I work in a small office in the industrial park near Tai Seng. 

The small office of 20 staff is a close knit one and I must have accumulated quite a bit of good karma in my previous life to have a good boss. 

It’s my longest staying job thus far and for the past 4 years since I joined, no one left. My co-workers come to work at 8.30 sharp with a smile on their faces and most will leave before 8pm with an even broader smile. 

Perhaps it’s because my boss Mr Chan would personally chase everyone out of the office at 8pm. 

I remembered it was probably my first month in the office when one evening he tapped me on my shoulder at 8pm and said. 

Mr Chan : There is more to life than work. 

That remark has never left my head since that day he chased me away from my desk. 

In terms of pay benefits, we are perhaps a little less than 5%-8% lower than our peers but no one complained.

We’re a happy bunch of workers and even though there are some politics at play, it was nothing compared to what I’ve seen in some of the bigger offices. 

Aside from a happy work life, I was the envy of quite a few male colleagues when I got to share a cubicle with one of the prettiest, spunkiest girl in the team. 

Her name is Joan. 

Now Joan is probably one of the best dresser in the office. She’s got an eye for colours and matching her outfits nicely with accessories. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple pants and work top, or a skirt with long sleeve blouse, I’ve even see her in berms and slippers one rainy day, she looks stylish and cool. 

Yes, she looks hot too. 

I’ve been secretly thanking the tropical weather in Singapore ever since the first time I saw Joan step into office in shorts and slippers about 6 months after I joined the company.

My mouth literally gapped open when she settled into the cubicle with her damp clothes and started to dry her legs. 

Most people usually have tissues in their cubicles but for me, I have a preference for using kitchen towels. 

Yes those standing rolls of towels you use in the kitchen. 

I prefer the thicker feel of the paper pulp. 

That rainy morning, Joan put down her bag, opened her umbrella to air it at the empty space behind our desk and came straight over to my seat. She reached for my kitchen towels and without a word, started pulling and unrolling a good amount of them. 

Joan : The rain is crazy today….. totally drenched… 

I was fighting to peel my eyes away from her top that was partially plastered against her flat tummy. The damp smell of wet fabric reminded me of wet laundry.

As she ripped off a length, she spoke a little louder towards Mr Chan’s office. 

Joan : Boss…… we need a sheltered linkway from our office to the bus stop.

My Chan look up from desk and came out of the office, coffee in hand. 

Mr Chan : What was that again ? 

Joan turned towards Mr Chan, angling her body about 25 degrees to her right but keeping her legs firmly anchored to the carpeted floor beside me. Her left feet twisted slightly off the floor, if she had a golf club, I guess she’s ready to swing. 

I felt a bit of reaction in my pants as I watch Joan run the towel up the side of her legs as she spoke, absorbing the droplets of rain from her hairless legs. 

I thought they looked a little shiny but it had to be the lighting, or my eyes must be playing tricks on me. 

Joan : I said…. We need a sheltered linkway …. To the bus stop. 

Mr Chan nodded before saying he’ll call the prime minister and talk to him about it in a nonchalant manner. Another colleague , Amy, sitting opposite Joan threw a ball of tissue at her. 

Amy : Don’t be a bimbo early in the morning Joan… 

There was some giggles before everyone got back to work. 

Joan thanked me for the towels before adding a little loudly. 

Joan : Thanks for the towels James…… and stop looking at my legs. 

A few immediate wooooss…. And wahhss….and a rather audible ‘ pervert ’ sounded out from the rest of the colleagues. 

Joan laughed and threw a ball of used towels at me. 

That was the general atmosphere of the office I work in. 

We laughed, we joked and we get things done. 

Joan and I worked closely on quite a few projects and we got closer as colleagues. Perhaps it’s because we both love to read.

There was once we tried to eat snake together after a meeting ended early and we ended up at a bookstore. 

We were at separate sections browsing different books for a good 2 hours before we decide to head back to office. 

Yes we are close, but not to the stage that we’re dating, not that I mind. The thing is Joan is not available.

Joan’s in a relationship for a long time, attached to her boyfriend since her days in NUS. 

It’s at least a 10 year relationship by my estimates. 

Sometimes I would tease her asking if she’s ever getting married. 

James : Eh Joan…. Turning 30 liao you know….. Ah… Thomas haven proposed yet ah ? 

She’ll usually shoot me a sideway glance and if anything was within her reach, she would throw it at me. 

Joan : Tsk…. Don’t kaypo can……. I already very sad liao… 

She added with a sad frown. 

Joan : That day this kid called me auntie…… what the hell…. Haha… 

James : Aiyah…. Tell Thomas he don’t propose soon… I’ll propose liao ah… 

Joan laughed and replied. 

Joan : yah la.. yah la… You always say that… 

She turned and gave me a haughty glance that oozes and scream slut no matter how you look at it before looking at the direction of my privates. 

Joan : Wait till you grow some pubic hair first ok ? James ? hahah . 

I laughed. 

Well, Joan is 4 years older than me but you would not be able to tell that from her looks definitely. 

She still looked like a fresh grad who just joined the workforce not too long ago. 

She may be 4 years older than me, but I’m exactly 4 cm taller than her at 1.7m. 

Her eye lashes are naturally long, and she has a habit of blinking a couple of times when she looks at you for a favour. That big round eyes and the moving lashes coupled with her biting her lips was enough to make everyone give in to her in the office. 

Since I was one of her closer colleagues, I would always tell her off, adding that she looked exactly like the porn star from the Jap av I downloaded when she does that. 

She would usually give me a sweet coy look, blink a couple times more before showing me the finger. 

Sometimes it amazes me how different Joan can behave depending on circumstances and the people she interact with. 

She came from a good school and a strict family background,she struck me as someone prim and proper, yet she’s so at home whenever she’s talking with those uncle contractors or ah beng vendors. 

Joan : Wah lao eh…. Knn… uncle Tong… don’t tiao kang jiak wa leh….. this is different from the sample you submitted. Buay swee lah… 

I simply cannot imagine hearing something like this from a girl who came from RGS.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve heard her challenged a unreasonable client citing contract clauses that I don’t even realise existed in a manner that’s even more professional that the lawyers conducting themselves in court sessions. 

Joan can be a typically ah lian if she chose to, she can change her tone to a spunky chic party girl if she wanted , and when it’s time to be professional and firm, her demeanour left everyone in no doubt that she meant business. 

This is Joan for you. 

Her naturally firm and full B rack and long shapely legs made her one of my regular masturbation targets. 

Needless to say, I fantasised quite a bit about her.

January 4th , 2013 


Joan is a January baby and her birthday falls on the 4th. More than hand the office was on leave since it was the 1st week of the new year. 

Joan too was supposed to be on leave that day and I was surprised to see her turn up at work.

My section was empty, the closest colleague is at least 5-6 m away facing in a different direction. Thinking that no one would appear since I’m right at the corner of the office, I had sammyboy forum on full screen. 

I was happily browsing the pictures and reading the stories online when I felt a smack across the back of my head. 

I honestly felt my balls shrank to the size of a pea and I quickly closed the window and stood up. 

The moment I turned around, I saw Joan with her eyes wide opened with her hands on her hips. 

I wanted to speak but I could only managed some mumbling I could not even make out myself. 

James : Ermmm..berummm…iwasnmmmm 

Joan made a gesture of trying to smack me again which caused me to dodge but she did not follow through with her action. 

I saw her powered up her PC before she went to the pantry to get her coffee. 


James : Hey… I thought you’re on leave ? 

Joan : Well… just feel very sian… 

James : Oh. I almost forgot. 

I took a new roll of kitchen towel and scribbled happy birthday on it before passing it to Joan. 

James : Nah…. Happy birthday…

She laughed and accepted my gift with both hands and a slight bow. 

Joan : Thank you, James. I’ll need this… haha. 

I was about to ask how is she celebrating her birthday when she took a look around us before sitting back down. What happened next completely caught me off guard. 

I saw her beautiful face scrunched up, her eyes watered and she started to cry. 

I felt my balls shrink again, probably to the size of a sesame seed as I struggled to understand what was going on. 

It was those silent sobbing, she sobbed so hard her body shook. There was hardly any sound coming from her but her tears flowed freely. 

In the back of my head, I wanted to crack a silly joke that went something like , 

“ Are you that sad you turned 31 ? “

I was glad I kept my mouth shut because Joan got off her chair and sat down on the carpeted floor before struggling to talk. 

It was a soft sobbing mumble but I manage to make out what she was trying to say. 

Joan : Thomas and I broke up 2 days ago…. 

Her head was lowered and she buried herself in her hands and she sobbed away. 

I stood up and checked the immediate surroundings before joining her on the floor. 

I gently nudge her shoulder and gave them a squeeze. 

I did not disturb her for a good 15 minutes, allowing her to release her pent up emotions as much as she could. 

I helped her up to the chair when I saw she was trying to get up. 

James : I’ll… I’ll bring you another cup of coffee. The old one cold liao.. 

I went to the pantry and got her a fresh cup of coffee before heading back to the cubicle. 

I passed her the cup of coffee and I immediately pursed my lips hard, pressing them together. 

I sat down on my seat and my hands squeezed the sides of the handle so hard it turned my knuckles white. 

Joan : Sorry… I know it’s very silly…. Go ahead… laugh at me… 

She dried her tears before going on. 

Joan : As my cubicle mate, I was expecting at least some sympathy from you James…. Not this… 

I kept really quiet and just stared on. I was really trying to calm myself down. 

Joan : It’s my birthday after all…. Can’t you just be a little nicer to me… 

She came forward and smack me on my thigh and added. 

Joan : Stop it…. I just ended a relationship… what you’re doing is very rude.. 

I took a deep breath and replied.

James : I’m… sorry…

That was all I managed before I had to purse my lips again. 

Joan : I don’t get what’s so funny James… you’re quite a heartless chap….. I was still about to ask if you’re still considering proposing to me…. 

James : I’m….sorry Joan… 

I could not hold it any longer and I let loose a short burst of giggling. 

It was a genuine giggle that centred around something funny. 

Joan gave a sigh before turning away from me. 

What Joan spoke next was the beginning of a very interesting journey for the both of us. 

It was our very first wager as colleagues. 

Joan : I bet you would not be able to make me laugh today. … 

I replied immediately. 

James: What are we betting on ? haha. 

I felt quite sorry for Joan when I heard her speak. I could really feel the sourish sadness when I heard her reply.

Joan : I’ll buy you dinner lor….. since I’m probably going to be alone for my birthday. 

I replied almost immediately 

James : You are on.. 

I left the cubicle and I went to borrow another colleague’s mirror she had on her desk and brought it back to Joan. 

The moment I handed it to her, she burst out laughing, spitting saliva and letting loose some mucus at the same time. 

Joan : Hahaha…..idoit… 

I handed Joan some wet tissues for her to clean up her face. It turns out the marker I used to scribble Happy birthday on the kitchen towels smudge all over her when she used them to dry her tears. 

It was not too bad, she just had dark smudges of black all over her face and it was really quite a funny sight. 

James : So…. Did I win the bet ? 

Joan laughed. 

After a few seconds later, she nodded her head. 

I smiled. 

Joan composed herself shortly after and demanded another bet. She’s not someone who takes losing lightly. 

Joan : James …. I bet I can make you cry during dinner. 

I laughed and shook my head. 

James : No way… 

She just laughed and asked if I’m taking up the bet. 

James : Sure….. what are we betting on ? 

Joan smirked and shot me a sideway glance. 

Joan : Winner gets to slap the loser. 

I guess given her lousy mood, she really needed to vent her frustration out on someone that day. 

Well, at least I get to have dinner with Joan. 

I agreed. 


We took a cab to Jalan Kayu and when I saw Joan approach the restaurant that serves buffalo wings, I knew what she was up to. 

We took a seat, ordered beer and Joan ordered half a dozen of really intense buffalo wings for each of us. 

I could already see the smirk on her face as she sipped her cold beer. 


We were just chatting casually when her phone rang. She mentioned that it was Thomas and she needed to take the call. I saw her get up and leave and I immediately called the service staff. 

I ordered a small dessert and requested for a candle and the staff nodded knowingly. 

I requested that he change my wings to one which is really mild and briefly told him that we’re just having a friendly wager. 

He smiled and nodded before disappearing into the kitchen. 


Joan came back in and said Thomas called to wish her Happy birthday. 

James : You ok ? … 

Joan : I would be after I get to slap you later .. haha. 

I smiled and kept quiet. 


The wings arrived and we started eating. 

Now I pretended to take a deep breath and I gobbled up my wings fast. I pretended to clench my teeth and just gobbled and gobbled. 

I finished my 6 wings in no time as I watch Joan struggled with her 2rd wing. 

Joan downed her beer and when I was about to reach for mine, she snatched it away from me and started drinking from it. I pretended to hold one and clench my teeth, but I was definitely nowhere near crying.

At 7.15pm, the victor is clear and I cannot wipe the smirk off my face whereas Joan cannot stop sulking. 

Her sulk turned to a smile when I asked for the dessert to be served and Joan thanked me for the small surprise. 

Joan got the bill as agreed and I offered to send her back to her place in Sengkang. 

Right when I reach the foot of her block, she turned towards me and took a deep breath and mumbled at the same time. 

Joan : Don’t believe my day can get any worse than this… 

She offered the side of her face towards me and looked away. 

I know you must be thinking that was the que for a kiss, a romantic gesture to end the day. I could be a gentleman, bla bla bla….. Perhaps a new beginning for James, but no. 

James is not a gentleman. 

A slap is a slap. 

I lifted up my right hand and off it went. 

Smack ! 

Joan’s eyes widen in surprised and she was lost for words. I quickly ran before she could recover her consciousness. 

I got a good distance of 8-9 meters between us before I turned and saw Joan rubbing her left butt cheek and laughing at the same time. 

I got another 4-5 meters away before I heard Joan scream at me, laughing at the same time. 

I got to the side of the road to hail a cab and I could still see Joan standing at the void deck looking at me. My phone rang shortly after and I answered. 

It was Joan. 

Joan : Hahaha… you chicken you… run so fast. Haha. 

James : Haha.. that’s a really firm and toned….behind… I must say. 

Joan : Go and die .. haha… 

James : Haha…. Cab’s here, half a good rest. 

Joan : Goodnight James…. Thanks for the evening. 

James : Goodnight Joan… 

At 11.30pm that evening. I received an sms from Joan 

Joan sms : Are you up for another bet ? 

James sms : Bring it on…


The very next day, I received a message that is so brutal that it made me laugh out loud.

Joan sms :

“Hi James… I’ve just been dumped by my boyfriend. I need someone to accompany me and make me smile. Do not for a moment think you stand a chance. You are just a stand in replacement till I find someone. PS : I am a very selfish person. You can choose to ignore this message. Joan “

I laughed and almost choked on my soya bean drink that morning when I saw Joan’s message.

I wanted to draft a reply but the next message came through.

Joan sms : Can you spend this afternoon with me ?….. and just agree to go along with everything I want to do …

And the next one followed suit.

Joan sms : I’m a in foul mood, i bet……. you would surely say ‘no’ to me before the day is over.

I sipped and drained my drink and the 4th message came through.

Joan sms : I bet…. 2 x slap…

I smiled and replied.

James sms : Can we be more civilised ?

Joan replied almost immediately.

Joan sms : 3 x slap

1 minute later

Joan sms : 4 x slap

Another minute later

Joan sms : 5 x slap

James sms. Ok… ok… I get the drift… Where do we meet ?

Joan wanted to meet for lunch so we arranged to meet in town at City Hall station at 12.30pm.

I was feeling pretty happy to be meeting Joan no matter how you want to view this date. Yes, you can say I’m silly, it’s a one sided affair and so on and so forth.

It doesn’t matter to me.

A date, is a date, is a date.

I had a shower, got changed and took the train down to town at 11.30am. I was early and I got to city hall at 12.10pm

It’s my first official date after all and I have no intention of being late.

I was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. I took a short stroll around the underground mall before heading back to the station at 12.25pm.

When I saw Joan exit the gantry, I burst out laughing from where I stood.

It was one of the few times in my life I was left speechless and I just want to smile and giggle.

It seemed she has already started on her self-destructive behaviour.

She was wearing a simple pair of shorts, nothing too short, just mid-thigh pants that’s grey in colour. She had on a crumpled white t-shirt with absolutely no prints on it. Her hair looked like she just work up from a nap and they were tied up with a red rubberband.

Those red rubber band you get when you take away chicken rice.

She had no expressions on her face and she had no bags. Her only possession was her phone and a wallet she carried.

I can hear the muted slapping of her slippers as I watch her come towards me.

Joan : How ? Ugly right… unglam right…no wonder I got dumped. … i deserve it..

She started a slew of self-depreciating comments and I just kept quiet, allowing her to go on.

Joan : You can go back you know… if you find it embarrassing to walk beside me.

Truth is, I still find Joan beautiful despite seeing her in her market clothes.

There was no makeup, no fancy clothes, no need for branded bags. Her skin is naturally radiant , it’s evident that she took care of them.

Her hair may look a little puffy and messy but there is no hiding the fragrance of shampoo and the silkiness of its texture.

Her T-shirt may be crumpled, but they fit nicely on her body frame. Her pants may look like something you wear to the wet market but her bottom filled it up properly.

The cheap market slippers she was wearing that day only served to show me how nicely manicured her nails were.

Secretly I laughed at my observations.

Perhaps it’s true they say beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

I chose my words carefully before speaking.

James : Eh… you going wet market ah…

She gave me a look that made me reconsidered making any other snide remark.

She just gave a sigh, linked arms with me and we started walking.

Joan : yah.. I feel like an auntie…

Almost immediately when our hands touched, Joan started going on again.

Joan : I’m just using you James…. I know you are angry…. you feel the world is unfair… I’m a jerk… but too bad…. This is the way things are going…..

Before she could go on further, I quickly asked about our lunch plans.

James : What do you feel like eating ?

She shrugged her shoulders.

In the end, Joan could not make up her mind, in the end, we bought snacks, drinks and we ate as we shopping along the underground mall.

She was chirpy and talkative for a moment, then she sank back down to an awkward silence, then for no apparent reason, she would make some silly jokes.

Then came a barrage of attempts to make me say ‘no’ to her.

I make sure I considered my reply carefully and I constructed my sentences cautiously, leaving her in no doubt that I’m not falling for her tricks.

Joan tried to appear cheerful again after failing to trip me.

I feel bad for her, it’s got to be pretty sucky to pretend that you are alright when you are not.

It’s such a long relationship, it’s not possible to have a clean break.

We passed by one boutique and Joan just pass me the yogurt drink she was drinking and went in to take a look.

I saw her checking out this khaki coloured pants before talking to the sales staff.

It’s a stylish 3/4 cropped pants with no prints.

After a 3 minute chat, she went to the cashier, paid for the pants and went straight into the dressing room.

I took a quick look around and I could not resist but take a sip of Joan’s drink.

I felt the soft cold slush of her drink slide down my throat and I tried to imagine tasting her saliva.

She came out shortly after and asked for the tags to the pants to be cut off.

Joan was facing me as she turned around to allow the staff to cut off the tag and I gave her a thumbs up, signalling that she looked good.

She gave a smile and went back to the changing room to retrieve her old pants.

She placed them in the paperbag and we resumed shopping.

Joan : Better ?

I took another look and replied.

James : Hmmm… upgraded from wet market to Sheng Siong.

She laughed and ignored me.

I assumed she would want me to carry her bags for her but I was pleasantly surprised.

I offered to do it and was rebuked by Joan .

Joan : You’re my date James….not my slave… I can carry my own bag.

With that, she linked arms with me again and we continued our shopping trip.

To be honest, I was rather keen in getting my hands on the pants she changed out off.

After a short walk, Joan ducked into another boutique, this time coming out with this white off shoulder top. She let the soft fabric dropped naturally down her left shoulders, exposing her bra strap.

When she linked arms with me again, she shot me another look, as if she’s waiting for my remark and I did not disappoint her.

James : Ok… upgraded to NTUC.

She smiled and dragged me 20 steps forward to a shoe shop.

10 minutes later, Joan was taller than me.

A simple pair of casual heels propped her up slightly and she gave me this slanty eye look deliberately over her bare left shoulders when she’s a couple steps in front of me and I knew I had to reply her.

James : NTUC finest…

I saw her shoulders slouched and shivered and she laughed.

She slowed down and waited for me to catch up to her before we linked arms again.

Before we knew it , we were already done with the entire underground mall, coming out onto marina square. Joan passed by this accessories shop and she picked out the elegant hair clip adorned with a silver butterfly.

With a few deftly moves, she tidied up her hair and brushed back a couple of stray fringes.

James : Joan…

Joan : Yah ? ….

James : Ntuc finest is the most expensive market I’ve ever shopped at…. I don’t know any others liao. ….

She laughed out loud and for the first time that day, I believed she forgot about the unpleasant breakup with Thomas.


Joan excused herself to the washroom and while waiting for her outside, I saw this beautiful shawl in one of the boutique.

I parted with $50 for a piece of cloth albeit with a nice batik floral prints. I’m guessing it’s something Joan would like.

I slipped it into one of her bags I was holding for her while she’s in the ladies.

We continued our window shopping, chatting, going into awkward silence, chatting again, going quiet again.

We stopped for coffee at Suntec at around 2.30pm and I could tell Joan was starting to slip back into her depressed mode.

James : Hey… Joan….

I snapped my fingers to get her attention.

Joan kicked me with the pointed part of her heels and asked what I wanted.

Truth is I already ran out of conversation topics. That was our first so call date afterall, there’s only so much I can say and ask without being too intrusive.

Add on to the fact that I was so careful with choosing my words, Joan kind of given up trying to trick me into saying ‘no’

I knew I had to get her mind away from thinking about Thomas and a naughty idea came into my mind when I saw the lingerie shop nearby.

James : Hey…. You changed most of your clothes…. What about the lingerie…

I gave her a really cheeky smile and she made an action of splashing the coffee at me.

Joan took a look at the lingerie shop a distance away before going back to sipping her coffee.

She must have thought of something stupid too because I could tell she suddenly got excited and drained her drink.

Joan : Drink up.. quick…

I too drained my drink and got up after Joan.

When I saw her heading towards the lingerie shop, I wanted to rub my hands in glee.

The only thought I have in my head is,

“Hoe Seh Liao “

As we entered, the sales staff greeted us with a smile and left us alone. I was excited of course, I cannot remember the last time I entered a lingerie shop. Probably many years back with my ex.

The array of bras, the lacy undies, the sexy pyjamas, the dim lights. The mood is just right.

And i’m linking arms with Joan shopping for lingerie, what more do you want from life ?

Joan browsed around and I saw her select a few undies. I don’t know why, but I instantly had an erection when she asked me if the prints were nice.

The sales staff brought over a small basket and I held on to it for Joan.

After selecting a few undies, Joan picked out some bras too.

I could see my dick straining to be let loose as I watch her fingers flip and feel the texture of the bra cups and lace trimmings.

I almost wanted to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

When we head over to the cashier, Joan said she could not make up her mind on 2 design for the undies and she asked which one I preferred.

I picked the boyshort with the cheesy leopard prints and black lace.

James : This looks interesting.

Joan took a closer look and asked if I’m sure.

Joan : Sure ?

I could see the counter staff breaking into a smile. She must be envy of us, a sweet couple discussing about lingerie.

I nodded eagerly.

You must have guessed by now that I’m already thinking of what to say at the back of my mind.

Is Joan going to wear it for me ?

Is she going to change into it after paying for them ?

There are tons of hotels nearby, maybe it’s my lucky day.

As I watch Joan gathered up the items for payment, I was a little cautious, I felt like she would definitely make me pay for her lingerie purchases.

This was always the case in movies isn’t it ?

Girl shops, guy pay, and so on and so forth.

I was wrong.

Joan paid for her purchases without batting an eyelid.

She already had her card out.

I moved away from the counter to check out some sleep wear when I noticed Joan and the sales staff looking at me.

Then the staff giggled and nodded her head before disappearing into the back.

My spider senses were tingling. I could feel the hair at the back of my neck standing.

Something was wrong.

The staff appeared barely 2 minutes later and added something to the pile of items Joan picked.

Joan turned towards me and gave me a smile.

After her purchases were packed, Joan came out and I kind of playfully nudge her to a corner.

I asked her in a hushed voice.

James : Do you really like the leopard print undies I chose ?

