over or something… 

I could hear Terry snigger as he hovered near Belinda. 

Terry : Aiyoh… all the hard work…. Don’t get to present…. Poor thing… 

He directed his statement at Belinda before walking away. He too was aware of the 2 proposals and that Belinda was made to work without support for hers. Nothing would make him happier to see her effort go down the drain.


James : Ok… fuck it… we’ll walk…

Hakim : James… sorry ah… I need to fetch my mum later… and it’s raining…

Sandy raised up her hands too saying that she was supposed to pick up her parents from the airport later that evening.

I turned to Alex who recently got a girlfriend and he admitted he has a date.

Belinda said she would help me do it.

Uncle Tong offer to help as well.

James : It’s too much stuff…. We need Alex and Hakim…

I took a deep breath as I spied Terry sniggering at a corner, listening to us. It was as if our desperation is giving him some unexplained form of pleasure.

James : There’s still time…. We’ll meet back here tomorrow at 10 in the morning… it’s the weekend…. Tanjong Pagar would be quiet …. We can just push everything over…and set it up…. .Everyone ok ??

Everyone nodded and agreed.

Our office is seriously a few blocks away from M hotel.

I was even considering making a few trips on my own, perhaps call a cab or something then do it bit by bit but in the end I decided to just do it the next day. I don’t want to risk removing the reports and misplacing some documents along the way.


I was still at my desk when my phone rang.

It was Alex.

James : Yes ??

Alex : James… I need to talk to you… can you come to the lobby ??

James : What’s wrong ??

He said he needed to talk to me urgently and I quickly rushed down to meet him.

Alex explained that he was taking a dump on a different floor. Something that I would do too if I want an extended toilet break. There’s nothing more awkward than taking a long smelly dump on your office floor only to bump into someone you know when you come out of the cubicle.

Alex : I went to the 6th floor to take a dump …. And while inside the cubicle… I heard Terry talking to his team…

James : What was it… ??

Alex : He…. He gather a few of them back tomorrow morning… they’re….. they’re supposed to make sure some accident happen along the way when we send the stuff over.

James : WHAT ? are you sure??

Alex nodded his head.

Alex : I heard them clearly… they did not know I was inside the handicap cubicle at the end…they probably thought no one would go down so many floors to shit. …

James : What kind of accident ?

Alex : Accidental push, knock, bicycle, anything, water, drinks, coffee…. He said anything. Just as long as they do it…

James : You got to be shitting me.

Alex : He shook his head. I’m not… I think this office is mad…. I’m thinking of finding another place to work as it is…

I calmed Alex down and told him not to worry.

I will think of a plan.

I went back up to the office and I told Belinda what Alex told me.

Belinda : I’m not surprised…. He plays dirty… let’s move up the schedule …. Catch them off guard…

I shook my head.

James : They won’t be that stupid…they will be waiting for us.

I called up google map on my screen and looked at that pathetic stretch of road that led from our office to M hotel.

It’s a straight forward route.

A bit of Cantoment road, then from Lim Teck Kim road all the way down to Bernam Street and to M hotel.

That’s it.

That’s just it.

I’m sure some of you would have driven or walked along the same stretch before. It’s just a short walk.

I sighed and went into the meeting room to look at the 2 trolleys loaded with our hard work for the past couple of months.

One person can push the trolley but someone would need to help if there was any steps or bumps along the way. Not to forget if some fucker decides to come too close and play punk, another one would need to fend him off.

Why not call the police you say ?

What do I tell them ?

Hello hello Mr police… I going to push some boxes to hotel to meet client but I scare got people come and disturb me… how ar ? And the people is from my same office… can help me ?

I massaged my forehead again as I looked at the never ending rain.

I set up a wasapp group for all of us and brought forward the meeting time the next day to 9.30am

Everyone agreed after being notified of the situation that Terry would be playing dirty.

17th March 2012


5 am

I was up and in the shower by 5am. I could not sleep. Anger festered slowly in my head the entire night and sleep came and went in bits and pieces.

I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why people like Terry exists in this world. Are they placed here solely to test other people’s patience ?

Rich fucker who goes to some good school with a rich father.

Taking a deep breathe, I reminded myself that life is never fair.

We don’t get to choose the hand that was dealt to us, but we have every god dam right to choose how we want to play that hand.

It’s like poker, or Dai Dee, getting shitty cards doesn’t mean you will lose. It’s how you play the game.

The game everyone of us play everyday from the moment we wake up.

So what if I need to run after a bus ?

So what if I need to squeeze in a train that doesn’t move sometimes ?

So what if I need to crank up the 9 year old car hoping the spark plug ignites the engine so I can send my kids to school or my parents to the market ?

These are the cards we have and we fucking play it as it is everyday.

I will not let Terry ruin this for us.


I was the first to step into office and I immediately switched on all the lights and went to check on the model.

Everything was ok, intact and I stood over the 2 trolleys.

I removed the 2 labels which separated my box from Belinda. I don’t want anyone to know which one they are protecting.

Belinda came in at that moment and asked me what was I doing.

She looked good that day even though I could see her hair was still wet from the early shower. Belinda wore a pair of grey capris that ended just below her knees, exposing her toned calves and a sleeveless white running singlet. I could see her white sports bra underneath. The cross back straps prominently visible when she turned her back to me.

A pair of sports shoes covered her feet.

I could tell she was in for a fight that morning.

Belinda : Don’t be stupid James… Terry might just want to get back at me… don’t risk it… your proposal is a good one..

James : I felt yours was better…

She did not agree and she insisted on sticking the labels back. Not only did she do that, she used a black market and scribble her name onto the cover of the box.

Belinda : There… fuck Terry… let him have what he wants…. Either way our team is getting this project…


Belinda offered to grab breakfast and coffee so I told her I would stay back to look after the stuff.


Terry’s men started arriving.

They strolled in casually, looking over at our wing. I know the 2 of them. New hires, Benjan and Apollo, both Filipino.

Terry himself arrived at 7.45am strolling in casually with the usual smirk as he shot a look over to our wing.


Belinda and I ate our breakfast in the meeting room itself as we waited for the rest to arrive.


Uncle Tong was the first to arrive, dressed in shirt and pants. He was always dressed in his long sleeve shirts and black work pants no matter the occasion. His hair streaked with white streaks were neatly gelled and combed back with not a strand out of place. 


Yes he always had that dignified look, and he carries it well. 

That morning he came with a sports bag. 

Uncle Tong : Morning… 

He said he came early to have breakfast before leaving us in the meeting room after he dropped off his old briefcase. One that had seen better days. 


By 9am, I could see 6 men from Terry’s team loitering around the office. He himself was seen talking to them in their meeting room. 

Alex walked into the room, dressed in black slacks and his combat engineer Polo Tee. 

Advance and overcome. 

We’ll need that today. 


Sandy came in her usual Yoga inspired outfit. Black tights and sports shoes but she had on a grey singlet without sports bra, it was just a normal one from what I could see. 


Hakim walked into the room in a t-shirt, berms and sports shoes,


Uncle Tong walked in and the room erupted into cheers. 

Hakim : WAH Uncle TONG !!.. TAIJI AH… swee la… haha…

Alex ; Wah… Uncle Tong… teach me leh… 

Sandy : Very yandao leh Uncle Tong…

He beamed a wide smile as he finished buttoning up his Taiji outfit. A loose fit garment in off white and he had changed out of his dress shoes into his sports shoes too. 

Uncle Tong : I don’t have other exercise clothes… haha..

James : Wah Uncle tong… first time see you in something else besides shirt and pants leh.. hahah.. 


Everyone settled down and waited for me to give the que to move after checking through we had everything ready.

I could see Terry and his men loitering at the lobby, looking into our meeting room. 

Taking a deep breathe, I looked at everyone in the eye before I began. 

There was no need for any grand speech. 

This is not William Wallace fighting for his freedom. 

This is not some Alien race trying to retake their planet from the humans. 

This is not some fancy war propaganda film. 

There was no need for any of that. 

I was nervous. 

I really am. 

Uncle Tong looked at me, nodding slightly. I don’t know why but that look gave me the much needed confidence I lacked. 

Alex gave me a nod, telling me that he’s with us all the way. 

Sandy tied up her hair in a pony tail and gave me a wink. 

Belinda had a slight smile on her face, the same one that made me fall in love with her many years ago. 

Hakim hit his heart twice with his fist before pointing his finger at me. 

All eyes outside the meeting room stared at us. 

No one moved. 

Taking a deep breathe, I nodded my head at everyone in my team. 

I placed my fingers around the grip of the 1st trolley and watched as Terry and his men left the reception the moment our group got on our feet. 

James : 3 streets…… it’s just 3 streets away… 


It was only at the moment we started pushing the trolleys when I realised how difficult this would be.

The box itself is bulky and oversized, it protrudes out of the old trolley that we were using.

Alex and I each pushed a trolley and we practiced a bit of manoeuvring inside the office lobby before we entered the loading and unloading lift. As the huge metal door closed with a loud and bumpy slam, no one spoke or moved as it slowly descended down to the loading and unloading bay of the office.

I stood right at the back of the lift with Alex, the front of the trolley pointed at the exit.

Hakim stood right in front, smacked in the middle of the lift opening while Uncle Tong stood to his left.

Belinda was on my left and Sandy on Alex’s right.

I could feel the tensed atmosphere inside the stuffy lift and when the door shook unevenly to peel apart the opening, Hakim stepped out first before gesturing us outside.

The sun was out in full, there is no wind on that humid morning.

The loading bay was empty and Hakim walked down the ramp, gesturing for us to go forward.

We stopped right before we left the boundary of our office.

We could not see any of Terry’s men but we knew they were watching us.

Belinda : Let’s go..

We started moving.

In the same formation of sorts we kept in the lift.

Hakim’s bulky figure went right ahead while Uncle Tong remained a few steps behind.

The roads were eerily quiet.

Cantonment road is usually busy, even on weekends you would see the occasional cluster of cars but that morning, it was quiet.

The traffic lights blinked lazily with no one to follow their commands except us.

The trolleys creaked under the weight of the box as we made our way up Cantonment link and stopped at the traffic island diagonally opposite Keppel towers.

There were no cars on the road but all of us stood ad waited for the lights to turn in our favour.

It was an uneventful crossing as we got over the road before turning right at Kalpson Hotel.

Our eyes scanned the road and surroundings for Terry and his men.


My mind kept thinking of what they could be up to.

Knock into us with bicycle ?

Pour coffee ?

Drinks ?

food ?

Surely they can’t be running up to us with machetes and shit. This is not some Hollywood production.

Hakim : Stay close… I can see Apollo… up ahead…

Uncle Tong immediately said he spotted Benjan across the road, walking parallel to us as we started our journey at the end of Lim Teck Kim road.

Further down, I could see a few others.

2 indian staff which I don’t know off ran further down the road before disappearing from view.

I surveyed the road in front of us, it’s not going to be a piece of cake.

We passed under the ERP gantry and it seemed like some sort of trigger has been pulled as we had to walk in a single file due to the narrow path.

This is so ridiculous.

I could see M hotel just down the street, the phrase so near yet so far almost sounded amusing at that moment.

We go to the coffee shop, Paris eating house and we rolled by slowly. A few patrons looked at us as they sipped their coffee.

Hakim continued taking the lead, his bulk clearing the way for the small convoy.

We passed by the row of eateries without incident before coming to the small one way street. There was no ramp leading down and we needed to lift the trolleys up a little to set it back down on the road level.

Hakim turned around to face me and he was about to bend down to lift up the front of the trolley when he suddenly looked to his right and ran towards that direction.

James : HAKIM!! Wait…

Uncle Tong saw and he immediately took up Hakim’s position and helped me put the trolley down onto ground level.

The girls behind me were asking what’s happening.

Belinda : WHAT is it ???

Sandy : What’s going on ??

Uncle Tong : Quick !… get it down…

The moment I got onto the road I heard Hakim grunt and cursed as he grabbed Apollo by the collar, throwing him backwards onto his bottom.

Apollo : ARghhh!!…

I quickly scanned the ground and his hands to see what was he carrying but there was nothing. No paint, no hot coffee. Nothing.

Belinda : JAMES!!!

Belinda’s shout came too late as Benjan had jaywalked across the road while we were preoccupied with Apollo and delivered a good kick to my trolley, the box protexted with a loud bang before shifting off the trolley but was saved by Uncle Tong.

Hakim cursed at Apollo, pointing a finger at him.

Hakim : You better fuck off before I beat the shit out of you.

Benjan was fast, after kicking the box he quickly jaywalked across the road again. Sandy took off after him but Alex shouted for her to come back and she gave us halfway.

There was a dent on the box but it’s generally fine.

Several patrons at the coffee shops and eateries were staring at us, wondering what’s going on.

I heard someone exclaimed that it looked like some company team bonding activity and they soon lost interest.

We managed to get onto the pathway leading to the traffic light junction.

Now if you know this junction, or if you take a look on google street view, you would know there was no way I could cross to the open field on the opposite side of the road from my end.

We would need to make 2 crossing, across to ABI plaza, then to Fuji Xerox before we continue our trip towards the hotel.

As we waited at the traffic junction, I could see 2 more PRC staff waiting for us at Fuji Xerox near the carpark exit. They were not even hiding, just standing in plain sight waiting for us.

James : There… there… I see them…

Belinda : Their hands are empty…

They just stared at us as we made the crossing over to ABI plaza.

Hakim walked to the front and he stretched a little, tilting his neck left and right as he loosen up his fingers.

Hakim : Time to burn off the nasi lemak I ate this morning.

James : Stall them, we will rush through… we’re almost there… barely a few hundred metres away..

The moment the light turned green, Hakim walked in front, increasing his speed, building up momentum.

The 2 PRC stood their ground and waited. When we reached the half way mark of the traffic junction, Hakim charged towards them and they ran a short distance, stopping at the carpark exit of Fuji Xerox.

James : GO.. go.. quick…!

Alex and I continued pushing the trolley, our knuckles turning white from gripping the handles so tightly.

Hakim shouted at the 2 PRC and tried to grab them but they were more agile and faster, ducking the reach of his hands and tried to make an attempt to kick our box off the trolley. 


Alex and I turned and we saw Apollo and Benjan coming towards us. Uncle Tong stepped in raising his palms in a graceful manner. 

Fuck for a moment I though some Buddha would appear above him before he strike this 2 fucking foreign talent down to the ground but it did not happen. 

There was no streak of white light, no Buddha, no taiji master. 

Uncle Tong was fast, he stepped forward, catching Benjan by the arm but instead of stopping him, he let Benjan’s own momentum forward carry through as he held onto his wrist. 

Benjan : ARghhh!!! 

He shouted in pain as Uncle Tong locked his wrist, before knocking him into the trunk of a palm tree with his right shoulder. 

Apollo got to Alex and Alex charged at him. 


Their bodies connected and both fell to the ground. 

A taxi slowed down, looking at us curiously before speeding off. 

Across the road, several onlookers had gathered. 

Suddenly I heard Terry’s voice rang out. 

Terry : It’s ok people… it’s ok… team bonding games… just games… 

A few cast a look at Terry and left while a few looked on. 

Hakim grunted and cursed at the 2 PRC that kept dodging his attempt to grab them. 

We were trapped. 

One of the indian staff appeared out of nowhere and kicked Alex’s trolley and I immediately realised why they chose this spot. 

Just a slight push and the trolley stared to roll towards the carpark ramp. 

James : FUCK .! … 

I let go of my trolley the same time I heard Sandy and Belinda engaged Terry who had Jaywalked across the road. 

I could hear the wheels of Alex’s trolley rattle as it bumped and swerve a distance down the slope before I grabbed onto the handle. 

The fucking indian was already running away from the scene. 

Uncle Tong held onto Benjan, cursing in a mix of Cantonese and English. 

Uncle Tong : I dare you to hit me…. I dare you….!!! 

Apollo managed to push Alex off and I shouted for Alex to grab onto his trolley. 

Terry effortlessly shook off the 2 girls and started walking towards me. 

I was about to charge right at Terry when I heard some cursing in mainland Chinese as Hakim managed to grabbed onto one of the PRC guy. His friend tried to help him but he too was grabbed by Hakim’s massive arms. 

It was no good, Hakim too was being tied down as he pushed them backwards, all speaking only in a language they understand aside from ‘fuck you’ 

I made a grab for Terry but he ducked and went around me. He was going for Belinda’s trolley. 

My trolley was free and I as clear. 

Belinda : JAMES!! GO!! 

Sandy screamed and jumped onto Terry from behind, grabbing onto his shoulder while Alex too tried to stop Terry but was caught between holding onto his trolley on the ramp or helping Sandy. 

Belinda grabbed a tuff of Apollo’s hair and they tussled a few feet away from me. 

Belinda : GO!! JAMES !!! GO!! 

Ignoring the mayhem around me, I gripped onto my trolley and went ahead, covering a good 30 metres before I saw another one of the fucking indian staff running towards me. 

This guy though is a little unsure. He looked easier to scare. Even before he could come close, I shouted that I will make sure he never step into Singapore again if he fucking come close to me. 

James : I dare you…. Fuck…. I make sure you never land another job in this country again… 

His eyes betrayed his thoughts and that cost him precious seconds as I raced towards the traffic light right in front of M hotel. 

I could hear the shouts and screams from behind me as I hit the button several times for the lights to turn green. That Indian looked back towards Terry and decided to run to the group behind me. 

As fast as my legs could carry, I pushed the wobbling trolley towards the hotel on my own and when I got close enough to the entrance, a staff came out and helped me. I told him my company and that we have booked 2 function rooms for a presentation.

He directed me to a manager who was talking on the phone at the front desk and I waited impatiently for him to attend to me. Without wasting time, he said he will help me get the trolley and the box into our function room. 

James : Do not let anyone, except me enter the room after you lock it…. I’ll be back in 10 minutes 

Staff : No problem…. 

I don’t know how fast I ran, I only remembered me jaywalking across the same road I just crossed, flying towards the figures of bodies that were still struggling with each other. Alex had managed to get out of the way of the exit ramp, making a little progress.

I was surprised Belinda and Sandy alone could keep Terry from getting to Alex as he maneuvered his trolley while kicking and pushing back the blur cock timid indian staff. 

Uncle Tong was holding onto Benjan as he struggled to push himself loose. You might just think they were playing some running man style name tag ripping game if not for the curses they were hurling at each other. 

Hakim and the 2 PRC guys started trading blows but neither of the blows landed real damage as they were slow enough to be blocked. Most were just threatening shoves and push. 

I don’t know where is Apollo and the other indian staff we encountered earlier. 

I headed straight for Terry in order to separate the girls from him as they shriek and tried to push Terry away from Alex. 


It sounded like the crack of a whip on the hard floor as everyone stopped moving. 

I froze. 

The 2 PRC froze too, their motions halted in midair with their arms intercrossed with Hakim. 

Benjan’s mouth gasped open and Uncle Tong let go of his shirt. 

The timid indian staff turned and ran away. 

I stared in disbelief at Terry. 

Sandy slowly backed away 2 steps before kneeling down beside Belinda. 

Belinda’s left cheek was red and her lip was bleeding. Terry had slapped her so hard that she lost her balance and landed on the floor. 

The silence lasted only for 3 seconds yet it felt so long. 

I immediately ran over to Belinda and I could see her shivering on the floor. Her eyes started to well up as she grinded down on her teeth trying not to cry. 

Hakim : TERRY !! YOU CHEE BYE!!! 

With a hard shove, Hakim sent the 2 PRC chaps onto the ground and he ran towards Terry. 

Before he could reached him, Terry sidestepped Hakim, tripping him on the foot, causing Hakim to stagger and lose his balance. Terry then went for Alex who was transfixed and shocked by the sight of Belinda on the floor. 

Everything happened so fast.

Within seconds. 

James : NO!! 

Uncle Tong made a last ditched attempt to grab Terry but Terry shoved the old man onto the floor. 

Uncle Tong : Arghhhh…. 

Benjan was shocked and he quickly ran over to help Uncle Tong. 

Alex recovered too late and his struggle with Terry lasted barely 2 seconds before Terry pushed the trolley back a little back into the front of the ramp. 

I ran forward but it was too late. 

Terry kicked the box out of the trolley, sending it sliding and tumbling down the carpark ramp before he shouted at all of us. 

Terry : FUCK YOU ALL… FUCK you..!! 

He even went right up to Belinda and shouted right in her face. 

Terry : Especially you.. !!! FUCKING SLUT ….FUCK YOU… ahahahhahaa… 

I stood up and wiped off the sweat from above his lips and nose as he laughed, walking in a triumph manner towards the hotel. 

Alex’s fist was clenched and he wanted to go for Terry as he taunted everyone. 

Terry : Hit me la. !!! COME !!! FUCKING CHEE BYE,… COME !! LAI LA…..fucking faggots… hhahahahah 

I held onto Alex and told him it’s not worth it. 

James : He’s not worth it Alex… he’s not worth it… 

A car happened to exit the building and he honked at us, flashing his high beam for everyone to get out of his way. He wind down the window and asked us to get the stuff out of the way. 

James : Will do… will do… 

Man in car : It’s fallen over to the side down there…. Better clear it… I pushed it to the side already…. If not it’s blocking the ramp… I saw it falling down… 

I was about to thank him when I heard a woman barked at the driver from the back of the car before noticing the passenger beside the driver had only one arm. 

Woman in car : Just go… we’re running late… 

As the car pull off, Alex and I ran down the ramp and saw the box has been turned bottom up. We carried it up and placed it onto the trolley. Belinda had gotten up on her feet and the rest of the team were trying to ask if she was ok and she nodded her head. 

We pushed the trolley without a word towards the hotel where another piece of shocking news awaits us. 

The same manager came out to me and said our boss had arrived and requested for him to open the function room door. 

My legs felt weak and I left the team where they were and ran into the room. 

Terry smirked and laughed as I watch him stood up from the box which had also been turned on it’s back. 

Terry :Hahahah… hahah… fucking loser… 

Pointing to his nose with his thumb he added. 

Terry : The rooms were booked by me… my company… KNN…. I paid for it…hahahhaha… 

With that, he spit a glob of saliva on the carpeted floor before walking off. 

Minutes later, I heard the gasps of my team members as they pushed the other trolley into the function room. 

Hakim : Fuck… what should we do… 

James : Calm down… let’s open it first.. 

We opened up the boxes to check the contents. 

The binded reports were pretty much ok, they’re just stacks of paper, there a limit to how much damage it will suffer as long as they don’t get wet. They’re a bit rough around the edges but still ok. 

The presentation boards though, were not in such a good state. A few pieces were broken at the sides, a bit of chips here and there. It’s not ugly, but just not professional. 

Can you imagine going to a presentation when you are about to throw hundreds of millions of dollars into it and see stuff that are a bit broken here and crumpled at the edges ? 

James : Fuck it… We have no time to reprint . we fix what we can and present it. 

The problem though is the model. 

Within the proposal was one hotel that Omar intended to name after some his father, that was to be developed in detail for the presentation. This was the reason why a model was made for the hotel. 

Both models for both proposals were damaged beyond repair. That bore the brunt of the damage. You could say we can still present with our reports and presentation boards, yes of course we can but the requirements were clear.

Omar wanted a model for his fucking hotel. 

I cannot imagine what he would say when we presented without one. 

James : We… make do with what we have… there’s no other way. 

Hakim : Chee bye… James… we go and destroy their model too la… 

Alex and Hakim walked out without a word to search for the other team’s model. 

I left the room to join them and found them a couple of doors down the corridor in the middle of a commotion. 

It turns out that Apollo and another Indian fellow had come to guard their presentation the moment I broke free from the group. They must have thought I would do the same to theirs. If only I played as dirty. 

The other staff soon appeared and hotel staffed warned us to keep it down or they would have to be forced to call in the authorities. 

With 6 men sitting at the entrance, there was no way we’re getting in. 

I got back into the room and gathered the team. 

James : Let’s set the boards up and prepare whatever we could…. 

Presentation is early tomorrow morning… 


We were done by 3pm and everyone parted ways with a heavy heart. 

I wondered what Mr Liew would say when he realised what Terry had done. 


I received a call from a unknown number and it was Rasid. 

Rasid : Masaa’ al-khayr ( good evening ) !!! Wah hahahah…. 

James : EH ?? Rasid ?? 

Rasid : Yes !! JAMES!!! Wahh.. hahha… we are here in Singapore… 

James : Oh hi… how’s the flight… ? 

Rasid : Fuck the flight… you’re travelling in a tin can in the middle of the air… how can it be good eh… hahha.. wah haha…

James : Oh… ermm..

He cut me off before saying that Omar says hi but he was on the phone talking to some ambassador. 

Rasid : James… looking forward to the presentation tomorrow eh… ahahah… oh.. one more thing…. About…. What we discussed…. Hahaha.. you know… Belinda… hahah… 

James : I… I don’t know about that… I mean.. 

Rasid : Whaaha… don’t be nervous James… haha.. relax… it’s a beautiful night…. 

He went on to say that Omar and him would be attending our dinner and dance as well tomorrow evening. 

Rasid : See you tomorrow James… hahha..

James : See you… 


I called Belinda and told her Rasid called. 

James : I think we need to talk about this… you should just.. 

Belinda cut me off and said she has something to tell me. 

Belinda : Can you come over to my place ?? 

James : What ? Now..? 

Belinda : Yes.. 

James : Can we talk over the phone ? 

Belinda : I would prefer not to.. 

James : Ok… I’ll grab a cab over.. 


When Belinda opened the door, I could see my in laws open their mouth in shock as they stared at the man who married their daughter for the first time in years. 

I don’t even know to address them properly. 

Before they could say anything, Belinda grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me into her room. 

James : What are you …. 

Before I could finish my sentence, I stopped. 

I could feel the air being drained out of my lungs as I stared at the exact same model of the hotel sitting on Belinda’s table. 

I turned to look at her as she stood with folded arms and stared at the model. 

James : What is this ? 

Belinda : I learnt from your boss… he made 2 previously… didn’t he ??? 


ames : What… what…. Fuck… why didn’t you say anything ??? 

Belinda : What could I say ?? That I have another??? To tell Terry to come here and try again ?? 

I sat down on the bed and looked at the model. 

It was nicely done and Belinda paid for it out of her own pocket. 

No one in the office knew. 

Belinda : What should I do..? 

James : Well you planned for it.. bring it along tomorrow…. Your proposal is better than mine… with this… you would surely win Omar over… 

Something seemed to bother Belinda as she bit her fingernails as she let her thoughts drift away. Her left arm was folded across her full breast as her right rested on the back of her left wrist, her teeth covering near her thumb as she lost herself in her thoughts. 

I looked at the model again and realised instantly what was going through her mind. 

Having this presented a different set of problems. 

If Belinda presented this, it would make my team the only one to present to Omar without a model. 

If she doesn’t, her effort goes down the drain and there’s a chance we might not get the project even though Omar clearly has a liking for her. 

Well, what could we do ? Tell Omar Terry plays dirty ? 

Omar Omar, Terry destroyed our models . 

This sounds awfully like some preschool kinds complaining to their teachers. There is no way anyone in their right mind would entrust hundreds of millions worth of project to you. 

People pay you for solutions, not to listen to your problems. 

Mr Liew would not like this. 

With his ego and his previous brush with Belinda, it was clear he hated her for stealing his jobs even though they were peanuts compared to this one. Imagine if he had to let Belinda take this from under his nose, he would surely blow the top.

Ego and anger, one of the few things that caused the downfall of many man throughout history. 

I hated moments like this as I struggled with my thoughts. 

When Belinda and my eyes met, we knew we were thinking about the same thing. 

10 minutes went by before I decided to just do it.

James : We’ll bring it in at the last minute…. To avoid any other accident. 

She nodded her head and after a short chat, I left her room. 

I could see my in laws loitering outside in the living room but before they could ask anything, Belinda snapped at them. 

Belinda : Don’t ask me anything !!!…nothing!…He’s leaving now !! 

I smiled awkwardly at my in laws before heading straight out the door. 

I could not sleep that night. 

On one hand I was thankful Belinda had a backup, on the other, I wonder what everyone would think when I walk into the presentation with another model in hand. 

One that was of Belinda’s proposal. 

What would they think of me ? 

That I was in cahoots with her ? 

Still, you have to look at the big picture. 

Belinda is part of our team. I have no doubt with the model, she would get the project and it would still remain in our team. We can support her if she takes the lead, Mr Liew still holds the decision making power when it comes to money matter for the masterplan, the only downside would be his ego taking a hit. 

How much is a KG of Ego worth ? 

Surely not as much as the money that Omar would be giving. 

I just hope Mr Liew would be rationale in his thoughts when he sees the model. 

18th March 2012



I checked my phone and Mr Liew had just landed in Singapore. He would be heading back for a shower to freshen up before meeting us at the hotel. 

Terry was to present first at 8.30am 

Followed by Belinda at 9.15am

Last would be me at 10am.

30 minutes each with 15 minutes for Q & A. 

7.30 am 

I reached Belinda’s place and went into her room. She put on a pair of grey pants and a dark maroon long sleeve blouse. I saw the set of school uniforms from her JC days hanging outside the cupboard and it brought back old memories of the fun we used to have in them, causing an instant reaction. 

Belinda dropped out of JC after 1 year and went to a polytechnic. She worn her uniforms more times in bed with me than she wore them to school, so naturally, seeing them up on the hanger right in front of me gave me quite an erection. 

By the side of her cupboard was a pair of white canvas school shoes, a old pair she dug up that was pretty well maintained. 

White shoes with white laces, a thin rim of red ran around the perimeter of the base followed by that familiar dark blue rim below. 

Belinda saw me looking and kicked me on my leg. 

Belinda: It’s for the dinner and dance….. best dressed competition…. Trip to Maldives you know..… 

She put on a bit of make up to mask the swell on her cheek but it’s still quite obvious. 


Belinda and I booked a maxi cab for 2 hours and we loaded the model up before making our way to the hotel. 


The smooth traffic allowed us to reach M hotel in 30 minutes but we remained in the car, parked a few blocks away. 

By then my phone had rang several times before the messages came. 

Everyone was asking me where I was but I did not reply them. 

Surprisingly, Belinda’s phone did not ring. 

If only my team had bothered to read through what Belinda had done up on her own. They would surely know her proposal beat ours hands down. 
She had addressed some concerns that would surely be raised up while we missed it out completely.


Hakim sms : Terry’s proposal is shit… he kena wack jia lat jia lat by the client… come and see show quick … bring popcorn.


Sandy sms : Where are you ???

Mr Liew sms : You ok ?? What happened ? 


We directed the driver to drive us right up to the entrance of M hotel and we unloaded the model. Belinda walked in front with our bags while I balanced it carefully on my hands. 


Belinda opened the door to our room right when we saw Terry’s room down the corridor open up. 

We could hear people talking as they made their way over to our room. 

I could even hear Rasid laugh . 


The sound of the group got louder and louder as Belinda and I set the model down on the table in front of her presentation boards.

The first to turn the corner was Mr Lau, the boss, together with Omar. 

Rasid followed closely behind. 

I could feel my breathing go erratic. 

My hands started feeling sweaty. 

There was this unexplained lump in my throat. 

Hakim came in and when he saw the model, his face froze and he blinked twice before looking at me. 

Sandy was laughing while chatting with Rasid and she too stopped a bit abruptly when her eyes caught what was on the table. 

Alex and Uncle Tong stared at me without a word after looking up from the model. 

Terry’s fist was clenched as he glared at Belinda, trying to control himself from smashing it again.

Mr Liew levelled his eyes at me without a word as he looked at Belinda’s model. The team no doubt would have updated him about what happened to our materials from the day before.

But no one…. No one knew about this extra stunt Belinda pulled. 

Nothing could describe the feeling of being looked at like this while Belinda aced the presentation. Right from the moment she began, she oozed confidence and she answered every question from the client as if she already anticipates them the night before.

Omar was all smiles. Rasid for the first time was more excited about the project than he was with Belinda. 

Before the 30 minutes is over, one thing is for sure. Omar would pick Belinda’s proposal for sure. 

As Belinda wrapped hers up, Omar had only 1 question for her. 

Omar : Who gave you that bruise on your face ? 

Belinda just smiled and deflected the question away but I noticed he briefly glanced towards Terry who was talking to one of his PRC staff. 

When it was my turn to present, it became glaringly clear I was the only dumb fuck in the office that presented without a model. 

Add on to the fact that my work is not as good as Belinda’s, Omar lost interest within 15 minutes and he cut me short.

Omar : I think that’s enough…thank you James…. I think I can decide right now which proposal I would pick…. 

The bosses and clients mingled for another 10 minutes before they filed out of the room. 

Mr Liew : gather everyone James… 

I did as I was told and Mr Liew closed the door. 

I heard him took a deep breath before he asked me softly. 

Mr Liew : What is this ?? 

Belinda : Mr Liew… it’s…. 

Mr Liew shouted so loud in the room that everyone fell silent. 


It caught Belinda off guard as well, she tried to speak again but Mr Liew slammed his hand down onto the table so loud that Sandy jumped backwards and Uncle Tong had to hold on to her. 

Mr Liew : Why…….do we not … have another model ?

I stared in disbelief at Mr Liew. 

Even before he started, I knew where this was going. 

James : We did not know Terry was going to play dirty… 

Mr Liew : Then what about her ??? !

No one said a word. 

Mr Liew pointed his finger at me. 

Mr Liew : Tell me James…. Did you know she has another one ?? DID YOU!!! She fucking made us look so miserable..!!! 

James : What are you talking about… we’re the same team ! 

Mr Liew : WHAT SAME TEAM !! .. she stole projects from us JAMES!!!… 

Belinda wanted to speak up again as she took a step forward.

He proceeded to point a finger at Belinda and shouted at her. 

Mr Liew : You keep quiet…. I want to hear it from James…. 

Mr Liew : Tell me James… tell me…. She lied to all of us… tell me she did this behind all our backs…. I will fucking kick her out of our team… she can go work on this on her own since she’s so capable…TELL ME!! 

James : Mr LIEW !… 

He cut me off with another shout. 

I have never seen him so angry before. 

Mr Liew : YES OR NO!!!! Did you know about this ??? 

He pointed his finger so hard at the model that his arms shook at the force. 

No one spoke for a good 5 seconds before Mr Liew softened his tone a little. 

Mr Liew : Please… James… tell me you didn’t know about this….. tell me it was all her tricks …. She deceived us…..tell me she did not just watch our effort go down the drain while she secretly have a backup model… 

Mr Liew : Tell me…. She lied…. I will fire her….. everything goes back to normal…… none of this happened… please James…. Tell me… 

I sighed and looked at Mr Liew. 

James : Listen… to what you are saying Mr Liew….

He blatantly ignored what I just said.

Mr Liew : Tell me… it was all her… 

Belinda : James did not know !! 


James : ENOUGH!! 


For the first time I shouted back at my mentor. The same man that had taught me everything I knew.


Mr Liew’s eyes closed and he refused to register what I just said. 

Mr Liew : Just answer my question James…. Did you know ? 

The silence in the room is deafening. 

I could even hear people walking along the corridor outside the room. 

I could even hear the low hum of the air conditioner from the supply grilles. 

Mr Liew’s eyes stared right through me, I could not make out if it was anger or disappointment he was trying to convey but I knew it was pure stupidity. 

Just as I expected, he has let his anger and ego take over him. 

James : Yes……… I did.. 

I could see all my team mate’s eyes widened as they glared at me. Belinda immediately grabbed my arm and protested, saying that I had no part in this but Mr Liew did not want to hear anything from her. 

He shook his head with a smile and put up his hand at Belinda, telling her to stop talking as he looked at me in the eye. 

Mr Liew : One more time James… did you know ? …. 

As our eyes met, I had flashes of our past experiences come and go. 

The times when Mr Liew was without an assistant and I was the only one who helped him. 

The times when no one believed in his proposal and that he was capable of greater things and I was the only one who stood by his side. 

The time when he became a father and I was the 1st one to visit him. 

The times when we worked late into the night, binge drinking on Japanese whiskey as we filled the office with our drunken swears of vulgarities. 

And of course, the times when we won projects from bigger and better teams.

All those memories came and went. 

James : Yes ….. I did. … 

Belinda : JAMES!! What are you doing !!!… James !!! 

She tugged me on my arm repeatedly, pulling my shirt and pushing my torso. 

Belinda : James!!.. James!!.. JAMES!!! NO!… don’t lie … you did not know this until last night !!! 

Belinda looked towards Mr Liew before looking at the rest of the team. 

Belinda : James did not know !!… he really did not know…it’s just me…. I did it on my own.. 

Right at that moment, the door to the function room opened and Omar walked in with a smart swagger followed by Rasid and 2 of their aides. 

Omar : Don’t mind me… please carry ok… guys are pretty loud… we could hear everything outside… 

He pulled a chair, flipped it so the back faces his front and sat down backstreet boy style. 

Omar : I mean it… carry on… 

There was no smile on Rasid’s face. 

Mr Liew just looked at Omar. 

He could not give two fucks he was the client. At that moment, his ego was all that matters. 

Belinda’s hand was still on my arm, tugging and shaking me to wake up. 

Mr Liew : James…. I’m not kidding….. are you sure…. 

James : Yes I am…. 

He looked up into the ceiling of the function room with a sigh, letting his sights stop there for a moment. 

Mr Liew turned back to face me and said it to my face. 

Mr Liew : You’re fired. 

After 2 seconds, everyone on my team started talking, questioning Mr Liew but he just walked out of the room. 

Belinda : What are you doing James !!! 

I could see she was on the brink of tears. 

Omar just smiled and asked Belinda again. 

Omar : Belinda… 

The room fell silent once more. 

Omar : Who….. 

Omar: gave you…. 

Omar : that bruise ??? 

Belinda’s eyes closed as she thought about the question.

Omar : Well…. James got fired…. I’m the only one that can get him back his job …. I can always insist I want him… 

Belinda reacted too quickly, her body moved forward, her left foot taking a step too fast, her eyes opened and her lips almost blurted out the name but she stopped herself in time. 

It’s too late. 

Omar smiled and nodded his head slowly as he looked at Belinda. 

Not only did Omar see it, the rest of my team member saw it too. 

That reaction. 

The sudden reaction and expression that is impossible to fake. 

Belinda panicked and quickly let go of my arm.

Omar cast our fate in stone with his final question. 

Omar : Who is James to you Belinda ?? ….. ..or rather… 

He looked back at me. 

Omar : James……. who is Belinda to you ?? girlfriend ? lover ? …. 

All eyes fell on me as she shook her head desperately before looking at me. Her eyes pleading for me help. 

Belinda : Omar please.. we’re just… 

I cut her off immediately and added.

James: Nobody…. We’re just colleagues.. 

Omar laughed…. 

Omar : You forgot what I told you about me reading people James …. Haha… I don’t believe you.. 

He stood up and straightened his suit.

Omar : I’ll see you at your dinner and dance party later Belinda…. 

Rasid’s aides ushered the rest of the team out including Belinda to the café where refreshments were prepared for everyone.

Rasid : A word please James…. 

As the heavy door closed, Rasid gestured to a chair and we sat opposite each other. 

James : What do you want…. You’ve already heard…. I’m fired… I can’t help you with anything… 

Rasid laughed. 

Rasid : Hahaha… of course you can hahahah… wahahaha…. 

James : I cannot get you Belinda….. she would not agree to it. 

I had to hold back my frustration as Rasid just chuckled at me. 

Rasid : Well, your other colleague is pretty too… that Sandy… wahahah… 

I got up on my feet. 

James : You know what… I’m going back for a good sleep…all these are no longer any of my concerns… 

Suddenly the door opened and I saw Belinda walked in. 

She checked to make sure no one followed her. 

James : What are you doing here ? I’m talking to….. 

Belinda ignored me and went straight to Rasid. 

Belinda : Please Rasid…. I want to work with James on this… if not I’m quitting…. Please tell Omar… 

Rasid took a look at Belinda and laughed. 

James : What are you doing ?? … don’t be mad… i.. 

Rasid : Who is James to you Belinda ? 

Before I could stop Belinda, she blurted out that we’re dating. 

Belinda : He’s my boyfriend.. 

My jaws dropped and I turned to look at my wife. 

Rasid : Wah… haha.. hahahaha… good… good….

He looked at Belinda with his lecherous eyes and invited both of us up to his room. 

I wanted to tell Belinda not to do it but she shrugged my hands off her. 

I don’t know what happened. 

It was like I was being hypnotized. 

Without even realising it, I found myself outside Rasid’s suite and when the door opened, I could see Aliya behind the door smiling at me. 

I wanted to move. 

I wanted to grab Belinda and run but my limbs would not react to the commands my mind is giving. 

Rasid introduced Belinda and me as a couple to Aliya and she chuckled , covering her mouth shyly. 

Aliya : So you are boyfriend and girlfriend now ?? hur hur…

Rasid sat down on his hair and smiled at Belinda. 

James : Dear… don’t do this…. There’s no need for this.. I don’t want this job… 

Belinda : Shut up James… I’m not doing this project without you… 

James : I’m not letting you do this… 

Aliya glided back to Rasid and both of them laughed at us as we argued in front of them. 

Rasid : I haven even said what I wanted James… why do you keep telling Belinda to say no ?? wahhh… wahhh… wahahahah…. 

I watch him whisper to Aliya as she smiled and walked towards me. 

James : No… no. no. no… Aliya… it’s ok… no… I don’t… 

Rasid laughed. 

He smacked his thighs and laughed. 

James : No Rasid.. I mean it.. I don’t…. I don’t want… 

As I backed away from Aliya, I watched helplessly as Rasid gestured for Belinda to go forward. 

James : Dear don’t do it !!… don’t ! 

A smiled broke out on Rasid’s face as I gasped in a breath of cold air when the robe Aliya was wearing fell to the ground. 

Rasid stood up and touched Belinda’s hair. 

I could see from behind her she had her fist clenched and she was trying to stop herself from shivering. 

James : NO Belinda, stop !!.. don’t do it !!!… don’t !! 

Rasid laughed. He let his hands trace around Belinda’s waist as he walked one round around her while I continue to back away from a laughing Aliya who found me amusing. 

I watched as Rasid reached for Belinda’s privates and rubbed onto her pussy from outside her clothes, licking his lips slyly. 

I lost my concentration for a moment and Aliya laughed and hugged herself around me as I tried to pull myself loose. 

Aliya : I like you James… ahhaa…

James : Aliya no… please..i..i… 

She hugged and pulled me over to Rasid, laughing and talking in Arabic to her husband. 

Whatever she said, it made Rasid do happy and cracked him up so much that he laughed and laughed. 

It took a good 3 minutes before Rasid calmed down and wiped away tears from his eyes. 

Rasid : Here’s the deal James…. Hahahha… 

He tried to fight off another bout of laughing and he said the very words that felt like someone had stabbed me in my spine with a cold frozen blade. 

Rasid : Let’s play a game James… you know I Iike games….haha…

Rasid : Whatever you don’t do….. to Aliya……. I will do it…. With Belinda….wahahahahhaahah…. 

Belinda’s eyes blinked twice and darted to meet mine as Aliya chuckled. 

Rasid took the hotel clock and placed it in front of me. 

Rasid : I give you….. 15 mintues….remember James…. Whatever is not done with Aliya….. I will do it with Belinda……wahahahahhahaha…. That includes an orgasm too whahahahahaha…. 

Belinda looked lost and was totally speechless. 

Rasid smirked and tapped the clock the moment the minute hand hit 11.30am 

Rasid : Your time…. Starts now…. 


I don’t know what to think. 

I don’t even know what to do as Aliya lets go of my hand and retreated to the bed, biting her lips to give me the innocent and helpless look. 

I can’t move. I really can’t 

I looked at Belinda helplessly and I wanted to speak but nothing came out. In the end I forced myself to tell Rasid we will both quit the job.

James : We’ll both leave the company together, we don’t need this project…we’ll… we’ll get another job elsewhere…

Rasid laughed. 

Rasid : The clock is ticking James……hahaha…. No one forced the 2 of you to walk into this room… you did so out of your own free will…… 

He rubbed his stomach and played with his moustache. 

Rasid : Walk out and I will destroy you…. No one will trust you guys with any projects… wahahah….sounds quite mean… but… oh well…. Clock is still ticking James… hahaha… 

I looked at Aliya who had gotten in the king size bed. 

Her legs glide sensually against the other, her feet rubbing up her own inner thigh as she got onto the knees, like a wild kitten prancing towards her pillows. Every movement of hers is so graceful, so gentle and measured that it felt like she was putting me into a trance. 

Her skin is flawless, and her eyes, those big green eyes of hers. They peered right through me, tempting me to make my move. 

Fuck her you say ? 

Anyone would do it if given the chance. 

If only things were that simple. 

Rasid : Go on James… I want to see…. How seriously you people take this… boyfriend, girlfriend thingy… wahahaha… 

Rasid’s eyes glowed with anticipation. 

Belinda and I were caught in a bind and it was exactly this kind of helpless situation that turned Rasid on. 

Rasid : Hahaha…. Difficult decision eh ?? 

As his chuckled faded into the back of my head, I could not help but agree with him. 

What the fuck can I do ? 

Sure, I could fuck Aliya, fuck her in every possible fucking hole she has on her body so Rasid would not get to do it to Belinda but I would be doing so in full view of my wife. 

Does this even make sense to you ? 

So I don’t do it, then Rasid would get to enjoy every hole Belinda has to offer. 

I was sure the same thoughts ran through Belinda’s head as she stared at me. Her lips trembled a little as Rasid started talking in the background. 

Rasid : Let me give you a little help James…. Wahhaha… I’ll….. tell you what I want to do to Belinda…. 

He slowly paced around the room as I watch the time tick away. 

Rasid : I would…. Fuck my cock…. Into her small mouth, making her slowly suck on my dick… ahahah… I know she would resist initially…. But I will push in some more…. Little by little until she starts to gag… 

I could see Belinda swallowing a gulp of her saliva.

Rasid : Even if she willingly takes my cock into her mouth, I would still push in further, till my balls rub against her chin…. Wahahaha…..

He quickly took a few steps towards Belinda as she backed away into the dresser table and continued his imaginary menu of stuff he wanted to do. 

Rasid : I would lick her cunt of course, savouring the juice from her warm pussy…. Slowing putting my tongue into her love hole….. I would lick her flaps… twirl me tongue around her soft skin…hahahha..

He pinched his finger together like a chef who had just sampled some delicacies before going on. 

Rasid : Her breast… yes… I’ve always wanted to slowly squeeze and fondle the breast of a petite Asian woman…. One that…. I don’t pay for… wahahaha….ok… maybe I should rephrase that…. One that is so…. Spicy… eh… I like spicy… James…. Belinda is … spicy…

Rasid giggled to himself as he exchanged looks with his wife. 

Rasid : Yes… yes… Belinda is like an exotic spice…I would slurp up her breast, nurse on them like a calf feeding off her mother… whahahah…. Suck.. suck… suck…~~~ 

He even made a motion of sucking and slurping towards Belinda as his hands mimicked the action of squeezing on them as he laughed harder.

His laughter got even more erratic as he went on, obviously enjoying himself. 

Rasid : Of course… I would fuck Belinda slowly…. I will take her to paradise…whaha… I take all my women to paradise… haha… She would shake…. Beg…. Moan…. And cry…. As she feel me inside her… feel me go in and out….. in and out… in and out… whahaha….. 

Then he lowered his voice significantly. 

Rasid : And her ass too…. I can tell it would be a lot tighter…did you fuck her in the ass James ??? wahahaha….i will pushed myself all the way in, feel her squirm as I cum into her, then I can slowly savour and enjoy watching the cum drip down the sides of your girlfriend’s legs…. Whahah…. 

He turned around and pointed to the clock. 

Rasid : James…. 3 minutes is gone…. Are you still considering..? hahaha… I hope that gave you some ideas eh…. Whahaha…. 

Belinda by then had retreated to the dresser and her legs no longer had strength to carry her body weight. She collapsed onto the chair as Rasid started to take off his clothes. 

I immediately dashed over to Aliya and she yelped in surprised before giggling at my impatience. 

I have it all planned. 

I have it all mapped out in my brain. 

It will be very systematic. 

I just need to do the series of actions and that was it. All I wanted was to block off Rasid’s advance to Belinda. As long as I did all the things and fuck Aliya in all her holes, there was nothing Rasid could do. I only hope he keeps his promise. 

First I will kiss Aliya, then lick her cunt. 

Then I will make her suck my cock while I nurse on her breast in the 69 position. 

After that I would fuck her before forcing my dick into her ass. 

One action, one rep each. 

I would have covered everything . Then I would make Aliya masturbate for me before cumming onto her face. 

Not only will I shoot onto her face, I would shoot only her breast, her stomach, the top of her pussy and maybe rubbed the excess all over her asshole. 

Fuck, that would cover everything. 

I did a 3 second mental checklist to make sure I covered all the bases and I was glad. All the holes that can be fucked would have been fucked by me. 

Aliya giggled as I pressed my mouth onto hers. I wanted to peel away the moment out lips touched, I wanted to tick off the checklist as soon as I could but I can’t 

I can’t 

Aliya is the devil. 

My lips touched her soft lips, it was moist, and tender, and they parted slowly as her hands grabbed onto me and started taking off my clothes. 

Her tongue came into my mouth and for some reason, I could not peel away.I wanted to. 

Fuck I really wanted to. 

But I can’t .

As she kissed me, our eyes met and she was smiling. 

She was smiling not only with her mouth but only with her eyes. Her breath is so sweet, it was like the smell of approaching spring after a long winter. Her lips alternated between kissing me and smiling at me, her tongue, teased mine to come out of my mouth. 

I’m resisting. 

I really am but it was a losing battle. 

I did not even realised my clothes had came off and I had an erection until Aliya grabbed onto my cock with her hands, stroking and playing with my erected manhood. One that she knows she would conquer in the minutes to come. 

Rasid clapped in the background and whooped. 

Rasid : Whoop !!nice James…. Hahahaha….. clock is still ticking… 

He went on to direct his statement to Belinda next as Aliya’s palms slid up my stomach, brushing against my nipples. Her touch is so soothing, her hands are smooth and lukewarm in the cold room of the hotel. 

The comfort level of being touched by Aliya was out of this world. I cannot explain it. 

Rasid : Awwww.w….. Belinda… that meant I can’t kiss you later… hahaha… 

He dick an imaginary tick in mid air before I was pushed down onto my back. My underwear came off as I felt the cold draft of the air con hit my testicles. It only lasted a second before Aliya’s mouth sucked onto the tip of my uncircumcised cock. 

Rasid : Ohh…. You still have your foreskin James… wahaha… good luck to you… ahahahah…. Aliya…. Likes men…. With their skin on… 

Before I could contemplate what that even means, I groaned in orgasmic pleasure as my brain fired millions of electrical signals all over my body. Aliya’s mouth sucked down hard on my dick, creating a vaccum of sort as she pushed down on my foreskin slowly. 

James : ARghhhh….arghhhh… 

I almost went into spasm as Aliya’s fingers started to massage and flicked my nipples. 

My eyes met Belinda’s and she was transfixed on the scene. 

I quickly snapped myself back into control. 

I had to fight this. 

I had to.. 

James : Arghhhh..,.aghhhhgjh…

My whole body shook as my foreskin got rolled back onto itself and the sensitive bulb of my dick opened up like a blooming flower to Aliya’s foxy mouth. Her saliva coated my dick head and the suction was so forceful I thought I would cum there and then. 

No I cannot. 

I cannot cum… 

If I did, I would not have completed the list of actions I needed to do. 

James : arghh!!!!aeghhg…. 

My eyes widened as Aliya’s head started to move. 

I almost wanted to shout no… 

James: Arghh.. arghh… 

My shaft felt like it was being massaged by the most skilled masseuse money can buy and the tingling sensation radiated throughout my privates as I groaned like a pussy in front of Aliya. 

Rasid : Wahahaha… what did I say James… what did I say… wahahaha…..

James : No.. no.. no…a rghh.. arghhh.. arghh… 

I clenched down on my teeth hard not because it was painful. 

It was comfortable. 

It was fucking comfortable that subconsciously, I held onto the lush mane of hair Aliya had on her head. 

James : Argghhh.. aghh.. 

I wanted to pull out. 

I wanted her to stop but I can’t 

Aliya : LSurppzzz… slurrrppzzz…. Pppppooopp!!! 

That popped when Aliya pulled out my saliva coated dick almost pushed me over the edge as I squeeze down on my bladder and forced myself to think of something else. 

Aliya gave me her mesmerising smile as she brushed back her hair, ready to continue sucking my cock. 

I tried to back away and she laughed. 

Aliya : Come on James… I like you… hur hur… 

James : Wait.. wait.. Aliya…a rghhh.. arghhhhh… 

Aliya’s hands found my balls and she squeezed onto them gently but hard enough to immobilise my body before her mouth engulfed my cock once more. 

James : ARghhh… arghhh…. 

Rasid : whahaha… See Belinda… my wife just saved you from sucking my cock !!!.. whahahhaa….

I could feel her mouth suck and squeeze as she slid her lips down my shaft till the tip of my dick hit something. I don’t know what it was but even using that part of her mouth, she gave me countless jibes of pleasure. 

James :Arghhh arghhh… arghh…. Aliya… arghhh… 

I tried to pull Aliya up towards me and orientate her bottom up. She caught the drift and stopped sucking on my cock for a moment as she right herself properly. Brushing her hair back she smiled charmingly at me before straddling my face. 

Her panty was a nice light blue with a smattering of flowery motifs in white, pink and a little bit of yellow. I don’t know what to expect but as she lowered her pussy towards me, my muscle memory took over. 

I kissed onto her cunt and started licking her through her panty. 

Rasid laughed and clapped again, expressing his disappointment that he would not be able to lick Belinda’s pussy. 

Rasid : Awww…. I always wanted to know how a Singaporean girl taste like… ahahha.. wahaha… 

Aliya had this exotic fragrance coming even from her vagina. There is this sweet scent of flowers blooming in the morning as I licked the slits of her pussy through her panty. 

I don’t know how long I licked as I stroked the side of her thighs before Aliya stopped and got off me. I wanted to change position and quickly go through the list but she pulled off her soaked panty and position herself over me once more. 

Her vagina is beautiful. Totally bare, hairless and the colours I was seeing looked like someone had applied makeup on her privates. 

The slits and folds were almost symmetrical, and as I licked into her vagina entrance, I could feel her body react, Aliya squirmed in pleasure, losing the momentum on my cock. I pushed my face into her pussy, and she lowered herself onto me. 

I could feel the soft velvet folds of her vagina pressing against the sides of my lips. My saliva and copious amount of her womanly juice mixed and danced in my mouth before flowing down the sides of my cheeks. 

I sucked and licked onto Aliya’s lovely folds, tasting and licking her love juice as my finger massaged her clitoris at an awkward angle. 

It was a battle. 

I was fighting to control my dick inside Aliya’s mouth while she was trying to keep her control from my invading tongue. 

I manged to adjust and suck onto Aliya’s clitoris. 

Aliya : aRwrrrrrhhhhh.. arghhhh..eghhh… 

She stopped sucking on my cock.

I sucked harder, letting my tongue flicked and slap her sensitive and engorged clit. 

James : Slurppzzz… slurpzzz.. slurppzzzzz…

Aliya : ARghhh.. arghhh.. arghh…. 

Aliya just moaned as I felt her dangling hair brush against my dick, my thighs and my balls. She was in the perfect position to suck me but she stopped, allowing herself to enjoy the sinful pleasure of having her pussy licked and her clitoris sucked. 

Rasid : Woah.. woah… ahahhaah…James… hahaha…. My wife likes you … ahahaha…

Aliya : aereghhh..e ghhh… erghhh @#$@#$…a rghhh.. erergnnn @#$@#$@$ 

Aliya moaned as I increased the frequency of my tongue and sucking. I felt her hand grab my dick and tried to masturbate me but the rhythm is all wrong, it was erratic. She lost control of her body. 

She moaned and spoke bits and pieces of Arabic to Rasid and Rasid laughed heartily. 

James : SLurrrpppzzz… slurpzzz…. Zzhoooootttttsss…. Larppll..larppp….sluzpzzz…

I did not let up on my licking and sucking. I forced myself to carry on even though my tongue and mouth hurts. 

I need to bring Aliya to her orgasm. 

Suddenly I felt Aliya’s left hand grip onto my left calf as she lowered herself further onto me. 

I struggled to breath but I held on. 

She was even starting to grind her pussy as I licked onto her vagina. 

Then I felt her right hand grip my right calf too as she moaned louder and louder. 

Aliya : ARhhhh.. arghhhh… arghhhh .. James… arghhhhh… James… arghhhh….

Her feet were by the sides of my head and they closed in, squeezing themselves tightly by my ears as they rubbed against my head. 

Aliya : Araghhh.. aeghhh…arghhh… 

I was running out of air and energy. 

I gave one last burst of licking, and tongue slap of her clitoris as Aliya’s moans because a high pitched scream. 

Aliya : ARGhhhHHHHH.. EEKKKKKK!!! arHGHH… 

Her bottom started to shake. 

Her movements became erratic. 

She was fighting to keep it in control but she was losing it. 

She knew she was losing it. 

All the shaking and shivering climaxed at one point when she sucked in a large gulp of air and she no longer moved. 

For the half a second, she just sucked in gulp of air into her lungs and her body was frozen, only the sound of her gasping for oxygen was audible. 

I took that as a que and plunged my tongue into Aliya’s pussy the moment she moaned so loud that she drowned out the voice of Rasid’s laughing and clapping in the room. 

Aliya : aRghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! arGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! 

Aliya’s bottom and pussy trashed and rubbed all over my face, coating me with her love juice. She rubbed her pussy along the entire ridge of my nose, using it as a fuck toy to bring her waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure. 


As the waves of orgasm started to ebb away, I quickly pulled myself out and flipped Aliya over onto the back as she panted and moan. 

James : Condoms…. Where are the condoms…. 

Rasid laughed and threw a few over to me. 

I quickly grabbed one and capped myself before I fuck myself into Aliya. Her body tensed up, her fingers gripped onto the bedsheets beside her as her smile broke into a wide grin. I drive my cock deep into her pussy, fucking her deep, smacking her for Rasid to hear. 

Rasid : Whahah… fuck her James… fuck her good… wahahah…. 

I held myself back and pulled out after about 10 strokes. 

I still need to fuck Aliya in her ass. 

Aliya is wet, totally drenched with her cunt juice at the bottom and I could see a lot of it flowing down back to her asshole. 

I rubbed it around the entry and Aliya smiled playfully before getting up on her fours, bending over obediently to offer up her anal. 

Rasid : Come on … come on James… you are using up all the holes….. ahahahah.. leave one for me at least… I want to fuck Belinda in her ass ….. ahahahah…. 

Without hesitating, I pushed against Aliya anal with my throbbing dick. It was tight but it was easier than expected. I slid in a little at first as she moaned. 

Then after the initial resistance, I stared to glide in smoothly. I went further and further as Rasid cheered and Aliya moaned. 

I fucked myself right up to my balls and delivered a good 10 impactful strokes into Aliya before I pulled myself out with a grunt. 

James : ARghhhh !! 

I collapsed onto the bed and removed the condom. Throwing it to the side of the bed as I panted and gasp for breath. 

Belinda stared in shock and I could see her bite her lips. 

I could even see her mouth the words ‘ sorry ‘ as I filled my lungs with oxygen. 

Rasid : Times up!!! Wahahaha.. hahah… good James… good…. Hahah… you make me so horny…. I want to fuck my wife now… hahaha… 

Aliya hugged herself onto me, kissing me again, giving me a wide grin. 

Aliya : I like you James… I really do.. hahha… Shall we do this again ?? …

I shook my head and started to pull away from Aliya as she teased me. 

Belinda ran into the bathroom and grabbed me a towel. 

James : So that’s it… I’ve done everything.. 

Rasid : No… you have not… 

James : I’ve fucked every hole possible…I’ve…. 

Rasid laughed and cut me off. 

Rasid : But… you did not cum… which means… I get to cum… with Belinda…. 

Belinda and I froze. 

James : But I already did everything….there is nothing… 

Rasid cut me off again. 

Rasid : Oh…. Have a little imagination James…. I don’t need Belinda’s hands…her mouth…. Her pussy…. Or her ass to cum…. There are other ways… whahaha…. 

He gestured to the bathroom and asked me to wash up. 

Rasid : Wash up James…. I enjoyed the show… I really did…. But for now… I need to…. Discipline my wife…. For enjoying herself with another man… whahahah.. haha… 

He turned to Belinda. 

He held up his phone to show me a screen of me fucking Aliya and I gasped in shock. 

James : What are you doing !!! 

Rasid : I could not help it… hahaha.. I want to see the show again… wahahaha…. Don’t worry… it’s be safe…. We arabs have very good encryption technology….wahahaha…. 

Rasid : As for you…. I’ll see you tonight ya Belinda…. After your dinner and dance…. I believed…you have some theme party going on…. School uniforms or something ? whahaha….

Belinda grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the bathroom to wash up. 

It was a funny and awkward sight. 

There I was showering in the bathroom after fucking Aliya as Belinda waited by the side with a towel for me. 

We got dressed and left the room. 

We walked so fast to the lift lobby that we forgot to breathe. 

Only after the lift door closed did we regain our composure. 

The lift descended and we did not speak to each other. 

This is fucked up. 

James : I’m…. I’m sorry…. i… 

Belinda : It’s ok James… I understand… 

I don’t believe her. 

How the fuck can a wife look at her husband do that and not be affected. 

James : Belinda… i… 

Belinda : I… don’t remember you being that good with your tongue though… 

She folded her arms and looked at me from the side of her eyes and I laughed awkwardly. 

James : ERgmmmmmhh … ahhaa.. 

Belinda : I’m… really ok…. I think…. We’re….. we’re separated after all…. It’s not like… 

The lift door chimed open on the ground floor and we saw Mr Liew in front of us. 

Before we could step out or say anything, he pushed both Belinda and me back into the lift and quickly jabbed at a random high floor until the lift door closed. 

Mr Liew : Where did you 2 go !!! I’m been trying to find you. !! 

We were shocked. 

We just stared wide eyed at Mr Liew. 

Mr Liew : I have no time to explain…. Mr Lau would be making a speech in a few minutes…. Everyone needs to be there… 

Mr Liew grabbed my shoulder excitedly. 

The anger was gone. 

That irrational anger and spite was gone. 

He seemed like a totally different person . He looked excited, happy and full of drive. 

Mr Liew : It’s happening James… it’s happening…. 

James : What… what is happening… ? 

Mr Liew looked at Belinda and me before apologising for earlier. 

Mr Liew : I’ll explain in detail later but in a nutshell, a coup is happening…. We’re taking over the office… 

Belinda : What ?? 

James : Huh ? 

He gave a summarised version of Mr Lau wanting to retire and pass the reins over to Terry. It was something Omar and Rasid expected but they did not trust Terry. 

That was the reason why they had met up in Cambodia the day before to iron things out. 

Mr Liew : We were in regular contact for a while…. And for you James… 

He said I would be working for Terry. 

James : What ? Why ? 

Mr Liew : Hahaha.. part of the plan James… part of the plan…..haha… 

The lift chimed opened and Mr Liew closed it again to bring us down. 