Joan answered me in a nonchalant manner.

Joan : Yes. ..

James : So…… You going to wear it ?

She replied naturally

Joan : Yes.

I could feel my heart thumping and I asked my final question.

James : You changing into them now ?

Joan smiled and replied.

Joan : Yes…

Words cannot describe my feelings at that point in time.

I watch Joan disappear into the ladies and reappear 5 minutes later.

She pulled me over to a corner and lowered her voice.

In a hush voice, she asked.

Joan : James ….. Do you really like the leopard print undies you chose ?

I smiled and replied

James : Yes..

Joan smiled…. Eventually it turned into a grin…. Before she laughed out loud in the mall.

There was no need to Joan to continue any further.

The smile disappeared from my face.

Joan composed herself and retrieved a smaller bag from the main one that held her purchases and pressed it against my chest.

Joan : So…. You going to wear it ?

My lips trembled and I hesitated. Joan cracked up again.

James : I…..er… .

I bit down my teeth and answered.

James : Yes..

It was not big deal.. it’s just an underwear with lace.

I am James, I’m a pervert. What’s wrong with wearing woman’s undies.

Joan laughed and continued.

Joan : You changing into them now ?

I replied more confidently this time round, not willing to lose the bet.

James : Yes !

She laughed and pointed to the bathroom and I stormed off.

I only took 2 steps when Joan asked if I needed help

Joan : You need help ?

That was it.

In my moment of folly I replied.

James : No !

I paused and I turned around, my eyes wide open in disbelief at my stupidity

When our eyes met, Joan smiled a toothy grin.

At that point in time ,one thing I knew for sure….. Her breakup with Thomas is probably the last thing on her mind.


I entered the cubicle and shut the door behind me, cursing at my moment of carelessness.

Personally, I don’t like losing too although I knew I would have given in to Joan eventually if I felt like it.

Note the difference though, me giving in is different from me losing.

I pulled the ribbon and peered into the bag, laying my eyes on the same panty that I had picked out for Joan. Same design that she was wearing at that moment.

I don’t know why but I felt a tingling sensation as my hand touched the soft and cool fabric. I instantly felt an erection stirring, the blood rushing to my manhood.

I removed my shoes and pulled down my jeans followed by my boxers.

The thought of this sick act brought back memories that went as far back as my school days.

The longing look at my pretty classmate’s overnight back during camp, the wet laundry bag after our visit to the pool, the small gym bag she kept her damp PE t-shirt in.

I place 1 leg into the panty Joan got for me and I realised that my dick was rock hard. I struggled to breathe properly as I put my 2nd foot in.

I could feel every hair on my leg, every inch of my skin reacting to the coolness and the softness of the leopard print boyshorts as I slid it up my legs.

Does Joan feel this too everytime she pulls her undies up her legs ?

As I pulled it higher, my dick got harder and harder to the point it hurts.

I had a hard time calming myself down and tucking my confused dick into the panty.

One moment I was rock hard, the other moment I went flaccid.

It took a while for me to calm down before I was able to pull my jeans up and I kept my boxers in the bag after folding it.

When I exited the bathroom, I could see Joan eagerly coming towards me. There was a look of curiosity and she started peppering me with questions.

Joan : How… how ? Did you do it ? hahaha. ? Nice or not ? do you feel sexy and wild ? ahahha

She answered her own questions with her own laughter and I just struggled to walk properly.

She kept her teasing coming, as if she was out to make me feel humiliated.

Joan : Nice right…. So soft… I kinda like it.

Joan : So how ? ….. got erection ah ? hhaa.

Joan : Oei.. you ok or not.. It’s the biggest size they have, should fit quite ok. You’re so slim.

I gave her a pained look and replied.

James : My dear Joan, I have extensions that do not fit in properly with the design.

Joan laughed and slap her thigh, clicking her heels on the tiled floor of the shopping mall. She quickly linked her arms with me again before starting to whisper and pepper me with more questions.

Joan : Eh James…. James… honestly… you like ah ? hahaha

I did not know what to reply her so I kept quiet.

Joan : Nice right ? the fabric so smooth…. Men’s underwear and boxers not as nice. Haha.

I shot her a questioning look.

James : How you know my boxers not as nice ?

She smiled and told me she use to do quite a bit of Thomas’s laundry and that he was also fascinated with her lingerie.

Joan : Aiyah… all guys like our undies, just that they don’t want to admit. Haha..

She grew silent after her last statement.

The mere mention of Thomas struck a raw nerve and I could feel Joan withdrawing a little again.

I manage to calm myself down more and as long as I don’t get an erection, it feels like a normal underwear to me. It’s a little tight up front and the lace is uncomfortable but other than that I would say it’s bearable.

It’s Joan’s gift to me after all.

We decided to grab an early dinner but Joan did not want to eat in town. She wanted some hawker fare and we took a cab back to Kovan.

We hardly talked in the cab, there was a bit of teasing when we were in the cab queue by Joan but the novelty soon wore out.

Joan said she wanted to take a walk along the stalls at the hawker center before making up her decision so I stayed behind with the bags.

While looking around aimlessly, I happen to look into the large paperbag that held the various smaller bags. It then struck me that the smaller bag that held both the leopard prints undies were the same.

I felt my heart skipped a beat as I looked at the small paper bag I had put inside the bigger one. Joan offered to carry it together with hers after I came out from the bathroom.

The only different was that my ribbon was undone.

I took a quick glance around and I tied up the ribbon.

I wanted to be sure, so I pulled the free end of the ribbon for the other bag and peeked inside.

I felt blood rushing to my manhood the moment I laid my eyes on a pair of plain grey panty. It must have been the one Joan was wearing when she met up with me earlier that day.

I quickly retied the ribbon and I made a small mark using my nail on the bag.

My heart was racing when Joan popped into view right after my hands left the paper bag.


Joan came back with a lift of things she wanted to try and thanked me with a gleeful smile.


We attracted some stares with the variety of food we filled our table with, there was no way we can finish them. From fishball noodles to rojak to chicken rice and a chicken cutlet.


I took a train together with Joan back to her place in Sengkang. While waiting for the feeder bus, Joan told me she missed her old place in Farrer park.

Joan : It’s so near town and Holland Village. There’s nothing here in Sengkang.

I asked her why did her parents move and she gave me a brief smile.

Joan : Farrer court en bloc last time.

James : Oooooohhhhh….. rich girl seh. Haha

She slapped me on my arm right when the feeder bus arrived.

Joan stayed near rivervale plaza in Sengkang, in one of the executive flats. Her parents decided to just take things easy and retire after selling their old place.

I walked her to the bottom of her flat and I was surprised that Joan said she did not feel like going up too early.

Joan : I’m just going to face the 4 walls of my bedroom anyway.

She changed out of her heels into her slippers, which by then had given her a blister on each foot.

We just chatted at one of the benches on the estate.


She told me she was slowly feeling the impact of the breakup and it’s about to hit her head on.

Her parents were concerned, her close friends were asking her, and it doesn’t help that Thomas and her were sharing a common group of friends too.

After our conversation drifted off a while later, Joan suddenly said that she felt like drinking.

I bought a 6 pack from a convenient stall and we settled down at the bench.

By the time we’re through with them at 10pm, Joan was evidently tipsy.

James : I think that’s enough. You’re drunk.

She rebuked me immediately, adding that she’s good for another round if I’m up to it.

James : Enough liao la, if you’re drunk i’ll rape you I tell you…

She laughed and put her arms around my neck, pulling me close.

Joan : Says the man who’s wearing a lacy panty ah ? haha…ha..

My eyes widened and I immediately checked my surroundings to make sure no one heard that.

Suddenly she perked up and she lifted up my shirt.

James : Oei… siao ah…

Joan : Show me lah.. haha.

I pushed her hands away and said I’ll show her if she show me hers too. She gave a rather audible ‘Tsk’ and ignore me.

I decided it was time to make a move and I tried to help Joan up on her feet. She pushed me away, declaring herself sober, she even changed back into her heels to show that she could balance herself well.

I took the chance to pick up the bags.

I walked with her to the lift lobby again and she reminded me that I owed her 5 slaps.

I told her she can claim them anytime but she laughed and said she’s going to save it for now.

I could feel my heart rate racing as the moment drew near.

I reached in for the bag which contained Joan’s worn panty and took it out as if it was mine.

If she had discovered what I had done, it would be hard to talk myself out of the situation.

I do not recommend you try this unless you had your reasons ready.

I knew she was already tipsy, chances are she would not pay much attention to the bags. She’s going to go back, probably dump everything on the floor and only sort them out the next day anyway, which meant if I could get away with it, I could have my prize for a day at least.

I passed Joan the rest of her shopping and held my breath.

She entered the lift and waved a half hearted goodbye.

I waited for the lift to close before I went over to the staircase and got ready.

When the lift stopped at the 4th floor, I quickly dashed up the stairs, taking 2-3 steps at a time.

I slowed my pace when I was about to reach, fighting to keep my breathing steady.

It’s a good opportunity to find out where Joan lives and I’m not going to waste it.

I peered out from the small glass panel from the staircase door and I caught a glimpse of Joan struggling to open the gate with her keys.

She dropped her keys twice before she unlocked the gate.

With all the commotion she was making, I was surprised her parents did not come out to help her.

I could feel my sweat dripping down my back as I observed Joan from the stuffy staircase landing. She finally got the main door open and she half pushed and kicked it open.

I saw her stepped into the unit and I pushed open the staircase door slightly just in time to hear the closing of the metal gate.

Seconds later, the heavy timber door closed with a thump.

I tiptoed over to the unit and made a mental note of the unit number and the surroundings.

I saw a old timber cupboard outside the door and I was elated. Chances are it was a shoe cabinet.

Perhaps I could find some of her nice slutty heels she wore to work occasionally.

I could not hide my excitement and was about to open the cupboard door when suddenly I hear the snap of a bolt.

I panicked and I squatted down immediately and ducked walk a few steps away.

I immediately saw the spill of light into the corridor as Joan’s door swung open.

I visually calculated the distance from where I was to the stair landing and curse under my breath that I would not be able to make it.

There were no blind spots at all.

I was out in the open.

I was already fumbling to think of a reason should Joan come out of her unit when another loud smack on the concrete floor of the corridor made me jump and almost pee in my pants.

I turned and realised that Joan had threw her slippers out through the gate.

I had pack them into the shoe box that was meant for the heels only moments ago.

Thankfully, the door closed and I quickly made my way to the staircase landing and scrambled down the stairs.

As I approached the main road to hail a cab, something struck my mind.

I had put her slippers into the shoe box, packed it into the shoe bag. Placed everything into the main big bag she was carrying.

As an empty cab pulled up to me, I realised that her taking out her slippers could only mean one thing.

She’s actually unpacking her shopping stuff.

Everything I had anticipated and predicted was wrong.

I fumbled with the paperbag in my hand as I told the cab driver my address.

I felt the cab accelerate, forcing me back onto the seat right at the moment my phone rang.

It was Joan .

I bit my lip and answered the call.

Joan : James…. Where are you ?

James : On a cab why ?

There was a moment of silence before she spoke.

Joan : Thanks for the shawl.

I felt my heart dropped and I managed to reply her.

James : Happy belated birthday ….

Joan : Good night…

I hung up and exhaled, fingering the precious small paper bag in my hand.


I know by now many of you will probably laugh and say I’m a sick pervert but I don’t care. We all have a different side, perhaps you can say a darker side we do not want to admit.

The way you let your eyes linger a little longer on your hot colleague, the manner in which you glance at your sister in law, the contact you crave when doing physical sports with some hot friends. Would you really pass up on similar opportunities?

I was still feeling the excitement as shut my bedroom door behind me and place my prize in the cupboard.

I went to take a shower and gently wash the lacy panty I was wearing the whole day.

I needed to dry it without anyone else knowing, the last thing I needed was my parents or my siblings chancing upon it.

I still owe them an explanation for the dildo and some ropes they found when I was still attached with my ex gf.

I shut off the lights and got into bed with the bag in hand.

Slowly I undid the ribbon and took out Joan’s worn panty.

I wasted no time and I had this silly fear that her fragrance and her feminine smell would escape and fade into the room if I left it out in the open for too long.

Pressing it to my nose, I took a deep breath, instantly feeling my erection poking and pushing against my boxers.

I imagined myself pressing my nose against Joan’s privates, relishing her love hole’s unique aroma.

I imagined Joan stroking my hair, pressing my head down harder on her privates.

I imagined Joan gasping and moaning as I feasted on her erroneous region.

All the while I gently stroked myself, taking in deep whiffs and the scent of Joan’s underwear.

Sick, desperate and silly, that was what I would call my action but at that moment I really couldn’t care less.

I was about to cum at the height of my own arousal and I had already gotten to the point that I had the part of the cotton panty where Joan’s privates were most likely to be directly on my nose when my phone rang.

It was nearing midnight and I was not happy that I was disturbed.

I tried to reach for my phone but the ringing stopped after 3-4 rings before I could answer.

It was Joan.

I considered calling her back but I was tempted to finish what I had started.

I only just got myself settled back down when I heard a message come through.

And another…

And another.

The series of beeps affected my mood and I got a little frustrated even though I knew chances are it was Joan .

I decided to stop and I unlocked my phone for the messages.

As if the barrage of messages were not enough to dampen my mood, the following messages that followed killed my erection.

Joan sms : James…. Thank you for spending the day with me…. I really appreciate it….

Joan sms : I just want to say i’m really happy for all the things you’ve done for me so far no matter how small and silly they may be……

Joan sms : I’m going through a rough patch…… and I’m glad you are there for me….

Joan sms : I just want to be upfront….. I don’t want to lead you on….. it’s just … not a good time….

Joan sms : Hope you understand.

Well, some things are really obvious and you do not need to explicitly spell it out.

Yes I already know you just needed company.

I knew you just broke up.

I knew.

I knew I was just taking my chance.

I knew there was hardly any possibilities you would jump right back into a relationship given that you just ended one.

I knew.

I really know.

It’s really just common sense.

I did not go on a date with you expecting you to fall head over heels with me just because I wore a panty you bought.

Still, I lost the mood to cum and I just kept Joan’s grey panty back into the bag and went to sleep.

6th January 2013


I did not reply any of Joan’s messages simply because I did not know what to say.

She did not call, neither did she drop me any more messages that weekend.

7th January 2013.



I got into work early as I needed to be at a client’s office at 9.30am. I printed what I needed and took my documents and left.


It was already way past lunch by the time I got back into office. I was starving but I wanted to unload the huge bag of samples before I go grab a bite.

I turned and looked at Joan’s work station, her PC was not on, and her desk was clean and neat. It did not seem like she was in office that day.

Before I could do anything else, Mr Chan happened to step into office and he gestured me over to his office.

I took a seat opposite him and he filled me in.

It turns out that he had just finish having lunch with Joan and that she had a personal request. She wanted a month off to sort out some personal matters.

He had already approved her no pay leave after learning her situation.

Mr Chan : I hope you do not mind covering for Joan for this period.

I told Mr Chan not to worry, I’ll do what I can.

He passed me a gift box, saying that it was from Joan.

Mr Chan : She knew you would be covering for her, so she bought you a gift in advance to thank you for the trouble.

After another 30 minutes of work related chat, I excused myself to grab some lunch.

I opened the box after coming back and saw a post it note.

I recognised Joan’s handwriting straight away.

Inside the box was the same paper bag that held my boxers.

The message went;

“You took the wrong one idoit!!. Washed and dried yours, I expect the same to be done for mine !!! “

PS : Don’t wear it, it doesn’t fit 


I smiled and kept the gift box in my drawer.

I received a message from Joan at 3pm.

Joan sms : James…. Did not hear from you since sat, are we ok ?

I replied after i finished my lunch.

James sms : Of course we are. Have a good rest. Will cover in the meantime.

Joan sms : You’re the best !

The highlight of that day happened when we’re about to knock off work .

At 5.30pm that day, everyone in the office had a surprise.

I recognised him from pictures Joan had showed me before.

Thomas came to the office.

He was gesturing and talking to the receptionist before he just barged into the office.

He just walked through the office and I could see the receptionist Siti quickly going to Mr Chan’s office.

Thomas wandered around before finally coming over to my cubicle, the moment he saw Joan’s name at the cubicle beside mine, he asked in a voice that was too loud for me to respond to him properly.

Thomas : Where is Joan ? I need to talk to her.

I shot him a look and replied.

James : I don’t know, this is an office. People work here, take your problems outside.

He walked right up to me in an aggressively manner and I stood up immediately, rising to my full height, staring back at him.

His face came close, his eyes widened as if he wanted to pick a fight.

Thomas : What’s your problem.. ? You got something to say, ? huh ? You got something to say ? We step outside la… lai ….

By then several of the male staff had stood up and gathered around us.

Mr Chan came too.

I was about to reply Thomas when suddenly I just felt myself stagger back a step or so. It happened so fast I did not realise it had actually happened.

Thomas had shoved me, pushing me on my chest, raising his voice at the same time.

Thomas : Don’t think I don’t know. Joan told you right…Joan told you right or not….. I know Joan told you…

That was all I could make out before I felt the numbing sensation on my left cheek and it took me half a second to register the pain of the slap.

I reacted and the next thing I knew, Mr Chan and another colleague was trying to pry a letter opener out of my hand while several other male colleagues were hold Thomas down.

The next thing that happened shocked me even more.

Mr Chan let go of me, grabbed Thomas by his collar and slapped him across his left cheek with a loud smack.

Everyone was shocked.

Nobody moved as Mr Chan just shoved Thomas against the wall and let him go.

I could see the look of surprised on Thomas face as he looked at the 60 year old man that just hit him.

Mr Chan broke the silence 3 seconds later.

Mr Chan : Get the fuck out of my office.

He pointed his finger at Thomas and added.

Mr Chan : Joan told me…..she told me everything….get out before I call the police.

Thomas shot both Mr Chan and I a look before pushing himself away from the crowd and got out of the office.

The atmosphere was a little heated, colleagues asked if I was ok and I nodded my head.

Suddenly the office joker / gay , Junwei spoke and lightened up the atmosphere.

Junwei : Mr Chan ho man wor…. ~~~ haha

There were some scattered laughter and Mr Chan laughed, asking everyone to head back to work.

He asked if I was ok and I give him the thumbs up.

He did not tell me what Joan told him, and I did not ask.

The rest of the week came and went.

Taking on another person’s job is no mean feat, the paper work alone meant several extra hours at work.

For the first time that week, Mr Chan did not chase me away at 8pm.

Joan did not contact me at all that week and seriously, I was so busy with work, I hardly thought about her.

11th Jan 2013



Mr Chan told me to take care of my health and to let him know if I needed anything before heading off.


The office was quiet, and I had finally finished both Joan and my stuff for the week.

I was exhausted and I needed a massage.

I drafted a mail to Joan, purely professional mail to keep her up to date on what she’s missing out.

A 2nd mail followed to ask her how was she coping.

James email ;

Dear Joan,

How are you coping? Hope everything is fine on your end.

Our cubicle feels empty without you around.

Come back soon.

PS : I’ll wear anything you want…as long as you’re back.

I did not see the need to update her on what happened in the office. She’s had enough on her mind.


I only just stepped into my room when I received an email reply from Joan .

She has left the country and is in Malaysia. She’s spending sometime with a relative in a quiet fishing village in Kukup, somewhere up north of Johor.

She’s feeling a lot better and just need some time alone.

Her message ended with ;

PS : it’s nice and quiet up here. Love the sound of the waves at night. Wish I could slap you….

I laughed and closed the email application.

If only she knew her slap quota just got deducted by 1 that week.

12th Jan 2013



I woke up at 11am and I could feel my stomach growling.

I saw 7 miss calls from Joan but I was too hungry to do anything other than find some food.

I had a nice breakfast at a coffee shop, read the papers and hit the gym.

I tried returning Joan’s call but it did not get through.

I took a afternoon nap and when I got up at 4.30 pm , I saw 3 more miss calls from Joan and a message asking if I’m free to meet up at the void deck near her place.

I agreed.


I could see Joan from a distance away. Her back was facing me and she had on long grey track pants and a long sleeve white hoodie.

The hood was down and Joan was just tapping away on the phone.

I approached and tapped Joan on the shoulder.

I flashed my brightest smile and said

James : Got miss me or not… ?

When Joan turned around, my smile left my face.

There was a bandage on her left cheekbone the size of a credit card that covered all the way to the corner of her left eye.

There were some scratches on her forehead that were already healing.

The bruise on the side of her lip was still a little purplish.

Joan tried to smile but I could see it hurt.

I took her hand and tried to lift up her long sleeve but she pushed my hands away.

Joan : James… don’t… I’m sorry…..

Joan : I didn’t know what happened until Amy called me this morning…. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding…

I could see her eyes starting to tear and I tried to calm her down.

I did not ask Joan what happened but I could pretty much guessed.

When the time is ripe, perhaps she would share it with me.

I spent 5 minutes trying to calm her down. I told her she needed to rest but she said she felt so bad that she just had to see me in person to apologise.

I told her it’s ok, all is forgiven and that she better go back up to rest.

Joan : Ok… I’m really sorry James….sorry for getting you involved.

I wanted to send her to the lift but she said she needed to grab dinner for herself at the coffee shop a few bus stops away.

I told her I’m going with her and she nodded her head.

Her parents were still in Kukup, she insisted on returning to Singapore to apologise to me against the wishes of her parents.

We hardly spoke during the bus ride and I could see a few uncomfortable glances from the public when we took the bus and queued for the food.

Joan did not feel comfortable eating in public in her state, we packed food for both of us and headed back to Joan’s place.

She did not officially invite me up, nor did she ask me not to tag along.

I just went along naturally right up to her place.

It felt so weird.

Only days ago, I was just here, sneaking around. Yet here I was, standing beside Joan as she unlocked her door for me.

I stepped into Joan’s place and she said she needed the bathroom. I place the food on the dining table and watch Joan head towards the toilet.

Right before she closed the door, Joan turned around and asked.

Joan : James….. are you mad ? …. At me… ? and everything ?

I smiled and shook my head.

Joan smiled too and entered the bathroom.

The moment I heard the click of the lock, I dashed towards the bedrooms.

I opened door after door, trying to determine which was Joan’s room.

I got it on the 2nd try and I went into a room with walls full of pictures. There were pictures of Joan and Thomas during happier times.

Yes, there were laundry in the basket.

Yes, there were lingerie on the bed.

Yes, there were worn clothes all around, enough for a sick pervert like to me indulge in the whole day.

But I was not interested in those that day.

I searched though Joan’s desk, lifting documents, envelopes, letters.

It did not take long for me to find what I wanted.

I only manage to find Thomas’s namecard stuck to a magnetic board together with an array of other stuff. I took it and stuffed it into my back pocket.

I quickly got back out to the living room and settled down a the dining table.

Joan came out shortly after and sat down beside me.

She helped me open up my food and place the utensils properly for me.

Joan : James…. You sure you’re ok ? Won’t get mad ?

I nodded with a smile and ask Joan to tuck into her food.

Of course James won’t get mad.

Nothing comes out of getting mad.

James don’t get mad…

James get even. ..



After dinner, I considered heading back when Joan asked if I would like some tea. 

I tried to lighten up the atmosphere but giving her a delirious look, my eyes widened, and I licked my lips at the same time.

James : Slurp…. You know in the movies what happens when the girl ask the guy to stay for tea ? 

I rubbed my hands in glee. 

Joan just smiled and told me to carry on dreaming. 

We settled down on the sofa and I asked Joan why she not report this to the authorities. 

James : It’s a criminal offence. 

As Joan took me through the situation, I kind of pitied her circumstances. 

It’s true Thomas was wrong and Joan had every right to go to the police. The thing is Thomas had in a way been part of the family for the past decade. 

Ten years is a long time. 

Even Joan’s parents had grown to accept him as part of the family. 

It’s not an easy call to simply call the cops on someone like this. 

Ten years is only 8 alphabets when you read it on screen. 

Ten years is from the day you step into primary one, till the day you graduated with your ‘O’ levels. 

Joan went on to say that it’s a sticky situation, imagine every Chinese new year, all the family gatherings, Thomas was there. 

Things took such a sudden and drastic change that even her parents were a little lost. 

That was part of the reason why they chose to get away from the country for a while to sort out their thoughts. 

Joan cried once, got mad twice and burst into uncontrolled laughter 3 times durng the course of an hour. 

When she ran out of words, she just stared at me with her round eyes. 

James : Ok… ok… let’s change the topic shall we… this is the last thing you need on your mind right now. 

Joan wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and got up to clear the tea cups. 

I helped her do the dishes while she just stood by the side and watched. 

Joan had just plonked herself back onto the sofa when her phone rang. She rejected the call, it was not hard to guess who it was. 

It rang a couple of times but each time Joan swiped the reject button. 

I was about to speak when the tone for messages came through. I watched Joan’s finger flicked through them when suddenly her eyes widened. 

It was not a look of surprise but of fear. 

She got up quickly and grabbed me by the shirt. 

Joan : Thomas’s is just at the carpark….. shit… shit.. 

For a moment I thought Joan wanted to throw me out , or to quickly get me away to prevent any further misunderstanding but I was wrong. 

She pleaded with me to close shut all the windows whilst she removed both our slippers from the entrance. 

I quickly followed suit. 

Joan shut and bolted the door and dashed to switched off the lights for the living room and kitchen, plunging the whole place into darkness. 

I dashed into her room and switched off the lights too before coming out. 

I was heading towards Joan when I heard the loud chime of the lift door opening outside the unit. 

Joan ducked downwards and when I approached her, she pulled me by my pants, pulling me down to her level. 

Right at that moment, I saw the large shadowy figure of Thomas on the window. 

There was a low bass like boom as he cupped his hands and plastered his face onto the window, trying to make out the interior. 

I could not understand why was Joan hiding but I could tell she was afraid so I just kept quiet and played along. 

We were plastered against the wall too, the low parapet wall of the corridor that separated us from Thomas, peering up slightly, I saw the shadow retreated before it reappears a distance away on another panel. 

And again it went, another low boom as Thomas tried to look into the unit. 

I could see Joan breathing pretty fast as she just looked at me, helpless and afraid. 

I put my arms around her and mouthed that everything would be ok. 

Just then I head the unmistakable shifting of a cabinet, the dragging some of timber on concrete floor. 

The sandy drag went on for a second or 2 before and loud smack against the low wall we were huddling against. 

Wham !. That smack of Joan’s shoe cabinet made her jumped and she dug her fingers into my arms. 

I looked up and realised that the top louvred windows were wide open. 

Yes, the typical HDB windows had 2 parts. The sliding ones were closed, but the top hung portion was wide opened on the extreme end. 

Thomas would be able to make us out from that angle if we remained still. 

I grabbed Joan and I forced her to move. 

She shook her head, petrified and scared. 

I half dragged her off the ground right when I felt the entire length of window vibrate as I was the shadowy figure got taller and both palms hit against the window panels for support. 

The boom was louder and the vibrations amplified Joan’s helplessness in that dark living room. 

I grabbed Joan and we dove down behind the sofa onto a carpet. I forced her to lay flat and I put a finger to her mouth. 

Jokes aside. 

That point in time, I felt like I’m Tom cruise or some action super star. 

The position I was in is not a good one. 

I failed my commanders who taught me In the army. 

In cover and concealment, I need to be able to see my enemy. 

At that moment, I was certain Thomas could not see us, but I could not see him either. 

I was just lying beside Joan on her right when I heard this pretty loud tapping sound. 

It sounded awfully familiar. 

Click. Tap tap tap. 


It suddenly struck me what it was because I was using the same phone. 

The 1st click was when you slide and unlock the screen. 

The 4 taps with the audible tones the password you keyed in. 

The last click for redial. 

Till this day I could not figure out how my brain processed this information and translated to the following series of actions. 

It just happened naturally. 

Joan was gripping onto her phone with her right hand, I immediately gripped onto that hand together with the phone, I placed it on her tummy and immediately flipped my body over her. 

The moment I was over Joan, the phone started vibrating. 

Joan did not expect me to go over her and she got a shock, so she naturally used her right hand to cover her privates and her left to cover her breast and stared at me wide eyed. 

It took her only a second to realise what I was trying to do and of all things to do, she let go of the vibrating phone and hugged onto me, pressing me down on the phone. 

My eyes widened too and Joan’s mouth gaped opened but she hugged me tighter. The vibration was strong, there was no room for self control. 

My erection raged forward, no doubt Joan could feel my dick slowly pushing the vibrating phone out of place. 

She hugged me tighter, using both our pelvis to sandwich that cursed vibrating piece of device. We would hear the vibration, we only hoped out body could filter out the sound.

It lasted about 40 seconds. 

When it stopped, we panted and suddenly we heard the clicking sound and Joan hugged onto me again, the movement squishing my poor penis onto the radiation emitting device and in turn onto her privates.

It stopped again after another 30 seconds or so. 

Then it was all quiet. 

I heard the loud slam of an adult landing on the concrete floor before the dragging of the cabinet sounded out again. 

It hit against the wall with a slam. 

Then it was all quiet before the lift chimed. 

Joan’s hands left my back and she gently nudged me off her. 

I got off and rolled onto my back,. 

Both of us laid in the dark, quiet for a good 10 seconds or so before we burst out laughing.


After a short bout of laughing, we both grew quiet, just lying on the ground, staring at the ceiling. 

Neither of us spoke. 

Joan broke the silence by saying that it’s silly to be lying on the floor.

We lingered for a couple of minutes more before we decided to get up. 

Joan : Let’s get up.. 

I got on my feet and I helped Joan up on hers. She brushed off her clothes gently before helping me do a bit of simple brushing with her hands.

James : No need, it’s ok.. 

Joan : Carpet dirty la… so dusty.. 

After she’s done, she went to get a drink of water while I just leaned against the sofa, looking at her in the dark kitchen. 

I could not tell if she was staring at me but she emerged a moment later and her head just nodded towards the direction of her bedroom. 

There was nothing cheeky or suggestive about the action in my opinion, she just wanted to get out of the living room. 

Just then the loud audible sound of the lift chiming in the corridor rang out again. 

Both of us froze in place as we saw the hulking shadow of Thomas outside the corridor again. 

Then there was the unmistakable ringing of the keys echoing into the living room. 

Both of us got back down onto the ground and I harshly whispered to Joan .

James: He has the keys ?!! 

Joan whispered back sharply saying that her parents had already changed the lock. 

We paused and listened intently at what Thomas was doing. 

I could heard the key being inserted into the cylinder set of the main timber door. 

Both Joan and I shared a look and she quickly whispered. 

Joan : We only changed the padlock !. 

I pushed her towards the direction of her bedroom corridor while I dived towards the main door. 

No, I’m not trying to push it shut, I was going for the 2 pair of slippers and the bag of dinner trash that were right beside the door. 

I had placed the trash there with the intention of bringing it out when I leave, Joan conveniently just threw our slippers there when she brought it in earlier. 

It’s not easy to turn the cylinder of the timber door without unlocking the gate but it’s not impossible. 

I heard the sickening click right when I grabbed the slippers and almost immediately the knob turned and I heard the creak of the old door when I lifted the plastic bag off the floor. 

I was thankful for the old rusty hinges as the creak masked the sound of the plastic bag. 

I had not time to go anywhere and I stayed behind the door. 

The door was pushed to a 15 degree opening. The low shadow of Thomas squatting down was cast long and willowy into the living room from the corridor light. 

I saw him move, opening the door a little further, reducing the space I had behind the door. 

He pushed even more, breaching the 45 degree angle as he peered into the empty dark living room. 

I could hear him grunt as he tried to push the door wide open, and he managed another 10 degree, his push being stopped by the door closer . 

I did not dare to breath, thinking back, it was really a comical sight. 

I had both pair of slippers and the trash high above my head in a mock surrender position. 

I could see Joan squatting at the end of the corridor, both her hands covering her mouth. 

Then without warning, Thomas let go, allowing the door to close and eventually slam shut. 

He was still outside the corridor, I heard the flick of a zippo lighter before the smell of cigarette came into the house. 

I deposited the stuff in the kitchen and quickly joined Joan in the corridor. 

James: He’s still outside. 

She exhaled and shook her head and told me to ignore him and head into her room. 

Joan kept the lights off and the only light in the room was the green led light from the air conditioner near the ceiling after she turned it on. 

Thankfully the window of her bedroom is not facing the corridor. 

James ; You going to fumble in the dark the whole night ah ? 

Joan : Haha.. yah… are you afraid of the dark ? 

I laughed. 

James : 怕黑。。。。你不是白白的活着吗? 。。。

Joan laughed and said I’m the cheesiest person she’s ever knew before climbing onto her bed. 

She has a queen size bed in the room, it took up a significant portion of space even though it’s tucked against the corner. About a third of the bed was filled with bolsters of at least 3 different sizes, soft toys, a shawl, a cardigan and I even saw a book nestled in the middle. 

She propped herself upright and pulled the blanket over herself. 

She was a little embarrassed by what happened earlier, and she tried to offer me an explanation. She did what she did not because she was afraid of Thomas, but because she did not want to face the reality of dealing with that problem for the time being. 

I nodded knowingly in the dark room. 

I took Joan’s chair, swivelled around and sat down. I put both hands on my knees with my legs propped wide open and in a serious tone, made Joan a proposal. 

James : Ok, be serious now…… 

Joan perked up, her head straightened and looked at me as if I had an important announcement. 

I paused and pretended to consider my proposal before speaking. 

James : $200. 

Joan : Huh ? What $200 ? 

I stood up, checked the window and the door before turning around to reply Joan. 

James : For $200, I’ll stay and protect you for tonight… 

It took Joan a second or so to digest what I just said before I saw a Minnie mouse flew towards me and hit my head. 

Before I could pick it up, micky and Donald came over too. 

I picked up all three and was about to put them back on the bed and 3 small minions joined in the foray and hit me squarely on the head. 

James : oei.. oei… okok…. Price can negotiate . 

Joan laughed as I put the bunch of toys back where they belonged. 

I immediately went over to open her cupboard. 

Joan : Oeeehhh.. what are you doing… ? 

James : Where do you keep your spare towels ? I need to shower before sleeping. 

She laughed and this time round, she took the biggest bolster, stood up on her bed and hit me squarely on the chin. 

She got out of bed, came over and closed the cupboard. 

She walked over to the drawers and pulled out a pink towel before passing it to me. 

Without a word, she got back into her bed. 

Joan : I’m not paying you $200 James… haha… but I can consider buying you breakfast. 

I smiled and shook the towels at her before giving a little bow. 

Right before I left the room, she whispered harshly after me. 

Joan : And don’t on the lights….. 


I had an erection again when I used the same soap, shampoo and facial foam as Joan. The thought of smelling like her, of using the same toilet bowl, of using her towel, of even being in the bathroom she used sent my hormones into overdrive. 

It is so hard to describe that feeling of euphoria. 

There were no lingerie or worn clothes of any kind in the bathroom. 

I took a quick shower in the dark and left the bathroom. I hope I would have more time and opportunity to explore it in the future. 


I did not know if Thomas was still outside and I don’t care.

I entered Joan’s room again, she had a tiny reading light on, directed onto her book. The orange glow gave her skin a nice colour tone, a little dream like scene. 

She pointed to a sports bag on the floor. 

Joan : You can wear some of Thomas’s old clothes if you like.. 

I looked at the packed bag on the floor, seems like he’s a goner for sure. 

James : No way… I’m not wearing his clothes…

Joan : Haha.. you going to sleep in these ah ? 

I gestured to her cupboard. 

James : Anything of yours I can fit ? 

She laughed, chuckled in a silly manner before adding. 

Joan : don’t be silly la…. Haha 

She went on to say that if I can find any, I can wear them. 

I briefly pushed and browse through her clothes, I could make out some dresses and tops I’ve seen her in at work. Then right at the corner, I saw some robes.

It’s a TaeKwonDo robe. I should be able to fit it. 

As I pulled it out, a couple of belts fell out too. 

I bent down to pick it up and Joan leaned forward to see what I was up to. 

Even in the dark, I could make out the black coloured one with Joan’s name on it. 

I made eye contact with Joan, I could roughly see her giving me a smile and a wink before returning to her book. 

The 1st thought that came to my mine was how useful that belt was to her. It did not protect her from Thomas. 

Then again, Thomas is at least 1.85 by my estimates, works out in the gym and does MMA. 

I hung everything back and decided to just stay in my clothes. 

Up till that point in time, there was no indication of any kind where I was supposed to sleep. 

I took it upon myself to try my luck and I got into bed with Joan keeping a close eye on what I was doing. 

I started rearranging her soft toys, making space for myself. 

I put Micky and friends in the middle, effectively drawing a line between us and Joan laughed and helped with the rearrangements. 

Joan : You’re very thick skin leh James…hahaha…. 

Joan : I had wanted you to take the floor… haha…. 

I ignored her and arranged myself a cosy spot against the wall. 

I appraised my work and nodded my head. 

It’s a snug corner, surrounded by bolsters, soft toys and some small pillows. It’s nicely tucked against the wall too, furthest away from the windows and door. 

I was about lie down when Joan decided to take the spot I just made. She rolled over and made herself comfortable, sticking her tongue out at me. 

We laid down facing each other. 

Neither of us spoke. 

Joan broke the silence first. 

Joan : I bet you’ll fall asleep before me. 

James : Haha… I’ll bet all 3 meals tomorrow . 

She laughed an agreed. 

She got up, reached over me and for a brief second, her breast hovered mere centimetres away from my face as she retrieved a marker from the desk. 

Joan : Winner gets to draw on the loser when he falls asleep. 

James : You’re on. 

We chatted a little, mainly about Joan’s parents. 

Joan : They’re very disappointed. They even joked that i should just stay single and by their side for the rest of my life. haha. 

After a little teasing about my dick being zapped by radiation from her phone, we slowly grew quiet. 

We never spoke again that night. 

We just laid still, staring at each other. 

I estimated it was about 10 minutes before Joan’s eyes started getting heavy. Then without a word, and any sign of a struggle. She‘s gone. 

I waited a while more before I waved my hand in front of her. 

I waited another 10 minutes before I gently shook her. 

She roused, turned away from me to face the wall and I detected the slightest hint of a snore. 

She must be exhausted. 

I quietly got out of bed. 

I stared at Joan for a while more, looking at the rise and fall of her body. 


I tiptoed out of bed and decided to spend the time snooping around. 

It’s dark but my eyes had already adjusted to the lack of light. 

I stoop low and duck walked over to Joan’s laundry basket. 

Immediately my erection rose as I dug my hands into the pile of cool clothes. 

There was not a lot of them, just a couple of t-shirts and shorts. I guess most of her worn clothes are in the unpacked suitcase in the corner. She just came back from overseas after all. 

I dug deeper and found a light coloured bra with lacy straps. 

And right at the bottom of the basket, was a pair of soft sleep shorts with the undies entwined within. 

I finger the 2 precious garment in my hand, secretly thanking my luck stars. 

I felt this immense sense of happiness filling me from within. It’s really the simple pleasures in life that makes you happy, no matter how dark the pleasures may be. 

I looked at Joan from where I was and cupped her bra cup over my face, taking in the beautiful erotic scent of her sweat, her scent and her womanly order. 

My dick was throbbing away and I lowered my pants a little, instantly wrapping the cold cool undies onto my dick as I masturbated. 

My very action made me sick but I could not help it. 

The thought of being in Joan’s room, masturbating with her lingerie while she slept a few meters away was too much for me to bear. If only I could shout out to Thomas that I’m playing with his ex gf’s undies and bra while he’s stuck outside the corridor. 

I could feel the end coming and I quickly replaced the clothes back into the basket. 

I went to the bathroom and filled my mind with images of me and Joan, and my expectations of the day when I can finally cum deep inside her womanly hole and I came, sputtering and drooling onto the bathroom floor. 

I cleaned myself up, tidied up the bathroom and went back to Joan’s room. 

She was still sound asleep so I took the opportunity to look through some more of the stuff on her table. 

Letters, bills, envelopes. 

Something I noted was that Thomas’s credit card and phone bills were sent to her address. 

I looked at the bag of belongings at the floor, it did not seem like he stayed here often given it’s a pretty small bag. 

I guess after 10 years together, it’s common to give your partner the keys to your place.

I took one of Thomas’s credit card bill and folded it inside my wallet together with his namecard I snitched. 

When I got into bed, the movements made Joan turn. 

Without a word, she snuggled up with me, nestling herself against my chest, pushing the soft toys away. 

I smiled and raised my left arm, with her eyes closed, she lifted her head slightly before falling right back to sleep in my arms. 

I fell asleep with 2 things on my mind. 

Number one.

How do i stop Thomas from bothering Joan ? 

Number two 

How do i go about doing number one.


13th Jan 2013 



I woke up with a sore left arm and I could hardly feel it there anymore. 

Joan was nowhere to be seen. 

When I sat up, I noticed black marks at my left toe. Upon a closer inspection, I realised Joan had drawn a fake tag on the top of my feet complete with a fake string loopng around my big toe. 

It read : “ For sale “ 

I laughed and got out of bed.

The door to the room was opened and from my angle, I could see the bathroom door was closed.

There was a light drizzle going on and I could hear the rumbling of the distant thunder. It may already be 7 but the skies were overcast and dark. 

Joan had opened up the windows in her room .I could feel the refreshing breeze of the morning rain on my face. I looked out through the bedroom window to the road below, it was such a nice and dreamy morning. 

The cool air made me feel like I was overseas, waking up in some wine valley and looking out of my hotel room. 

Joan came out of the bathroom after her morning shower in shorts and singlets. She was drying her hair and for the first time, I saw the bruises and marks on both her arms. 

Her arms took quite a bit of beating, she must have blocked and deflected quite a bit of the blows from Thomas. 

She realised I was looking at her and she quickly went to her wardrobe. 

She gestured that she needed to change and I got out and use the bathroom, smelling the fresh fragrance of Joan’s soap and shampoo.

Moments later, she came out in a long sleep turtleneck and ¾ pants. 

I took a seat on her bed and Joan sat down beside me. 

Joan : Thanks…. For being here the whole night… I ermm.. 

Joan : It’s been a while since I slept so soundly… 

I could tell she wanted to say she feels safer with me around but she stopped herself from going there. 

I just smiled and told her it’s ok. 

She started to tease about the drawings on my feet and asked about the 3 meals I promised. 

James : Technically you fell asleep first. 

She rolled her eyes. Giggled softly and replied. 

Joan : Who’s the one with the drawings ? haha. 

James : Let’s head out for breakfast. 

Joan : You think he’s still out there ? 

I took a deep breath and replied. 

James : Only one way to find out. We can’t hide forever.

I peered through the peep hole and the corridor was clear. 

I opened the main door and paused. 


I saw several cigarette butts on the floor but no sign of Thomas. 

I helped Joan shut all the windows and take out the trash before we head out. 

Joan and I spent the entire day together at Hougang mall. We ate, we went to the library, we had coffee. We shopped. 

We even went to the arcade to play some video games. 

I did my best to keep her laughing, I wanted her to ignore the stares from the public about her bruises. 

No we did not hold hands, we did not kiss, we did not exchange lovey dovey messages. It’s just 2 adults spending a day together. 

If there is one thing for sure, we were a lot more comfortable with each other compared with the week before. 

After all, we did spend the night together on the same bed.

I found out that she promised her parents to return to her relative’s place in Kukup the next day and I told her not to worry about her work. I’ll update her whenever I could.

James : You better head back early and rest. 


We alighted from the bus and we took a slow walk back to Joan’s place. 

As we approached the block , Joan casually asked. 

Joan : Eh… so… you staying over again ? haha 

She did not look at me but I guess she felt safer with me around. 

There was no telling if Thomas might come knocking again. 

James : I.. can’t.. 

She nodded without looking at me. 

James : It’s a work day tomorrow… can’t wear your dress to work…

Joan laughed and slap me on the arm. 

As we approached the lift lobby, I decided to try my luck. 

James : Hey… i.. erm.. slept in your bed last night…. 

James : It’s only fair you slept in mine tonight. 

Joan smiled before breaking out into a grin and slapping me on the arm again. 

Joan : Wait your parents scold you ah, bring a old auntie back to your place. 

James : They wouldn’t. 

Joan : Wanna bet ? 

James : Haha… why not.. 

I accompanied her up to her place, she packed what she needed, grabbed her passport and we took a cab to my place. 

As we alighted, I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen. 

I opened my house door and 3 pairs of eyes turned towards me. 

My dad look up from his papers. 

My mum stopped plucking the tails of the bean sprouts.

My younger brother dropped his books. 

James : Pa , ma. My friend, Joan. 

My mum dashed into the kitchen and came out with a first aid kit. 

That was the first time I brought a girl back with bandages and bruises on her face. 

She smiled and took Joan’s hand and led her to the Sofa while my dad made space for their new guest. 

The first words that left my mum’s mouth was ; 

Mum : My dear I’m so sorry. …. Did James do this to you ? 

I could not be bothered with my mum but it was Joan’s reply that made me turn. 

Joan : We… quarrelled… and I slipped and fell.. 

My mouth gasped open in shock and I saw the look of disgust my brother and dad gave me. 

Joan did not even look at me. 

I shook my head and went into my room. 

30 seconds later I received a text message from Joan. 

Joan 1 James 0 

My bedroom door opened at that moment and my dad came in and sat down beside me. 

Dad : Ah James ah….. cannot like that treat girlfriend you know….


I stared wide eye as my dad tried to talk to me for a good 5 minutes. It’s always awkward for the father to broach certain subjects to their sons. 

The fact that he did this showed how serious they viewed this matter. 

I nodded and nodded and I kept nodding, saying that it’s a misunderstanding. 

Right after my dad left, I got a sms from my younger brother, Jasper. 

He’s got 1 year left on his books and I have no doubts he’s the brains of the whole family. 

He is the only one in my extended family that has made it into the university. 

Jasper is a nice kid but can be a little irritating and cheeky at times. He has never been in a stable relationship before even though he’s already 23. It’s usually a quick 2 week puppy love. 

He has never been friendly to any of my ex-gfs before, some of my ex even complained to me that my brother did not seem to like them much. 

This made me even more surprised when I saw his message. 

Jasper sms : Kor… She’s hot. You don’t deserve her…. Intro to me. 

I closed the message and tidied up the room a little. 

About 5 minutes later, I went out to the living room and I saw my dad chatting with Joan. 

Jasper served drinks and my mum was trying to bring out the guest mattress from the storeroom. 

I went over to help my mum and she spoke within everyone’s earshot. 

Mum : Ah James ah… tonight you sleep on the floor ah… let Joan have the bed. 

I had given up trying to talk to my family and I just nodded. 

My bed is only a super single, well it’s a tight squeeze for 2 adults but isn’t that what cuddling is about ? 

Joan saw the commotion and got up to help us with the bedsheets and cover. 

My mum insists that Joan take a seat and made me take the stuff in together with my brother. 

En route to my room my brother actually asked; 

Jasper : Eh… Kor, you really wack her ah ? or you all kena robbed or something. 

I gave a sigh and told him I’ll explain in due time. 

He dumped the stuff on my room floor and went back to the living room, planting himself beside Joan. 

I set up the bed and joined the rest of the family at the living area. 

I never imagined what a smooth talker Joan could be. Her shy smile, her gentle demeanour, I could tell my parents took a liking to her immediately. 

Perhaps she was the only girl I brought back that did not stink of cigarette smoke or alcohol, or looked like someone who just came out of a club. 

When my mum brought some fruits out from the kitchen, Joan would stand up slightly, help to receive the plate before placing it on the table. 

When my dad could not understand the news re-runs of the new property cooling measures introduced by the government, Joan explained in layman terms and my dad nodded his head with a smile. 

Just when I thought there was nothing else she could pull, she asked to use the bathroom and happen to see my brother’s books. 

She struck up a conversation straight away, adding that she did the same modules back in school. 

You should see the way my brother’s eyes lit up as she gave him some tips and offered to pass him her books with all the notes in it. 

Joan went ahead to the bathroom and the moment the door closed, I was peppered with questions. 

When did we meet ? 

How long were we together ? 

What are the details about her injury ? 

I put my hands to my head and said I have a headache. I will explain to them in due time. 

Meanwhile, Joan just needs to stay the night, she’ll be off in the morning. 


Joan thanked my parents for allowing her to crash for the evening and apologised for the inconvenience. 

She said goodnight to my brother, clench her fist upright before pulling it down sharply and did a running man style “fighting” gesture when she saw him hard at work on his books. 

Joan : Jasper, Fighting ! 

I could almost see the flames on Jasper’s shoulders as he powered up for a night of intense reading.