James : There’s no way Terry would take me… 

Mr Liew : He would…he would… we fell out remember… I fired you ahahah… don’t worry… i have it all worked out…

I was speechless until he added. 

Mr Liew : Actually…. I had other plans initially…more subtle…. which did not include such theatrics….but it was Omar and Rasid who suggested this. 

Belinda and I stared at Mr Liew in shock. 

Mr Liew : Ya… they suggested I fire you….says the desperation and anger would look convincing….ahhaa.. it sure did…

The lift was approaching the ground floor and he added. 

Mr Liew : Don’t talk to me… I’m gonna remain the mean bastard you met earlier…. 

He turned to Belinda 

Mr Liew : good job on the proposal…. It’s a good one… but that doesn’t mean i forgive you for stealing jobs from me yet… ahah…. but well done…

Then he alternated his finger between the 2 of us. 

Mr Liew : You 2……. Dating or something ?? I don’t mind… just don’t let it get in the way of work… 

As the lift door chimed to indicate we reached the ground floor, Mr Liew added that he wants to meet with us after the speech to go through some stuff but meanwhile, everything remains status quo. 

The door opened and Mr Liew walked out in a huff.

Belinda and I remained in the lift, speechless and motionless. 

The lift closed on it’s own and neither of us spoke. 

When it opened again, we saw Omar standing by the entrance with his aides. 

He spoke in Arabic to his aides and they walked off before he stepped into the lift with us. 

Omar : Hi Belinda…..i heard… have a date with Rasid tonight….

He hit the floor of his suite and turned to Belinda as we watch the lift door closed, shutting the 3 of us in the small enclosure. 


Omar turned towards me and shook his head.

Omar : I’m disappointed James… if not for the fact I helped you a few months ago…. Belinda would have been taken right there and then…. You had a couple of months to talk to her and what?? You end up in a relationship ? Is that it ??

He tilted his head sideways and looked at me with a look that betrayed no emotions. It’s hard to tell if he was kidding with you or he’s fucking with you. I don’t know what to reply him.

Belinda : Omar… I know about that….. James told me that very night… I would not have agreed to it.

Omar smiled as he stroked Belinda’s hair and she backed away, moving closer to me.

Omar : Haha… I’m also disappointed with you Belinda…. You went to Rasid…. Before coming to see me ?? I might have offered you better terms no ?

Neither of us spoke until the lift chimed to indicate we arrived at the suite level.

Omar : Come… let’s have a chat in my room.

Belinda fell into step behind Omar and blurted out that we knew it was he and Rasid who suggested Mr Liew fired me.

Belinda : It was your doing all along…. !!! How could you !

Omar raised an eyebrow and replied as if he did nothing wrong.

Omar : Sure… I don’t deny that… but it was all for the big picture….. James needed to go over to the other side….

He paused and fiddled with his room key.

Omar : No one asked you to beg us for his job Belinda … hahha… if only you had a bit of patience to wait it out…. Mr Liew would have told you about the plan anyway…..

He spread his arms apart and looked at Belinda with a smile.

Omar : Am I wrong to say that… ??

Omar unlocked the door and invited us into his room.

James : Fuck this Belinda… let’s go..

Belinda shrugged me off and insisted on reasoning with Omar.

Belinda : Bullshit… you knew you would…..

She was cut off by Omar who offered her a drink from the fridge.

Belinda : I thought you are not allowed to drink….

Omar : I pour vodka in my tea pot and drink them in broad daylight back in my country…. Anyway…

Omar : Yes… yes… I admit…. It was to force you…. So ?

He gave a really charming smile and acted like everything was fine as he poured both of us a drink.

Omar : I could give you everything you ask for Belinda… haha…

He went on without bothering to see if we were even listening. He knew we would be.

Omar : A place to stay ?? I have units at Icon…. Just across the road… if you want somewhere out of town …. Mt Sinai ? no ? … what about… novena ?? …. You like the beach ? Bayshore ?….. sorry no Sentosa though…. It’s overhyped…. I could get a private island with that kind of money…. Anyway… my point is…

He handed a glass of wine to Belinda.

Omar : I want you… and…. Everything I want…… I get… it’s a matter of time… I know you Belinda…. I know you would not accept my offer of a house,….. money… oil…hahah….because the thought of this arrangmenet simply disgust you…..

Belinda kept quiet, her jaws tightly clenched.

Omar : You see…. It is exactly girls like you who would refused my offers that intrigued me….

He tried to search for some other description as he waved his hands in mid-air before deciding to continue.

Omar : As much as I would loved to have you safely tucked away in a nice place waiting for me whenever I’m in Singapore, I am a practical man…. You are no such women…. And you never would be….. which is why….. I’m proposing an alternative….

I grabbed Belinda’s hand and made our way towards the exit.

James : Fuck this… seriously… this is bullshit… let’s just go…

Omar : What do you think will happen when Terry takes over James ? …. If… Terry takes over…

I paused and looked at him.

Omar : You think… your colleagues would still have a job ? …. You think… you can really concentrate on this masterplan ?…. Mr Liew ?? His wife and kids….? Your friend and his elderly mum ? ….. the young kid…. The old man ?? And of course… the sweet little girl Sandy…. Yes… yes…. I know all about them…..

He added that he’s going to be investing a lot of money in the project and he likes to make sure he knows everyone that would be working on it.

Omar : And you two…… you….. two…. Hahhaa

He sniggered and shook his head.

Omar : Husband…………… and wife…….. Formerly…… from what I gathered….

He chuckled and said that he was surprised we managed to keep it under wraps for so long.

Omar : No one knew…. not even Rasid… haha..

Belinda : We’ve separated…. It’s been years….

Omar smiled and shrugged his shoulders, saying that it just makes
everything more interesting.

Omar : That’s besides the point… but just to let you know Belinda….. the excitement of…. Having you…. A married women….. turns me on another notch…. Haha….. ok… back to the big picture…

He pointed to Belinda .

Omar : Everything Belinda has done so far against Terry ? her past relationship with him….

He snapped his fingers and said we would be replaced within a month. His money would be fucked if Terry is running the project and there was no way he’s going to let that happen.

Omar : Besides… Rasid has James’s naked picture no ? hahah…

James : Go ahead… post it online… who gives a fuck about a naked man anyway…

Omar laughed and said he doesn’t do things like that.

Belinda finally asked the question Omar was waiting for as she shrugged my hand away.

Belinda : What do you want then…

Omar placed his fingertips for both hands against each other and smiled.

Omar : Rasid has a date with you this evening…. i shall not disturb him…. So that leaves tomorrow morning till I fly off in the evening…

A wide grin broke out on his face.

Omar : Make me happy Belinda…. And I will make sure this will never happen again.

James : Dear don’t..

I immediately caught myself but it was too late.

Omar : Dear ? My…. That’s a bit deep for a young relationship don’t you think ? hahah.. … you are no longer…. Husband and wife no ?

He gave a naughty look towards Belinda.

Belinda glared at Omar who sipped his wine and visually raped her body beneath her clothes. The thought of having someone who he could not buy with his money must be a new point of arousal for Omar.

Someone naturally radiant and beautiful, someone that refused his gifts, a girl who dared to say no to him, and not to forget, she is the wife of another man. The arousal comes not just from the impending act itself.

The very negotiation would have been a highlight of it’s own. I could see the budge in Omar’s pants as he lingered his gaze on Belinda’s full breast and her slim waist.

Belinda : Just once ?

He nodded with a grind and looked at his watch. 

Omar : 6am tomorrow…. Till my flight at 4pm…. … James can stay by your side if you wished…

He refilled his wine and raised his glass for a toast, his eyes levelled at Belinda. 

Omar : Don’t worry about James… Aisha is arriving in a few hours… I will make sure he’s properly entertained… haha… Rasid would not mind..

James : I don’t give a shit… I quit… i…. 

Belinda : I’ll do it. 

James : What !…. wait… 

Omar drained his glass with a clap of his hands as Belinda pulled me out the door and slammed it shut. 

James : What the fuck was that ?? …. We don’t need this… 

Belinda : Shut up James…. 

The moment we got inside the lift we started shouting at each other. 

James : You’re out of your mind …. !

Belinda : I know what I’m doing ! 

James : You don’t !! …

Belinda : I Do!!!… 

James : How could you agree to sleep with him !!! 

Belinda : Well I watched you fucked Aliya didn’t I !! 

That was all there is. 

We said no more as the lift descended down to the ground floor. 

As the door opened, Belinda added. 

Belinda : Don’t think of us……. as husband and wife James….think of us as…. Just…. Close friends…. Aren’t we ?? 

She walked out before turning back to look at me. 

Belinda : Stay with me James…. please… I don’t want to end up dead without anyone knowing in Omar’s room…. Rasid….is pretty screwed up in the head…. I’m pretty sure Omar would not be that far off… 

James : Why can’t we just quit and get another job ? 

Belinda smiled and looked away for a moment before folding her arms. 

When she looked back at me 3 seconds later she added. 

Belinda : The James….. I married…… he would never back down from a fight….. 

James : The James you married… would never let his wife do this….. 

Belinda replied with a smile. 

Belinda : But we parted ways James…. we parted ways… 

She turned and walked towards the café, leaving me behind in the lift. 

I stepped out of the lift and I could see Sharon waving me over to the café. 

The admin and HR staff were invited along for the post presentation lunch. After that they were tasked to go get ready for our dinner and dance together with the organisers. Team members from other teams were also present for the lunch and announcement. 

There was a rumour going on that the boss would be handing out some form of a bonus of sort to thank everyone for the good work in the office so far.

Mr Lau : Is everyone here ?? 

I could see everyone gathering near Mr Lau. Terry stood like a proud peacock by his father’s side, even though he is taller and bigger, he looked like a child beside his dad. 

Mr Liew had his arms folded with his grouchy face leaning against a table near the buffet spread

Sandy and the gang were looking moody as they sat at a corner. She exchanged looks with me as if she had something she wanted to say but she turned away a while later. 

Mr Lau spent 3 minutes thanking everyone for the hard work and the usual bullshit before saying that it was time to hand over the reins to Terry since he’s getting on with age. The usual cock suckers from Terry’s team cheered and congratulated him as Mr Lau said the transition would be gradual, he would start taking a back seat and leave Terry with most of the decision making.

Mr Lau : I really appreciate all the effort everyone put in for the company…. And I hope you enjoy the dinner and dance party tonight. Before I wrap up the speech, finance department would be handing out a token of appreciation to all staff….. they will be past to your team leaders…. 

I switched off after that and when to sit down at the table assigned to our team and asked for a cup of coffee.

Hakim : Brother…. What is going on ??? You knew about Belinda’s model ??? Why never say anything ? Buay steady leh like that….. 

James : It’s… it’s a long story…. I don’t know how to explain. 

Uncle Tong and Alex joined Hakim but before we could get into a organised conversation, I heard Mr Liew’s voice coming over to the table. 

Mr Liew : What are you doing at this table….. fuck off… 

Uncle Tong : Liew… need to do until like that or not….

Hakim : Mr Liew…. Like that buay swee la…. We’re colleagues after all…. 

Mr Liew ignored their comments and stared at me until I got up on my feet and took my coffee to another empty table. 

Alex : Eh… this is screwed up man… why need to do until………… 

Mr Liew silenced everyone with his voice. 

Mr Liew : None of you understood the gravity of this matter… I don’t want to discuss this further….just leave it at this…. If you are not happy… you can always leave… 

No one spoke. 

I could see Alex was very much tempted to quit there and then but I playfully slap him on his arm and ask him to sit down. 

James : Got girlfriend already…want to go holiday right… want to buy things for her…. Think of the future….. calm down… 

Mr Liew : This is yours Hakim….. Uncle Tong…. Sandy… Belinda….

He distributed the envelope with everyone’s name and Hakim was the first to open it. 

Hakim : Wah…. Zhun bo…. 

Uncle Tong looked surprised too as he and Hakim looked at each other’s cheque. The amount is the same. Mr Lau gave everyone a one off bonus of 3800. An accompanying letter says that this is a one off special bonus with the usual admin crap and that it is not part of our performance bonus. 

I could see 1 last envelope in Mr Liew’s hand.

He tore it up and I could hear my team member gasped 

Hakim : ahhhh!!! … 

Sandy : OH!!! 

Mr Liew : He is no longer a member of our team…. He don’t deserve this… 

Everyone looked at Mr Liew before turning to look at me. 

I turned away, asking for a refill of my coffee and I saw Terry looking at us from one table away. Nothing could describe the look of pleasure and satisfaction in his face. 

That cock sure fucked up look. 

That same look that says he has beaten me. 

I took a deep breath and braced myself for what is about to come. 

Terry clapped his hands dramatically as he laughed. 

Terry : Aiyoh….. poor thing…. No job… no money…. Hahhaa…. See you like this…. I really pity you James… hahha… 

He walked over to my table and ignored the glaring stares of my team members. 

Terry : Why ? Buay song ah ?? Not happy with what I said ??? you’re no longer with the company… walk out lor… hahaha…

I was not in the mood to listen to his shit talk. I was thinking about Belinda and the evening ahead. 

I stood up and suddenly my stomach growled. 

It was quite loud and I realised I haven had anything to eat for a while. Terry heard that growl and laughed so loud. 

Terry :Wah… you fucking drama king leh James…. kena fired then growl stomach in front of me… hahhaha…you hungry ?? you hungry ??? hahha… 

He got up and took a plate from the buffet spread. He started piling it with bread. Only bread, cold hard rolls probably leftovers from the breakfast in the morning and set it down in front of me. 

Terry : Hungry ah ??? eat… eat la… !!!! 

I ignored him and was about to walk away when Terry taunted me. 

Terry : Why ? Cannot swallow your pride ah!! Huh ?? no job still don’t know how to swallow your pride is it… 

By then I guessed even Mr Liew who was trying to hold back his anger snapped and shouted at Terry, drawing the attention of the other staff in the café. 

Mr Liew : It’s none of your business…. Are you hiring him ??? are you ?? if not then fuck off…. 

Terry stood up and challenged Mr Liew with a glare. I could hear Mr Lau asking the admin staff to break us apart. 

Terry :I’ll hire him… so ?? I’m doing the interview now…. You don’t want him right??? Hahha… I hire him la… haha… 

He sat down and slammed his hands on the table. 

Terry : I’ll hire you James…. 1k per month… ai mai…. Hahhaa

Sandy could not bear the scene anymore and came over. 

Sandy : Don’t go overboard hor !!… why you …

Terry cut her off with another sneer directed at me. 

Terry : Wah.. James… got girl come and speak up for you leh…. You no balls to speak up is it…. Hahaha…. He totally ignored Sandy as Uncle Tong pulled her back. 

Terry’s eyes widened and glared at me like a murderer about to strike his victim and he jabbed his index finger into the buns on the table several times, poking holes into a few of them. 

Terry : Eat…!!! 

I wanted to fucking punch Terry. 

I really wanted to.

If you are reading this right now, tell me if it’s possible holding back against someone that behaves like this. 

I would fucking knock his teeth in and go to jail for a couple of weeks right there and then. 

A phone rang and shattered the uneasy silence on our side of the café. 

Hakim : Ma……clinic.?? …… boleh.. boleh…. 

That call snapped me back as I heard Hakim said he needed to bring his mum to the doctor. 

I needed to think of the big picture. 

If the eventual plan was for me to work for Terry, this was the perfect opportunity. I could use this and go right over. I clenched my teeth and took a deep breath and kept repeating to myself.

The big picture. 

The big picture..

Terry had opened up a few small tubs of butter and started smearing them all over the bun.

Terry : EAT!! Every one you eat…. 100 increment… !!! hahah… there’s 6 here…. Your starting pay … 1.6k….!!! EAT ! 

I picked one up and took a big bite as Sandy gasped. She ran over to my side and took away the bun. 

Sandy : James !… don’t ! 

Terry : It’s none of your business bitch…let him eat !! hahah… 

I took the bun back from Sandy and she stormed the carpeted floor before walking out of the café. 

Alex : I cannot look at this… 

I watch him walk out together with Uncle Tong. 

Mr Liew : Stop eating that fucking bread James… and get out …. 

I refused. 

This was a golden opportunity. 

Terry :Shut up la Liew…. I’m interviewing my new employee….. I treating him lunch… haha… 

I took bites after bites of the buttery rolls as Terry sneered and laughed at me. 

There was one last roll on the plate but before I could pick it up, Terry spit on it. 

Terry : Pui !!! 

It was not exactly a glob of spit, but rather just the motion of spitting and making the sound loud enough for all to hear. 

Mr Lau : Terry … enough !… 

Terry : I thought you said you were handing over the reins to me…. Hiring of staff… these are small decisions I can make…. 

He ignored his dad and pointed to the bread. 

Terry : Eat !! 

By then even the Chef of the café could no longer take it anymore. He walked right out, assistant trailing behind and he pushed apart the people surrounding the table. 

Chef : This is my café…. These are food prepared by me and my staff… don’t insult my food… 

He obviously directed his statement at Terry but Terry was too daft to realised it. 

Terry : Hahaha.. see… see… even the Chef agrees with me…. Eat the fucking bread… 

He took up the roll and pushed it into my mouth, smearing it against my lips and teeth before Apollo pulled Terry back as the bread dropped onto the floor. 

The chef shouted at Terry but he just laughed it away. The manager of the hotel came and separated everyone. 

Terry : You’re hired…hahah.. Sharon !!… 

He asked Sharon to go prepare the appointment letter for me to sign right away. 

Sharon :It’s Sunday !!… how you.. 

Terry insisted Sharon go do it immediately since the office is a short walk away. 

Terry : Do it… or I’ll make sure your bonus cheque doesn’t clear…. 

Sharon stormed off as Terry laughed. 

Terry : Start work tomorrow James…. Monday… hahahah…. I’ll see you at the dinner and dance tonight yah…. Hahaha…. 

I went to the bathroom on another level to clean myself up and washed my face. 

When I came out, I saw Belinda standing by the corridor. 

Belinda : Mr… Mr Liew… wants to talk to us…. 

I followed Belinda into the lift and she waited for the door to close before saying. 

Belinda : Why didn’t you punch his teeth in James… 

James : The Belinda I married… would never have said that… 

Belinda : Haha… 

She laughed before turning to look at me. 

Her thumb pulled down my lip to check if I had any cuts and she brushed away some invisible crumbs from my shirt as the lift door chimed. 

She let me to Mr Liew’s room and the door was opened. 

I saw Mr Liew munching on some bread himself as his eyes widened and he spoke with his mouth full. 

Mr Liew : You siao ah!!! Why did you eat the bread ??? !!! 

He continued munching and continued. 

Mr Liew : you Kong kum ah !! ? … I would have fucking punch him there and then… that chee bye….

James : But… but I was supposed to work at his team no ? 

Mr Liew stuffed the roll into his mouth and I almost puke looking at him as he went on. 

He told me that the plan was for me to be hired by Omar and Rasid after I was without a job. I was to serve as a coordinator of sort for the project, and that he would be rejecting me from the team, but the only way Omar would let us continue is if I was part of the team. Mr Liew would boot me from his office, only letting me handle insignificant stuff while I would start stealing jobs from him for Terry. 

Mr Liew : You were not supposed to attend the dinner tonight… the office would be empty… it’s a good chance to go snoop around Terry’s office…. I wanted to discuss that with you initially but now…sigh…

Mr Liew : never mind… what’s done is done… let’s just play along… 

He went on to give me the bonus cheque, I would still be paid my monthly salary but in cash, so he told me not to expect and CPF for the next few months until the dust settles. 

Mr Liew : Full amount will still be given base on the contributions… 

He spent the next 10 minutes telling me about his plan in general before asking if we had any questions. 

Belinda : What if Terry finds out about this…. 

Mr Liew : He must not find out… I need a word alone with James… 

Belinda nodded and left the room. 

Mr Liew : James… stealing projects….from me…. For Terry would not be enough to win his trust totally…..

James : Then how ? 

Mr Liew : I can tell Terry still likes Sandy…. Since he’s now no longer with Belinda…..

I looked at Mr Liew in shock as I digested what he said. 

Mr Liew : Give him Sandy James…..he will trust you… like his right hand man…


James : WHAT ! 

Mr Liew : You’ve been through a lot today James… go have a good rest… I see you at the dinner later… 

James : Wait.. wait.. 

He shuffled me towards the door and he picked up another bread from his plate. 

Mr Liew : Nar bei… see you eat the bread also make me hungry….it’s quite nice…. 

He closed the door on me and I saw Belinda waiting for me at the end of the corridor. 

Belinda : Anything that I need to know of ? 

I shook my head and we parted ways at the lobby. Belinda said she would go back and grab some rest. 

I went back to the café and Sandy hit me on my arm. 

Sandy :Why did you eat that ?? you mad ar ? 

James : I need a job Sandy… if not how…. You support me ah ? hhaa.. 

Sandy : TSK !! Can…. 3 meals only mah… how much can you eat… 

I smiled and gave her the cheeky look. 

James : I need more than 3 meals you know….. I also need… 

She hit me on my arm and rolled her eyes before turning away from me. 

I grabbed some noodles and barely sat down when Sharon stormed into the café with my appointment letter. 

Sharon : NAH !!! SIGN !! 

She was obviously pissed with Terry but chose to take it out on me. 

Sharon : You annual leave only 5 days ah… Terry ask me change one… 

I just signed and got it over with before she went over to Terry who was drinking wine with his team. 

Terry laughed and gestured me over. 

Terry : COME !! COME join us.!!! … everyone… my new dog !! hahahwhahaha… 

I ignored him, finished my noodles, left the café and took a cab home. 


I woke up feeling better and took a shower. 

It was a little tight but I still manage to squeeze into my old uniforms, luckily I was into the senseless baggy top and pants back then. Now it was tight fit. 

My white top budge up as I pulled it on, leaving the top 2 buttons undone as I look in the mirror. It’s been so long. I combed my hair back with gel and tried to give a really bad ass look before I chuckled at myself. 

I tucked my shirt into my pants really tightly and took out my old JPG wallet. It used to be filled with nothing except a transit link card and a few dollars. The joke back then was that after you saved up for that wallet, there was nothing left to be put in it. 

I took out my long sharp comb and slid it in between and slid the wallet into my back pocket. 

I even took out my old Motorola Boss Pager with a shiny gold chain to clip it on my pants pocket.

As I walked out to hail a cab, I had several stares from passer by . 

Even the cab driver commented I look very fashionable, if only it was in the 90s. 

Driver : Party ah ? 

James : Yah… company… old school night… haha… 


I arrived at the hotel ballroom and I could see several colleagues milling around as the music spills out from within. 

Hakim wore a white shirt and black pants. 

Hakim : Gila la James… how to expect me to fit inside school uniforms…. Army uniform I also cannot fit… hahah…. Eh you chao ah beng in school is it ?? 

James : No la… I study the young and dangerous style… haha… 

I saw Sandy approached from the end of the corridor and I could not take my eyes off her. She came from a convent school, and her blue pinafore looked really short that day. Her white blouse looked stretched too, her breast growing well beyond the size she was in school. The hem of her pinafore reached a good 3 inches above her knees and she wore sports shoes with white ankle socks. 

Her hair was tied into a long pigtail and she carried a school bag with nerdy black specs. 

Sandy :Hellow….. wah James… you ah beng la… haha…

Hakim : Ya lor… I say like the moment I saw him… haha… 

Hakim waved hi to another colleague and went over as Sandy clasped her hands in front of me and look at me with the corner of her eye. 

Sandy :Nice ?? 

James : I’ve never felt so… tempted by a school girl before… 

She hit me on my chest and brushed back a stray fringe. 

Sandy : Wait you go to jail ah…haha… 

I put my arms around her shoulders as we walked towards the ballroom. 

James : Ok… I see you not bad.. you can be my god sister…. Call me kor… 

Sandy : Kor your head ah … I’m a few months older than you James… you can… be my didi…….

I raised an eyebrow and look at Sandy as she laughed. 

It was free seating and we sat down to chat in a corner as the DJ played some old school music. 

Terry came in his work clothes, well he used to be fat last time, I bet his clothes won’t fit him now, besides, school uniforms won’t match the 40k watch he’s wearing. 

As more and more staff filled the ballroom, you could feel the party atmosphere heating up. 

Music got a little louder, the lights were dimmed and a few colleagues started dancing. 

Uncle Tong was dressed in his usual shirt and pants giving advice to Alex on his new relationship. Alex wore some cosplay type of clothes, something similar to what Japanese high school boys wore.


I was wonder where Belinda was when she walked into the ballroom. 

A few heads turned and I could see the DJ staring at her. 

Rasid stopped eating his steak and looked lecherously at Belinda, I could see Aliya checking her out too. 

Belinda’s hair was tied up into a simple pony tail.

Her JC blouse still fits ok since she got them in a size larger back then. I felt an immediate stir in my cock as I look at her. The memories of us fucking in that very uniform came flooding back. 

Of how she would wear it to the movies on a weekday morning, pretending to be a school girl skipping school, and how I would put my hand under her school skirt and make her wet the seat in the theatre. 

I fondled her breast on the top of a double decker bus, I rubbed her wet slit at the void deck across her old school compound in the middle of the day as lectures end and floods of students came out. 

I even fucked her in the school itself in her uniforms. It was really early in the morning, we wanted to do something crazy, back in those days where they don’t have cameras everywhere you turn, it was easy to find a quiet spot. 

Belinda’s skirt ended high about her kneecaps, and she wore her canvas shoes with a pair of apricot coloured socks. 

It was a simple JC school uniform yet it looked so good on her. Was it because of how tightly her breast push against the buttons on her blouse ? 

Maybe it was how shapely her naked hairless legs look as it disappear into her show below. 

Or maybe it was the gentle innocent demeanor in which she walked, a little unsure where to go. 

I could even see Omar lost in thoughts as he smiled at Belinda.

Belinda caught sight of where I was sitting but the moment she saw I was with Sandy she walked away.

Sandy :Wah… quite chio sia… hhaa…James… how ? 

James : What how ? 

Sandy :Who more chio ?? Belinda or me ?? 

James : I’ll sleep with the both of you in your uniforms anytime… 

Sandy gave me a playful slap before we continued our chat. 


The organisers proposed some games and a few colleagues went up to try. Aside from the songs, the small prizes given in between, and a long boring speech by Terry on taking over the helm, there was nothing out of the ordinary about the dinner. 


Drinks were flowing freely, and everyone mingled in the crowd, talking and chatting. Photos were taken and Aliya approached me with her sister Aisha in tow

Aliya : Hi James …. 

James : Hi Aliya…. 

Aliya : Are you looking forward to this evening ?? haha… 

Aisha : James… I heard a lot about you… hahha.. 

Rasid came over and joined us. 

Rasid : whahaha… James… you look good… why kind of fashion trend is this ??? 

He briefly touched on how sexy he thinks Belinda is as he laughed with his wife in his hands when an announcement was made to say that the price for the best dressed prize would be announced. 

The MC commented that the judge was our guest of honour, Sheik Omar. 

MC : The winner of the best dressed competition, is a trip to a resort ….in…..Maldives !!!! 

Even without looking I knew who Omar would choose. 

MC : BELINDA !!!! YEAH!!!.. 

There was a loud smattering of claps as she walked up to receive the prize. 

MC : It’s a ticket for 2 Ms Belinda… can you share who you would be bringing ?? haha… 

Terry : ME..ME … BRING ME!!! Hahaha… 

No one laughed at Terry’s joke and Belinda just shook her head shyly and said she had no one in mind. 

Sandy : Sianz… if I win… I’ll bring you James… 

James : Wah… really ah ?? hhaha… 

Sandy : If you win leh ? Who you’ll bring ?? 

James : You say until like that already…. Of course you lor… haha 

I did not read too much into this actually, it was the usual flirty banter Sandy and I got up to. 


The party was coming to an end and some goody bags was given out to the staff. It was a work day the next day and everyone was looking forward to get some rest. 

Everyone could grab some rest except Belinda and me. 

10.15 pm 

Rasid and Aliya gave me a wink before heading up to their suite. Aisha was not with them. 

Rasid : See you and Belinda… in a while James…whahaha… 


I was waiting for Belinda at the lobby when Sandy came along and asked if I was heading back. 

Sandy : Oei… send me back can ?? I school girl leh… so late liao…haha..

As much as I wanted to, I was caught in a jam. 

Sandy looked sincere and she was really sweet looking and all in her pinafore and uniforms. Her geeky spectacles, brought out another side of her that I never imagined. 

James : Oh… I,…ermm …

Sandy : Why ? don’t want ah… it’s ok la… you waiting for who ? 

Right at the moment I saw Belinda came out of the bathroom, she was wiping her hand dry on some napkins when she saw Sandy in front of me. She and Sandy exchanged looks before turning way. 

Sandy :Ya la… Belinda more chio than me la… idoit… 

She gave me a playful push and walked towards the taxi stand, grumbling that I’m not a gentlemen at all. 

Right at that moment, Terry appeared out of nowhere and went towards Sandy. 

Terry : Sandy … sandy …. I send you back… hey… 

Sandy tried to U-turn back towards me before trying to make for the cab stand again but there was no cab in sight at the line and Terry caught up to her. 

Belinda walked towards the lift and hit the button, about to head up to her room. Rasid had gotten her one to freshen up and rest till their date at 12 midnight. 

Right when I was about to head over and join her, Sandy called out to me. 

Sandy :…James !!.. James…!!.. you said you’re sending me back right ?? 

I paused in the middle of the lobby and I looked at Sandy and Terry who were both looking straight at me.

Sandy was already walking towards me.

I turned and saw the chimed of the lift announcing it’s arrival in front of Belinda. 

The lift door opened. 

Sandy walked briskly towards me. 

Terry glared at where I stood. 

Right when I thought nothing could get worse, Aisha appeared and cut in front of Sandy’s approach. 

Aisha : Hi James… 

Sandy : Who is she ? 

Before Aisha could answer, Terry waltz over and said hi to Aisha. 

Terry : Hi Aisha… 

Before I could react, Sandy took the opportunity to grab my hand and pull me towards the exit. 

I could see a cab pulling up to the hotel. 

I turned just in time to see Belinda flash me a brief smile as she stepped into the lift. 

It happened so fast that I had no time to react. 

Sandy : Uncle… Hougang !… 

James : Sandy wait !… i… i…. 

I turned back and was about to ask the cab to stop when Sandy said something which sent a chill right up to my bone. 

Sandy :James…. I tell you something…. You don’t be angry ok…. 

James : What is it… 

Sandy : Belinda…. she approached me earlier….

James : What ??!!! 

I turned around and faced Sandy in the cab. 

Sandy :She says…. Ermm… ask me to tell you…. You’re not her type…. So… stop trying to go after her… 

James : WHAT !!!! ? 

Sandy put a hand on my arm and said it’s ok to be rejected. 

Sandy : She said you wanted to talk to her after the dinner… but she’s not really in the mood . not after what happened today…. And…. It’s awful to reject you……. Especially with what you went through in the afternoon… 

I stared at Sandy in shock as I digested the words she said. 

Sandy : You ok James ?… you need s shoulder to cry on or something ?? 

My shoulders slouched and I struggled to breathe. 

James : Belinda…. asked you to get me away from the hotel ?? 

Sandy : Nodded… she said… you shouldn’t be there…. … 

She smacked her thigh with a piak. 

Sandy : Of course you shouldn’t be there…. I see that place I would think of what happened in the afternoon. … 

By the time I snapped back to my thoughts, we were on the expressway. 

Sandy’s phone rang and she was talking to her mum when I felt my phone buzz. 

It was Belinda . 

Belinda msg : Sorry James….i changed my mind…… you shouldn’t see this…. 

James msg : What are you talking about ? !!! I’m coming back… wait for me !!! 

Belinda msg : I’ve been thinking James….I still love you….and I know you feel the same way….but if you see this…. You won’t want me anymore.. I’m switching off my phone….

I immediately tried to call Belinda but it was no use. 

She had switched off her phone. 

Sandy hung up her phone and stretched in the car, before leaning against my shoulder. 

Sandy : The alcohol James… sigh…. You know what…. I think it’s your lucky day… 

I turned to her and she gave me a playful smile. 

Sandy : I always had this thing for ah bengs… haha… 

I was frozen in the seat. 

I really was as this creeping ache in my heart started squeezing and squeezing on my emotions. 

Sandy’s eyes never left me and I could feel her fingers creep over too onto my right hand. 

She smiled, wriggled her fingers under mine and held hands with me before lying on my shoulder. 

I looked at the clock on the dashboard. 


Belinda’s date with Rasid is at 12 midnight. 

I have 1 hour 10 minutes. 

I felt Sandy’s head leave my shoulders and she added. 

Sandy : I’m glad Belinda didn’t want you James…. it’s her lost… 

She whispered it softly by my ears. 

I was too shock to react. 

Sandy’s lips came closer and when our lips touched, I caught the digital figure jumped on the clock. 

1 hour, 9 minutes left. 

I was shaking. 

I really was and Sandy laughed. 

Sandy :Why are you so nervous James ? …. I may be in uniforms but I’m not underage… ahha.. 

She chuckled softly and when her tongue met mine, all I had in my head was another jump of the digital display.

1 hour 8 minutes. 


My heart never beat so fast before as the cab sped towards Hougang. I could see the driver enjoying the show through his mirror.

I could smell the breath of alcohol coming from her mouth as she got more touchy. My mind was being fucked up pretty bad in the cab. 

On one hand I was thinking about Belinda, about her being alone in the room as she waited for the time to past, on the other hand, I could not control my body. I could not resist stroking Sandy’s soft hands as we kissed. 

Sandy’s legs were crossed as she leaned towards me, the very motion of her moving forward put quite a bit of a strain on the school uniforms, her breast pushing tightly against the white blouse and blue pinafore. 

My eyes feasted on her body, one that I had accidentally penetrated many months ago. Yet today was the day, the very day she willingly offer herself up to me. 

Sandy : ergnnn…. Hold me James…. hold me… 

Her voice purred softly by my ears, hooking my soul like a siren choosing her victim. I tried to resist it but it was tempting. It was just so soothing. Sandy’s breathe felt like a tickling tease on my ears and she pulled my hand towards her body.

The hem of her uniform got pulled up higher and higher till I could see almost her entire thigh. I even thought I had a glimpse of her panty. 

That smooth white flesh waiting for me to touch them and the lure of her panty tempting me to pull them down. 

Sandy bit on her lips as she giggled and asked if I was nervous. 

Sandy : You’re…. not a virgin right James ? hahha…. You look so…. Nervous… 

I was. 

I really was nervous as I racked my mind for a plan. 

An idea. 



I can’t blow her off and get out of the cab like this. It would fuck up the relationship even as colleagues. 

I don’t even know what happened throughout the rest of the journey, I only remembered pulling up to Sandy’s flat as she paid the fare and the cab driver gave me a wink, no doubt envious of me. He had every right to as I watch him grinned gleefully as Sandy staggered out of the cab. 

Sandy : Woah…. It’s all starting to hit me… all that wine…. haha.. 

She removed her geeky black frame specs and link arms with me. I was helpless, being led along like a block of wood. My mind was far away from my body and I just went along with everything, trying to buy myself some time. 

I needed at least 20 minutes on a fast cab to get back to the hotel. Which meant I need to leave as soon as I could. 

Sandy and I staggered and fondled each other all the way to the front of her house. She was blatantly caressing my erection as I squeezed her breast. Our lips touched again as she fumbled for her keys. 

Sandy : erngghhh….have you… fantasized about fucking a convent girl before James ? Har ?? Have you ?? 

She asked me in such a slut like voice , giving me the look that would sure get her dragged to the discipline master’s office just for looking like that. Her eyes looked deep into mine in a dreamlike manner. She’s drunk, high from the alcohol but you could still tell she was sober enough to dictate her own actions. 

Turning her back towards me, Sandy deliberately pushed her backside towards me, pressing my erection with her buttocks as she opened the door. 

Sandy : Have you ?? har ??Do you know….. many of us are actually…. Pretty naughty…. haha

I nodded and Sandy giggled while trying to put her key back on the hook beside the door.

James : Of course… of course… 

Sandy’s hand grabbed my erected cock and I could feel her fingers rubbing the tip of my manhood. I could feel her. Her thumb and index finger twiddle with my cock as she opened her mouth halfway, breathing heavily onto my face.

I could feel the tease through my pants. 

If I was not in the situation I was, I would surely grab her and bang her brains out. 

Maybe even make her scream and call me her teacher while we were at it. 

Sandy’s breast felt full and firm to the touch and she was responsive to my moves as well. Moaning and groaning as I roamed my hands around her body. I cupped my hands onto her breast, kneading them as she moaned. 

Sandy : You like to touch my breast James ??? You like to squeeze them ??? 


I almost wanted to scream at her. 

You might think I’m joking but the level of stress I was feeling is unprecedented. 

It was like there’s fire ants in my pants. 

Or someone squeezing my bladder when I’m about to pee. 

I’m aroused, I’m horny, I’m fucking tired and I’m totally drained from the day, not to forget I was thinking about Belinda yet my body was telling me I should still fuck Sandy.

We stumbled inside her place. She kicked the door close and we went into her room without even taking off our shoes. 

Sandy’s bag fell onto the floor as she came all over me. She pulled out my shirt and unzipped my pants. 

Sandy : I’m sorry James… i… I don’t know what’s gone over me… hahah… i… ‘m usually not like this….haha… 

She kissed me again, pushing her tongue into my mouth, teasing and begging me to suck on it as she moaned. 

I retreated and hit the edge of her bed and stopped, Sandy’s clothes were still on. Her fingers went down to my boxers, pulling it down and she pushed me to take a seat on the bed before I could protest. 

It really happened so fast I could not even initiate anything on my own. 

Sandy knelt down and stroked my erection dick a few times before she moaned and suck down on my cock. 

James : ARghhh…. 

I could feel a immediate built up of tension in my shaft as Sandy constricted my dick like a python, squeezing and making it challenging for more blood to flow into my manhood. 

As if that was not enough to drive any man mad, Sandy looked up at me as she pulled back, sliding her wet lips slowly upwards before cupping her mouth on the tip of my shaft. I groaned as Sandy pressed down on my pee hole with her tongue, her hands pulled my wrist to her breast, egging me on to caress them. 

Sandy : This is… so embarrassing…. i…. I … don’t know how to … haha… face you in the office tomorrow… haha… but… but I can’t help it…. Must be the alcohol… 

I pulled her up to the feet as I saw the clock on her dresser table. 

It’s already 11.10pm .

I only have 50 minutes left. 

I already had my excuse ready, I would say it might get awkward in the office if we do this. 

That was perfect. 

It would surely work.

It would put some sense into Sandy but no. 

She disappeared out of the room before I could say anything and when she came back in with a bottle of whiskey without glasses, I knew it was going to too late if I don’t leave. 

James : Sandy… I don’t think you should drink anymore…. 

She ignored me and took a swig from the bottle of 12 year bowmore whiskey. 

She just giggled and handed me the bottle before she sucked down on my cock again. 

James : Arghhh…. 

Sandy sucked my cock the same time she stroked me, sending waves after waves of pleasure into my groin, testing my will power. She stopped after a while and reached for the drink again but I refused. 

As Sandy got up onto her feet, she stumbled and pressed her body against mine, we lost our balance and we tipped over, lying down on the bed with me desperately trying to hold onto the bottle. 

Sandy took it and had another gulp at the drink but she did not swallow it. 

She kissed me, tuned my nipple slowly as she released a trickle of the potent drink into my mouth. 

I tried not to choke and thankfully it was a controlled release from Sandy. 

James : Enough… I don’t think you should drink anymore…

Sandy : That meant we’re not drunk enough yet James… haha.. 

I wanted to grab the bottle from Sandy but she turned and pressed her body onto me, allowing me to face plunge into her breast. 

Sandy : Ohh… haha… James !… haha… 

Sandy straddled me and asked me to undress her. 

Sandy : Take off my pinafore James…. it’s tight… and uncomfortable… 

After saying that she pressed her lips down on mine. I could feel her lifting up her pinafore, trying to take them off on her own. 

I helped Sandy to pull it off and she pressed herself onto me again, moaning as she grind her pussy against my cock. I buried my face into Sandy’s breast, smelling her bra and nudging my nose into her cleavage. 

Sandy started to undo her own buttons, pulling and throwing her white blouse to the side of her bed. 

We kissed again as I held onto her breast, squeezing them as Sandy parted her panty. I could feel her wetness as she tried to guide me in. 

There was no hesitation. 

Not even a hint of it as Sandy grabbed onto my dick and push herself down onto me.

Sandy : Arghhhhhhh… 

James : ARghhh….aghh..

The tight fit of her wet love hole slowly squeezed down onto my shaft as Sandy’s body slowly lowered her entire frame onto me, burying my cock deep into her vagina. 

Sandy chuckled and took another drink from the bottle.

Sandy :Arghhh…. Oh my god… what am I doing… oh my god… aarghhh… 

She kissed me again and my eyes went to the clock once more. 


Only 45 minutes left. 

My heart almost gave up on me as Sandy pushed me down onto the bed, starting to fuck her bottom onto my dick. 

Sandy : Arghh.. arghh.. arghh….

I held onto her ankles and realised she has yet to remove her shoes. 

Looking up, I’m only seeing Sandy in her white school girl bra, her damp wet panty that was being unceremoniously pushed aside and her in her sports shoes with ankle socks. It was a fucking erotic sight as she fucked me on the bed but that was not all. 

She started talking dirty to me. 

Sandy : ergnnh… egerh.. ergnnh…. James… fuck me… ergnnn… fuck me… ergnnnhh… harder… harder.. ergnnng…fuck me like the naughty school girl you fantasized about… ergnngg…. 

I tried to resist, to really think of a way out of this as Sandy took another drink from the bottle and kissed me again, flooding my mouth with a shot of whiskey. 

All the shaking, the fucking and the drinks is starting to get to me. I had a few glasses of wine too at the dinner.

James : Stop drinking Sandy…. Enough already… 

Sandy :ERgnngh… ergnnhh.. you’re not fucking me James… ergnnng… ergnnh… fuck me… I want to feel you inside me… please… eergnnn.. ergnnh… 

I gripped onto her waist and slammed myself upwards. 

Since I was not going to be able to get away without giving Sandy what she wants, I might as well concentrate and finish it. 

Sandy dropped the bottle, spilling a good portion of the drink on her bed as she laughed and moaned as I drove my cock into her vagina. 

Sandy : ERgnnhh.. erghnnhh .. ergnnh… ergnnh… ergnnh… arhhh.. ergnnh…

It was near impossible to focus. I kept telling myself to concentrate, to focus on the end but I can’t. I fucking hate the feeling. 

This was a moment to be slowly enjoyed, to be treasured, to be remembered forever. How often do you get to fuck your hot colleague in her old school uniforms, yet here I was, feeling nervous, and totally not performing. 

I have my erection alright but as I fuck myself deep into Sandy, I was not getting the level of arousal I was hoping to get. I knew I would not be able to cum, instead, I was venting my energy into Sandy, fucking her and shaking her entire body, rocking her limbs right down to her bones. 

Piak piak piak…. Piak… 

James : ARghhh.. arghhh.. arghh… 

Sandy : Arghhh.. ergnnnh… ergnnhh.. ergnnhh…

I fucked Sandy so hard that she was literally bouncing on top of me. 

I got up and switched position, and as Sandy laid down on the wet bed, she right the bottom of whiskey which had a little bit left. She took a mouthful and passed it to me. 

Sandy : Finish it James… before it spills again… 

I grabbed the bottle and I was only preoccupied with fucking Sandy and getting it over and done with that I did not realise it was still quite a portion when I gulp it all up. The burning sensation slid down my throat as I pumped my cock into Sandy’s wet cunt. 

Sandy : ERgnnhh… ergnnhhh… ergnnhh…. Harder James … ergnnnghh.. ergnnhh.. 

Her hands gripped onto her pillow as her mouth gasp apart, moaning and calling out in the sluttiest moans I’ve ever heard as her body enjoyed the hard pounding my cock was giving her. 

Suddenly I felt the tingle of my orgasm coming. 

I turned to look at the clock. 

It’s already 11.27pm 

I closed my eyes and drove myself harder, fucking Sandy for all I’m worth as she moaned so loud I was sure the neighbours could hear us. 

Sandy : earghhh.. arghhh.. eggrgrhhh.. egreeghhhh.. aghhhhhh.. ahh….!!!! 

I could feel my orgasm building up



It’s almost there… 

James :arghh.. areghhh.. aetghhhhh.. argghhhh.. I’m coming… arghhh… fuck !!! … arghh.. 

I don’t have a condom on. 

I don’t care. 

It’s the least of my worries now as I felt the rush of my semen gathering at the base of my cock. 

Sandy’s entire body was covered with perspiration and I pulled off her shoes, throwing them down the side of her bed. 

I gripped both her legs together, closing them right in front of me and hugged onto them like I was hugging a tree trunk, the pressure of her legs closed together enhanced the feeling of my shaft being squeezed by her wet vagina and I continued pumping. 

I fucked Sandy so hard that she was moaning for me to stop at one moment and seconds after that she would begged me to go deeper. 

Sandy ; aRghhh.. egergnnh.. arghh.. 

James : ARGHHHH!!!!! 

I felt the pushed of my explosive orgasm as I slammed my dick into her pussy, feeling the rush of my sperm into the depths of her vagina the same moment I kissed and smell her sweaty calves and lick her wet ankle socks. 

James : ARghh… ahhh.. aRGHHH.. 

Sandy : eerghhhh.. ernggh… ergnnhhh……

I pulled out my cock and collapsed by the bed beside Sandy. 

Sandy : pant…. Pant… pant…. That… that…. Pant… pant…. I thought I just ran a marathon… pant… pant…pant…. 

I was drained and I have a splitting headache. 

Sandy straddled me, lowering her cum filled vagina onto my dick again. 

It slid in easily as she moaned and kissed me, cradling my face in her palms as she did so. I could feel her vagina walls squeezing on my shaft, milking me for every drop of my cum. 

Sandy : You look so… cute James.. when you’re tired…. 

She kissed me again and I found myself without the strength to push her off. 

Then she started to ride me. 

I could feel Sandy riding me. 

I could see the clock on the desk. 


I need to go.. 

I really need to go now. 

I tried to push Sandy off but my head was spinning. 


Then I blacked out. 

I totally blacked out. 

When I jumped up with a shiver, I could see daylight spilling through the window of Sandy’s room, we were both naked and Sandy was out cold. 

I looked at the clock on her desk. 


I quickly checked my phone. 

There were no calls. 

No messages. 

I immediately called Belinda. Her phone was still off. 

I tried to wake Sandy up but she mumbled that she’s taking MC that day and asked me to stay with her. 

I fumbled up an excuse and said that it was my first day at work with Terry, and I needed to go. 

She pouted her lips and made me kiss her before I let myself out of the house. 

It’s peak hour traffic on a Monday.

It took me 30 minutes to call for a cab. There was no way I’m getting on the train in my uniforms in that state.

I kept trying Belinda’s phone again and again but she kept it off.

I got home, showered and changed before I dashed right down to the hotel.

I reach the hotel at 10am

I went up to Omar’s room and saw the housekeeping staff cleaning up.

They had checked out already.

I went to Rasid’s room and they were not there either.

My phone rang and it was Sharon. She said I better be back in office to get ready to shift my stuff to Terry’s wing before he comes back in.

I walked around the lobby of the hotel, lost and disoriented.

I’ve never felt so helpless in my life before.

I drifted around the office like a zombie.

I don’t even know what was going on.

I only remembered packing my desk.

Hakim helping me push a trolley.

Alex passing me a file.

Uncle Tong giving me a folder.

Mr Liew sneaking a word with me in the toilet.

That was all I remembered until my phone rang at 2.30pm.

It was Belinda

I immediately dropped everything and answered.

James : Where are you !!! Are you ok ?? I’m coming to pick you up !! Why didn’t you turn on the phone ??? Why are you all not at the hotel ??

I peppered Belinda with so many questions but she just kept quiet.

Belinda : I’m… I’m at corpthorne King hotel…

James : Why ?? Why did you all go there ??

She did not answer me and only asked if I could go pick her up. She’s a bit embarrassed to leave the room in her school uniforms.

I grabbed my jacket and the spare set of gym clothes I kept in my drawer and flew down to the hotel.

I went up to the room and Belinda opened the door.

I immediately grabbed her and she hugged onto me.

James : It’s ok… it’s ok….. everything is ok…are you ok ??? are you hurt ??

I checked Belinda for bruises, injury, anything.

She’s fine, just that she looked really tired.

She smiled and nested herself into my arms and I held onto her without a word in the room.

Belinda : Do you still love me James….

James : Of course I do…

Belinda : Then promise me this…. Don’t ever ask me what happened…. Can you ?

I kissed her on her hair and nodded my head.


Belinda changed out of her uniforms and I sent her back home in a cab before heading back to office.

Thankfully Terry was not in and no one gives a shit I was not at my desk in his team.


Omar called me

Omar : Don’t you want to know what happened James ? haha.. I was expecting you to be here…

James : No.

Omar : Alright… I’m boarding my flight back in a minute.

He went on to tell me some stuff about the projects I should take note off before ending the call with a message.

Omar : How is Belinda… ? haha..

I kept quiet on the line.

Omar : Don’t worry… I was gentle with her….. ask her if you don’t believe me… haha…

I hung up.

My phone buzzed at the same time.

A message from Sandy

Sandy sms : Dinner ? I’ll cook… ?

I bit down on my teeth.

It was all Sandy’s fault.

If not for her, I would have been by Belinda’s side.

Then again, I could not blame her. It was Belinda who sent me away. Even if I was by Belinda’s side, what could I do ?

I don’t know what’s gotten into me and I took a series of deep breathes, trying to calm myself down.

Another message came in from Omar.

It was pictures of Belinda.

I gripped my phone tightly as I looked at the image on my phone.


I saw Terry walk into the office with a swagger before heading inside his room.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down before I replied Sandy’s message.

James sms : Yes…. Dinner..


Optional read number 2 ; Omar and Rasid’s diary…….

Omar’s diary

Rasid’s diary


I walked slowly towards Sandy’s place with some groceries in my hands. She had text me ahead to bring along some fruits and chocolates for post dinner dessert. I grabbed some grapes, chocolates and a bunch of bananas along the way. 

There is this very weird feeling in my stomach. I cannot explain it. 

I have never felt this way before in my life.

I’m not angry 

I’m not upset

I don’t know 

I’m just not satisfied. 

I tried calling Belinda right before I stepped up to Sandy’s house but there was no answer. 


Sandy : Hey!! 

Sandy opened the door with a bright smile and I could smell the food she had prepared that evening. She had roasted a chicken and even baked some brownies. 

She was dressed up for the occasion too even though it was a simple dinner at home. And when I meant dressed up, I really meant it. 

Sandy wore a long blue dress with straps that criss-crossed around her back. Her hair was tied up and I could see she had light makeup on her face as well. 

Sandy : Hungry ?? 

James : wah… you wear until so nice ah… 

She looked at her own dress and laughed, adding that it’s been sitting in her cupboard for a while and she never thought she could fit inside the dress since it was pretty small. It was tight alright, showing off her womanly curves but I could tell it was uncomfortable as well. 

James : You look uncomfortable… why don’t you change out…. Into something more comfortable… 

I must have said it with a devilish glint in my eyes and Sandy gave me a loud ‘Tsk’ before hitting me playfully on my arm. 

I closed the door and stepped into the dining area. 

Sandy had a simple set up laid out, complete with candles and table cloth. You could tell she had put in some effort into this. 

Sandy : Have a seat, let me take the food out. 

I settled down in the chair and looked around Sandy’s house. It was simply furnished, with the bare essentials that a single lady would need. Her shoe cabinet seemed to be bursting at the seams with a variety of heels and shoes. I even saw a couple of boots. 


We sat down to dinner and chatted normally like colleagues, Sandy asked me how was my day in the office and whether did Terry give me any problems. 

James : It was the first day, no one even looked at me… Terry only came in late in the evening… 

Sandy nodded and asked me to be careful of Terry. 

I was about to ask her about Terry when she changed the subject abruptly. 

Sandy : And… ermm… James…. about last night…. Erm.. hahha.. 

She laughed awkwardly and tried to look at me in the eye. 

James : Go on… 

I replied with a smile. 

Usually I would be cheeky

I know myself

You know the usual cheeky and teasing remarks and all.

That day though, I don’t know what I was doing. 

My face was straight, with a slight smile, I saw my reflections on one of the stainless steel sauce holder and it scares me as well. 

I was not teasing Sandy. 

I knew I was not. 

Something tells me I was going to play with her and it frightens me but I cannot help it. 

I really can’t. 

Sandy : Well… I mean… we’re all adults….it’s…. nothing to be ashamed off….. haha.. I meant… 

I just kept smiling as I played with the wine in my glass. 

I cut her off halfway and raised the glass at her for a toast. 

She was caught off guard for a moment before she returned my toast and drained the wine in one shot. 

Sandy : yah… I was saying… we’re all adults…. No… no hard feelings right…. 

She shrugged her shoulders before brushing her hair behind her neck, trying to act nonchalant but I could tell it was not true. 

James : Of course… of course…. We… don’t want to feel awkward around each other at work right… 

Sandy snapped her fingers and her face lit up almost immediately. 

Sandy : Exactly !! … you get what I’m saying right…. Haha… 

She smiled radiantly at me, pretending as if I had hit the nail on the head, it only made me want to toy with her longer. 

We continued our dinner before Sandy cleared the dishes after topping up my wine glass. 

Sandy : Give me a minute… I’ll wash up then we have the fruits…

She disappeared into her room before she emerged a while later, Sandy had changed out of her dress and she wore just a plain white singlet with a cross back bra. Her bottom was a pair of black fbt shorts and looking at her legs reminded me of how delicious they tasted when I licked them the day before. 

I took a few sips of my wine before I entered the kitchen. 

Sandy was doing the dishes, her body was resting on her left foot while her right was angled with her toe touching the floor. It felt funny, almost like how I would go back home after a day’s work and seeing Belinda in the kitchen doing the dishes. 

I could see her laundry on the bamboo poles above her head. Her school uniforms I fucked her in hung a distance away, swaying in the gentle breeze that came in through the kitchen. 

I walked over slowly and Sandy heard me approach. 

Sandy : Eh… go wait in the living room la…. So dirty here… 

I ignored her and walked slowly behind her as she did the dishes, her wrists and palms covered with soap. 

I stood directly behind Sandy and I knew she was aware of that. 

I could have hugged her there and then but I waited. 

I wanted her to anticipate. 

I wanted her to crave for my touch. 

I wanted her to be confused. 

Even as her hand moved the sponge, I could see her eyes looking at my reflection off a pot that was drying on the rack. She was looking at me. 

I took a step closer without a word, and I could see her body tensed up a little. 

I took another step, closing the distance between our body to the point I was breathing on Sandy’s hair. 

I put my hands on Sandy’s waist and waited.

I waited. 

I could see her breathing pretty heavily by then. 

She was nervous. 


I went closer a little more, pressing my groin onto her black fbt shorts and I instantly felt my erection start to stir. 

Her sponge stopped moving, her hands just soaking in the soapy mixture. 

She did not dare to move. 

I smelled her hair for a good 2 seconds before my palms left her waist and wrapped around her stomach. 

Sandy : What… what are you doing James ?? 

I kissed Sandy on her cheek once before I pulled away slowly. 

I smiled and told her that was to make up for the sloppy kiss I gave her earlier that morning. 

I could see her blush, I could see the excitement fill up in her , like a little girl finally getting the attention of the boy she had a crush on. 

I could go for more, I could hug her again, I could press myself onto her further, I could even grab and play with her breast there and then as she do her dishes but I did not.

I slowly retreated and left her to do the dishes before heading back to the living room to top up her drink. I did not sit back down on the sofa, instead I went into Sandy’s room, taking it in detail. 

The night before had been so chaotic, I don’t even remember how her room looked like. 

It was a simple room, with a queen size bed. Her walls are painted white and if the main lights were not on, a standing lamp cast a warm orange glow throughout the entire room. 

I leaned against her door frame and looked at her empty laundry basket. Her wastepaper basket was empty too and there was this nice alluring fragrance coming from the room. Sitting by the side table is a band new box of tissue. A bottle of branded hand cream sat beside it. 

The detail that caught my eyes the most was the straightened and neat bedsheets. Everything as arranged as if you were expecting to use them. 

Sandy joined me by the door shortly after with her wine in hand. 

Sandy : What are you looking at ? 

James : Nothing… just… that last night was a bit….. rushed… didn’t even know how your room looks like. 

Sandy : TSK ! idoit… 

She pushed her way passed me and went into her room to check her phone for messages before putting it down. 

James : Shall we have the fruits ?? 

She nodded and said she will go and wash the grapes. 

As Sandy disappeared into the kitchen, I ran my palms across her bed and sat down at the foot of it, feeling tension of the spring. 

2 minutes later when Sandy came back into the room with the bowl of grapes in hand and she saw me sitting on her bed. 

Sandy : No food in the room James…

I smiled and patted the space beside me, seeing if Sandy would take the bait. 

She didn’t. 

She just looked at me suspiciously. 

I patted the seat again, saying that I just want to talk. 

She walked over before sitting down, hugging onto her bowl of grapes. 

James : Hey… 

Sandy :Yah ? 

James : I…. I like you Sandy you…

I paused for her to digest what I just said. 

You see, it would be near impossible if after a one night stand and you expect the girl to come hugging onto you and say she likes you. It’s easier for the guy to make the move. I know she has some feelings for me. 

I just don’t know how much. 

James : I… I don’t want to sound like I’m… coming in too hard on you and I just want to make my feelings known. … 

Sandy kept putting grape after grape into her own mouth as she kept her eyes away from mine. 

James : I like you Sandy… and … I want to be upfront it’s not because of what happened… last night… 

I took a grape from her bowl and ate it. 

James : I don’t you want you to mistake my… ermm.. approach as something like… you know.. those…. Fuck buddy relationship and all… haha.. 

Sandy laughed and slapped me on my thigh and I knew I got her. 

James : I’m serious… I mean it… I’m not looking for the fuck buddy kind… but if you want though… 

Sandy hit me again with a frown and linked arms with me. 

I smiled as she fed me a grape. 

Sandy : ok… ok… no need to say anymore… haha… fuck buddy… so crude….. 

I laughed and we laid down on the bed, looking at each other. 

James : Did I hurt you last night ?? 

Sandy laughed and said she should be the one asking me that. 

Our face were so close that we could feel each other’s breath. WE only had to reach out a little and we could kiss but I did not do it. 

After a while longer I got up and stretched in her room. 

James : It’s a work day tomorrow…. I better get going… 

Sandy got up too and I could tell she was a little disappointed but she did not let it show. 

James : Or… you want me to stay a little longer?? 

She laughed and hit me on my arm before getting up. I immediately put my hand around her waist as she clung onto me. 

Sandy : Stay a while longer ?? .. it’s still early anyway…. 

James : It’s going to be 9.15pm soon…. We both didn’t get much sleep last night… 

Sandy pouted her lips and I kissed it before she giggled herself free. 

Sandy : You sure you want to go ?? 

She raised an eyebrow before pulling herself away from me and walking towards her room.

Sandy deliberately put on that slut like come fuck me look as she bit her lips. 

James : of course… it’s late already… 

Her seductive look disappeared and she grabbed a pillow and threw it at me as she made a face. 

I laughed and added. 

James : Put on your school uniforms again… I’ll stay.. 

She folded her arms and called me a pervert. 

I dropped my bag and walked briskly towards Sandy as she screamed and retreated into her bedroom. I grabbed onto her and she kissed me, laughing and hugging onto me. We spent the next few minutes kissing and touching each other with our clothes on before I egged her on again. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that desperate to fuck Sandy in her uniforms again. 

I just wanted to see how obedient she could be. 

I wanted to see how much I could push her. 

How much I could play with her. 

James : Put in on again ??.. you look good in them… 

Sandy : Pervert la you….you like school girls is it… 

James : No… I only like school girls if they look like you… haha.. 

She laughed and broke herself free. 

Sandy disappeared into the kitchen before coming back into the room with the her uniforms on the hanger. 

Sandy : Cannot la… still wet… quite damp still… you touch… 

I felt the damp fabric, it’s still not quite dry but wearable. 

James : It’s ok what… I would be making it wet again… haha.. 

She gave me an irritated look before she start to take them off the hanger. 

There was this surreal sense of perversion in me as I looked at Sandy. I could not explain what I was feeling. 

I was toying with her. Yes, I want to fuck her, any man would yet this was something else. 

It suddenly dawned on me that I was playing with her feelings as well, it made me feel so alive that I was suddenly afraid. 

I was afraid what I would do to her mentally and physically. 

I cannot control my emotions and actions. My erection stirred as I watch Sandy remove her singlet as she put on the damp blouse. 

She lowered her fbt shorts and pulled on her pinafore. 

There is this smell of fresh detergent on her as she pretended to pout and walk towards me. 

Sandy : Nah !… happy ? … pervert… 

I felt another jolt in my pants as she called me that. 

Yes, I am a pervert. 

In fact, at that moment, I felt worse than one.

I smiled and hugged onto Sandy, pressing my face onto her tummy while her hands went around my head. 

She kissed me in her standing position, bending her body downwards to reach my lips. 

After a few minutes of kissing she bit her lips and got down on her knees. 

I sat back and helped her unbuckle my pants. 

It was a blowjob alright but I was not satisfied with a blowjob. 

I wanted more. 

I wanted to feel more than Sandy’s lips sucking down on my cock. 

I wanted to see more than her in her school uniforms bending over the bed. 

I wanted to hear more than her moans as I fuck her. 

She paused after a while to swallow her saliva and I lifted her head upwards. 

James : Are you ok ? Tired ? … you need a break ?? 

She shook her head and as if my expression of concern spurred her on further, making her suck harder as she stroke my shaft. 

James : Aerghhh… erghh….arghh… 

I could feel the tension release from my body as they rushed to my dick. 

Sandy : Slurpsszz… slurpzz.. slruppzzzz…. Suck… suck.. suck…. 

I could feel the end coming and I stopped Sandy. 

James : I’m cumming… pant… pant… pant…. 

She hugged me and pressed her forehead onto mine. 

Sandy : How would you like to do it ?? 

I smiled and asked her what is her favourite. 

Sandy : haha…. There is only the usual few….mouth ?? breast ?? …. Face ?? inside me ?? 

She said the last one playfully before she nested herself into my arms, behaving like a little school girl finding love for the first time. 

James : Those are boring…. Nothing special… 

She hit me playfully on my arm and pretended to frown. 

Sandy :That means you’ve tried a lot others ?? !!! 

I laughed and said I watch a lot of jap porn. 

I massaged and caressed her breast before I ask her to kneel on the bed. 

James : Close your eyes… 

Sandy :Why ??? 

James : Be a good girl… close your eyes…. 

She pouted and did as she was told. 

James : Don’t peek… 

I went out of the room and headed to the kitchen to pull out 2 bananas. 

After removing the peels, I walked into the room and I could see Sandy laughing as she looked at me without my pants, erection throbbing and with a banana in each hand. 