I shut my room door and I immediately gave Joan the look. 

She laughed and said she could explain. 

Joan : Well, I can’t exactly tell your parents that I was beaten up by my ex and he’s now terrorising me right ? haha 

I gave up reasoning with her and told her to get an early rest. 

I got onto the mattress on the floor but Joan did not go on my bed. 

She wandered around the room, checking out my desk, opened drawers and ran her fingers through my books. 

She stopped at my cabinet, opened it and said. 

Joan : Anything of yours I can fit ? hahaha

I laughed and replied. 

James : You find it… it’s yours. 

I watch her run her fingers through my work shirts and she took one out. 

Joan used her leg to nudge me to turn around while I looked at the shadow being cast on my wall in front of me by the standing lamp beside Joan.

I watched the shadow pull down the pants. 

I watched the shadow pull off the top. 

I watched the shadow slipped on my white workshirt, the long arms threading down the sleeves before buttoning the shirt up. 

Joan : Ok… I’m done. 

My erection was already raging and throbbing away when I was staring at the shadow. 

I turned around to see Joan smiling as she re did her hair after removing the hairband. 

When her arms raised up, the hem of my shirt raised up along with it. 

Joan :Nice ? 

She spoke in a serious tone, mimicking that of a teacher.

Joan : 做戏。。。要做全套。。。 

She scurried onto my bed and pull the blanket over herself. 

Joan : Girlfriend usually wear the boyfriend’s shirt to bed one. 

The signals and hints Joan has sent thus far was too obvious for me not to notice. 

I’m not a block of wood, of course I knew how to response accordingly. 

If something similar happened to you and you still don’t know what to do, you need help.

Professional help.

Please feel free to send me an email anytime. 

I got up and got onto the bed beside Joan. 

We smiled before we both broke into a silly giggle. 

Joan just looked at me in the eyes and asked. 

Joan : Don’t…. don’t you think it’s amazing the things that are happening to us … haha ..

I did not know what to say but I just lowered my head closer to Joan. 

I went so close that our nose almost touched. 

I wanted to kiss Joan and I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but there’s that feeling of uncertainty. That feeling of yes we want, yet don’t know if we should. 

I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. 

Joan did not move, she just stared and waited for me. 

I leaned forward, planting my first peck on her cheek. She bit her lips and look away. 

I planted the 2nd kiss, a little longer on the same cheek and I could feel Joan adjusting herself on the bed, making space for me. 

I would never forget that feeling. 

That moment of me straddling Joan on my small bed. 

I put my leg over her and watched the rise and fall of her chest. 

I held both of Joan’s hand, our fingers entwined and I slowly slide it against the soft bedsheets of my bed, gently dragging her hands upwards to her head before tucking it under the pillow. 

There was zero resistance from Joan and I could feel my dick literally begging to be let loose. 

Joan had this dreamy look in her eyes, I don’t want to get too philosophical and say things that I can see her soul, bla bla bla and feel her urge and so on and so forth, but that day when I peered into her eyes. 

I felt something really hard to put into words. 

It’s more of a kind of relieve, of finally feeling safe. 

I spent a good minute just staring at Joan without a word in that position. I did not see a reason to rush through such a beautiful moment. 

Joan smiled and whispered softly 

Joan : What’s wrong ? …

James : I just want to look at you….You have no idea how beautiful you are. … 

She smiled and said she did not believe a single word I just said. 

James : Well….. don’t believe… I’m just going to send you back to your place….. you can hide when Thomas comes knocking. Haha.

She laughed and tried to fight me but I held onto her hands.

James : say you believe me…. Or I’m really going to send you back.

She giggled in a ticklish manner and pleaded with me not to.

James : You don’t sound very convincing la… let’s go … let’s go… get change and we go back to your place.

It was at that moment when I knew life has this funny way of joking with you.

I saw the helplessness Joan had with her hands being held down while I straddled her and she reluctantly started to plea with me the very moment my room door opened.

Joan : Don’t la James…. Please~~~… don’t…don’t …please~~….

My door swung opened and there she was, my mum with a spare blanket in her hand.

Mum : Oh… sorry.. sorry…

The door closed immediately and Joan and I shared this priceless look.

She burst into laughter and I let go of her.

I raised both my arms into the air, directed towards the ceiling as I looked at my ceiling light in a mock prayer position.

I wanted to sing the famous song called “ I ask heaven”

I took a deep breath and quickly got off the bed to look for my mum.

I can only imagine if I was in her shoes, barging into her son’s room to see him holding down the hands of a girl while she pleaded for him not to continue.

It’s a horror no parents would want to experience.

I went out and saw her whispering sharply to my dad and they quickly stopped.

I told her to give me the blanket and to knock before coming in.

She tried to tell me to behave and so on and I brushed her off saying everything is ok.

I turned to head back to see Joan coming out the room.

She was fast, she had already changed out of my work shirt into her normal clothes.

She stood by the door and leaned against the doorway, looking at her feet before looking up in a coy manner.

My mum decided that she would speak up that day and made a decision for both of us.

Mum : Ah James ah…. Today so hot… sleep with the door open la…..

If I had a white flag that day, I would just stick it on my head and walk around.

After we returned to the room, Joan laughed and laughed, trying to cover her mouth.

We took our individual beds, kept the room door open and I switched off the lights.


Joan : Goodnight James….

James : Goodnight Joan…

I was honestly exhausted by that weekend and I did not know what time I fell asleep, but I knew I slept with a smile on my face.

14th Jan 2013



Nothing of note happened, both of us just had a really good sleep.

Joan thanked my parents again for the trouble before I went with her to grab a cab to the causeway.

My parents told her she’s welcomed to come over anytime.

Even my brother woke up early to say goodbye.


Mr Chan wanted to speak to me and I took the opportunity to update him on Joan’s work I had been covering the past week. I also gave him a rough overview of the programs I’ll be doing that week.

Half way through the update, Siti burst into the room without knocking.

Both of us looked up and Siti spoke really fast in a flustered manner.

Siti : Mr Chan…. That man is here again.

Mr Chan got up immediately and went out of the office with me following close behind.

When I got to the reception, a couple of my male colleagues were already there.

Thomas was at the reception with 2 huge hampers and several boxes of cupcakes from a famous local chain.

Mr Chan stepped forward and asked what Thomas wanted.

Thomas: Mr Chan…. i.. I sincerely apologise for my outburst…I hope you and your staff can forgive me.

Thomas : What I did was wrong, rude, and unprofessional. I shouldn’t have done that.

Thomas : I’m really sorry.

Just then he saw me standing behind Mr Chan, he extended his hand, bowed his head a little and added.

Thomas : Sorry brother…. Sorry… I shouldn’t have done that… please accept my apology …

With so many pairs of eyes on me, I shook his hand but I did not speak.

Thomas gave everyone gathered a slight bow, apologising again for his behaviour.

He went on to add that he had catered lunch for the whole office, and that they will be setting up in a while.

He left after saying his piece.


The food started arriving and I could see he spared no expense on that meal. It’s a good spread.


Most of the staff help themselves to the food, Mr Chan included. It’s free food after all.


Thomas arrived. He apologised again to everyone, but this time round on a more personal basis.

I happened to be standing near a cluster of my colleagues and when I heard Thomas asking about Joan, I figured out what he’s up to.

Thomas : Ermm.. anyone of you happen to know where Joan is ?…

He switched group shortly after and carried on his questions.

Thomas : Joan and I had a minor misunderstanding…..i’m trying to contact her to sort things out.

I observed him going round the reception area, chatting casually with each colleague, he gave out namecards, adding that he could give a good discount for catering but most important of all, to contact him if Joan gets in touch.

Thomas : Yah, help me reach her if you can la…. I give you voucher…free catering also can hahaha….

He stressed that he really want to speak with Joan.

My turn finally came, I was 1 of the last he approached for obvious reason.

Thomas: Hey brother… I’m sorry… really sorry…I heard you are covering Joan’s work is it ?

I did not know where he got that information from, probably from one of the loose lipped colleague.

I decided to play along and take the chance to vent my anger.

James : Yah. She suddenly urgent leave. I got to cover all her work on top of my own.

James : These few days you know how I’m living or not… I hide here, hide there, run here run there, avoiding people, now I’m the one holding the fort, if it’s you, you dulan or not ? you tell me.

James : Sometimes phone ring , don’t dare to answer, vibrate also my heart jump.

I gestured in an animated way.

James : That day, client came for another project. I hide ah…. Really hide ah. Squat and duck walk from cubicle to cubicle. Almost got to do cover and concealment with the office plant.

I pointed to the really sad looking palm that Siti was suppose to take care off.

Thomas smiled warmly and tried to calm me down, he said that he understands my frustration, and that he will talk to Joan once he gets in touch with her.

He passed me 1 of his name card too and I saw it’s the same one I got from Joan’s place.

It’s of the catering business he co-owned.

Thomas : Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon ah…. Tahan a bit more… sorry ah… really sorry about last week.

I waved him off, saying it’s water under the bridge.


I messaged Joan about what Thomas did.


Joan just sent me a screen capture of what Thomas sent her.

“ Let’s talk ”

“Why are you hiding”

“Do you really need to tell your boss about this”

It ended with ;

“I’ll find you eventually”

I got off work at 8.30pm that day.


I bought a 2nd hand phone from one of the neighbourhood shops near my place.


I got back home and had a long shower before I started surfing online forums. I messaged a few brothers in the hope that I could get a prepaid sim card.

After an hour, I finally hooked up with someone and he agreed to meet me the following evening.


I spent a while researching about Thomas, his catering business, his facebook profiles, his linked in account.

Anything I could get on line.

I even purchased a copy of the business profile from ACRA.

I laid out all the information I gathered so far on the table.

I looked at Thomas’ facebook postings and pictures.

I googled the location of his catering business.

I jotted down a list of items that I would need.

15th Jan 2013



It was a crazy day at work, it’s seriously no joke trying to cover the workload of 2 person.

Joan and I exchanged a couple of messages, purely work related, although she did end off with a “ miss your corny jokes “ message

I got to the neighbourhood shops which sold everyday household items and I grabbed hold of a basket.

I bought a basic set of tools, hammer, screwdriver and the works.

I threw some glue into the basket too.

I added a cheap lipstick and a bottle of nail polish.

I bought a plastic 3 tier shoe rack.

And the largest item of all, I took a collapsible laundry rack. Those kind you see outside hair salon, they used it to dry their towels.

I could not carry anymore and I decided to leave the rest of the shopping for tomorrow.

I lugged everything home and deposited them in my room.


At 11pm, the bro I bought a sim card from arrived on a motorbike and we concluded the deal at the carpark.

He told me to top up using cards you get from stalls and to avoid topping up online.

I thanked him for his trouble and paid him for the sim card.

I asked if he mind waiting a min while I test the card to make sure everything is ok.

He agreed.

While waiting for the phone to load up, he asked;

Sim card seller : Bro, Are you the same James that likes curry puff and writes a lot of nonsense online ?

I smiled and replied without looking up as I was trying to check the network was up.

James : Nope sorry..… hahaha…

I saw the network up and I gave the brother a thumbs up, indicating everything was ok.

Right before I turn and leave, I added.

James : I don’t like curry puff……

James : …..but I like old change kee….


18th Jan 2013 



It was one of the few occasions I was late for work that day. 

I was in office till around 2am that morning before I headed back for a rest. 

Even then, I could not finish what I was supposed to be doing. 

A couple of clients had started to make noise, I was CCed in the mail that were directed to Mr Chan himself. 

My boss did not question me at all, he just dropped me a mail, asking me to try and prioritise and clear the backlog as much as I can. 

I had lunch alone at 2.30pm that day, my eyelids were heavy, I was exhausted and I could not think properly. 

Both Joan and my deliverables were starting to pile up. My plans for Thomas were in shambles, I simply scribbled bits and pieces of information and ideas on post it notes. 

It did not help when my mum called at 4.30pm to ask if Joan was coming over during the weekend. She wanted to do her grocery shopping in case she needed to cook. 

I told her I don’t think Joan would be coming over since she was still overseas. 

My perk me up call came at 5.30pm. It was a Malaysia registered cell number.

Hearing Joan’s voice on the phone had this weird effect on my mental well being, I felt slightly better hearing her ask about my day. 

Joan : How’s your day ? 

James : Haha… what do you think ? You got read your emails or not ? 

She apologised for dumping me with all the work, she had wanted to reply some of the mails but she did not have access to the information I had. 

Joan : Hehe.. Sorry la… I buy you dinner.. 

I had excused myself to the lift lobby by then, I did not want my colleagues to know that I was talking to Joan . 

James : How are you ? Feeling better ? 

Joan : Yup. Much better. 

James : Then come over my place and give me a massage. 

She laughed before she grew silent. 

Joan added a moment later that she could get her relative to drop her off at the customs the next day, she’ll make her way to my place thereafter. 

I immediately felt a stirring in my pants when I heard her reply and I tried to contain my excitement. 

James : Serious or not ? Don’t joke ah… my mum want to cook for you.. 

She laughed and asked me to tell my mum not to trouble herself. 

Right before we hang up, Joan asked if I’m picking her up at the checkpoint the next day. 

Joan : It’s gonna be pretty early you know… my uncle leaves for Singapore round 5.30. I should be at woodlands round 6.45am or so. 

I wanted to tell her I needed sleep but decided not to. She asked me to hold the line and I heard her speaking to someone on her end. 

Joan : Okok… around 7am at woodlands interchange. My uncle can drop me there. 

I agreed and hung up. 


I left work at 8 that day and I went shopping for the rest of the stuff I needed. 

I bought a pair of cheap leather shoes from the neighbourhood shop. 

I added to my stash a large canvas bag, those really china ones looking with red, white and blue coloured strips. 

I dropped a ketchup squeeze bottle into my loot before making my way back. 

The thought of having Joan over again gave me a much needed energy boost. 

I dropped by the pharmacy and I bought condoms, lubricants and even one of those fancy vibrating ring. 

Nothing should go wrong this time round. 

I reached home at 9.30pm and I told my mum that I’m meeting Joan tomorrow morning, she’s coming over for the weekend. 

My mum started scolding me, asking why I said she was not heading over earlier in the day. 

James : It was a last minute decision. 

She took the opportunity to dig some information from me about Joan and I quickly answered them so she’ll leave me alone. 

James : Yes…. My colleague…. Yes…. Same office…. Yes…. Same cubicle…. Yes… do same project…. Yes…..yes… and more yes… 

I escaped when I had the chance and I heard her making plans with my dad to head to the market early the next day to do some shopping. 

Jasper came out of the shower and upon hearing Joan’s heading over, asked me if I could give him her mobile number. 

Jasper : Kor, gimme her number leh, I wasapp her for the textbooks she said she wanted to give me. 

I gave him a suspicious look before texting Joan about it. 

She told me to go ahead and give Jasper her number.

30 minutes later, I received a group notification beep only to realise that suddenly there was a new group chat initiated by my mum. 

Mum wasapp : Hello Joan. …. Auntie cook lunch for you tomorrow yah. .. See you.. 

Jasper wasapp : Yoz Joan… sup… 

James wasapp : You guys are freaky……Stop this…. Before you scare her off… 

Mum wasapp : I’ll create one more group without James…… he very irritating.

Joan wasapp : haha. Thank you auntie….. Sup Jasper… see you tomorrow. 

I allocated some time to tidy up my room 

I cleaned the aircon filter. 

I dusted my table 

I cleaned up my bedside table and placed a fresh box of tissues on it. 

I removed all the junk in the drawer of the bedside table and filled it with the condoms and lubricants I just bought. 

I knelt in the middle of my bed and I tried to visualise. 

I tried reaching for the tissues, the condoms, yes, everything was easily within reach. 

I place the aircon remote near too. 

That was it. 

I’m almost there. 

I can almost feel myself on top of Joan. 

I checked that my lock to the room was still working, after all, it’s been a while since I locked the door. 

I spent a bit of my new found energy working and reviewing the information I had so far about Thomas. 

I already knew his car right down to which area he was staying at. 

I even knew which cafes he frequent, and who his hairdresser is. 

It’s pretty amazing the amount of personal information people upload freely onto social media these days. 

Please be sure to check your privacy settings. 

I know a lot of people like to check in to cool cafes, hipsters restaurant and all, but to sick perverts like me, it only tells me one thing. 

No, not that you are dinning and having coffee in some cool place. 

It just tells me you are not at home. 

That’s all I needed to know.

Before I slept, I had a pretty good idea brewing for Thomas, but it’s very much dependent on timing and opportunity. 

I did some detailed sketches and diagrams, drew some funny stickman characters. 

Things got to happen at the right time, in front of the right people. 

I stuffed the notes into a file and put it together with the items I bought and transferred everything to the storeroom. My mum asked about the new purchases but I told her I needed them to test a new prototype at work.

I set my alarm for the next morning and fell asleep at 1am. 

19th Jan 2013 



I boarded a bus, did a transfer and got to woodlands interchange at 7am sharp. 

I loitered around the drop off area near the train station, waiting for Joan to show up. 

A Malaysian registered mpv pulled up shortly and Joan stepped out of the passenger seat. She thanked her uncle for the lift before coming towards me. 

I was standing a distance away and I made no attempt to acknowledge her because her relative’s car was still hanging around. 

I’m not sure after what happened, her immediate relatives, parents included could accept a new man in her life. 

Joan was oblivious to her busybody relative and she just came towards me, gave me a smile and nudged me on the arm as we walked off together. 

Joan : Miss me or not… haha 

I observed the vehicle slowly pulling away, before picking up speed when we’re out of sight. 

James : My whole family misses you. What poison did you feed them ? 

She laughed and we boarded a train back to my place.

When we got in at 8.20am, my parents were out and my brother was still sound asleep. 

We were both pretty hungry, so after dropping off her overnight bag, we headed to macdonalds to grab some breakfast at Hougang mall since it’s a 10 minute walk from my place. 

She complained that I took so long to even choose a seat and I smile at her sheepishly.

James : The aircon so cold…. 

While Joan was placing the order, I took a look around and made sure the coast was clear. 

I took a picture of her back view. 

When I was sure she’s not looking, I took a picture of her at the condiments counter picking up napkins and chilli sauce. I took a few quick shots, I wanted to capture the drinks and food for 2 on the tray.

Half way through the meal, I pretended that my phone rang and I needed to take it outside as it’s quite noisy in the restaurant. 

Now I chose the seat beside another couple who arrived slightly earlier than us. They had only just set down their food when Joan went to make the order. 

The guy was pretty big sized, he should be able to block me easily if you were to look in from the exterior. 

If I chose to stand on the exterior of the restaurant, I can position myself such that I can take a picture down the long seats with the couple right in front while Joan and I were next in line. 

I switched my phone camera to burst mode, pretended to talk on the phone at the glass panel right beside the couple and fired away. 

I moved about, not sure if I could get the shot I wanted, I can’t check my phone as it’ll be too obvious, I just let the burst mode go wild as I paced up and down. 

I went back after a minute or so and finished my breakfast. 

Joan went to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to review the pictures and found a couple that looked pretty decent. 

I deleted the rest and went through my plan in my mind again. 

Timing… it’s all about the timing. 

Joan and I took a slow walk back to my place and we had a long chat. 

I casually asked if she was comfortable talking about Thomas, and why is he bent on getting in touch with her. 

James : Didn’t he initiated the breakup ? 

Joan brought me though the sequence of events that led to the breakup. It turns out that the relationship were on shaky ground around since early june in 2012. 

She suspected that he was two timing her but she was afraid to confront him and brushed it off as her own imagination. 

The truth came out when one of her friends saw Thomas with a PRC woman behaving intimately at a family ktv joint in August. She decided to head down and Thomas was caught red handed. 

James : What did he say ? 

Joan : That she was just a regular friend.. 

She was upset of course but she kept the matter from her parents. 

They quarrelled several times and she said he kept denying. 

Her parents did suspect something was off but since Joan did not come clean with them, they did not press her for answers. 

Thomas on the other hand tried to pretend everything was normal but Joan said she was just so lost and did not know what to do. 

The only thing she did was to immediately head for a check up back in August. 

Joan : I just felt so dirty, thinking about Thomas and the PRC girl. 

Joan : I refused to let him touch me since then. 

She went on to say that she felt compelled to keep the appearances up because of pressure from the family. There were no less than 6 major family gatherings including her grandparents 80th birthday celebration, weddings and baby shower that they attended together since August. She did not want relatives to ask unnecessary questions. 

During the Christmas season when Thomas came over for dinner, and he wanted to stay over. 

Joan : I refused. We quarrelled quite badly and he stomped off….. 

James : What happened next.. 

Joan paused, seemingly lost for words as she just looked down onto the floor. 

James : It’s ok if you don’t want to say….. 

Joan took a seat at one of the void deck benches and I joined her. 

Joan : My parents could not take it any longer and forced me to come clean and I told them everything. They were shocked and they asked me again and again if I was sure.

Joan : They confronted Thomas but he denied everything. He got angry, told my parents off and said he’s breaking up with me since they don’t trust him. 

Joan: My parents….. they did some digging and found out about the PRC girl. she’s an employee at the catering business…..

Joan : My mum immediately ran a check and said she would not be extending the work permit of the PRC girl when it expires in mid Jan. 

It was then I reeled around and stared at Joan. 

So the co –owner of the catering business is her mum. 

With a different surname from Joan and Thomas, I assumed it was purely a business partner with no blood relations.

I tried googling the name but it reeled no results. I guess her mum is not a big fan of social media. 

Joan : Thomas found out . He wanted to talk, he wanted to keep the girl here and he wanted to make up with me… he said I was overreacting… He even added the girl was a good chef. 

James : Can’t Thomas do the extension, he owns 50% of the company…… 

Joan paused and shot me a look, I quickly recovered and said he did mentioned he’s the boss when he came to the office and that he co-owned it. 

Joan went on to say that’s true but all the staff from admin to finance to the operation staff were hired by her mum before she handed the reins over to Thomas. 

Joan : They know who to side. She’s still the main signatory for the company. 

I could see Joan’s eyes welling up and I patted her on the shoulder. 

Joan : More than 10 years, and I thought I knew this person inside out. 

Joan broke down and I stopped my questions. 

10 minutes later when she spoke, I could feel the anger she suppressed inside herself. 

Joan : Then the day after I met you…he wanted to see me on Sunday… he came over to my place….my parents were at Church… 

She went on to tell me that he wanted talk and he realised his mistakes, he even mentioned he would like to make up barely 3 days he broke up with her. 

Joan confronted him again and said she would consider if he came clean about the PRC girl. 

Thomas admitted that it was a fling, and that they already broke up and yes, they had sex.

She spoke up then adding that since they broke up, it should not bother him that her mum was sending her back, and if he liked fucking her, he should just go back to China with her.

Thomas lost it and slapped Joan first. 

Joan threw the next punch, then everything went out of control.

I kept quiet and listened on. 

Joan : He kept messaging me lately, saying he’s sorry…. That he wanted to talk, to make up. He also wanted to keep the girl, saying that she’s a good worker and that she needed to support her family back in china.

James : He should be looking for your mum to keep her, why is he looking for you ? 

Joan : My mum has initiated a transfer of the business over to my name, we’re waiting for the papers. She said it’s something I should sort out on my own. 

She got up from the seat and began walking again. 

Joan : Thomas wanted a few things, he wanted to buy over my share when the transfer is done, and he wanted to keep the woman here and he wanted to make up. He wanted everything to go back to the way it once were.

I fell in step beside Joan and asked. 

James : Why can’t he just register a new business and keep that bitch ? 

Joan laughed and ruffled my hair. 

Joan : James ah James….. in this current climate…… you don’t suka suka open a new business and expect the ministry to give you permit for workers…. Haha…

I nodded and replied. 

James : So…. That means in the near future, you’re going to be a business owner ah ? 

She nodded in a disinterested manner. 

I took the opportunity to hold Joan’s hand, interlocking our fingers together. 

She was surprised and although she stared at me, she did not push me away. 

Joan : What…was that for ….. 

I led her to the lift lobby of my block and replied. 

James : You’re going to be a boss soon….. I’ve always wanted a sugar mummy… 

Joan laughed and ignored my comment. 

What’s important was that she did not push my hand away. 

We went up the lift and when we stepped into the house at 10.20am, my parents were back. My mum’s busy in the kitchen and she stopped what she was doing to say hi to Joan. 

The first thing she noticed was Joan’s red eyes and she shot me a look. 

I quickly avoided her and went into my room while Joan offered to help with the preparation. 

While Joan was busy in the kitchen, I did a bit of work, replied a few emails made a few calls.


It was an early lunch and the first comment I had when I saw the spread was where was the yusheng.

James : Eh where’s the yusheng….. can lou hei already….

I gestured to the table to food and asked my mum.

James : You cooked reunion dinner ah ?

She ignored me and shouted for my brother and my dad to come out for lunch while she change out of her cooking top.

I saw my brother come out for lunch and I shouted in his direction.

James : eh You siao ah ? …At home eat lunch gel hair. ?

Jasper : Aiyah… you mind your own business la.

He smiled and took the seat beside Joan.

My dad emerged next with a new haircut and my eyes just widened in disbelief.

He saw me look at him and added,

Dad : What’s wrong ?

James : Nothing….

My mum came out shortly in a nice top and joined us at the table.

I took a look around the dining table and realised everyone was quite well dressed except me.

I’m not talking formal wear but at least decent.

I was wearing a crumpled pair of berms and a tshirt with a hole near my sleeve. My hair has been puffy since I woke up that morning.

I turned and looked at Joan, her sleeveless hugging dress accentuated her figure nicely yet it’s casual enough. Her hair was neatly tied up in a bun.

She had crossed her legs, placing both her hands on her thighs as she waited for my family to be seated.

I burst out laughing when she went ;

Joan :Uncle, auntie, 吃饭。。。

She even looked towards Jasper before angling her head towards the food and gave a slight nod

Joan : Jasper…let’s eat.

She nudged my on my elbow to stop me from giggling anymore.

Joan : James….

My family and Joan tucked into the delicious spread of home cooked food. We chatted and laughed and my mum and Jasper peppered Joan with a series of questions and she answered them all without hesitation.

I’ve never felt so ignored in my life but seeing Joan laugh and enjoy her meal that day, I have no complains.


After doing the dishes, we retreated to our room. My mum immediately came over and mentioned that the weather was really hot that day and that we should keep the door opened.

James : I have this white box that spews out cold air on the ceiling mum…

I ignored her and closed the door.

Joan and I laid down on the bed. I don’t deny I was horny and I wanted to have sex but I was really tired especially after the heavy lunch and going without a good sleep the past few nights.

Joan too was tired from her journey out from Kukup early that morning and we both just knocked out beside each other on the bed.


I must have really zonked out and I did not realised it was already that late.

I saw Joan sitting on my desk, her back facing me and she was busy reading.

I turned and stretched and realised that my mum had already brought in the spare mattress from the bedroom.

My eyes shifted a little and I quickly jumped out of bed.

Right by the door was the stash of items I bought.

I cursed at my carelessness when I recalled I had leaned everything against the spare mattress.

I went over to Joan and saw her going through the pieces of drawings and sketches I did, including all the information I had collected about Thomas.

I panicked… I really did.

That was the first time since the start of this fiasco I found myself without a reason or a witty comment.

James : Joan…. I can explain. …

She swivelled around on my chair and waved the pieces of paper at me.

Before I could speak, she spoke first.

Joan : It’s not worth breaking the law for him James…

James : I…

She folded her arms and stared at me, I did not say a word.

I really did not know what to say.

Then Joan stood up, came over to me and gave me a hug and spoke by my ears.

Joan : Don’t do stupid things James… it’s not worth it.

I nodded and she let go.

She threw most of my drawings away and kept 2.

Then she gave a cheeky smile and added.

Joan : I thought it’ll be funny to do this 2 though….

I smiled too seeing her break into a giggle and agreed.


We went out into the living area to see my mum with a 2nd spread of food on the table.

As she laid out the utensils, she asked ;

Mum : Joan , how ? you all got figure out the prototype for work or not ?

Joan and I sat down at our seats, my brother and dad sat down too, completing the family.

Joan’s hand reached for mine under the table and we held hands.

She gave mine a little squeeze and replied my mum.

Joan : We did…… We’ll test it out tonight…

She turned, so did I and we shared a looked for that brief second before we turned back to the table.

James : Dad…. mum…吃饭。..


My mum kept asking Joan if the food was ok during the meal. 

Is the soup too salty ? 

Is the vegetables too spicy ?

Is the meat too sweet ? 

Joan smiled with every reply, adding that it’s all nice and good, but she did not stop there, she added that the dinner my mum cook had something special. 

Joan : There’s the 家的味道。。 very homely. 

The smile never left my mum’s face that evening. 


Joan and I retreated to the room and I brought out my old lego set I used to meddle with. 

Together we recreated a simple model of Joan’s place and her immediate surroundings. We laughed and fought for the pieces we wanted to represent us. 

I selected a lego piece with a frown and moustache for Thomas and placed him at the model depicting Joan’s corridor. 

Joan took a look at the figure and she pulled out his head. 

Joan : Looks so much better now. 

I went over my plan with Joan and she made some adjustments and comments along the way. Now that she’s on board, certain shortcuts can be taken. 

It’s a lot easier for me to set everything up too. 

We went through the plan twice and did a dry run with the lego models, laughing and giggling along the way how funny it would be if everything worked accordingly to our plan. 

At 9.00pm that day, I got changed into black running shorts and t-shirt and I put on my running shoes. I even chose a black underwear. 

Joan saw my attire and asked what was I up to, I replied her honestly that I learned something from a very good friend of mine back in school days. 

Joan : Wah… you ninja ah…? 

James : If you are up to no good…. Gear up….. Be prepared to run. 

Joan : Hmm… good advice… where is your friend now ? 

James : Jail…. He out ran the police many times …. He was 1 of the best VCD seller at bedok interchange when we were in secondary school. 

Joan hit me on my head and asked what happened then. 

James : You can run 10 times, 100 times… the police just need to catch you 1 time. Game over. 

I lugged the items to the main door and gestured to Joan that we’re ready to go. 

As we entered the lift, Joan look at her get up in the reflection and said. 

Joan : I also want to change. 

I laughed said of course. 

We hailed a cab and arrive at Joan’s place at 9.45pm. I directed the cab to 2 blocks away, just in case Thomas decided to camp near Joan’s house. 

I checked that the coast was clear and we lugged all the items up. 

Our roles were clearly split even before we left the house and the moment we reached, we sprang into action. 

Joan opened the door and we carried the wooden shoe cabinet into the house. 

She set up the laundry rack along the corridor and left me on my own. 

I told her to head to the convenient stall and get me 2 bottles of water and a packet of condoms, and to remember to get the receipt and ask for a plastic bag. 

Using the tools I bought, I took apart the top piece of the shoe cabinet and flipped it over. 

I cut lines after lines along the middle of the top half using a cutter, causing the chipboard to flake and come loose with every cut. 

I did it till almost half way thought the thickness of the top cover. 

I removed the mid vertical support for the interior of the cabinet, with the support gone, you can no longer hold up the rest of the horizontal planks but it doesn’t matter. 

I let all the shoes pile on top of one another and I replaced the top cover. 

I opened the door and carefully moved it back into place. 

My shirt was already drenched with perspiration by then and Joan happened to get back with the items I needed. 

We opened both bottled of water and drenched the men’s shirt over the sink before wringing it dry and hanging it on the laundry rack on the corridor. 

I asked Joan for a set of her lingerie that Thomas would definitely recognised as hers and we did the same thing before hanging it at the laundry rack. 

I placed the cheap man’s shoes outside the main door and Joan added a pair of her flats beside it. 

I had about ¼ of water left in my bottle and Joan had about half. Using the lipstick, Joan left some lipstick marks at the mouth rim of the bottle and smudge some on the bottle cap. 

I checked that everything was done and I asked Joan to get changed while I clean up the mess we made so far. 


Joan came out in a pair of black Yoga pants, commenting that it felt a little tight. 

Joan : Die… put on weight liao… 

I looked that the pair of black pants hugging Joan’s bottom so tightly that I suddenly wished I was the one holding up her firm bottom. 

She wore a black running singlet but had on lime green sports bra. 

As she put on her running shoes, I composed the message to Thomas using the sim card I bought online. 

James sms : Hi Thomas… You gimme namecard in office. I think I see Joan. She stay sengkang is it ? 

I hit sent. 

Almost immediately, my phone rang but I rejected it. 

It rang again and I hit reject again before I draft a message. 

James sms : Sorry… I don’t want to be involved… but can you gimme $300 catering voucher for next month if I tell you where is Joan ?

Thomas replied immediately 

Thomas sms : No problem. Can. Where is she ? 

James sms : I see her walking with a guy…. I at sengkang now…. Near rivervale plaza… 

Thomas sms : Where ? Which block ? 

James sms : Confirm can gimme the voucher ? 

Thomas sms : Can.. I can give you cash if you want too…where is she ? 

James sms : no need. The voucher you put at reception… I go take. 

Thomas sms : Can… where is she now… ? 

James sms : They walking around the hdb block… donno go where…Joan stay near here ? 

Thomas dropped me a message with Joan’s address and I replied that they look like they heading over to that block. 

James sms : They going up liao… are you coming ? if not wait you say I lie ? 

Thomas immediately replied that he’s on his way. 

James sms : Okok. I think they go in lift liao…. Good luck…

I stopped my messaging and I signalled to Joan that it was time to go. 

She left her room light on, and placed her phone in the middle of the dining table on ring mode. 

We shut door and placed the 2 bottles of water inside the plastic bag. I bunched the bag down, arranging it such that it gave an appearance that we were in a hurry and left the bag on top of the shoe cabinet. 

I made sure the receipt is prominently displayed, sticking it to the side of one of the bottle. 

We had already kept the condoms in Joan’s room. 

We crossed over to the neighbouring block and found a vantage point 1 floor above Joan’s unit. It gave us a good view her corridor and the road below. 

We giggled and laugh in excitement and we were both imagining how the scene would play out. 

We chatted and kept looking down to the road below. 

It was about a 20 minute wait. 


Joan grabbed my hand and nodded her head towards a car pulling into the small road. It turned head into the rubbish bin area and the engine and lights went out. 

Thomas got out and I saw him walking briskly towards the lift lobby. 

Moments later we saw him at the corridor. 

He plastered his face on the window again and he reached for his phone, presumably dialling her number. 

He must have heard the phone in the house because he literally slammed his face back against the glass, trying to make out where the sound was coming from. 

He went from panel to panel and I could see him keep repeating his calls. 

It was then then he took notice of the water on the shoe cabinet and we giggled as we saw him ransack through the bag , no doubt snooping to see what Joan was up to. 

He turned around and saw the laundry rack,

He took a closer look and no doubt must have noticed the men’s shirt drying on the rack together with some of Joan’s lingerie. 

Then it happened. 

Thomas shifted the shoe rack again, moving it towards the part where the top hung window is opened. 

I could feel Joan squeezing my hand while she chuckled that it was going to happened. 

And it did. 

I was half expecting Thomas to get up on the cabinet before falling down but when Thomas pressed down the top panel to hoist himself up, it collapsed with a loud smack and we saw the comical sight of him disappearing from view totally.

Joan burst out laughing, slapping her knee and I giggled a good deal too. 

Thomas stayed out of sight for a while and after what seemed like 1 minute or so, we wondered did he hit his head and faint or something. 

Then Joan suddenly gripped my hand, her gaze was directed not towards her corridor but towards the parked car at the bottom. 

A woman emerged with phone in hand, she looked upwards as she answered. 

She was scantily dressed, her choice of clothes and the branded Chanel bag she held on so dearly screamed PRC. 

She wobbled on her high heels on the pavements quickly towards the lift lobby. Thomas must have called her for help. 

I was about to turn to Joan when I saw her grabbed a brick from some potted plants along the corridor we were hiding at and started running down the stairs. 

James : Fuck… 

I immediately got up and ran after her. 

James : Joan…!!… Joan !! wait.. please… 

We were on the 5th floor of the opposite block and Joan flew down the steps, brick in hand. 

She took 2 steps at a time, jumped the last 4 steps and kept going. 

I did my best to catch up to her, calling out her name along the way. I did not dare to be too loud, trying my best to direct my voice at her. 

James : Joan wait… wait… Joan! 

It was amazing how fast both of us tore up that 5 floors of steps, I could feel my feet and thighs burning when I jumped the last 5 steps onto the ground floor. 

I landed on both feet and staggered forward a few steps. 

Joan was only a couple of meters ahead of me. 

I sprinted, opened up my steps and managed to grabbed Joan’s left hand. 

James : Joan wait !… wait.. please. 

She shook me off effortlessly and continued on. 

I thought she wanted to smash the car but I was wrong. 

She went straight for the lift lobby of her place. 

I was panting hard, perhaps it was a mix of adrenaline and fear, I caught up to Joan and I managed to wrap my right arm around her waist. 

I went around the moment Joan made a dash forward, the momentum drove a sharp pain into my right shoulder blade. 

I held on, gripped and literally lifted Joan off the ground, retreating towards the opposite block. I was desperate to get some cover. 

It was then Joan struggled in the opposite direction and I felt the swing of her arms.

I looked back and saw the brick fly towards Thomas’ car the moment Joan called out

Joan : Bloody bitch… 

My heart almost dropped as I followed the trajectory of the brick. 

My balls shrank and immediately went back to normal size when I saw Joan missed and it only hit the frame of the rear wheel. 

Joan was still fighting to go forward and she left me no choice. 

I set her down, took a deep breath and did a fireman lift on her. 

Joan : ARhghhhh…James… let me down….arghhh.. 

I ran. 

I really ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction of Joan’s place and estate. 

Joan struggled, hitting my back. 

It brought back memories of my artillery drills back in my army days. 

I ran. 

And I ran.. 

I could almost hear myself shouting 

“arti….atri… arti “ 

At that moment, I believed in Karma. 

I really did at that moment in time. 

Joan was desperate for me to put her down, she reached into my shorts and she started tugging and pulling at my underwear. 

Joan : ARghh.. arghhh.. arghh…. 

The tugging sent waves of pain and sensations I could not describe to my balls and manhood and I slowed down considerably. 

As if pulling was not enough, Joan had to shake it side to side. 

Joan : ARghh… put me down. 

I finally slowed down to a crawl and set Joan down. 

I knelt down immediately and I hugged Joan on her leg, looking up at her with my eyes wide open .

Joan : arghhhg.. so angry… why did you stop me… 

Joan saw me hugging onto her leg without a word and asked if I was ok. 

I wanted to speak but no words left my mouth. 

Joan shook herself free and went to the nearby bush and started stomping and kicking exclaiming how angry she was. 

I reached into my pants and I slowly feel my exposed butt cheeks. 

I unrolled the twisted clump of fabric on my butt cracked and slowly sat down on the floor and looked up into the skies. 

That day, I had been punished. 

I was punished for all the wrong doings I had done. 

Joan came over and asked if I was ok. 

Joan : Are you ok ? …. 

She helped me up and I replied. 

James : My….. underwear….. became a G-string….. what do you think ? … 

She apologised and helped me to a nearby bench. We were both quiet for a good 5 minutes she burst into laughter first. 

Then I joined her. 

At the stroke of midnight, both of us were just laughing at the bench, clutching our at stomachs. 

We calmed down enough to grab a cab around 12.30am in the morning.

I got home and everyone was already asleep. 

Joan wanted me to shower first and I did. 

I showed her the deformed underwear with the top elastic band all loose and she laughed, chucking and snorting in the bedroom. 

Joan went ahead with her shower and we were both ready for bed at 1.15am. 

Her hair was still wet, I watch her tilt her head to the side, trying to dry her long hair with the towel. 

Yes, she wore my work shirt again that morning. I could see through my shirt to the bra and underwear beneath. 

She saw me looking at her and she smiled. 

I locked the door.

No one will barge in that morning. 

There’s no reason for things not to work out in my favour. 


Joan got into bed, and I followed suit. 

No I did not immediately rape her, I was not that horny yet. 

I knew in my heart that the moment was upon us. 

I laid down beside Joan, and we were just smiling in a silly manner at each other, neither wanted to make the first move. 

We chatted a little, and laughed again at the stupid things we have done.


I went on top of Joan, and she stroked my face as I went close for a kiss. 

That was the first time I tasted her lips. 

Our faces were so close that I could feel her breath on my face and yet I was just staring at her. 

Part of me still can’t believe what was about to happen. 

Joan suddenly asked me a question

Joan : Do you love me ? ….

James : Which man, in his right mind…… would say no…..especially when he’s in this very position…. Haha

She laughed and gave me a playful slap. 

Joan : You and your nonsense…. 

I reached for a condom, waving it at her and she just smiled. 

We kissed again before I broke off our lips. 

It was only fair I asked her the same question. 

James : Do… do you love me ? 

She just looked at me and smiled. 

She hesitated for that half a second before her lips opened again. 

Then Joan did something I totally did not expect her to do. 

Joan : You…asked me if I love you… 

She sang. 

She actually sang me a song. 

I was totally taken aback. 

I never expected her to do what she did. 

Her voice is so different when she sings. It’s like a healing balm for the soul. 

I watched her lips moved, I watched her looked at me and she went on. 

The soft tenderness of her vocal felt like a warm blanket in the cold aircon room.

I hung onto every word, every lyric, every note. 

As she went on, she smiled and her eyes watered. 

I simply froze where I was. 

When she finally stopped, she answered my question. 

Joan : Yes James….… I love you….

She hugged me, pulling me close to her. 

After a short embrace, Joan let me go and she took the condom from my hand. 

She held it in front of me and said. 

Joan : Think….. very very… carefully… before you answer me James….

Joan : Do you love me ? ……haha. 

I decided to return her the favour and I started to sing the same song in a totally off tuned and disgusting voice.

James : You ~~ ask…. Me…~~~ if I love…..you~~ 

She laughed and tried to stuff the condom into my mouth in a bid to stop me from singing. 

I stopped her and I tried to do the same for her. 

She resisted but I could feel her slowly giving in to me. 

Then she tore open the wrapper and waited. 

I put it near her mouth and I saw her tongue came out. I gave the wrapper a little squeeze… and off it went into Joan’s mouth. 

She just smiled and I felt her hands pushing me off her so I could sit up. 

I got up, leaned back and look back up at the same ceiling I stared at last week, 

I felt my boxers go and the cold air of the room hit my privates. 

I closed my eyes the moment I felt the surreal warmth of Joan’s lips and the condom being unrolled onto me. 

I must have accumulated some good karma in my previous life too.

It’s been so long since I felt that humanly warmth engulf my manhood. That feeling is really hard to describe no matter how I tried. 

That initial touch of her lips sliding down, coating your most private region with her warm saliva, then without warning, the tease of her tongue is enough to make me shiver in pleasure as I sit spread legged on the bed. 

I was excited, aroused and definitely horny seeing Joan bent over me. Her soft silky hair tickled my thighs as her head tried to manoeuvre herself into position. 

It was barely 2 minutes after it started when I started to get this weird feeling. 

Something was wrong. 

I tried to decipher what it meant and I figured out after a min or so. 

Something was definitely wrong. 

I knew instantly that it was not going to end well and I bit my lips, forcing myself not to laugh but I could not. My body shook as I giggled and I instantly felt a tight slap on my thigh. 

“ piak “ 

James : Ow…. 

I could feel Joan trying again but it’s not going to work. 

I giggled again and this time round, my erection died off, my dick deflated a little and I could feel the condom slipping off me. 

When Joan brushed back her hair and glared at me, I was giggling no more. 

She was visibly irritated but it was just so silly that I could not help laughing. 

Joan tried to put the condom on for me using her mouth, I really appreciate it but she got it in the wrong way, it only slide down just a little before it got stuck. 

She did not realise it was wrong and she kept tugging and trying to pull it down, when she eventually was aware of the mistake, she tried to pull it out but my erection had started to die down and the whole condom just sort of float back into her mouth. 

She spit and left it on my as she got up to glare at me. 

James : Sorry… sorry…. Let’s try that again… 

Joan pushed me away and pulled the blanket over herself. I threw away the used cap and started on a good 10 minutes of coaxing and cooing. 

I found out that it was actually the first time Joan tried something like that, and her reason for doing so was that because it was for me. 

Partly it was also because I’m a lot younger than her, she thought that younger people would want something more adventurous and kinky rather than a normal intercourse. When she said she actually surfed to research this, my heart soften and melted. 

James : Sorry… I erm….

I stroked Joan on her arms, trying to coax her again before she would even turn to look at me. 

She squinted her eyes at me before hitting me on the head for being insensitive. 

I part tugged part nudged Joan back onto her knees although she’s a little unwilling.

Her unwillingness to engage me again turned me on in this weird unexplainable way. 

It’s like I felt this kick, this indescribable high as I in a way, forced her to do it for me. 

I could feel the swell of my manhood as Joan lowered her head again in a pout, a little hesitant, probably afraid something embarrassing might happen again. 

My dick throbbed and shook as I nudged and pressed her down onto me, forcing her to take my dick into her mouth. 

Joan : armphhh… ermpphh.. orumppphhh…..erngghh… 

The blowjob without the condom was so much better. The feeling of my naked dick brushing against Joan’s mouth, her lips, her tongue sent waves after waves of euphoria into my brain. 

I tried to recall images and incidents of my encounters with Joan before we got close. 

I remembered the time when we quarrelled over a project in the meeting room. 

I remembered the time when I thought she looked a little proud and stuck up when she came dressed in powersuit for a presentation. 

I remembered the time when she turned up in black stockings and a tight blue dress for our annual dinner. 

And yes, I remembered the time she teased me for looking at her legs in office. 

All these images flooded my sick mind as I nudged and pressed Joan’s head down onto my dick. 

Her hair fell like a waterfall of silk treads around my entire private region, the very movement of her head caressing my thighs, my pelvis, my dick and yes, my testicles. That softness, the smell of her shampoo, the warmth of her mouth. 

It gave me this feeling of being in control. 

As I immersed myself in the suction of Joan’s mouth, I could not help but remembered the blowjobs I’ve had in my life. 

I consider myself really lucky to have quite a few given by girlfriends, flings and even friends. I’ve had enough to even classify them into a few categories. 

First, is the shampoo girl. 

It’s a really wet and sloppy blowjob, but the problem is she doesn’t swallow her saliva. It just flowed and flowed and flowed endlessly onto my dick, giving it a saliva fondue and my pubic hair a through shampoo. 

Next comes the surgeon. 

The way she cleaned my dick up, I almost felt like I’m going in for surgery. 

First the soap when we shower, then it’s a through flush of running water. Next came a body scrub with bath salt, then it’s a pat dry with towels. 

Right before we begin, it’s another wiped down with wet tissues. 

I had no complains the moment it began though, it was with surgical precision that I came, moaned and groaned like a little girl. 

Then comes the drug abuser. 

She had a really powerful suction and fastest head movements, it was comfortable, it made me cum, it was amazing but besides making me cum, she made herself puke. Try shaking your head to and fro at high speed while sucking on something if you are curious. 

I shall skip the Sze chuan spicy steamboat session I had with a PRC student. 

It was not enjoyable. 

Joan oh Joan. 

Hers was a nice and slow rhythmic movement, really slow and sensual. You can feel every suction, every movement oh so gentle. 

There is just 1 problem. 

I cannot cum at that speed. 

After about 10 minutes, Joan stopped and raised her head, massaging her jaw and mouth. 

I laid her down on the bed and brushed back her hair.

We kissed and I wasted no time, I spread her legs with mine and prepared for entry. 

I caressed her full and supple breast after I unhooked her bra. The tender mounds of her love pillows felt so good and bouncy in my palms that I could not resist squeezing and kneading them as our tongues fought. 

I took another condom and capped myself. 

I pulled down her panty and I noted that a good portion of it was already damp.

I immediately dove back in and I could feel the welcoming warmth of Joan’s vagina waiting for me. 

It only took a gentle push and I could feel her vagina’s muscles doing the rest of the work as slide into her slippery and wet love hole. 

I let out an uncontrolled moan as I feel the grip of Joan’s tight muscle on my manhood as it slips deeper and deeper into her. 

I just went all the way in as I watched Joan’s lips parted and her eyes closed. Her head turned sideways, exposing her long neck as she took in a sharp breathe of air. 

We kissed again for a minute or so before I could no longer take it. I started to withdraw before going back in again. I humped a couple of times and I realised there was another problem. 

You must be wondering why there was so many problems by now, I’ll tell you why. 

Two adults on an old timber frame for a super single bed that’s probably as old as I was is bound to give you problem. 