Sandy : Whahahah.. haha.. what is that ??? are you mad ?? hahaha… 

James : Why did you open your eyes ?? .. close them… 

After another bout of giggling, Sandy closed her eyes. 

She opened her mouth, half expecting me to put my cock there but she was surprised. 

She was surprised I put the banana by her mouth. 

Sandy : Eh ?? 

James : Shh…. Pretend that is me…. Show me how you treat my cock… 

Sandy smiled and did not waste time engulfing the banana into her mouth. 

James : Don’t squish it….. I want to see it in it’s original condition… 

Sandy : ERghnergmmh… 

I held her left hand and gave her another banana… 

Sandy : ERgnhhhh…. 

She could not speak, not with me holding a banana in her mouth. 

James : Hold it…. Pretend you are masturbating for me… 

She started to shake her left hand while her mouth continued sucking on the banana. 

Her right was reaching for my cock but I kept it away from her. 

Not yet… 

Not yet.. 

I lifted her pinafore slightly, feeling for her groin. 

Sandy : Ergnnhh…

I could feel the dampness of her love hole slowly spreading through her dry panty. It really came in gushes. 

One moment I could still feel the dry areas of her cotton panty. Then gushes after gushes of her love juice came flooding down like torrential rain. 

James : Why are you so wet ?? Har ?? 

I egged her on, rotating the banana in my left hand and pushing it deeper into her mouth as she slurped louder for me to hear, her left hand shook harder too, pretending to masturbate for me at the same time. 

Then I started to finger her, rubbing her wet slippery clit through her panty. 

The rubbing didn’t last long, barely a couple of minutes before Sandy sucked down hard on the banana, filling her own mouth with the mish mash of warm pulverised banana and I could feel another big gush of her womanly nectar as she moaned with her mouth full. 

It was as if she was moaning with a large cock in her mouth, filling it up with hot cum as she peaked at her orgasm. 

Sandy ; ERghhh .. erghh.. ARGHHHHHHHH.. geeegegennnn….

She twitched and turned, almost dropping the banana in her left hand as she tried to move her pussy away from my rubbing finger. 

Before she could catch her breath or calm down I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. 

James : Masturbate for me… move both hands together at the same time…. 

I told her not to swallow the fruit in her mouth, but to keep it full and warm in there as she stroked me. 

James ; ARghh… arghhh.. arghhh…. 

Sandy was really into the stroking. 

I could feel my orgasm coming too as my testicles felt the familiar squeeze. 

I pulled out of her hand and signalled that I was cumming. 

James : Kneel down.. ! 

Sandy panted with her mouth full of banana but I still pushed my throbbing cock into her mouth. 

Sandy : ERgnnh… ergmmm aruugoohh…ergnn… 

James : ARghh… arghh.!!!.. arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I went into spasm in my half standing position as I emptied loads after loads of my semen into Sandy’s banana filled mouth. The warm soft texture added another dimension to the feeling I was getting on my dick. 

Her mouth was so full and she as tapping slowly on her chest as she tried to swallow everything. 

Sandy : Cough.. gouch…cough….idoit !!!.. cough… 

James : ARghhh… arghh… 

We both collapsed onto the bed for a while as Sandy slept in my arms. 

Sandy : I’ve never swallowed any one’s cum before James ….

She said as she traced the outline of my body. 

I kissed her on her forehead without a reply. 

Sandy : What kind of girls do you like James ?? ….just curious… 

I smiled and our eyes met.. 

James : The obedient kind… 

Sandy laughed and snuggled deeper into my embrace. 

Sandy : Then you’ll find I’m the most obedient girlfriend you will ever have…haha…. 

She giggled as I stroked her shoulder. 

James : Good. 


Sandy shot me a look and nudged me on my arm. 

Sandy : Good your head la… haha

We ended up laughing on the bed before cuddling up for a good 10 minutes, doing absolutely nothing but looking at each other. 

She’s pretty, really pretty and just looking at Sandy made me want to fuck her again. 

I could feel my cock stir and I knew I needed more. Something to feed the monster inside my body. 

I persuaded Sandy to let me take pictures of her in her uniforms because she looked so cute and sweet in them. She was reluctant at first but I said she had already taken so many at the dinner and dance, a few more wouldn’t hurt. 

It started as some normal poses, before she got naughty. 

Then it slowly escalated. 

I dared her to lift up her pinafore, before posing for some upskirts. 

After the shoot, we cuddled up at the sofa again, stroking each other’s hands. 

James : We better keep this between ourselves…. The situation in office…

She looked a little disappointed but still smiled and agreed with me. 

Sandy : of course…. Terry must not know…

Even though she agreed with me, I cannot help but detect a hint of sadness that this was to be some underground romance. Any woman who loves you truly would feel sad if something like this was to happen. Imagine being unable to acknowledge each other, having to hide and live under the shadows. It was definitely not a game for the weak hearted. 

I left Sandy’s place at 10.30pm and collapsed onto my bed the moment I got back. 

As I laid on my bed, I started to question my actions. 

Guilt was starting to eat into me as I thought about what I had just done. This was seriously some fuck up shit man. I mean I’m not pretending I’m some fucking gentlemen but for me to stoop that low and do something like this ? 

It must be my exhausted body and mind that drove me to do something like this. 

I should get better after a good rest. 

I fell asleep after trying Belinda’s phone a couple of times. 

20th March 2012



I got into office early and made myself a cup of coffee before settling onto my new desk in Terry’s office. It felt weird to feel comfortable yet being surrounded by colleagues that I had only seen in passing. 

It was then I noticed this bag of sandwich on my table with a sticky note. 

It had a drawing of 2 stick figures holding hands and kissing with countless hearts floating above. It must be Sandy. 

I don’t know why looking at that drawing made me angry again. This is stupid. 

What was she thinking ? 

How many girls do you think are there in the office, barely a handful and I recognised her handwriting anywhere. If Terry had even glance at my desk, he would surely know about this. 

I took a deep breath and calm myself down. 

There were bigger issues at hand as I quickly surveyed my surroundings and the people sitting near me. 

Yes, there is of course Apollo, Benjan, the 2 indians I still don’t know what’s their name and the 2 PRC chaps. 

They were all seated around me. 


The office was filled out by then and I could see the problem with Terry’s team. 

No one was doing any real work, some were just surfing the new, reading news, one even opening had his youtube screen on. Aside from 2 staff at a corner that was busy with projects, the rest were pretty much wasting time. 


Terry came into office and the asked for a overall team meeting. 

We spent a good hour doing absolutely nothing in the meeting room and Terry was just asking if everything is ok and if anyone needed any support for projects. Everyone shook their head before he went on to talk about how well the dinner party went. 

I almost fell asleep in the meeting. 


Terry singled me out and that was when I knew it was coming. 

I was expecting it. 

Come on, anyone with half a brain would know he would make things difficult for me. 

Terry :James … come here…. Take this… 

He threw a stack of drawings for a house near the end of Punggol. 

Terry : Go and confirm the measurements on site… .. we got no budget for this project… no cabs.. 

I could see the smirk on his face as he tried hard not to laugh. 

Absolutely pointless work. 

Still, I took public transport to the place and spent 2 hours measuring the house, soaking though my shirt in the stuffy place. 

By the time I got back to office at 4.30pm, Terry had more pointless things for me to do. 

He gave me another house at the same place. 

Terry : Oops… I forgot to pass you this as well… was left in my car….hahha.. sorry yah…. Haha.. 

I would want wanted to go straight from my place the next morning but Terry said he wanted a meeting with me tomorrow morning to discuss strategy for going against Mr Liew. 

Fucking bullshit. 

He just wanted me back in town before wasting my time going all the way back to Punggol. 

I bit down on my teeth and took it with a pinch of salt. 

The more he wants to fuck with me, the more I would not let it show it’s affecting me. 

21st March 2012 



I happened to see Belinda in the pantry and she muttered something about Mr Liew wanting to talk to me and her later in the day. 

James : I’ll be at Punggol later, once I finish talking with Terry…. What is it about ? 

Belinda said she would call me later. 

She looked better after 2 days of rest, the colours were starting to return to her cheeks. She seemed like she intend to keep herself busy with work, hoping to forget everything. 


I was drenched again in my shirt as I went about the pointless work when my phone rang. 

It was Mr Liew. 

Belinda and him had driven out for lunch to meet me. I gave them the address and they arrived shortly with drinks which I quickly drained from the bottle. 

Mr Liew : Ok… first things first… these are the projects that…. You will steal… for Terry… That should be enough for a start… 

He handed me some information on a usb drive and some hard copy drawings. 

Mr Liew went on to say that it is important for me to gain Terry’s trust. 

Mr Liew : I don’t care what you do…he’s bleeding money from the office….. we need to stop him fast… 

Belinda would start working on the Dubai job with the support from my old team while my primary focus would be to start working on gaining Terry’s trust. 

We parted ways after that and I got back into office before 5pm. 

It was a horrible feeling with dried sweat and dust on my face as I wiped myself down with wet tissues. Sandy came by to drop off some documents in the office and I could see Terry teasing her again, making lewd remarks about her in the uniforms he saw her in few days ago. 

He sniggered but Sandy ignored him. 


Sandy texted me to say she’s heading to her Yoga class before meeting her friends for dinner but she wants me to send her back. 

I agreed. I don’t mind waiting for her for a bit since I wanted to snoop around the office to find out more about Terry’s staff.

By 6.15pm, almost all the office had cleared out of the seat. 

Terry left at 6.20pm 

At 6.30pm, only me and Benjan was left and I packed up and headed out. 

I grabbed a drink and a quick bite before returning at 7.25pm 

The office was empty by then and all the lights were off. 

I went to my old seat to retrieve something from my drawer when I heard the glass door open up again at the entrance. I was expecting the lights to come on but it did not. 

Whoever came back did not want anyone to know he’s here. 

I heard him bump into something , a pedestal on his way in. He must not know this wing well. 

The footsteps grew louder

I retreated to a corner and lowered myself, curious to know who it was. 

From the faint spill of lights from the window, I saw Benjan heading towards our seats. He looked around the office before coming closer. I immediately thought he was spying on Mr Liew’s team but instead he walked over to Sandy’s seat. 

And without waiting, he took her sweater and sniffed it. Not only did he smell the sweater, he even looked for the part where the sleeve connects to the main body, smelling the scent from under the armpits. 

As he smelled Sandy’s sweater, he started to stroke himself. He stopped after a while before squatting down under her table. I could hear the click of heels as Benjan brought it up to the table. 

He started to smell and lick Sandy’s heels too, stroking his cock with a soft moan. 

Benjan even took Sandy’s heels and went over to Belinda’s desk. He rubbed his cock on Sandy’s heels as he sniffed Belinda’s cardigan, moaning with his eyes closed, no doubt swimming in the fantasy of having the girls. 

I don’t blame him, Sandy and Belinda are the 2 prettiest girls in the office. With their tight body and good dress sense, many guys would ogle at their body whenever they walk pass. 

This is good. 

This was something I could use to my advantage. 

Benjan likes Sandy and Belinda. 

As I look at Benjan stroke himself to orgasm before using Belinda’s tissue, a plan started to form inside my head. 

Something small initially before it slowly all gathered into something bigger. 

I felt a sudden jolt of excitement as I look at Benjan groan and shot into some tissue. 

I would start picking off Terry’s staff one by one. 

And I would start first with Benjan. 

Benjan : Ahhh.. ahh… Sandy… Ahhh.. Belinda… Ahh…. 

Not only did he came into the tissue, I saw him rubbed his cock on their cups and water bottle. 

After that he clean up and threw the tissue into Hakim’s waste basket that was overflowing with trash. 


After Benjan left the office, I went over to Terry’s wing and snooped about for a bit, looking through everyone’s table and project files. I spent some time at Benjan’s table before picking up a thumb drive that was sticking out of the CPU.

I left to meet Sandy when she called me. 

We took a cab back to her place.

Before she gets to change out of her yoga clothes, I insisted on fucking her in it and she obliged obediently, giggling at my fetish. 


I opened up Benjan’s usb drive and slowly looked through the files. Nothing out of the ordinary, mostly work files. It’s not a big drive, only 4gb and aside from a iron man movie file, the rest are all work. 

There were too many folders and some are named in tagalog so I don’t know which one opens up to which. 

I clicked this folder called, “ Litrato “ and out pops a series of pictures. 

As the images slowly filled my screen, I realised it was pictures from the dinner and dance party. Besides the usual shots, I noticed that Benjan took a lot of photos that were of Sandy and Belinda secretly. 

I smiled as I scrolled through the pictures. 

This would come in useful. 

There were pictures of Sandy drinking her wine, dancing on the floor, eating her dessert, posing with the rest of the colleagues and of Belinda too. There was a shot of her smiling in a general direction with her hands raised, as if she was calling for a refill of her drink. 

I copied the pictures taken by Benjan and inserted a few pictures of my own into his drive. Photos of Sandy I had taken secretly too in the office over the course of my work. 

22nd March 2012



I stepped into office at 6.30am and returned the drive to it’s original position. Immediately after that I went to Sandy’s desk and i pulled on some gloves I brought along including a N95 mask. 

I picked through the trash and retrieved the glob of tissue. 

I smeared the gooey mess all over Sandy’s sweater and her desk, her keyboard. Not only that, I smeared it on her heels before leaving the tissue on the floor by her chair. 


I removed the mask and gloves before throwing them into the bin a few floors below and went for my breakfast. 


When I stepped into office, I could already see a commotion. 

I could hear Sharon talking loudly that it’s time the office included some CCTV for security sake. 

Besides Sharon’s voice, I could hear Sandy shouting at Terry who was looking puzzled and angry. 


Terry looked speechless as he tried to convince everyone otherwise. 

Terry : WHAT ??? You are mad !! I came here to find out who did this !!!! 

Sandy shouted back at him. 

Sandy :STOP pretending !!! WHO ELSE COULD IT BE !!! I never knew you would stoop to this !! .. 

Terry : This is madness, it’s not me !! are you mad ?? why would I do this !!! 

Sandy : It’s definitely you !!! 

Everyone gasped as Sandy slapped Terry on his cheek. 

Smack ! 

Terry was shocked and his hands was raised but he caught himself in time. 

Everyone looked on as Terry glared at Sandy, nursing his sore cheek.

I hung around the back and looked at Benjan, his faces flushed red and I could see he was panicking. He must be wondering what happened. 

I slowly made my way to the front and I could see Sandy almost plunging towards me before she caught herself. 

Sandy : Look at this James… Terry did this …. I cannot believe.. 

Terry : Mind your words !! I did not do this !!… 

I raised my hands and tried to calm everyone down. 

James : Calm down… let’s not jump to conclusion…. 

I pointed to Terry and said I saw him leave office in front of me the day before. 

James : We left about the same time.. 

I could see this sudden flash of gratitude from Terry before Sandy said he could have come back and done it. 

James : Sandy… calm down… let’s just clean up first… I have a friend who works in a lab… this… 

I pointed to the semen. 

James : There’s no way to hide…… this is all DNA and shit… Terry won’t do something so stupid… he smarter than that… 

Terry looked pleased for a moment before his expression changed, unsure whether did I just insulted him indirectly. 

James : Well, simple, We’ll just test the results….. and match it to everyone in office…

I pointed to Terry and added. 

James : I’m sure it’ll prove it’s not Terry … maybe not even any of our staff.. 

I finished my piece and walked away as the chatter started. I could even see Sandy stomping her feet at me from the reflection on the glass and I could see Benjan trying hard to stop himself from shaking. 

As I walked to my desk I could hear Terry calling for me from behind. 

Terry : James !… James !!.. ask your friend here… I’ll pay for this… fucking piece of shit… KNN…. Make me lose face like a dick…. As if I could fucking masturbate on her desk… I donno fuck her how many times before….

Terry : James!! James … My office … now… 

I put down my bag, entered his office and closed the door. 

Terry : How much does it cost… to do a test and all… 

I tried to keep my expression neutral. 

James : I’m not sure but… maybe you….don’t need to spend a cent… 

Terry stopped fiddling with his expensive watch and looked at me. 

Terry : What ?? 

James : I think….. i…know who did it … 

Terry stood up and his hands went to his waist. 

James : You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you . 

Terry : Who !! 

James : Look… this is… erm…. Really none of my business and all…. I don’t want to be labelled as a snitch…and. 

Terry : Just fucking tell me who… 

I sighed and said I came back to grab something and I saw Benjan head into that office wing. 

James : I didn’t think much about it and I left…. 

Terry : You are shitting me right… har ?? trying to be funny is it ?? 

James : Look Terry… I’m not going to pretend I even enjoy talking to you…. I don’t care if you get labelled as a pervert who likes to cum on girls desk but I saw what I saw….. Benjan… 

Before Terry could digest what I just said, I added ; 

James : Besides, Benjan was secretly taking photos of Sandy and Belinda during the dinner and dance…. 

As if that was not enough I added more fuel to the fire. 

James : Seems like he likes all your ex-girlfriend… 

Terry hit his fist on his desk and I quickly added. 

James : Look… I saw what I saw… you can choose not to believe me… but it’s not hard to find out the truth…. I really saw Benjan keep pointing his camera at the girls during dinner…. It’s so obvious……. Anyway…Everyone heard you call me into your office…. Now start calling each of the other guys in….. talk to them… ask them…. You think the culprit can remain calm ?? 

I grabbed a bunch of paper cups from Terry’s personal nespresso station and asked him to make everyone spit inside. 

James : You see for yourself who’s balls is shrinking…. Make sure you say he can either apologise in front of everyone and tender his resignation…. Or you will call the police…. Fuck… Sandy might even be grateful and appreciate what you did… 

I could see Terry thinking about what I just said. 

I took a cup, scribbled my name and spit into it before dropping it on his desk. 

James : There… I’ll call the next guy in… 

I pushed opened the door, pretending to be angry and spoke loud enough for the office to hear. 

James : Apollo !! …. Your turn…!… 

I watched Apollo get up on his feet and as he walked passed Benjan, I could see Benjan shaking at his seat. 

2 minutes later, Apollo called for Raj, one of the 2 indian staff. 

Apollo : Raj ! your turn,.. 

I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the show. 

So he’s Raj… 


Raj : Sukoh !!… 

And there you have it…. Sukoh and Raj…. 


Sukoh : Xiao qiang !! 

Yup, one of the PRC chap… 


Xiao Qiang : HeJun….. 

I quietly rejoiced as I mentally jolted down each of their names. 



HeJun : Benjan ……………. 

I almost wanted to laugh as Terry kept Benjan for the last one in his team. 


Benjan came out with Terry . His head bowed low and both of them came to his PC. 

Terry : Show me.. 

Benjan clicked on his PC and a few of us gathered around his desk and the whispers in the background started. 

Terry : James … .. ask Sandy over for me… 

I tried not to smile and did as I was told. 

Sandy looked irritated at me for not siding with her but before she could lose her temper, I told her Terry found the culprit. 

Sandy : What ?? It’s not him ?? 

I shook my head.

Sandy had her arms folded as she looked at the photos Benjan had secretly took of her, it left her totally speechless as Benjan apologised for his mistake. 

Terry spoke with a proud swagger and added. 

Terry : I want your resignation on my desk within 30 minutes, or I will call the police… 

With that he walked back into his office after giving Sandy a stare. 

Terry : You see !!! .. it’s not me !!! NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ACCUSE SOMEONE..!!! make sure you have proof !! 

Sandy : I …. I …. 

Terry : I demand an apology… !!! you fucking slap me in public ! 

Sandy : so… sorry la… so fierce for what !! .. 

Sandy stormed off back to her wing but Terry kept shouting after her. 

Terry : WHAT ?? HAR ?? Accuse people dare to shout… then now run back when you need to apologise… not happy you resign la !! … act seh!… come back here !!! 

Sandy : You are a fucking jerk… I’ll curled up and die before I apologise to you…. Don’t fucking expect anything from me you piece of shit !!.. 

Without Sandy to vent on he shouted for me to go into his office. 

Terry : James !!!…. My office!!!…. Where’s the measurements I asked you to take… there’s another place I need you to go … 

He stormed into his office and slammed the door. 

I could see Sandy turned and looked at me in a apologetic manner, worried I would bear the brunt of Terry’s wrath after she spurned him.

I calmly walked into the office and Terry started shouting for things that he did not even assign to me. 

I kept quiet and allowed him to finish his shouting before he looked at me as he panted furiously. 

Terry : Why ? Not happy ar ?? har ? buay song I scold your former team mate is it ?? KNN… don’t give me that fuck up face I tell you… 

I just kept quiet. 

There was no way you can reason with people like Terry especially not when he was in such a mood. 

But I needed something to catch his attention. 

I needed something to get him interested. 

Something totally out of the blue that it would take him a while to digest and comprehend. 

James : Terry…. Let me build my own team… I can get all the jobs you want from Mr Liew…..and I can get you Sandy.. 

Terry just stared at me wide eyed in shock. 

James : He kicked me out of his team for no good reason…. I FUCKING DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS !! … 

I raised my voice without warning before reducing it to a soft whisper. 

James : I can get the projects from him…. I can…. And I can get you Sandy… 

That must have had some impact as I saw Terry blinked twice, trying to come up with a reply. 

Terry : Sandy would never want me back again… not after what i…. 

I cut him off right away, speaking softly yet delivering a reply that I knew would tempt him. 

James : I never said she would be a willing party ….. 

Terry was about to raise his voice at me when I added at the moment before words left his tongue. 

James : but I can make sure she never finds out….. 

Terry : Bullshit…… bull shit…. Hahah.. bullshit…. Fuck you… ahhaha.. bullshit….. 

He turned away from me and put his legs on his pedestal, his hands waving to indicate the meeting is over. 

I walked out and I could see Sandy hovering near the entrance to our wing. 

She immediately dialled my phone. 

Sandy : Sorry James… are you ok ?? Did he take it out on you ?? 

James : Yup…he… sigh…..

Sandy : What did he say ?? everything ok ?? 

I waited for a while before replying. 

James : He… He blamed me for being a busybody…. And that I made him look bad….he says he could have solved this on his own without me butting in…. 

Sandy : What !! 

James : He asked me to tender my resignation.. 

Sandy : What !!!?? I’ll go and trash it out with him !! 

James : Don’t Sandy… it’ll only make me look bad if I needed a woman to speak up for me… I’m not supposed to tell you this….but… but.. 

Sandy : But what ? 

James : He was quite adamant on getting an apology from you… says you insulted him and all….. I don’t care about myself… just that I think if you want to continue staying here peacefully, maybe you should just apologise… it’s a misunderstanding after all… 

Sandy : You think so .. ? But what about you ?? I can apologise… I’ll ask him to leave you alone… I’ll 

James : Don’t Sandy… seriously… it’ll really make me look bad…. Maybe he’ll hate me more… 

I told her the best she could do would be to just give Terry a call or something, apologise, maybe treat him coffee or some shit. Hopefully he’ll calm down and everything will blow over maybe i’ll get to stay or something.. 

James :He just needs to calm down…i know men like him cannot think straight at times like this…

Sandy : Ok. ok… sorry i got you into this mess… i’ll…. i’ll apologise to him… hopefully he’ll calm down… 

Sandy agreed and said she will head down to grab some coffee and some muffins for Terry. 


Sandy walked into our wing, looking a little unsure as she made eye contact with me. 

I mouthed the words and signaled not to mention me and Sandy nodded. 

She slowed down her pace about 2 metres away from Terry’s door. 

I could see she was hesitating. 

A little unsure. 

11.31 am 

Sandy took a step closer to Terry’s office and I took my phone to send Terry a message. 

James sms : knock knock… 

Sandy was still hesitating at the door when Terry opened it forcefully, half expecting to shout at me but no. 

I was not at the door. 

Standing in front of him is not me. 

It’s Sandy. 

The 2 of them met with an awkward silence before Sandy apologised and pass Terry the coffee and muffin. 

After that she turned and walked away. 

With her tight dress and short hemline and her legs disappearing into her black high heels , I could see every other men in the room looking at Sandy as she walked away. 

Every men. 


Everyone except Terry and me. 

We just stared at each other for a good 3 second before I smiled. 

Terry walked over and asked me ; 

Terry : What…………….did you do ? 

James : Magic………


Terry looked like he had a lot of questions for me but he knew there were others around me, there’s no use kicking up a fuss. He went back into his room and moments later I received an email asking me what did I do. 

Aside from that he also wanted to know my plan, what I have in mind, what is his role and how were we going to go about doing it. 

I just replied a simple one sentence email that says it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m confident I can pull it off. If he cooperates, it might even be a regular arrangement. 

That should be enough to get him interested.

Barely 5 minutes later, Terry replied and said that I better don’t go back on my word with the usual threats and shit, what I was more interested in was at the bottom of his mail which says I could go ahead and build my team if I can prove I am capable of getting the projects from Mr Liew. 

I had a list of jobs that Mr Liew was ready to give up and I could only start on the smallest one since I would be working alone. 

It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place. I knew Alex and Uncle Tong would be working on that particular house together, if I win it over, it would mean their effort going down the drain altogether. 

Still it’s about the bigger picture. 

Terry has to go. 


I could see Benjan and Apollo whispering and talking to each other as they packed up and cleared Benjan’s desk. They looked around the office, their eyes settling on each and everyone before moving on. 

There’s no doubt they’re trying to figure out what happened. 

I made it a point not to look directly at them but I could see form the reflection on some of my display items that they were looking over at my direction. 

They spoke in their native tongue and at times I thought I could catch a few words or hear my name being mentioned but I brushed it off as my ears playing tricks on me. 


Benjan was waiting to sign off some documents before he leave and Sharon was already complaining loudly about the sudden extra work she needed to do during her lunch break. I could see Apollo looking over at me as I continued to work on my screen. 

I began to wonder what was exchanged between the 2 of them. 

It’s not hard to figure out that someone had sabotaged Benjan. I meant sure, he did masturbate and cum but he definitely did not smear it all over Sandy’s desk. 

I meant who in the world would be that stupid ? 

The initial rush and confusion had settled down by then I could tell they were trying to figure out who it was that made things go this way. I was the newest person in their team and if Benjan had been doing this for a while with no consequences, and this happened within a few days of me being in the team, I was sure to be at the top of his suspects list. 

I remained calm and carried on with my work. 

There’s nothing he could do. 

There’s no way he could prove it was me even if he had his suspicion. 


Just before Benjan left, I saw from the corner of my eye Apollo and Benjan walking towards me. From the manner in which they walked, I could tell they were up for a confrontation. 

It was not a slow stroll. 

It was not some goodbye handshake shit. 

They closed the distance quickly and surrounded me at my desk. 

James : What the fuck do you want ? 

Apollo : It’s you right James… it’s you… 

James : What the fuck are you talking about… ? 

Benjan : It must be you who did it. I threw it into the bin, not all over the desk like this.. !.. 

James : Dude… seriously… you need help… I’m not interested in your story or whatever…

Apollo lowered his voice slightly but spoke in a manner as If he was looking for a fight. 

Apollo : I know you like Sandy too…. Don’t think I don’t know… 

He pointed a finger at me and added that we had seen me touching her jacket before as well and looking at her heels under her desk while looking around suspiciously. Apollo then accused me that it could be me who was in Benjan’s shoes that day. 

James : I don’t know what you are talking about…. Leave me alone. 

Benjan : You seemed very eager to offer your friend’s lab for the testing right…. You are just out to get rid of me.. is that it ? Fucker… 

I waved him off without looking at him. 

James : Whatever theories you have… go and tell Terry…I’m not interested. 

I ignored them and went back to work but the continued talking to each other by my desk in their native tongue. 

Right before Benjan left my desk, he swept a row of folders off it, causing them to fall loudly to the floor. 

A few colleagues turned to look but no one said a thing and just went back to work. 

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down. 

It’s over. 

He’s gone. 

Don’t waste your energy on him. 


Sandy text me to ask me to join her for dinner but I declined. 

I told her i needed to rush some work so I can keep my job. 

Sandy sms : Ok… I’ll text you when I get back….. don’t work too late ya ? …. Have a good rest too.  

I replied with a smiley face and continued with my work in Terry’s wing. Everyone had left and only Terry was in his office. 

From the sound of his speakers, I could tell he was watching a movie instead of working. 


I was making good progress when my phone rang. 

It was Sandy. 

I don’t want to break the momentum to pick up the call so I ignored it. I meant what could she say to me ? 

Have you eaten ? 

How are you ? 

Are you tired ? 

Don’t work too late ? 

The usual stuff that i was not in the mood to hear. 

3 miss calls later and it stopped. There were a couple of messages but I did not read them too. 

Barely 3 minutes later it rang again but this time round it was Belinda. 

I picked it up and was surprised to hear Belinda speaking quickly on the other end. 

Belinda : Why didn’t you answer your phone ! 

James ; Huh ? I picked it up after a few rings…. When did I not answer your phone ?? 

Belinda : Not me! Sandy ! … 

James : What ? How did you know she called me ? 

Belinda : No time to explain…. Get to her house now…. Apollo and Benjan are there. 

James : What ! ?

I stood up from my seat

James : What are they doing there ?? and why did Sandy call you ?? 

Belinda explained that Sandy had called her earlier that evening to talk about me. 

James : Why the fuck are you talking to her about me ?? 

Belinda : JAMES !! Just go over there now… they’re outside her door !! 

James : Fuck !… ok… 

I hung up the phone and packed my bag. 

Right before I ran out of the office, I looked over to Terry’s office. 

I could see lights flashing from his PC screen, from the music and the sound effect, it looked like he was in the middle of the exciting bits of the movie.

A smile broke on my face before it went away as fast as it appeared.

I ruffled my hair a little and jogged on the spot for a bit to appear breathless.

20 seconds later, I ran over to Terry’s office and pushed open his door without knocking.

Terry : What the fuck !… can’t you knock ??

James : Benjan and Apollo……pant… pant… pant… they’re… pant… outside Sandy’s door…pant…

I could see Terry’s eyes widened and he immediately jumped up from his seat, searching his desk for his wallet and phone before rummaging his pocket for his car keys.

James : We got to go over, I’ll explain along the way.

We hopped into Terry’s car and he sped off onto the road.

Terry : What is happening ? What are they there ? How do you know about this ? ..

I had my lies ready and I deflected Terry’s questions with my instructions.

James : She miss call me, I was on the line with the client. But I saw the messages… I tried calling her but she’s not answering.

I could feel Terry immediately stepping on the gas as I got pushed back onto my seat.

I quickly tried Sandy’s phone in Terry’s car and it connected immediately .

James : Sandy !… I saw the messages!! .. are you ok ???

Sandy :They’re outside my door, Benjan says he wants to apologise to me and he wants to talk….. he wants me to help him get his job back…. But I don’t want to entertain them…. They refuse to leave….

James : Ok..ok.. calm down… I’m… I’m trying to get a cab… it’s peak hour in tanjong pagar… I’m calling for one already… I’ll be there as soon as I can…

I could see Terry glaring at me when I hung up.

Terry : What the fuck ? We’ll be there in 15 minutes max…

James : No.. you’ll be there… not me…

Terry : Why ?

James : You’ll be the one to save her from Apollo and Benjan…

The moment the words left my mouth, I could see the expression change on Terry’s face. It like as if he’s slowly figuring this out.

As Terry drove, I filled him in on a bit of history with Sandy. I told him Sandy and I got a bit closer because of Hakim and his brother.

He stared at me in disbelief as I told him what happened.

Before he could jump to any conclusion, I told him we’ve been in sort of a god brother and god sister kind of relationship ever since then.

He nodded as he exited his car from the expressway.


I told Terry to drop me off 1 street away and go on ahead.

Terry : What should I say ?

James : Just act normal…. Say you came to check on her because of what happened…. And you want to say you’re sorry too for the incident in the office….make something up….

He nodded and I asked for Benjan and Apollo’s phone number which he promptly sent to me.

Before I closed the car door, I told Terry that he had only 1 thing to do.

James : Trust me…. You only need to do one thing… just go there, pretend you are surprised to see Apollo and Benjan there…. Chase them away… that’s it… nothing more..

He nodded and I could hear the roar of his engine and he pulled away.

I mentally timed Terry’s arrival before I dialled Benjan’s phone.


James : Benjan , what are you doing outside Sandy’s door ?

Benjan : It’s none of your business… why ? what the fuck do you want ??

James : Sandy has nothing to do with this… leave her alone…. There’s something you should know.

Benjan : What the fuck was that again ??

I could hear him talking in Tagalog to Apollo in the background.

James : It was Terry. .. Sandy was his ex –gf….and he’s been eyeing you for a while…. Nothing to do with me… He suspected that you like Sandy…

Benjan : Bullshit… fuck you James… it’s bullshit… It’s you…. You told Terry about this… you caused everything …!!

I kept a neutral tone and continued.

James : Why would Terry believe anything I say ? I’m not even from your team…. He don’t even like me…. Why would he believe anything that comes from my mouth… you’re his own team member !…

James : It was Terry, he wants you to leave… and not only that, he wanted to humiliate you ….. for eyeing his ex-gf… why are you the last one to be called into his office?? why you ? any not anyone else ?? why does he look at your computer ? forcing you to show him everything.. ??

That was followed by a few seconds of silence and I let it fuck with his head.

James : You can choose not to believe me… I don’t care… but just leave Sandy alone… go find Terry if you want..

I barely finished my sentence when there was a loud commotion and Benjan hung up on me.

Terry must have arrived at the right moment.

My phone rang again and it was Sandy.

Sandy ; James !! Where are you ??? Terry is here too !!..

James : What ? Why ? what is happening ??

Sandy : I don’t know but Benjan and him are fighting..

James : Stay inside the house!… don’t open the gate…

Sandy : I know… I know… the grille is still locked.. they’re shouting at each other.. where are you ??

James : I only just hopped on a cab… will take a while…… Uncle !! can drive faster ??!!

I pretended to speak to an imagery driver as I told Sandy to try and talk to Benjan from inside the house before I hung up.

I took a slow stroll, bought a drink from the coffee shop before making my way slowly towards Sandy’s place.

Running up the steps to her unit, I expected to bump straight into Apollo and Benjan but there was only Terry.

He sat on the steps at the mid landing facing away from Sandy’s flat with a bruise on his face and a cut on his lips looking dazed.

The moment he saw me I put my finger on my lips and he nodded.

Sandy saw me arriving and quickly opened the gate for me, pulling me inside. She was about to close the door when I stopped her.

Sandy :Why ?? Close it…

James : Terry… he’s injured…

Sandy : What ? Really ??

James : What happened ?

Sandy told me she threatened to call the police and Apollo dragged Benjan away just before I got there.

Sandy : I saw Terry sitting there but I don’t dare to open the door….

James : He’s hurt…. At least let him wash up…

Sandy thought about what I said for a moment and she left the gate open.

James : Go get the first aid box, I’ll help him in.

She disappeared into the kitchen and I quickly went down to Terry.

James : Don’t say anything… don’t do anything…. Just thank her… and leave later…

He nodded as I helped him up to Sandy’s place and he sat down on her sofa.

James : I don’t know how to do this first aid thing man…ermm..

Sandy sighed and went over to Terry.

For the first time since their separation, they were facing each other at that distance.

I could see Terry looking at Sandy but she refused to meet his eyes.

Her white singlet was a little translucent, I could see the outline of her strapless pink bra. Her sleep shorts were too short as well, part of her butt cheeks was showing.

Sandy cleaned Terry’s cut and gave him a plaster.

The moment she was done, she quickly packed up and stepped behind me, eyeing Terry suspiciously, it was as if she was afraid he would suddenly pounce on her.

Right on que, Terry stood up , thanked Sandy for the dressing and turned to leave.

James : Wait.. your shirt…

I pointed to the blood stains near his pockets but Terry said never mind and went to put on his shoes.

I turned to Sandy and added softly.

James : I better go with him . if not will look weird if I stay and he goes… we’re just colleagues remember…

Sandy nodded her head and reluctantly let go of my hands.

James : Hey…

I whispered to Sandy as Terry pulled on his other shoe.

James : At least thank him for the help la..

Sandy bit her lips for a second before approaching Terry.

Sandy : Terry…. What… what are you doing here so late in the evening ??

Terry turned around and I almost wanted to puke at his lousy acting but thankfully Sandy looked away and avoided his eyes.

Terry :I just want to check on you…. I mean… after what happened in office today…

He paused for a moment before finishing his sentence.

Terry : Ok… everything’s fine now… I’ll make my move…. Have a good rest…

James : I’ll make a move too…

We walked in silence towards Terry’s car, mindful that Sandy could see us from her unit.

Only when we were safely inside the car and on the road did Terry speak.

Terry : That …. Was some fuck up shit James… hahahaha…. Haha.. but I like…. I can tell Sandy still likes me… really… from the way she looks at me… I can tell…

I wanted to roll my eyes but I held myself.

Terry : Looking at her makes me horny man… the way she dress, fuck…. I wished I could rape her there and then…. Maybe you can have the leftovers after I’m done… whahah.. hahah…

I gave Terry an irritated look and he quietened down.

James : Don’t fuck it up Terry… don’t fuck it up…

Terry : hahha.. I won’t…. I’m a good actor…. So what’s next ??

James : Make Sandy lose her job…. Then you… hire her…. For my team..

Terry : What ? How ??

I smiled and added.

James : Leave it to me…


Terry : Ok… I’m getting rid of Apollo tomorrow as well… you can have their headcount for your team…. Get Sharon to help you put out an ad… 

I was dropped off at the train station near my place and I watch Terry pull off into the distance. 

James : Ok… 2 down…. 4 more to go… 

I don’t think getting rid of the other 4 would be that easy. 

It’s not as if everyday people queue up to masturbate at Sandy’s table while I happen to be around to catch them in the act.

I went back home and tried to organise my thoughts. 

Things seemed to be progressing well so far.

Let’s just hope we can keep the momentum going. 

I had a shower, chatted with Sandy on the phone for a while before I called Belinda. 

She asked me what happened and I told her everything. I called her not only to check on her but to find out something. 

Why is she talking to Sandy ? Before I could do it though, she offered up the information and I did not even have to dig. 

Belinda : James… 

James : Yah ? 

Belinda : I have something to tell you… 

James : What is it ? 

Belinda : Sandy… she… she really likes you…. 

I was caught off guard for a moment and I did not know what to say. 

Belinda : We’ve been talking… a little… since… that day at the dinner….

James : Yes, you told her that you were not interested in me…. What was that shit all about ? 

Belinda said that aside from the fact that she did not want me to be there when she meets with Rasid and Omar, she could tell Sandy was interested in me. 

James : Then what ? You’re trying to match make me and her ar ? 

I could sense my tone getting the better of me and I quickly told myself to calm down. 

I was sure Belinda could sense it too and she took the initiative to end the conversation by saying that Sandy offered to buy over her lucky draw price. 

Her Maldives trip. 

Belinda : She said she wants to bring you along… and I know you two are together…. You better rest early James…. good night.. 

James : Wait.. wait…. It’s not what you think… !! 

The phone went dead and I knew better to try and call back .

Now this made me even more angry. 

When you are angry, you can’t think straight. 

When you can’t think straight, you don’t make good decisions. 

23rd March 2012



True to his words, Terry called Apollo into his office 1st thing that day and within an hour, he was gone from the office, storming out and cursing at Terry before he left. 

I did not want to appear too eager to get rid of the team so I decided to lay low for a bit. 

It’s time to put in some hours for serious work. 

I tried to talk to Belinda at the pantry when I saw her but she turned away and ignored me. 

I hate it when that happens with women. 

It was obvious she was affected by the Sandy issue but did she give me a chance to explain ? 


She went all gracious and benevolent on us and then get angry with me in the end. 

There was no point talking sense and logic with her in that state.

Instead I concentrated on my work for the whole of the following week. 

30rd March 2012



By Friday, I had put up a good proposal and report to snatch the house project away from Mr Liew. End of the day it was still money

I knew exactly how much Mr Liew was asking for, by lowering mine by a little, the client was mine. 

Only Mr Liew and I were at the meeting with the client, and with a smiling and laughing Mr Liew claiming that I was his protégé, the client happily signed on the dotted line with a piece of mind. 

The smiles and laugh disappeared when we got into office, separately of course. 

Mr Liew threw a huge fit, storming into Terry’s office while I see Terry smile and chuckle in his seat before Mr Liew storm out. 

I only hope no one catches him winking to me in the pantry. 


Terry called me into his office and I was expecting the usual, good job, well done, keep it up shit but no. 

He had something else for me. 

No correction. 

He had someone for me. 

He was not alone when I stepped in. 

Sitting in front of Terry was this lady. 

She looked pretty matured but she’s a fresh graduate. From certain angle, she looked like the actress Yvonne Lim in her younger days.

Terry : James , this is Kate.. 

James : Hi Kate 

Kate : Hi James … 

She’s dressed in a figure hugging dress and with a nice pair of grey heels, she looked hot. 

Her shoulder length hair is wavy and in a trendy shade of copper and black. Definitely the hot babe that would not look out of place in a club. 

Terry : I know you’re forming your team… so I’m helping you to do it. 

He had a smirk on his face when he told me Kate would be the manager of my team. 

James : What ? 

Terry : You would be reporting to her with effect from next week… 

I must have this super stunted look on my face when Terry told Kate that would be all for her and that he would see her on Monday. 

She gave me a smile and left the office. 

James : What is this ? 

Terry smirked and laugh and I could feel his usual irritating self rearing it’s ugly head again. 

Terry : I said I would let you build your team, but I never say you would be the one to manage it…. Ahhaa…. Management is like that one… you know or not… you need to report to someone…. Then that someone report to me mah…..

He went on to say that he’s the boss and I cannot expect him to attend to every little thing. 

Terry : And don’t think just because you are… hahaha.. helping me with Sandy… and what ?? huh ?? you’ll have me eating out of your hands ? haha, I’m not stupid James…

I don’t know what to think. 

I was literally shaking in my body when I left the room and got back to my seat. 

I don’t fucking believe this but it was happening.

I’ve only heard it happen to my friends, past colleagues and sometimes from army mates when we chatted.

For no good reason, your boss decides to hire someone and put him above you. These are the reasons people leave good companies.

Fine, whatever. 

I won’t die even if I need to report to a 22 year old chick. 


I did not think my day could get any worst until Sandy text me that Belinda had agree to sell her the lucky draw prize of the Maldives trip. 

She was already asking me when I would like to go for it. 

I did not reply her. 

I was washing my cup in the pantry at 6.15pm when I saw Uncle Tong and Alex. 

They knew I got the project from under their nose for Terry and they asked me why did I do that 

Alex : James …. Why you help Terry ?? 

Uncle Tong : James… I hope you won’t be doing it again hor…. 

I left the pantry with a heavy heart.


After Sandy’s yoga class, she called me for dinner, I told her I’m busy but she insisted I join her even for a quick one because we needed to discuss about the trip. 

I called Belinda before I left the office and she refused to pick up my phone. 

Hell I saw her glaring at me when I looked over to the other wing but I did not go in as Hakim seemed to be talking to her from his desk. 

Nothing seemed to be going right for me that day. 

Sandy was all so excited about the thought of going overseas with me that she went on non-stop about the trip. My head felt like it was about to explode. 

Just when I was nursing the thought of giving her a good fuck that evening, she excused herself to the bathroom after paying for dinner. 

Sandy : Oh… oh… oh…

James : What …. What ?? 

Sandy : I think my menses is here…. Wait ah… 

5 minutes later she walked out, soothing her pants before sitting down. 

Sandy : game over…. We can only cuddle tonight… haha.. 

I sent her back and left after coming up with an excuse that I’m tired. 

Nothing of note happen over the weekend and I spend it back in the office with my work. I told Mr Liew about Kate and his reply was. 

Mr Liew : come on…. A 22 year old girl… you can handle her… take care of it… 

2nd April 2012 



I stepped into office and buried myself with work. I needed to start preparing to grab the next job from Mr Liew while handling the house I got all on my own. 

By the time Kate was done with all her administrative stuff, it was 10.30am 


Kate : James , let’s have a meeting in 10 minutes…. I want to know what you have on your hands. 

She gave me a smile and walked off, sashaying towards the pantry in her waist high skirt and long sleeve white blouse. 

Chee bye…. 

I literally cursed out in a few language at that. 


I wanted to ignore her as I was busy with my drawings but she dragged a chair over to my seat with a notepad in hand. 

Kate : Ok… the meeting rooms are all occupied, let’s just do it here if you don’t mind… 

She rested her right arm on my desk, crossed her legs and opened the cap of her expensive pen before looking at me as if she’s a visiting psychiatrist. 

James : Err…. 

Kate : Can you tell me your near term goals and what you hope to achieve in this position ? … I saw your profile… you’re only earning 1.6k…. I’m sure you hope to upgrade your skills and get ahead right…. 

I stared at Kate with my mouth half opened and my eyes wide apart. 

Kate smiled and put up her hands with her palms facing me. 

Kate : James… I know… trust me… I experienced this during my intern days, I saw it happen in the office…. 

She looked up into the ceiling for a moment and added. 

Kate : I know it’s a…. unpleasant experience… to be reporting to someone younger and newer in the office… but… this is unavoidable… 

I think my mouth just got a little wider. 

Kate : I mean…. You look like you work hard and all but…. You need to move away from just pure… ermmm… pure…… pure….. 

She looked at the drawings I was doing and snapped her fingers a few times. 

Kate : Drawings… yes.. yes… drawings… 

She went to say that anyone can draw, but not all will fit into a management role. 

Kate : I believe with my training and little bit of experience , we can work together and trust me James …. Trust me !.. 

She looked so fucking serious that my mouth actually closed off totally. 

Kate : No one likes to be earning less than 2k doing the work you do…. I know you have only a diploma and…. Anyway don’t worry… I will make sure I fight for an increment for you…. And you need to go for skills upgrading…. The government is pushing for that…..i’m sure if you can get a degree…. You’re earning power will increase… !! 

She said it so convincingly that I almost believed her. 

James : Ermm.. 

She lowered her voice a little and whispered to me sharply. 

Kate : I know I’m not supposed to share but I’m getting twice your pay….. and it’s just my starting pay….. when you’ve been working for so many years… 

She went back to her normal speaking decibel and continued. 

Kate : Look… I know… I have no experience in the construction industry… but trust me… I am here to help you ok ?? 

She uncrossed her legs and held onto the arms on my chair, lowering herself as if she’s talking to some kid with low IQ. 

Kate : We can do this together !! 

James : ERmm… 

Kate : GOOD!! … don’t just say ermmm James… speak up… speak up…. This day and age…. You need to speak up…. Do something… actions speaks louder than words…. Ok ??? haha 

I nodded and said I understood her perfectly. 

She spent 20 minutes with me identifying my goals and I told her the only project I was working on. I showed her a drawing of the house and I handed it to her upside down. 

Kate : Good… good… looks good…. I like all these…. 

She pointed to the master bathroom and commented. 

Kate : Here got mistake…. You don’t need 2 sinks and 2 toilet bowl in the toilet la…. The rest looks ok …

James : Err… that one is the bidet…. Wash backside one… 

Kate : Oh… ok… you must put a label… if not how people know…. Ok.. then just delete 1 basin can already…. 

I nodded my head as I looked at her in amazement. She is confident; I got to give it to her. 

Kate : Ok.. I’ll leave you to your work… ok… and I’ll buy you lunch later….my treat… 

With that she walked away back to her desk, clicking on god knows what and typing on her keyboard. 

I was simply blown away when she sent me a minutes of our meeting 45 minutes later. 

What the fuck. 

She wrote minutes for that fucking meeting ?? 


Kate : James… let’s go for lunch… 

I got up and since she was treating, I just grab my lunch pouch instead of my wallet. 

I never liked carrying a bulky wallet in my pocket anyway and my pouch had everything I needed. $30, easy link card, my 11B, even my posb atm card. 

I was honestly expecting to just grab a quite bite around tanjong pagar area but no. 


Kate had other ideas. 

Kate : Quick.. quick.. cab arriving.. 

James : What ?? cab ? where are we going ?? 

Kate : Aiyah… 1st time treat you…. Eat something decent la. 

Before I knew it we were en route to Dempsey to eat at a café over there. 

James : Eh… lunch only 1 hour… are you sure… 

Kate : Don’t worry James… I told Terry I’m buying you lunch… and to have a chat with you… so we’ll be back a little late…

I nodded and kept quiet. 

We ate lunch, had coffee and I felt like Kate was conducting an interview. 

Kate : How do you like the industry so far ? 

Kate : Any interesting stories to share ? 

Kate : What gives you satisfaction on the job ? 

Kate : Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? 

I answered each and every one of them.


Kate asked for the bill and by instinct I reached for my pouch. It’s a guy thing. 

I have my bank card with me and I could use my debit card for the bill, I already have it out as the waiter presented the bill to me. 

Kate : Wait wait wait… no.. no… I said it’s my treat…don’t worry about it… 

Kate insisted the bill be given to her and she placed a shiny silver Amex card on the black folder. 

Kate : I treat… next time you promote you treat me ok ? I will fight for you… 

James : Orh… 

As if that was not bad enough, after she signed the bill Kate added. 

Kate : James… don’t mind me saying this ah…. Haha… I think you’re quite good looking…haha… but hor… as a Singaporean guy ah… you… earning so little… wallet no credit card… I think very hard to find girlfriend leh… haha… 

She waved her long fingers through the air playfully and added that she’s just joking. 

I smiled and nodded meekly with a slight smile. 

Kate : Credit card is a must…. Car also… 

I nodded again. 

Kate : Actually hor… to be honest… I don’t go for all these la… hahaha…. 

James : Really…. So… what do you look for in a guy then ?? 

Kate : Hmmm…

She thought about it for a moment before replying. 

Kate : I don’t know…. Haha… someone smarter than me at the very least… hahaha… 

I smiled and nodded. 

Kate : Eh James… I say upfront ah… don’t take this the wrong way….you’re good looking la… above average but …. Not my cup of tea…you know.. so… hahaha.. don’t fantasise about your boss la… haha.. 

She laughed and it was genuine one, clutching the sides of her waist as she started to tear a little in her eyes. 

Kate : Ok.. ok.. Jokes aside… James… be serious… ok… 

She drained her water and added. 

Kate : Men… must be … you know… a little.. devious… know… to be successful… you look at Terry…. 

She commented that she knew Terry hired her for her looks as he kept staring at her legs during the interview at the café. 

Kate : But I have more than looks… I’m also… hiak hiak hiak… pretty cunning leh… hahaha.. 

I nodded and smiled meekly again. 

Kate : Don’t worry James… I can tell Terry is mean to you…. I’ll protect you…and I’ll teach you… how to deal with people like Terry…. Deal ?? 

I nodded eagerly with a smile. 

James : Looking forward to it.. 

Kate : Good !… 


We went back to the office and I got back to work. 

Even though I’m only working on a small house, there is a lot of things to be done, especially when I’m doing it all alone. 

I kept to myself most of the next 2 weeks. On some days when I’m not eating with Kate, I would just buy back and eat alone. 

I would have wanted to dine with Hakim and guys but Mr Liew wanted me to keep my distance from them. The only time I got to chat with them was during unofficial coffee breaks we took at a coffee shop across the street in the middle of the afternoon. 

Even that we had to leave office separately as if we’re heading out for a meeting. 

I think the sight of my eating my vegetable rice at my desk must look really pathetic to Kate and on a couple of occasions, she deliberately came back from lunch early to keep my company. 

Kate : EH…. James… don’t like that leh… I know no one likes to eat with their bosses but treat me like a brother can or not… hur hur… haha.. 

She’s full of energy that I got to give it to her. 

I would just smile and nod as she tells me about her school, her friends who were having difficulty looking for jobs as she eat her fruit salad. 

Kate : Aiyah…. I told them to wear sexier a bit… they don’t want… hahaha…. Sometimes if you have a bit of asset… you got to show it mah… right?? Right ? 

I nodded and my eyes drifted to her breast for a moment and Kate caught me looking at them. 

Kate : Hoei !! 

She pressed onto her own blouse with the 1st button undone as she laughed. 

Kate : B only la…don’t need to look until like that… ahhaa.. 

I looked away, a little embarrassed as she continued with telling me everything about herself over lunch. 

I would have expected Kate to be an irritant, an obstacle to what I was doing but on the contrary, I actually find her to be a constant source of entertainment. 

I’m serious. 

She’s inquisitive, and she’s not afraid to ask questions. By the end of the 1st week, she was helping me arrange material boards. It look good if not for the fact she used a glitter pen to write down the material codes. 

I remembered having a secret meeting with Mr Liew on my way back from a meeting with the client and I was holding a cup of coffee in my hand when I sat down. 

Kate rolled her chair over and told me this. 

Kate : James… I know it’s… trendy and all to be holding the cup of a $6 coffee but…. Is it really worth it ?? 

I looked at her in awe as she used her calculator and keyed in the figures in front of me. 

Kate : Taking away your cpf contribution, this $6 coffee cost you like what….. half a percent of your take home pay !! … 

My mouth gasped open again at her and she promptly gave me a quick lesson on financial management. 

Kate : Part of my business module you know…. Next time I share more with you… 

I would have wanted to tell her Mr Liew bought me that coffee but I didn’t think it would matter. 

I think having Kate around did help my mental well being a little. 

I’m just the quiet, meek and helpless worker in office and once I leave, I’m the virile sex slave for Sandy. 

Belinda’s glare got more and more hostile and despite repeated attempted for me to talk to her, she still did not want to respond to my messages or calls. 

The only time she spoke to me was when she caught Kate helping me to make a cup of coffee while I changed the water dispenser in the pantry. 

When Kate left, she spoke with a sourish tone ; 

Belinda : Seems like Sandy not enough for you…. Need younger meat…. Herh..!… 

She walked away, shaking her head slowly. 


Terry on the other hand kept bugging me about Sandy. 

Terry : When can I fuck her ?? har ? James … see I got you such a pretty young girl…. Good right… you should also treat me right … understand ? haha… 

He went on to tell me he hired her specially for me, as a token of gratitude for giving him Sandy. 

Terry : fuck her if you want… I don’t care… she’s pretty… but.. not my cup of tea… too young…. Hahah… 

I ignored what he said totally and walked away. 

20th April 2012 



By the 3rd week of April, Sharon had compiled a list of applicants for my team after sifting out the irrelevant ones and she sent both Kate and I a copy to have a look. 

I saw a resume which pique my interest because the girl had experiences doing good class bungalows in another firm. She’s a Malaysian but has gotten her PR but there’s no photo. Not that I mind as long as she can support the team in the projects. She’s not asking for a high pay as well which is a good thing. 

End of the day the projects I’m getting should sustain the team.

She’s 24 and has been working since she’s 18. With a good few years under her belt, she should come in helpful. 

I saw Kate printing out the list of candidates and overheard her telling Sharon she wanted to interview all of them. 

That’s 14 candidates. 

Fine, whatever she wants. 

James : Kate, this girl, Suwen, she has the relevant experience…. Can consider her… 

Kate looked at my choice and gave me a sly smile. 

Kate : Ehh… no picture one hor… may not be as chio as me ok…. Hahah… but I like the way you think… good… hhaha…. 

She gave me a “ as if I’ve started to understand her “ kind of look. 

Kate : I would pick her too if I was you… young… few years apart from you… sweet Malaysian girl…. Wife material…

She nodded her head as she flipped thought the list

My mouth gasped open again as I searched for an appropriate reply. 

Kate punched me playfully in my stomach and gave me a wink. 

Kate : Don’t worry la…I got you covered… I’ll pay more attention to her….i help you find both a girlfriend and a colleague … ok ???! Have some faith in me.. 

I nodded with my frozen half grin and turned away. 

25th April 2012 



Sometimes I don’t know if Kate is so confident that she went ahead to hold the interview without someone more senior around or she’s just bulldozing her way all over. 

I was pretty sure the candidates are puzzled as well since they’re being interviewed by a girl that was not even in the industry. 

Each session lasted less than 10 minutes, some less than 5. I don’t know if they were the ones who decided to walk off or Kate told them that was the end of the session. 


She walked out of that particular interview looking a bit upset. The candidate left, a man in his mid-thirties while Kate stormed off to the bathroom. 

I shook my head and waited for Kate to come back out. 

James : Are you ok ? 

Kate : I’m fine.. I’m fine… 

I could see her eyes were a bit red but I said nothing. 

James : You want me to errr… talk to the candidates for a while… then you continue ?? 

Kate thought about it and decided that was not a bad idea. 

I don’t know if it was my offer of help that brought about a torrent of emotions but she fanned her face a few times, breathing through her mouth.

Kate : Sorry James…. not in the best of mood…. I think my period is coming… 

My mouth gasped open once more as she asked me to talk to the other 2 candidate while she go buy some pads and a drink.

Kate : I .. I need a drink… I’ll go grab a coffee and a bite…. You hold the fort for a while ok… later I’ll take over… just ermm.. tell them your project…. No need to be nervous… I’ll be back soon. 

She left me alone and I conducted the interview.

The last one was Suwen. Kate told me later she deliberately put her last so if all goes well, she would ask us both out for dinner and maybe grab a cup of coffee. 

I sincerely applaud her for the effort but I was more interested in getting good help than finding a pretty girl. 

Suwen is a pleasant lady, tall and well built. She’s at least 1.75, with broad shoulders. I would think she look like a competitive swimmer. 

I spent a good 15 minutes with her and I knew I want her on my team already. 

Just as I was wrapping up the chat with Suwen, I saw Kate come back in with a fruit juice in hand. She saw Suwen and her eyes widened, her cheeks suck in as she sucked harder on her juice. 

She looked like she was trying to hold her laughter but she quickly finished her drink and threw it away. I saw her wiping her mouth and I quickly told Suwen about her. 

James : Ok.. my… ermm.. team’s admin manager is coming in… she’s not from this industry so don’t mind her…. Anything to do with work I’ve pretty much told you already… just chat with her will do. 

Suwen : Oh.. ok.. 

Kate entered and flashed me a look before spreading a wide smile. 

Kate : Hi there !… I’m Kate… James’ boss… 

Suwen’s eyes widened too but she still took her hand. They chatted for a good 5 minutes while I remained silent before excusing myself. 


Kate : I like her man… Suwen… she’s very funny and humorous… let’s just get her.. 

James : Oh ok… 

Kate put her arms around me and patted me on my shoulder. 

Kate : Cheer up la… I promise I find a prettier one for you for the next one.. 

I thanked her and got back to my work. 

Terry walked over to our desk and Kate took it upon herself to give Terry a run through of what is going on. Besides working on my house, I was preparing the stuff to grab the 2nd project from Mr Liew. 

Terry just smiled and told Kate she’s doing a good job so far.

Terry : James… can be hard to manage at times… but I see you have him eating out of your hands already…. Well done… good job… keep it up… 

Kate smiled and thanked Terry. 

Terry : Happy or not James ?? har ?? hahah… need a girl to speak up for you right ?? .. haha… 

She did not see the smirk Terry flashed me before looking over to the other wing. 

The moment he left the office Kate pulled her chair to my side. 

Kate : Eh James… sorry ah… I think Terry’s words are a bit hurtful…he’s a jerk…. I don’t think you are difficult to manage at all….. just that you are a little quiet…. Always keep to yourself… haha… 

I gave her an awkward smile before she suggested we grab a beer after work. 

Kate : It’s midweek, let’s grab a drink….. team bonding… 

James : Err.. no need la… it’s ok… I’m fine… 

Kate : I would fucking cry my heart out if someone said something like that to me man… don’t bluff… you’re a man… you may be quiet, but I know you also have your ego….come la…. A couple of drink…won’t die one… 

She insisted so I told her maybe just a quick one. 


I was in the pantry together with Kate and we were washing our cups together as she rattled off a few pubs along Tanjong pagar we could go to get a drink. She even suggested having Korean BBQ while we’re at it. 

Right at the moment Belinda walked in. 

Kate said hi but she did not reply, Belinda just glared at me without a word 

By the time she walked out, Kate was aware of the tension and she whispered softly to me. 

Kate : Eh… you… and her got history…. I can tell… 

James : What ? 

Kate proudly admitted that she was the go to guru for relationship issues for her friends. 

James : What ! ? 

Kate : Honestly James… I think she looked like she’s out of your league leh… she’s from the other wing one right… 

Kate rested her right elbow on her left forearm and started stroking her hairless chin with her finger. 

Kate : I can tell you like her James… 

I stared at her with my eyes and mouth wide open as she snapped her fingers at me. 

Kate : Don’t worry… I help you talk to her.. 

James : What !… no.. no no… no!!!… no… no… don’t need. 

Kate laughed and asked why am I so nervous. 

Kate : Relax… I know what I’m doing… besides… 

She paused and turned all serious on me. 

Kate : I cannot expect my employee to concentrate fully on his work if he got relationship problems right… don’t worry… I’m your boss… I’ll take care of you… 

James : No Kate… wait… don’t need… I’m serious….no… 

She narrowed her eyes and put both her hands on my shoulder. 

Kate : Tell me you trust me James… 

I think I just dislocated my jaw as I looked at Kate. 

Kate : trust me… I know what I’m doing. 

She turned around confidently and walked towards Belinda in her figure hugging dress and high heels. She’s like a model, placing her steps confidently as she pulled Hakim’s chair and slid over to Belinda. 

I could see Belinda looking up in surprise before glaring at me. 

I was shock. 

In denial. 

I almost peed my pants as I looked at Kate talk to Belinda. 

She talked for a while before turning and smiling at me and giving me a little wave. 

I waved back with my mouth still partly open. 

4 minutes later Kate walked over to my side with a smirk on her face. 

Kate : I know you’re about to get on your knees to thank me but no need… 

James : What ?? ! 

Kate : Belinda is joining is for dinner and drinks

James : WHAT !! 

Kate gave me a wink and lowered her voice. 

Kate : Don’t be nervous ok … I know first time go out with the person you like is quite frightening… 

I was speechless by then as Kate nudged me back to our office. 


I could feel a headache coming up and I decided to leave before Sandy comes back from her Yoga and complicate matters even more. 

Kate : Pack up and let’s go man !..


While we’re in the lift alone, Kate lowered her voice to a whisper. 

Kate : James… 

James : Ya ? 

Kate : You’re a virgin right… 

I dropped the bag I was holding and looked at Kate . 

She laughed and quickly picked it up for me. 

Kate : I know la… can tell from the first time I look at you… 

James : i… i……. I mean… 

As the lift door opened, Kate walked out first and she smelled her own hair before tying it up. 

Kate : Korean BBQ, got to wash my hair properly tonight… ok… back to the topic James… 

We walked towards the stretch of Korean BBQ restaurants along Tanjong Pagar and Kate asked me this question. 

Kate : You like Belinda or not ?? … honestly… tell me.. 

James : er…. Yes… I like… 

Kate : Ok good… you see ah…. Going after girls… is like doing business… and everything else in life… 

James : ermmmmm…. 

Kate : Don’t worry… I cannot guarantee you will get to sleep with Belinda tonight… but I dam well will make sure she will start paying more attention to you. 

James : Oh dear god… i… 

Kate : SHhh…. God is busy… don’t bother him with this type of problem… 

We got to the entrance of the restaurant and I saw Belinda standing a distance away. 

Kate : She’s here… she’s here…. Act cool a bit la… stand up straight… chin up…. Look confident…. 

James : What !! … 

Belinda did not see us approach as she was facing the other direction and Kate fell in step beside me. 

She suddenly linked my arms and I looked at her in surprise. 

Kate : Don’t look at me… look straight… act as if you own the whole road… women like men who are confident…. Plus… you got me… perfect eye candy… wah !!.. no horse run … 

I could feel my mouth slowly dropping again as we closed the distance towards Belinda. 

Kate : remember… when you first talk to Belinda, tell her she’s really beautiful and thank her for having dinner with you and most important of all… tell her you are going to pursuit her with everything you have. ! 

James : What ? I’m not saying that…. Are you mad ? 

Kate : I’m serious… do it.. women are sucker for this kind of thing… they just don’t want to admit…

10 metres. 

Kate whispered softly. 

Kate : See.. all the men… looking at you…. Shoik right… haha.. nothing makes a man more appealing that to see he is wanted by another hot girl… haha

I could see a few envious glance coming my way as we walked on. 

Kate : Remember to say the words James…

6 metres. 

Another pretty decent looking OL cast Kate a glance and they exchanged slut looks with lazer beams oozing out from their eyes before Kate link my arms tighter and continued walking down the lane. 

It was a visual confrontation as they checked out each other’s body with the side of their eyes. 

3 metres. 

Belinda turned around and the first thing she saw was Kate’s arms around mine before she met our eyes. 

We stopped right in front of Belinda and Kate released me from her arms. 

She pinched me and made a face at me so I would say what she wanted me to say. 

James : Oww…..erm…Ber… Berlinda…’re really beautiful…. And… and … thank you for agreeing to have dinner with me… and… and… 

I felt another pinch and I blurted out the words. 

James : I’m… I’m pursuing you with… with everything I got… 

I felt like digging a hole in the ground. 

It was fucking embarrassing to be saying something like this to Belinda. 

I meant , yes, we were together but it’s a been a long relationship, we got to the point where we no longer say this type of things to each other.. 

Kate : Hey Belinda…. see …. I told you he will say it… 

I turned to look at Kate who was giggling away.. 

James : What !.. 

Belinda looked at me in the eye and she asked me to say it again. 

Belinda : Look at me James… and say it again… 

Kate : Wooo.. wooo… quick… quick la…. Don’t stand there like a block of wood…. Aiyho…

James : Be… Ber…linda…. You’re… you’re beautiful… and…. Thank you for having dinner with me… and… I’m… going to pursue you with everything I got… 

Kate snapped her fingers and laughed. I could see Belinda smiling too as I had no doubt she found this amusing.

She put both her arms around Belinda and my shoulder as she ushered us into the restaurant. 

Kate : Don’t mind me ar… I’m quick thick skin…. I’ll stay for dinner…. I’m treating…

I could see Belinda holding back her laughter. 

When Belinda went to the bathroom 40 minutes into the dinner, Kate quickly whispered to me. 

Kate : Don’t get me wrong James… I’m staying because I’m afraid you will fuck this up ….. I want to make sure everything goes well… 

James : ermm… oh… ok… 

Kate : Now… you both hardly talked… I’m the one talking most of the time…. Like that confirm you tonight no happy ending la… 

James : WHAT !… 

Kate : relax… I know men.. trust me… 

James : I think no need… it’s… 

I watched Kate ordered up more beer and soju and I knew this was not going to end well. 

Kate : Look James… we …..make…. Belinda… drunk… or at least high….

I stared at her speechless as Belinda emerged from the bathroom. 

Kate : I’ll teach you what to say… where to touch… what to do… I confirm she will be yours in no time… hiak.. hiak.. hiak…. 

She rubbed her hands together in glee as Belinda sat back down. 

Kate : I’m not asking you to rape her but at least you get to send her home right… hahaha… smart right… come… at least make her high…

The moment Belinda sat down, Kate proposed a toast to her and I shook my head at Belinda but she went ahead and took it. 

And another. 

And another. 

And another.

I filled my soju bottle with water and drank from it while Kate took up the challenge and did the same thing with her own bottle filled with the potent drink. 


I paid the bill despite Kate insisting on paying with her ntuc membership card . 

By the time we got to the street to look for a cab, Kate was lying on my shoulder, and I had to support her weight together with Belinda. 

Kate : I’m ok… I’m really ok ~~…. Send Belinda back… James… I’m ok…~~ 

Belinda laughed and looked at me. 

Belinda : Are you sending me home or are you sending her home ? 

James: Come on… don’t do this to me.. 

Belinda : haha.. 

We waited for a cab and Kate was starting to sober up in the taxi, she insisted we drop Belinda off since it was along the way. We dropped Belinda off at Bishan and Kate insisted I wait for the lift with her at the lobby and only getting back to the cab after she’s in. 

Kate : James …. You gentlemen a bit can or not…. Send her all the way up la….hahah… 

I could see Kate was still pretty high and I took her wallet from her bag while she fiddled with her own hair. 

James : Uncle, Ang Mo Kio… 

When we arrived at the block of flats opposite AMK hub, I paid the driver a little extra for the trouble before helping Kate off the car. 

Kate : I’m fine.. I’m fine… I admit… just now I was a bit tipsy… I’m fine now…. 

Kate got out, balanced herself on her heels and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. 

She tried to take 1 step forward but stumbled and lost her balance, if I was not beside her to grab her in time, she would have fallen face flat onto the ground. 

Kate : Oops… sorry.. sorry… 

James : Eh you ok or not… 

Kate : I’m fine… I’m fine… 

Kate bent down and removed her heels, dangling them off her left middle and index finger. 

She then put her left arm around my shoulder as she staggered along, her heels swinging dangerously in front of my face. 

James : Oei… oei oei…. Don’t.. oie… 

Kate : James !! 

She suddenly spoke a little too loud and I got a shock. 

James : What what ? ? 

Kate : James… I tell you… 

She hiccuped a couple of times before resuming. 

Kate : I know…. How people see me in the office… they think I’m crazy… and probably don’t deserve my post …. 

She leaned heavily on me as we staggered towards her block. 

Kate : but I’m not stupid either…. I can see aside from the 2 of us and a couple others, practically no one… no one is doing any real work in Terry’s team… 

She lost her balance again and her left arm hooked backwards, plastering her freshly worn heels into my face and nose. 

James ; ARghhh… come on… 

Kate : Oops… oops…. Sorry… 

We staggered to the void deck and I stopped at some bench and deposited her there. 

I could only stare at her as she mumbled and said things that hardly made sense for a while before snapping back into consciousness again. 

Kate : Terry ……. Is an asshole….. you… you know what he told me….the other day… hahah…..he said…. he said…. you would try and bed me… hahahah…. Haha… 

Kate : He… he also…. Also made some… lewd proposals at me…. Which.. I can say is sexual harassment….

She laughed and I stared at her, my anger rising within. 

Kate : Terry said…. you’re not who you appear to me… hiccup… hiccup… but… but I felt…. It was the complete opposite… 

Kate took a deep breath before she leaned her forehead on my stomach. 

Kate : I think you are a nice guy James…. the nicest ever..…. And Terry…. Is the jerk…. See… I believe in you…. Besides… 

Her eyes struggled to open and she whispered a little too loudly. 

Kate : How … can a virgin … even think of bedding me… hahaha.. haha… 

James : Oh god…you better go back and rest… 

She nodded her head and said she agreed with me. 

As I helped her to her feet, she pushed me away, pointed her right heel at me and declared at the top of her voice. 

Kate : I… helped you get Belinda…… . 

She threw both heel onto the floor and lo and behold, I see 圣杯. You know people throw the 2 halfs of the crescent after prayers to ask if all is ok? Yeap. 


Her heel landed in the exact positive position. 

She repeated herself again as if she wanted herself to be sure as well. 

Kate : I…. helped you get …. Belinda…. 

Kate : Now…. 

Kate : Watch me destroy Terry… 

She turned and staggered off towards the lift without her heels. 

I laughed. 

I really did as she waved her hands in the air and staggered towards the lift. 

For the first time. 

The very first time. 

I felt like taking someone under my wing and teaching her everything I know. 



I’ll watch how you destroy Terry. 

I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I’ll love to see you try. 


I picked up Kate’s heels and ran after her into the lift. 

Kate : Don’t…. don’t bother to send me back James… I’m really fine… 

I looked at her with her half opened eyes as she rummaged through her bag for her keys. She insisted I left her at the lobby of her floor and I did, but I did not leave until I see her made 3 attempts to unlock her gate and let herself into her house. 

I went to the main road and waited for a cab. 

While waiting I called Belinda. 

I wanted to talk to her, despite spending the evening together, I haven really got the chance to have a chat with her, without Kate around that is. 

James : You ok ? 

Belinda : Yeah… 

For that brief moment I was stuck, unsure as to what to say but Belinda picked up the conversation right away. 

Belinda : She’s cute James… you like this type of girls right… 

James : Don’t be crazy… you’re cuter… 

Belinda laughed and she asked where I was. 

James : Waiting for a cab…. 

The awkward silence followed and I asked her a stupid question. 

James : You’re parents asleep ?? Can… can I come over ?? 

Belinda laughed and asked me to sort out the Sandy issue. 

Belinda : Sandy likes you James… she really likes you… 

James : I…i… 

Belinda : don’t hurt her… 

James : It’s not that simple Belinda… i.. 

Belinda : I know… Mr Liew… you don’t need to follow everything he says… you’re not someone like that.. 

I was at a loss for words and I told her I’ll sort things out.

James : I’ll do something about it…. I’ll need some time… 

Belinda : don’t even think about touching me before everything’s sorted out then… 

For some weird reason, she hung up on me after that. 

I could never understand women.

26th April 2012 



Kate looked visibly embarrassed when she saw me that day and she started off with a soft greeting. 

Kate : Ermm.. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself or did anything stupid yesterday James… 

James : Oh… don’t have… don’t have la…

She gave me another shy smile before getting back to work.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the week. 

Kate recommended Suwen to Terry and an offer was made the following Monday by Sharon. 

Suwen accepted the offer right away and would start work in a month time. 

17th May 2012 



It was one of those shit hitting the roof day. 

Everything seemed to go wrong for me at the same time. 

Everyone’s running out of patience. 

First it was Sandy. 

You see, it’s been a while since she brought up the Maldives trip and I’ve been dragging my feet on the answer. 

Sandy : It’s not a very hard decision James… just tell me the dates that you can go… 

I tried to explain to her that I had just barely started working with Terry. It was technically a new employment, I served barely 2 months and I can’t possibly be taking a long break for holiday. 

It’s part of the reason why I did not want to go with Sandy. 

After that chat with Belinda, I did start to keep a bit of distance from Sandy and I guess she felt it. It probably let her a little unsure and insecure but whenever Mr Liew pressured me about getting Terry out quick, my resolve would shake a little and I went back to fucking Sandy. 

And after each fuck, it was as if it rekindled the flame Sandy held for me and she would be all lovey dovey with me once more. 

Still, none of these was a permanent solution and there is only this long I can drag about the reply. 

Not only is Sandy upset, Terry too was getting impatient. 

He started bugging and hounding me. 

Terry :When can I fuck Sandy ?? Har ?? wait until when ?? What’s your plan ??? fuck…you think you can play with me is it ??? dragging time is it ??? 

Terry : Are we fucking playing the waiting game ?? 

I told Terry that we could not rush this, everything would happen eventually but it takes time. 

Terry : It’s been a month !!!… fuck… you better don’t let me find out this is all bullshit from you James…. fuck off… !! 

I left his office, shaking my head. 

Kate saw me and she quickly gestured me over to her table before saying we need a team meeting. 

James : Kate… really no need… 

Kate : eh you everytime go in, come out sure look like that…. Very jia lat…. Share with me your problems… 

I was trying to fob off Kate off with some excuses but she started to frown and after she checked that no one was looking, she pulled my hand and shook it a little, trying to throw a tantrum. 

Kate : I tell Sis ah …. i’ll rat on you… say something stupid and make sure she hates you…

I sighed and followed Kate into the meeting room. 

After that dinner and drinks at the Korean place, Kate went over to the other wing pretty often to look for Belinda.

Sometimes they would even go off for lunch together. 

When she’s back, Kate would quickly jot down for me in a pink notebook. 

What Belinda likes to eat, to drink, her favourite country, what kind of guy she likes. 

Basically Kate was helping me compile a file on Belinda. 

Kate : Go after girls is like that one… you need to do homework… not sure secretly look at her from a distance… you know or not… 

I could only try to hold back my laughter and nod my head. 

I sincerely appreciates her effort and even Belinda agreed she’s quite amusing, especially when she try to do it so casually, so she indulged her whenever she tried to dig for information.

The most impressionable piece of information Kate dug out of Sandy was of Belinda’s sex life. 

I still remembered that rainy Friday afternoon, it was as if the sky reflects her solemn mood. Kate bought me a cup of coffee, and asked to sit down with me in the meeting room. 

Kate: James… you have to be mentally prepared for this… 

James : What ? ? 

I almost choked on my coffee when Kate told me Belinda is not a virgin. 

James : WHAT !!! you asked her this kind of questions !!!!!! Are you mad ?? 

Kate : Calm down…. I did not ask her directly…. I’m very subtle one you know… I sort of ask about her past relationships and you know… I can tell she’s not a virgin… she got experienceeeeee… 

My jaw dropped again as she dragged the ‘reeence…’ behind that word. 

Kate : I’m sorry James… but cheer up… it’s very common these days… a lot of girls lost their virgin early… don’t worry… she’s a good girl…. 

As if that piece of information is not enough, she gave me a list of dates on the notebook too. 

James : What is this ??? all this numbers.. 

I almost fainted when Kate told me it was the days she noted that Belinda was having her period. 

James : you’re kidding right… 

Kate : Aiyah.. you never know when this would come in handy … 

And with their frequent meetups and talks, they became pretty close before Kate one day announced that she no longer address Belinda by her name. 

Kate : She’s fine with me calling her sis… cool leh… 

I turned my head away and massaged my head. 

Kate asked me what Terry spoke about with me and I told her it was because I wanted to apply for leave.

I needed an excuse. 

My projects is going well, there were no issues and aside from leave matters, Kate was the one who reported directly to Terry. 

In fact, aside from that Sandy problem, I had no good reason to go talk to Terry direct. 

Kate : EH.. James… you probation period also not over… don’t take leave la… I also want to take leave…. But at least rough it out a while mah… 

I nodded and told her it was just a passing thought and I would not be going on leave. 

As we left the meeting room, I thought that would be all but it’s not. 

It’s one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong for you. 

I was standing by the door of the room when Kate stopped me. 

She helped my pull some lint off my hair and as the doorway of the meeting room is pretty narrow, we were quite close together. 

I looked up and I saw Sandy staring right at us from a distance away.

As if pulling that lint from my hair is not enough, Kate pushed me out ahead of her as she shut the room lights, with a light swing of her folder, she hit me on my backside. 

Kate : Back to work James… 

I turned and I could see Sandy glaring at me. 

It was nothing but the moment I tried to go towards her to explain, she turned and walked off.

James : Fuck. 

I went back to my desk and continued working. 


I went to the other wing to try and look for Sandy but she was not at her desk. 

I left a note on her desk when Hakim and guys were not looking to tell her to look for me when she’s back and we needed to talk. 


I barely got started on my work when Kate walked back into the office with a small white box in her hand. 

She pranced excitedly towards me and pulled her chair right over to mine. 

Kate : James.. you are going to be so happy today… !! 

James : Why ? 

Kate dangled the box of muffins in front of me and said it was from Belinda. 

Kate : You’re dream girl bought for you…. So niceeeeeeee….. all cheese flavour…I told her you like cheese…. And i…. 

She leaned back on her chair and crossed her legs, holding the box up with 2 hands and positioning it by the right of her face. 

Kate : And i…. am the delivery girl… 

Kate then opened up the lid facing me the very fucking moment Sandy appeared out of nowhere. 

She was absolutely speechless and she looked at a smiling Kate offering me the box of snacks with that bright smile on her face. 

Kate : Oh hi… yes ?? 

Sandy : Nothing.. 

James : Sandy wait.. 

She walked off and Kate looked at me with a suspicious glance. 

Kate : I will… fucking castrate you myself James if you are two timing Sis… ..

James : No.. it’s not what you think… just…that… 

Kate narrowed her eyes and put up her hand in my face. 

Kate : shh.. shhh.. shhh…. I don’t want to hear it…. 

She rolled her chair over to her seat and started typing vigorously on her phone. 

Minutes later, I got a message from Belinda. 

Belinda : Sort Sandy out James…. there’s a limit to my patience…  

And she added a smiley face behind that message. 

A smiley face. 

My head almost split apart that day but it was not all. 

I don’t know what has gotten into Sandy. 

Perhaps it was seeing what she saw and she sort of jumped the conclusion. 

It made her angry, desperate for answers. 



I saw Sandy walk into Terry’s office and minutes later, I was called in as well. 

Terry was literally smiling face to face when he told me that Sandy just came to him with a proposal. 

I turned to look at Sandy in surprised.

What the fuck is Terry talking about. 

Terry : Sandy is working on all the documentation for Liew’s project, she knows who much he would be quoting for each project…. Hahaha…. This makes things a lot easier doesn’t it ?? 

Aside from being shocked beyond words, I was fucking mad. 

So fucking mad that I don’t know what to say to that. 

What the fuck was she thinking? 

James : What…. What do you mean ?? 

Terry : Well, Sandy says…. She is not happy over on the other team and she….. expressed interested in joining yours. ..

I looked at Sandy, speechless as I tried to muster up some form of a reply. 

Terry : Look James…. we’re in luck….right ?? whahahaha…. This makes everything so much easier…. Isn’t it ?? 

Terry went on to say that rather than hire someone totally new, Sandy would fit right in. 

Terry : Together with Kate, the new girl Suwen and Sandy, you would be surrounded by girls… hahaha… what a team…. Dream team man…. 

He went on to admit that one of the most satisfying thing would be to directly poach Sandy from Liew after she was done helping me get the projects. 

Terry :It would be a fuck in your face to Liew man… hahha….feel so shoik just thinking about it…. 

I don’t know what to say. 

I really don’t. 

Terry : Ok… I’ll leave you guys to work out the details…hahah… I should be seeing a stream of projects coming my way then James… haha… Sandy…. I need a word with James if you don’t mind…

Sandy stood up and looked at me before walking out. 

The moment the door closed, Terry jumped up in joy. 

Terry :Steady la… with this… I think I would get to fuck her soon right ??? right ??? 

He was so excited he started going on about which hotel to book, what kind of ambience it would be. 

Terry : Get the projects James…. then give me Sandy…. Fuck I’ll even let you fuck her after I’m done if you want… hahaha…. 

I left the room 5 minutes later and I almost wanted to punch the wall in. 

I called Sandy after I stepped out of the office. 

James ; What are you doing !!! 

Sandy :Helping you !!! Why ?? are you so happy to be working with the young hot chick ?? is it ?? you enjoy working with her why ?? because she’s young ? pretty ? 

James : You are not being rationale…. Mr Liew treats the team well…. You are better off with him… 

Before I could finish Sandy cut me off. 

Sandy :So what if he treats me well ?? He fired you !!! just like that !!….. I don’t care… I want to be on your team James… 

I massaged my forehead, thinking how could I knock some sense into Sandy but she changed the topic immediately. 

Sandy :Let’s not quarrel over this ok… I’m making dinner tonight… come my place for dinner ??? please James ..? … we can talk at my place… 

She hung up on me and I buried my face in my hand, thinking of what to do. 

I immediately called Mr Liew and told him about this development. 

Mr Liew : You’re fucking shitting me… she did that ?? 

There was a notification for a incoming message. 

It was from Sandy. 

Sandy msg : Nassim Hill 7% , M resort 5% , T hotel 6%, G shopping mall 5%. . Terry has the same list for the consultancy fees. 

I immediately told Mr Liew the message Sandy sent me. 

It was the exact list of projects that Mr Liew wanted me to win for Terry. 

James : What do we do now ?? She would be credited with the effort for getting the project… 

Mr Liew thought about it for a while and added. 

Mr Liew : Ya… and you would be nothing but a facilitator…. Look James… I already said from the beginning. Give Terry Sandy….keep him occupied while you manage the project and the team…. Get him dislodged from work and the office… 

James : But Sandy don’t even like him … she won’t.. 

Mr Liew cut me off and added. 

Mr Liew : But she likes you…. Isn’t it…. She would do a lot of things for you James… you just need to know how to sell it to her… 

James : Mr Liew … i… 

Mr Liew : Enough… sort it out… meanwhile…. I’m adjusting the fees for the projects without letting Sandy know… 

James : Then how ? 

Mr Liew smirked and laughed. 

Mr Liew : Let’s change tactic for a bit…. Instead of winning the projects, I want you to quote base on the old fees Sandy sent… 

James : And ? 

Mr Liew : And you would lose every single one… 

I felt a shiver run through my spine as Mr Liew finished his sentence. 

Mr Liew : We cannot have Sandy take all the credit…. Let’s just assign her all the blame… and give her to Terry…

………………………………………….. .

James : What ! but…. But… 

Mr Liew : No buts…. No one asked her to sell us out… it’s her choice…. After she gets the blame, give her to Terry… sort the rest out on your own…. Ok. I got to go…

Mr Liew : James… one more thing… for M resort it’s an extension of the current one.… the meeting will be in Bali. 

James : That is not a big job….. why did you take it… I think it’s not worth the man hours ….given the small contract sum it’s only a minor extension.

Mr Liew : Sometimes you don’t take projects for the money James…. you do it because of who the client is. …. Alright I really got to go… speak soon..

I got back into the office and my head was still trying to wrap around everything that had happened. 

This is not good. 


Kate : James .. where did you go ?? 

James : ermmm… I went out to make a call why ? 

Kate : Come here quick… 

I went over to Kate’s desk and she told me she just had a meeting with Terry. 

Kate : What is this issue about Sandy joining our team at the end of the month ? 

James : What ? Terry told you that ? 

Kate nodded. 

Kate : He told me she would be helping us with the bid with some of the jobs but by the end of the month, she would formerly cross over to our side. 

James : I…. I’m not sure… I don’t know… 

Kate looked a little suspicious but did not press me further. 

What the fuck was Terry thinking telling Kate about this ? 

I left office and made my way over to Sandy’s place. 

There was this sick feeling of a lump in my throat as I walked towards her unit. 

I hated that feeling.

I don’t know what I always get into that mood when I walk down that concrete path. In a mix of anger and frustration, I knocked on the door. 

Sandy opened it in a black tube that exposed her waist and she wore a pair of grey cotton shorts that rode a little too high, exposing the base of the butt cheeks. 

She smiled and opened the door for me, hugging onto me the moment I stepped in. 

Sandy : Don’t be angry la…. I only want to help you…. It’s not exactly nice to be working for Terry I know…. And…. You have to report to that stupid fresh grad…. I’m only trying to make your life better… ok ?? 

Sandy kissed me, pressing her breast against my body. 

She cooed and pleaded for me not to be angry with her before leading me by my hand to the table. 

We had some take away sushi for dinner and some sake. 


I took a shower and came out only in my towels. I could see Sandy had already lit the candles in her room, switched on the aircon and dimmed the lights. 

It was clear she wanted to have sex and we did. 

After both of us came, I forced myself to calm down and talk to her. 

I explained patiently that she does not need to come over to my team and that I’m capable of handling Terry. 

It did not take long for it to escalate to a minor tiff.

Sandy accused me of wanting to spend time alone with Kate. 

Sandy : I know, she’s younger prettier…. That’s the main reason. 

No matter what I say, she could not listen. 

I left her place at 11.30pm without saying goodbye. 

18th May 2012 



The shit hit the roof that Friday morning and it all started at the pantry. 

There was some loud commotion and I saw Hejun gesturing excitedly to his buddy Xiaoqiang to head over and check it out. I decided to follow them and even before getting close, I could hear Sandy screaming away. 

I have been paying particular notice to Xiaoqiang lately, he smokes heavily and is only of this particular brand. 

Double Happiness. 

If you’ve been to the mainland, you would know this is a pretty common brand. 

I knew he was smoking duty unpaid cigarettes because I’ve seen it lying on his desk a couple of times. He’s a pretty heavy smoker and I would see him disappear for 20 minutes at a time for his puff. 

Not only did he take long smoke breaks, I know he has a stash of duty unpaid cigarettes in his drawer too. Not a long, probably 5-6 packets. 

Now he pretty much kept to himself, mingling only with Hejun and aside from his stench of stale smoke on his unwashed clothes, he never really stepped on my toes. 

I fell in step behind them and when the pantry came into view, I immediately ran over when I saw Sandy and Kate speaking loudly to each other. 

Kate : What is your problem ?!!!?? it’s a spill…. You caused it…. Just clean it up … big deal is it ??? 

Sandy : Mind your own business la… the pantry auntie will clean it… 

Kate : It’s not a big deal I know but what is so hard to clean up the coffee ?? 

Sandy : Who do you think you are ?? har?? Are you the pantry manager??? Is it ? Because base on your experience I think that is the only post you are suitable for. 

I could see Belinda trying to separate them as Kate clenched her fist. I could see her grit her teeth. 

I could almost feel she was about to bend down and reach for her high heels to clobber Sandy when I finally stepped in between the group. 

James : Come on… knock it off… 

Kate : Get out of my way James… she is being unreasonable… 

Sandy pointed her finger at Kate and shouted at her. 

Sandy : Watch what you’re saying !! what unreasonable… who are you to tell me I’m unreasonable. !! 

The commotion got so bad that I could see Mr Liew throwing down the file he was reading and stepping out of his office. 

James : Ok.. ok… enough… knock it off.. 

Sandy : Tell her !!… not me…. Tell your boss to go manage the pantry if she got so much to say about a coffee spill… 

Kate : It’s basic courtesy, you spill it on the counter and the floor…..admit it… it’s just you and your attitude problem… 

That was when the vulgarities started to fly. 

Sandy : Fuck you !… go back to school la… you don’t even know what’s happening in this office. 

Everyone gathered around started asking the girls to knock if off. 

Belinda tried to pull Kate away while Alex and Uncle Tong started dragging Sandy, pulling them apart and increasing the distant between their bodies in case the situation goes further south.

And right when I saw Mr Liew a few metres away shaking his head as he closed in on the gathering group, Kate blurted out something that made the whole office go silent. 

Kate : Yah… you know everything… you know everything that’s going on in this office…. Including how much your boss is quoting for each project right !! so much so you are willing to share with the whole world.. 

The moment that came out, I turned and look at Kate who got a shock herself. It was clear she immediately regretted what she said. 

Kate : I’m…. I’m sorry… i…

That apology did nothing, only to aggravate the matter further. 

Sandy turned and glared at me, as if I was the one who told Kate about the information. 

My eye caught Mr Liew’s eyes and I fucking swore he was smiling. 

He was fucking laughing with his eyes if you know what I meant. 

Walking right into the middle, with a low loud voice, he first dispersed the crowd. 

Mr Liew : Everyone….Get back to your seat now !… 

As the crowd started to clear, he pointed a finger towards Sandy and Kate. 

Mr Liew : Sandy…. What did she mean by that ?? 

Sandy : I…. Mr Liew…. i… i…. 

He turned to Kate who looked a little flustered and lost and she started shaking her head. 

Kate : I… sorry… I meant… 

Mr Liew shouted at Sandy at the top of his voice, it was so loud that even I jumped and I mentally noted to tell him to tone down on his theatrics. 

Mr Liew : How could you !!! what the fuck were you thinking Sandy ?? !! 

I could see the shout really shook both the girls and Kate looked like she was about to cry. 

Kate : I’m sorry… I .. I meant… 

Mr Liew continued to rain his words down on Sandy.

Mr Liew : Have I been ill treating you !!!! …. Why are you helping them !!!! Is this fair to your team ?? 

Mr Liew pointed to Uncle Tong and Hakim who was staring in shock as the story unfolded. 

Alex asked Sandy if it was true.

Alex : Is that true Sandy ??? You…. Are helping Terry ? 

To add fuel to the raging fire, Terry pushed his way into the fold out of nowhere. 

Terry : What is this !!.. 

Mr Liew took the chance to wack Terry . 

Mr Liew : If you have what it takes… get your own projects… don’t get your girl to secretly spy for you !!… useless piece of shit. 

Terry :What did you say ??? Who told you I was spying on you ?? 

Without breaking his momentum, Mr Liew pointed to Kate and shouted at her, asking her to repeat what she said. 

Mr Liew : Say it… say it again… what did you say earlier. 

Kate looked so lost and apologetic that she was speechless and Mr Liew finished it for her. 

Mr Liew : go ahead, say it… you told the whole office Sandy gave your team the price quote right ?? 

Kate could only look down onto the floor as Terry glared at her. 

Mr Liew : Terry,,, have you no shame ?? look at your fucking team… aside from James… the rest are pretty much a joke… you’re bleeding so much of your father’s money every month…he knew it and thank god he had the brains to split the company into 2. 

Terry : What did you say ?? What the fuck did you just say ?? I am the director of this company !! including yours !…i could fucking.!! 

Before he could finish Mr Liew laughed and taunted him further. 

Mr Liew : You could what ? har ? fire me ?? har ?? hahhaa… How much is your overheads a month ?? har ! 

He pointed to Sharon who was busy gossiping in the background and he asked Sharon to tell the whole office how much is Terry’s office ‘billing’ his team each month just to cover his overheads. 

He even did a imaginary inverted comma with his fingers in front of everyone. 

Mr Liew : You’re a disgrace Terry… just leave and go enjoy your daddy’s money la…. Don’t come and disturb the office.. 

Mr Liew started shaking his head and the spoke in his normal voice to Sandy . 

Mr Liew : Pack your things and leave… you’re fired ..

Sandy : No please.. i… 

Kate looked up and she was shock, waving her hands as if she was about to explain but Terry was not about to back off as well. 

Terry : I’ll hire you Sandy … come over… don’t work for people who treat you this way..

And within that same breath, Terry shouted at Kate, asking her to get lost. 

I could see Kate was about to cry as she shook her head at Terry trying to explain.

Terry : Get the fuck out of my office… 

Kate : Terry please… i.. 

James : Terry… it’s not her fault… it’s

Terry : Shut the fuck up James… if you want to leave just leave… no one will stop you. 

James : Well fuck you too… I quit. 

Kate immediately cut in and stopped me. 

Kate : No. no no…. it’s ok… James.. I’ll leave …. I’ll leave…. 

She frowned at me as if trying to tell me I’m out of my mind for leaving. 

Terry : Sandy, come over… don’t bother about them… Pack your things James… I had enough of your shit…. Just get out of my sight.. 

Kate raised her voice suddenly and took everyone by surprise. 

Kate : James had nothing to do with this, leave him alone. !… I’ll leave right now… !! 

I saw Mr Liew raised an eyebrow and looked at Kate who stormed off into the other wing. 

Sandy glared at me, obviously angry that I was not siding with her and that I had threatened to quit together with Kate. 

Mr Liew could sense that things were not exactly going to plan and I could see him thinking. 

Mr Liew : You sure you want James to leave….? Hahah…. Good… then your team will be worse than shit.. haha… 

Terry : I can hire anytime… don’t make James sound as if he is indispensable…. Take him back if you want… he’s like a dog… you know… dog ?? hahah… being kicked around … 

Mr Liew kept quiet and just stared at Terry but I knew his mind was working as fast as it could while the analysed the whole situation. He needed me on his side to keep an eye on things from the inside. This wasn’t exactly turning out the way we want it to be. 

Terry continued his taunts. 

Terry : don’t make it sound as if your team is very good, all just a bunch of fucking rejects… 

And after he was done, Terry turned and shouted for me to get lost. 

Terry :Fuck off the office la James… no one wants you… go sleep on the road like a dog can ? hhaa… 

Right at this moment, I saw Kate coming out of the office with a small recycle tote bag around her shoulder, she was not here long so there isn’t much to pack. 

She looked really sad and I could see her trying hard not to cry.

Belinda went over and I could see them talking. 

Suddenly Mr Liew made a comment that caught everyone by surprise again. 

Mr Liew : Kate… come here…. 

He pointed to Sandy’s seat and asked Kate to take over Sandy’s role. 

I looked at Mr Liew, half expecting him to hire me too but he did not. 

He must have some other plans for me. 

Terry :See… haha… what did I say…. Rejects….. collecting rejects… haha… 

Mr Liew did not react to that taunt and just smiled. 

Belinda spoke to Kate as if asking her to quickly accept the offer. 

Terry : Awww James… so sad…. Nobody wants you…. Pack up and fuck off please… hahaha…. 

Right before Mr Liew turn away he replied to Terry’s taunt. 

Mr Liew : I hire people who are not afraid to speak up….unlike you… 

He turned away with a smirk before looking at Kate. 

Mr Liew : So young lady …. Yes …. Or no… 

I could see Belinda tugging Kate’s arm as she considered the offer. 

Mr Liew : Your terms of employment remain unchanged… pay included. 

Kate looked at me and I smiled at her, nodding my head as well, asking her to take it. 

Sandy caught that smile and she stormed off while Terry went after her. 

Mr Liew : Don’t waste time Kate… show me you are more decisive than this…. 

Kate took a deep breath, left Belinda’s side and came over to mine. 

James : Hey… hey.. hey… what are…. 

Before I could finish, Kate pulled me towards Mr Liew and added as if it was a scene out of young and dangerous. 

She pointed to her chest with her thumb and counter offered Mr Liew. 

Kate : He’s with me….. you hire me… you hire us both….. take it or leave it… 

I turned and look at Kate in shock as Mr Liew raised his eyebrow at Kate again. 

James : Ermm… Kate… no need… I’m… 

Kate hit me on my arm and asked me to keep quiet. 

Kate : Don’t waste time Mr Liew… show me you are more decisive than this….

Mr Liew laughed, in a rare display of his amusement as he nodded his head. 

Kate : So is that a yes ?? 

Mr Liew pointed to me and said he fired me before I was not performing. 

Kate : well I’ve worked with James for a while and I simply cannot understand how you came to that conclusion… 

She maintained a straight face as she looked at Mr Liew. 

Mr Liew nodded and pointed at me, saying I have 3 months to prove my worth or I’m out. 

Kate : One more thing… 

Mr Liew : What now ?? 

Kate looked a little unsure, and you could tell she was pushing her luck. She must not have any experience negotiating for a deal before.

Kate : Erm… James… James… pay….will be… will be 2k…. 2k per month. 

My jaws dropped and so did Mr Liew. 

He sighed and waved Kate off. 

Mr Liew : Whatever rocks your boat… 

As he walked off, I could see Kate beaming brightly at me as she punched the air happily. 

I was simply blown away by this girl. 

Kate : 400 increment leh… treat me ah… haha… 

I nodded, absolutely speechless. 


It was drizzling that Friday evening. 

I got down to the lobby and I saw Belinda waiting for the rain to get lighter. 

I have a small umbrella and it was a good opportunity. 

Right at the moment I removed it from my cover, I felt 2 hands on my shoulder. 

Kate : Yoz!! 

Kate saw the rain and pouted but it disappeared the moment she saw my umbrella. 

She gestured for it while looking towards the sky. 

James : It’s mine… 

Kate : Come on… I got you a job and a increment…. Just an umbrella only what… 

I grumbled and handed it over, a little unhappy that my walk in the rain with Belinda could not happen. 

Kate opened the umbrella, put her arm around Belinda before turning to me. 

Kate : Dinner ? James will treat. 

Belinda smiled and nodded her head. 

The girls laughed and stepped out after saying to meet at the same restaurant we went to.

I was about to run after them when I saw Mr Liew come out of the lift. 

James : Why did you hire Kate ? 

Mr Liew : Because she likes you James… 

I laughed.

James : Don’t bullshit haha… she doesn’t …

Mr Liew : Just look at the way she look at you…. It’s so obvious….Only you can’t see it.. and I was still wondering why did Sandy betray us…. It was because she’s jealous of Kate…. Women… they can sense a threat…

Mr Liew : She treats you pretty well right ? haha 

As I digested what Mr Liew said, images of Kate came flashing into my head, the things she did, the stuff she said. 

James : That can’t be the only reason you hired her… 

Mr Liew : Something big is happening James….and I need people like Kate…. Initially I thought Sandy would be perfect but well, Kate would do just fine.

James : What do you mean ? 

Mr Liew : I needed someone who would do anything for you James… 

James : I don’t like the sound of that… what are you talking about. ? 

Mr Liew : Back in March…. Omar told me he wanted Sandy…. 

James : What ?? What do you mean ?? 

Mr Liew : You know perfectly what I mean James… 

James : No… no …NO!… I’m not doing it… NO… no way…. ! 

Mr Liew : Don’t worry. Kate would do just fine.. 

He tapped me on my shoulder twice and opened his umbrella and walked out.


I leaned against the wall of the lobby as I waited for the drizzle to get lighter while I thought about what Mr Liew just said. 

Does Kate really like me ? 

It doesn’t seem that way to me. 

Yet the more I thought about it, the more apparent it became to me. 

The rain didn’t look like it was getting lighter so I went back up to the office to grab a common umbrella at the reception. There’s always a few lying around. 

I removed my jacket since the girls wanted to head to that BBQ place and I don’t want to stink it up. As I hung my jacket over my chair, I suddenly looked at my table and for the first time realised how tidy it was. 

I have a habit of leaving my stuff lying around but it did not even dawn on me that suddenly everything looks neater. 

My eyes drifted to my cups. I had one for coffee and one for water. 

Both were washed, dried and flipped over so dust don’t get in. 

I honestly don’t fucking remember the last time I washed them. 

Hell I don’t even empty my left over coffee at the end of the day unless I made a deliberate trip to the pantry. 

I massaged my head and pulled a tissue to wipe my face and I froze again. 

What the fuck ? 

Tissues ? 

Since when did I have tissues at my desk ? 

I looked at the neatly arrange box placed within reach of my hand. 3 ply, scented, and bloody pink in colour. I lifted up the box and saw wet tissues as well. 

Have I been that blind all this time ? 

All these small insignificant things that you would not even bother to pay attention to. 

I reached for my hole puncher, stapler, stationaries, they were all labelled. 

My name was written on a piece of paper in that same glitter pen and a piece of tape stuck over it. Well you can say Kate doesn’t exactly have a lot of things to do on hand but still, there was no need for her to do this. 

My phone rang and it was Kate. 

James : Hello ? 

Kate : Where are you ??!! Come over now before sis decides to leave ok !!… quick… 

James : Oh….orh… ok… I’m grabbing an umbrella from office. 

Kate : See you in a bit. 

I felt a sudden pang of guilt as more and more pictures of Kate doing insignificant stuff for me started popping into my head as I walked towards the restaurant under the rain. 

That convenient cup of coffee in the morning. 

The occasional $6 cup of coffee she said I could not afford. 

Stuffing salad leaves into my chicken rice when she saw I’m not eating vegetables for lunch. 

It made me feel so bad that I was at a loss for words. 

How painful it must be for her to do that knowing she would not be getting anything in return. 

As I got nearer to the restaurant, I realised there is something that I must do. 

She must not like me. 

If need to I’ll become the most disgusting person ever to put her off. 

Yes, that’s it. 

I know certain things put girls off. 

This is it. 

I shall do just that. Maybe eat like a pig, snort loudly. 

Fart in her face or some shit. 

She’s get put off, lose her interest in me and eventually move on. 
If she don’t like me, there was no reason to do anything for me. 

First I have to be sure. 

As in I meant really sure that Kate likes me and it’s not some misunderstanding. 

I stepped into the BBQ restaurant and I saw Kate waving at me. 

She gestured for me to take the seat beside Belinda excitedly while she did the cooking, chatting none stop with Belinda. I just kept quiet and look at her. 

Kate : Okay… okay… no need to swoon over me James…. I got you the increment I know… hahaha… you pay for this treat ok ?? …. 

She laughed, obviously very pleased with herself . 

I just smiled and continued to observe her. Her every move. 

When the food was done, she would distribute the food to our plates and hers. It was nothing deliberate. 

You can just tell if someone was doing something in a deliberate manner but not Kate. 

It was as if her subconscious had taken over and she just moved on her own. Kate was talking to Belinda about Melbourne and how she loved that city. Belinda ate while listening, giving her comments about where she should have gone for the best pizza and roast duck. 

I continued to keep quiet, listening to them. Kate though, in the midst of talking about how she loved the Queen Vic market, just proceeded to wrap a piece of meat complete with sauce and garlic into a lettuce and passed it to me. 

I received it and she did not even look at me, just getting more and more carried away at how it was a mistake to try and carry the koalas at the zoo. 

Kate : They look so cute but so smelly la!!!…. wah lau…. Hahaha… 

Neither of them paid me any attention and it was as it the entire process was automated. 

The moment I finished eating and I stopped, Kate would be making another one for me without breaking pace. 

James : Enough already, I’m full… 

Kate : Last one… finish it… 


We had drinks, not as much as before, just enough to lighten the mood a little more as Kate talked about going overseas. 

Kate : Sis, next time go jio me leh… I go with you… 

Belinda laughed and said of course. I could tell the both of them got along pretty well and with their easy going personality, it would surely be a fun trip.

I was even more amazed at Belinda who could share all the places she has visited with Kate while leaving out the fact I was right there as well. 

I almost wanted to say ‘ouch’ when Kate asked who did she go to Korea with. 

Belinda : Just a friend la… 


A friend she was sleeping with and making him cum onto her palms while betting if the semen would freeze on that cold winter day in Seoul. She held her hand outside the window and lasted for 3 minutes before saying that it was a silly bet.


Since everyone was sober, we decided to take the train and Kate kept nudging me to send Belinda back home. 

Belinda : No need la… it’s ok… 

Kate : Need… 

She whispered so loudly to Belinda that she might as well just say it out. 

Kate : James is like a block of wood one…. You need to push him a bit… if not he so stiff…. I wonder how is he going to get married next time. 

Belinda just laughed and looked at me. 

James : That was a very loud whisper…. 

Taking the train up north, we got to Bishan first and right before the train stop, I could see Kate getting ready to wave us goodbye. 

It’s her eyes. 

They say your eyes cannot lie. 

Kate : Enjoy ya James… haha… 

I decided to catch Kate off guard and test out Mr Liew’s theory. 

James : Kate… it’s late…

Kate : Har ? 

James : Let’s… let’s walk Belinda back together ?? … after that I’ll send you back. 

I could see the immediate twinkle in her eyes as she tried hard not to let it show. 

The train pulled to a stop and although she did not give me a reply, I grabbed her arm for the first time and nudge her out of the train before letting go. 

Kate was quick to recover and quickly tease me that I was too afraid to send Belinda back. 

Kate : James… you’re a chicken .. hha… 

Belinda nodded her head over at Kate as they linked arms and continued walking while I stay a few steps away. 

Once we got to Belinda’s block, Kate let go of her hand and nudged me to go walk beside her. 

Kate: Don’t be so chicken can or not…. Like that how to win girls heart ? ….. 

I smiled awkwardly as Kate waved us into the lift. 

Kate : I’ll be right here ok ?? take your time ok ?? no rush….

Right before the door closes, Kate was still talking excitedly to Belinda. 

Kate : Sis… James is a virgin… please be… 

The door closed and shut her off as she gave me a wink. 

As we ascended Belinda looked at me while I did the same. 

She came over for a hug and I kissed her on her hair. 

Belinda : you know she likes you right….. Are you truly that blind James ? 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda smiled and pulled herself away from me. 

Belinda : About Kate…. You know what I mean… 

James : Belinda i…. 

She touched me on my face and smiled. 

Belinda : Don’t hurt her.. goodnight… 

I waved goodbye to Belinda and went back down. 

I guessed Kate did not expect me to be that fast and I saw her leaning against the wall, drawing some imaginary figures with the pointed tip of her heels. 

The moment she saw me she straightened her body and I saw the look of surprise on her face. 

Kate : Wah… so fast ?? 

She narrowed her eyes at me before folding her arms.

Kate : And I was still a bit sceptical when Mr Liew said you are not performing… hahahaha… 

I laughed and nodded towards the path. 

There is this distance you would keep when you walk. 

It’s something that just happens. I mean you don’t deliberately go and plaster yourself against someone if you don’t like him or her right ? 

Kate talked as usual, telling me about how she preferred living in Ang mo Kio and how she used to live a few streets down before moving. As she spoke, I slowly closed my distance, walking closer and closer until to the point our shoulders were almost touching. 

It was definitely too close for comfort if you are just colleagues. Right before we cross the road over to the train station, I asked Kate a question. 

James : Kate… 

Kate : Ya..? 

James : Do you…… have a boyfriend ?? 

That question came out of nowhere and I could see it took her by surprise. 

She just stared and blink at me and for a good 2 seconds, I could see her clutching her bag tightly with both hands before she recovered herself. 

Kate : No… why ?? 

She gave me that look before asking me not to fantasise about the employee & boss fantasy. 

Kate : Eh… please don’t fantasise about me please….haha… I…. I don’t like your type… 

I nodded and continued walking.

James : What kind of guys do you like then ? 

She thought about my question pretty seriously before replying. 

Kate : ERmm… rich… a 2 door sports car…. Then.. ermmm.. stays in sentosa….and…then…. lots of… erm… credit cards… you know, those exotic colours and cards you need an invite to even get one…. Hahaha.. 

She chuckled and went on. 

About how she would like to be a stay at home wife, go for manicure and spas while meeting other tai tai for high tea. 

I smiled and tried not to laugh. 

Not because of what she said but because of how she said it. 

Anyone could tell she was making them up on the spot. 

Kate : Ermm… ya… then…. Ermm… something like that should be fine I guess… hahaha….

Kate : Anyway…. You still got a long way to go James…before you even get into the… ermm.. you know… qualifiers… haha.. 

She grew silent for a moment before asking me what kind of girls I like. 

I did not have to answer Kate. 

She did the asking and answering herself. 

Kate : I know la… Belinda that kind right…..Belinda is so nice …. So perfect… Sis is pretty… so classy…and demure… 

She spoke of Belinda with a bit of envy.

Kate : I like how every movement she makes is so graceful, and the way she looks, you know… it’s not just pretty…it grows on you…. If I’m a guy I would surely go after her… hahah.. 

Then she pressed her boobs with her own hands and sighed. 

Kate : Even her breast looks better than mine… 

I almost choked on my saliva 

James : You see before ah ?? 

Kate : TSK!… 

She elbowed me and went on. 

Kate : I have seen more breast than you James… and I can tell Belinda has a pair of nice ones… 

James : Yours look ok also what… 

Kate : TSK!… you see before ah !…. 

We both laughed at the same time before Kate went on again, saying that she really hope she could see me and Belinda together. 

Kate : How nice would it be…. If we could all go travel together… right ?? hahah… 

I smiled and said nothing. 

Kate : Aiyah… anyway…. I see your pattern…. I also donno how to help you…. If I not your boss… I would say you are the toad…. Lusting after the swan meat…. 

Kate got back to her usual confident self as we entered the train station. 

Kate : See… send girl back also chicken…. How to do big things like that James ?? sigh… 

James : I…. 

Kate : See.. you always like that… talk also so unsure….James… ah James…. be more decisive…. Girls like confident men.

James : Orh.. noted. 


We alighted at Ang Mo Kio station and as we walked along the quiet path to Kate’s place, I felt the mood and time was right for my final confirmation. 

I knew it was a done deal but I needed to be sure. 

Very fucking sure so I don’t make a fool of myself. 

James : Kate… i.. ermm.. I need your help 

Kate : Ya ?? 

I pretended to look nervous and scare . 

James : Can…. Can I borrow your hand ?? 

Kate : What ?? 

Before she could react, I reached for Kate’s hand and held it. 

I could feel her shake and shiver for that brief moment before she gripped mine hand. 

James : I… should…. Should I hold it… this way… or… this way… 

I did one with our fingers inter connected and one without. 

Kate’s eyes gave it all away as she struggled for the words to come up. 

She interlocked my fingers again and squeezed it for a brief second. 

Kate : This… ok… always this…. Ha…. Ha… 

James : Oh… okok…. Sorry ah… i… I … 

Kate : It’s ok.. It’s ok…. Ask me…. I’m the guru remember…. Haha… 

Everything took less than 30 seconds but I was the one who let go first. 

As we got to the lift, Kate entered first. 

I hit her floor and I continued to face her. It was an awkward situation with 2 of us facing each other.

Her eyes widened and she asked me what I wanted. 

Kate : WHAt is it ?? 

James : Just now…. Just now in the lift…. 

I explained I was in the same situation, facing Belinda. 

James : I… I want to put my hand on her waist… but…. But where is a good spot…. i… I read online if… too high….a bit funny and too low I’ll be like a pervert… so… 

I could see Kate breathing a little faster as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva before laughing. 

Kate : Ai ya… this… this…. 

Without waiting for her to reply, I went forward and put my palms on her waist as I felt a breath of uncontrolled air burst out into my face.

James : Like… like that ?? 

She bit her lips and looked away from me as she nodded her head. 

James : Ok.. ok… thanks… 

I let go and as the lift chimed to indicate her floor, I asked Kate one last question. 

James : Kate… have…. Have you…. Kissed as in french kiss before ? 

Her eyes widened and her mouth got crooked as she slapped me on my arm.

Kate : IDOIT !… goodnight !! 

She walked off without turning back as I hit the ground floor button. 

Ok… at least now I know. 

It was close to 11.20pm 

I still have the most major problem of all to deal with. 


I can’t just leave it hanging and expect it to go away. 

Problems don’t go away on their own 

You solve it, then it goes away.

You’re thirsty, you get a drink. 

If you’re hungry, you eat. 

See if we break down the problems you get everyday into something as simple as this, everything can be solved eventually. 

I tried calling Sandy but she’s not answering my call.

I took a cab to Sandy’s place and I could see she was in. The lights in her room was still on. 

I text her that I’m outside her door and after 10 minutes of knocking, she finally answered it. 

Sandy : What do you want ! 

James : Can we talk ?

She let me in and shut the door. I could see she had been drinking.

Before I could start, Sandy started screaming at me for working with Kate .

Sandy : It’s HER !!! I knew it’s HER…. Ever since she came into the picture…. You’ve been a bit different towards me. !!! I knew it.

James : Calm down… it’s not… I have nothing to do with Kate…

Sandy : Don’t tell me to calm down!!! … anyone with half a brain can tell she likes you !!

James : Sandy i…

She started accusing me of protecting her, of standing by her side and I denied it. Sandy even went as far as to say Kate deliberately rat her out in front of everyone.

Sandy : See… she wants to act and pretend she’s the good guy while I’m the bitch that betrays the team….

James : What are you talking about ? You did it out of your own free will… no one forced you to….

Sandy : SEE.. SEEE… you’re taking her side !!!

I closed my eyes and sighed as I tried to reason with Sandy.

For a good 20 minutes I tried.

Honest to god I really really tried to talk to her but she would not stop.

She blamed Kate for everything. The state she’s in, our relationship, everything.

Sandy : And now what har ?? she demanded Mr Liew give you a job ? is that it ? har ? you think I don’t know about that ?? if she doesn’t like you would she even do that ?!!!

I was reaching my breaking point when Sandy started threatening me.

Sandy : You know what James… I’ll destroy her….. watch me..ok… watch me destroy her…

James : What are you talking about….don’t be crazy…she’s just a fresh grad… she doesn’t know anything…. You’ve had too much to drink…

Sandy : She is just pretending !!!… can’t you see !!

Sandy started to go all crazy on me, saying it was Kate who was making me this way and if she’s gone everything would be fine again.

Sandy : I’ll get rid of her… trust me James.. you’re being blinded….you cannot see… yes… you cannot see…. Trust me James…. I’ll show you…. I’ll show you…

Sandy started to say things that frighten me.

Sandy : I’ll make her a whore, I’ll show you who she truly is …. I can smell a girl like this from a mile away !… she’s just itching to be fucked.

I went over and hugged onto Sandy, telling her to calm down. Initially she tried to push me aside but after a bit of coaxing, she relented and started crying in my arms.

I helped her into her room and she demanded an explanation from me.

What is happening to us…. Have I truly loved her ??

Sandy : Tell me… tell me before I kill that bitch !! JAMES !! ..

I sighed and hushed her down, letting her calm down till she was lying on my lap as I stroke her hair.

Sandy : I made up my mind James…. I’m going to get her…. She made me look like a fool in front of the office….promise you won’t get in my way… promise me…

James ; yes… yes… I promise…

Another 20 minutes passed before I made up my mind.

I needed to talk her out of this no matter what. If not things will get out of hand.

James : Can you keep a secret Sandy ?

Sandy : Yah ??

James : I’m… I’m being blackmailed…

She sat up and looked at me.

I told her that was the reason why things got so bad during that period.

I told her that Terry is doing some creative accounting for Omar and Rasid and I found out.

James : They threatened me. They tried to buy me off but I refused… I don’t want to sink in deeper…

Sandy : WHAT !!!

I told her I wanted out but I can’t. It was a good project, perfect portfolio for my resume and it was partly my ego.

I can’t leave, not until I see things through at least till the main bulk of the work is done.

Sandy : WHAT !!! is this true ?? Why didn’t you say anything ??

James : What can I say ? I have no proof… who would believe me ?? I’m just an employee… those people are rich and powerful… and besides… I really want to have this on my portfolio…

I went on to tell Sandy that Mr Liew fired me partly because he wanted to help me.

It was something I did not agree to because of my ego.

James : Mr Liew knew about this shortly after we came back from the 1st presentation in the beginning of the year….. He was giving me a way out… but… but…

Sandy : but what ….

James : I can’t…. I can’t let go… I’m sorry….It’s all my fault… i….i wanted to work on the project… and…. And I thought… going over to Terry….. I would still get a chance…. Maybe…. I don’t know… but… but Terry… Terry knew my ambitions… he knew… so he had leverage over me… Mr Liew was really angry with me over it….

Sandy grabbed my hand and asked.

Sandy : What ? What did Terry wanted ?

James : He…. He told me he could help me get involved in the project again… he says he knows Omar and Rasid well….. his father has been working with them for many years… if he put in a word for me… I can get back in anytime…. He… he says as long as I can swallow my pride….. he will help me…

Sandy : Then ?? Then ??

I sighed and hugged my knees.

James : Well the first part you knew of course…. I was to steal Mr Liew’s project…. To gain his trust…that I could do… but… but….

Sandy : But what…

Terry wanted something I could not give.

Sandy : What is it !!??

I looked at Sandy for a moment before looking away in shame.

James : He wanted you…

Sandy looked a little taken aback before holding my arms.

Sandy : What do you mean ?? what are you saying.. ?

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued.

James : I… I better stop here… I got to go..

Sandy :NO!!.. stay here James.. tell me… what do you mean ??

I admitted that Terry chance upon my past messages with her shortly after I started working for him. It was then he wanted more.

James : He was transferring some site pictures I took and he fucking looked at my messages…. My wasapp…. He knows…

Sandy : Knows what…?? !!

I told Sandy Terry knew she was single all along and that she pretended to be attached, and from the messages, he knew the person he saw that night in the car was me. 

Sandy’s shoulders slouched in shock. 

James : He knew we were close…closer than just colleagues…. so he wanted me to help him…

I shook my head vigorously. 

James : But no… never… I won’t do it… I refused…. I told him to fuck off…

I got up and walked to the window. 

James : Terry pressured me every couple of days, threatening to destroy me if I don’t help him…..he even dared me to quit….. he could easily spread the word about my character in the industry… word will get around… I get fired by Mr Liew… then before I can pick myself up, Terry would say I give up halfway even though he tried to help….

Sandy hugged onto me from behind. 

Sandy : I’m sorry…James… I’m sorry… I didn’t know. 

James : He says he still love you…he…. He… 

Sandy : What else did he say ? 

James : He says if he could have you…. He’ll let me go…or make sure I get to work on that project…. until then… I either continue stealing the projects from Mr Liew … or prepare to face the consequences. 

I turned and asked Sandy to quit the company. 

James : Leave.. Terry wants you and he will do anything to have you…

Sandy : NO!!… I won’t leave … is this about you being together with Kate ??

James : It’s not….. 

Sandy : I don’t believe you…

I told Sandy calmly that I cannot force her if she don’t want to leave but I’m in a very difficult position. 

James : If given a choice, I would leave too… I mean come on…. I’m earning 1.6k month….who would stay if he had a choice !!…. I can make more even doing simple admin jobs…

I turned and look at Sandy 

James : Would you stay if it was you ?? 1.6k ? Being treated like this by Terry ? 

She calmed down a little trying to digest what I just said. 

Sandy : Then… then how ? 

James : Sigh… I don’t know… my plan is to steal a few projects for Terry first and work things out along the way….maybe try to establish a foothold with some clients… start out on my own or something…. I really don’t know… 

I sat down on the bed and told Sandy that Terry had been making my life very difficult lately. 

James : I’m just very stressed out…. And… and with Kate in the picture… I don’t blame you for misunderstanding….but do you know how she came into the picture ?? do you know who put Kate there beside me ??? 

Sandy thought about what I just said and remained silent

James : Do you think I hired her ?? or she just dropped down from nowhere ??? 

I told Sandy that Terry hired Kate for me. 

James : Ask him this yourself…. Ask him to tell you with his own words…. Why did he hire Kate for me…. See what he says… 

Sandy : I…. 

I kept quiet for a while longer, drawing Sandy in. She seemed to have calmed down a lot more. 

James : Ok look… I’ve said all there is to be said… it’s up to you what you want to believe…. To sum it up…. Kate is just at the wrong place at the wrong time…. You know why Terry hired her ??? do you ?? …. the exact words…”token of my gratitude”…. In exchange for helping him with you……..ask him.. go ahead… 

James : as if that was not enough, he made me report to Kate… a total newbie…. You think I’m happy ?? but what could I do ?? show a black face?? Find trouble with Kate ?? nothing …. NOTHING!!!….

I told her I could only smile, act the fool and continue working and reporting to Kate pretending everything is fine. 

Sandy thought about it for a while longer and I could tell she was beginning to believe my lies. 

I had no choice. I needed Sandy out of the way. 

If she quits, I have 1 less worry to think about. I can concentrate on getting Kate out of harm’s way. 

Sandy : but… but there’s no way I’m getting back together with Terry… he knows that…he would never ask ……..

I laughed and told Sandy that he did not want a relationship. 

James : He just wanted to have sex with you… 

I deliberately made it sound as cheap as I could to disgust her. 

Sandy sat down on the bed and the room descended into silence. 

I knelt down in front of her and told her to rest early, it’s already pretty late. 

Sandy looked at me and asked me again. 

Sandy : You sure…. You don’t like Kate ? … she has nothing to do with this.. 

I nodded as I kept my gaze steady. 

James : Kate is innocent…. Just unlucky… 

Sandy hugged me and I felt a sense of relief. 

Finally there is a glimmer of hope I can resolve this. 

Before I could get my hopes up, Sandy burst it again as I felt a shiver of fear through my spine. 

Sandy : I’ll do it… 

James : Huh ?? do what ?? 

She touched my face and stroked my cheeks. 

Sandy : Don’t worry James… I’ll get you out of this mess.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at her. 

James : What do you mean ? there’s nothing you can do… 

Sandy : There is… Terry… 

My eyes widened and I immediately shook my head. 

James ; No… no no!!.. wait .. you misunderstood…I don’t mean… that…. Don’t get me wrong…

Sandy pressed her finger to my lips and pulled me onto the bed. 

She kissed me and asked if I loved her. 

I nodded my head. 

I was about to tell her anything she wants to hear as long as she was willing to calm down and not do anything stupid for Terry but she has already made up her mind. 

Sandy : I’ll do it James…with Terry.. 

I panicked. 

I immediately raised the stakes to scare her off. 

James : NO!!… no way… you have no idea what you are talking about… this is not… this is not just a one off thing !!! 

I grossly exaggerated the scenario. 

James : He will fuck you as often as he wished… he will share you with the clients… he will treat you as if you’re some sex toy….!!!! Listen Sandy… just go to bed… sleep it off…let’s not talk about this again…. 

Sandy kissed me and ask me not to worry. 

Sandy : Don’t worry….James …it’s ok…

James : No it’s not OK… fuck.. ok you know what…. Forget this…. Forget I ever said this to you…. 

I fucked up. 

I wanted to come clean at once.

I wanted to tell Sandy it was all a lie.

Something I made it up on the spot.

I wanted to end it there and then.

I sighed and went to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water.

Ok, this went a bit too far and I fucked up. I admit.

I took a deep breath and decided to tell Sandy the truth, about what I was really doing.

I entered her room again and I could see Sandy smiling at me.

My phone rang and I looked at the clock.

It was past 1 am.

I was about to scream into the phone when I saw it was Terry.

I immediately looked at Sandy as she walked up to me, gave me a kiss and asked me to answer the call.

James : Hello ?

Terry : Brother !!!!!……. I love you !!!!

James : What ? are you drunk ??

Terry laughed and said he was fucking sober.

Terry : I don’t know what you did James but don’t fucking stop…. Sandy just called me and says she would do anything as long as I wear a condom…. Fuck brother !! how did you convince her ??eh ??? share leh … hahaha…

I was absolutely dumbfounded and I hung up on Terry.

He followed up with a message that says Sandy asked him to make the arrangements with me for the session.

Terry sms : Now you’re a pimp bro…. good for you… whahahaha…..

I went out to look for Sandy and she just sat nonchalantly at the table, pouring herself more wine.

James : you’re mad…

Sandy drained her glass and asked if I would like to stay for the night.

James : You’re drunk…go and rest.

I reached for the bottle and took it away from her.

Sandy : I’m still sober James… .. I have an idea… I think it’ll work…

James : what are you talking about ??

Sandy sipped from her glass and stared into blank space as she spoke.

Sandy : Do you know why Terry got together with Belinda back then ?

James : Why ?

Sandy : Because she looks like me… from certain angles… we do look alike….

Her face suddenly brightened up and she got excited.

It was as if some brilliant idea suddenly dawned on her.

The hair on my neck stood on it’s ends.

Sandy : I knew Terry even bought some similar clothes, asking Belinda to wear them… the same ones I wore when we were together…. !!

I clenched my fist as I listened to her in disbelief.

Sandy : I have an idea…. We can set it up… and when Terry thinks he’s fucking me…. He’s actually fucking Belinda….

I watched in horror as she drained her wine and set the glass down.

Sandy : I know how to do it….. Terry would never know….would you help ??

Sandy came over and held my hand.

Sandy : We can do a switch….. I know how to do it…

I could not speak. Not a single word.

Sandy : I know the games Terry likes to play…. We can play those games and switch…. I know…. I know how…

Sandy grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

Sandy : Are you with me ?? James ??

I nodded unsure of what reply to give.

Sandy : Good… because I need you to help with Belinda…

James : She would never agree….

Sandy laughed.

Sandy : She would never know…. Until it’s all over..

James : She would not be tricked into this…. It’s absurb…

Sandy : trust me James… you just need to get her there…. I’ll handle the rest.

James : You’ve had too much to drink… we’ll go to jail… are you mad ?

Sandy laughed and she confidently told me something that I had witness before with my own eyes.

Sandy : Terry has control issues… once he gets beyond a certain point, he could not control himself…. He will do anything…. Trust me James… I know how to get him to that point… and when it happens, We’ll give him Belinda…and after that…..he will deal with the consequences…ok ? I know how to stage this… but I need you by my side…

She shook my arms in a excitedly manner and made me promise to help her.