I could hear the creaking of the bed with each thrust. 

Creak…. Creak… creak…. 

Joan immediately slap me several times on the arm , asking me to stop. 

Joan : Oh my god… James !… your bed…

James : It’s ok….. no one can hear. 

I did a few more and the creaking grew louder. 

Joan tapped me a few more times, trying to push me back and stop me but I went on. 

Creak….creak…. creak…. 

Joan : James stop…! It’s so loud…. 

James : It’s not loud…. Cannot hear one…. 

It was then both our phone beeped at the same time. 

It was Jasper in the family group chat 

Jasper sms : ……………………… 

Joan smacked me several times on the head, saying that it’s so embarrassing. 

I half push, half coaxed her onto the mattress on the floor and I pinned her down. 

Joan :Oei,…. Crazy liao ah … oei… James… 

I entered Joan again despite her protest and before long, I worked up a suitable rhythm.

She tried to resist, turning me on even more. I held her hands down and entered her. 

It’s quite embarrassing actually, I came within 5 minutes. 

We were both exhausted and we fell asleep after cleaning up. 

Thinking back, I guess you just got to accept the reality that the 1st time will probably not be that mind blowing. 

It’s your first time. 

Come on. 

You are not familiar with each other’s body, you don’t even know her likes and dislikes. 

Which are the positions that turn her on ? 

Which angle suits both of you ? 

Which are the buttons to push ?

So many questions, no answers. I can only slowly figure them out one by one. 

20th Jan 2013 



I could not remember what time we fell asleep but it was already 11am when we work up. 

My family had all gone out, leaving only Joan and me at home. 

We washed up and immediately head out for breakfast as we’re starving. 


We went back to Joan’s place. I did a bit of reconnaissance and made sure the place is clear before we headed up. 

The corridor was in a mess, the show cabinet in shambles and shoes were all over. 

Joan opened the door and realised the main door’s bolt was left unlocked. 

Thomas must have tried to open it again to see whose inside. 

Joan immediately went to check on her phone which she left on the table. There were 126 miss calls. 

The most I’ve ever seen in my life. 

About 117 from Thomas alone. 

The others were from Joan’s friends and 8 from Joan’s parents. 

Joan : Shit…. My parents must be fuming mad they could not reach me. 

She immediately dialled and it was obvious she got a scolding from her parents. 

Joan spent about 20 minutes on the phone as I cleaned up the corridor, threw away the useless stuff and set up the new shoe rack for her. It could not hold as much shoes as before so we made the decision to get another one later. 


Joan was saying her parents wanted her back in their relative’s place that day. 

I was unwilling to let her leave and I could tell she wanted to stay too. 

We went to Joan’s room and had sex for the 2nd time. It was a lot better, and we both spent a good amount of time exploring each other’s body.

I asked her what she liked and she asked me the same thing. 

By 4pm, we were horny enough for another go and we did it again. 


Joan’s phone started ringing and she had a hard time convincing her parents why she wanted to stay. 

It ended with a quarrel before she hung up. 

Joan : Can I stay at your place for a few days ? 

I gave her a cheeky grin and agreed without a thought. 

Joan packed some of her stuff and we left her place at 6pm for dinner before grabbing another timber shoe cabinet from a neighbourhood stall. 

We dropped it off at Joan’s place before heading back. 

My mum was more than happy to know that Joan would be spending a few days with us and she sat down with a list of dishes she wanted to cook for her that week. 


Joan was on the phone with her mum for quite a while that evening. Needless to say her dad was not pleased at all with her decision but she argued that she’s no longer a little girl. 

I cringed in my seat when I heard “ boyfriend “, “James “ , “ just got together “ in snippets of the conversation. 

After Joan hung up, I took the opportunity to ask her what her parents were like. 

She gave me a sly naughty grin and replied. 

Joan : Oh… you know how friendly your mum and dad is to me….. 

She gestured a little with her hands 

Joan : They really made me feel welcomed and part of the family…. And there were so much laughter and smiles…. 

Joan : And the really relaxed atmosphere of your house….. Your parents hardly bothered us….. 

Then her face changed a little dramatically and said; 

Joan : My parents are the exact opposite. 

I had no expressions on my face but it was not hard to guess what I was thinking. 

Joan gave me an awkward smile and told me everything would be fine, they’ll like me for sure. 

I have my doubts though, which parent would so easily trust another guy especially one which has been with them for 10 years actually beat their daughter up. 

It’s not going to be easy. 

James : They sound just like my nightmare. 

She prodded me with her feet and scolded me for describing her parents in that manner. 

We slept shortly after. 

21st Jan 2013 



Joan woke up together with me that morning even though she did not need to head to work. She prepared breakfast, ok, it’s applying jam unevenly over 2 pieces of bread and a 3 in 1 coffee, but it’s still breakfast. 

She kissed me before I left and I asked Joan if she was ok staying at home with my mum. 

She shrugged her shoulders and wave me off. 

When I got home at 9.30pm that day, Joan was making lanterns with my mum in the living room, getting the house ready for the Chinese new year. 

After my shower, my bed was made, the aircon was on, and the moment I got into bed, Joan came and gave me a shoulder massage. 

I was suspicious immediately of her intentions and after a little pressing, Joan said her parents wanted to meet up with me. 

James : Don’t you think this is a little fast ? 

I got a smack from Joan. 

Joan : You think too much James,….. they just wanted to see what kind of person you are…. You’re nowhere close to the actual interview….

We chatted a little about work before sleeping. 

That week flew by, and I reached home at close to 11pm each day. 

By Wednesday, I noticed all the new year decorations are up and the house is really spick and span. Even the tops of the shelves were clean and dusted. 

My mum’s constant praises in the group chat left me no doubt who was the greatest contributor to the spring cleaning. 

By Thursday evening, I saw Joan’s key chain had 2 additional keys. I teased her about it and demanded a set of her house keys too. 

I reached home at 11.20pm on Friday to see Joan and my mum watching a Korean drama together , both of them had swollen eyes and boxes of tissues in front of them 

I shook my head and went to take a shower. 

I entered my room to see my keychain too had 2 additional keys. 

The hectic week left me drained and I was looking forward to the weekend. 

When we snuggled up that night,Joan suggested a morning walk along the waterway and I agreed. 

26th Jan 2013 


6.00 am 

Joan dragged me up early and I agreed only because she said I could have a afternoon nap undisturbed later in the day. 

We got changed and took a slow walk to Punggol park before taking the park connector along the waterway. The journey to the promenade took us close to 45 minutes since we strolled slowly, taking in the fresh and cool morning air. 

Joan wore a pair of short running shorts that morning, showing off her long and toned legs. She had a new pair of trainers that is white with streaks of baby blue. Her socks was a cute pair with spongebob prints and she had on a bright pink running singlet. 

Her black sports bra was pretty much exposed as her singlet’s armholes are quite big.

She strapped her belongings to a chic and small fanny pack around her waist and tied her hair up in a high ponytail.

During the walk, Joan caught me several times giving her the look and she had to smack me around a bit . 

James : Eh… it’s dark…. Nobody’s around… 

It was obvious what I was suggesting as we got nearer to the promenade with the cafes and fastfood restaurants.

James : There’s a restroom in front…. Come la… 

Joan laughed and said no. 

Joan : No way…. You’re crazy… haha.

I tried to coax her, I even added a little pleading but she still said no. 

It’s been a full week since we had sex and that bit of a morning walk seemed to have stirred up the monster in me. 

I got a little touchy as we walk, stroking her back, letting my hand wander down to her shorts. 

Joan knew what I was up to and she kept pushing my hands away. 

Joan : No James….. don’t…. no…….. oei…. Don’t la… 

I could not help it. 

I could not resists touching her. 

I looked at the beads of perspiration on Joan’s head and body and I blamed it on the hormones that she was releasing early that morning. Suddenly I just felt an erection coming. 

As my hands wandered lower and got more daring , Joan laughed and she tried to keep a distance away from me. 

From an arms length, to about a good 2 meters away. 

I tried to close the distance, but she would giggle and step further away. 

I tried to block her path, but she would feigned a move and get away. 

We got so engaged in that little dance that she soon did not even allow me to touch her. 

I tried to grab her hands, telling her let’s stop but she kept her distance, prancing around like a boxer in the ring. 

Several joggers passed us by, and everyone. I really meant everyone that was male, looked at Joan. 

The way her full breast jiggled, the way her leg muscles flexed and relaxed as she hoped and prance around. 

7.00 am 

The rising sun cast an orange glow on Joan’s face and body. The morning rays reflected off Joan’s perspiration as we continued our standoff. 

I would reach for Joan, she would push me away. 

I tried to grab her, she would either jump out my reach of grab hold of my hand.

7.10 am

10 minutes later, we were both panting.

Joan just giggled away while I could feel the rise of something primal in me. 

It must have showed in my eyes when Joan suddenly wanted to stop

Joan : okok… let’s stop… 

I bent down and tighten my laces 

Joan saw what I was doing and it only took her another second to react. 

She screamed and took off, running towards the direction of punggol park

I tightened the straps of the bag I was carrying and I took off after her. 

It was just a normal run, Joan was laughing and screaming for me to stop chasing her but I ignore her screams. 

Several joggers shot us a look but I did not care. 

I caught up with Joan and I grabbed hold of her wrist. Turning her around, she laughed and scream. 

I quickly loop my hand around her waist, pressing her body towards mine. Joan immediately used both her hands and push me back, fighting to get away from me. 

I staggered backwards and I fell on my backside. I did not know what I was feeling at that point in time. I just felt like having sex with Joan. 

Looking at her long legs, her tight bottom and her brightly coloured singlet. It turned me on in a perverse way. 

Joan : James…. Stop… haha… don’t play already la… 

I stood up and replied. 

James : come here….. come here and I’ll stop…… 

Joan : Noooo… don’t la James….. stop it…

I took a deep breath, turned around to check that we’re alone and I made Joan a wager. 

James : I bet….. you’re going to get raped today.. 

Joan laughed, slowly retreating a couple of small steps at a time.

Joan twisted her head to the left, and then to the right, stretching her muscles a little.

Then it happened. 

She showed me her middle finger, laughed and replied me before she took off.

Joan : In your dreams James… 

I took off immediately after Joan. I had that sudden urge to really hold her down and rape her that morning. 

I could tell Joan really took off this time round, she opened up her pace, pounding up the pavement with me following a distance away. 

We passed by the cafes in no time, both of us sprinting towards the underpass that goes beneath the expressway. 

I caught up to Joan at the underpass and I managed to grab hold of her singlet. 

She screamed and hit me, pushing me away. 

If not for her laughter, the 2 joggers passing by would have really thought I was a rapist. 

Joan managed to get away, putting a distant of 6-7 meters between us as she ran at full speed away from me. 

My erection was in my way and I forced myself to catch up. 

I caught up again to Joan near a section of the waterway that has quite a bit of pandan plants. We struggled, Joan scream and we pushed each other onto the grass patch, laughing and struggling for breath. 

Joan tried to get up but I grabbed one of her shoes, pulling it away from her feet. She hit me and grabbed a handful of my hair, she too had a go at my shoes. 

My left shoe got pulled out and Joan threw it away into the bush behind me. 

I cursed and I quickly went in search of it. 

By the time I got it, Joan had taken off again. 

We ran for a good distance, neither one of us stopping.

I could feel my lung burning and screaming for air as it tried to close the distance between us. Joan took a shortcut, running up a hill and exited the waterway, heading straight in the direction of Rivervale plaza. 

I was about 20-25 meters away. 

I saw Joan desperately hitting the traffic light button and I took the opportunity to close the distance. 

The lights turned green and she took off again. 

By the time we got near to her place, I was totally drenched. My shirt was stuck to my back, I was panting like a dog and I felt like to got to release my pent up energy. 

I wanted to grab hold of Joan’s long legs. 

I wanted to press my face and nose on her wet and sweaty body. 

I wanted to pull and rip her running shorts off her tight bottom. 

I wanted to tear into her bright running singlet and take her on the floor with both our sweaty bodies against each other. 

I saw Joan closing the lift door and I forced my aching feet to go on a little more. 

Just that little bit more and I could have her. 

There was no way she could hide in her place. 

Once in that was it. 

I’ll give her a really good session, I want to hear her scream my name as I hold her down, flip her on her stomach and take her from behind. 

I could relish myself in her sweat stained clothes. 

Play with her wet salty sports bra 

I even wanted to tie her up, all sweaty and wet as she begged me not to rape her. 

I tried to race up the stairs but my legs gave up on me. 

I half hopped and limped up the 4 storeys and I kicked opened the staircase door with a wham. 

I saw Joan closing the main door with a snap as I got to the corridor. 

I immediately fingered my bag for the keys. 

She had given me the keys. 

I took a few deep breathes, taking my time to calm down. 

I laughed outside the corridor, checking the time. 


I went to the window and cupped my hands, pressing my face to the panels with a boomed. 

Boom ~ 

James : Joan ~~~ ……. Joan…… come out….

I laughed again, louder this time round as I paced along the corridor. 

I repeated my actions and off it went again. 

Boom ~…. The panels vibrated and shook as I tried to make out the interior of Joan’s place. 

James : Joan ~~~… you cannot hide forever…. 

I used my leg and shifted the new timber cabinet, dragging it along the concrete floor and I hoist myself up, peering into the house from the top window. 

James : Joan….. where are you ~~ haha 

I jumped off with a thud and decided it was enough. 

I unlocked the gate with the key and swung it open. 

I unlocked the cylinder of the main door and pushed the door open, hearing the familiar creak of the old hinges. 

There were no one in the living room. 

I was about to head straight for Joan’s bedroom when I saw something that made me stopped in my tracks. 

I froze. 

I wanted to dig a hole and hide. 

Right by the door, were 2 large luggage. 

My hand went to my mouth and I took a cautious step towards the kitchen. 

I saw Joan grinning and trying to stifle her giggle as she stood behind her mum and dad, both her hands on their shoulders. 

Joan : Mum…. Dad,….. Meet James… 

She gave me that priceless look and added. 

Joan : James….. here’s your nightmare… haha

With that, she laughed so hard that she sat down onto the kitchen floor. 

I immediately gave a slight bow and greeted her parents. 

James : Uncle,….. Auntie… 

James : Ermm… i…. I can explain… 

Joan’s dad shook her head and told us to go wash up and get changed. We could all have breakfast together. 

When her parents left the kitchen, I did a mock strangling sign at Joan, and she just laughed. 

Joan got up, walked over to me and I could see her checking out the area behind my back to make sure her parents went into their room. 

She walked closed, really closed to me such that our bodies touched. 

With her face right in mine, she gave me this really coy and mischievous look.

Joan : Still……. Want to… rape me ? … 

She let her index finger brush lightly over my deflated and shrunk manhood before walking right by me. 

I turned and replied. 

James : More than ever….


I’ve never felt so embarrassed before in my life. It was such an awkward situation and frankly, I was a little angry at Joan for putting me in such a spot. 

I did not have any spare clothes at Joan’s place so while I went back home to get changed and agreed to meet the 3 of them at Hougang mall for breakfast. 


We settled down for kaya toast and coffee at a local joint and started some casual chat. 

It was just something really casual, about me, my family and where I stayed. Joan’s parents never asked anything I found hard to handle since it’s pretty much surface conversations. 

Joan’s dad asked if I knew about her current situation and I nodded. He did not continue about Thomas after tha. 


We had drained our second cup of coffee and Joan’s mum asked if I could leave them alone for a while. 

They wanted to talk to Joan. 

I felt a light squeeze of my thigh by Joan before I said my goodbyes. 

Joan text me that she’ll head over to my place after she’s done. 

I went to the library, got a couple of books and went back home. 


My parents were already out for their last minute Chinese new year shopping and I could see Jasper heading to the shower. 

I shut myself in the room and settled down on my books. 

It’s been a while since I could spend a quiet weekend reading.


Joan came back and I ignored her when she walked into the room. She knew she was in a little trouble when I did not acknowledge her coming in. 

I was a little angry and it was not hard to miss. 

I continued flipping my books even though from the corner of my eye I saw Joan pouting and looking at me. 

I was lying on my bed on my tummy, taking up the center spot, Joan decided to squeeze herself in beside me. 

I continued to ignore her and she put her head on my shoulders, speaking in a soft squeaky voice. 

It was hard to concentrate on my books but I persevered. 

Joan was in a grey singlet that day, her light blue bra straps were visible and she was wearing a pair of teal coloured shorts. 

As she paced around the room, there was this floating cloud of teal at the peripheral edge of my vision. 

Joan : Oei…. James….. Angry ah …. 

She paced around a little more before ransacking through my wardrobe. 

Joan : James baby…… don’t angry la…. 

I wanted to grab her and hold her down but Jasper was still at home. In fact I was waiting for him to leave before I rape Joan. 

She flicked through some of my clothes and pulled out 1 of my tie. 

Dangling it in from of me, she gave me this smiley face which softened me drastically but I bit down hard on my teeth and kept my expressions clear. 

Joan came over to the bed again and just laid down beside me, sulking away. 

Just then my door opened and Jasper popped his head in. 

Jasper : Yoz…. You guys want to have dinner together ? I got a voucher. Need 8 pax. I’m 2 short. 

James : You treat ah ? 

Jasper : Ya la ya la… 

He looked at Joan for her reply and she replied in an obedient manner. 

Joan : If James say yes, I’m ok. I’ll listen to him… 

She said it in such a coy and soft manner than Jasper raised his eyebrow. 

Jasper : Ermm… ok…. See you at 7pm. Clark quay. 

I heard Jasper close and lock the door shortly after. 

Now Joan is a smart girl, she knows her way to get to me and she plays her cards right. 

The moment Jasper left, she went and took my tie from the cupboard again and began to sulk and tie herself up in a dramatic and helpless manner, moaning about how pitiful she is. 

She coiled the tie around her wrist several times before getting on the bed, nudging and squeezing me out of the way to make space for herself. 

I placed the book aside and look at her. 

She had this sad frown on her face as she stretched herself out on my bed, pushing her tied hands underneath my pillow. 

Then she gave me this doe eyed look and she twisted her legs as if she going to be in some photoshoot. 

Joan : Don’t be angry la…… I’ll….. I’ll do anything…. 

She said in in such a dramatic manner than I felt it was a waste for her not to go into acting. 

I locked the door and strip myself and I saw another side of her acting skills again. 

Joan : Oh……. No…….. oh dear me…. Someone….. help 

Her voice was so high pitched and whiny that it was comical. 

I could not hold it any longer and I burst out laughing. 

Joan tried to get up but I quickly straddled her and held her hands down . 

Her voice returned to normal immediately and asked. 

Joan : So…. No angry liao ah… So petty… where got man like that one. 

James : It’s so embarrassing ok… 

She tried to get up, wriggling her way free but I held her down. 

Joan : Oei…. Since not angry liao… this is it… no more… 

I laughed and I kissed her as she turned her head left and right to avoid me. 

She tried struggling a little and it aroused me even more. 

At the end of that session, Joan asked if I was aroused by her resisting. 

Joan : You like ah ? This kind of sick scenarios… 

I admitted that it was kinda different, brings out a different side of me. 

James : What about you ? You like it ? 

She replied that she sees it from another perspective. 

Joan : I like the thought of being helpless… haha… 


We cooked noodles for lunch and I asked her about her discussion with her parents earlier on. 

Her mum wanted to put the matter behind so everyone can move on, so she’s pushing for Joan to resolve the issues as soon as possible. 

The paper work is ready and her parents wanted to sit down and settled everything at one go with Thomas. 

Her mum just wants to take things easy and not bother about the business anymore, she wanted Joan to take over but Joan had no interest at all in the business. The last thing she wanted was to become Thomas’ business partner. 

Then again, it’s going to be such a pity if she were to sell a profitable business to Thomas. 

It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place. 

Joan was supposed to set up a meeting with Thomas after the new year and she just did not want to think about the matter for now. 

On a serious note, I too was wondering how would Joan go about sorting out the issue with Thomas. Knowing how stubborn she could be, there was no way it’s going to end well. 


After a little more cuddling, we got change and made our way to town to meet Jasper for dinner. 

Joan had on this long sleeve top with puffy sleeves. The material is really soft and the silver colour shimmered and shine under the light in this really dreamy manner. 

I’m not talking about those shimmer similar to the costumes singers wear on the 7th lunar month performance, it’s something more classy, something more subtle. 

Her pants tapered in a shapely manner towards the bottom, bringing out the best of her legs. After she slipped on a simple pair of low black heels, she was ready for a casual evening out. 

Being the typical guy, I just threw on a top and jeans. Joan made me change twice before letting me out of the house. 

Women … 

We shopped around for a while, picking out some new year clothes. Joan made it clear that I do not need to visit her relatives during the festive season, her parents included. 

It’s a little sensitive for her family especially not all of the relatives knew about the breakup.

Joan : My parents …. Actually wanted me to keep this new relationship hush hush…. At least until things die off… 

Joan : You know those relatives….. they tend to talk a lot… 

I told her I understand where she was coming from and not to worry about it. 

James : You’ll need to visit the relatives on my side though. 

She perked up when she knew she was invited but I immediately told her to split the red packet she collected with me. 

Joan : Is money that important ? 

I could sense where that was heading so I quickly change the topic. 

James : You are more important…. Haha

I got a playful smack on my arm and we continued our shopping. 


Joan and I reached the restaurant at 7pm sharp and were surprised to find out that we’re the last ones there. 

Jasper introduced us and it was not had to notice where the eyes of all his male friends drifted to. 

There was 2 other girls at the table though and I thought 1 of them looked quite cute. 

Joan took the seat between Jasper and me, shortly after that, dinner was served. 

Joan was really friendly and sporting, talking and joking with Jasper’s friends. The guys showered quite a bit of attention on her. I was not jealous, in fact I felt pretty proud of Joan.

Jasper blushed a bright shade of red when Joan praised him a couple of times in front of his friends. 

Joan : Don’t bully him ah….

She threw her arms around Jasper, pulling him close, earning a few cheers and someone shouted that he’s jealous. 

Now Joan was pretty observant too over dinner. She actually told me that Jasper gave her the vibe that he was interested in one of the girls at the table. 

Joan : Look at the manner which they talk, the body language… 

I shot her a look and asked. 

James : You know how to read body language meh ? 

She rolled her eyes at me before turning away. 

Joan : I can read you like a open book James… 

While waiting for dessert, Joan decided to play matchmaker and head over to chat with the girls. I did not know what she said or did, but when dinner ended, Jasper was seen whispering and laughing with the girl Joan said he liked. 

James : What did you say to the girl ? 

Joan replied without looking at me. 

Joan : I told her Jasper is like his brother, both of them very simple minded and easy to control…. 

I ignored her comment and I wanted to thanked my brother for the dinner when Joan insisted we paid our share. 


Joan and I were already sitting in front of the TV but there was still no sign of Jasper. 


Jasper came back and Joan immediately asked him how it went. 

He gave her a thumbs up and she gave him a hug. 

Joan : You owe me one ah … haha. .. congrats. 

Jasper : What did you tell her over dinner ? 

Joan : I told her you’re a really nice and hardworking guy, unlike your brother….. and that she should hold on to you…. 

I gave Joan a wide eye look but she ignored me. 


As I cuddled up with Joan in bed, I asked her if she meant what she said. 

Joan : Which part ? haha 

James : That I’m really simple minded and easy to control. 

She must have sensed a change in my tone so she pulled my hand over her own shoulder and said she was just joking. 

Joan : You’re not simple minded…….

She looked at me with her big round eyes and added. 

Joan : In fact…. Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re thinking about…. 

I smiled and gave her this delirious look. 

Joan : Haha… now I know what you are thinking about. 

I cupped my hand on her firm breast, kneading them as she tried to push my hands away. 

Joan : I meant it though …. About the part that you’re easy to control… 

I immediately paused. 

James : What do you mean… ? 

Joan : hahaha 

Joan got off the bed, place both her hands on her hips and said. 

Joan : I bet you’ll beg me for sex before the 15th day of the lunar new year is over. 

I checked the date on my phone and replied. 

James : I’ll take up your challenge…. On the condition we start on the 1st of Feb. New year is on the 10th. …. 15 lunar days… 25th would be the end date. 

Joan checked her phone too before doing some mental sums inside her head. 

Joan : Ok. Deal…. What are we betting on. 

I rubbed my hands in glee and replied without thinking. 