James : Sandy…. Why don’t you have an early rest… I …

Sandy : Who would you rather Terry fuck James !!!?? Me ? your girlfriend ?? or…Belinda ? …. She’s not even close to you or the team !! ..

I took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

James : You will regret this…

Sandy :I won’t… I will fix this, get you out of the mess and I don’t care who I have to throw to the sharks or step on to get this done…we’ll be together once this is all over…

James : You’ll regret this Sandy…. You will…

She kissed me and made me promise to help her and I nodded my head.

James : Don’t regret this Sandy….

She laughed and poured herself more wine.

Sandy : I won’t.

James : We’ll see…


20th May 2012 



I spent the weekend with Sandy, hardly left her side in fact.

I tried to talk her around but she would not listen. We had sex several times and each time wilder than the previous one. Sandy was so sure she had everything under control that she refused to accept any other alternatives. 

At some point I even thought she was thrilled at the idea of Terry fucking Belinda.

Terry called and messaged me no less than 20 times for details and arrangements and it was only after I told him that we need to talk and plan a bit on Monday that he stopped bothering me. 

Needless to say, I tried to get Belinda out of the picture but Sandy started asking if I was interested in her as well. 

Sandy : She said she doesn’t like you…. 

She simply would not listen. 

Sandy then started to tell me the games she would play with Terry when they were together. 

Terry gave Sandy his first fuck. He was fat, overweight and didn’t really look his best when they were together while Sandy had some experience. It was as if everything she did was enough to make Terry blow his load in no time. 

Sandy went on to describe how deprived of love he was that he would swoon over her, literally to the point of begging her for some form of release every time they meet, and that she played with him for a while, draining him mentally and physically. 

Sandy : He’s easy to tease…. And once he lost control, he just wants to cum no matter what happens…. 

They tried everything. 

Doing it in the car, outdoors, dressing up, bondage, you name it. 

They did it. 

And Terry’s favourite, was playing bondage games. 

Sandy : He likes to be in control…. He likes the process of tying me up… and as he did so, he would slowly tease and talk to me as if I’m his slut…. He would make me moan…. Beg as if he owns me….. before he slowly fucks me. 

Sandy cuddled up to me and continued. 

Sandy : He would ask if I liked being tied up and helpless…..and he would make me say yes even though I did not…. I don’t like the idea of being restrained… but Terry absolutely loved it….. sometimes he ties me up so tightly it hurts… 

She went on to tell me that Terry cums really fast when they play bondage games, sometimes he last less than 5 minutes. The foreplay itself was the tying and the teasing and by the time he had Sandy tied up, he was almost at the brink of orgasm.

Sandy : But 1 thing I hated was he would not untie me after he cums… he would slowly take his time…. Make me beg… I hated it…. Some times he would just leave me there until he was ready to fuck me again. 

James : Sandy… there is really no need for any of this….. we can just… 

Sandy : No… I don’t want to listen to your explaination…..I want to do this… once it’s over…. We’ll be free… 

James : People get hurt in the process, doesn’t it bother you ?? 

Sandy : As long as it’s not me getting hurt…. 

Sandy told me her idea of a bait and switch. 

Since I would be the one making arrangements, I was to tell Terry exactly what to do. Sandy would demand I be in the room, if not she would not feel safe. 

Terry would surely agree, he would not care as long as he gets to fuck Sandy. 

In fact, according to Sandy, he would even love to have an audience so he could show off to. 

The teasing would start, Terry can play his games with Sandy, he can get himself aroused, he can build up his mood, but he would only get to fuck her on one condition.

Sandy : I don’t want to be tied up… that is why you need to be in the room… have to make sure he keeps to this condition….

James : Then ??? 

Sandy would take the opportunity to get loose with my help, at the same time, she would ask for some alcohol, saying that she don’t want to be too sober. 

Sandy : After drinking, I would pretend that I’m having second thoughts…. That ‘m afraid….. I know Terry, it would make him mad, yet horny at the same time… you’ll tell him that it’s all ok and that you’ll talk to me…. Ask him to wait for a bit…. Let him drink. … go out and drink with him, tell him I’m trying to calm down….to get ready…. The anticipation…. It would drive him to drink more…

Sandy smiled and said that was when she would do the switch with Belinda. 

Sandy : And after a while you will tell Terry you want to come in to check on me… stay a few minutes then go out again…. Pretend you are angry… 

She wanted me to act as if this was a waste of my time, that after all these Sandy was still not sure about doing it, and that I’m losing my patience.

I would tell Terry that Sandy is still a little apprehensive but I’ve tied her up and blindfolded her, maybe pull a hoodie over her head or something. The main thing would be to just leave Belinda’s bottom exposed so Terry could fuck her and release himself. 

Sandy : Bring Terry in and let him fuck Belinda all he wants… even if he finds out it’s not me, it’s too late…. He’ll be too horny…. He cannot control himself by then. 

I massaged my head and asked her the most obvious problems with her plan. 

James : And what ? Belinda would be sitting obediently at the room waiting for you to tie her up ?? 

Sandy smiled and said she has a plan. 

Sandy : I would ask her to go for a spa together… to thank her for selling me her tickets to Maldives….. 

She says we could use her friend’s spa, one with private rooms and baths. 

Sandy : Let her relax…. Have soothing tea… enjoy a massage… no need for hotels….Belinda might get suspicious…. 

James : You cannot be serious … 

Sandy : I am….. James… are you with me or not… 

James : Then what ? 

Sandy : We could drug her tea…. Nothing too serious… maybe a sleeping pill to get her relaxed…. 

James : Don’t be silly…. This is not the movies…. 1 sleeping pill won’t magically knock someone out and keep her that way as she gets raped…. 

Sandy laughed and said of course not. 

Sandy : We’re not relying on the pill… it was just to get her relax more…. 

She went on to say that Belinda would surely wake up once Terry starts fucking her, but it would be too late by then, he will surely go all the way till he cums and by then, he would deal with the consequences when he realised it was Belinda and not Sandy he was fucking. 

Sandy : But we’re not taking any chances…. We need to tie Belinda up before she realised it during the spa session… 

James : And how do you propose we do that ?? 

Sandy : With your help of course….don’t worry about the spa side…. I can make the arrangements….. 

She spent the next hour going through the plan with me a few times, making refinements along the way before jotting everything down. 

Sandy : This will work… Terry is an asshole… let him die…

James : What about Belinda… she’s….she’s..

Sandy : She’s his ex girlfriend…. She deserves this…. After all, I’m sure they’ve done worst things together… what’s the big deal in being fucked one more time by him ??

I clenched my fist and tried to regulate my breathing.

She is too far gone now.

21th May 2012



I got into office a little late because I went straight to site to meet the client for a bit and by the time I got back in, I was surprised at how fast things were moving.

Sandy’s desk was cleared out, and Kate was arranging her belongings on it.

What surprised me even more was that my desk was almost ready too, courtesy of Kate.

She deliberately left it a little messy and told me off loudly to pack it up myself.

Kate : I help you bring quite a bit over already hor….

I thanked her for the help and cleaned up the rest.


Terry called me into his office and shut his door. For the first time he even pulled his blinds as he looked at me excitedly.

Terry : Tell me James… what did you do ??? why ?? Why Sandy suddenly agree ?? tell me leh…. Share… share…

I told him I can make the arrangements, it can happen as early as the weekend if we can book the venue. I could literally see his retina enlarge in front of me as he got so excited that he was pacing up and down the office.

Terry : Wait… tell me… how did you manage to convince Sandy….

James : it’s a secret…. And if you want to do this… stop asking…. Just know that everything will happen smoothly…. I can even make this a regular thing…

Terry : are you shitting me ?? I know you James… nothing is free…. What do you want ?? how much money ??

I could see him ready to pay me off and I needed a strong reason.

Something enough to convince him.

I told Terry a condensed version of my lie, saying that I wanted to work on the Omar and Rasid’s project and he was to help me get into it.

James : I know after I fucked up the earlier round, Mr Liew would not let me touch the project…. I would probably be doing other shit job….i want you to help get me back into that project…

Terry : hahah… it’s not mine…. You have to ask that Liew…. Nothing I can do.

James : oh there is…. Your dad can pressure Liew…. I’m sure you can pull the strings… it’s not a hard thing to do…

He considered my request for a while before replying.

Terry :That’s it ?? are you sure ??

James : No… of course not…. I need you to help me with another thing….. Kate…

Terry : What about Kate…

James : Remember what you said about hiring her for me?? So I can fuck her… ? …

Terry : Yah so ??

James : Tell Sandy that when you have the chance…. Leak it discreetly to her… but be careful… you must be very subtle….. cannot be too obvious….

Terry : Why ?? What is this ? what are you trying to do…

James : relax… I’m saying this for your own good….

I told Terry that I had long conversations with Sandy and I think she still harbours a bit of feelings for Terry.

I could see him paying attention right away.

James : But seriously look at you…. Just fucking look at the way you are behaving….

He was about to lash out at me but I cut him off.

James : You dare say you’re the same man and character that dated Sandy back then ??

He looked at me a little dumbfounded and speechless.

I quickly continued.

James : Do you talk to her like this back then ?? do you treat her like this ???

I gestured to the office.

James : All these…. Before you even have all these…. Sandy got together with you…. You think she cares about all these??? She just wants you…. The old you….

Terry looked at me, unsure as to whether to believe me.

James : You can choose not to believe me but I tell you… this Kate issue…..

I sighed and pretended to look frustrated.

James : Sandy actually thought you hired Kate….. because you want to fuck her…. Just like you hired Belinda…

Terry : What nonsense is this !! it’s not true..

James : but you know what ?? women think that way…. Tell me I’m wrong …

He sat back into his seat and looked at me.

James : Terry…. I want that project for my portfolio… help me with that…. And after all this…. We stay out of each other’s way…. You can get together with Sandy…. Mend things up a bit and enjoy the rest of your days….. you have more money than you can spend….go on holidays together…or something..

Terry looked as if he was seriously considering my suggestions.

James : I cannot warn you enough… for Kate… you need to make it know to Sandy… that you hired her for me… very very…. Very.. subtly…. She’s already suspicious… and if you make it too obvious… it’s over….

Terry nodded and waited for me to go on.

James : Ok… moving on….

I told Terry about Sandy’s suggestion of doing it in a spa. A couple room complete with jaccuzi and massage beds and couch because she did not want to go to a hotel. Terry nodded and said he has no problems with that.

James : Now for the conditions that Sandy set.

Terry :Yes.. yes… I know… I must use condoms…

James : No… that’s not just that…. One more… I must be there in the room….

Terry :What ?? !! Are you fucking kidding me ??

I raised my hands and asked Terry to relax.

James : She’s just nervous… excited… it’s been a while and… and she told me…. You like to play games you know…. Those with ropes and all….

Terry : She told you that ??!!!

I calmed Terry down and told him that she was just concerned that he would not be using a condom when you get carried away.

James : Look… I’m not interested in what you do in the room and all but if this is what I have to promise her to move things along…. This is it…

I told Terry that nothing is cast in stone. We’ll play by ear and of course, if I see that things are all ok, there’s no reason for me to stay in there as well. They can have the room to themselves.

Terry stared at me as he considered what I was saying.

James : Unless.. hahaha… you don’t mind me trying Sandy too hahahaha…..

I teased him and he just kept quiet.

Terry stood up and looked about before saying he’s not comfortable.

Terry :I don’t know… this… something… I don’t know how to put it… it feels weird….this whole arrangement….

He suddenly came so close to me and grabbed me by my shirt.

Terry :This isn’t some of your stupid games is it James ?? har ?? trying to get me into trouble ??

I shrugged him off.

James : Sandy called you directly didn’t she ?? if you are scared, then call it off..

He brushed his hair several times, I could see he was tempted yet afraid at the same time, as if he could smell something fishy, that something was off.

Terry : I… I don’t know… what if….. what if Sandy turns around and accuse me of raping her or something ?? sHe.. she…

I was losing my patience at Terry for being so wishy washy that I blurted out that I can help him start things off if he liked.

James : You scare ah ? You scare then you watch me touch her lor…. See if she accuse me of rape…

Terry : What did you say ??

James : She’s so pretty, you don’t want to touch her I also want to touch her…. You think what ?? I don’t get an erection thinking about it is it ??? that I’m gay ??

I told Terry that with Sandy tied up and blindfolded, any normal man would get an erection.
I stood up and said if not for the fact I wanted the project, I would not even bother going through all these.

Terry agreed.

Terry : Ok fine… you can stay in the room with me… and if she turns around and accuse me of rape… I’ll pull you in as well….

I told him I’ll make the arrangements and let him know before I smiled and left the room.

Good, it’s all coming together.

22th May 2012



Sandy told me she did not get to talk to Belinda the day before because she was busy but she would try to grab her that day.

I chanced upon them in the pantry and I could hear Sandy talking to Belinda about it.

Sandy : Hey Belinda… I have this spa voucher… it’s for a couple but I got no one to go with…. Are you free this weekend ?? I mean… I haven thank you properly for selling me the trip to Maldives….

Belinda looked at me for a moment as Sandy bent down to bring up some more paper cups from the drawer, no doubt feeling puzzled why I was not going with her but she quickly regained her composure and asked her about it.

Belinda : Oh… how come got the voucher ??

Sandy : The spa belongs to a friend…. So just support her lor… haha don’t worry…. She won’t ask you to sign packages…..

In order to make it more convincing, Sandy said all they had to do was to give an honest review of the services after the treatment and answer a questionnaire.

Sandy : It’s a prelaunch thingy…..

Belinda : Oh… ok… I’m just very irritated…when people try to sell me the packages after a relaxing spa.. hahaha… kinda spoils the whole thing…

Sandy on’t worry… it would not happen…

I left the pantry before it became obvious I was loitering and shortly after that, Sandy told me Belinda agreed.

It was a go.

It would happen on the 26th, Saturday at 2pm and I was to inform Terry about it.

Sandy said I needed to be at her place that evening to run through some stuff and I agreed.

When I had a chance to I went over to Belinda and told her something is happening and I needed her to trust me.

Belinda : What is it ??

James : I can’t tell you…. Trust me…. Relax… go enjoy the spa… it’ll be over before you know it…

She just smiled and nodded her head.

I went out of office and visited a sex shop. I bought some toys, vibrators and in particular, I was looking for some cock sleeves. Yes, those silicon soft sleeves you put on your dick to increase the girth and with the ribbed surfaces on the outside, it would introduce a new sensation as you fuck yourself into your partner’s hole.

I got 2 sets of various sizes and kept 1 of them.


I was having a meal of fast food at Sandy’s place as we looked at the instructional video of how to give a massage. It was a crash course.

Nothing too advance.

Just enough to confuse Belinda that she was being touched by a professional instead of me and Sandy.

We need to take over at one point and that was the critical period according to Sandy.

That was when we needed to restrain Belinda.

Naturally after watching the video, we tried the massage on each other and it eventually led to sex.

Sandy was already wet and ready for penetration but I did not want it to be a normal one.

It was time for me to rehearse as well.

James : You know…. I kept thinking about how you would be tied up by Terry and all…. It just turns me on so much…. I realised I also want to see you helpless…

Sandy :Haha.. really ?? how helpless ??

I hugged onto her kissing her neck .

James : Really really helpless, can only beg for me to fuck you those kind….

Sandy giggled as she removed my pants and boxers to touch my cock.

James : That’s not all…. When I imagine you to be helpless, I also want to feel like you’re craving for me… for my cock inside you…. To hear you moan….to feel that you want me…

Sandy hugged onto me tighter as if my words alone were arousing her beyond control.

I stroked her body and slowly put her down on the bed.

James : You know what is my most secret fantasy of you Sandy ??

She giggled and hugged onto me, spreading her legs to grip my behind.

James : I would imagine I’m like a triplet, or maybe twins… and I would take turns fucking you….

Sandy bit her lips and exposed her neck to me as I smelled them and whispered softly by her ears.

James : It’s like… watching live porn you know…. To actually see me fucking you…. Yet knowing I’m just right by the side…. Watching…. Only watching….

I started to finger Sandy and was surprised at how wet she had become.

James : I would imagine maybe say my brother…. Looking the same as me but with a different cock size…. Filling you up… making you moan with your eyes half open…

Sandy shivered as I inserted my finger into her went cunt.

Sandy :Enough James… enough… fuck me… please… fuck me….

James : No… haha… no…

I got up and Sandy pouted and moaned for me to fuck her, to fill her up with my throbbing cock but I slowly walked away and went to get my toys.

The toys I bought.

Sandy : Hahaha… you’re very naughty James….

James : No I’m not…

I blindfolded Sandy with a scarf, but that was not enough. I put on an additional eye mask.

Sandy : What are you doing James ??? come fuck me already… please…. I’m so horny…. I’m so wet….

I could see Sandy’s legs rubbing on the bedsheets, spreading and closing her privates at me.

I tied up Sandy’s hands above her head and secured it to the headboard.

Sandy : James baby…. I’m so wet already… fuck me please… fuck me…. Ergnnhhhh… ergnnhh…

I went to the toys I bought and retrieved the cock sleeves and the dildo I bought. The dildo I deliberately bought one that is a replica of a real cock.

Sandy : James… where are…erugmhmhmmmm ergmmm.. hurmmm…

Before she could finish I inserted the dildo into her mouth.

James : That’s me Sandy… suck me… suck for me….

And she did.

She opened wide, taking the dildo into her mouth as she slurped in a slut like manner, her body rubbing and gyrating on the bed.

Sandy : Urmmm… ehujmmm… ergnummm..

I put a sleeve on my left finger and started to finger her.

Sandy : ERgnnhhnhhhnhnh…..urmmh.. erngngn… urgmmm…

James : You like this ?? har ??/ you like ?

Sandy sucked harder on the dildo as I watch the bedsheets slowly getting get underneath her. 

James : You’re sucking me Sandy…. Who’s touching you then ??? har ?? who’s touching your wet pussy ?? 

Sandy : ernghh… urmm.. egnnh… your… your twin brother… erngnghh… erngnh…m rugmmm… 

I smiled, yes… she’s getting it. 

She gets what I want her to do and she did it perfectly. 

I straddled her and put on another sleeve for my cock, increasing my girth and length. 

I continued to hold onto the dildo for Sandy to suck as I slowly pushed my cock into her. 

Sandy’s sucking stopped and she moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain. 

Sandy : erguhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… egnnhh…. Egnhh……….erghhhhhhhhhhhhh..ahhhhhhh…. 

I could see her whole body shake and trash as her pussy stretched to accommodate my cock is now thicker and longer.. 

James : Oh… my brother’s cock is longer…. And thicker….you like that ? har ??? you like ?? 

Sandy moaned as I pushed beyond the initial tightness and stated rubbing the ridges of the silicon cock sleeve along the soft sensitive interior of her pussy. 

Sandy : aRghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… argnhhhhhhhh…

I could see she was enjoying it even though it was abit painful. 

James : You like this ??? tell me you like this !!! 

Sandy : Yes… yes … ergnnhhhhh….urmmmm.. urmmm… urmmmmmmmm

In the midst of accepting my enlarged tool, Sandy started sucking on the dildo again. 

James : See… you like it… your body enjoys it…. You like to be fuck by a big cock don’t you… har ??? 

Sandy moaned as I started my thrusting motion, burying my tool all the way into her hungry cunt. 

I push the dildo deeper into her throat to the point of gagging but she held on. 

Sucking and enjoying the fuck by me. 

The more I thrust, the wetter she gets. 

Sandy screamed that the ribbed ridges is rubbing on her vagina. 

Sandy : It’s … it’s… it’s so comfortable…. Ticklish…. Sourish and so comfortable…ahhh…. Arghh…. 

5 minutes into it I changed it into a thicker one, pushing myself into Sandy as I fet a squirt of her cunt juice hit my stomach when she moaned like a slut with the dildo in her mouth. 

I was not getting much sensation. 

The thick silicon was masking most of the feeling but I continued thrusting. 

I continued to fuck Sandy. 

I gripped onto her shoulders, pulling her body down while my cock fuck upwards on the missionary position. 

Sandy : arghhhh arghhh arghh.. ergnhnhh… arghhh… etnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Suddenly the dildo was spit out in a smattering of cough as Sandy suddenly screamed a high pitch moan. 

Sandy : erGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!.. erghh!!! Erghh…a rgkkk…. 

It got higher and higher till there was no sound coming out of her open mouth for half a second before her body slammed down like she was being electrocuted on her bed. 

Squirts after squirts of her lubricants and god knows what liquid wet my entire pubic region and the bed as Sandy thrashed and moaned for me to stop fucking her. 

Her whole body was drenched in sweat as we panted on the bed together, catching our breaths. 

Sandy : That was amazing baby… that was amazing… 

I smiled and kissed Sandy’s cheeks. 

Sandy : Untie me baby ? … untie me….

James : No… 

Sandy : ernghhh…please James…

James : No… I’m not done yet… 

She pleaded and giggled as I removed the cock sleeve and fuck my raw cock into her cunt. 

James : Is it as sensitive now ?? 

She shook her head and bit her lips as I continued till I deposited my load inside her vagina. 

I left her rest in that state for about 30 minutes before untying her.

James : Let’s do this again… 

Sandy laughed and cuddled herself into my arms.

The next few days came and passed. 

On Thursday, Sandy suddenly called to apologise to me. 

Sandy : I spoke to Terry…. He admitted Kate was hired by him to tempt you…. I’m sorry for doubting you James…

James : It’s ok… let’s put it behind us. 

I fucked Sandy again in that same method 1 more time on Friday night. 

26th May 2012 



Everything was ready. 

Sandy and I went inside the spa to check that all was in order. 

It’s going to be a 3 hour spa treatment. 

I texted Terry and he said he was ready. 

James sms : come to Clark quay….i’ll text you the exact address in a bit..…. Get ready. 

Terry sms : ok…. 


The couple room has been prepped and Sandy had told her friend what we needed in advance. The story was for a surprise for a bride to be. 

She told her friend I was the husband to be and that we wanted to play a trick on the bride before giving us time together in the private room. That and the payment for the treatment was all the friend needed before leaving us alone to brief the 2 therapist from Indonesia.

Sandy told them what she wanted and that they could just go and rest after a certain point when she gave the signal.

With a $40 tip each, they were all too happy to agree.


After a light lunch, Sandy and I parted ways.

She was to meet Belinda at Clark Quay station before walking over.


The spa was pretty much empty.

I don’t know how they survive. Aside from a couple of walk in tourist for foot massages, there were hardly anyone there.


There they are.

I saw Sandy and Belinda crossing the road over to the spa from the holding area where I sat.


As the approached the entrance, I texted Terry the address of the spa.

He says he will be there in 20 minutes.


I went further back into the service area of the couple spa and the 2 therapist smiled at me.

The lighting is dim, the smell of lemon grass was all over the room.

The relaxing music made me feel sleepy.


The 2 therapist went out of the service room and I could hear them talking to Sandy and Belinda.

I could hear Belinda going to change in the private bathroom while Sandy changed in the massage area behind a standing blind.

The massage beds were facing away from the service area and when I took a peep, I could see the therapist chatting softly while waiting for the girls to come out.

I heard the snapped of a latch.

That must be Belinda coming out and I quickly retreated into the service area again.

I could hear some light talking.

One of the therapist came in to take the basket of facial product and I made way for her.

I waited.

I waited without a sound.

Too afraid to breathe.

Belinda had asked me what was going to happen a few days ago but I told her not to worry.

Everything would be fine.

I looked at the crushed sleeping pill in a small ziplock bag I was holding.

It was to go inside Belinda’s tea.


I stood up to stretch my legs and I looked outside the service are.

The 2 girls.

In the same robe.

Lying on identical massage table.

With the same hair colour and length and near identical body shape and height.

Their eyes were closed shut with a gauze and cotton, a mud mask was being applied on their faces.

My heart was thumping.

I slowly walk towards the table

The only thing to differentiate the girls were their nail colours on their feet.

There was no way you could tell if not for that.

Sandy had painted her toes a light cyan.

Belinda’s toes had some light purple that was peeling off, I already noted that when we were in the office a couple of days back.

They both looked so peaceful, so relaxed.

My phone buzzed and it was Terry.

Terry sms : I’m here….

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly

James : and here we go…..


I retreated slowly towards the exit of the couple room. 

As I slid the door close softly, I saw Terry at the entrance of the spa. He seemed nervous as he paced up and down near the door. He came empty handed, with only his wallet, car keys and phone in his hands.

I opened the door and gestured him to enter.

He was about to speak but I put my finger to my mouth and pointed to a holding area. 

He went over and I got him a drink from the dispenser. 

He looked nervous and I was sure I looked the same. 

I could only hope this doesn’t fuck up. 

Terry : So how ? how ? where is Sandy ? 

I sipped my drink and took a deep breathe, mentally running though more of my lies I had prepared. 

James : Ok… look… I be honest with you Terry….. I’ve been talking with Sandy… 

I told Terry that Sandy had actually changed her mind early that morning. 

Terry :What ? What do you mean ? 

James : She’s nervous. Very nervous….and you see…. She’s having second thoughts… she wanted to back out.

I calmed him down and told him that I managed to convince her to relax and at least meet up at the agreed location. 

James : I wanted her to at least come down, relaxed and maybe make up her mind again …. 

Terry : Then how ? How ? …. What if she don’t want… 

I reassured him that everything is under control. 

James : Ok… look, she’s in the middle of a spa treatment now…. Something to calm her down… .. relax her a little…. You’ll have to wait a bit…. 

I took the opportunity to ask about his belongings and where were the toys he was supposed to bring. 

Terry : What toys ? 

James : Ermm… ropes, vibrators etc ? I thought it was supposed to be some tied up bondage shit ? no ? 

Terry looked a little puzzled at me and he shook his head. 

Terry : No… I would cum very fast if I do that…. I told Sandy I’m not doing that already…. Didn’t she tell you ? 

James : What ! ? 

It was my turn to look a little puzzled by then. 

James : then what is the plan ? 

Terry :What plan ? Isn’t it I just go in and fuck her ? No need to have any plans . 

I stood up from the seat for a second and asked for a moment to check on the status and I went into the massage room. 

Sandy laid on the bed closer to the door while Belinda took the one further in. This was to facilitate Sandy’s movements when she starts her plan. We wanted to avoid any unnecessary movements across Belinda’s side.

A curtain was drawn between the two bed, but not fully. Only partially covering the top part of the girls’s body and head. 

The masseuse saw us and I put a finger to my lips so they went back to their work. 

I went over to Sandy and shook her a little. I wanted to speak with her but she just waved her hands in the general direction where I touched her and put her finger to her mask where her lip was. 

She then pointed to Belinda’s side before pointing to her ear. 

I took in a deep breath and pace around for a bit. 

What did Terry meant when he said he had no plans ? 

I went back out and was about to ask Terry about what Sandy told him when he said he wanted to take a peek. 

Terry : I cannot take it… I want to see…. I can feel my balls bursting with my sperm already…. Heee hee… 

I brought Terry over to Sandy and I could see him swallow a gulp of his saliva as he looked at her body covered only with a piece of towel. 

He must have wished he’s the masseuse as she ran her hands up and down Sandy’s thighs. Imagine standing right where he was, looking at the very girl he lost his virginity to. 

What kind of fantasies are running through his head in that very moment. 

If it was me, I would have a hard time controlling myself. 

He saw Belinda separated by a curtain but he did not know it was her, he pointed to that lady and looked at me and I told him softly it was another client. 

James : She arrived late for her appointment, so eat into ours a bit…. 

Terry nodded but as he walked by, he looked between Sandy and Belinda’s massage bed several times, switching his gaze before shaking his head and catching up with me. 

I gestured him to follow me quietly and I showed him the rest of the couple spa room. The Jacuzzi, the baths and even a small couch by the side. The massage area the girls were in a separate zone separated by a door, the main session of Sandy and Terry would take place in the lounge area of the couple suite. Once I’m done with the short tour, Terry followed me out of the room. 

James : Ok we can only wait now…

I quickly asked Terry what did Sandy tell her. 

Terry : She called me last night… she told me she wanted to try something I’ve always wanted to do

James : What ? 

Terry : You know… those rape scenario…… where she really resists…. And fight…. Not those play play jap AV shows those kind…. Something really real. 

James : What ? 

Terry :Yah… she say she will really resist and it was up to me to do as I see fit…. But she has conditions. 

James : What are you talking about ? What conditions ? 

Terry :She say if I could not manage to get her within an hour then it’s off… but if I could I can do anything. Don’t even need condoms.. hahaha… afterall last time I cum in her so many times before already… hahaha… 

I sat back into my seat as I digested what Terry had told me. 

My fist closed around the couch cushion as I deliberated my next move. 

I told Terry to wait a while longer and he helped himself to drinks from the dispenser. Entering the treatment room again, I realised Sandy’s bed was empty, only Belinda remained. 

I quickly went inside and opened the room to look for her and I saw her spiking Belinda’s drink with the crushed sleeping pill in the small pantry. 

James : I need to talk to you Sandy ! 

Sandy avoided my eyes and shrugged my arm away. 

Sandy : Not now… later… 

James : Sandy !… Sandy !…. 

Sandy :Shhhh…

She gave me an irritated look and she walked quickly away. 

After she set the tea down on the small table beside Belinda, she gestured to the masseuse attending to Belinda that she was to let her drink it. She then came to me and passed me a leather hood. 

Something to put over Belinda’s head. 

Yes, something you see in those leather SM gear, a black leathery hood, it’s not the really tight and skin fitting kind. Pretty amply space to work with until you tighten the clasped behind the head. It’s shaped like a dog nose with 2 small holes at the end for you to breath. 

Sandy : Later …. After they clean up the mask, they lift it up halfway to expose the mouth part…… the masseuse will leave……pull the light close to shin on Belinda’s eyes, our eyes will naturally close… it’s very bright, the kind use to check for black spots….. 

She lowered her voice a notch and told me to first pretend to wipe Belinda’s face with some wet cotton before placing a towel over her mouth. Then I was to quickly duct tape it. 

Next she showed me some herbal soak bag. Something to put your hands into and fastened around the wrist. Sandy had padded Belinda’s one with towel, that way once it’s fastened, it would be like some sort of a mitten. 

Without the use of her fingers to grip, Belinda would not be able to undo the mask over her head. 

I touched the interior of the herb bag, it’s dry, just towels. 

James : What is going on ? this wasn’t the supposed plan…. 

Sandy : Don’t worry, it’ll all be ok……I didn’t want you to worry too much so I never tell you… you’re not even here…. Don’t worry… Belinda won’t know…. 

We went back out to the massage room and Sandy whispered really softly to me. 

Sandy : start only when I go inside the shower to wash off the body scrub ok… I can say I never hear what happened if questioned. .. 

I nodded. 

Sandy got back onto the bed and quickly instructed the masseuse to start with the scrub on her as she laid back down and put the mask over her face. 

I went to touch the herb bag that was prepared for Sandy and it was a little warm and damp with some jojoba bead like stuff within. 

The moment Sandy laid back down I went back out of the room to think. 

I needed to come up with something. 

I saw the bubbling of the water from the dispenser as another customer pulled the lever and I had an idea. 

I went back to the waiting area and I could see Terry getting pretty impatient. 

James : Nothing I can do too… in the middle of a body scrub…

I quickly went back in and I whispered to Sandy’s masseuse to inform me when she goes for her shower, I knew Sandy heard me but it was ok. I was supposed to start during that time so it’s fine

I knew 2 things for sure. 

Sandy will not be walking out of the room. If she did, Terry would know she was ready and wanted to start the session immediately. 

Another thing, if I don’t go back into the room, there was nothing Sandy could do. I can always give an excuse that I’m trying to stop Terry from heading in. 

I quickly engaged Terry on the subject of his rape fantasy and I could see his eyes widen in excitement. It was something he secretly wanted to do for the longest time. 

Something that feels real, with a real level of resistance. Just the thought if it made him feel alive. 

Terry : I felt I could almost cum right now. 

I slowly chatted with him, knowing full well that a body scrub wouldn’t take that long, and Sandy would probably need to go for her shower soon. 

After what seemed like 30 minutes, I saw the door open and the masseuse gave me a signal and Terry saw it too. 

Terry : Oh ready already is it ? 

James : Let me check…. Hold on. 

I did not go in and check, I just pretended to walk in but after a minute I walked right out. 

Terry : How can liao or not ? 

James : Showering now, after got some other donno what treatment in the other room… almost done liao. 

I continued talking with Terry, indulging him in his rape fantasy, I gave him scenarios, weird thoughts, difficult positions, how to restraint the girl and I could see each sentence taking him deeper into the dark as he got more and more excited. 

I bet Sandy must be wondering where I was by then. 

Another 20 minutes later the masseuse came out and asked for me, I knew it had to be Sandy who sent her out to get me. 

I went in and Sandy looked impatient and upset. 

Sandy :Where were you …. Why didn’t you come in !! Belinda already went to the shower.. !! 

James : I can’t move,…Terry insisted on following me everywhere, he even wanted to come in…. I told him this is the final check liao….. and he was getting impatient… he says the next time I come in he’s following me…

Sandy : It’s ok got one more chance. We have another mask once Belinda is out and then it’s the herb bag together with some aromatherapy. Do it then. She already drank the tea… finished it all.. should be relaxed and calm later. 

James : Ok. 

We were then in the adjacent room. The original massage beds were dirty and soiled by the scrub and this time round, both girls would be side by side in the middle of the room beside the Jacuzzi. 

I left the room and I watch Sandy got onto the bed on the left. I made sure I checked the nail polish on her feet as another mask was being applied on her. 

I quickly went to the herb bag, Belinda’s one was just left out on the table while Sandy’s one was sitting in some machine or sort. 

It took some warm water and scrapped a good dollop of the body scrub from the dirty massage bed and quickly went to Belinda’s herb bag. I dumped everything inside the bag and gave it a good rub. 

Once I was sure the mask was on Sandy, I went over and I gestured for the masseuse to go away and she nodded. I quickly helped her put on the bag and secure it properly, making sure it’s tight. 

The insides is warm and damp, there was no reason for her to suspect it was not the one she was supposed to use. 

Next I went to the shower and waited dismissed the other masseuse. She too left the room and I waited for Belinda to come out. 

Belinda : Gasp !… what are you doing here… 

I quickly put my finger to my hand and told her to go lie down on the bed after she dried herself up. 

Belinda : Why?? 

James : Just do it.. and say something… like ‘ so shoik’, ‘thanks for the spa treat Sandy’ and be sure to say you feel like sleeping already… lie down….. then after a min, say you need the bathroom. 

She looked puzzled and confused but agreed to do as I said probably because of how urgent I looked. 

I waited a distance away and watch Belinda get on the bed and did as she was told. 

Belinda : So shoik man… thanks Sandy for the treat… next time I treat you ….. ahh.. feel so sleepy … 

The minute ticked by before I heard Belinda say she needed the bathroom. 

Belinda : Where’s the masseuse ah ? …. I go toilet first…. 

Sandy :ERmmmm…

I could hear some muffled acknowledgement coming from Sandy. 

Belinda next looked at me for more instructions and I gestured her over to me. 

James : Get change and go. 

Belinda : Why ? 

James : I want to break up with Sandy… you shouldn’t be here….

Belinda : What ? In the middle of a spa retreat ? You’re an asshole…. 

James : What ?! 

She hit me with a fist on my chest and went over to her locker to grab her stuff. 

I waited for her to get change and pointed her to the staff exit. 

Belinda : End it properly with her James… I mean it…. 

James : Ok… 

The moment Belinda left, I quickly went to Sandy and brought the standing light close over her head. Without giving her a chance to even react, I lifted up the bottom half of the mask and pressed a towel down onto the mouth. 

Sandy’s body jumped but her hands were weighed down by the clumsy herb bag so I quickly pulled the duct tape I stuck to the side of my pants and taped her down. 

Sandy was screaming muffled screams by then but I did not waste any time. Her hands tried in vain to pull and remove the towel but it was no use. There was no grip. 

I looped the mask over her tied up hair and ahead and secured the straps tightly. 

Sandy : aermmhmhmmmmm.. mhhhhmmm!!1mmmmfff!!!!!!… aeghghmhmmh!!!! 

Her legs trashed and kicked. 

Her useless hands gripped at the parts where the clasped would be. I bet remnants of her mas would have fallen off by then inside the bigger dog cage mask but it was ok. 

It was totally block off with exception of 2 small holes for air. 

I hope she breathe slowly. 

As if that was not enough, I apologised. 

I looked at Sandy and pretended I was talking to Belinda. 

James : I’m… I’m sorry Belinda…. I didn’t want to do this either.. 

Sandy trashed harder, screaming louder through the muffled mask and gag. 

James : I’m sorry….i… I kind of like you… but…. You deserve this…. You deserve this for rejecting me….. bitch…. You and Terry are made for each other . 

Sandy clawed desperately at the mask on her head as I stood up. 

I pretended to call out for Sandy in the general direction of the bathroom without using her name. 

James : Psst…. Pssst…. Dear…. Are you in the toilet?? Are you done ??? Quick… let’s get out of here…. 

Sandy had fallen off the bed, and was on her knees, trying to talk or scream at me.

Her muffled screams sounded more and more desperate. 

I walked right to the door and the moment I opened it, I saw Terry standing barely a metre away. 

Terry : Is if finally fucking ready. ?? 

I smiled and I nodded. 

I gestured him to follow me and I could see his excitement in his eyes as Sandy desperately swung her hands around her head, trying to get a grip at the clasp. 

Right at the moment Terry spoke, Sandy froze. 

Time seemed to stand still as Sandy backed away blindly in the big room, bumping into massage chair before hitting the side of the sofa. 

Terry : Alright baby…. You said you would resist…. Hahaha…. I’ll see how well you are going to do it. 

I leaned back against a wall and folded my arms. 

Sandy swung her hands wildly and lost her balance, falling onto the lounge chair. 

Her bathrobe exposed a good portion of her thigh and legs and I could see the shorts the spa provided riding really high, exposing her butt cheek. 

Terry started removing his clothes and right at the moment Terry grabbed onto Sandy’s arm, I heard a muffled scream so desperate and scared that it gave me an erection. 

Terry : Hahaha… this is it…. This is it… hahaha….

Terry pushed Sandy onto the sofa and removed his pants. 

Terry : James … some privacy please…. Don’t disturb me when I’m enjoying myself ok… hahah…. 

James : ya ya…. I’m… I’m leaving…. I’m looking for ermm… I’m looking for ermm…. 

Terry :Looking for who ?? 

James : Nothing… nothing… the masseuse… yah.. her…. Maybe she left through the staff door at the back….. 

Terry : Whatever.. just fuck off hahahah…. 

James : Ok bye…. 

I heard another desperate muffled scream for help as I stepped out of the spa onto a back street. 

I took out my phone and I started calling Sandy’s phone. 

1 missed call. 

2 missed call. 

3 missed call. 

I continued dialing and i creeped back into the spa. 

I could hear TErry laughing. 

I could hear Sandy screaming thought the mask. 

I opened the door a notch and leaned against the frame. 

I saw Terry gave Sandy a hard shove and she landed butt first onto the sofa.

4 missed call 

5 missed call.. 


The missed calls is part of my plan. I needed an excuse to give to Sandy for the missed up. It’s weak but I can always insist that I could not tell them apart since they looked similar, something that Sandy herself had admitted. 

Aside from me, I doubt Sandy even realised the difference in colour for their toenails. 

I could feel blood rushing to my dick at a breakneck speed, it was like a flood from a broken dam. Everything just rushed so fast, pumping up this painful and awkward erection as I watch Terry sniggered and grin at a helpless Sandy. 

Within moments, Terry’s clothes were all off, leaving him with his dick hanging loose from his body, it was erected as well, probably hungrily craving for Sandy’s love hole. 

I stopped calling Sandy after about 10 missed calls and I started messaging her. 

‘Where are you ? ‘ 

‘call me’ 

‘Are you ok ? ‘ 

‘ We need to meet up !!! Now!!… it’s starting !’ 

‘Call me now !!’ 

I deliberately spaced them apart barely minutes after each other. Not too closed, but just close enough for Sandy to realise I was frantically looking for her. 

I adjusted my dick and stepped back into the shadows for a moment as Terry changed his position. He might catch a glimpse of me if he looked towards the exit. A few seconds and another muffled scream later I took a peep, Sandy was being pressed down on the floor by Terry. 

Her legs was trashing about, the her bathrobe had split apart at the high of her thigh. Sandy’s entire right leg was exposed to the point I could see her butt cheeks. Terry’s body covered her left leg. 

Sandy’s exposed right leg kicked, rubbed against the carpeted floor, closed around Terry trying to kick Terry’s kidney with her heel but it was no use. 

I shivered in excitement as another muffled scream was heard when Terry pressed both of Sandy’s wrist onto the floor, pinning her down. Her mask shook left and right, as if siliently willing Terry not to go on but it was no use. 

I could see Terry laughing and he must be having the time of his life. 

His ultimate fantasy being fulfilled in front of his eyes. 

Sandy even tried to hit Terry with her mask by headbutting him but she ended up with a few hard knocks on the back of her head on the floor. That impact made her lose her concentration for a few seconds but it was enough for Terry to start pulling down her shorts. 

The skimpy pair of shorts provided by the spa. 

It was a silky like satin material, a little shimmery and very soft. Sensual to the touch in fact. It would give your mind naughty thoughts even if you just ran your fingers through the material. It’s just that, impossible to explain.

Sandy looked really alluring and sexy in them, with the shape of her legs conforming to the petite tightness of the shorts. When she stretched, turned or in fact anything she did that required her to move her bottom, the shorts seemed to be calling out. 

Calling out to anyone who would ripped them off her body and ravaged what was underneath. 

Terry laughed and pulled them off Sandy’s body. Sandy responded with a furious spate of trashing and muffled screams. Her helpless hands slapped uselessly onto Terry’s big frame. The dull smacking sound made by the herb bag amplified the desperation I was seeing in real time. 

I lowered myself to the ground, keeping my frame small. Terry was too preoccupied with Sandy to even turn around or look around the room. He was just focused on pinning and getting Sandy to cooperate. 

The more she trashed, I could see the more he was turned on. 

I know people like Terry, people with his fetish. Eventually you get to a point when normal sex could not satisfy you any longer. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid sex or one form a healthy relationship. It just doesn’t cut it. 

He would crave the control, the control over an unwilling partner. 

Perhaps he could get by initially if it was a good fake by a good partner but eventually he would feel the difference. 

If it’s not real, it’s not real. 

Sandy’s muffled scream got more frequent but you could tell her energy level is waning. 

It was hard to breath, not to mention she was struggling for her life. 

Terry grabbed both her hands, pinning them above Sandy’s head. 

His legs pushed and spread Sandy’s thighs, giving him wide open access to her love hole. 

He did not just fuck himself into her, instead he laid his body on her, pinning her onto the floor. Sandy’s legs had limited movements by them and you could tell she was sobbing away. 

Terry took Sandy’s spa shorts, smelling it like an addict. He flipped and turned Sandy’s shorts with only his right hand while his kept Sandy’s wrist pinned down. 

Terry :SNifff…. Sniffs……. Sniff…. Ahhh… ahh… your smell Sandy…. Ahhh… your smell…. This smell…. 

Terry smeared her shorts all over his face, sucking in loud breathes of air before he manuvered his body a little to expose Sandy’s privates. Terry pressed the soft spa shorts onto Sandy’s groin as Sandy groaned in protest. 

Terry : Hahaha… I like the way you smell Sandy…. You know I liked it right ? hahah.. 

He started to rub Sandy’s privates with the shorts roughly, Sandy’s body tried to move and get away but it was impossible. She could only give out a few muffled groans, her vagina at the mercy of Terry and his hand. 

Terry sniggered and after a few rub, he immediately brought the shorts up to his nose, quickly inhaling the erotic scent of Sandy’s freshly rubbed pussy. 

Terry : Arhhhhh.. arhhh… sniff…. Sniff….. 

I could see Sandy was already wet. 

It was not because she wanted to be, it was just her body’s reaction. 

Her body’s own self defence to protect her. 

Her vagina secretes it’s lubrication in preparation for penetration. It was something inevitable and her brain knows it. There was nothing she could do and her fight was almost gone. 

Terry put the shorts aside and got up from Sandy, he pushed both her legs up, planting her feet on the floor, without giving Sandy enough time to react or think what was going to happen, Terry backed his shoulder up to the bottom of Sandy’s thighs and hugged onto her legs with his huge arms, pinning them apart. 

The spread opened up Sandy’s wet helpless cunt as she groaned. Her hands tried to hit Terry’s head but it was no use. The padded herb bag might as well be a soft pillow. Sandy’s hands landed blows after blows on Terry’s head but it only made him more excited. 

Terry :Zhhottttttzzz… sucksss…. Sucksszz… zhoottzzz…. Slurped…. Slurpppzzzz…. 

Terry attacked Sandy’s pussy with his tongue and mouth, sucking and licking her privates. 

Terry : You taste so good…. You really taste so good Sandy….. I love the taste of your pussy…. Slurppsss… slurppssss.. zhootzzz… zhootzzzzss…. Slurppssszzz…. 

I adjusted my erection as I continued my perverted voyeur act of looking at Sandy being ravaged by Terry. 

I kept up with my calls, by then I was alternating between calls and messages. 

Every couple of miss calls would be followed by messages. 

Sandy was pulled off the floor by Terry and I quickly shrunk back into the shadows. 

I could hear Sandy making a last ditched attempt at kicking and trashing about but Terry just laughed. 

Terry :Good… good… I like it when you resist…hahaha… very nice…. It’s making me more horny…. I’m going to fuck you good… you hear that ?? har ? . I’m going to fuck you good… hahaha…. 

I quickly stole a glance and saw that Terry had placed Sandy on her stomach onto the back of the sofa. He lifted Sandy up a little, causing her to lose balance and the only way she would counter it was by jerking her body back a little. 

And even if she did, her legs could not reach the floor, Terry laughed at how helpless Sandy was she I watch her tip toe desperately, but the moment her toes reached the floor Terry would lift Sandy up more, causing her to tilt like a unbalanced see saw on the sofa as she groaned and screamed in muffled protest.

Terry laughed and laughed as Sandy’s legs kicked helplessly in the air every time he rubbed his cock on her buttocks.

I could see him looking at Sandy’s backside, glancing at her toes, his left hand pressing and squeezing onto Sandy’s back while his right hand grabbed his cock.

Sandy’s head shook weakly and another long muffled scream of desperation and frustration reached my ears.

Terry :Ok… I cannot resist already…. I really cannot resist already… I need to fuck you Sandy…. I want to feel your pussy on my cock…. I’m sure you want to feel me too right…. Right ? hahha…

Sandy trashed about again, her hands swinging wildly but it was a futile attempt on her part. She was barely landing any hits on Terry. Her robe was pulled off totally and I could see the beads of sweat and perspiration that dotted her body.

It was as if there’s this simmering layer of her bodily oil mixed with her perspiration and it gave her this amazing godly glow under the lighting of the spa.

I saw a bead of perspiration roll down the small of her back as another muffled scream reached my ear, that bead of sweat picked up speed as I rolled towards Sandy’s shoulder right when Terry spread Sandy’s buttcheeks.

Sandy : ergnoooooo…. Ergnnoooo.. ergnnooooo!!!

That muffled cry of help sent more blood rushing to my already erected cock as I watch Terry groaned and moaned like a baby as he eased his dick slowly into Sandy’s vagina.

Terry :Arghhh…a rghhh… arghh…. So slippery…. Arghh… don’t… argnhh… don’t struggle anymore… arghhh… it’s going in…. it’s going in… ahaha..

I could see the desperate shake of Sandy’s head before a long sustained muffled cry gave me a shiver the moment Terry buried himself all the way inside Sandy’s hole.

Terry :ARghhhhhhh… arghh1!!!!!… arghhh……. This feeling… arghhh….arghhg…

Sandy’s body slouched and it was obvious the fight was gone in her . Terry withdrew and fucked himself a few times into Sandy, smacking his pelvic region onto her fleshy and toned buttocks.

Terry :ARghhh… arghhh… arghhh…

Sandy : Egnnohhh… erngohohhho… erngoohhoh…

Terry :This feeling… argh…. They say you always remember the first hole you ever fucked… arghhh… egghh…. So good…. Why…aareghh…. Why … arghh… are you so tight… arghhh.. arghhh….

Terry pulled Sandy off the sofa after less than 3 minutes of continuous fucking and deposited her lifeless body on the sofa. He pulled her leg and put one on the top of the sofa and the other on the floor as he wedged his body in between her legs.

Sandy no longer fought Terry but you could see her body still shaking and shivering slightly as Terry fucked himself into her in the missionary position.

He squeezed her breast, slapping her nipples with his hands as he impaled his dick into Sandy’s unwilling cunt. The sound of wet and moist bodyparts hitting against each other sounded out and echoed hollowly in the empty room.

Terry : ARghhh… eaegghhh… fuck.. arghh… arguklhh… fuck…. Arghhhh… so … tight… arghh….resist la… har ?? whay aren’t you resisting me ? hahha …ar gnhhh…a rghhh…. Your .. arhhhh…. Arghhh…

I could only make out some quiet sobbing from Sandy as Terry pounded her helpless pussy with his body.

Terry : ARghhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhh….

Sandy : Sobb….. aregsboooo sob… ergnsobbbb…

I could tell Terry was building up a momentum. His thrust was getting faster and harder as he drove his piston into Sandy. He licked Sandy’s sweat off her neck, he sucked on her nipples, he licked the curves of her breast before smelling his own saliva off them as he laughed. All this time he never stopped thrusting.

He never stopped fucking Sandy.

Terry : ARghhh..a rghhh…. Arghhh……

I sensed it was about time and I quickly got up onto my feet and took a deep breathe. Without warning, I charged into the room and it gave Terry a fright.

James : Stop!! Stop !!! Terry Stop !!! NOW!!!..

Terry : WHAT !!?? WHAT!???

The moment Sandy heard my voice , it was as if it jolted her back to life. She started screaming and struggling again but Terry pinned her down once more and ignored me. The struggles turned him on further as he pinned both of Sandy’s hands down above her head and onto the armrest of the sofa.

Terry :Yes.s.. yes… this is it… yes… arghhhh… arghhh… arghh… yes… arghh…. Fuck… arghh…. Yes… resist me you bitch… arghh…

James : Terry stop right now !!!

I pretended to sound frantic and nervous as I pleaded with him to stop but Terry wouldn’t. Why would he ?

He just laughed and asked me to fuck off..

Terry : Fuck off James… hahaha…a rghhh…a rghhh… I’m going to slowly enjoy myself… arghhg,,, I’m going to fill Sandy with my cock and sperm the whole afternoon… hahaha…a rghhh… arghh… you like this Sandy ? har ??? remember how my cock feels inside you ?? arghhh argh….

James : Terry ! Stop… there’s been a … a….

Terry :What ? A what ?? fuck off la James… you know how rude you are being ?? hahaha….let me enjoy myself properly… arghhh.. arghh… don’t worry…. I’ll make sure you can work on the project la… just leave me the fuck alone… arhh…arghhh.. arghh…

I could hear Sandy’s muffled scream getting louder and more desperate.

More beads of sweat rolled down her body and the sofa was getting soaked through as Terry pounded her unwilling cunt, rubbing against her protesting vagina walls and hitting his dick deep into her helpless pussy.

Sandy : aserngnhhhn… nononoooo.s.rgnnhhh…

I could hardly make out what Sandy was saying but I made a last ditched attempt to stop Terry.

James : I don’t want the project anymore… just stop !!

I went over to him and did a half baked attempt at pushing him off but he just shoved me back. It was a simple push but I exaggerated his motion and strength and I literally flew backwards and landed with a loud thud.

A little too hard for my liking and I was really in a bit of a pain.

Terry : Arghhh..a rghhh.. hahaa… 1 simple push and you fly off like this… you’re a weak cunt James… hahaha… arghhh…a rghhhh.. arghhh.. arghh ….. fuck… arghhhh … I’m going to cum… arghhhh..

I could see Sandy desperately making a last minute attempt of pushing Terry away but Terry pressed down on her body. His arms went underneath her arms before hooking back onto her shoulder as he forcibly sniffed and lick Sandy’s neck.

His body rose up high before slamming down again and again into Sandy as her muffled groans and sobs got louder and faster.

Terry ;ARghh.. arghh… I’m cumming… I’m cummming….

Sandy panicked.

Her entire body went into spasm as she did everything she could but it was no use.

Terry , amidst laughs and moans drove his cock deep into Sandy’s vagina as the veins on his neck tightened and his entire body went into spasm.

Terry : ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhh… fuck !!!… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck !!! ..arghh… argh………..arghh

Sandy : ERgnnhnhnooooon… ergnhhonooonno… ergnnhhoooono

Terry : Aeghhhhherghh….. fuck…arghh…I shoot inside you already Sandy… haha… I shoot inside you already…. It’s a lot…. Really a lot… argnnhhh…a rghhh… you like that feeling right ?? you told me not to use a condom because you want to feel me filling you up right ? arghhh.. hahaha… how is it… is it nice ??? haha… arghhh… arghhh..

Even after Terry emptied his load he still continued with his thrusting, he fucked Sandy as she sobbed under the mask, helpless about what was happening.

Terry pulled himself out and he lifted up Sandy’s legs even as she trashed them around.

Terry :No… no… don’t kick… don’t kick….. hahah…

I watched in disgust as Terry scoopes up globs of his own semen that had flowed out of Sandy’s vagina and he started to stuff them back in. 

Terry on’t waste… don’t waste ok… hahaa… put them all back in… haha…. 

I had to adjust my cock several times as Terry smeared the entire pubic region of Sandy’s with his semen. 

Terry : Fuckk…. I’ve never felt so satisfied in a long time… hahaha…. 

I was almost transfixed by the scene in front of me before Terry snapped me out of it. 

Terry : James !… get the fuck out of here,,,, go bnow or I make sure you won’t get the project hahahaha… what an asshole…loser….hahaha… 

With that he lowered Sandy’s legs once more and this time round when Terry pushed himself inside Sandy, she no longer cried or moan. 

I got up, brushed my shirt a little and walked out of the spa. 

Sandy never replied any of my calls or messages that night. 

27th May 2012 



I was at Sandy’s place first thing in the morning but she did not answer the door. I don’t even know if she was in at home.

I dropped her a lengthy msg about being sorry and shit and that I was too helpless to stop Terry but I did not get a reply too. 

28th May 2012 



Sandy did not turn up in the office and when I saw Terry came in, I immediately went after him. 

James : Terry … terry !!…

Terry :What the fuck you want ? ? 

James : Where’s Sandy ? 

Terry smiled and gestured for me to follow him into his office. 

Terry : Don’t worry, I spoke with my dad already…. You’ll get into the project… hahaha…. 

He went on to sit down plug in his phone to the charger and said he fucked Sandy another round before he untied her mask and let her go. 

Terry : She’s totally stoned man… hahah… like a zombie…. Hhah

James : Where is she ? She’s not replying my calls and messages… since Saturday…

Terry : Why do you care?? Hahah don’t worry… I took care of her… she was at my place resting… hahaha

James : What ?!! 

Terry went on to tell me that Sandy refused to response to his questions and so in the end he just help her dressed up and brought her to his place. 

Terry : She just laid there and let me fuck her in every hole I want… I cum inside her until I’m dry…. Fucking shoik…. Whatever you did James…. thanks man… must be some magic potion or something right… ahahaha… 

James : I need to talk to her…. 

Terry : Don’t bother…. She went to her relative’s place in Malaysia….. I just dropped her off at the bus stop this morning …. Ok ok… you can fuck off now la…. We’re even .. hahaha…

I left Terry’s office and went back to my seat. 

I tried Sandy’s number again and it was an overseas tone. 

She still did not reply my call and messages. 


Mr Liew : James ….

James : Yah ? 

Mr Liew : What is this bullshit about me letting you do the Dubai project ?? what is boss talking about ? 

James : Nothing… just ignore… it’s remnants of other stuff… 

Mr Liew nodded and asked me to organise things about a bit in terms of work. Belinda had a bit of difficulty doing it while I was gone and even though most of the team is ok with Belinda, they were not very cooperative if they’re not in a good mood. 

Belinda came and asked me what happened on Saturday when she’s back from her meeting and I told her it’s complicated. 

Belinda : The massage was really good man…. I went home and had such a good sleep I missed dinner…. Can consider going back there again… 

I just smiled and nodded. 

She asked if I sorted things out with Sandy and I said yes. 

James : I’m pretty sure it’s over between us. 

Belinda nodded and smile. 

Belinda : Ok… then go and take care of Kate…. 

James : Haha… don’t be…. 

Belinda: You know what I mean James….. talk to her…. I don’t want her to get hurt… 

She walked away as I watch Kate come out from the pantry trying to look normal and uninterested in everything but she was holding 2 cups of coffee. 

I turned to the copier and pretended to be messing around with the buttons while I looked at the reflection on the glass panel in front of me. 

Kate turned and gave me a look for a couple of seconds before setting the drink down on my table. 

I walked back to my seat and thanked her for the coffee. 

James : Oh… thanks man… … you’re so nice to me… 

She ignored my comment and I wanted to bring up the possibility of having dinner and maybe a chance to talk things through properly with her. 

I mean these kind of things it’s not good to drag. 

It’s better to tell Kate directly so no one gets hurt directly or indirectly. 

James : ERmm… Kate ah… ermm… 

I lowered my voice a little and I asked if she was free that evening. 

James : You…. You doing anything this evening ?? Want to… errr… have a drink ? I want to… 

Kate just gave me a look from the corner of her eyes as she sipped her coffee. 

She stopped me before I could finish my sentence. 

Kate : James …. I already said… you’re not my type…. i like my man to be you know…. Confident… smart…. Rich… yadda yadda… you know what I mean… so… ya… don’t bother la… 

Before I could even sigh and say anything, Mr Liew walked out of his office and clapped his hands a few times. 

Clap !! clap !! clap !! clap!! 

Mr Liew : Everyone…. Meeting room… now !! 

The entire team stopped what we were doing and we filed into the room. 

Mr Liew was busy testing on his phone and when we were all settled down, he began to address the room. 

Mr Liew : Ok… look… Omar is coming in 3 weeks…. 

He turned to Belinda and asked for some updates to the project and she gave a brief overview. Everything was in order and we have no problem giving the client a presentation to bring them up to date with the progress. 

Mr Liew : Alright… this is a official visit, and Omar ….. is bringing his dad with him…. So….Omar… is rich… 

He put his palm levelled with the ground in front of his stomach to indicate how rich he thinks Omar is. 

Mr Liew : We…. The people in this room plus our ancestors combined, is probably here…. 

He touched the floor of the room before springing back up. 

Mr Liew : Omar’s father ….. 

Mr Liew tiptoed and stretched for the ceiling as he looked at everyone of us. 

Mr Liew : We’re talking about jobs for the next 5 years…this is big… 

Mr Liew went on to say that Omar’s dad has not been to Singapore for 25 years, a lot has changed since then and we would need to set aside some time to bring him around a bit on top of plain work stuff. 

Mr Liew : James… do you think… 

Kate immediately volunteered and immediately raised her hand. 

Even Mr Liew raised an eyebrow as Kate started to speak. 

Kate : I have experience bringing VIPs around before…. I conducted a briefing for visitors to my school from China and I know what is it like. … I can do this…. I’ll draft up a plan. I don’t have any projects on hand at the moment…. Maybe I can take this up…. Show them around even… 

I immediately objected. 

James : No… I object… I don’t think Kate is experienced enough for this…. If it comes to work, I might be the better person to talk to ….. 

Kate : James !… 

James : What ? 

Kate glared at me as if I had just stole her thunder. 

James : I mean… if they asked about work…. How would you…. 

Kate : Don’t worry James…. I can handle a few Arabs… 

Mr Liew spoke and the discussion was over in an instant. 

Mr Liew : Ok…. Kate volunteered, let her do it. 


He moved on to a few other matters before he left the room and everyone filed out of the meeting room except Kate, me and Belinda. Actually I was about to stand up and leave but when I saw Kate with her folded arms glaring at me, I slowly sat back down. 

James : What ?? 

Kate : That was low James….. I didn’t know you are those kind of people that would cock block people. 

My jaws literally dropped .

James : What !…. 

What kind of language is that ? 

Kate pointed a finger at me and spoke in a exasperated manner at Belinda. 

Kate : Sis !…. look…..don’t you think he went overboard ??? 

Belinda looked a little unsure as to what she was supposed to say. 

What could she say anyway ? 

She of all people should know nothing good ever happens if you veer too close to Omar’s path. 

There is not possible way for her to make Kate understand that. 

And she instead turned towards me and shook her head slightly with a sigh. 


My eyes literally popped out as I looked at Belinda. 

She too folded her arms and said maybe I should have a good talk with Kate to sort things out. 

Belinda quickly stood up, turned towards exit and right before she left, she stuck out a bit of her tongue at me and quickly closed the door behind her. 


James : Kate…. I can explain…. You know…. Ermmm… I’ve met Omar before, he isn’t really a…. 

Kate just stood up and she tried to smack the table with her palm but it didn’t come out right. Instead of a forceful smack, there was hardly any impact as I only heard a soft thud, I was pretty sure she hit a bone or something as I watch her try not to wince in pain. 

Kate : I don’t want to talk to you James… 

Kate obviously looked irritated at me as she stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Belinda and me alone. 

I got up and went over to Belinda who pretended not to know I was standing beside her. 

James : Wow… really ? 

We were both quiet for a good minute as we just looked at each other. 

She bit her lips for a while before suggesting we head to another floor to talk. 

We took the lift down a couple of floors and went to the corner of the lobby. 

Belinda : Well, I don’t know what to say ….. I mean…. I can’t possibly tell Kate I was raped by Omar and his men right ? 

Belinda folded her arms as I stared at her a little shocked and taken aback. 

James : Whh… 

Belinda closed her eyes and shook her head, waving to me and she added she’s fine. 

Belinda : It’s something I want to put behind me…. I don’t want to talk about it anymore… 

James : No wait… 

Belinda : James… I don’t want to talk about this ever… 

We were both quiet for a while before Belinda just moved instinctively closer to me and we embraced each other for a brief moment in the lobby. 

Belinda : She still has her whole life ahead of her James….she cannot do it…..not like this… you know what will happen to her….. Omar…. Is a sick man….

I could tell Belinda was trying to hold back her tears. 

Belinda : He kept meticulous records…. Of all his conquest…. And I’m just one of them….sobzz… 

Belinda broke down for a bit when she told me Omar took time to write down in detail what he did to her completed with pictures in his diary after each time he fucked her. 

And he did so too when his men had their turn. 

Belinda : That’s all I have to say James…. that’s all. 

I stroked her hair and told her it’s ok. 

James : It’s ok…. It’s ok….. I still love you…. 

Another moment of silence past before we spoke again. 

James : I’ll talk to her… Kate…. I’ll make sure she stays out of this… 

Belinda : She’s a nice girl James…. she don’t deserve this… 

I nodded. 

I wiped her tears and in my attempt to lighten the mood, I asked if she’s ok with Kate being my mistress then. 

James : Well, I know she’s nice….she’s already calling you sis, maybe you know…. I can… AHHHHHhh… ahhhhh… ahhhh… 

Belinda pinched my waist so hard I almost went down on my knees.

James : It was just a joke.. 

Belinda : That’s lame… and it’s not funny… 

I waited for her to compose herself properly before I went back up to the office. 

I went straight to Kate but before I could say anything, she barked at me. 

Kate: I’m very angry with you James…. don’t forget if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have this job…. I don’t want to talk to you right now… 

James : But you don’t even know what I want to say ? 

Kate : No I don’t…. I don’t want to know…. 

James : I’m still going to say it Kate… it’s for your own good… I don’t think you should take up the role of bringing Omar and his dad around…. Please…. 

I brought my chair right up to her and forcibly turn Kate to face me. 

James : Kate look at me… please… trust me on this ok ? 

She gave me a forced smile, narrowed her eyes and gave me the finger before turning back to her screen. 


I guess she would have to learn the hard way then. 

30th May 2012 



For the next couple of days, I continued in my attempt to get in touch with Sandy but had no luck in doing so. 

It was a quiet start to the week after you discount the meeting on Monday. 

The only unusual thing I saw would be Terry walking around the office a lot more than usual. 

Not only did he venture deeper into our wing, he was also hanging around the pantry for longer periods of time. At one point he was inside the finance office for close to half a day. 

Then I saw him talking to Sharon from HR for a bit and I decided to approach the best source for the latest information and gossip. 


I went down and bought a few starbucks coffee , the first thing I did was to go look for Sharon and pass her one. 

James : Hey Sharon …. Coffee for you… 

Sharon : Wah….. how come suddenly so nice…. 

James : I always nice to you leh… 

Sharon : You better be…. Your appointment letter and admin stuff I donno do how many times already….. you change company like change underwear…. 

James : I’m unlucky la… but I change my underwear everyday one ok… haha… 

She gave me an irritated ‘tsk’ before accepting my coffee. 

Sharon : Thanks la thanks la…. What do you want ?? 

She gave me a suspicious look, knowing full well I was there for the gossip. 

James : Ermm.. see what you have to update me lor…. Haha… Why is Terry bugging you ? He hiring new people again ah ? 

The mere mention of Terry sparked off a tirade from her, and Sharon spent a good 5 minutes cursing Terry. I nodded and pretended to be understanding, agreeing with what she said. By the time she was done, Sharon was a little breathless. 

Sharon : Wah… I feel so much better after cursing him man… haha… 

James : Well… sometimes you just got to let it all out.. 

I later found out from Sharon that Terry’s balance in his current account is running low. He only has less than 2 months of overheads for his office.

It’s been a few months since they did any proper work. The few small jobs they did were not bringing in the cash either. They billed our office for certain stuff, shit actually, basically left pocket and right pocket but Mr Liew has been slow in approving the payment. 

In fact Mr Liew has been pretty bastard as well, I understand from Sharon that once the payment was declined because his signature was wrong and one more time he spotted a spelling mistake on the invoice and he stopped the payment halfway. 

Sharon : Terry’s father knows about this but he bochup already…. I think Mr Liew knows how much money Terry has left, he want to just give hi pocket money slowly every month. Haha…. Si bei bastard… 

James : Wah… like that one ah… but then Terry that side also not bringing in job…. And the people….

Sharon : Yah… yah… that day I see them watch youtube whole day, got 1 bugger even chase finish 1 korean drama series. 

James : Wah. How you know ? 

Sharon lowered her voice a little and admitted she was chasing that series as well. 

James : Wah… you also very eng ah… 

Sharon : Hello… I’m very busy one ok…. They pay me 1 salary, make me do 2 side work….. 

We exchanged a few more gossip before parting ways. 


I deliberately walked back to Terry’s wing and pretended to look for some documents and I could see the few remaining zombies looking at me suspiciously. The few local staff had left on the dot, with nothing to do, there was no point to act busy. 

Raj and Sukoh were just staring at the drawing of a building I could not even recognise. Probably something they downloaded off the internet so it would appear as if they were actually doing something. They saw me looking over at them and spoke in their native tongue. 

After a few more seconds, they started to pack up and shut down the computer. 

Xiaoqiang and Hejun were even better. 

They were opening wrapping a few packets of cigarettes up with recycled paper. There were prints of building plans on them. After wrapping, they rolled a few more dwgs over on the outside. 

Now they would walk around in broad daylight with their goods and sell them at will. 

No one could be bother with anyone holding a few rolls of drawings. 

They cast me a hostile look before turning back to what they were doing. 

Terry was not in his room. 

Turning round the back of the office, I entered the small shared library and storage area through a small door. 

I randomly took a file from the library compactor at the back of the room and pretended to flip through it. My mind was preoccupied with Sandy and on the other hand, I was thinking about how to get Kate out of hosting Omar. 

I was so focused on the blank pages of the file that I literally jumped when Kate turned the blind corner and walked right into the narrow space I was in. 

James : Woah !… 

Kate : What you doing ? 

James : Nothing… looking for some files… 

Kate gave me an irritated look and gestured for me to move out of her way. 

I stepped out as she rolled the wheel of the compactor to open up another column. She stepped in to grab some books, those that mention award winning buildings in the country, probably trying to compile some site to visit. Kate’s short dress rode up a little high as I looked at her tiptoe in her high heels, as she pulled and tugged at one of the books, she knocked over a box. 

Kate : Oh… oops… crap. 

A few sleeves of files fell out but after that, several cartons of cigarettes fell out onto the floor. It’s not loud but the commotion was enough to draw the attention of Xiaoqiang who was seated closest to the storage area.

Kate tried to stop the tumble but in her haste she accidentally pulled another carton and this time round loose packets of cigarettes fell out of the box, scattering all over her in the narrow space. 

By the time the stuff stopped dropping. Hejun and Xiaoqiang were already at the compactors.

Xiaoqiang quickly closed the door while Hejun tried to step pass me to grab his stuff. 

James : Kate come out of there. 

No one spoke as Kate stared at the cigarettes on the floor before looking at Xiaoqiang and Hejun. 

James : Kate, step out of there…. Come over here quick. 

I saw her grab her book and took 1 step forward with her pointy heel, avoiding the loose packets of duty unpaid cigarettes. 

She took a 2nd step then she paused. 

I could sense a sudden change in atmosphere when her eyes met mine. 

James : Kate, come out now….

Kate’s eyes drifted from me over to Hejun who was waiting by the narrow alleyway without a word.

Xiaoqiang had his back towards the door, blocking the small viewing panel in case anyone looked in.

James : Kate….. it’s none of our business…. Step out of there now…

Inside my heart I was pleading with her not to be a busybody.

When I saw Kate put the book down on the side of the shelves and her hands went to her waist, I wanted to grab my head and massage the headache that was slowly appearing.

Kate : How could you all do this !!… this is illegal!!!

Hejun and Xiaoqiang remained quiet, they just stared at Kate.

Kate : This is our office !!! … how can you all be so unprofessional ??

James : Kate ! Enough… come out now…

I reached in and grabbed her hand, pulling her out of the narrow space.

Without a word, Hejun quickly dashed in and started packing up all the cigarettes on the ground.

I reached for the door but Xiaoqiang refused to budge.

James : Fuck off…

He still refused to move, I turned and saw Hejun pack up the remaining few boxes before Xiaoqiang stepped aside.

Kate : James ! Let go. !… this is wrong !!… we have to tell the management !….

James : Kate enough… it’s none of our…

Kate shook my hand away and spoke a little too loudly.

Kate : James !… can you don’t be so Kiasee ( Scare to die ) so typical Singaporean !…. this is wrong !!! …. How can you watch this happen and not do anything. !

Hejun and Xiaoqiang had already stepped out of the room and closed it behind them.

XIaoqiang : 不管你的事。。。啊。。 别惹是生非啊。。。走走走。。。 ( It’s none of your business, just go. )

HeJun : 也没什么大不了。。就几根烟呗 ( It’s no big deal. Just a few cigarettes )

James : Kate let’s go…

Kate : NO!..

Kate went on to tell them that she would report them to management.

James : Kate… listen …

Kate : James !!! If you are scare… you stay out of this… Ok… just go… I will not do nothing if I see something is wrong.

Hejun : What’s your problem Kate….

I could tell a sudden shift in his tone but Kate was oblivious to it.

Kate : The problem is you…

Kate looked at the both of them and gave them a piece of her mind. I can’t help but feel some of the comments and curses she threw at them was meant for me. Part of the pay back for speaking up against her in the meeting a few days ago.

Kate : We’re all colleagues… don’t say I never give you all chance…. I want all these out of the office by tonight…. If not I will report you..

She pushed past the both of them and walked a few steps away before stopping.

Kate : I meant it…. Tonight !!! like now !!!! I will not leave until the cigarettes are gone.

Kate stormed off and I quickly went after her. Hakim and Belinda were still in the office and I pulled Kate into the meeting room and quickly shut the door.

I wanted to tell her to calm down and it’s nothing short of pure stupidity to confront people like them head on. Sometimes in life it’s about playing it smart. Don’t do stupid things if it can be avoided.

James : Kate… please… can you just listen to me for a……

Kate stopped and wheeled around to look at me.

Kate : JAMES !!.. I’ve heard enough from you…. Don’t be so wimpy can… how can you see people break the law and not do anything !!! .. it’s people like you who makes this country unbearable !!!…. you see something wrong and you refuse to act…. Always just look away, …turn a blind eye….

My jaw dropped a little again as she went on.

Kate looked really upset at me.

I don’t know why.

Kate : Scare this, scare that… everything just keep quiet…. Then in the end just complain into thin air….. this society will not improve !!

My jaw seriously went from a small opening to a bigger one as Kate shoved me on my chest.

Kate : Say something !! Why didn’t you tell them off !! ? Do you realise what they are doing ??!!! If today is cigarette, then tomorrow is what ?? what if they smuggle some nuclear weapon or something.

My legs gave way and I sat onto a meeting chair.

James : Kate…. From cigarette to nuclear weapon….. a bit…

Kate : That is not the point. !!!! You don’t understand what I’m saying !! …

Kate : ARghghghhgghghghhh!!! ..

I just kept quiet as she panted while she tapped her chest several times in the room.

James : OUCH!…

She kicked me on the shin with her heel before calling me an idoit and she stormed out.

What the fuck is her problem man ?

I sighed and decided to just wash my hands off this.

It’s none of my business.

Just a simple text to Terry would solve the problem. Better still, I’ll snap a photo, problem solved. He saves money from 2 headcount, get rid of them and done. No work pass for them, we have 2 less individual to fight for space on this island.

Just a sms. A call at the most .

I went back to my desk and Kate was nowhere to be seen.

Belinda said goodbye to me 20 minutes later just as Hakim was packing up.


I was the only one left in my wing but Kate’s computer was still on.


Kate came back with a juice in hand and she refused to look at me in the eye.

She put down her bag and stormed off into the other wing.


Kate came back and sat down right when I was about to leave.

James : I’m leaving… you want to go off together ?

Kate looked at me from the corner of her eye before rolling them at me and turning away, crossing her legs and playing with her heel, letting one dangle off her toe.

I shook my head and walked off.

Before I went to the lift, I went into the other wing and I saw Hejun and Xiaoqiang sitting outside the compactor talking to each other.

They saw me and they stopped talking.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before I walked off and entered the lift.


I walked out of the lift and another man rudely brushed passed me to get into the lift car. He did not even wait for me to come out.

I turned and our eyes met before he looked away.

Fucking PRC.

I got out of the office and I was greeted with a cloud of smoke. I saw the familiar red colour packing of the cigarette in their hands as they spoke with accented Chinese. No prize for guessing where they’re from.

I pretended to make a call as I loitered around them. After their smokes, they went into the office tower as well.

I deliberated with my decision whether to head back up or walk off. 

I’m sure it’s nothing. 

Well, it’s a lot of cigarettes, I’m sure they would have the sense to call a few friends along to help them lug it out of the office. I mean how many of those can they wrap into rolls of drawings ? 

I took less than 30 steps away before I cursed under my breath and turned back. 


The lift chimed open and I walked quietly towards the office. I could hear the group of them talking pretty loudly. 

I turned a photoframe on the reception table to catch the reflection of what was going on in the other wing and I was surprised to see Kate with her arms folded right in front of that group. 

She has some balls I got to give it to her. 

They were complaining loudly that she should mind her own business. 

Voice : 关你屁事啊。。( it’s none of your business ) 

Voice : 你以为我们傻的吗? 只有你们这群笨猪才买这么贵的烟。。。白痴啊。。滚滚。。。别挡我的财路。。 ( Do you think we’re dumb ? Only dumb pigs like you all pay for such expensive smokes… get lost… don’t get in my way of making money ) 

Kate : 这是犯法的! ( This is illegal ! ) 

The sound of their laughter drowned out Kate’s protest. 

I saw her turn from the reflection and I soon heard her heels clicking down the corridor. 

I stepped back to the lobby and hid in the recessed part of the lift, seconds later Kate walked right by and went back to her seat. 

I decided to wrap it up and save every body’s time. 

I’ll just call Terry, put him on speaker and it’s done. 

Before I could do so, I saw one of the man walk pass the reception briskly and into our wing. 

He did not see me and I quickly fell into step behind him. 

I turned and I could hear the rest still at the other side talking and laughing. 

I felt the hair on my neck stand when I saw the man approached Kate so fast that I had no time to react. 

Kate was just sitting down, facing her computer. 

That man just walked right up to her, removing his jacket at the same time. 

Kate could hardly register the commotion when he just wrapped the jacket around her head. 

Kate tried to scream but it came out as a muffled shout. 

Kate : Mufffffferghhhdfdfff… 

She kicked back on her chair, her legs swinging wildly. One of her heel came off. 

I saw the man cursing at her that she should mind her own business as I quietly closed the less than 20 steps from behind. 

15 steps 

My fingers closed, clenching into a fist as I saw him took the opportunity to touch Kate’s breast.

He brushed against them a few times as he fiddled with his smelly jacket which stank of cigarette smoke. His hands even tried to reach into Kate’s dress while her hands were torn between tearing off the jacket or pushing his hands away. 

10 steps 

I dropped my bag onto a chair and pushed it aside. 

5 steps 

Kate managed to break free, pulling and throwing the jacket away. 

Kate : ARGHHH!! … … HELP!! .. 

That man slapped Kate on her cheek at a awkward angle right when I picked up his jacket from the floor and wrapped it around his head, taking him by surprise.

I twisted it a couple to times as Kate screamed and staggered off the chair and falling onto the floor. 

I could hear the commotion from the other wing and they should be heading towards our side soon. 

Before Kate could speak, I landed a well placed punch on the side of that man’s cheek. I could feel the pain in my knuckles as it connected with his face. 

Kate looked flustered as she made an attempt to grab her heel as the man groaned and fell to the floor. 

I quickly put a finger to my lip and pulled Kate up. 

Kate : My heel, my… 

I dragged her quickly across the office, cutting into colleagues’ seats and tables before reaching the end of our workspace. By the time we got to the entrance of Mr Liew’s office, I could hear the rest of the PRC at the entrance of our wing. 

I tried the door, and we went inside. 

I locked the door and sighed, looking at Kate. 

I could hear the group of them speaking loudly in the office. Every second that past they sounded more and more agitated, cursing in their native language. 

I turned to look at Kate, she looked a little pale, probably terrified. 

I gestured for her to remove her remaining heel and she did as she was told. 

Kate : What now ? 

James : SHh… 

I put a finger to my lip as I tried to pick up what they were saying. 

Suddenly I could hear Hejun shout out in the office. 

Hejun : KATE !!! KATE 你这个臭婊子 ! ( Kate !… you BITCH !! ) 

I turned and I could see Kate shaking a little as she widened her eyes and looked at me. 

I could feel her fingers dig into my arm as she gave me an awkward guilty look, as if it finally dawned on her she has bitten off something more than she could chew. 

Kate : My bags and wallets all still there… my phone too… 

There was some more commotion, I could roughly make it out that they were spreading out, trying to look for Kate. 

Then without warning, I heard the banging on the glass panels on Mr Liew’s office. 

Bang ! Bang ! bang ! bang! Bang! ….. 

Kate : Gasp !! 

Kate had a shocked and collapsed onto the floor on her butt, I caught a glimpse of her pink panty as she tried to get back up. 

Voice : 在里面 !。 在里面! ( In there !… in there ! ) 

I sighed as I got back up on my feet. 

The blinds in Mr Liew’s office was partially drawn. 

I could make our 3 of them outside the office. 

I turned and offered my hand to Kate. She took it and stood up beside me barefoot on the carpeted floor. 

The commotion got louder. 

I reached for the vertical blinds cord and pulled it in 1 swift motion, drawing aside the entire curtain to the side bringing us face to face with the 5 men standing outside the office. 

I could see the man who I just punched minutes ago glaring at me. He must be dying to return the favour.

I could see Hejun looking at Kate. There was something about his eyes, he was checking out her body. 

Xiaoqiang was talking to the other 2 guy, probably updating them about who I am

No one spoke. 

We just stared at each other. 

Only that flimsy wooden door separated us from them. 

I could feel Kate’s body sticking closer and closer to me. Then without warning, her fingers interlinked with mine. 

I was about to speak but Kate beat me to it. 

Kate : James… do you trust me ? 

I almost choked on my saliva as I turned and looked at her. 

James : WHAT !!? 

Kate : Don’t worry… I’ll get us out of this mess.. 

James : Oh……….. Ok… 


Seconds ticked by slowly before I saw 1 of them reach for the door knob. 

Rat tat tat… 

It’s locked but a flimsy one. It’s not hard to knock it off. 

Kate immediately went to Mr Liew’s table and tried to look for the phone.

Mr Liew’s table was filled with rolls of drawings and files, I could hardly see the keyboard not to mention his phone. 

As Kate tried to trace the phone by running her hands through all the stuff crowded on the table, I could see the guys outside the room discussing what to do. 

The man I punched kept tugging and pulling the door knob. 

I could see Xiaoqiang gesturing towards the cigarette, he looked like he was telling them to quickly grab their stuff and clear out but the man who touched Kate seemed intended to open the door. 

Kate : God…. Mr Liew needs to tidy up his desk !! … Kate bent over and finally found the phone that was entangled with it’s own cord lying on his pedestal. 

She immediately picked it up and held it in a threatening manner towards the men outside the room. 

Kate : I’ll call the police !!! I really will! 

I could see them deliberating their decision. 

If they are smart enough, they would take their stuff and go. Their decision seemed split as they spoke among themselves harshly and in an urgent manner. Then without warning, Hejun, Xiaoqiang and one other guy started to walk briskly away. 

The door knob kept vibrating and shaking as the guy kept hitting and pushing the door. He looked like he was going to rape Kate if he can get his hands on her. 

Kate went up to the glass panel and knocked the phone on the window, raising it and making the motion of calling the police. The guy behind that asshole at the door tried tugging at his friend’s arm, asking him to let it go but he shrugged him away. 

He tried talking to him but after a minute, he grew impatient and walked off as well. 

Now it’s just us and the man at the door. 

Kate : Ok… good.. now only left him…. Let’s push the door out and beat him up…. This fucker touched me !… 

James : What if the others are hiding in the corner waiting for us to come out. ? 

Kate looked like she was about to say something else but kept quiet. 

I saw Xiaoqiang back in view again with 2 paper bags stuffed full of his stash, the top were flimsily covered with some recycled paper as he nudged his friends a few times but he refused to go. 

Exasperated, Xiaoqiang shouted for him to catch up as he disappeared from sight once more. 

The man kicked the door several times, hard. The loud thumping gave Kate a shock and she jumped, choosing to come closer to me. 

He paced around the outside for a while , wiping the sweat from the top of his lips and wiping it on his shirt. 

Kate : Ok don’t worry , he’ll walk away in a while… his friends are all gone.. we can wack him. 

I almost wanted to roll my eyes at her. 

Kate : See… in situation like this…. It’s best to stay calm James…. don’t worry… this is Singapore…. Nothing will happen. 

I ignored Kate totally as I kept my eyes peeled on the man. 

He seemed to be walking and wandering a little further away. 

If he was far enough, I might want to open the door and make a run for it. 

I saw him walk over to Kate’s desk and he looked around. 

Then he started rummaging through Kate’s bag. 

Kate saw what he was doing and in a moment of panic, she opened the door and dashed out before I could react. 

Kate : HEY!!! 

I immediately followed close behind Kate’s heel, my eyes scanning the rest of the office for signs of his accomplices. 

I was so sure they were going to jump us but thankfully that did not happen. 

Kate ran towards the man but he was faster, he grabbed her wallet and when Kate got within range, he pushed her on her chest, causing considerable amount of pain on her breast I’m sure because I saw Kate staggered and fell back onto the floor, clutching her breast and chest area. 

Man : hahahaha…. 臭婊子。。。 ( hahaha… fucking bitch ) 

I was barely a few steps away and I ignored Kate, going straight for the man. 

He saw me approach and I guess the anger from our previous run in fuelled his anger and he came at me too. Our bodies connected and we started raining punches on each other’s head and face. 

Man : aRGHHHGHHGg.. 

James : ARGNHHH!!… 

The struggling and punches lasted barely 30 seconds when I heard voices behind me. 

From the reflection on the glass panel behind the man I was fighting, I saw his friends approach from the reception. 

Kate was still on the floor behind me. 

With a hard shove, I pushed the man away and heard him groan as his head hit the tempered glass of the building’s façade. 

I quickly pulled Kate to her feet and dragged her behind me. Grabbing what I could from Hakim’s table, I had a 30 cm metal ruler on my left hand and I extended the orange cutter blade by 2 notch with my right as I held my arms out slightly. 

Hejun and another man stopped a few steps away but mostly they were focused on their friend who was curing and massaging his head. He was still holding Kate’s wallet. 

As that few seconds ticked by, I could see them deliberating their actions. 

Hejun urged everyone to just quickly go but the fucker with Kate’s wallet did not look like he would let this go. 

Hejun : Hanbin !!… 走吧!! 别浪费时间了 !! 钱要紧 ( Haibin, let’s go !!!.. don’t waste time… money is more important ) 

So that man is called Haibin. 

He grunted and shouted in exasperation and he opened Kate’s wallet. 

Fine, take the money, whatever, I don’t care. 

Just take it and fuck off. 

But I was wrong. 

He was not going for the money, he was not even aiming for the credit card. 

Kate : STOP!!!! HEY!!! 

Haibin laughed as he looked through Kate’s wallet and he took out her pink IC. 

He immediately flipped it over and looked at her address as he laughed. 

Haibin : 你等着啊。。。哈哈。。。婊子。。。 你等着。。。明天我去拜访你。。haha ( Just you wait… haha… bitch…. Just you wait… I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow.. haha ) 

Kate wanted to charge at him as she screamed but I held her back. 

There’s 3 of them, this is not some young and dangerous movie. 

There’s no way I can go around slashing people like I’m Ekin Cheng.

It was more of a deterrent. 

Kate shouted for me to go grab her wallet back but I stayed where I was. 

If I did go for the wallet, she would be left open for Hejun and the other guy to grab her. What’s the point of getting the wallet then ? 

Haibin : hahahah…. Hahaa… 

Haibin laughed as he skirted around us and left the office with his friends after throwing us a dirty look and blowing Kate a kiss. 

Once the chime of the lift drifted to our ears, I dropped the ruler and the cutter and asked if Kate is ok. 

James : are you ok ??

Kate : I’m fine…. You should have just chopped them up James !… fuck !…. 

James : Can you don’t be so gangster ?? We are civilized people. 

I could tell she was fuming mad as I walked over to the phone. 

I picked up the receiver and I managed to hit the digit ‘9’ twice before Kate stopped me and hung up. 

Kate : What are you doing ? 

James : Are you mad ? Call police la… people steal your wallet and IC leh… you got pay tax one …. Let them do their work. 

Kate : NO!… don’t need. 

I gave Kate an incredulous look . 

James : What are you talking about ? What don’t need. 

Kate : Don’t need to call the police… I can handle it myself. 

That was when I lost my patience with her. You see, the problem with Kate, she thinks she’s always had a handle on things. That she’s always in control but that is not how the world works. 

One moment back in Mr Liew’s office she was ready to hit dial, now there was a sudden shift in her position.

I was about to give her a piece of my mind when she started to dial the phone she was holding. 

It was not a mobile number. 

It started with a ‘6’. 

I guess she was trying to warn her parents with some guy might be heading up to her place to find trouble. It was the least she could do since she want to handle it on her own. I seriously wondered how her parents could stand her character of behaviour. 

Kate : KOR ! it’s me ..

Kate : Some fucker took my wallet, molested me, he has our address…. He says he would pay me a visit tomorrow… he.…. 

I turned to look as Kate she spoke angrily into the phone but as soon as she had spoken the words, it was as if a realisation suddenly dawn on her and she mellowed down immediately, looking a little embarrassed. 

I didn’t know she had a brother. 

Kate paused and saw that I was listening to the conversation and she covered the mouthpiece and asked that I give her some space. 

I walked away as she turned her back towards me. 

2 minutes later , she hung up the phone and started to pack her bag. 

James : Kate… listen…. I think…. Some….things…. We shouldn’t be so stubborn…. I’ll call Terry, they’ll be gone in the morning…. Then we’ll just report this and…. 

Kate cut me off and said she had it under control. 

James : You got to be kidding me. 

Kate : It’s under control James… everything is fine… 

She refused to engage me in the conversation any further. 

I could tell she was angry, getting angrier by the minute. There was this determined look on her face, something I could not explain. 

I grabbed my bag and said I would send her back. 

James : They have your address, I’ll walk you back home. 

Kate did not reject my offer and we took a cab together back to her place in Ang mo kio. 

When we got in the lift , Kate seemed to have calm down a little when she told me not to worry. 

Kate : The address on my IC has not been updated. It’s still my brother’s place…. I was staying there for a while…. Long story…will tell you when we have the time. 

James : Then you better warn your brother and his family about this… 

Kate : Don’t worry. He knows…. I’m taking leave tomorrow James… 

James : Ok. … can I ask why ? 

She ignored my question and walked towards her unit without turning back. 

We parted ways and on my way back, I called Belinda and told her what happened. She was shocked of course and she asked me to call the authorities without letting Kate know. 

I told her I would but after thinking about it, I stopped short of making the call. 

Something seemed off with Kate and it was beginning to eat into me the more I thought about it. 

Kate’s character is so different. She’s still young, a little green in the working environment but to have the balls to stand up to things like this and handle them the way she do, she has to have a good reason to do it. 

It’s like she’s not afraid of any repercussion. 

I mean right from the first day I knew her, it was just go go go, all the way. She’s was always so sure, except when it comes to matters of the heart. She is stubborn too

Maybe she got a rich daddy backing her up but still, so what if you are rich. 

You kena wack, you also get a bruise. 

What I could not wrap my head around why does Kate have such a strong sense of righteousness. It made me curious about her family, her upbringing. 

Did they influence her character ? 

She never really talked about her family. 

Maybe her dad is a policemen ? 

Mother a lawyer or something. 

That might explain things a little. 

31th May 2012 



Kate was on leave, just like she said. 

I sent her a text but she did not reply me. 

I found out from HR that Xiaoqiang and Hejun had tendered their resignation that day and both of them were on urgent leave. 

Sharon : Must be quietly find new job liao lor…. Secretly go sign appointment letter…. So obvious… 

I just smiled and kept quiet. 


I called Kate several times and when she finally picked up, I asked her where she was 

Kate : I’m going down to my brother’s place. 

James : What ? What for ? 

Kate : If that fucker comes… I want my wallet back… 

James ; My god… Kate… just call and cancel the cards and make a report…. 

Kate :No ! This has escalated …. To a point …… that….. I cannot just report to the police… 

James : Are you drunk ? What are you talking about ? 

Kate : The more I think about it , the angrier I am…. 

She hung up on me when I tried to reason with her. 

I text her several times and she finally reveal the address of where her brother’s place is. 

I immediately took a cab down to the place in Joo chiat. 


It is a coffee shop nested within the quiet estate flanked by private houses and a check of the address revealed that Kate use to stay at the unit above the coffeeshop. 

I looked around and there were no sign of her. 

I gave her a call but she did not answer. 

I ordered a cup of coffee and sat down. 

The neighbourhood is quiet, there were a handful of people at the coffee shop. Aside from the occasional helper or retiree strolling down the pathway, it was pretty much empty. 

The owner of the chicken rice stall was hanging up a few roasted chicken on the rack. He’s huge, his old white shirt hung off his body, there were several holes in the shirt and I could see that he had a few tattoos on his chest and arms. 

The most prominent one being the tail of a intricate dragon reaching up the side of his neck. 

He had a thick silver chain on his wrist and it jiggled and shook when he wielded the chopper like a skilled butcher. 

Ok, swee. 

Maybe this guy is Kate’s brother. 

Fucking hell, tattoo and a clever. No wonder she’s not afraid of Haibin if he came. 

The man went about his work with a smile, chatting with some regulars who came along to buy lunch. He seemed like a nice guy as he packed up some extra soup for a old man. 

His assistant came out from the back with some more chickens. Another heavily tattooed man, his hair dyed a bright shade of blond. His arms were sculptured and rough, he could probably pull the bones out from the chicken if he wanted to. 

A small scar ran down the side of his ear. 

Wah, this one, this one. This is better. 

Looks like he had some battle scar. 

This chap got the classic chao ah beng look. 

Mr Liew called and I snapped out of my daydream and answered some questions about projects before I hung up. 

I tried Kate again but she did not pick up. 

Turning to look at the owner of the drinks stall, I immediately dismissed him as Kate’s brother. He’s a pretty young chap, good looking too. Maybe my age give or take. He looks educated, maybe if he was in a suit, he would fit right in at the financial district but he was not. 

Instead, he was in simple grey berms and a typical work shirt. One that had seen better days. 

Even though his shirt had some holes and coffee stains in them, I could tell he was someone with class. Something about the way he moved and do things seemed different from the others at the coffee shop.

He was going through some invoices from drinks delivery as he asked his staff some questions about the orders. 

The man cleaning the tables walked with a limp, singing in hokkien to himself as he went about his chores. Once there were no more tables to be cleared, he settled himself on a seat and started to smoke. 

Next, my eyes went to the coffee maker. 

This old man with skin dark as charcoal but he’s Chinese. I can tell from the way he speaks local dialect. He wore a gold chain around his neck, not a thin flimsy one. It’s thick, something you would immediately associate with what a debt collector would wear. 

Dangling from that chain were a few amulets and trinkets. 

He had a thick jade ring too on his little finger. This is what the god of gambler would look like when he grows old maybe, with an extra tan.

Well, he’s too old to be Kate’s brother. 

I heard the rumble of a large lorry pulling to the side of the road, blocking half of the coffee shop as the engine switched off. 

I turned and saw it packed to the brim with sacks of rice. Huge 50kg packs. 

The passenger door opened and out hopped a man that is about 1.85 tall. He’s well built too, I guess he needs to be if he’s hauling rice that size everyday. 

He smiled and gave the chicken rice seller a wave. As he came closer to my table, I got even more excited. 

You know sometimes you get that urge to just spew vulgarities for no reason.

Yeah, that was what I was feeling.

He was balding a little on the top of his forehead while the rest of his hair cascaded down to his shoulder. His eyebrow is bushy and he had this awesome look of fucking bad ass etched into his expression.

His ideal job would be some ghost buster or some shit. I kid you not, he has those look that even spirits would think twice of crossing. He’s like Singapore’s version of Anthony wong with the big boss look and feel.

I thought he was going for the rice but instead the driver of the lorry and another assistant, both heavily tattooed started unloading 2 bags of the rice as he raised 3 fingers at the man making coffee.

After 2 bags of rice were unloaded for the chicken rice seller, the 3 of them took a seat inside the coffee shop as drinks were served by the same man who cleaned the tables.

Must this that Anthony Wong already. His fucking aura would make Haibin pee in his pants if he dared to show up.

They chatted among themselves, laughing and smoking.

Then again, as I listened in to their conversation, I can’t help laughing at my imagination.

They were talking about parking summons and petrol prices. One of them complained about the heat and the weather.

Anthony Wong look alike was just laughing at his 3 hour queue at a polyclinic.

I shook my head and held back a smile.

Sometimes I really think too much. I blame my imagination.

My phone rang at that time and it was Kate.

James : Where are you ?

Kate : Xiaoqiang called me earlier…

James : What did he want ?

Kate told me that Xiaoqiang apologised for the night before but his friend Haibin insisted on finding Kate to settle things.

Kate : Xiaoqiang want to make himself clear that Hejun and him were only interested in money and that they have nothing to do with this…. He even suggested I go to the police…

James : I think you should too… I’m at the coffee shop below your place… come on down…

Kate : I’m not there yet…. Haibin is coming at 12.30pm… he called me too…

James : What else ?

Kate : He said he will kick my door down if I don’t open it…. He also demanded an apology… and money….. for the return of my wallet…. He said he wanted to fuck me…

James : My god … Kate… these people are just mad…. Look… this is good…. Since you know he’s coming…. Just call the authorities….they can be here waiting for him.

Kate : you won’t understand James… I don’t want to get the authorities involved… I can handle it…

James : Handle it ? How ? sleep with him ah ?

Kate : Of course not…

I tried to think of other reasons to persuade Kate but she said she’s on her way down.

Kate : Let’s talk later.

Another pickup truck pulled up by the small road in front of the coffee shop.

2 men came down and they waved to the drinks stall, probably regulars as well.

They joined the rice guys at the same table as smokes were passed around.

I would have wanted to tell them the table with the yellow box was outside the coffee shop but my common sense told me to turn a blind eye. Who the fuck in their right mind would go and tell these people where they should or should not smoke ?

Even the chicken rice seller and the coffee uncle were smoking inside the coffeeshop.

I took a look around and realised for the first time I was the only man sitting along the tables outside the coffee shop.

Well, it can get dusty when cars roll by, and the spot they chose had 2 fans blasting at them, seems like the regulars know the best spot.


I was going through my 2nd cup of coffee when I heard my name being called out behind me.

I immediately recognised the voice.

I stood up and turn around, coming face to face with Haibin.

He was not alone. He had 2 other guys with him, not from the night before.

He walked right up to me in a confrontational manner.

Haibin : 你来干嘛? 皮痒了是吗。。。哈哈哈。。 ( Why are you here ? Do you have a itch you need to be scratched ? hahah )

I kept quiet as the other 2 guy surrounded me .

Haibin pushed me on my chest the moment he was in range and I staggered backwards, hitting onto one of his friend who in turned pushed me forward back to Haibin.

I drew up my punch and there was no hesitation.

No need to talk.

Talk for what.

He’s here to pick a fight isn’t he ?

We went at it right there and then.

When my fist connected with Haibin’s shoulder instead of his face, inside my head I was hoping for Kate’s brother to appear then.

Surely he would know I was on Kate’s side.

She must have told him it was a fucking PRC who molested her and took her wallet.

Maybe it was the chicken rice seller with the chopper.

Or perhaps the assistant ?

How about the rice seller and his men. ?


I was hoping there would be some shouting and they would jump into the fray but no.

There was none.

Just 3 seconds into the scuffle I knew I was alone when I heard them laugh and cheered.

Woot woot!!! … ‘ Hood AH ‘ , ‘ swee la ‘ .

I tried to block some hits and land as many as I could as tables and chairs were shifted around and pushed roughly.

The lorry and the pickup truck effectively blocked off most of the views from the opposite side of the road as we shouted and cursed at each other.

Haibin laughed as he soon realised he was getting the upper hand.

I could hear the men sitting in the coffee shop laughing at us.

‘ KNN, see ah tiong an neh kuan eh ah ‘ ( Fuck, the PRCs like that one ah )

‘li kuar, li kuar , hahaha , si bei kae yan ‘ ( Look… look… haha… so amusing )

Well, at least they aren’t taking a video to post it online.

Even the chicken rice seller laughed as he told his assistant to shift 2 pails into the coffee shop. You know the 2 pails stall owners usually put outside to collect used plates and cutleries, yup, those.

Apparently he was worried we would hit the pails and topple them.

It lasted barely 1.5 minutes when I heard Kate’s voice.

Kate : JAMES !!

A few more push and scuffle ensured and our bodies separated.

My shirt was crumpled and I saw some blood stains, very small specks. Haibin wiped the sweat from his eyebrow and pointed his index finger at Kate.

Haibin : 她妈的。。你这个臭婊子。。。让你尝尝我的鸡巴要吗。。? ( fucking bitch… I’m going to let you have a taste of my cock. )

He started to shake his index finger at Kate as she looked on furiously at Haibin.

I looked at the table of men, they were still smoking.

No one moved, everyone was just enjoying the show.

Kate kicked a chair at them but Haibin just laughed and pushed it away from him.

I told Kate to just go and call the police but she was so fucking stubborn, instead she went into the coffee shop, pushing one of the rice seller out of her way to grab a broom stick.

Haibin : Hahahahahah….. you are funny Kate…

The way he spoke sounded weird. It was heavily accented, almost to the point it sounded like Chinese.

I saw 1 more PRC jogging into the coffee shop to join Haibin.

Kate raised the broom and the table of men watching the show shouted and cheered.

“ Woah… woah … swee woah…. Hahaha “

A few shifted their chairs out of the way to give Kate space. Haibin just laughed and grabbed onto the broom stick. He yanked it towards her but Kate let go of it, almost causing him to lose balance.

Haibin : 来呀。。。 来呀。。。 ( come on… come on.. )

I pulled Kate back and went for Haibin but before I could, 1 of his men came at me and we immediately got tangled up.

He landed a punch and so did I but I guess I was lucky to have landed a harder one.

There was a moment of hesitation and I quickly got in another kick, sending him reeling backwards a few steps, almost slipping on the slippery floor.

I turned in time to see Haibin taunting Kate with the broom much to the amusement of the table of uncles.

Kate grabbed onto the broom and in that split second, Haibin pulled the broom towards himself, pulling Kate off balance and right into his arms.

Haibin : WHahahahahah….hahaha…

I was about to dive right in when I saw Haibin grabbed Kate’s shirt and her bra together as his men laughed behind him, commenting in crude accented mainland Chinese.

‘他妈的,新加坡的娘们可真辣哈哈。。” (Damm, Singapore girls are dam feisty )

“可惜新加坡的男人都没用。。哈哈。。都是一群废物 “ ( It’s a pity Singaporean guys are useless, all are trash )

I tore into Haibin and Kate, separating them apart as Haibin laughed in a delirious manner, claiming Kate’s breast is firm and bouncy.

I looked at the table of gangster like men who continued smoking and looking at us with much amusement. I’m pretty sure a few of them were Singaporean, how the fuck could they just sit there and watch this without lifting a finger.

Then again, it was none of their business.

Haibin wiped his sweat from the top of his lips and pointed a thumb at himself.

Haibin : 你懂不懂我是谁 ?? ( Do you know who I am ? )

Kate : 你就是个他妈的大陆乡巴佬 ! ( You’re just a boffin from china ) !

Haibin laughed and gestured to his men.

Haibin : 跟她说。。。快。。。 跟他说我是谁。。。 ( tell her quick… tell her who am I )

I was looking at his men who was about to spew out some words when I noticed something funny.

Something is wrong with the lights.

It was as if the sky was getting dark.

Rat tat tat ta…… There was that metallic shake of the roller shutter.

The sky was not getting dark.

It was not about to rain.

There was no approaching thunderstorm.

Instead, i saw the sun which was spilling into the coffee shop slowly gets cut off. The bright light retreated from the old tiled floor as the roller shutter of the coffee shop lowered itself, the whirl of the motor sounded angry as it cranked the gears to turn.

Haibin’s men looked puzzled too as the shutters all lowered around them, closing everyone inside the coffee shop.

No one spoke.

The table of men just smiled and look on with amusement at Haibin.

Haibin : 干!。。 什么啊。。吓唬谁啊! ( Fuck. What is this ? Who are you trying to scare ? )

I pulled Kate behind me as I orientated myself to face the 2 groups of men in the coffee shop.

Before anyone else could do anything, the gentlemen who was checking the invoices earlier came out from behind the coffee shop and walk towards us.

The moment the approached the table, almost all the men stood up with exception of Anthony Wong who continued to shake his leg.

The gentleman, took a seat, lit a cigarette, and took a deep puff.

He pointed the cigarette at Haibin.

Man : 刚刚你说新加坡男人怎么了 ? ( You were saying something about Singapore men ? )

He leaned a little closer, offering his ear as he took another puff of the cigarette.

Man : Say it again…

Haibin kept quiet, glaring at him.

That man shook his cigarette at Haibin again before pointing to Kate, smiling slyly.

Man : Do you know who is she ?? hhaha…

I quickly whispered to Kate.

This is it.

We’re saved .

Boss of the coffee shop has spoken.

James : Kate… He’s your brother ??

Kate shook her head.

James : Then why is he helping us ?

Kate spoke softly without emotions.

Kate : He works for my brother…

James : what about the rest ?

Kate : They all……. Work for my brother. ..


Haibin kept quiet, trying to evaluate the situation.

Everyone just kept quiet, waiting for Haibin to make his next move.

There were no gang cheer. No such thing here. No one shouting aw ah aw… yo ah yo…

No one announced their gang names too, this is not some secondary school kid pretending to be cool.

No techno music with disco lights shooting about

No tapping of the table legs with metal rods or knives.


Just an eerie silence as the table to men stared at Haibin and his men.


They were only smoking.

And perhaps it was the very fact that they did nothing that affects Haibin. He definitely did not look as confident as before.

Yet He continued to act tough, putting on a nonchalant look. He gestured to one of his men who took out Kate’s wallet.

Haibin : 这不管你们的事。(It’s none of your business )

He gestured to Kate.

Haibin : Bitch….You want …… your wallet back…… come and suck..

Before he could finish his sentence, the chicken rice stall assistant literally teleported to Haibin, appearing in front of him so fast and delivered a smack on his head, shoving him against a table.

Haibin : 你妈的B。。

Before he could speak more, Kate stepped out from behind me, reached forward and with a fluid motion, slapped Haibin across his cheek with a smack.

“ PIAK ! “

Haibin had a shock and he was about to raise his hand to hit Kate when the Chicken rice seller’s assistant shot out of nowhere once more and bulldozed Haibin across the breadth of the coffee shop, smacking his body against the wall with peeling paint with a loud thud.

Haibin’s men came forward immediately but was stared down by the rest of the men who had gathered behind the chicken rice assistant, forming a human wall separating Haibin and Kate from them.

Haibin : It’s none of your fucking business… !!

Kate walked right up to Haibin and slapped him again.

Haibin : ARHH…

Kate took her wallet from him, jerking it forcefully from his hand.

Haibin cursed and made a grab for Kate, scratching her forearm before he was pushed back against the wall by the assistant again.

Haibin’s men finally decided to move, shouting and cursing at the group as they tried to force their way over to Haibin.

The chicken rice seller’s large hand grabbed one of the PRC chap by the face. Fuck his huge hands literally cover his face and with a grunt, he threw him like a bag of trash onto the floor, pressing him down like he was compressing cardboard for recycling.

He fell like a rag doll and his friends quickly bent down to help him up, retreating a few steps to put some distance between them and the human wall.

I pulled Kate back as she tried to hit Haibin again.

Kate : Uncle BEN !!!! …

Kate looked towards Anthony wong who was just sniggering away like a kid before he stood up and snuffed out his cigarette.

She looked exasperated, angry and tired.

Uncle Ben started to walk towards Haibin.

Suddenly one of Haibin’s men shouted at him, warning him not to try anything funny.

Haibin’s man : 这里是新加坡!!!讲法律的!! ( This is Singapore, you are governed by law !! )

Uncle Ben paused. He turned his head slowly towards that young chap.

Fuck even the way he turned looked menacing . he smiled and swaggered towards the chap.

Uncle Ben : 什么 ?? 你说什么?? ( What ? What did you say ? )

He covered the distance between him and the chap in 2 steps and he clobbered him across his cheek with his fist. It was not a hard hit.

Just a light thud, meant to provoke.

Something like a playful hit among friends.

A taunt of sorts.

Uncle Ben : say it again .

He clobbered him again, harder this time round. I could hear the chap’s teeth knocking against his knuckles as he stared and glared at Uncle Ben.

It’s not exactly a punch.

Uncle Ben : Say it again !

He fucking wacked him once more, this time round his head was forcefully turned by the impact.

Then that China guy snapped, he reeled back his fist and started raining blows on Uncle ben who turned his body to the side. Another PRC guy started to attack him too, but uncle Ben just continued blocking the hits without hitting back.

He fell to the ground, and I was horrified no one bothered to help him.

I was about to rush forward when Kate pulled my arm to stop me.

That was when I realised his 2 assistant had their phone on and they were taking a video of the 2 man attacking Uncle Ben.

The attack lasted 30 seconds the most and the moment the phones were put away, they each grabbed an attacker and shoved them onto the floor easily. Uncle Ben started laughing as his sniffed his vaporub inhaler, getting up on his feet.

Aside from a messy hairdo, he looked fine.

Haibin : 来呀!!。。来。。。要打就来。。( come on, come… you want to pick a fight ? Come on! )

Uncle Ben sniggered and laugh before grabbing one of his attacker by the hair so fast that I had trouble following his movement. I could feel my body shiver as his knuckles connected with that man’s skull, driving him onto the floor with one punch, almost knocking him out completely.

A stark contrast from the earlier confrontation where he just endured the hits.

The commotion started again with all the pushing and shoving.

Haibin started shouting to Uncle Ben to challenge him.

Haibin : 你妈的B。。你以为你是谁啊。。我告你。。。你等着。。。我找律师告死你。。 ( Fuck you !… who do you think you are ? I’m going to sue you… I’ll fucking find a lawyer and get you )

As if that was not enough Haibin seemed to be so pissed scared that he mixed up reality with Hong Kong drama.

Haibin : 我干爹是有辈分的!! 。。 我管你是什么洪興东興。。 有粽等我叫人来。 ( My godfather is not someone to be trifled with, I don’t care if you are from Hong xing or East Xing, if you have balls , wait for me to get my guys here. )

Uncle Ben started to walk over to Haibin.

Like Moses parting the sea, the mass of human bodies parted for him as he advanced towards Haibin. I could see Haibin literally shrinking into a small ball yet he tried to put on a tough front.

You can act tough but your body would still react.

Haibin’s arms subconsciously raised themselves a little, as if anticipating a hit coming his way.

Uncle Ben : 小朋友!!! 你港剧看太多了!! ( My young friend !, you watch too much HK drama )

Uncle Ben grabbed Haibin’s phone from his hand and threw it across the coffee shop without warning and Haibin immediately cowered and started to shield his head.

Uncle Ben : 我不是洪興,也不是东興。。。这里他妈的。。是个熟食中心。! ( I’m not from either hong xing gang or East xing gang, this is a fucking coffee shop ! )

Uncle Ben gave him the once over with his eyes before deciding he was not worth his time and he walked back to his seat for another cigarette.

The well-mannered man who had been watching without a word stood up and reached into his wallet.

He took out a name card and passed it to Haibin with both hands.

He introduced himself as Uncle Ben’s lawyer, and he showed the clip of Haibins’ friends assaulting Uncle Ben.

Andy : 你好。 我是Andy. 你的朋友打伤了我的客户。 我会进一步跟进,跟你们索取赔偿。 ( Hi I’m Andy, your friends hurt my client. I will follow up with you on the necessary compensation )

He said it politely and professionally with a smile.

No threats.

Professional and calm.

Andy directed his men to take pictures of all the PRC work passes, both front and back. There was nothing they could do.

It finally dawned on Haibin the amount of shit he has gotten himself into when it was his turn to get his work pass photographed.

He still managed to muster up a retort.

Haibin : 冒充公务员是犯法的 ! 你走着瞧!! ( It’s illegal to pretend to be a civil servant, just you wait )

Andy : 我几时说我们是公务员啊 ?? ( When did I say we are civil servants ? )

Haibin : Then why did you check our work passes !!

Andy laughed.

Andy : I didn’t, I just took photographs of them…. You handed them to me off your own free will..__________________

He stood up and gestured to the roller shutter. As if a silent command had been given, they started to rise. That was when I noticed the coffee uncle by the control panel. 

The roller shutters shook and 1 panel of it started to go up. 

Mr Chicken rice gathered Haibin’s men and sent them out of the coffee shop but not before giving them a warning. 

“小朋友。来新加坡是要求财的,不是来惹事的。。明白吗?? “ 

( My young friend, people come to Singapore to seek a better life, not to come and stir shit. Do you understand ? ) 

One of them nodded and the trio scurried away, leaving Haibin alone in the coffee shop. 

That was the point when Haibin really freaked out, being abandoned by his friends alone in the place with us. 

He stopped talking altogether. 

Kate was wearing a light yellow dress and a pair of white heels, she looked really sweet and pretty that day if not for that frown on her face. 

Well, if I was her and getting my breast touched by Haibin, I too would be pissed. Not to forget he might have done more to her if I did not show up in time. 

Andy : Kate… enough already… let it go.. 

Kate : No !… he would have raped me if given the chance.. 

The Chicken rice seller took his chopper and wiped it down before passing it to Kate. 

Kate : Ah Keong ah !… don’t be crazy !… 

Keong : You want you kill him lor….if not then suar la…. Small thing… your brother won’t be happy if you blow things up. 

Kate : Uncle Ben ! 

Uncle Ben : oei oei.. oei… don’t uncle Ben me hor….. I already did my part…. Last time you run away from home I ask you to stay you also never give me face. 

Kate stormed her heel on the floor and bit her lips, obviously unpleased with just letting Haibin go like this. 

I decided to step in and demanded an apology from him. 

Pulling Kate towards Haibin, I asked him to apologise and we will let the matter rest. 

We’ve wasted enough time there and it was technically still a work day for me. 

Haibin : I’m…. I’m sorry Kate… I’m sorry… 

Kate folded her arms and she did not look like she was satisfied with the apology. 

Uncle Ben : Ok la, ok lah…. Suar liao la…. 

I watch Uncle Ben took a small bowl, pour himself some chicken soup and walked over to Haibin. 

He spit inside the soup and offered it to him. 

Haibin eagerly took it over and drank it despite it being steaming hot. 

Uncle Ben : Ok ? happy now ? 

I could see Kate’s eyes searching around the coffee shop. It appears as if what Uncle Ben did gave her an idea of sort. I guess if it was not done by her, she would not be satisfied. 

Then I had the shock of my life when I watch Kate hold onto my shoulder and slipped off her heels. 

She took another bowl of soup and poured it into her white colour heels and passed it to Haibin. 

Everyone laughed except Haibin, Kate and me. 

I was honestly shocked. 

Haibin looked like he wanted to protest but did not. 

I don’t know what was happening. 

Looking at the scene unfold, I felt an erection stirring in my pants. 

Imagine the pair of heel Kate wore for the day, steep with her scent and sweat. Now it was filled with a ladle of steamy fragrant chicken soup. 

How do you drink soup from a heel ? 

I don’t know either. 

I watched as Haibin tried to put his mouth by the side, but it doesn’t work. He tried to lick it, but it’s weird too. 

My erection got bigger and bigger as I watch the soup slosh around Kate’s heel, washing and soaking up her feet’s essense. Haibin finally turned it around, tipped it and drank from the part at the back that comes into contact with Kate’s heel. 

Usually a blister causing spot, I never knew it was a good soup drinking spot as well. 

Holding it with 2 hands, he looked like the was toasting the emperor with it.

Haibin lapped up everything and apologised to Kate again. 

Uncle Ben just waved his hand at Haibin, gesturing for him to quickly get out of his sight. 

As soon as Haibin disappeared, the roller shutters of the coffee shop started to rise again. There was an immediate cooling breeze that flooded into the stuffy coffee shop. 

Keong, Andy and Uncle Ben went to a corner to talk and as for me, I have a shitload of questions for Kate. 

So many questions flooded into my mind and I had difficulty organising them properly to ask her. 

She walked barefooted up the flight of stairs by the side of the coffee shop and unlocked the door to her old place. 

It was nicely furnished, you could tell it was a work of a good designer. The space was big and cozy at the same time. I only saw a nice presentable dining area, a round table that sits 10 and a bit of the sofa that sat on the grey stone tiles . 

Kate did not enter the house, instead, she went straight to the full height shoe cabinet and opened it, picking out another pair of heels. The cupboard was filled to the brim with shoes and heels of various types.

James : WAH!… you like that call move out of this place ah…. You can open a shoe shop.. 

Kate : Tsk … 

She gave me an irritated look before we went back down the stairs again

James : Kate, I have a lot of questions to ask you. 

Kate : I’m not going to answer them James. 

James : Just a few quick one…. What does.. 

Kate suddenly paused at the bottom of the stairs and I almost knocked into her. 

I saw a man talking to Andy. 

Tall, broad shoulder and good looking. Even as a guy, I have to admit he looks good. His features are sharp and he looks like a fucking Korean hunk. Not some pissy boy band dancer. 

I saw him turn and look towards our direction. 

Andy walked away as the man approached us. 

He extended his hand towards me and introduced himself. 

Gabriel : Hi, my name is Gabriel. 

James : Hi I’m James, Kate’s colleague. 

I was about to turn to Kate but she had already walked away. She walked right pass Gabriel and towards the coffee shop without acknowledging him. 

What the fuck is her problem. 

I turned back towards Gabriel and he said it’s ok. 

Gabriel : Don’t mind her, she’s still a little kid at heart. 

James : It’s ok, it’s ok. She’s quite a nice colleague. 

Gabriel did not make any small talks, he thanked me for helping Kate and he hope I could continue to keep an eye out for her in the office. 

Gabriel : If any time she wants to quit, tell her I’ve been wanting her to come back and help out in the family business. 

James : Oh ok.. sure… 

He gave me a wave and got into his car and left. 

My phone rang and it was Mr Liew.

I spent another 10 minutes with him on the phone talking about projects. 

When I was done, I immediately went over to look for Kate and I saw her beside Uncle Ben. 

Her arms were folded as she looked at me. 

I had a bad feeling about this when I saw the way she looks at me. 

Uncle Ben came over, put his hand around my shoulder. I could smell his breath, heavy with cigarette smoke. His arm felt heavy and dense, literally like a sack of rice, I probably got shorter by a cm with that weight. 

Uncle Ben : Brother, my niece…… has something to ask you 

James : Huh ? 

Kate remained emotionless and waited for Uncle Ben to speak on her behalf. 

Uncle Ben : I heard…. There’s a project….. she wanted to do…. But you objected. …. 

My heart started pounding. 


No way. 

Not that. 

I could not let Kate do it. 

I could not give 2 fuck who asked me. It was for her own good. 

Omar will not have her. 

James : Brother, that project, I honestly is out of Kate’s league…. I don’t think she can handle it. 

I saw Kate’s eyes widen as she looked at Uncle Ben again who in turn looked back at me. 

His hand left my shoulder and he brushed his hair. 

Uncle Ben : What you want me to do ? I’m a civilised man ok ?? I am a law abiding citizen …. 

Kate : James !… are you doubting my capabilities ?!!! 

James : If you have to ask Uncle Ben to ask on your behalf, I would say yes. 

Kate’s mouth gasped open, and her shoulder rose as she inhaled a deep breath before she tried to hit me but I backed away. 

Uncle Ben : hahaha…. Got logic… got logic… Kate… don’t waste time already la… come back and work…. Everyone so busy…. Only you get to go and work in simi lan jiao design firm…. How much they pay you ? 

Kate : I’m not touching the family business !… we had this discussion… 

Kate turned towards me and she managed to muster a “ I hate you “ before storming off.

Kate : James.. i… i…. I hate you !!! … 

As she disappeared round the corner, Uncle Ben offered me a cigarette but I rejected it. 

Uncle Ben : KNN… even I non-romantic …old uncle also can see she likes you …. 

He shook his head and took a deep puff before turning towards me. 

Uncle Ben : James …. 

Before he could start I immediately answered. 

James : I’m attached !!… attached already…. For many years…. We’re just colleagues…Kate and me…. 

He laughed and asked his guys to load up the truck and start the engine. 

Uncle Ben : Don’t hurt her James…. if you do…. A lot…. A lot….. a lot of people… would hurt you…. 

He gave me a snigger and waved bye to me before heading over to say bye to the rest of the guys.

I ordered another drink but it was given to me free. After washing up a little in the bathroom, I tucked in my shirt and was considering heading home to change when I saw Andy waiting for me outside the bathroom. 

Andy : James… right ? 

James : Yes.. yes… you’re Andy… 

We shook hands and he gestured to a plastic stool before sitting down himself. 

Andy : I understand that Kate likes you… 

James : Er.. I think there’s a misunderstanding.. 

Andy : Relax… I know … you’re attached…. Ben told me…. 

He looked away for a moment, searching for the right words. 

Andy : I’ll go straight to the point. …. Can you…. Make Kate quit the job ? 

James : Why ? she’s only been working a few months…and.. 

Andy : Ok ok… look look… Kate…. Is my cousin…and… she has other… responsibilities…

I immediately put up my hand and replied. 

I know where this is going. 

Ya la, the usual need her to go back to family business shit. Take over inheritance and stuff. This storyline is overused, probably like in every Korean and hong kong drama channel. 

James : Even if I make her quit, she would get another job…. She’s stubborn… so this…doesn’t… 

Andy cut me off too. 

Andy : James… it’s just a request…. You can say no…. but ask yourself honestly, is staying in your office the best option for Kate ?? She’s not from your industry….is she contributing to the team ? 

I hesitated for a moment and I was struck with an idea. 

If I get her to leave, she could stay away from Omar. 

Andy : My family’s practice has a ready spot for Kate anytime she wants to come over. 

James : She did say she don’t want to touch the family business.. 

Andy : Hahahaha.. James… everyone goes through that phase…. You think I haven been down this road when I was her age ?? haha… 

Andy continued , he followed up with me about the project he heard from Uncle Ben. 

Andy : I think this is a good opportunity…. Let her do it… let her screw it up… then she’ll leave.. 

James : No… she cannot do this project… 

Andy : Why not? 

James : It’s complicated… 

Andy : Look, it’s your office man…. Whatever… but the thing is….. we don’t mind Kate getting a bit of experience outside but it’s only a couple of months and look at what she has stirred up. 

I looked away and my mind was thinking. 

Andy could tell that I was considering and he kept quiet, giving me the space to let my mind wander. 

2 minutes later, I decided it was the logical thing to do. 

Kate might hate me, but as least she doesn’t get rape by Omar and his men. 

James : Ok… I’ll make her quit…… but… 

Andy : but what… 

James : I’ll need help…. 

Andy : What kind of help ? Money ? Lawyer ?? 

He gestured to himself with a smile with 2 thumbs in a comical way. 

James : I….. I need people…..

James : I need people…. To do things…. That….. no one should see, …..ask, or ……ever talk about… 

The smile disappeared from Andy’s face and he waited for me to go on. 

I took a deep breath, and my eyes closed for a few seconds as I quickly organised my thoughts. 

When my eyes opened, I knew what I wanted to do. What we had to do. 

Kate is not a kid, she is not stupid. 

Even if I tell her about Omar, she would think I was joking. It was something too absurd to believe unless it happened to you. 

She would not understand. 

I had to make her understand. 

My eyes met with Andy and from the corner of my eye, I could see Ah keong raising his chopper up into mid air. 

Right at the point when he brought it down onto the chicken on the chopping board, splitting it into 2, I told Andy what I wanted. If it worked, Kate would leave the job on her own in a matter of weeks.

There were no expression on his face. 

No emotions as well to betray his thoughts. 

30 seconds later, Andy asked; 

Andy : When do you need it ? 

I mentally calculated the days till Omar’s arrival and gave Andy a rough range. He said he would get the things I need ready and give me a call.

Andy : I’ll lend you the men and the vehicle, they’ll clear out once you’re done and you’re on your own… you get caught… it’s on you. 

James : Ok. 

Andy : are you sure you need to go this far to make her quit ? Can’t you just pick on her or something..? play office politics or some shit… make it unbearable… 

James : This project that Kate wanted….. it would destroy her… she must not do it… 

Perhaps it was the tone of my voice or the way I said it, Andy nodded his head. 

Andy : Kate would hate you if she ever finds out….. Ben would hurt you bad if she gets hurt….. ….Gabriel….. Gabriel would kill you…. And I’m not joking James… 

Andy : My advice to you James…. don’t hurt Kate…. You’ll regret it… 

James : Everything I’m doing…. Is to make sure she don’t get hurt…. 

Andy stood up and extended his hand. 

Andy : Good luck….. and don’t fuck it up… 


My plan is simple 

It’s always the simple plans that work. 

End of the day, all I need to do is to stop Omar from getting Kate. There is a few ways to do that. The simplest way of all would be to stop her from meeting Omar. 

That’s it. 

No meeting, no trouble. 

As long as he doesn’t sees her, it’s done.

Knowing Kate, she would still press on with whatever she wanted to do especially Mr Liew had given her the go ahead. Sure, I may voice my objection, she gets bothered by it because she has some feelings for me but I’m sure she would not let this stop her from going ahead to host Omar and company. 

To her, this is a career opportunity. 

I would let her plan all she wants and all I need to do would be to prevent the initial meetup and keep it that way until the visit is over. 

Kate can go MIA for a couple of days, Mr Liew would get pissed and if he gets rid of her, all the better. In fact with Mr Liew’s anal views towards accountability, he would sure fire Kate if she goes missing and uncontactable. 

Not to worry, I can take over as host, I doubt Belinda would even want to see Omar again anyway. I can bring Omar and his dad around and fuck as many whores as they want for a few days. 

We can do this in 2 ways but either way, Kate must not know about this until it was too late for her to do anything.

She will stay in a comfortable place provided by Andy, she can grumble, and protest but end of the day, she’s safe and not going to get raped by Omar.

Even if she hates me for it, it’s for her own good. 

She will not die without a phone and internet connection for a couple of days. 

If she doesn’t cooperate, we will still grab her, lock her up, take away her phone. She can scream and kick up a fuss all she wants but it would be nothing compared to her cries if she gets taken by the Arabs. 
Either way, i’m not letting Kate go near Omar.

1st June 2012 


The first thing I did was to grab Belinda aside in the pantry and talked to her about Kate and what happened the day before, telling her in detail about Kate’s uncle and brother. 

Belinda : Are you serious ? You are kidding right ? 

James : No I’m not… I’m serious… it’s like some fucking Hong kong drama unfolding in front of me.

Belinda’s eyes lit up immediately and she floated the idea of paying the men to wack Omar up. 

James : What ? Are you mad ? Am I hearing you correctly ? 

Belinda : They’re businessmen right ? that’s what you said. We’ll pay them. ! 

I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away but Belinda held me back. 

Belinda : James ! …. If….. if this is a chance for me to get back at him…. I will take it.

I calmed her down and dispelled the idea immediately. 

James : Don’t be silly…. It’s not going to happen. As you said they are businessmen, they are out to make money, not to find trouble…. 

Belinda : But you said they beat up that PRC guy and made him drink spit right ?? 

James : Ya but….. it’s complicated… 

Belinda : Why is it complicated ? I’ll go ask Kate for help…. She would surely agree…. If I tell her what Omar did to me…. I’m sure she could get her brother or uncle or whoever it is to help us… 

James : Dear…. Please…. Don’t blow things up…. Let’s not think along that line…. Nothing good will come out of it… besides, those people hit that PRC guy because of Kate…. They will not stir trouble unnecessarily….