James : You’ll be my slave for a day, and it’ll all be about sex…. 

Joan laughed and replied in a haughty manner. 

Joan : If I win, you’ll be my slave for a day…… and it’ll be about everything except sex. 

I got out of bed and immediately draft a simple contract. 

We both put our initials on it before I fold it up and sealed it in an envelope. 

I immediately grabbed her and pushed her onto bed. She tried to scream but I covered her mouth. 

The rest as they say ,…. is history. 

I do not want to bore you with endless details of our sexual encounter. We’ve had a few, in fact we’ve had more than a few, but one, one of it is special. 

That one special night. 

That night I would never forget. 

A night that I would take with me to the grave. 

The one night that I remembered and penned it down in excruciating details in my diary, reading it over and over again whenever I could. 

28th January 2013


Joan came back to work and we agreed to maintain a certain level of professionalism in the office. 

Her menses started on that day and she was having some bad cramps in the cubicle. 

I ended up covering most of her work again.

31st January 2013 


It was 1 day before our official bet started and Joan asked me if I’m sure I could do it. 

I snorted and wave her off. 

What’s the big deal about not having sex for 25 days ? 

I can masturbate myself. 

No problem. 

Now that Joan has a good stash of clothes at my place. I have access to everything. 

You name it. 

Bra, undies, bikinis, pyjamas, fbts….. anything. 

I can indulge and cover myself in her lingerie and fall asleep on them if I wished to. I had no lack of materials to pleasure myself. 

She’ll be staying over on Fridays too, that way, I can even have ‘freshly’ worn unwashed lingerie to satisfy my perverted mind. 

What is 25 days ? 

I did a rough estimate, if I just do it once every 3 days, I just need to musterbate myself 8 times and that was it. 

The time will fly by in the blink of an eye. 

In fact, I was already fantasising about what I could get Joan to do for me if I won. 

Maybe outdoor sex ? 

Perhaps some kinky BDSM play ? 

Oh…. Should we try taking some videos ? 

Maybe we could so some cosplay, get her to dress up as sailormoon as I rape her. 

The mere thought of what I could do to her made me excited. 

Mentally, I was prepared for what is to come. 

What else can she do ? 

Dress provocatively ? 

Bent over a little while she drop some coins ? 

Try to snuggle up with me in bed ? 

Dirty talk ? 

I laughed to myself and snorted a couple of times, tickled by the fact that we actually made that bet. 

1st Feb 2013 


Day 1 of our bet. 

We finished work late, grabbed a dinner before catching a late night movie. 

Just a normal date night. 

Joan showered first, she had already taken off her cardigan and work pants in my room. Needless to say, I made use of it and got myself primed. 

I entered the bathroom and immediately released myself, feeling waves of sanity returning to my brain. 

3rd Feb 2013. 


It’s the last weekend before the new year. 

I had a pretty formal dinner with Joan’s parents, this time round, they discussed Thomas in front of me.

I tried not to pay too much attention, after all it’s none of my business.

Yet I could not help but catch snippets of the conversation.

“lease ending”, “move”, “new environment “, “older estate” were some of the words I caught.

5th Feb 2013


6.30 am

I asked myself in the mirror if I was feeling ok and I nodded affirmatively.

I released myself again in the shower.


I passed by Joan at the pantry and I gave her a wink.

No kick.

I got this.

8th Febuary 2013


It’s half a work day for us and frankly, no one was in the mood to work.

Mr Chan gave out red packets, wished everyone a good year and reminded all of us about the annual dinner on the 22nd Feb since most of us would be on leave for a few days during the festive period.

Joan stayed over that evening and I could feel her cuddling up a little tightly to me that night. I could feel her pressing her breast against me too.

She made a passing remark that her menses is almost over.

1am .

I excused myself to the bathroom and I released myself again, panting as I washed up and made my way back.

9th Febuary 2013


Chinese new year eve.

Joan was over for reunion dinner, so did Jasper’s new girlfriend Cheryl.

My mum was beaming away when she kept topping up the steamboat and asked the girls to eat more.

I felt a pinch on my leg when Joan noticed me staring at Cheryl’s boobs.

I could not help it, it pushed against her rice bowl at least twice during dinner when she reached for the dishes.

11th Febuary 2013


I could feel some weird sensation creeping up on me, as if I was going through cold turkey.

13th Febuary 2013


Joan came to work in a tube dress.

And yes, she kept dropping her pen near my work station.


I locked myself in a cubicle on another floor of the building. 15 minutes later, I gasped and gasped for air as I came onto a tuff of paper.

James : You can do this James…. You can do this.

15th Febuary 2013


Joan wore a tight blue dress that day. I had to tear my eyes away from her.

Over dinner, she suggested drinks, maybe heading over to a club but I resisted.

During the train ride home, she must have brushed and pressed her body against me several times.

I immediately rush to the bathroom when I got home.

By the time I’m out, I was feeling pretty confident I could win this.

She did not tease me anymore that weekend.

17th February 2013


Joan’s parents asked me over for dinner. Her dad cooked some simple dishes.

Joan and I bought a watermelon earlier in the day and we were trying to cut it in the kitchen after dinner.

While I sliced into the juicy red flesh, I asked.

James : Few more days to go you know….. worried or not… hahaha.

She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

18th February 2013


I was paying close attention to Joan’s wardrobe. I knew it’s the last leg of the race.

The run up to the finale.

That was the last week.

I expected her to come dressed sexily, to be on her best.

Perhaps some lacy lingerie, maybe a deliberate upskirt or down blouse just to tempt me.

I chuckled and laughed to myself again, hoping she would try.

Then I would have the chance to rebuke her and say it doesn’t work.

That Monday, Joan came to work in normal pants and a shirt.

19th February 2013


Joan had a long skirt right up to her ankles, paired with a long sleeve turtle neck .

20th February 2013


Jeans and a blouse, long sleeve.

21th Febuary 2013


It was the last bit. I did a full physical and mental assessment of myself in front of the mirror.

James : Yes. I am fine.

James : Yes I am good

James : Yes… I got this.

I did not feel the need to release myself as I wanted to save it up for the next day.

When Joan stayed over on Friday, I could have access to her fresh worn lingerie.

The oomph would be stronger if I released it tomorrow.

The only hiccup I had that evening was when Jasper texted me at 10.30pm

Jasper sms : I borrowed 2 condom from your drawer.

I immediately play an mp3 of zen and relaxing music and forced myself to sleep.

22nd Feburary 2013


It was another half day of work for us since it’s our company’s annual dinner.

Mr Chan had booked a restaurant and had informed everyone earlier on that it would be a themed party / dinner.

We were to all turn up in old Shanghai clothes to experience that flamboyant era.

Prizes and annual bonus would be pegged to our dressing.


Seating arrangements were arranged by Siti.

The unofficial word in the office was that depending on where you are seated, you would know if you are getting a promotion and a big increment and bonus.

Mr Chan had this habit.

He arranges the seating and tables as he pleases.

He does not care if he paid for a 10 pax table, if he wanted 8 person on it, it’s 8 person on it.

I arrived at 7 sharp, checking myself in the mirror.

I had on grey pants, and a long sleeve white top. My cufflinks I borrowed from my dad, it was made of silver, in the shape of a rice sickle. He bought it from some sailors more than 20 years ago.

I had a black armband around my arm and I had gelled my hair back in a slick Shanghai Tang manner. 

I went straight to Siti who was standing at the doorway to the private room Mr Chan booked. 

I smiled and nodded at Siti 

James : Siti… 

Siti : James … 

She nodded to a table of 4, set specially near a makeshift stage in the room. 

She gave me a wink and asked me to prepare to treat her for lunch soon. 

By 7.30pm, most of the colleagues were here except Joan. 

I did text her but got no reply.


I felt my breath leave my lungs against my will when I saw Joan that evening. 

Several heads turned as they looked over at the entrance. 

Joan had a white fur coat over her shoulder and that was the first time I saw her with full makeup. 

Her eyes were beautifully drawn, her features of the face brought out to an amazing detail by her choice of makeup. Her lips, a deep shade of red. 

Her hair, she must have spared no expense on her hair. 

It was not something she could have done on her own. 

It was neatly styled in the 60s style, not unlike those you see in old posters. The intricate curls, the neat hairpins. 

I felt my hand shiver as I saw the cheongsum she wore that day. 

It was white, with threads of gold details running around the beautiful coloured prints. 

The butterfly knots near her collar bone and neck were black in colour, matching the pair of black pearl earrings she was wearing

She looked around the room before settling her gaze on Siti. 

She checked her seat and she was allocated to one with a table of 8 a distance away from me. 

As she distanced herself from the crowd at the entrance, I saw for the first time how good her figure was, the tight cut of the Cheongsum plastered itself tightly to Joan, every curve, every bump laid bare for all to see. 

I saw the pair of heels which instantly gave me an erection and I had to adjust myself in my seat. 

It was about 2 inch high, with details formed by beads to resemble a cloud. I could see her toe cleavage as she sat down at her seat. 

The moment she say down, I almost broke the handle of my seat when I saw the slit by the side of her legs for the first time. 

I looked at my other colleagues. 

The group of guys just fell silent for a good 10 seconds, staring at Joan. 

I saw her looked my way, and our eyes met. 

For that brief 1 second we looked at each other. 

Then in a stuck up manner, she looked away and started chatting with the rest of the colleagues. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and took deep breathes. 

It’s just my mind.

It’s only my mind playing tricks on me. 


Dinner commenced and Mr Chan gave a simple speech. 

I shared the table with 2 other guys, Peter and Patrick. 

Mr Chan spoke nothing about work for the 1st hour of the dinner. 

By 9pm, he started talking about projects, timelines and the direction the company is heading for the new year. 


We ended the dinner at 9.30 to proceed to a pub operated by Mr Chan’s brother in law just across the road. 

He had booked the whole place for us and drinks were on tab. 

Mr Chan : No one leaves here sober tonight…..except Muslim staff of course…. 

There was a live band, and together with a MC, they held the company lucky draw. 

Everyone was a winner, with prizes ranging from ipads to a staycation for 2 at Raffles hotel. 

I won myself a 10gm gold bullion by credit Suisse. 

When the live band stopped playing at 10.30pm, several colleagues were high enough to head up to the small stage to sing. 

Classics like , 上海滩,夜上海,rang out in the background as we drank, chatted and had fun. 


At least half of the office started to file out, especially those with family and kids, leaving only the younger crowd behind. 

The lights were dimmed. 

The pub grew quieter. 

I went to the bartender and asked for a particular bottle behind the counter. 

He hesitated, raised the bottle towards Mr Chan waiting for his nod before passing me the bottle. 

I took 2 glass and place that 21 year old Hibiki at the table beside Mr Chan. 

I poured both of us a glass and I thanked him for all the opportunities he had given to me thus far. 

We chatted for 5 minutes before Mr Chan lighted up a cigarette. 

I joined him, inhaling and feeling the rush of nicotine into my bloodstream after having stopped for so long. 

I almost dropped my cigarette after I took the 1st puff. 

My greatest fear had come true. 

For the entire evening, I did not dare to look at Joan. 

I did not dare to look at the direction where she sat. 

I did not speak with her the entire evening. 

Even at the pub, I chose a seat and orientate myself away from her. 

I even tried to shut her voice out from my head. 

I had to. 

Because if I don’t, I know I would not make it through the night. 

But it was too late. 

All my effort went down the drain. 

I saw Joan stepped up the stage and spoke to the live band who was getting ready for their second set. 

Several colleagues cheered, Mr Chan whistled, clapping with the cigarette in his hand, dropping ashes everywhere. 

I felt that cold chill run down my spine as Joan gave me a look. 

A look that I would always remember. 

I could feel my heart rate rising as I watch her slowly put her lips to the mic. 

Joan : 可不可以。。。。你也会想。。。。起我。。。~~~

As her voice echoed and sounded out in the pub, everyone fell silent.

No one spoke.

No one cheered.

No one moved.

Joan was looking straight at me and i closed my eyes immediately.

With my eyes closed, my ears was filled with her mesmerising voice.

By the time the song ended, there was a second of silence before a standing ovation from everyone in the pub.

I followed the crowd too, standing up and putting my hands together.

Joan gave a sweet bow and walked off the stage.

I excused myself to the bathroom

i needed to wash my face.

When i emerged, it turns out that Joan was waiting for her turn at the shared bathroom.

We did not speak.

She walked right by me, her body brushing against my along the tight corridor and i could feel her slipping something into my pocket.

I heard her go into the bathroom and bolted the door.

I reached into my pocket and i felt my legs went soft.

It must be the whiskey…. it’s too strong.

I staggered back to my seat and poured myself another drink and pulled out the card Joan dropped into my pocket.

It’s a room key for hotel a mere 10 minute walk away.

I made up my mind as i drained my glass.

That night, I want to be Tony Leung.

Joan can be Tang Wei.


The moment Joan got back to her seat, I saw a few of my other male colleagues rearranging the tables, pulling theirs over to hers to form this cluster. 

Since the group left was already quite small, everyone gathered around Joan’s table. 

Mr Chan was the first to ask for a picture with Joan and she was sporting enough to pose for it. 

Can you image what was going through my mind when I stood a few metres away from this scene ? 

Mr Chan sat on the low arm chair, his legs crossed and he clasped his hands in from of himself. He had the look that just tell everyone that he’s the boss. 

Joan adjusted her Cheongsum a little so it’s not that tight when she sat on the right arm of the arm chair. 

She tilted her left shoulder forward, turned her head a little and posed in such a seductive pose that invited whistles and cheers from a few other colleagues. 

Junwei, our openly gay colleague was the one who took the pictures for Mr Chan and after a few poses and shots, he immediately went over to show him. 

I could see Mr Chan reaching for his reading glasses, holding the phone a little further away from himself before asking Junwei to send it to him. 

That sparked off a frenzy of photo requests by other colleagues. 

I sipped my drink and just observed what was going on. 

Joan took selfies and we-fies with the group, perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was the relaxed atmosphere, everyone was having fun, laughing and posing. 

From the typical triad pose, to the trio of slutty looking girls Joan did with a couple of female colleagues, they tried everything. 

Junwei was the one who took things to the next level so to speak. 

Being openly gay, he was the unofficial ‘sister’ in the company. I watched him head over to Joan and put his arms around her shoulders. 

There was nothing sleazy about it, it’s just something very sisterly. 

Their faces plastered against each other and they did those typical lip pouting and cam whoring shots, laughing and checking the camera after each shot. 

I went over too and asked for a picture like every other colleague. 

Joan agreed and I passed Junwei my phone. 

I placed my hand around Joan’s waist as we posed for the picture. 

Then what Joan did caught me totally by surprise. 

She told Junwei to hold the shot while she openly held my index finger with 2 fingers and dropped my hand off her waist. 

It was such an obvious move that several colleague saw and laughed. 

“ Oei… James…. Drink too much ah ? “ 

“ Hoei…. Tiko Pek ah “ 

“ Wah… James….don’t try to eat tofu leh “ 

These were some of the comments that were shouted towards me. 

Even Mr Chan laughed and asked if I had too much to drink 

Mr Chan : Eh James…. Don’t get too touchy ah…. I don’t want any incident. 

Can you for a moment imagine what I was feeling at that point in time. 

The rage, the level of horniness I had in me was unprecedented. It was so bad that I felt criminal. 

I want to really rip the Cheongsum off Joan, push her head down onto my manhood.

I want to hear her moan my name, begging for me to fuck her. 

It was such a weird mix of erotic emotions that I found it hard to even pen it down. 

Joan had this neutral yet bordering along the line of haughty look on her face that evening. 

Joan : James ~~~… don’t be naughty ah … haha. 

You know the feeling you get when you look at this hot colleague of yours in office that you fantasised about ? 

The one that always dresses well, can get a little loud at times, always on good terms with everyone, sometimes if she needed a favour, she’ll throw a flirt or 2 your way. 

The one you know it’s really quite impossible to get yet you still fantasised about grabbing her and giving her a good fuck. 

Not really the office slut, but more of the one male colleagues would talk and gossip about over coffee, throwing a couple of fantasy scenarios out just for kicks. 

I was really having mixed feelings looking at how Joan was behaving towards me. 

I’ve never wanted her so much before. 

It was like I’m craving for her touch. 

I felt this helpless sense of regret that I had taken the bait. 

I took a few pictures, smiled and tried to keep my composure. 

I even apologised for stepping out of boundary. 

James : My sincere apologies Joan…. 

She gave me a slight bow before getting back to the rest of the colleagues, continuing with the pictures, the games and the drinks. 

23rd Feburary 2013


Mr Chan said his goodbyes and asked us to enjoy ourselves. A couple of colleagues left too, leaving less than 7 of us. 

By 1 am, we were all ready to go. 

Patrick even took his chance and asked if he could send Joan back. 

She politely declined and said she’s got other plans. 

By then, I could not remember how many times my erection came and went. 

I was about to head over to talk to Joan when she surprised me again. 

She went ahead and hopped onto a cab, waving goodbye to the rest of the colleagues and left. 

I bade my farewells and immediately set off for the hotel on foot. 

When I stepped into merchant court, I was perspiring, tried, thirsty and outright horny. 

I took out my key card and was about to head to the lift when I realised that no room number was provided for me. 

I immediately dialled Joan’s number. 

James : Ok… you win…. Where are you ? 

Joan : I’m….. in the hotel of course… where are you ?…. 

I told her I’m at the lobby and asked for the room number. 

If I thought she was playing with me the entire evening, I was wrong, she had only just started. 

Joan : But….. it’s not the 25th yet you know… haha 

I told her I don’t care about that bet anymore. 

She laughed and replied that since we had already started on the bet, we should honour it. 

Part of me wanted to laugh, part of me wanted to beg, part of me just wanted to rape Joan. 

I could not understand how I got myself into that situation. 

I half beg, half coaxed and tried to be on my best behaviour, I lowerd my pride, thrw away my ego. 

If you were in my shoes that day, you would have done the same thing too. 

Joan finally relented and gave me the floor number of the room she was in. 

I wasted no time and I got up. 

I peered down both ends of the corridor and called Joan again. 

James : Which room ? 

Joan : You sounded….. angry James …. Are you angry ? hahha

I took a deep breath and said no.

James : Are you kidding…. Of course not…. Heee… hee…

Joan : Hahaha… I really can read you like a book James… haha.

I spent another 5 minutes pacing around the lobby talking to Joan on the phone.

She asked about what I liked in her, about my perspective towards a relationship and what did Mr Chan spoke to me over dinner.

Basically anything she can think of.

The more she teased me, the harder I became.

My erected dick strained and pushed against my pants and underwear and at one point, I had to bend over in the lobby.


Joan : But…. But.. if I let you in…. what guarantee would I have that you would honour your bet. ? haha

James : I will… I really will… I’ll be your slave…. Anything..

She laughed and chuckled over the phone and I could already picturing myself undressing her.

Joan : Do you really think I would believe you ? haha.

She relented after another 5 mins and she told me the room number.

I ran across the hallway and immediately used the keycard to gain access but it wouldn’t work.

I almost snapped the card in 2 and my phone rang again.

Joan said that she really wanted to talk to me first and that she would open the door if I promise to wait after she let me in.

I agreed hastily, saying yes to everything she said.

Then when I saw what she slid underneath the door, I burst out laughing.

Joan : Do it… and hold your hand up in front of the peephole. Hahaha.

I took the cable tie and looped it around my wrist, pulling it with my teeth.

When Joan was satisfied , she opened the door.

I could smell her perfume as she peeked mischievously from behind the door.

Joan : Hi James….

James : hi Joan….

I entered the room and the lights were dimmed.

James : I didn’t know you were into this….

I raised up my hands to show her my restraint hand.

She laughed and said it was for her own safety.

Joan immediately sat me down on the bed and she took a seat on the chair opposite me.

She took out her phone and started the camera.

James : Joan~….. I really love you but…. The last thing I need is to have some Edison video floating around…

Joan : Haha… you wish…

She went on to say that she wanted evidence in case I go back on my word.

Joan : Repeat after me…

Joan : I , James….. agreed that I have lost my bet with Joan …..

I sighed and repeated after her.

James : I , James….. agreed that I have lost my bet with Joan …..

Joan : And that I would be her slave for a 24 hours……

James : …….. And that I would be her slave for a 24 hours…

We were both trying hard not to giggle as her hands shook trying to take the video.

My eyes however, were drifting to the slit by the side of her Cheongsum. In the privacy of the room, Joan was no longer adjusting herself, allowing a good portion of her smooth hairless leg to be exposed as she crossed her legs.

She put the phone aside and came over to me.

Her hands went around my neck, caressing my face before undoing a couple of buttons of my shirt.

I adjusted myself as my erection was causing quite a bit of discomfort.

She turned away from me and went back to her seat with a grin on her face.

Joan : What if I wanted my 24 hours to start now ? haha..

She could see the instant change in my facial expression and she chuckled and laugh again. It was then she realised she could play me as much as she wanted and she was not about to give up the chance.

Joan crossed her legs, leaning back onto the seat. She put her index finger to her mouth, biting the tip of her nail and she looked at me.

Joan : Kneel down and beg me James…

I laughed, took a deep breathe and looked around the room, feeling the bruise on my ego growing bigger but I knelt down with a smile.

I kept repeating to myself.

My time will come…..

My time will come soon….

Joan : Go on….haha..

I was kneeling quite close to Joan

And she pointed her heels at me, brushing her heel against my pants, aiming for the part where my erection was.

The rubbing of fabric against my dick really aroused me to a degree I’ve never experienced before.

The thought of being played by Joan and me having to beg for sex was giving me this psychological orgasm, this unexplained high.

Joan really just looked at me and teased my erection with her heel.

James : Joan…. Please…~~ haha

It was an awkward laugh as I was nearing the edge of my tolerance.

I will rape her like no tomorrow.

I really will.

She smiled coyly at me and using the tip of her other heel, she pushed one heel off her feet, letting it drop with a thud on my erected dick before it falls unceremoniously onto the carpeted floor.

I saw her manicured tones, the deep and rich red that matched her lipsticks.

I was looking at her feet and Joan used her toes to push my chin up.

That was it.

Joan : Look at me in the eye….. when you beg .. James… hahaa

My blood boiled and my dicked throbbed like no tomorrow, begging to be released.

I could smell Joan’s feet, that unique aroma of sweat, her womanly scent and the leathery smell of a new pair of shoes.

I was trying to hold it in, to see how much of this I could take, but never did I expect Joan to be pushing my limits with everything she did.

I looked at Joan in her eyes and said please.

James : Please….~

Joan : Please what ? hahaha…

James : Please let me fuck you…..

She frowned and sat up, shaking her head at me.

Joan : Tsk….tsk…That is really…. Really…. vulgar you know… haha.

I took another deep breath and I closed my eyes.

That was definitely going to be one night that neither of us would forget.

Joan folded her arms and using her big toe, push open my unbuttoned shirt. The top few buttons were off, and when she pushed aside the shirt and exposed my nipples, she teased them with her toes, all the while giggling to herself.

She leaned back again and this time round, she pushed her luck.

She really did.

She put her toe at my mouth, pulling down my lower lip.

Joan : You like this ? ……. This is exactly how I felt when you push my lip down with your dick everytime you asked me to blow for you…

She had such a slutty and mischievous smile on her that it amplified the thoughts that were running through my head.

She stopped her teasing after 30 seconds or so to check on the cable tie on my hand. She pulled it tighter by a couple of notch and stood up.

Joan : Wah… this is really shiok man… ahhaa…

She unbuttoned the white fur pullover she had on her shoulder and draped it around my neck.

She kicked off her other heel and went to get a drink of water.

I saw her back facing me and I decided I’ve had enough games.

I stood up on my feet and stretched myself a little, watching Joan gulp down water from the bottle.

Using my teeth, I reached the end of the cable tie and pulled it as tight as it can go.

The clicking sound caused Joan to turn around.

I pulled it so tight that my flesh turned red.

Joan : Oei… siao ah… what are you doing ?

I ignored her and I pulled it all the way, tightening it to a point it was impossible to do so anymore.

I seriously do not encourage you to try this, you might cut yourself, and if you want to try this, make sure you have someone with a pair of scissors ready in case you fucked up.

I stretched out my arm 45 degree up in the air and I spread my elbows wide.

I took a deep breath and I slammed both my wrists backwards towards my chest as hard as I could.

Snap !

The cable tie snapped apart, the cracking sound echoed throughout the dimmed room.