Belinda : But…but… you don’t understand… i..

I look around the office and made sure we’re alone. 

James : Dear… I love you…. I still do…despite everything that happened..….. I just want you to know that I love you… 

Belinda smiled and she gave my hand a squeeze before walking away. 

Belinda : I know James… I know…. 

We left it at that and I walked away too. 

Kate was busy at her desk, checking out the sites to bring Omar and his dad, researching about where to eat. I saw what was on her screen and from the reflection, I could tell she saw me looking at her from behind. 
A couple of seconds later, she swivelled her chair around but I quickly looked away. 

Kate was about to speak when I heard Sharon calling out to me from a distance away. I immediately head towards her, eager to get away from Kate as least for now. I’m still thinking about the details of how to get her away before she meets Omar. 

As I walked towards Sharon, I saw Belinda bringing some folders over to Kate, distracting her attention away from me.

Sharon pretended to ask me some questions about timesheets for projects before dragging me to a corner. From her body language I could tell she was about to feed me the latest gossips in the office. 

Sharon : James… James…!… I tell you ah…. But you don’t say you heard it from me…. Promise ?? 

James : Yah.. yah… of course… when did I ever say anything to anyone ?? What is it ? 

Sharon lowered her voice a notch and told me that Terry had just informed her that he would be taking a break. 

James : What do you mean ? 

Sharon : Aiyah… he got no new project…. No face la… say take a break is just nice to hear only… I think he that side closing shop liao….

James : Is it ? 

Sharon : His people leaving he also never replace, left a few do nothing one surfing net… aiyah… anway, he will be away for a month for now. 

I asked if she knew where he was going and she said something about Malaysia. 

My ears immediately perked up as Sandy was in Malaysia. At least that was what I knew. 

James : Oh ok…. Then that side of the office how ?? 

Sharon said Mr Liew would temporarily be in charge and I nodded. 

Sharon said she’s going to get back to her work and left after reminding me not to tell anyone.

I thought about the implications for a bit before I locked eyes with Kate. 

She got up and walked towards me, I knew there was no hiding then as she looked determined to get me. 
Kate : James !…

James : Yes ? 

Kate : We need to talk.. !
James : Sure… I have so many questions… I want to ask. 

Kate and I went to the pantry and she folded her arms and leaned against the counter. 

Kate : I’m not sharing anything about my family if that’s what you wanted to ask. 

James : Ermm.. that is exactly what I wanted to ask but if it’s like this, then I have nothing to ask you already. 

Kate : What is your problem ?? ! 

James : What do you mean ? 

Kate : Can you tell me why you don’t agree to me taking this up ? The whole Omar thing… at least tell me…

I kept quiet for a moment as I thought about how much to say. 

James : It’s ermm… complicated… 

Kate : Go ahead… I’m listening… 

I looked around the pantry and decided to test the water depth and see how Kate would react if I told her a portion of the truth. 

James : Omar…. Is a… womaniser… he…. He would surely make a move on you ….. if you do this…. He will… 

Kate’s eyes widened for a bit and unfolded her arms. 


I had her attention. 

I guess all girls are afraid of perverts. 

I quickly continued seeing how positively she reacted. 

James : He’s, he’s very sleazy, he will anyhow touch you when given the chance….. he’s very touchy…. Don’t believe you ask Belinda…. he got body odour, very hairy… 

Kate’s mouth opened a little, and I saw her bite her lips. 

Good, good, this is easier than I thought. 

James : And he’s very despicable… he’ll… he’ll offer you money…. Ask you to sleep with him…. Imagine doing that to….. a ugly hairy arab…. Isn’t that insulting ?…. 

I was about to continue when Kate stopped me. 

Kate : James… stop… 

James : Kate…. It’s for your own good…. Really… from the bottom of my heart…. I don’t want you to get hurt… you’re a nice girl…. You don’t deserve to…. 

Kate suddenly took my hand and it was my turn to get a shock. I quickly looked around the pantry to make sure no one is heading our way.

Kate : James… 

James : What ? ! 

My eyes widened when I finally realised what Kate was thinking. 

Kate : I… I didn’t know you cared so much about me… 
James : wait… wait.. wait…. … I think you…
Kate : It’s ok… don’t need to say anything…. 

She looked at me with a smile before taking a deep breath. 

Kate : You…. You should… control your feelings James…. Sis is the one for you….it’s impossible between us… 

James : Kate you misunderstood… I meant… 

Kate held up her hand and brushed me off. 

Kate : It’s ok James… I understand…. But don’t worry, I’ll be fine… I know how to take care of myself…. I’ll just say no firmly…. He can’t force me….

She spoke with such confidence that for a moment I almost believed her. 

I sighed as she walked by me. 

I heard her heels click twice before she turned around. 

Kate : Well, if it weren’t for Sis, …. We… hahaha…. Nevermind… 

She laughed and went back to her seat. 

That short talk strengthened my resolve to make sure Kate was out of Omar’s way. 

The following week saw a flurry of emails and exchanges. After a couple of changes, the dates were finally firmed up. 

Omar and his dad would be arriving on the 25th of June, Monday at 11am. 

8th June 2012 

Friday . 

By the end of that week, Kate updated everyone the plan she had worked out and Mr Liew was impressed with her organising skills. Transport vehicles were booked, so were restaurants and tickets to some sightseeing places. 

It’s been a while since Omar’s dad stepped into this country and Kate wanted to make sure he was impressed with how far the country has come along this couple of decade. She had even made plans for a private tour guide to join her for one of the days. 

Belinda had already applied for leave during the period when Omar would be here and she would largely be away from the office except for 1 afternoon when she needed to present and update Omar about the project together with me. 

Belinda : Sorry James… I really don’t feel like seeing him….

James : Don’t worry about it… I can do the presentation too if you like… just call in sick and fill me in on the details …. 

Belinda just smiled. 

Mr Liew had only minor comments about the schedule and did a brief allocation of our responsibilities over a meeting.

Mr Liew : Ok…. To summarise, the cake is already right by out mouth already, we just need to reach out and take a bite. … 

He updated us about projects and ongoing discussion with Omar, he says he’s confident there would be jobs lined up for the team for the next 5 years. 

Mr Liew : We will be expanding, slowly of course but I want to let everyone know that exciting times are coming……. 

He hinted on a sizable bonus and increment for the team at the end of the year before saying that the trip is more of a formality. 

Mr Liew : Let’s just play our part as a gracious host and wrap this up….. any questions ? good…. Good…. 

9th June 2012 


I made plans to meet up with Andy at the coffee shop and over a cup of coffee, I told him the dates I needed his help. 

Andy : 25th June? …… it’s errr…… Monday…. Yes Monday…. 

James: Yes… The client is arriving at 11am…. Base on the plans, Kate was supposed to be at the airport to pick him up with the transport and send them to their hotel. 

Andy : Ermm… ok… but if you think we’re going to grab her at the airport, I would say you are out of your mind…. 

James : No of course not…. Not at the airport…. I would make sure she’s back in the office in the morning, we’ll do it when she’s enroute to the airport. 

Andy : Wah ? Brother… this is Singapore leh… not Hollywood….. how to grab people along expressway ? 

I told him what I have in mind and he thought about it for a while before nodding. 

Kate had booked 2 toyota Alphard from a transport company, the vehicles would be waiting at our office at 10.00am sharp. 

Kate would be hopping on one of them to head to the airport to pick Omar up. For the journey to the airport, it would only be her and the drivers. 

Her task for Monday is simple, just an introduction, bring them to the hotel and let them have a rest after their flight. 

She would also inform Omar and his father that Mr Liew would be hosting dinner at a hotel in town. Our entire team would be joining for dinner that evening. 

James : We will switch the vehicles…. Kate would get into the vehicles you prepared instead of the one that goes to the airport.. that way, we can whisk her away without much trouble. 

Andy : I need to know the colours of the vehicles. 

James : No need. The transport company could not confirm which one they are giving us till that day itself, just as long as similar model will do. 

Andy : Ok.

James : I’ll be taking the vehicle to the airport to pick the client up while your guys can send Kate to the safe house and keep her there for a few days. 

Andy : Don’t mind me asking…. Who the fuck is this Omar ? 

James : Some rich Arab, he’s a fucking pervert…. I tell you he will rape Kate if he has a chance. 

Andy’s eyes narrowed before looking back down at the piece of paper we were both scribbling on. 

I will take care of Omar for the rest of the trip. 

All Andy had to do was to make sure Kate stays safe and uncontactable. 

We went through the plan twice even though it was plain and simple. 

Get Kate into the car, take her phone, make her comfortable for a few days. 

That’s it. 

I would take care of the rest, maybe book a few escorts for Omar to fuck if he wants.

Andy : Sounds straight forward…. What if she doesn’t get into the car ? 

James : She has too… she can’t possibly take a cab to the airport when there’s 2 empty vehicles waiting for her right ? 

Just to be sure, I would ask to meet her in the office for a quick briefing before she departs. I can also send her down to the lobby and make sure she enters the right vehicles.

The transport company was one I had dealt with before. In fact it was I who gave Kate the contact. 

I will call up the boss and make a request on the change in pick up location and timing and he was not to say a word about it.

13th June 2012 


I had lunch alone again. For the past few days it seemed it’s quite hard to find anyone to lunch with. Both Kate and Belinda seemed to disappear well before lunch time. 

Alex was stuck to his girlfriend like glue and Hakim had his own lunch khakis from another company. 

Even Mr Liew was not available. 


Belinda bumped into me in the pantry and she casually asked me what was the plan. 

Belinda : Omar would surely go for Kate if he sees her. 

James : Don’t worry, I got it under control. 

Belinda : How ? 

I was about to let slip some details but I quickly held my tongue. I don’t want to risk Belinda doing something stupid. 

James : Don’t worry… Kate will not meet Omar…. I will make sure of that… 

Belinda smiled and gave me a light squeeze on my arm. 

Belinda : Be careful ok ? 

I nodded and we parted ways. 

As the day drew closer and closer, I could feel myself getting more and more nervous. 

Would Kate throw a fit ? 

Would she be so mad that she would never talk to me again ? 

Or can Andy keep her away and uncontactable for a few days ? 

16th June 2012 

I met up with Andy again at the coffee shop and ironed out the outstanding details. 

Andy : Peter and Ah Fong will be the driver. These are their numbers… The cars are prepared. …. 

James : Does Kate know them ? 

Andy shook his head. 

Andy : I will be following behind in my own car with Ah Keong … We will drive her back here eventually.… 

James : Here ! ? 

Andy : upper then ?? You think suka suka you can find a short term rental for a few days ar ?? … There’s no place safer than upstairs…. She used to stay here anyway… 

James : Oh… ok.. 

Andy : We’ll pull over before we get up the expressway at the HDB estate here…. 

He gestured to the blocks along cantonment road. At that point, Keong would take over Andy’s car while he would get into the same vehicle with Kate to grab her phone and stop her from calling anyone. 

The convoy would then proceed back to the coffee shop in Joo chiat where they can easily get Kate up to her place. 

Sounds about right. 

As long as Kate gets in the car, everything would be fine. 

I had a few sleepless nights thereafter thinking about what I was about to do. 

The 25th drew closer and closer. 

And everyday Kate would fill the team in on more information and updates to the schedule. Even the dress code for dinner was sent out. 

22nd June 2012

Kate sent out a mail to inform the team that Omar would be arriving an hour later at 12pm. 

I text Andy about the change. 


I called the boss of the transport company and he told me his pickup timing for Kate has been shift back too to reflect the change. 

I saw Kate with a self made banner of Omar’s name with glitter pen and cute drawings as she put on the finishing touches to it. 

James : Are you a 15 year old waiting for your Korean Idol ? 

Kate : No… I’m going to pick up the man who’s going to pay my salary and bonus for the next few years… 

She ignored my jibe and gave me the cold shoulder. 

I gave the boss of the transport company a call to remind him on our arrangements and he reassured me everything would be fine. 

25th June 2012

I was in office at 7.30am with my coffee and breakfast. 

I reminded Kate that I wanted to meet her at 8.30am to brief her on some of the details and project information in case Omar asked. Some simple figures that would not be hard to remember. 


I was still the only one in office. 

Omar would arrive at 12 noon, Kate was to leave the office at 11am for the airport, it would give her plenty of time to get there. 

Kate walked into office at 8.30am sharp and I heaved a sigh of relief. 

She looked beautifully dressed in a black skirt that reaches up to her knees. Her long sleeve silk blouse a shimmering pale grey that seemed to shimmer silver when the light catches it. It’s not figure hugging, it hung a bit loose for her frame and she had on a pair of simple black heels. 

Her hair was tied up into a bun with a striking orange band. 

Kate : Morning… 

James : Morning. 

I spent 20 minutes with her and it was over. She got back to her work. 


Kate : Where’s Sis ? 

James : Belinda’s on leave for a couple of days… 

Kate : Oh… ok.. 

Andy text me to inform me that they were already in place. Their 3 vehicle convoy formed up at the HDB estate 5 minutes away. 


My heart thumped as I watched Kate got about her own stuff before heading to the toilet. 
I looked at the time and it was almost there. 

She should be leaving soon after she’s back. 

I called the transport company and the boss himself was driving one of the vehicle. He told me not to worry, he will tell Kate he’s waiting at the lobby when in fact he was parked at carpark beside Tanjong pagar plaza. 


I got up and took a deep breath and made my way downstairs. I text Andy to tell him to come over to the lobby and get ready. 

I found a position which gave me a good vantage view of the drop off point.


2 black Toyota alphards pulled up to the waiting area before Andy’s Volvo stopped a distance behind it. 

The boss of the transport company confirmed with me that Kate had just contacted them to ask them if they were ready as she’s heading down soon.

I informed Andy and his guys. 

10.51 am 

I would feel myself perspiring as I shifted the weight on my feet. 

I kept my eyes at the building exit, waiting for Kate. 

Suddenly there was a glimmer of words as the glitter markers caught the late morning sun. 

I saw a group of people existing the building and even though Kate was blocked by a few men, I could see the large signboard she made. 

My eyes immediately followed it as I my heart started thumping faster. 

The sun was a little glaring at the angle I was standing at but I did not want to risk exposing myself to Kate. 

It happened fast. I saw the flash of Kate’s orange headband as she stepped into the vehicle, I stepped out in time to see the cardboard sign slowly disappearing into the vehicle as the door closed. 

I could feel as if a weight equivalent to an elephant was taken off my shoulder. 

As the 3 vehicles pulled away, I went back up to my office. Mr Liew called me into his office to confirm some details as Belinda was not around to fill him in. My phone was buzzing away in my pants but I ignored it. 


I left My Liew’s office and saw that I had 8 miss calls from Andy . I wanted to chuckle. 

He probably had trouble handling Kate. 

I dialled his phone and Andy picked it up immediately. 


James : Why ? What happened… ? 

Andy : Get down her now !!.. lobby..! 

He hung up on me and I immediately flew down to the drop off point. 

The same 3 car convoy waited at the same spot. 

I dashed towards the 1st car and the door opened even before I got there. 

As the car door slid opened, my heart stopped beating. 

Staring right back at me was Andy and Belinda. She was dressed in the same clothes Kate was wearing moments earlier.

James : What… what is this !! 

Belinda : I’m sorry James…. Kate…. Kate agreed to help me after I told her about Omar … 

James : WHAT!!! NO!.. NO!!… NO!!! 

I immediately hopped into the vehicle and all 3 cars headed for the airport. 

James : HOW could you !!! 

Belinda : I didn’t want to either…Kate… Kate said she can deal with it….she insisted !… 

I sighed as I felt myself getting pushed back onto the seat as the driver sped up, tearing down the expressway on the extreme right lane. 

James : There’s still time… still go time… we’ll grab Kate at the airport.. 

Belinda tried to talk to me but I was too angry to reply her. 

Andy just looked on without a word. 


I jumped out of the car alone at the arrival drop off and ran into the terminal. 

There’s still time. Plane landed still need to taxi, to park, to unload. 

They still need to clear immigration. 

I dashed towards the belt and my heart literally dropped out of my ribcage. 

Passengers were streaming out of the gate. I pushed my way through, trying to find Kate in the sea of faces. 

I looked around, even standing on a chair to get a better look. I looked at the information panel and I cursed at myself for not checking the flight details on my own. The arrival time was still 11am. Not 12pm as informed by Kate. 

There was a slight delay but it still landed at 11.20am

My heart started slamming hard, squeezing blood and oxygen around my body as I scanned the faces around me. 

I felt the hard tap on my shoulder followed by a squeeze. 

Before I turned around, I heard the familiar laugh. 


That unique familiar laugh. 

Rasid : As salam aleykum !! James !.. my brother.. !… wahahahaha…. 

A breathe escaped from my mouth as I turned around and came face to face with Rasid, Omar and a elderly man with a cane. A few of Omar’s aide was a few steps away

James : Wa aleykum as salam..

I exchanged greetings with them as I quickly scanned for Kate. 
She was nowhere to be seen. 

Omar : How are you James ? 

I was about to reply when Omar continued his sentence. 

Omar : You have……. A lovely colleague… …

Rasid : Very lovely……. Wahahahahah… wahahaha…. 

Kate stepped out from behind as I watch her talk to Aliya with a smile. 

Kate looked up and locked eyes at me before flashing me a brief smile, as if asking me not to be angry. 

Kate : If you would please follow me, I’ll show you to your transport…. 

Rasid : Of course we would follow you… whahahah.. whahaha…. I’ll follow you where ever you go ..!! whahaha….

Kate covered her mouth shyly with a laugh and I saw that glimmer in Omars eyes as he traced her body with her penetrating glare. 

Kate : I apologise in advance if I’m not a gracious host… heee hee… 

Omar : don’t worry about it Kate….. I look forward to get to know you better.. haha… 

Kate flashed a really charming smile and replied. 

Kate : Looking forward to it.. .. 


Kate turned to take a selfie with Aliya and Omar finally directed his attention to me.

Omar : Oh James… here, meet my dad, Abbas. 

James : Nice to meet you sir. 

I shook hands with the unsmiling man. He is about the same height as Omar with a bushy grey beard that was neatly trimmed. His eyes are like a narrow slit, it’s as if he was squinting to look at you. 

He has a head of thick black hair that was streak with grey. It was not hard to tell he had coloured them black as much as he could. He too looked at Kate, but his gaze was a bit different. 

When Omar and Rasid looked at Kate, you could tell from their gaze that hint of lust, the mischievous lust to fuck her was evident. It was easy to tell but for Abbas, it’s a little different. 

He looked at Kate alright, I saw him check out Kate from the bottom up. 

His eyes squinted at her heels, loitering at her smooth white ankles before tracing her calves upwards. He stopped at Kate’s full buttocks, looking at how tightly stretched the fabric was trying to hold her full figure in. 

Every move Kate made, her tight fitting clothes snuggled up to her, bringing out her tone and tight body. She radiates this aura of youthful energy, something Abbas surely once had many moons ago. 

He continued to appraise her body, as if he wanted to put a price on her, like a piece of good to be traded. 

I saw Abbas sniffed, he rubbed his nose and his eyes watered as he turned away and asked for water from one of his aide. 

I turned my attention back to Kate who was happily talking to Aliya. 

Aisha sundered up to me from out of nowhere and put her arms around my waist. 

Aisha : Nice to see you again James… 

I did not react as she slithered past me like a snake to join Rasid. 

I had to grit my teeth as I watch Kate direct Omar and company towards another set of waiting vehicles at the arrival hall. 

Rasid was beaming brightly at Kate and I could see Omar trying to talk to her as well. 

Omar tried to slid his arm around Kate’s waist but she nimbly extracted herself from his attempted embrace and pretended to answer a phone call. 

Omar sniggered and smile before making a look at Rasid. 

Anyone could tell they were interested in Kate. 

Rasid kept beckoning for Kate to join them in the same vehicle but Kate smiled and explained that she needed to get ready for the dinner later that evening. 

Kate : There’s still a lot to do and prepare..! …

Rasid : hahaha… I’m sure there is…

Another 10 minutes past before Kate sent them off to their hotel after having a short chat with the driver. 

As we watch the vehicle depart, my phone was buzzing non stop. I had quite a few miss calls from the transport company boss who was still waiting for the go ahead. 

I called him and informed him of the change in plans and asked him to submit his invoice accordingly and closed the case. 

Belinda and Andy walked out and joined Kate and me at the pick up spot of the arrival hall. 

It was then I start to feel the full force of my swelling anger hit me. I have never been so angry before. 

Kate : I’m sorry James… we wanted to tell you but…

Kate tried to walk towards me but I backed away, shrugging away her attempt to tap me on my arm. 

Belinda read that body language and immediately tried to take on the blame. 

Belinda : Sorry James… it was my fault… i.. 

She too tried to hold my arm but I shrugged her off. 

We stared at each other without a word as I tried to calm myself down. I was so fucking pissed that I knew if I said anything, it would cut like a knife. 

Andy : What the fuck is going on ?? 

Kate : I have to help them Andy….. that Omar is a bastard…. 

Andy : No!… don’t get yourself involved in this. 

Kate : I have to !… I can’t stomach what he had done to sis ! … I don’t care… 

Andy : Stop behaving like a spolit brat … and get in the car… 

Kate : What about you ?? ! You think I don’t know you’re ganging up with James to stop me ?? 

She pointed to Ah Keong who was standing a distance away, I turned and I saw his eyes widened as he quickly turned away and scurried back to the car. 

Andy : Ah Keong you chee bye !! … 

Andy took 2 steps towards Keong but stopped. 

Andy : I don’t care, get in the car… you’re not getting involved in this. 

Kate : It’s my life… I don’t need your help… go back if you want to… 

Andy was about to retort but I grabbed his arm as I glared at Kate. 

James : You don’t know what’s good for you…. I guess you’re only going to learn the hard way… 

Kate looked a little hurt at what I said and before Belinda could say anything, I turned and walked away back into the terminal. 

Andy and his men left too while I saw Kate and Belinda went to queue up for a cab. 

Before Andy left, he mentioned something about going straight to Kate’s brother and that she’ll be done with this job before long. 

I need a thick cup of coffee to think. 

I could not think. 

What the fuck is Kate thinking ? 

She can’t be that fucking naïve to think she can what ? Pretend to use herself as bait ? 

Then ? Then what ? 

Cry rape ? Call the police ? 

Belinda too should have known better than to go tell Kate about Omar. 

I must have had at least 3 thick cups of black coffee when I grab a cab back from the airport at 2.30pm 

Fuck this. 

Since she wants to be a hero, she can do it all she wants. 

I’ll just wash my hands off this matter. 

Maybe only at the very point in time when she’s forced to suck Omar’s cock or get penetrated by Rasid would she understand what I was trying to get her out off. 


I buried myself with work the moment I got back into office. Kate was at her desk by then and I rejected the cup of coffee she made for me, choosing to push it aside. I was still pissed and partly because I just had 3 cups. I don’t want to get high on caffine. 

Kate : James…. can we talk ? 

James : I’m rushing for some work. … maybe later. 

Kate : I know you’re angry but I don’t understand how you could just sit by and not do anything…. 

James : What would you have me do ? go around beating people up ? 

I must have touched a raw nerve with my outburst and Kate was a little taken aback.

It might sound like I’m being petty but I was not. I was just upset and mad. 

Kate : You know James…. I never thought you were some superman…. Or some hero who could fix anything and everything…..but…. but I just want you to know I like you for who you are…..and… 

She paused before she took her purse and got out of her seat. 

Kate : The James I know….. will not just sit by and do nothing……. 

I was not in the mood for her lecture and I just dismissed her words before getting back to my work. I did try to help initially didn’t I ? It was her who rejected my help. 

Belinda tried to call me several times and when I finally picked up, she apologised and explained that she did not expect Kate to so readily agree to help her. 

Belinda : I know I shouldn’t have brought it up, but I did it without expectations, I was looking more for a listening ear. 

James : It’s too late for me to say anything now anyway. Do what you all want. I don’t care… 

I felt like a jerk after u hung up but well sometimes you just do things without reason when you are mad. 


Mr Liew had granted the team a early knock off to head back home. Everyone was to freshen up and get ready for the dinner with Omar and his dad at 7.45pm 


I was about to leave work when Mr Liew came over to my seat. 

Mr Liew : You ok ? 

James : Yah… why ? 

Mr Liew : You don’t look ok to me.. 

James : I have a lot of things on my mind……. It’s been a tiring few months………….You siao ah ? … you’ve never said this kind of things to me before… 

Mr Liew : That’s because I’m never seen you like this before…. 

I just kept quiet and looked at Mr Liew.

James : Like what ? 

Mr Liew : fuck la… anything to say… just say it… don’t beat about the bush…. 

James : You know…… what Omar and gang would do to Kate ? 

Mr Liew leaned back on his chair and replied. 

Mr Liew : Of course I do… 

I stood up from my seat in a fit of anger but Mr Liew spoke before I could say anything. 

Mr Liew : She can always say no… there’s no one stopping her… 

James : Easy for you to say… 

Mr Liew : Don’t fucking assume I don’t know anything just because I kept quiet all this while….. Everything I do is for the team. … 

Mr Liew lowered his voice a notch and added ; 

Mr Liew : You think I don’t know about Belinda ??? about who she is to you ?? 

I just kept quiet and look at Mr Liew, trying to get my thoughts sorted out. 

Mr Liew : I wouldn’t have fucking cared because all along I thought she was Terry’s woman….it was only after Omar…. 

James : How did you find out ? 

Mr Liew : Omar called me to brag….about bedding her….about how sad you were….. I did some digging… and I came across something interesting… 

Mr Liew said he happened to be looking at Belinda’s resume when she first joined the company, it was a old hard copy print out that HR kept. 

He noticed the address and he dug out my copy as well. 

No not the one I used for this new work place, it was the very first copy he kept when I joined him at the previous firm more than 5 years ago. 

Mr Liew : You have the same address in Toa payoh..….. I did a search in the ROM website… 

I sat back down in my chair. 

Mr Liew : You are husband and wife…… I kind of stopped making things difficult for her once I found out.

We both descended into an awkward silence as we sat quietly in the almost empty office. 

The rest of the team had already left. 

James : So now what ? 

Mr Liew : I’m a practical man…you know that… always think of the big picture James… these are important clients…. This is what I have to say to you as your boss…. 

I took a deep breath and looked away. 

Mr Liew leaned forward and continued. 

Mr Liew : I’m saying this next….. as your friend…. As a husband…. 

Our eyes met and all ambiance noise were shut out. 

I could not hear anything except Mr Liew’s voice. 

Mr Liew : Omar’s father…. Is addicted to drugs… this was the main reason why he kept away from Singapore for the longest time… there isn’t a supplier he trust over here. 

James : What are you saying ? 

Mr Liew : don’t interrupt me… he’s here for a few days…. And he has a small stash of them in his hotel room…. They were brought in via diplomatic channels via their connections to embassies 

James : You mean… 

Mr Liew stood up and brushed some dust off his shirt. 

Mr Liew : What you do with that information…. Is none of my business.

James : What about the big picture ? the projects ? 

Mr Liew had already turned away from me and with his back facing me, his head turned a little and he added. 

Mr Liew : Are you asking me that question as an employee?? Or as a friend ? … 

He burst out laughing before shaking his head and walking out through the door.

Mr Liew : See you at dinner… 


I went home to change and get ready for dinner. At 6.20pm sharp, my phone rang and it was a number I did not recognise. 

I recognised the laughter the moment I answered it. 

Rasid : whahahaha…. James… my brother…. 

James : Rasid…. What do you want ? 

Rasid : Why are you so cold towards me ?? hahahah…. Well I shall not beat about the bush. I want your colleague…. Kate… 

James : It’s none of my business…. You go ask her yourself… 

Rasid : Hahaha… come on…. We’re brothers….. I can get Aliya and Aisha to accompany you for the night… whahahaha… 

James : I’m not a pimp… Kate’s is an adult. She can decide on her own what she wants. 

Rasid : Wahahaha…. Come on James…. I can make this worth your while..whaha…

I could hear some commotion in the background as Rasid asked me to hold the line. I could hear them speaking in Arabic. It rattled off fast, almost like it was a quarrel.

Some disagreement of sort. 

Rasid : Hold on … Omar wants to talk to you..

Omar : James…. about Kate… 

James : I don’t care… it’s none of my business….

Omar laughed. 

Omar : Oh.. how about I send you some of Belinda’s private moments ? would that make you reconsider ?  hahaha… 

I clenched my fist and kept quiet. 

Omar : Don’t worry… we’ll treat her well….

James : Fuck off… why don’t you and Rasid just call up some escorts… this can save everyone a lot of trouble…. 

Omar laughed and continued. 

Omar : You misunderstood my intention James….well…. I don’t mind fucking Kate… but she’s a little…… too young…. Don’t you think ? hahahah…. I like my women a little more matured…. You know… someone like Belinda… hhaa… 

James : Then what do you want….? 

Omar : I still want Kate…. But it’s not for me….it’s for my Dad…

James : What ?! 

Omar laughed and asked me to make the arrangements. 

Omar : Money is not an issue… help me talk to her… ok…. Actually I already sent word to her…. I made her an offer…..but she turned me down….. I’m quite disappointed…… ahhaha… anyway…..see you during dinner James…  and I hope you’re successful….if not Belinda is going to be famous… haha… 

He hung up on me and I almost threw the phone against my wall. 


I hopped onto a cab down to Royal plaza at Scotts. Mr Liew had booked a function room specially for this. Dinner will be served privately, almost like a mini banquet of sorts. 


I saw Hakim on the phone with his mum at the hotel entrance. He gave me a wide smile and a wave before hanging up. 

Hakim : Hey James… why you face so black… 

I just smiled as Hakim waved to someone behind me. I turned and saw Uncle Tong walking briskly towards us. 

Uncle Tong : starting to drizzle already…. Singapore weather, really ah…. 

We walked into the hotel together and saw Alex coming out of the bathroom. 

Mr Liew was already at the room along with Aliya. None of the other guest were there yet. 

The room was specially set up for the dinner, aside from the tables, a small stage complete with a piano sat at a corner of the room. A live band was hired to play while we dined. No effort was spared and you could say this was all of Kate’s planning. 

A small table with various types of whiskey, those with names I could not even pronounce sat in the middle of a few comfortable couch. This was a request by Omar according to Mr Liew. 

He likes to indulge himself whenever possible especially when he’s out of his country. Nothing like talking about business over a good single malt. 

We all stood, loitering near the entrance with a drink in hand and chatted among ourselves. 

I could see Hakim and Alex whispering naughtily among themselves while looking at Aliya. 

Aliya wore this short black dress, exposing both her legs and her smooth shoulders. Her eyes sparkled the same time her diamond earrings caught the light of the function room. She looks elegant and classy with a slight smile. 

Her eyes drilled right into each of the men’s soul as she smiled and mingled within the group. 

Aisha entered the room together with Rasid , their arms linked together. She too dazzled even the waiters in the room. I saw this 2 young kids nudging each other at Aisha’s body hugging white dress. 

Abbas and Omar entered next and shook hands with everyone in the team. 

We were all about to take our seat when the door swung opened again. 

All heads turned and the sound decibel in the room went down a notch. Even the server who was pouring wine stopped mid way as his attention was directed towards the door. 

A small gasp of air escaped from my mouth as I looked at Kate. 

She had someone do her hair, probably at a salon. It complimented her light makeup perfectly, giving her a hint of maturity despite her youth. Kate wore this black lace cheongsum set upon a smooth silk like fabric.

The white contrasted with the intricate lace, giving her a sophisticated look of elegance. 

The butterfly knots near her neck looked as if there were embroidery art works on their own. 

Her figure was bared for all to see, the snug fit of the cheongsum contoured against her curves and that bold and daring slit that reached right up the side of her left leg, opening up every time she took a step to show her delicious smooth and white legs till the middle of her thigh. 

The room literally went quiet as Kate smiled and adjusted her scarf which she draped over her shoulder.  

The small clutch bag had a dragon on it, stitched out of probably a thousand small beads. 

Rasid’s eyes almost popped out as he stared at Kate, a smile breaking out on his face. 

Omar too was transfixed by Kate’s beauty and youth. Abbas eyes never left Kate as she walked gracefully on her heels towards the manager and exchanged a few words. 

They then walked over to the small stage and had a short meeting with the live band who was about to set up. 

My phone rang and it was Belinda. 

I excused myself to take the call outside the room. 

James : Yes ? 

Belinda : James… something is wrong… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda : Kate… she’s not answering my call… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda told me that Kate’s original plan was a lot simpler. She just wanted to pretend she’s a bait and tempt Omar. 

Belinda : She would reject him of course but she would continue to tempt him. She says she’s confident she can make him lose his control and make his move on her….. if he dared to touch her, she would have a case against him or something…. She says there’s cameras everywhere…. This is Singapore and…. And… 

James : How can you all be so naïve ?? !  It’s not going to be this simple… ! 

Belinda : That’s what I told her…. I tried to talk her out of it…. That this would not work… it doesn’t make sense….

James : You should see the way she dressed up today…. She’s like asking to be raped…! 

Belinda : That’s the problem James… Kate says she wants to bait Omar …. To get him out of the hotel, send her home or something…. Then she can ask her brother’s staff for help at her place… 

James : Don’t be stupid… Omar would not leave his hotel….besides… 

I was about to tell Belinda about Omar’s father but she cut me off. 

Belinda : Listen ! James… I haven finished… ! 

I sighed as Belinda quickly rattled out something that made the hair at the back of my neck stand. 

Belinda : I was worried about her…. I called her friend….. that Andy….

James : That’s her cousin… 

Belinda : Whatever…. I asked if he was aware about what Kate was doing…. He said no. 

James : What ? 

Belinda: Whatever Kate is doing…. She’s on her own… 

James : You got to be kidding me …. I’ll call you back… 

I immediately hung up and dashed back into the room. 

The live band had started playing. 

Kate was standing beside Rasid and Rasid’s hands was around her waist. She looked uncomfortable but she was flanked by Aisha and Aliya. 

Omar : James …. 

I turned and saw Omar with a glass of whiskey in his hands. His dad walked up to me and for the first time, gave me a wide smile. 

Abbas : James…. thank you for the kind assistance…. Expensive…. But…. I’m going to say it’s worth it. 

My eyes widened as I looked back at Omar. 

What the fuck is he talking about ? 

Omar : Kate accepted my offer…. With conditions of her own though… and a huge increase in price tag… hahaha….. you are so good at persuasion James…. I’m considering hiring you already… hahha…. I didn’t know she and Belinda are good friends though… whahaha….

James : What ? 

Omar : Come on James… it was a good bargain…Kate wanted the videos and photos I took of Belinda… haha but not possible… I won’t give that up… but as for the price tag, that was something I was willing to negotiate. I hope you get a cut out of this … hahaha…. 50k…. for a night… it’s expensive.. and we need to travel to her place too….

My heart was thumping and I was struggling to breathe. 

Kate managed to wriggle herself away from Rasid and our eyes met. 

She saw I was with Abbas and Omar and she gave all 3 of us a shy smile and a nod of her head before walking back to her seat. 

As she sat down, she lifted her legs and crossed them, exposing almost if not all of her white thighs for a couple of seconds before she quickly used the scarf to cover them. 

I could see Abbas literally licking his lips at Kate. 


Dinner commenced and I was seated beside Kate. Everyone was chatting and I did not have a chance to talk to her privately as yet. 


When the live band took a break, Kate excused herself to the bathroom and I got up a few seconds later. 

I caught up with her outside the room and grabbed her arm, swinging her around roughly. 


Kate : I have it under control !… relax… 

James : You don’t know what you are doing ! Belinda told me you are alone in this… no one is helping you !… 

Kate : I don’t need anyone’s help…. I have cameras all over my place at home…. This is Singapore mind you !…. what can happen ? I will sue him if he dares to touch me !

James : Will you stop being so stubborn !… you don’t know who you are dealing with. 

Kate : And you ?? do you ? … what can you do James ? what have you done ??? At least I’m doing something !!!!! …. What about you ?? 

James : You are just sending yourself to be gang raped !!! . 

Kate shrugged my arm off. 

Kate : I dare them to try… if you had done something…. Sis would not have been raped by…. 

I lost it… I really did. 

I don’t know why. 

For the first time in my life, I hit a woman. 

Smack !.. 

I slapped Kate.

Even I was shocked at my own actions. 

I immediately froze and regretted what I did. 

James : I… 

I wanted to apologise… I wanted to beg for forgiveness but I was interrupted by Abbas. 

I did not realise he had just emerged from the bathroom. 

He saw me slap Kate and I could see him smiling and clapping. 

Abbas : James… James… I’m impressed….. I like you already…. This is the way…. If they don’t behave…. You do what you have to do……  I like you…. 

Abbas : I like you… haha ….. you know what…. I want you with me tonight…. I want to see you keep her in line….discipline her if you must… 

Kate’s eyes started to swell with tears as she massaged her cheek and look at me. 

Abbas looked up and down the corridor, it was empty except for the 3 of us. 

He circled us for a few seconds before he said something that made blood rush into my dick. 

Abbas : squeeze her breast James… squeeze her breast… 

James : What ? ! 

Abbas : you heard me… show me…. Show me you have what it takes to keep a bitch in line…come on… 

Without thinking, my right hand reached for Kate’s left breast and I squeezed them.

Kate : ERgnhnh… no.. 

She pushed my hand away and tried to hit me but I held onto her wrist. 

Kate : Let me go… it hurts.. 

Abbas : hahah… good.. good… she talked back to you James… what do you do to girls who talk back to you ??  

Kate was starting to really get a little scared. 

I wanted to shout at her ‘ see ? ‘ ‘ see what I meant ? “ but I held back. 

That was not the time. 

I had no choice. If I did it, I could be with Kate when she goes off with Abbas. If not she would be all alone. 

I squeezed Kate’s cheeks together and she yelped. 

I gave it a good shake before asking her to behave and hitting her head onto the back of the corridor wall as she glared at Abbas and me. 

Abbas : Hahaha… I’m looking forward to this evening James…. looking forward…do you know…. There is so many ways to make a girl moan and cry ?? hahahha….. 

Abbas walked right up to Kate and I guessed he could smell her fear. 

Abbas : You’re a smart girl…. I can tell…. But don’t go around thinking you’re the only smart one around ….. hahaha…. I have fucked so many girls…. I taught Omar everything he knew…. I can smell you from a mile away Kate…. .. I hope you’re going to enjoy this evening…. 

Abbas laughed and raped Kate visually with his eyes. His finger rubbed onto the spot where Kate’s crotch is and she retreated and shivered in fear. 

Abbas circled Kate again as he sniffed his runny nose. 

Abbas : girls like you…. You are not a cheap slut…. I can tell…. Which meant you had an agenda when you accepted the offer….you’re not after the money….but whatever you have in mind…. I can tell you… it’s not going to work… hahah… I hope you like the feeling of having cum all over your body …. Hahahaha…. 

Abbas gestured to me again. 

Abbas : put your hands under her dress. 

James : What ? 

Abbas : do it …. Go in !! touch her pussy… 

Kate glared at me in disbelief but I did it anyway. 

My hand went for her high slit and Kate desperately tried to block and cover herself. 

Kate : No… no please… no… 

I ignored her cries… if this is some sort of a test. I have to pass it. 

I wriggled and push my way up Kate’s cheongsum slit as she sobbed for me to stop. 

Kate : No please !!.. no.. 

Abbas : Faster… go in !!.. what is the texture of her panty ??!! Tell me… now… 

Kate squirmed and I felt a wet tear hit my arm as I touched the lace of her panty before I pulled my hand out. She immediately smoothened her cheongsum as she tried to hold back her tears. 

James : It’s lace…. A lace panty. 

Abbas : hahaha… ahah… good.. good… 

He turned to Kate and spoke. 

Abbas : So…? Are you angry ?? this is Singapore little girl… go to the police…. Tell them… tell them this man just molested you !!.. haha.. 

James : What !!?? 

Kate sobbed and wiped away her tears as she looked at me. 

Abbas : What are you waiting for ? do it…. Get him arrested… I can be your witness… haha…  

Kate kept quiet, looking down at her heels. 

Abbas : Are you sure?? You’re keeping quiet ?? do you know what’s waiting for you tonight ? hahhaah….. it’s going to be a long night little girl… haha..

He snapped his fingers at Kate and pointed to me again. 

Abbas : I say report him…. He touched you didn’t he ?? why are you not reporting him ?? haha 

Kate just kept quiet, trying to hold back her tears. 

Abbas : Do it…. You can keep the money I transferred into your account… just report him . huh ? ….. no ??? hahaha 

Abbas sniggered. 

There was something creepy about the way Abbas spoke and it affected me as well. 

He’s sick alright. 

Even more so than Omar. 

Abbas looked around once more before asking Kate and I to go into the bathroom. 

Abbas : Take out her underwear James… 

James : You’re shitting me !… enough of this 

Abbas : Why ? huh ? Are you 2 in this together ?? is it ? you like her ?? is she your girlfriend ?? is she ?? DO IT!! 

Before I could do anything, Kate slapped me, returning me the favour I did to her earlier. 

Abbas laughed as I grabbed hold of Kate and started to pull her into the bathroom. 

Kate : No… let go… no… no…let go !!! 

I wanted to pull Kate away. 

That way we can talk privately. 

Abbas : Alright…hahah… I’ll see you tonight little girl…. And you too James…… get me her panty….

He smiled and looked at Kate before tapping me on my shoulder and entered the dining hall.

As the door shut, Kate slapped me again. 

Kate : You jerk !… 

James : What was I to do ? At least I can stay beside you… 

Kate sniffed and wiped away her tears, smudging a bit of her makeup. 

I took out my phone and passed it to Kate . 

Kate : What >?? 

James : Call your brother…. Now!!!! 

Kate looked away and folded her arms. 

James : Call him… now… 

After a 10 second hesitation. 

Kate brushed me aside and head to the bathroom. 

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. My eyes were pressed shut as I took in another deep breathe, trying to calm myself. 

I really felt like strangling her. 

I called Andy and told him what Kate did. 

He says he will call Gabriel and get back to me. 

I went back to the dining hall and Kate joined me shortly after. 

Everyone raised their hands and clapped as the band finished their latest song except Kate. 

As my hands came back down to my lap, I felt Kate’s hands reached for mine. 

Instead of her soft hands, I felt the tease of soft lace that was a little damp. 

My eyes immediately turned to Kate as blood rushed to my groin. 

Kate pressed her panty into my hand under the table as she tried to muster up a smile. 

Kate : James…. it’s not that I don’t want to call my brother…. I already did…. He refused to help… 

I felt as if someone had just punched me in my gut. 

Kate’s hand slipped away slowly, leaving her panty in my hand under the table. 

I could see she was shaking a little. 

The reality of what she has gotten herself into has slowly but surely sunk into her head by now. 

Kate : What…. What should we do… ?  

I sighed and clenched my fist, wrapping her panty tightly within my hands. 

James : Don’t worry…. I’ll get us out of this mess….. one way or the other… 


i tried to calm myself down as i thought about my next move.

Having Kate’s panty in my hands was a distraction, i quickly stuffed it into my pocket and took a swig of wine as i look over to Abbas. I’ll find an opportunity to pass it to him later, it can’t be just a simple pass.

It had to make an impact.

That Panty had to serve it’s purpose.

It’ll only make me look stupid if i just walk over and say, ’nah, take it. Kate’s panty’

Maybe i could use it to my advantage ?
Perhaps use it as some sort of a bargaining chip ?

I don’t know.

James : The money… return the money now…

Kate :I can’t …. it’s in my account… i .. i..

James : Go and draw everything out….

Kate : It’s more than 30k. How am i going to draw that much out !! even if i did… still… still…

James : still what ??

Kate : It’s no use… i ….

I was starting to get a little impatience and i made Kate spit out whatever she wanted to say.

She told me that as an assurance, she let Abbas have a video of her.

James : WHAT !… what video?

Kate : Just… just now… he wanted to video chat before the transfer…. so…so i took my top off for a bit… just a quick one..

I cannot believe how dumb she was.

James : What were you thinking?

Kate : I was not thinking… i only wanted to get Abbas to my place then…. then blackmail him if he touched me… call the police or something…. i wasn’t thinking that far ahead….

i turned away from Kate and tried to organise my thoughts.

I was just praying for some idea to magically enter my head as i scanned around the room.

I decided to step away from the table for a moment and distanced myself from Kate to put things in perspective.

We’re not suppose to be close.

If Abbas has the impression i was doing a good job of persuading her, i should at least keep up the appearance. Better still, i could give him an impression of me having a greater control over her.

i turned back to Kate and told her our plan at the moment.

We were to keep up the act, she was to continue pretending she works for me, and that if Abbas were to approach her, she was to resist.

James : continue to resist … only do things if i say so…. this will make sure i get to stay near you for as long as i can…

Kate nodded.
I walked about for a bit of fresh air and continued to rack my brains.

As i paced about the room, i felt a vibration in my pocket.

My phone rang, i was hoping it would be Andy telling me help has arrived but no.

It’s not Andy.

It was Belinda.

Belinda : James… what is happening now ??

James : I can’t talk now… i’ll call you back…

Belinda : Let me know if you need help ok ?? I can help ….

James : Ok… talk to you later…

I dropped Andy another text to update him about the money Kate took and is unable to cough out in such short notice.

Andy sms : You are fucking shiting me…

James sms : Do you have 30k cash ?

Andy sms : do i look like a loan shark to you ???

He stopped replying to my messages after that.

Kate stood up from the table too. I could see her pulling her cheongsum a little, adjusting them over her thighs.

I guessed she must be feeling pretty vulnerable without her panty.

Imagine wearing something so short and seductive, everywhere she turned, she could probably see a pair of eyes on her, either from the waitering staff or from one of Omar’s aides.

Kate’s fingers awkwardly reached for the hem of her cheongsum and tugged it lower.

I wonder if she was shaved below, if she was feeling the cool breeze of the room creeping up the thighs.

How would her warm hole feel as it was met with the cold current from the aircon ?

Would she pubic hair sway in the cool air like lalangs in the field ?

Would she quiver and shake as her pussy lips rubbed and moisten itself ?

Would she be aroused as the cold breeze carass her naked love lips ?

Kate tried to walk towards me but i gave her a look and she immediately turned away, choosing to head over to the banquet manager, much to his delight.

I could tell he too would rape Kate there and then if given the chance.

It’s stereotyping i know, but seeing the way Kate dressed would give any man the same ideas.

I bet if some girl dressed in that manner was pulled into some back alley, people would say she asked for it for dressing up in that manner.

I tore my eyes away from the fullness of Kate’s supple breast and focused on the task at hand.

Putting things in perspective, the best case scenario would be if Kate’s brother could get her out of this mess.

Right at that moment, Abbas approached me.

Abbas : James….. How are you… ? i think we need to get to know each other better.

I just smile and did not offer up a reply.

Abbas : Kate….. You know…. There’s something that’s not quite right about her…. I can’t put my finger to it…. And….

He looked at me from head to toe, squinting his eyes in the dim room. It’s those typically ‘i see you no up’ kind of look.

Abbas : I’m not sure about you also…. What….. What are you… ermm.. Getting out of this… hahah…..

James : I’m just…

Before i could answer him, he answered his own question.

Abbas : Ah yes…. Yes…. Your…. Another… another…. Friend… Belinda is it ?? hahah…. I heard from Omar…. He says he likes her very much.

I took a deep breath and kept a straight expression.

Abbas : He mentioned something about photos and videos …. Hahaha…. You know…. My boy… he’s just…. Naughty….haha… but… i don’t know…. Don’t expect much from Omar ok ? … hahaha….

As sudden as it started, Abbas stopped laughing and went back to his stern and no bullshit manner.

Abbas : so…. Have you taken Kate’s panty from her ?

James : Ernmm.. No… not yet…  

Abbas sniggered as he leered at Kate who was standing a distance away.

Abbas : Ok… i’ll go take them then…

James : What ? …. Wait…

I walked along side Abbas as he quickly covered the short distance across the room.

Abbas : Kate..

Kate: Ye…. yes ?

Abbas : GIve me your panty….

Kate : What… what ??

Kate looked absolutely shocked and taken aback.

Abbas said it so normally as if like you’re asking someone for the time.

The way he said it, his tone, is like you owed him your fucking panty.

We’re still in the middle of the fucking banquet room, i could see people walking just a few metres away from us.

Kate : What ?! no…… no… way

Kate looked desperately at me for help.

Abbas : Don’t look at James…. Look at me…. Look into my eyes when i’m talking to you…. I’m the one that paid you remember… ?

Abbas sniggered and asked for Kate’s panty again.

Abbas : Take it off…. Take it off now… or you would prefer to slowly take them off later at your place at …….

He looked up to the ceiling for a moment before rattling off Kate’s address at Joo chiat.

I could not believe Kate had given him the full address and even more surprised he had remembered it.

James : What’s your problem Abbas ??  We’re in the middle of…

Abbas : Shut up…. James..… why ?  you like her James ?  are you related ?? …. Huh ? Why ?  what is the problem ?? No ?? ….. Not related ??? then ? …. Take off your panty Kate…

Abbas immediately put on a smiling face, and asked Kate for her panty again.

James : She works for me !….she’ll do as i say !…

I whispered harshly at Abbas who smiled and looked at me.

Abbas: Really ? …. Prove it James… prove it…. Show me.. !

Kate looked worried. She’s being cornered and without her panty. There was nothing for her to remove.

Hakim approached the group as he came back from the bathroom.  

Hakim : everything ok ?

James : Yup. it’s fine… just having a chat ….

He walked away and Abbas immediately resumed his taunt.

Abbas : She doesn’t work for you James…. I know…. I can tell… just look at her… hahah… something doesn’t seem right…. Doesn’t feel right… haha..

James : There are people around….. Not here…

Without giving Abbas a chance to reply, i grabbed Kate and escorted her out of the room.

Abbas quickly fell into step, sniggering and talking in Arabic to himself.

The corridor was clear and i directed Kate towards the bathroom.

Abbas : What are you doing ? Are you trying to run ?? i know your address… hahaha…

James : You want her panty right..? Isn’t it…. She’ll take it off for you…

Abbas laughed.

Abbas : Sure.. … we’ll see….

I used my body to hide my hands as i reached into my pocket and pulled out Kate’s panty. The feeling of the soft fabric sent a rush of blood into my cock as i pushed it against Kate’s hands as i shoved her into the ladies.

James : Make it quick !

I barked the order before turning to look at Abbas who was just smiling away.

A minute later, Kate came out from the bathroom and i could see she had clenched the panty in her left wrist.

James : Give it to him…

Kate’s face blushed red. There was no way to describe the embarrassment.

Imagine as a girl you have to hand your panty to a sleazy old man who was visually raping you at the same time.

Kate held out her panty but Abbas did not reach for it.

He smiled and slowly circled her before bringing his nose to Kate’s hands to sniff the thin soft panty in her hands.

I could see Kate cringe as she squeezed her eyes shut and turned away.

Abbas : Ahh… i… i can smell you Kate … i can smell you…. It’s…. It’s quite nice…. That freshness….. That sweetness… ahahha…

He brought his nose right up to Kate’s fingers and i could see Kate clenched them tighter around her panty.

Abbas righted himself up and laughed.

Abbas : Put it under your dress, i want to see you rub your pussy with your panty… haha

Kate: That is sick! no!!

Abbas : I’ll do it for you then.. hahah

Kate slapped Abbas’s hands away and tried to walk out of the bathroom but i held onto her.

KAte : Let me go! …

James : Do it….

Kate : WHAT!!.

James : I said do it…

Kate glared at me before reluctantly lowering her panty to her crotch.

Abbas : Yes… yes… rub… rub your pussy…. good girl… continue.. continue rubbing… haha…

Kate stopped after a while and held out her panty for Abbas.

He looked hungrily at Kate’s panty before exclaiming that it’s not wet.

Abbas : I want it to be moist…. so i can taste you… haha.

Kate looked so helpless and lost. SHe must be feeling the full brunt of her stupidity by then as she fought back her tears.

As she as was about to put the panty back under to rub her lips, Abbas stopped her.

Abbas : Alright… give it to me… haha…

Kate’s hands reached out and before she could offer it up to Abbas, he grabbed her hand after checking behind him to make sure the corridor was clear.

Kate : Ahhh… no… no.. don’t touch me !!

James : What are you doing ? !

Abbas half pushed and pulled Kate into the ladies.

Kate was totally caught off guard as she lost her balance for a bit before regaining her footing, but by then she was already well into the ladies.

I quickly followed into the ladies and i could see Abbas leering at Kate as he stroked his mustache.

Kate : What are you doing ?? No… no…

Abbas : Lift up your cheongsum…

Kate : What ! ? NO!!…

James : don’t do it…. Abbas … enough !…. this is a public space…

Abbas : do i look as if i care… ? this is the ladies…. Who else would see ?

He turned towards me and added….

Abbas : Why are you so concerned about her ? if she works for you… you should demand it…. Do it… haha

I could see Abbas looking right at me, no doubt waiting to see what i would do.

James : She works for me alright…. And she will…. Listen to me…. But let me tell you this Abbas, she’s not a whore…..

Abbas : Wahahaha… of course she’s not…. I could smell a whore a mile away…. Of course Kate is not… hahah….

I cut him off and told Abbas off in an angry tone.

I had to.

I acted as angry as i could, in the same manner a drunk hoard his favourite stash of liquor.

I directed all my anger and emotions to the very sentences as i literally spit them out at Abbas.

James : I know you people….you people are like spoilt brats with money…. I like money…. But what i don’t like is how often you spoil the toys after playing with them !!!!

I raised a finger at Abbas as i saw his eyes widen the same time his smile spread across his face.

James : Kate…… is one of my most priced…… asset…….. And knowing she’s going to be broken…… makes me angry…… you understand what i’m saying !!!

I must have done it right as Abbas took a step back and laughed.

Abbas : You’re right James… wahah…. Absolutely right….. I love to break my toys…haha… but i thought…. You’re doing this because you wanted to help your other friend or something,… hahaha….

James : Yes i do… i want the photos back… but i want my money as well….

I turned and pointed to Kate, gesturing at her face and breast.

James : You know how much i paid for these ??!!!!

I poked Kate’s breast and she yelped

Kate : Ahhh… !!!

James : And these !!??? and THESE!!!

I jabbed Kate’s cheeks and as she reached up to cover her face i jabbed her buttocks and she slapped my hands away.

Abbas laughed and laughed.

James : You think surgery is cheap in Singapore ??!

Abbas : Nothing is cheap in Singapore James… hahaha…that i know…

I could see Kate glaring at me by then, obviously pissed at me for even suggesting her breast, buttocks and face were fake.

Abbas tried to stroke Kate’s shoulders but Kate shrugged his hands away.

He quietened down as he walked round me to look at Kate who was hugging her own arm by then.

Abbas : I’m going to rape you so bad Kate…., that you would beg me to take my money back… hahaha….

Kate : Take your money back then, i don’t want it anymore….

I turned around and slapped Kate.

Smack ! ..

Kate : Ahh!!…

James : Shut up !!… you’re spoken enough for tonight…. I don’t want to hear you speak again.. !…

Kate massaged her cheek and glared at me before lowering her head. I could hear her sniffing back her tears.

Abbas just laughed but did nothing.

I grabbed the panty over and threw them at Kate’s stomach, it hit her before dropping to the floor.

James : Put it back on !…

Kate slowly lowered her body to pick up the panty and Abbas laughed.

My cock swelled with blood as Kate sniffed and put 1 leg through her panty, before she could put her other leg through, i surprised her by grabbing the panty and pulling it up her leg and thigh.

Kate : Ahhhh!!… no…

With only a leg looped, i dragged the panty upwards, pushing and lifting up the hem of her short cheongsum, exposing her pussy to Abbas.

Abbas : Whahaha… hahaha…

Kate : Stop!… stop!… no… no…

Kate tried to hit me but  held onto her hand.

I ignored her pleas as i tried to put the half worn panty at the same level as where it should be if Kate had worn them properly.

James : This is for doing everything so slowly. !!

Kate swallowed a gulp of saliva and i could see her fighting back her tears.

Abbas : I’m looking forward to this evening James… hahaha… really looking forward….. I apologise to you in advance though…. I will surely break your toy before the night is over… whahaha…

He turned to Kate and added.

Abbas : See you at your place Kate ok ? whahah….oh wait… we’ll be heading there together aren’t we… haha..

James : Don’t worry, i’ll send her there myself…..

Abbas : Oh no…. no… noo… i’m not letting her out of my sight….

Abbas added out of the blue that he’s loves facebook. And that he was glad Kate added him as a friend.

Abbas : I wouldn’t want to accidentally share our video chat you know what i mean ? hahaha….

Abbas held up his phone and shook it about in front of Kate and laughed.

Abbas : See you later Kate … haha… and you too James…. haha..

I thought he was leaving but he did a quick about turn, an action that was so fast for his age.

Abbas reached over and lifted up Kate’s cheongsum, flashing her almost naked pussy once more.

Kate’s privates is neatly trimmed, with a small tuft of soft baby like hair just near the top of her love hole. I tried to peel my eyes away but i can’t.

It was an erotic sight.

Kate kept resisting, she kept pushing Abbas’s hands away, trying to protect her modesty.

Abbas : Hahahah…. your girl is not cooperating James… ahah..

James : Take your hands away !..

Kate whimpered softly as she took her hands off her hem of her short dress.

Kate was close to losing it by then as Abbas laughed and stroked her pubic hair.

Only her pubic hair mind you.

Abbas could have grabbed her pussy, pushed his finger into her cunt or spread her lips to see how moist Kate was but no.

He chose not to.

He did not want to.

Like the gourmet food critic, he wants to go through the appetiser first.

Abbas’s finger held onto Kate’s cheongsum as he used one finger to lightly brush Kate’s womanly bush.

Imagine the electrical signals that was being sent down her privates into her brain.

This is biological.

Her privates and sensitive regions are being teased.

Whether she liked it or not, her body would feel the arousal.

Kate bit her lips and looked away.

James : Look…. I want you to look !

Grabbing her chin, i directed Kate to look at the humiliating sight of her privates being slowly violated by Abbas.

I felt  tinge of satisfaction doing that as Kate glared at me.

Abbas laughed and backed off after a bit more stroking as Kate fought off a shiver.

Once the opportunity presented itself, she quickly bent down and put on her panty properly before adjusting her cheongsum.

Abbas : Look at how fast she moved… hahaa… come James… let’s head out together… ahah…

He put his arm around my shoulder and we stepped out of the bathroom. After a short chat, he went back to his seat and continued drinking.

Glancing towards the circle of men talking to themselves, i tried to rack my brains for ideas, solutions, anything.

Abbas was talking to Mr Liew while Omar and Rasid were busy stroking the backs of Aisha and Aliya, talking amongst themselves.

Even under the dim lighting of the function room, i could see Abbas’s eyes watering away. He laughed, sniffed, wiped away snort with his handkerchief as he took sips after sips of water. He cast an occasional glance towards Kate in a condescending manner.

About 10 minutes past, I stood up from my seat and casually walked over, pretending to mingle around and look towards the performing band.

I heard Mr Liew asking Abbas if he was ok.

Mr Liew : are you ok ?

Abbas : Yes… yes… i’m fine… just a bit under the weather.

Under the weather my foot. He looked like he needs to take a snort of some shit before he zones out but there was none of my business.

I sipped my drink and as i watched Rasid pinched Aliya’s buttocks, not only did Rasid pinched Aliya’s buttocks, he asked her to bent over and face Omar, offering her behind to him as well.

Omar laughed in delight as he smacked her buttocks.

Abbas saw that and barked out something in arabic and the laughter toned down a little.

It was as if he was scolding a couple of his kids for not behaving.
I could see Hakim and Alex shaking their heads as they whispered amongst themselves.

Abbas apologised to Mr Liew for that but Mr Liew just smiled and waved it away.

As Mr Liew excused himself to head to the bathroom, i intercepted him along the way and told him what happened.

Mr Liew : What ?!

James : Kate took their money…

Mr Liew : Don’t be stupid… just give it back…

James : I don’t think it’s that easy…

Mr Liew : What is so hard about giving back the money ?

I wished there was an easy way to tell Mr Liew Kate literally invited the trouble to her door but there was none.

Mr Liew : Just fucking give the money back….. I’m bringing Omar and Rasid out…. I’m sure you can handle Abbas…. Find him a whore to fuck or something…


Dessert were served and barely a few minutes later, Hakim, Uncle Tong and Alex got up at the same time as they said their goodbyes.

It’s still a workday tomorrow, i guess they wanted to head back and rest.

Alex gestured towards me to join them but i held up my palm, saying that i needed to talk to the group for a bit.

He did not bother to ask Kate since she was the main person organising, she would be one of the last few to leave.


The staff started clearing the main dinning tables. Abbas’s aides were settled on some couches together with Omar and Rasid’s assistants in the corner of the room.

Kate was sitting along at the table staring at her phone.

I could hear Mr Liew doing his closing speech.

Mr Liew : Well, i hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore…… i promised to bring Rasid and Omar out….

Abbas : hahaha… go on… go on… don’t worry about me… you young people go have fun….

Mr Liew : We’re not young anymore… haha…

He stood up and shook hands with Abbas.

As the group got up, Mr Liew gestured to Kate for a few words.

After he was done with Kate, i saw her walk away and talk to the banquet manager.

Mr Liew : James…. Here…

James : Yah…

Mr Liew : Everything ok ?

James : Yes…

Mr Liew : Ok… have an early night…

James : You too.

Mr Liew paused and took a deep breath.

Mr Liew : if you can’t save her, at least save yourself….. You know what i’m talking about ? on’t get involved in uncessary stuff.

I nodded my head and kept a blank look on my face.

Mr Liew : I’m bringing Omar and Rasid out….

I took a deep breath and drained my glass of wine. I turned back to Omar and Rasid again and saw that they took pleasure in playing with Aliya and Aisha.

They literally treat them like playthings.

A toy.

An object to play with.

Abbas would be no different.

I need to think like them if we were to survive this.

I need to become a fucker like them, do what they do, feel what they feel.

Abbas would want Kate to be at his beck and call but he can’t. He craves control, that was why i piqued his interest when he saw me slap Kate. One thing though, he’s cautious.

Like a stalking hyena, he does not want to take unnecessary risk. He is not wrong.

Just seeing me hit Kate doesn’t mean anything.

Seeing Kate put on her panty for me would not mean anything either.

It’s impossible for him to trust someone he barely knew for a couple of hours. I don’t need him to trust me anyway, i’m not going to be his dog, but the bare minimum i needed was for him to believe Kate would listen to me obediently.

If she listens to what i orders, it would make things a lot smoother for Abbas. He could takes things easy and just play with her.

Omar came over to me and asked me to take good care of his dad.

2 of Abbas aides would be joining his dad wherever he goes which pretty much meant they would be a Kate’s house too.

Kate hopped onto a 7 seater arranged by Abbas , flashing her panty to the whole world as she got into the car.

I took the seat beside her while Abbas sat across Kate.

One of the aides took the front passenger seat while the other sat beside Abbas, he too was leering at Kate.

It was happening too fast.

Before i knew it, we were already on the exressway heading to Kate’s place.

I stole a glance at Kate who kept looking out the window.

SHe’s nervous.

Anyone could tell she’s nervous.

In fact i was pretty sure she wa son the verge of shitting herself as we exited the expressway.

Kate eventually sat on her own hands as Abbas kept making disgusting faces at her. His had taken off his shoe and kept stroking Kate’s legs with his sock clad feet.

Kate tried to ignore and push them away but there was not enough room in the car for that. Eventually she gave in, letting Abbas’s feet stroke and play with her thigh, her calves and her feet.

The car moved off after dropping us at the very coffee shop i saw Haibin got wacked. THe only difference now was that there’s no one there.

One of Abbas’s men was holding onto a large black bag.

The shutters were down for the coffee shop.

No Uncle Ben to save Kate.

No Ah Keong to push anyone away.

No Andy to help.

It was erriely quiet along the street.

Abbas : Come on come on… haha… lead the way Kate .

Kate held onto the wall as she ascended the steps up to her old place.

Abbas was eager to follow behind her as he kept his head up, climbing up with much difficulty as he peeped at Kate’s upskirt.


We entered Kate’s old place and the moment the door was closed, Abbas’s men went deep into the house.

Abbas : Please don’t mind my men, they just want to be sure we’re safe yah… hahaha…

Kate swallowed a gulp of her saliva as she looked at me.

30 seonds later the men came back to the living room and nodded their head at Abbas. They spoke in arabic and pointed to the cameras that surrounded the place.

Abbas : It’s peculiar Kate… that you would need so many cameras for your house. it’s not only pointing at the entrance…. it’s everywhere….. weird … dont you think ?

Kate kept quiet as the men continued walking about trying to find the control panel for the cctv.

The found it behind a cabinet and switched everything off including the router.

Abbas : Alright… shall we begin ?? haha

There’s no doubt we’re alone.

Abbas laughed and opened his arms, asking Kate to go into his embrace.

Kate : I…. i need the bathroom …

Abbas laughed as Kate walked briskly to the bathroom.

James : I’ll go check on her…

Abbas : I’m waiting Kate… i’m waiting…

I reached for my phone and text Andy.

James sms : Andy… we’re above the coffee shop….. Are you coming ? Kate is going to get rape…

I knocked on the bathroom door and Kate opened it just a peek.

I could see she was trembling.

Kate : James… James i’m freaking out…. sorry…. sorry… i don’t know what to do…. i thought i did but i don’t…. how ?

James : fuck it… let’s just make a run for it… i’ll distract them… you go ahead…

Kate : No… i can’t…

James: they can’t do anything to me….

Kate shook her head, indicating that she did not want to leave alone.

I could hear Abbas shouting from the living room.

Abbas : Hurry hurry !!! hahaha…

There was no way we can get out of this unscathed.

It’s got to the point of just limiting the damage.

Kate stepped out of the bathroom, i could see she was trembling.

One of Abbas men walked over and look at us. Tahar is his name. i heard Abbas calling him.

Tahar : What is taking so long ??

James: Nothing… she’s just getting ready …

I walked slowly past the kitchen cabinets and eyed the collection of knives that was bring stuck above the sink via magnet. I saw one that i wanted to grab.

It will come in handy.

I angled myself towards that knife, but right before i could get hold of it, my phone buzzed.

It was Andy

I felt a glimmer of hope when i saw his message.

Andy sms : We’re heading over now…. we’ll be there in 45 minutes…


There would be nothing left of Kate in 45 minutes.

James sms : You need to be here now !!

Andy sms : 44 minutes…

I kept my phone and told Kate about the time.

She looked like she was about to cry. I reached over and was about to grab a knife to slug it out when the other man, Luke came in and asked us to hurry up.

He was looking at me and i switched direction smoothly, reaching for the kitchen towel instead.

It was no use if he sees me with the knife.

There was no way i could beat all of them.

Luke and Tahar are well built, easily 1.9m in height with a solid frame. I bet they were more than just assistants to Abbas, anyone could tell they were his bodyguard in some sense.

We went into the living room. I sat down when Abbas gestured me to as Kate remained standing in the middle of the room surrounded by 4 men.

Abbas took a small canister out from his jacket and empty some white powder onto the coffee table. Just like what the actors in the movie did, he cut the powder up before snorting them straight into his nostrils, laughing and coughing as he did.

Abbas : Come… try… ahha…

He rubbed his nose and sniffed his own finger before gesturing for Kate to take off her cheongsum.

Abbas : Do it… !

Kate looked like she was about to cry.

I got up and went over to Kate.

Turning to Abbas, i added that she’s not ready.

James : Give her some time to compose herself…

Abbas slammed the table in front of him with a wham !


Abbas : Stop wasting my time !!!… take off your dress !

He pointed to me angrily.

Abbas : Get her to start !! and stop wasting my time..!

Barely a couple of minutes has passed, it’s still a good 40 minutes before Andy arrives.

Abbas : Kate… you better do it before i get my men to do it for you… hahaha…

Kate panicked for a bit and she undid the 1st butterfly knot near her neck.

I felt a rush of blood to my dick as she undid the other knot, and another, and another.

WIthout warning, short phrase of arabic reached my ears as Abbas smack his lips as Kate held onto her own arm, trying to hide her body.

I wanted to stop her but i can’t.

It was like a trance looking at Kate undress.

Part of me wanted to save her, to grab her hand and make a run for it, scream my lungs out and hope the neighbours call the police but a bigger part of me froze.

I simply could not move.

It was that evil part of me that hesitated.

The part that blamed Kate for getting herself into this mess and dragging me into it.

That part that was angry at Kate for saying i did nothing to save Belinda.

That very same part that craved for Kate’s body like any other men out there.

Her skin is smooth and supple. It’s flawless.

It’s just this healthy radiant colour of white. I could not see any stray mole, no freckles.

No scars.

It’s like the freshly spray painted barbie doll you just took out from the box.

You would surely think i’m exaggerating but i’m not.

As soon as the smoothness of Kate’s skin greeted the men’s eyes, all were silent for a second or two.

I saw Abbas swallow a mouthful of his saliva as he adjusted his crotch.

Kate was wearing a pair of silicon bra.

The nude coloured silicon hung magically on her breast, it looked surreal as it lifted and gave her already supple breast an additional level of detail.

Abbas stood up and walked forward, Kate immediately retreated. Her body language immediately betrayed the brave front she was trying to put up as she gritted her teeth.

Abbas’s hands reached up, like the claws of a demon as he smirk and made a squeezing action towards Kate’s breast. I could see Kate shivering.

Abbas’s men too stood up, eager to get into the action if their boss allows them to.

I readied myself as my body waited for my brain to send the commands to my limbs.


Anything at all but there was nothing.

Abbas’s hands got closer and closer.

Kate shivered where she stood.

Then without warning, Abbas peeled off one of her silicon bra. The sticky material pulled up and hugged onto the fine pores of Kate’s breast, revealing a amazing pale pink nipple with a small cute areola.

I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants and Kate tried to cover up her exposed left breast.

Abbas laughed and he started to lick that silicon bra before plastering it onto his face and started to sniff and lick it.

Tahar and Luke laughed at their boss, and i could see them eyeing Kate as well.

Abbas threw the bra aside and was about to reach for Kate’s breast but he stopped.

He stopped.

He took a look around the house from the ceiling to the shiny floor tiles and he went back to his seat.

Then he did something incredibly disgusting out of the blue.

It was sick.

He spoke in arabic and Luke removed a dildo from the black bag. It was a replica of a real dick, about 7inches in length with bulging veins, but that was not all.

It’s not a vibrator.

Instead there was a tube connected to a reservoir of sort.

You know those sex toys where you can put water into the dildo and make it squirt ?

Yes, it a more refined version of that.

It looks well made, not some cheap china replica, almost like a work of art.

Ok good. If he’s going to waste some time playing with the dildo, we can drag it out some more.

Kate looked scared as she shook her head.

I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

Probably worried how much that thick dildo would stretch her tight vagina.

Before i could heave a sigh of relief, Abbas did the unthinkable.

He stripped himself and started to masturbate.

He fucking started to masturbate in front of everyone.

He looked at Kate, making grunts and moans befitting a old fart as his stroked and wank his small cock away.

His dick is small, hairy and it looked slim.

Kate looked away in disgust but Abbas kept going nearer and nearer to Kate until his cock started to rub against Kate’s thighs.

Kate : No… no…

He continued to wank off, rubbing his cock on Kate’s buttocks, trying to flip her panty.

Tears rolled down Kate’s face but she stopped short of bawling out loud.

Tahar and Luke looked on hungrily, no doubt waiting for their turn.

Kate kept trying to push Abbas away, but it only made him more excited.

It lasted less than 3 minutes before Abbas announced her was cumming.

He took the extension of the dildo reservoir and came into it.

I was shocked at the amount of semen he had.

Think lumpy squirts of his cum flowed and filled up the reservior.

Abbas : ARHHH… arghhhh.. Arghhhhhh… arghhhhh !!!!! fuck….. @#$@#$@#$… arghhh !!!!

Just when i thought he was done, he grunted out loudly and he squirted more into the reservoir.

It was a lot of cum.


Even as a guy i was amazed by the volume of semen he had inside his fucking wrinkled testicles.

He laughed and said he was done for the warm up.

Abbas : Alright…. Warmed up… haahhaha ….

Abbas snorted more powder before connecting the reservoir to the dildo.

Kate’s eyes widened in horror.

Kate : No.. !!! NO!!!… NO!!!!! Please… NO!!! Don’t !!!

Abbas : Whahahah.. Whahah….

Kate : Please no !!… no…

Kate started backing away as Abbas stood up with the cum filled dildo.

Abbas : I….. like to give choices….. So….. i’m giving you a choice….

Without warning Luke got over and grabbed Kate and try to part aside her panty.

Kate : No!!.. No… please… no!!!

Tahar was about to head over when i decided it was enough. I barrel charged him and pushed him hard onto the sofa.

I don’t know what happened next but i knew blows were exchanged and grunts and shouts broke out in the room.

Abbas just laughed and laughed but i did what i could and managed to keep Tahar mostly on the sofa as we went at each other.

Luke : STOP!!!… JAMES!! Stop  or i’ll fuck her face up !!

I hesitated for a moment and Tahar pushed me off him and onto the floor.

Luke had grabbed onto a nail clipper from one of the small trinket basket that sat on the side table, he was pressing the sharp edge onto Kate’s face as she sobbed and begged to be let go.

Abbas laughed and walked over to me.

Abbas : You know what…. I want you to do it….take it…

James : NO…fuck you…

Kate screamed as Luke pressed harder onto her face, i could literally see the nail clipper sink into Kate’s smooth face. Luke removed it just for a brief moment to show me the red mark it left on Kate’s tear stained cheek.

Abbas : Do it…. Or you’ll have to spend money on her face again… hahaha….

Luke made a threatening manner to press it onto Kate’s face and she pleaded for him to stop.

Kate : Please !!! l… please stop !! … no…. Sob… sob….sobzzz…

I took over the cum filled dildo and Abbas laughed.

He looked at Kate and peeled off her other silicon bra.

Abbas : Your breast look so nice….. Sooo nice… i want to suck on them… can i ? haha ??

He started to stroke himself and i was shock Abbas managed to get it hard again within such a short period of time.

His cock glistened with precum and probably some of his recently squirted semen.

He went closer and closer to Kate.

Luke parted Kate’s panty, pushing aside the thin fabric that covered her most private region.

Abbas : Come here James… come … ahahah ….

I went over beside Abbas as he laughed and almost choked on his own saliva.

I wanted to stuff that fucking dildo down Abbas’s throat but i could see Luke smiling.

He was pressing the sharp edge onto Kate’s cheeks as tears rolled down her face.

Kate was brought over to the sofa. The only single seater sofa in the house.

She sobbed and begged for Abbas to stop as Abbas positioned her legs apart, spreading them on each of the sofa’s arm.

Abbas : I want you to choose Kate…. I want you to choose… hahaha…..

He pointed to the cum filled dildo before pointing back to his own cock.

Abbas : Which one do you want inside you ? hahahah….. Choose….

Kate : No… please… no… no… sobzz… i don’t want to do this anymore… i’ll pay you back the money… please… sobzz.. Sobzz… no please….

Abbas laughed and laughed.

He spoke louder the 2nd time round.

Abbas : CHOOSE !!!! i want you to choose. !!!

Kate looked at Abbas’s cock and the dildo i was holding.

She had to make a choice.

Abbas might not be able to cum again and she needed to last till help gets here but there would surely be remnants of his cum all over his dirty dick.

The dildo is filled with Abbas’s fresh cum, but if she chose that, at least she won’t need to get fuck by his cock.

Kate shivered and broke down, sobbing away.

Abbas : You don’t want to choose ??!!! you don’t want to choose ? hahahah …then i choose for you !!!

Kate : No… no… please…. No !!!!

Abbas grabbed the cum reservior and gave it a squeeze, sending a column of his thick semen to the tip of the dildo.

Tahar brought over a tube of lubricant and Abbas applied a generous amount on Kate’s vagina before rubbing them roughly all over the privates as she screamed.

Luke tightened his hold on Kate as she cried for them to stop.

Abbas : James…. If you don’t put that in her….. I will let Tahar rape Kate…. Follow by Luke… hahaha…… put it in…

I shook my head as KAte looked at me helplessly.

Abbas : PUT IT IN!!!

Right at the moment Abbas shouted, Luke tightened his hold on Kate, causing her to scream. Tahar started to laugh and strip and within seconds, i could see his erected cock coming towards Kate.

Abbas made space for him but i pushed him away and Luke laughed as he raised up the nailclipper he was holding.

James : I’m sorry Kate…i’m sorry…

Kate : No.. no no..!.. please… no….

I pushed the dildo with Abbas’s cum onto the entrance of Kate’s vagina as she moaned in pain and pleasure. Tahar grunted as he was cock block by the dildo and me while Abbas laughed and pushed Tahar away.

Abbas : Some more… some more James… ahahha….

I barely put it in, less than half an inch, i just want to block Tahar but Abbas grabbed the reservior from my hands.

Abbas : Push it in or i’ll squeeze it all out.

Kate : NO!! Please don’t… please….

Abbas : PUSH IT IN!!!!

My head was spliting.

My cock had a raging hard on too seeing Kate’s wet cunt in front of me.

I pushed in an inch as Kate moaned and trashed on the sofa as her strong and tight vagina walls enveloped the dildo’s mushroom head.

Kate : ERgnnhhhhhhh…..

Abbas : PUSH it in !!! Or i fucking swear i will squeeze this reservoir dry !!!

I pushed in a little more and Kate moaned louder as her hips gyrated and rubbed against the sofa.

Abbas : hahaha…. Go on !! go ON!!!…

I could feel it going in easier the deeper i went.

Kate kept shaking her head but Abbas kept nudging me on.

I gave 1 more pushed and Kate moaned so loud in a sensual way that i thought i came in my pants.

Kate :ERNGHHHHHHH!HHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. Erngnghh……

THe 7 inch dildo was completely buried within Kate.

Only a tube connected to the cum reservoir remained outside in Abbas’s hands as he laughed.

Abbas : Alright…. Now……..

Luke helped Kate up a little so she could see the reservoir Abbas was holding.

Abbas : Now…..

I turned and looked at the clock and mentally calculated the time.

It’s another 30 minutes before Andy arrives.

Kate was totally drenched with perspiration and she was breathing heavily.

Luke held onto both her hands above her head while Tahar held the nail clipper.

Abbas : Now…..

Abbas dug into his bag and took out a dice.

Abbas : Now….. we start our games….

I watched the minute hand shook and moved by one more notch.

29 more minutes.


Abbas wiped the sweat from his brow with his hand that was holding the dice and spoke to Kate in a mischievous and horny manner.

He slowly stroked Kate’s pubic bush which was getting soaked by the minute as he spoke, teasing her clit that was rearing it’s petite head up and above the folds of her stretched pussy lips. 

I could literally see Kate getting wet in front of my eyes. 

She’s in pain, that’s for sure but her body could not help it. It was a natural reaction, a defence mechanism of sort. Her vagina started secreting large amount of fluids and lubricant to prepare for the inevitable. 

All the signs and signals were being sent to her brain and body. 

She has been penetrated and despite the overwhelming sense of fear, her subconscious told her body she was about to be seeded. 

To be fertilised. 

Her Fallopian tube would receive the sperm whether she wants it or not. 

This is just pure human reproduction. 

Simple science. 

Kate’s vagina shivered and contracted, it pushed the dildo out a little right when Abbas spoke. 

Abbas : If…. If James let the dildo come out even an inch… I would squeeze the reservoir… hahaha…. Like this…!!! 

Kate screamed and tried to resist but it was too late. 

The dildo slid out a little and Abbas gave the reservoir a hard squeeze. 

I could see Kate squirm and sob as she no doubt felt the cold clamy sperm of Abbas coat the interior of her warm vagina walls. 

Kate : NO!!! NO!!.. no!!! please… no!!.. sob… sob… please… don’t… 

Abbas : Hahahaha… it’s already inside….. just a little I think… 

Kate: NO stop please !!! I’ll pay you your money back… all of it !!.. please… 

Abbas just laughed and replied Kate, he said he was enjoying himself so much he was tempted to double his payment. 

Abbas : Look it’s still sliding out…. Still sliding out… I’m going to squeeze again… 

Kate : NO!!!. NO!!.. please no!!! JAMES!!! James !!.. 

With Kate struggling and squirming, the dildo has slid out about a third due to her wetness. 

Abbas : Oh… oh… it’s still sliding out… hahaa… it’s up to you James…. I’m going to squeeze…hahaha… 

I was torn between my decision as Kate pleaded with me to save her and push the dildo back into her at the same time. 

Kate: Please !!do something !! do something!!… please… sob… sob… I’m sorry…. I’m sorry… sob… push it back in… don’t let him squeeze please..!!! 

Kate’s eyes were red and her makeup had smudged quite a bit. 

One of her fake eyelash fell off and landed on her breast. 

Abbas : Whahaha.. hahah… 

Abbas : Oh no… more is coming out…

The dildo was almost half way out in a matter of seconds as Kate tried to squeeze and contract her vagina walls to retain it but it only pushed it out more. 

Abbas was fucking with her mind. 

Kate was too confused to realise the dildo had already deposited a load of cum inside her. 

Even before Abbas did the first squeeze, the tip of it was already coated with his semen. 

I bet hundreds of thousands of his old arab sperm are swimming up Kate’s vagina right then as I grappled with the decision. 

I wanted to pull it out yet Kate was begging me to push it back in. 

James : Kate listen to me… it’s already… 

Abbas cut me off and said he’s about to squeeze a good load again, causing another round of panic to set in for Kate. 

Kate : NO!!! no.. no .. no!!! please… sob… JAMES!!… JAMES!!! put it in… please…!!! Put it back in I beg you… sob… sob… 

Abbas clutched his stomach and laughed and I relented and pushed the well lubricated dildo back into Kate’s vagina, fucking her to the hilt of the base as she moaned in Tahar and Luke’s embrace. 

Abbas looked like he was having a good time and he shook the dice in front of Kate. 

Abbas : Look at me Kate… look at me ok … hahah… let’s play a game… 

Abbas said he would roll the dice, and the number would be the number of times I would need to fuck Kate with the dildo. 

There was no time for protest as Kate struggled to catch her breath. She must be regretting her decision to go up against Abbas by then. 

Abbas rolled a 4 and laughed, signalling for me to fuck Kate 4 times with the dildo. 

My left hand was soaked with Kate’s juice and probably Abbas cum as a copious amount of lubricant continued to flow down Kate’s privates, coating even her anus before dripping down onto the sofa. 

Tahar was playing with Kate’s nipples while Luke kept smelling and licking Kate’s sweat and tears. 

She sobbed pitifully as she begged for Abbas to let her go. 

Abbas : Do it James…!.. fuck her 4 times or I’m going to squeeze 4 times…. Which do you prefer Kate ? hahaha!!!… 

Kate lost her ability to think under that circumstances and she started to beg Abbas and scold me at the same time. 

Kate : NO… please… don’t … don’t squeeze…. Sob… no … JAMES!!! damm it!!! Fuck me…. Fuck me with the dildo… don’t let him squeeze the dildo please .!!!sob… please..!!!

ARghhhh… fuck it. 

I looked at the time, 10 minutes has passed. 

I guess we just have to hold it out till the end. 

I pulled out the wet slippery dildo before pushing it back into Kate. 

Kate sobbed and moaned as her vagina walls were stretched by the dildo. I could literally see the moulded thick veins of the dildo pushing pass the futile resistance offered by her pussy. 

I did it 4 times but before I could finish, Abbas started throwing the dice again. 

He just laughed and laughed. 

He did not even stop, he just kept throwing and shouting the numbers out. 

Abbas : Whahaha… 3…..5…..2…..1….4….6….4….6…wahhahahaha.. ahahhaah.. 

He was like a crazed man while his men just laughed at their boss. 

I paused for a moment and Abbas squeezed the reservoir once more, flooding Kate’s pussy with his cum. 

Kate must have felt that gush of Abbas semen and she screamed and begged for him to stop before asking me to quickly fuck her with the dildo again. 

I pushed it back into her as Kate tilt her head back and gasp in mouthful of cold air. 

Tahar played with her right nipple while Luke played with her left. Both of them spoke in Arabic as they twirled and flicked Kate’s nipples the same time I was fucking her with the dildo. 

Abbas : Whahaha… fantastic… ahaha.. this is the best… whahaas.s.a

Kate : ERnghhh.. ernhhhhh… no…. no!!!.. ernghh.h.. no!!.. please stop !!.. ernghh… 

Abbas stopped throwing the dice and I immediately stopped fucking Kate. 

Abbas : Alright Kate…. I’m giving you a chance to end this ok… hahaha…. Here… James… take the dice… 

Abbas then signalled for Luke and Abbas to let go of Kate and they reluctantly let go of her body. 

Kate immediately broke down and collapsed onto me as I went forward to hug her. The dildo was squeezed out as well. 

She just sobbed and sobbed, saying she’s sorry. 

Abbas : Hey.. hey… Kate…. Cheer up… you have a chance to end this ok… haha…. 

Abbas went on to clap his hands a few times, sending the loud smack of his wet palms throughout the house. 

He told Kate that I was to roll the dice. 

Abbas : If it’s a 1, you just need to fuck me plus ……1 of us in this room….. you can even choose James if you like…. Hahahahaa…. But if it’s a 6…… oh dear… ahahaha… I guess some of us would have to go twice… hahaha….

Kate shook her head, tears continued to flow. 

Abbas : No ?? You don’t want to play this game ?? haha.. 

Kate hugged onto me and sobbed. 

Abbas : But you don’t have a choice…. Throw the dice…. Throw it !!.. ahahah… 

Abbas spoke in Arabic to Tahar and Luke, both of them sniggered and started to stroke their cock too. 

Abbas : You have 5 seconds….. or they… get to fuck you…. Regardless whether you throw the dice or not… hahahahahah… 

Kate : NO!!!.. no… please !! no… JAMES!!.. JAMES!!! save me… do something !!!..

I grabbed the dice and stared at it. 

Somehow it too was wet and sticky, I’m not sure if it was Kate’s juice or just sweat. 

I don’t know 

Abbas : Throw it …. Throw!!!! It !!! … whahaha… 

Luke grabbed Kate’s hair back, about to thrust his cock into her mouth while Tahar reached for her leg

I pushed both of them away and threw the dice at Abbas. 

The moment the dice left my hands, it sailed slowly through the air. 

Time seemed to slow down as I watch it bounce off Abbas’s fat tummy and rolled onto the floor. 

Everyone in the room looked eagerly at the spinning dice. 

I caught a glimpse of red, and I felt my heart skip a bit. 

It’s either a 1 or a 4. 

The spinning dice hit the leg of the coffee table and changed it’s course before wobbling and exposing the round red circle of the number ‘1’ . 

I could hear Tahar cursing in Arabic while Kate’s fingers sunk into my arms and shoulders. 

Abbas looked a little disappointed but he put up a smile. 

Abbas : fuck… it’s your lucky day Kate…. Haha… I may be a fucker…. But I keep my word… hahaha… 

He gestured to Kate to head over. 

Abbas : Come baby…. Come… let me fuck you properly ok ? 

Kate started sobbing again and shook her head. 

She shrunk herself behind me but before anyone could react, Tahar and Luke grabbed Kate from behind me, dragging her by her arms towards Abbas. 

I immediately got up but a kick from Luke sent me tumbling back onto the floor catching my breath. 

Abbas : ahhahaha… you’re so lovely Kate… I wish I could bring you back home you know that.??? 

Abbas took another line of his powder off the table before asking Tahar and Luke to bent Kate over the dining table. 

Kate : NO!!no… please… no!!!… no!!!aHHRg.. eghhh.. arghh!!!! 

It was happening in front of my eyes. 

There was nothing I could do. 

Luke and Tahar pulled and bent Kate over the table as Abbas spit a dollop of saliva onto his palm and smacked it onto Kate’s wet cunt. 

Abbas : hahahah.. wahahahah… arghhhh… arghhhh… arghhh… 

There was no hesitation .

No more games. 

No more chances for Kate. 

I saw Kate’s mouth gasped open for a second before she squirmed and sobbed so loud I’m surprised the neighbours did not call the police. 

Kate : ERnghhhhhh… no…. no!!! ernghhh….. no!!1 

Abbas : ARghhhhh… fuck…a rghhh…. Ahahahahah… 

I got up onto my feet and dashed into the kitchen. 

Without even thinking of the consequence, I drew the knife from the wall and dashed back out into the living room. There were shouts in Arabic and everything happened so fast. 

I remembered some struggling but before I could even strike out properly, I was knocked onto the floor. Then I was kicked and punched like a sandbag. 

I don’t know for how long. 

Blows after blows were hammered on me as I tried to shield my head. 

Kate : JAMES!!! James !!!!… no… sob… JAMES!!!… sorry… ergnnhhh… sob… sob… ergnnhhh… osrry…. I’m sorry… sobs…. Erngnhh… 

I could feel the entire world spinning as I struggled to catch my breath. 

I could see Luke laughing at my futile attempt as Abbas grunted as he held onto Kate’s right wrist behind her. 

Abbas : Arghh.. arghhh.. arhgheed.. arghh… 

He gestured for Kate’s other hand and held onto both of Kate’s wrist as he doggied her in the standing position like a warrior riding a chariot into battle. 

Kate moaned helplessly in pain as she sobbed pitifully in the living room. 

Abbas : ARghhh.. arghhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!.. argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….i’m cumming.. !!! 

Abbas exploded into Kate’s vagina, depositing his load deep into her as Kate screamed and shook her head and her body, screaming and stomping her feet helplessly. There was nothing she could do as another hot stream of Abbas’s cum entered her vagina. 

Abbas : hahaha… wahahaha… fuck…a rghhhh.. arghhhhhhh… 

Abbas pulled out and retreated, gasping for air as he was handed a bottle of water. 

Kate laid on the table, sobbing and crying as I saw a while stream of cum roll down her inner thigh. 

Her eyes closed and a stream of tears rolled down the ridge of her nose before hitting the dining table. 

Abbas : 1 more Kate… you need to choose one more… hahaha…. 

Kate could no longer function by then and she could only sob on the table. 

Abbas : Well if you don’t choose, I’m going to choose for you… hahaha….

Abbas then offered Kate a really warp theory. 

Abbas : You better choose wisely Kate… you see…. There’s no other cum inside you to fight with my sperm… I’m going to fertilise your egg…. Ahhaah….. if there was a 2nd man to seed you…. Who knows…. Maybe you need to bear my child..? hows that ?? whhahaha… 

Abbas laughed at his own ridiculous joke. 

I regained my balance and I quickly stood up and went over to help Kate off the table. 

Abbas : Alright… how about Tahar…. He seemed quite horny… ahhahaa…. 

Kate : JAMES!!!… 

Kate broke Abbas’s monologue and shouted my name. 

Kate : JAMES!!…. I choose James… !…. sob… sob…. Sob…. 

Abbas laughed and smacked his stomach, saying it was my lucky day. 

Kate hugged onto me and cried, apologising to me once again. 

Kate : ‘m…. I’m sorry James… I’m sorry…. All I ever wanted was to help…. Sob… sob…. i…. I just want to help… 

James : It’s ok…. It’s ok… 

Abbas: Alright… do it !!… do it now !!!… 

Kate still hugged onto me as I slowly pulled her and backed away from the trio who were looking at us. 

With each step I took, Abbas got more agitated. 

Abbas : don’t waste time James…!!… do it… fuck Kate…. Show us how you cum inside her… ahahah… I hope you like sloppy seconds…. !!.. ahahahah…. Ahhaa…

I saw Abbas turning back and speaking to Luke, he could tell we were slowly backing towards the door, there was no doubt he was getting ready to stop us. 

Abbas : Last chance James…. last chance… fuck her… or you’ll be sorry…. 

I pulled Kate and pushed her behind me, putting my body between her and the arab. 

Abbas : I’m not joking James… fuck her….FUCK HER NOWWWWW!!!!!! 

Abbas was starting to lose it. 

Maybe it was the drugs or some shit I don’t know. 

His speech was getting slurred and it was getting hard to understand him. 

Abbas shouted the same time I felt my phone vibrate. 

It was a long vibrate. 

A phone call. 

I felt Kate’s finger dug into my shoulders as I heard the screeched of brakes on the road below. 

My phone kept vibrating.

Abbas kept shouting. 

Abbas : FUCK Her!!!!… 

He pointed at us, gesturing and speaking in Arab to his men.

Luke and Tahar started to approach me. 

I could hear footsteps storming up the stairs . 

There were shouts outside the door as numerous fist started hammering at the wooden door. 

Abbas : What is this!!… what the fuck is this !!! HAR!!! 

His eyes squinted and he started barking at his men. 

Luke and Tahar were both in a state of undress as they tried to decipher Abbas’s orders. 

Then without warning, the hammering stopped. 

Everyone froze. 

No one moved. 

I saw the door handle turn with a click before it was pushed open. 

Kate immediately sank to her knees and started crying, I pulled out my shirt and covered her as Andy stepped into the room with a grim expression on his face. 

He looked at us , battered and bruise before looking back up at Abbas. 

Abbas : Fuck you … who the fuck are you …. 

Another figure stepped through the door. 

Ah Keong. 

And another. 

The old man who brew the coffee. 

And another

And another. 

Men I have not seen before started to enter the room. 

I counted 7 including Andy, Ah Keong and the coffee man. 

Abbas : Fuck you all…!!! 

Abbas shouted something to Luke and Luke tried to push his way through the mass of bodies but they were too fast. 

Ah Keong jumped Luke and together with another 2 men wrestled Luke to the floor within seconds. The sound of fist hitting against flesh never felt so good before. Sure, Luke is bigger and better built but this is a game of numbers. 

Andy was busy on his phone and within seconds Tahar charged forward to join his friend. 

It could have been an even match if Tahar joined in but no. 

There would be no even match. 

Uncle Ben stepped through the door and before Tahar could bend down to save his friend, Ben delivered a well-timed Knee to the side of his head, knocking Tahar down onto the mess of bodies. 

Abbas : What the fuck is this !!! I paid for this !!! 

Abbas picked up the knife I dropped and pointed it at the group of men who had just wacked the shit of out of Tahar and Luke. 

Abbas : DO YOU KNOW !!!!! WHO YOU ARE FUCKING WITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Luke and Tahar were pulled out of the house by Ah keong and a couple of other guys, I could literally hear them tumbling down the stairs. 

Abbas pointed the knife in a threatening manner towards the rest of them men. 

I could hear footsteps ascending the stairs.

Abbas : FUCK you all… fuck you all Singaporeans….. fuck all of you Chinese…. I’ll fucking drown you in oil… whahahahah… ahahahaha…. I’ll fucking raise the crude prices…. I’’ll fuck with your futures contracts in SGX… fuck all of you…whahahahahaha…. 

Abbas emptied more of his powder out of his container and took another short line as the men looked on. 

Abbas : You have no idea do you… ahahahah…. You have no idea… who you are fucking with…. 

He raised his knife again as it caught the light in the living room. 

Right at the moment, Uncle Ben lit a cigarette and pulled out a flatten newspaper from his back pocket. 

This was it. 

He was going to get fucking chopped up by Ben. 

This is classic Hong Kong young and dangerous shit. 

I could see the handle of the knife on top of the newspaper. There was no way this is my imagination. 

Instead of pulling out the knife, he held it above his left shoulder the moment Kate’s brother stepped into the house. 

Andy opened a drawer in the living room and took out surgical gloves before passing it to Gabriel. 

Gabriel had no expression on his face. 

He saw me. 

He saw Kate. 

And he saw Abbas with the knife. 

Gabriel calmly put on the gloves as Abbas started to shout and threaten everyone in the room. 

Abbas : FUCK you !! you hear me… ahahahah… fuck you… you don’t know how you are fucking with ….ahahahahaha… fucking uncivilised Singaporeans… you are nothing… I will destroy your fucking island….

Gabriel snapped the gloves onto his hands and pulled out the knife from the newspaper held by Ben. 

He looked at the rusty blade for a moment before passing it back to Ben. 

He walked slowly towards Abbas before pacing in a small semi circle within reached of his knife. He did not give 2 fucks about the blade. 

Gabriel : We Singaporeans……… are…. Very….. very…. Civilised……..

Gabriel looked towards the ceiling and tried to think of the appropriate words…. 

Gabriel : we…. try not to curse…..we don’t wave knives about…..and if you spend more time on this island….. you might grow to like our culture and the way we do things around here……. In a very civilised…. Way… 

Then he went over and picked up the same 7 inch dildo that was fucked into Kate. 

Gabriel : Let me show you…… 


Optional read – If Kate rolled a 6

Abbas shriek and waved the knife wildly at Gabriel, he swung it side to side in a defensive arc, screaming and laughing at his clumsy action. His flimsy dick, deflated and wrinkled hung loose and spent from his groin. 

Abbas : Come !!! Come !!! hahaha… come !!! hahaha…

Gabriel was not interested in his theatrics, he calmly sidestepped Abbas reach, easily avoiding his knife. 

Abbas swung his body around and tried to cut Gabriel’s ear but he was not fast enough. 

With some quick leg movements, Gabriel easily tripped Abbas over as he grunted and cursed in Arabic and tumbled butt first onto the floor. 

Before he could even attempt to sit up again, Gabriel struck him with his left fist, driving his head onto the floor. 

Abbas : fuck you … arghhh.. fuck you… arghhh… fuck… 

It was not a really hard knock, could have been harder but you could tell Gabriel held back. 

He just wanted Abbas on the floor. 

Abbas : Fuck you… come … come on… 

Gabriel grabbed Abbas cheeks with one hand and squeeze it, causing him to yelp in pain. 

Abbas : Arhghghghghghghghghg… ffuuu.. fufufukkk.. arghh… fuuuuuuarrkkk uuuu… hahahah

It was weird seeing someone in pain and cursing at the same time. 

Abbas tried to hit Gabriel with his stubby arms but Gabriel just lean back out of his reach and calmly stuffed the dildo with Abbas’ own cum into his mouth. 

Abbas : arghghgheuhueg coogfff… arogughgh.. gccofofff… 

It was a sickening sound. 

You could literally hear Abbas choking. his saliva gurgled in his mouth as sporadic squirts of his own bodily fluids erupted out of his mouth. 

Abbas : Arghhhuuuu..g rrurrruruhhhhh greggggrrrg…. Fuuuuuuuu…. Fufufuuuu.. arghghghghgh… 

Abbas struggled beneath Gabriel as he continued to jab the dildo as deeply as he could into his mouth. 

Andy, who was looking away came over and touched Gabriel’s shoulder with a light tap before squeezing it. 

Andy : Gabe, enough… 

Gabriel shrugged Andy away with a word and continue stuffing it into Abbas’ mouth. 

Uncle Ben sighed and snuffed out his cigarette onto the ash tray before signalling to Andy to grab Gabriel. 

The literally had to tear Gabriel away from Abbas, half lifting him off the ground. 

Gabriel was not shouting, he did not curse. He had no expression on his face. 

In fact he looked calm, too calm. 

Abbas coughed as he turned to his side, laughing in a crazed like manner with half the dildo sticking out of his mouth. 

Kate just watched on without a word, finishing up her last sobs as she rest on my shoulder. 

Gabriel shrugged off his handlers and took a deep breath before turning to Kate. 

I was expecting him to show his concern, his brotherly love for his dear sister but no. 

He lost his temper instead and shouted at Kate. 

Gabriel : What were you thinking !!!! TELL ME!!!… 

Kate’s face scrunched up and she started to cry again. 

Andy came over and before he could say anything, Gabriel turned and glared at him, causing him to raised his eyebrow, raised up both his palms and backed off. 

Gabriel : I expected more from you Kate….. I expected you to grow up faster ever since …… 

He stopped midway and sighed. 

My phone rang at that moment and I pulled it out and saw Belinda’s name. 

Belinda : James … is everything ok ?? you’re not replying my messages….. where are you… ? 

I was about to reply Belinda when Gabriel told Andy to grab all the documents and for Ben to empty the safe. 

Gabriel looked at Kate sternly and gave her a lecture despite the state she was in. 

Gabriel : you really should know better Kate….. than to bring anyone here…. 

Ah Keong came back in to grab the clothes for Luke and Tahar, Gabriel asked him to sober Abbas up after he was done. 

Belinda : James…. james !!.. are you there ?? James ? 

James : yes… yes… I’m here… 

Belinda : What is going on ? Can you hear me ?? 

It doesn’t look like Kate was getting any help from Gabriel beyond having him stop Abbas. 

We were surrounded by men, and a few had stolen a few glances towards her despite them trying their best to shy away. 

How could they not look ? 

Kate’s body, barely covered by, her smooth long legs, the tight package almost bared for all to see. 

I too would want to look at Kate if I were them. 

Would you choose to look away when a naked and hot woman is just a few steps away from you ? 

James : I’m at Joo Chiat. … i… need your help…. Can you come over ?? 

Belinda : sure… what is happening ? Is Kate ok ?? 

James : Come over now…. Can you bring some clothes too… 

Belinda could tell from the urgency in my voice and she said she would be here as soon as she can. 

Abbas coughed, laughed and rolled about on the floor in his own sweat and cum as he continued to curse at Gabriel. You could hardly make out the words he was saying by then. 

Gabriel ignored Abbas and went instead for his small canister of powder. 

He took a quick whiff and capped it. 

Abbas : Get your hands off my stuff you fuck …. Haha… don’t touch my thingsssssssss… hahaa… ddoooooooooo touch…. 

Abbas was starting to slur quite a bit as he tried to sit up. 

Ah Keong came back up and dragged Abbas to the bathroom. 

I could hear the water come on as Abbas cursed and scream at Ah Keong. 

I helped Kate to her feet and pulled her into one of the rooms. 

As I stepped inside, I realised it was a study of sort. It had to be converted from a bedroom as there was an attached bathroom. 

Kate grabbed hold of me so tightly that I could feel my arm going numb. 

James : Go take a shower… wash up… 

She just shook her head. 

She was too shaken to move. 

Kate : Just a while more… stay beside me James… stay beside me…. Just a while more…. 

I helped Kate button up my shirt properly, I could see her nipples through the thin fabric of my shirt. 

The hem of my work shirt barely covered Kate’s mid thighs, if only this was a scene from a boyfriend and girlfriend late night stay over. I like my partners when they wear my shirt and nothing else underneath. 

It brought about a unique flavour of sexiness that I could not describe. 

Kate was still shivering quite a bit. 

I pulled a chair for her to sit down and as she did, I saw the long dried up stains of Abbas’s cum sliding down the side of her legs. Not just one, but a few tributaries of cum stains that had leaked out from her vagina stemming from her love hole. 

Kate‘s eyes were bloodshot and red as she looked at me. 

She reached over and touched my bruise but I turned away. 

James : I’m ok. 

Kate : Sorry James… I’m sorry… 

James : It’s ok….it’s over… 

The door opened and Gabriel came into the room. 

He asked to speak with Kate alone and waited for me to leave. 

I got out and Gabriel closed the door on me. 

I went to look for Abbas and saw Ah Keong holding a hose over him in the toilet as he laughed and cursed, splashing water everywhere. 

Abbas : Alright fuckk…. Fuckkkk… just fucking stop you cunt…. Fuck… James !!… James… ask him to stop…. Fuck… 

Ah Keong stopped the water and threw the hose at Abbas. 

Andy joined us with gloves on and I could see he was holding Abbas’s canister. 

Andy : There is 2 way we can do this…. One….Get the fuck out of this place…. Nothing ever happened….. 

He held up that canister to Abbas and continued.

Andy : Two, we leave you here, call the police and I’m sure you know Singapore’s drug laws… 

I turned to Andy and exclaimed. 

James : WHAT!… you’re just going to let him go ? After what he’s done ?? 

Abbas : hhahaha… wahahahha… hahaha…. 

Abbas brushed back his wet hair and laughed on the toilet floor. 

Abbas : What did I do James ? Tell me ?? What did I do ?? I paid for sex….. I paid….hahahaha…. 

He struggled to get back up and sniffed his wet nose. 

Abbas : But you… you people…. Came into this and disrupted my….. 

Before Abbas could finish Andy turned and walked away. He gestured at towards the entrance and I could see Tahar and Luke being pulled over. They had quite a few bruises on their faces but nothing serious.

Andy turned to them and offered his terms. 

Andy : This is Singapore…. I’m sure you know our stand towards this…. 

He gestured to the canister he was holding and threw it to Tahar. 

Andy : There’s less than 10 grams here I’m sure… 

Andy gestured to Ben who walked in with a swagger, smoking on his cigarette. He had a paper bag with him. Ben took out another bag of white powdery substances, it was about the size of a credit card. 

The sight of Ben wearing gloves with his gangster look seemed to drive home the message to Luke and Tahar. 

He handed it to Tahar who refused to touch it before passing it to Luke who shook his head as well. 

Uncle Ben : KNN, TAKE IT LA…. CCB!….TAKE!!! 

It was a funny sight, Ben kept trying to put the bag into Luke and Tahar’s hands while the kept shaking their head and saying they’re sorry. 

Luke : Sorry bro,… sorry… 

Uncle : Sorry ki lan ah… JUST TAKE THIS!!!… 

Luke and Tahar looked a little shaken as they squeezed themselves to a corner. They clenched their fist, unwilling to even touch the white package. 

Abbas spoke harshly to them in Arabic but it did not look like the words stick. 

Ben threw the bag into his paper bag and went out in a huff. 

Andy spoke to Luke and Tahar

Andy : Take your friend away…. Never say a word about what happened or we can do this the hard way… 

Both of them immediately nod their head and they were about to go grab Abbas when Ben ran into the kitchen. 

He was holding onto a bowl with several packages in them. Upon closer inspection, I realised they were condoms. Something was stuffed inside them, packed tightly into a small ball. 

Luke panicked and started begging. 

Luke : NO.. no… no more… no more.. 

Tahar too saw what Ben had in his hand as the rest of them men started to gather in the kitchen. 

Abbas shouted at his men in Arabic but they were too terrified to response. 

Tahar : NO .. NO MORE!.. ENOUGH!!… 

Ben ignored them and gestured to his men to grab Luke but they fought back, pushing Ben’s men back as they retreated to the toilet beside Abbas. 

Uncle Ben : KNN… only 1 each…. Scare for FUCK!!… TAKE MORE>>!!! 

I was shock to realised Ben had made both of them swallow a package each, what if it ruptures ? 

What if the package breaks and they die ? 

That explains the fear in their eyes and their sudden change in attitude. They were not as aggressive as before. 

Andy grabbed 2 from the bowl and threw it at Abbas who cursed at him. 

Andy : Make him swallow it… or I call the police now…. 

He hit the dial button and raised his phone. 

Andy : Do it now… you still have enough time to go back and shit it out…. Once I hit dial, you’re fucked….. 

Luke and Tahar panicked and Abbas’s constant shouting at them did not help either. 

It happened within a second. 

I saw Luke gave Tahar a look before they grabbed Abbas. 

Abbas : FUCK!!!.. fuck!!! @#$@$@#.. 

He cursed and struggled in Arabic but his men were too strong and big for him. 

I felt like puking as I watch Luke force Abbas to swallow 2 of the condoms. 

The retching sound I heard made me want to puke as well. 

It was over in less than 5 minutes. 

Abbas: fuck you…. Fuck you !!… cough… cough….. 

Andy : There is 2 way we can do this…. One….Get the fuck out of this place…. Nothing ever happened….. 

Andy calmly repeated the same words and Abbas spit at him. 

Ben laughed and threw 2 more balls of condoms at Tahar. 

Abbas’s eyes widened and cursed, kicking and swearing at his men. 

It was no use, they were all panicking. 

Luke was about to stuff the 3rd ball into Abbas mouth when Abbas relented and said ok. 

Abbas : FUCK!!… FUCK…. FUCK YOU ALL… FUCK……. Ok… fuck… get the fuck off me..!! 

His men stopped as Abbas let loose a string of explosive curses. 

Andy : See…. This is not that hard… 

Abbas just kept quiet and glared at Andy 

Andy : I would quickly get those out if I were you….. it’s extra thin condoms…. I hate to think what would happen if it breaks….

Nothing could describe the look of fear on Luke and Tahar’s eyes. 

Abbas was about to leave the bathroom when he cursed out loud at a guy behind Andy. 

I turned and saw that the whole ordeal was being recorded on phone. 

Andy : Oh.. that… insurance…. ..haha… 

Luke said something to Abbas and was shouted at in return. 

Another minute past before Abbas got dressed and left the house with his men. 

Abbas : I won’t forget this… ! 

Andy : Byeee… 

The moment they left the place I quickly turned to Andy. 

James : Are you mad ?? What if they die ? What if the package burst ??!!! 

Uncle Ben laughed and knocked me on my head. 

Uncle Ben : Tapioca powder la….. die simi lan jiao…..use to fry chicken one …. You think what…. Breaking bad ah…

A few or the men laughed too when the door to the room opened and Gabriel walked out. 

Gabriel stared right at me for a good 5 seconds without a word before asking Ben if all his stuff were packed. 

Uncle Ben : All in the car liao… 

Right at that moment, my phone rang again and it was Belinda. 

Belinda : I’m here…. Where are you ?? 

I told Belinda to come up the stairs and within seconds, she was standing at the entrance with a paper bag in hand. 

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at the gathering of men in the room. 

Gabriel : Ah Keong…. clean up the place just in case he comes back to look for trouble… 

All eyes drifted to Belinda as she stepped past everyone to me. 

Belinda : Oh my god… what happened to you !! ? 

James : I’m ok…. Did you bring clothes…? 

Belinda : I did… 

James : Kate is in the room… 

Belinda took another look at the men as they no doubt had already visually undressed the white singlet and grey bra from her body. Her apricot colour sleep shorts hugged her bottom tightly as well showing the imprint of her panty outline below. 

I guess in her hurry, she did not check to make sure she had seamless panty on.

Belinda went into the room and I could hear her exclaim in shock. 

Gabriel dragged me to a corner. 

Gabriel : Help me take care of Kate for a few days….. I need to travel… to take care of some business….. Kate can’t stay here…. I don’t want her back at her mum and step dad’s place…..get a hotel or something…. I’ll pay for it…

James : What happens now ? I mean… after all this… 

Gabriel : Nothing. … stay out of trouble . 

I could not believe the words I just heard. 

James : What !! That man raped your sister…. ! 

I expected Gabriel to be angry, to lose his temper. To blow his top but he did not. 

He remained calm as ever and replied . 

Gabriel : Kate…. Plotted this route on her own…. There is nothing we can do… she needs to grow up…. 

James : I can’t believe you said that… 

Gabriel : You don’t know me James…. you don’t know Kate as well…. You don’t know the family… this is the way things are…. She needs to grow up….period… 

That was it. 

Without another word, Gabriel left the house with half of the men in tow leaving Ah Keong and a few others behind to clean up the place in the middle of the night. 

I went back into the room and Belinda had helped Kate got changed into a simple grey dress and a cardigan. 

James : I… ermm… 

Belinda looked at me as I scratched my head, unsure of what to do. 

Kate : It’s ok James… just… drive me to the nearest hotel…. I’ll be fine… 

Belinda : No… you can’t…. come stay with me in the meantime… 

Kate did not reject Belinda’s offer and after I put on my shirt, all 3 of us bundled into a cab and headed for Belinda’s house. 

23rd June 2012


Belinda’s parents woke up to the commotion of us coming into the house but was shushed back to their room. 

Kate spent 30 minutes in the shower before coming out in a black singlet and a pair of grey sleep shorts. She did not wear a bra and I could see her erected nipples through the fabric. She saw me look and turned away in a shy manner. 

Belinda passed her the hair dryer and I sat in the room like a block of wood as I looked at Kate turn her head down sideways to dry her hair. 

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly looking at her drying her hair, I was looking at Kate’s legs. 

The same pair I did not get to touch. 

I was looking at Kate’s breast. 

The cute erected nipples I did not get to suck. 

I was looking at Kate’s smooth skin, white and glowing under the room light. The very skin I would love to rub my naked body against. 

I was looking at the way Kate’s toes were pointed down to the floor when she crossed her legs. 

I was looking at the very top and shorts I fucked Belinda in countless times when I stay over at her place when we were still together. 

The room was pretty quiet.

Only the sound of the hair dryer. 


Kate got into bed with Belinda. They were talking softly to each other and it was clear they would be talking more the moment I was gone. 

James : I’ll make a move…. Will inform Mr Liew you’re on MC for the day.. 

Kate : Thank you James… 

I was about to walk out of the room when Kate asked Belinda if she had a extra charger she could use for her phone. 

Belinda : Yup… in the cabinet beside you… 

Kate reached for the small cabinet that sat above the bedside table barely an arm’s length away.

Kate : Thanks ar… I really don’t…. 

The hinges creaked and Kate stopped mid sentence. 

Belinda suddenly gasped and got on her knees but it was too late. 

I turned and my eyes settled on what Kate saw. 

It was a photo frame. 

A picture of Belinda and me in happier times. It was one of our wedding shoot. 

I exchanged a look with Belinda and she quickly got up and went over to Kate’s side. 

Belinda : Kate… I can explain… 

Kate had a look of shock on her face as she turned back to look at Belinda before settling her gaze at me. 

I could see tears filling up her eyes again as she tried to control her emotions. 

Belinda : Kate… we’re separated…. For many years…. James and I only met up again when he joined the company…. It’s not… what you think….. 

Kate smiled before breaking into an awkward laugh. 

Kate : Oh… ok… oh… I … ermmm… 

Belinda : Kate we don’t mean to lie to you… or… rather deliberately kept you from the truth…. It’s…. it’s complicated….we’re… we’re not…. Sigh….i don’t know how to say this… 

Belinda’s head sank low and Kate rested her head on Belinda’s. 

Kate : It’s ok sis… it’s ok… I understand… it’s ok… 

I don’t know why but when Belinda lifted up her head, her eyes was red as well. 


I’m not staying in the same room with 2 crying girls. 

James : This is…. I don’t know…. What to say… but….. I got to be at work tomorrow…I meant later….. let’s talk about this…. Another time…. Good night… 

I did not wait for them to reply me as I quickly ducked out and closed the door. 

By the time I got back home and had my shower and dressed some of my bruises, it was close to 4am. 


I woke up with a jolt and checked my phone. Nothing. 

I got dressed and head down to work. 

Nothing was out of the ordinary. 

Everything was just normal. Mr Liew was not in the office either. 


I saw Rasid and Omar walk into the office and I braced myself for a confrontation. 

This is going to be tricky. 

I don’t see Abbas anywhere. 

Rasid gestured to me and the 3 of us went into a meeting room. 

I tried to rack my brain for a reason to answer to Omar but Rasid surprised me with a request of his own. 

Rasid : whahahaha… James…. I go straight to the point… I want KATe!!!! I WANT KATE … whahaha… 

Omar laughed too as he looked at me. 

Omar : I asked my dad how was it and he gave a stunning review…. so did his men….good job James… hahaha…. 

James : What ? … he said that ? 

Omar : Yup… hahaha… I kept asking him for details. Initially I was worried…shocked in fact to see the men come back with bruises… whahahaha…. Turns out…. My dad told me they were literally fighting over Kate… whahah… can you believe that… ahah… 

James : ERmm…. Oh… ok… but.. 

Rasid : I WANT KATE!!! JAMES.. ahahah.. ahah…. Abbas is ….he is a fucking show off… he always tells the details…… always…. But this… this Kate… ahaha.. he said he was keeping it for his own….it must be soooo good….. hahaha… 

Omar went on to tell me that even the men just smile shyly when probed for details. 

James ; Oh…ermm.. are they all ok ?? 

Rasid : They’re fine… resting… Kate must be quite a handful…. All 3 of them had a bad stomach this morning….hahahaha… 

I smiled awkwardly as Omar asked me about my bruises. 

Omar : I can see…. You were one of the participants too… is it ?? 

My face was pretty ok, just some light scratches that looked a bit red. 

Rasid : Whahaha… his… I bet came from Kate… haha… 

They laughed and asked me to make the arrangements as soon as I could. 

James : Ermm.. there’s a problem…Kate is errrmm…. She won’t be available anymore… 

Omar : What ? why ? 

Rasid :NOOO!!! 

James : She…. Ermm.. she will be leaving the company… and…. Heading back to her…. Family business…. So… 

Omar : Money is not a problem James. !!! …. I’ll double what Abbas paid her…. No issue. 

Rasid : Fuck the double Omar… hahaha… I’ll match the double and throw in a vacation for her… ahahah….. 

They were both fighting in front of me when the door to the meeting room opened. 

I turned and I saw Terry at the door. 

Terry : Gentlemen…. 

Rasid : Terry…… haha.. how are you… 

We all stood up and they shook hands. 

Some small talks were exchanged between them while I hung back. 

I was racking my brains, trying to get out of this one when Omar’s exclamation caught my attention. 

Omar : Oh… oh… my…. My… who do we have here… hahahahaha…… 

He laughed heartily as he reached his hands out above Terry’s shoulder. 

I stared at the door way as Terry moved aside. 

Standing behind Terry was a familiar figure. 

One I had not seen in a while. 

She lost weight but she still looked good. 

She had trimmed her hair a little and was dressed in a figure hugging white dress with blood red heels.

Omar : How are you…. ?? haha… 

Sandy walked into the meeting room and instead of meeting Omar’s handshake, she opened her arms and went for an embrace. 

Omar : Oh…oh… ahahahwhahaha… 

Rasid too had a hug from Sandy together with a small peck on her cheek. 

Terry : I’m opening a new design firm….totally new one… nothing to do with my dad or this current company. 

I looked at Terry and Sandy in surprise. Sandy did not even want to look at me. 

Omar: Really ? …. Will we be able to work together ? ahaha… 

Omar said the words to Terry but he was obviously looking at Sandy. 

Terry smiled and said he was open to suggestion. 

As the men left the room, I went over to Sandy and grabbed her arm. 

James : Why did you not return my calls ?? ! or messages. … 

Sandy turned and looked at me. 

Something was different, it was a little off. 

I can’t explain it but something did not feel the same. 

Her eyes, they seemed a little distant. 

Sandy squared her body with me and took a step towards me, bringing herself so close we were almost touching. 

Sandy : Have you ever loved me ? 

James : What ? 

Sandy : Yes or no… ? 

I hesitated for a few seconds and I guess that was the reply Sandy was waiting for. 

She smirked as she traced her finger along my groin. 

James : Sandy… we need to talk… 

She shook her head and gave me a tired smile. 

Sandy : We don’t… … we don’t owe each other anything…. Let’s be matured about this and move on… 

James : Sandy… i… 

She turned and walked out of the meeting room as the door closed on it’s own. 


By the end of the day, I was nursing a splitting headache. 

The lack of sleep was taking it’s toll on me. 


Belinda called. Kate and her wanted to have dinner with me. 

I massaged my forehead. This is going to be a long dinner. 


I met up with them at Bishan, Junction 8 and we got a seat at a dumpling place. 

Food was ordered and while waiting for our orders, Belinda took a deep breath and started. 

Belinda : Kate and i…… we talked….we really did….for almost the whole day James… 

James : Orh.. 

Belinda briefly told me she had shared with Kate pretty much what happened between us from the time we met till we separated, right up to the very day itself. 

Kate : I’m…. I’m sorry James…. i… if I knew you and Sis were married… i…i… 

Belinda cut in and finished it for her. 

Belinda : She meant to say she would have controlled her feelings for you if she knew you were married… 

Kate : SIS!!!! TSK !! 

She looked embarrassed and a little distressed but Belinda just smiled. 

Belinda : There…. You got it out…. It’s done… 

Kate : You…. You… the way you put it…. So embarrassing… 

Kate grumbled and looked away as she sipped her tea. I tried not to look at her body again as she was wearing something I had fucked Belinda in too many years ago. 

The food arrived and we ate and chatted. All 3 of us deliberately talked about anything and everything under the sun except about the 3 of us. 

It was obvious. 

Too obvious. 


We settle for coffee at a café and it was then I decided I had to be the one to ask the question. 

James : So now what ?….. how do we move on from here…. 

Belinda and Kate shared a look before looking at me. 

I knew right then they had already made their decision before meeting up with me. 

James : I meant… I don’t mind taking care of the both of you… hee.. hee….hahaha.. 

Neither of them even smiled as their innocent looks turned to a glare. 

James : Just kidding… just kidding…. 

Belinda reached into her bag and took out an envelope. 

Belinda : We … talked a long time about this…. 

She looked at Kate before looking back at me.

Belinda looked right into my eyes and exhaled slowly. 

Belinda : I’m….only going to offer this once… so listen very carefully……it’s the least I could do for Kate…. After all she tried her best to help and… and….anyway… 

Belinda showed me the gift certificate for the Maldives trip that she supposedly sold to Sandy. 

Belinda : Go with Kate…. .. and it ends after the trip. 

I felt a tingle up my spine as I looked at Belinda before turning to Kate who looked away in a shy manner. 

Belinda : I mean it James… .. I still love you…. If you can bring yourself to love me back… 

I was both shock and surprised as I looked at Belinda. 

Belinda : Yes or no James… I’m only offering this once,….. 

James : Can we all go together ? 

Belinda smacked my head with the envelope and I could see her glaring at me. 

Belinda : Yes….. or no…. ? 

I smiled and took the envelope from Belinda. 

Kate looked at me, eagerly waiting for me reply. 

Belinda too, waited for me to speak. 

Belinda : Last chance James… Yes…. Or no…. 

My heart was thumping, part of me wanted to scream yes, part of me was worried this was some sort of a trick. 

In the end I guessed I have to be honest with myself. 

I could see Belinda folding her arms and crossing her legs while Kate looked at me. 

I passed the envelope to Belinda and added. 

James : I want the both of you to go….take some time off…. Have a good time… 

Belinda smiled and although Kate looked a little disappointed, she too smiled. 

We finished our coffee and left the mall. 

Kate stayed with Belinda for another day before heading back to her own place. 

Kate tendered her resignation one month later in July. 

1st November 2012


Time flew by once everyone got back and started work. Rasid and Omar still pestered me about Kate but I told them she was no longer with us and there was no way for me to contact her. 

After a while they stopped bugging me. 

Mr Liew hinted to me that Terry’s start up is doing pretty ok and that Sandy was actively securing small contracts and jobs from Rasid. 

Mr Liew : I’ll stop short of saying she’s fucking them… 

I did not reply him. 

I dropped Kate some messages and calls a couple of times but it was just normal greeting. Nothing out of the norm. 

Belinda and I got back together and by November, her cousin had vacated the place in Toa payoh and we had moved back to our matrimonial home once more. 

Our relationship got better, closer in fact. Sex was regular and great, it was one of the best period in my life. 

Belinda still kept in contact with Kate and they do meet up for meals but I was excluded everytime. 

Belinda : It was a last minute meeting la…. How to call you… 

It was the same reason everytime…

Belinda had booked the Maldives trip for November. It was to be our 2nd honeymoon of sort. 

I was busy with projects so I let her took care of everything. 

It was hard matching our schedule for the trip but we managed it somehow. 

2nd November 2012

Friday . 


I had just touched down at the airport from a trip to Penang the day earlier with Mr Liew. 

I had an hour to kill before meeting Belinda to fly out to Male.

Mr Liew : Find wifi and reply your mails James…. Maldives got nothing to do one…. Just keep replying mails… 

James : ERmm.. ok. 

Mr Liew : I’m serious…. How long can you stare at the blue sky and the clear sea…. Nothing to do one… 

James : I can have sex… 

Mr Liew : Just reply your mail and remain contactable…. 

He wished me a good trip and I dragged my small suitcase to another terminal to wait for Belinda. 


I was sitting at a café surfing the net on my phone when I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

I turned and I felt all the air being sucked out from my lungs. 

Standing in front of me was Kate. She was dressed simply in a t-shirt and pants.

My eyes widened and I asked what was she doing there .

James : Why are you here ? ! 

I looked down and saw my luggage on the airport trolley Kate was pushing together with another luggage I had never seen before. 

Standing a distance away was Belinda with her folded arms. Her shades was on as she looked at me. 

Belinda : Why ?? excited is it ?? you wished Kate was the one going right ?? …

Kate laughed. 

I had not seen her in a few months. 

She looked good, radiant and beautiful. 

James : Of course not…haha… 

I pointed to the luggage and Belinda said she was packing when the zip broke so she borrowed her mum’s one. 

Belinda : Don’t lie James… I can read you like a book. ! 

James : Haha.. 

We had a coffee together and caught up a little. 

Kate had started helping out in the family business but would not go into details. 

12.30 pm 

It was time for the check in and the 3 of us went to the counter together. 

Belinda had her passport out and she folded her arms. 

Belinda : Last chance James…. yes or no… 

James : Hahaha… ok… ok… yes…. Yes….from the bottom of my heart… yes… does that make you happy ? 

Belinda laughed and so did Kate. 

After the laughing stopped Belinda came over and gave me a hug, taking me by surprise. 

Belinda : Have a good trip. 

She kissed me on my lips and stepped back. 

James : What ? 

Kate smiled and linked arms with me. 

Kate : Thanks Sis…. I’ll return him in one piece…. 

James : What wait …. Is this a joke ?? 

Belinda gave Kate a hug too before pointing a finger at me. 

Belinda : Use a fucking condom James… 

Kate smiled and looked shyly at her feet. 

I could feel blood rushing to my groin. 

I still could not digest the news as our luggage disappeared down the belt. 

Even after our boarding pass were printed I still found it hard to swallow. 

I went over to Belinda and hugged her once more. 

James : Dear… are you ok… you don’t need to do this…. I … 

Belinda smiled and said they had been planning this since the start. 

Belinda : It’s ok… enjoy yourself….come back to me… and… 

She took my hand and placed it on her tummy. 

James : What ?…. are you serious ?? 

Belinda smiled and nodded. 

Kate smiled and she looked on from a few steps away. 

Belinda : Just this once James…. just this once… 

Kate came over and linked arms with me again. 

Kate : Are you ready…. For your Maldives trip ?? 


The end……