The look on Joan’s face was priceless.

Really priceless.

Her eyes widened and she had this looked of shock on her face. I’m not sure if it was because of the red marks that looked like it’s going to bleed anytime or that she can’t believe she I got loose in that manner.

She looked at my wrist and back to me.

Joan : Fuck…….

I took off my shirt and replied.

James : That………… was really…. Really….vulgar….. Joan…


As I advanced towards Joan, she looked a little lost as she was not prepared for me to get loose.

She held up both hands and giggled, feeling ticklish immediately as she tried to calm me down.

Joan : James wait…. Wait… haha…please wait…

I ignored her pleas and I grabbed hold of both her hands.

Joan : James wait…. Haha… please.. listen to me…. Listen to me…

She shook herself loose and began explaining herself.

Joan : You see… I’m prepared to do it…. Really… really… haha.

She showed me her overnight bag and she took out some condoms and pressed them against my chest.

I took it from her hands and threw it aside.

Joan : Haha.. James… wait…

She kept backing off and i just rushed forward and grabbed her off her feet.

She screamed, laughed, giggled and kick as I threw her onto the King size bed.

She tried to push me away, her hands tangling with mine as she tried to stop me from undressing her.

I went to the wardrobe and took out the bathrobe and I took out the string used to secure the robe around your waist.

Joan screamed and begged for me to stop but I went ahead and restraint her hands.

She tried to bite me amidst her giggles and laughter but I managed to avoid her. I looped the string several times before securing it with a knot.

Her fight died down significantly the moment I pressed her hands down on the bed above her head.

She just looked at me as I kept my right hand on both her wrist and I tried to unzip myself with my left. It was a struggle trying to get my belt and pants off with 1 hand but I somehow managed to tug and pull everything off.

I struggled a little more and finally managed to release by erected and sore dick from my underwear.

Joan screamed and turned away but I used the shin part of my right leg to press down on her wrist while my right hand held onto her head, forcing her to turn towards me.

Joan : Yikes… James… arghh…

I held onto my dick with my left hand and I brushed it on her lower lip, causing it to reveal her pink gums and healthy straight teeth. I let go and brushed it on her lower lip again, causing her to scream in protest.

Joan : ARghhh… James…. Arghh..

I brushed and dragged my dick on Joan’s lips as she pleaded with me to stop, apologising for what she had done earlier.

She plead, begged, threatened to bite it off, then she pretended she was about to cry, but it was not use.

I’m not going to stop.

I was just too horny to stop.

After a bit of dragging and brushing against Joan’s lips, my dick was in a shade of reddish pink, Joan’s lipstick had smudge all over my manhood.

The lipstick smudged around her lips area too, her laughter and pleas caused her to tear a little, allowing her eyeshadow to spread beyond the area it was intended to be.

A couple of her hair pins dropped and some of her immaculate curls of fringe came loose.

Joan gave up fighting and tried to suck me but I stopped her.

When she tried to suck, I would pull away, instead just rubbing and brushing my throbbing dick on her. She got frustrated after a while and screamed, cursing at me.

Joan : ARghhh.. James…. I’ll get you for this… arghgh…

After a little more teasing, I pushed myself into Joan’s mouth when she elast expected it, causing her to choke and cough.

Joan : ARghh.. cough.. cough.. arrummpp…

I held Joan’s head against the bed, so she can’t move back and forth, instead she could only suck and release as if she was having a popsicle.

The wet slurping sound was punctuated with Joan’s ‘hmmms and urgmmms’ . It was such a sick and arousing sight as I recalled images and scenes of how she treated me that evening.

Holding her in that position made it hard for her to swallow her saliva, blobs after blobs of her saliva seeped out from the side of her mouth and onto the bed.

After I had enough of Joan’s sucking, I released her and withdrew myself as she caught a few good breathes of bresh cold air.

I undid the butterfly knot on her Cheongsum and I lifted the flap off, revealing her chest and the top of her breast.

It was impossible to remove since her hands were tied up so I left them as they were.

I reached into her Cheongsum, feeling for her breast and my fingers were rewarded with the lacy texture of a strapless bra.

I kneaded Joan’s breast, massaging it roughly as she squirmed and tried to wriggle herself away.

Joan : ARggh.. James…

I pushed and flipped away the bra and instantly came into contact with the warm supple skin of Joan’s breast. The firmness and the warmth felt so surreal around my palm and I found her rasin sized nipple in no time.

Gripping it between my thumb and index finger, I twitched and played with Joan’s nipple, causing her to scream and moan in pleasure.

I knew she was aroused by that manner of stimulation.

With her hands held down, she had no way to push my left hand away as I twisted and pulled on her sensitive nipples.

I would rubbed against the sides, causing the erected nipple to dance and twist around itself before I cupped my whole palm, feeling the nipple poking on me as I caressed and knead her breast.

I kept repeating in random order, she would not know when I could twist and tune her nipples, nor would she know when I could squeeze on her love pillows.

Joan : ARghhh…. Arghh… urghhh…. Urgghhh…. James….

I could see Joan’s feet keep pushing her entire body upwards, as if she’s hungry for me but I was not done yet.

I wanted to hear her beg.

I wanted to see her moan.

I wanted to feel her body twitch.

I let go of Joan’s wrist and I went to the bottom of the Cheongsum.

I lifted and exposed more of Joan’s legs from the side with the slit and I tried to spread Joan’s leg apart but it was impossible.

The tightness of the Cheongsum made it hard to spread her legs outright.

I bunched up and pushed the hem of her Cheongsum upwards, pushing it up north slowly until I saw the peek of her panty.

I almost wanted to tear them off when I saw it.

Joan was wearing a white colour seamless panty. It had a print of a phonix in black that spread it’s wings wide apart. The prints were of thin wireframe lines, but I was not paying that much attention to the design of the white panty.

I noticed something that made me even hornier.

I saw the wet patch in the middle of Joan’s panty. The way the fabric moved when she dragged and moved her legs against the bed was beckoning me towards her love hole.

I dragged a finger across the wet patch, pressing and brushing against Joan’s sensitive spot at the same time and she let out a really sensual and helpless moan.

Joan : Urghheeeeergnnnnnn…..

Her legs seemed to have a life of it’s own. Her left feet would one moment be pointing straight as if she was stretching before it slowly drew backwards, the heel sliding on the soft sheets before she plant her feet firmly on the bed.

Then for no reason at all, her leg would slide back down.

Joan’s long hairless legs just kept moving in seemingly random order, her pelvis too, raised up and down as if to tempt me.

Joan : Come inside James…. Please…

I was tempted to, really tempted to thrust myself deep into Joan’s vagina but I forced myself to hold on.

That sick sensation of knowing I’m deliberately delaying the intercourse gave me a mental orgasm.

To see Joan withering on bed, begging for me more than made up for the way she treated me earlier in the day.

I positioned myself infront of her legs and I grabbed hold of her ankles. I planted her feet on the bed and slide them towards her own body the same time I laied donw on my stomach.

I pushed her feet so far back that she groaned in pain.

Joan : Argheeennggg… James…. Painful….

It did not bother me, I could not care, not at that moment.

My face was just inches away from the entrance to Joan’s most private sanctum, I could feel the heat radiating from her privates.

I know you’ll surely say I’m exaggerating but I’m not .

In the cool air of the room, I could really feel this unexplained wave of heat coming from Joan’s privates.

I could see how the dim light reflect off the stickiness of her panty, totally soaked by her love juice.

The wet panty stretched and rubbed against her own clit as she tried to move and wriggle herself.

I went closer and I took in breathes after breathes of Joan’s scent. The wet patch seemed to have spread , coating more and more of her underwear.

I kissed the side of her thighs, slowly running my tongue along her leg as I got closer to her privates. I just kept spending time kissing her on her inner thigh, refusing to go down on her no matter how she plead

Joan : James….stop…. James…. Aerggnnnnnnnghh eughre… let’s do it already…. Please…

I ignored her pleas and took my time savouring her sweat, and the unique bodily taste she had accumulated for the night out.

When I finally decided to put my tongue on her soaked undies, Joan was on the verge of a meltdown.

She had started to randomly curse at me, threatening to kill me among a host of other things.

While she was halfway through her threats, I cupped my mouth directly over the portion I figured was her clit and I pressed my lips down hard and immediately sucked out the air from my mouth.

Joan : AREghhggggg… erngnnnn….

She had a shock followed by a couple of twitches before she moaned and groaned for more.

I found the lump of sensitive flesh prodding out from the wet undies and I sucked so hard on it that Joan begged me to stop.

Joan : ARhhgh.. James… stop… stop.. stoo… argheenengngn….

I ignored her cries and I pushed aside her underwear with my tongue, licking and flicking her engorged clit.

I could only managed a couple of licks, flicking them as hard as I could before Joan would thrust her pelvis up in an uncontrollable manner, coating my face with my own saliva and her womanly juice.

I nudged aside her wet underwear with my cheek, nose , mouth, basically hald my face was plastered against her wet privates.

I could feel the sticky mess of natural lubricant on me as if I just did some Korean face mask, a couple of Joan’s fine and trimmed pubic hair must have dropped as I could taste hair in my mouth.

I sucked hard, licking and slurping in an audible manner. I deliberately amplified the sound, the louder Joan moaned, the louder I sucked.

It’s like the way some people like to purse her lips together to make some squeaking sound. 

CHootttzzzz…..chootttttzzz…ssschototssszzz…slurppp …slurppleee…chootz… 

In this erotic symphony, Joan moaned and pleaded with me to stop. 

How could I stop, when I realised she got even more lube oozing out from her vagina. 

It was already flowing back onto her back and anus, the trail of sticky and warm fluid visible against her baby smooth skin. 

I pulled out her underwear and I used it to wipe her wet vagina. 

Joan : ARghhh.. James… what are you doing…. 

I ignored her pleas and I wanted to soak the panty as much as I could. 

Then I went down on her again, dragging and running my tongue along the opening of Joan’s love hole. 

I felt the fresh ooze of her womanly juice came out and I sucked and lick it all up. 


Joan : ARehhghg…egnngng.. James….. you’re sick…. Arghhg… 

I got up and pushed her Cheongsum up higher to the point that it bunched up into a mess above her waist. 

James : I’m sick ? …. You’re saying I’m sick ? ……. You haven seen the sick side of me yet. 

She tried to get up, her hands struggling but I held her down. 

Joan : ARghhgee…. 

I balanced myself on my left knee, my left hand holding down on Joan’s tied wrist and I hovered over her. My right leg pushed apart her left, spreading her wide apart. 

I grabbed hold of my dick and I pressed and rubbed it against her swollen clit. 

Joan : aRghghg… ergnnn.. ergnnn.. erngn… erngn… 

I just kept rubbing like a mad man, I was holding onto the shaft of my dick and I felt like I’m chopping or slicing something in quick succession and I rapidly rubbed my sensitive dick against Joan’s clitoris. 

I’ve never heard her moan so loud before. 

Joan : ARghhh … ergngngngngn!!!!! Arghh… James….!!! James !!… arghghg engggnn 

Her eyes widened, her mouth gasped opened and all the screams and moan stopped as she just arched her body upwards as if she was possessed. 

Then there was 2 second of complete silence. 

Then Joan slammed her body back down on the bed and screamed, moaning and crying for me to stop and the orgasmic sensation of her body going into spasm slow spreads from her privates to the rest of her body. 

She screamed and begged, pleading with me but I tried my best to continue my rubbing. 

I could see tears rolling down the side of her eyes and her speech became delirious. 

Joan : arghghgh..erngngng..ergnn..egn….. 

I stopped and allowed her a moment to calm down. Just when she thought it was over, I cupped my mouth over her clit again , flicking my tongue over her sensitive spot, sending sourish spikes of intense pleasure into her privates. 

Joan : ARghghgh!!! James.. .!! aergggnnn… 

Her legs thrashed in protest and her thighs kept opening and closing, smashing and slamming against the side of my head as I tried to hold her down. 

Joan pleaded louder and she started hitting my head with her bound hands. 

Then suddenly she arched her body again, and there was this unexplained shiver that shook her entire body and she gave out another blood curling scream, spluttering saliva at the same time. 

I felt her pelvis thrust up so hard that it hit me on my nose, it was quite painful as I reeled backwards just in time to see a trail of liquid squirt out onto the bed. 

We were both quiet for a good 5 minutes or so before Joan spoke. 

Joan : Oh my god…. Oh my god…. James… 

She was still panting away, and I could see beads of perspiration on her forehead. 

I could see she was drained. 

I went to pick up the box of condom from the floor. 

James : We’re not done yet.. 

She shook her head, and I could see it was a genuine plea. 

Joan : James… wait… wait.. please… James…. 

I flipped her drained and sweaty body to the side and I fought to tie her hands behind her back. 

Joan : James… no…. no… wait… wait… please… wait… 

Joan screamed as I fought to stuff her wet juiced stained underwear into her mouth, cursing and swearing at me while trying to laugh at the same time. 

It was not easy, I tried to force her mouth open, she tried to bite me. 

I gave up after a while. 

By then it looked like we had both just ran a marathon. 

I capped my throbbing dick and I positioned myself in front of Joan. 

I could tell she was already drained, the fight was almost gone.

She just stared helplessly at my throbbing erected manhood, resigned to her fate. 

Then I took of the condom in front of her, pulling it away with a sticky smack and threw it on the floor. 

Joan’s eyes widened and she screamed at me. 

Joan : No !,,, James…. No!!…. wait… wait… please,,,, James !! 

I could see the sudden burst of energy as she struggled helplessly but it was not use. 

James was no longer there in that room. 

I spread Joan’s legs and against a backdrop of her pleas, I pushed and entered raw for the first time into Joan, feeling the tight squeeze of her reluctant vagina walls closing in. 

Joan : ARghh.. no!! James…. Use a condom…!1 aerggghnnnnnnerghnn…please… 

I leaned over Joan and said. 

James : Look at me in the eye….. when you beg.


Against the backdrop of Joan’s cursing and swearing, I pulled myself out, dragging and feeling the tight contractions of Joan’s wet love hole. 

Joan : ARghh.. James..!.. I’m going to kill you…. I’m really going to kill you… 

I pushed myself back into Joan, and I could see the parting of her lips as her moans punctuated her cursing, the muscles of her unwilling vagina worked it’s way around my dick. 

Joan : ARggnn ergnng.. James… !! .. wear a condom… argnn… I’ll.. arengng

My hands were kneading Joan’s thigh, alternating between her firm butt and breasts, basically I’ve already lost my sense of rhythm and momentum, just touching and caressing every part of her body whenever I felt like it. 

Joan’s hands trashed and her wrist twisted, determined to free herself but I held onto her wrist and I started to work out a thrusting rhythm that suits me. 

Every time I pulled myself out, I could feel the tightness and relieve of Joan, as if she thinks that would be the time I’m pulling my uncapped dick out completely but when whenever I pushed myself in again, she scream and moan helplessly, cursing that she would really kill me when she gets her hand on me. 

Joan : James… stop.. please… wear a condom.. arerghhnn …

I tried to finger Joan’s clit again while I humped myself against ehr, but it was quite hard. Her struggling body made it almost impossible. 

I don’t know why, but her threats, combined with her pleas, and seeing her thrashing helplessly on the bed as I pushed myself inside her gave me this never before high in terms of sexual intercourse. 

My senses were spiking, I could feel the shiver running down my spine, even the tightness and small contractions near my privates seemed to be amplified by the circumstances. 

I flipped Joan onto her back and immediately she tried to kick and squirm herself away from me but I managed to ease myself back in again. She was just so wet and well lubricated, it was such a welcoming entry and I only need to slowly apply a bit of pressure before my dick gets engulfed by Joan’s vagina. 

I slam myself down a couple of times before quickly stopping. 

It’s really embarrassing but I could not help it. Barely 5 minutes into the actual intercourse, I already felt like I was going to explode. 

I must have had this look like I’m trying to hold it in on my face and Joan panicked. 

Joan : No !… James… No….no.. please… 

Joan’s eyes widen as I tried to catch my breath and control my manhood. 

Joan : James… No!… I’ll kill you… I’ll really kill you….. if you cum inside me. 

She tried to struggle, and I quite trying to ask her to stop moving. Her struggles were not just mere bodily movements, I could feel the frantic contractions of her vagina walls, as if she was desperate to squeeze me out. 

James : ARghgh… erghh… don’t… don’t… Joan …. Don’t squeeze… arghh

She replied frantically too, trying to struggle herself free. 

Joan : I’m not !… I’m not!!…. come out James… come out now !….

I wanted to, I really wanted to come out but the rapid squeezing was like this irresistible suction, beckoning my dick deeper and further into the warm and slippery love hole that made me feel so safe and secure. 

James : Stop…!… stop moving… 

I could feel it. 

I could really feel it. 

That sudden tight squeeze on my entire pelvic region and the air inside my body gets knocked out of my lungs. My eyes widened and Joan could see the panic in my eyes. 

Right at that moment, Joan managed to struggle herself loose. 

Her palms reached for the sides of my face and simultaneously I felt the locking of her calves on mine. She twisted my head to my right the same time she swung my body to the left in that split second and caused me this major disorientation. 

The next thing I realised, I was on my back and Joan had her hands around my neck. 

Joan : I’m so going to kill you James…. Arggghhh… 

Right at the moment Joan pulled herself up and away from me, I felt I was at the tipping point. 

James : Oh no… oh no… I’m coming… I’m coming…. 

You know that high , that orgasmic spasm and cramps that you would chase for right at the tipping point, that part where you just needed to hump really hard or stroke yourself really vigorously ? 

I was there 

I was right there when Joan came out. 

I felt this sudden helplessness and I felt like I was a unbalanced bottle about to tip over a table. 

James : don’t stop !…. no !…. no… Joan …. I’m….. coming… please.. please continue… 

It was too late . 

I tried to stroke my erupting dick on my own but Joan stopped me, holding onto my hands as I moaned and groaned in a disappoint manner seeing lousy spurts of my semen popped up and just flow unceremoniously down the side of my throbbing dick. 

James : No!!!…. arghgh…. 

That sense of disappointment and despair, I could not describe. 

The tightness and anticipation of the build-up that entire evening was reduced to a pathetic trickle of sperm down the sides of my dick. 

The shock of being unsatisfied and losing my money shot for the session was a huge blow to me. 

The look of despair on my face had to be funny since Joan was laughing and laughing away as she sat on my thighs. 

Joan : Whahahahha…….This is classic James… haha… 

I almost cried. 

I was not joking. 

I really almost cried as I felt the life slowly drain out of my dick. 

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes 

I was overwhelmed with such disappointment and sadness that my dick deflated and I could feel the sticky mess of semen around my groin. 

Joan laughed so hard that she cried too.

I stared in disbelief at the mess around my groin and Joan was trying to clean me up amidst her laughter. 

Joan : Ohh my god… hahha.. James…. Haha.. poor thing… 

I was totally drained and I could feel my grumpiness starting to set in. 

If you’ve experience this before, you would know what I meant and most importantly, how I felt. 

The feeling of having spent your one precious shot, yet not achieving the level of satisfaction you wanted, that agony, that biting itch that you cannot scratch, that feeling of helplessness. 

I was torn between losing my temper at Joan for spoiling my orgasm and curling up into a ball and sulk. 

Joan took while to composed herself before she stripped off all her clothing to cuddle up beside me. The warmth of her body made me feel much better but she could not help teasing me on my failure to perform. 

Joan : Tsk…tsk… so young….. already like that ar James…. Jia lat leh. 

I would have rose up and rape her again had it not for the long day. It was already the wee hours in the morning, I’ve had quite a bit to drink and I was struggling with some pretty intense physical activities for the past hour. 

I could only manage to give Joan the sad puppy eye look, it achieved nothing more than a couple of additional teases but at least she promised me another round in the morning. 

My eyelids felt heavy and Joan could see I was starting to get a little grumpy but that did not stop her from putting her wet juice and saliva soaked underwear near my face.

Joan : Don’t sad la, see….. look at what you did. Haha. 

I could not remember much details after that, I must have dozed off. 

The next time I opened my eyes, Joan was on top of me and the sun was already high up in the sky. 

My hands were bound. 

Her wet and soiled undies was stuffed into my mouth. 

Her worn bra was pressed against my nose. 

Every breathe I took was of her womanly sweat and smell. 

Every swallow of my saliva was filtered through her soiled undies. 

I was the victim that morning and I had no complains. 

I came that morning, jerking my stiff pelvis as Joan squeeze her vagina walls tightly against my dick, milking every drop of my sperm dry from my manhood. 

We only had enough time for a quick shower before she checked out for breakfast.

28 Feburary 2013


11 am

A couple of colleague made a move on Joan that week after our company dinner. She received a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates. 

The first thing she did was to show them off to me

Joan : Oei… jealous or not ? ,,, hiak hiak… hiak… 

She whispered softly beside me, making a comment that I’ve yet to give her any flowers. 

I ignored her as I was busy typing an email. 


Joan mentioned that she was feeling a little hungry since she only had soup for lunch. She offered to help a couple of colleagues grab coffee and snacks from the canteen a 5 minute walk away. 

I was busy with work but I made an order of coffee and 2 kaya toast. 

I have yet to get my caffeine fix that day and my splitting headache was started to get to me.

Joan : Money…. Lai lai…. 

I pretended to dig for coins from the container on my desk and gave her a pitiful look. 

She laughed and told me that I owe her one for the tea break

Joan : You owe me for this. 

James : Yes… yes… anything….I’ll kill for a coffee …. And kaya toast…

Joan bent down and whispered. 

Joan : Ok… I’ll save it for the next time you try to force yourself on me. I’ll make you kill yourself…. Haha.

Joan helped herself to my mobile phone charger on my desk and just plugged hers in after blatantly removing mine. 

I tried to pinch her behind but she was faster, somehow managing to grab hold of my hair and gave it a firm tug for me to behave. 


There was some commotion at the reception and I looked up from my seat. 

Before I could grasp the situation, I heard Thomas’s voice. 

I saw Mr Chan came out of the office and headed towards the reception area. 

I did not know where Joan was and I was about to call her when I realised she had left her phone on her desk. 

I went out just in time to hear Thomas saying that he’s just here to pass some vouchers and gifts which reminded me that my spare phone had been lying dormant for quite some time. 

Thomas : I’ll just leave it here at the reception….

I was trying to get a gauge of his intentions when I saw a 2nd figure step into the office. 

It was the PRC girl. 

She was carrying yet another branded bag, and from the way she dressed and the height of her heels, she would fit right into one of the KTV joints in town. 

One which I would bring my clients should they wish to spend some money hanging flowers and eating fruit platters. 

That PRC girl strutted into the office, like a proud peacock with her shades on. 

Her head was held high and she looked around the reception as if the office was too filthy for her cheap dressing. 

Alright, I admit, everything she wore was branded, but please pardon my language. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, they just look cheap on her. 

It’s not the clothes. 

It’s the person wearing them that makes the different. 

She attracted quite a bit of attention from my colleagues and I could see a couple of guys instantly checking her out. Honestly, her figure is not too bad. 

The hour glass is obvious, her legs are long. 

Her skin is fair. 

Her breast is big, and round. Half of it is already exposed, I would give it a firm C, maybe just that wee bit shy of the letter D. 

Honest appraisal from a men’s perspective, not too bad physically. 

Then she spoke and it shattered everything. 

In heavily accented English, she was looking over her shoulder and speaking out after someone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing at her accent, I got nothing against someone who wants to practise and pick up a new language. 

It’s the manner in which she spoke, thinking as if everyone was beneath her. 

The snobbish manner of the way she behaved, waving around before pacing about the reception. 

Moments later, a 3rd figure emerged. 

It was just your typical uncle but with 2 hands full of souvenirs from China. 

Thomas went on to say that he knows Joan is back for a while but he was away in China for a long trip visiting friends in the mainland. 

No prizes for guessing who he went with. 

Thomas : I just touched down yesterday. Brought some gifts for all of you. 

Mr Chan thanked Thomas for the gifts but spoke in a pretty firm tone that he should stop showing up. 

Mr Chan : We are running a business. Whatever it is with Joan. I hope you all can take this outside. 

Thomas apologised with a smile adding that he would just need a word with Joan. 

He made eye contact with me and asked if Joan was in her cubicle. 

I could not say it in front of Mr Chan that Joan went to eat snake and buy coffee so I just said she stepped out of office for a while. 

James : She stepped out, I think she went to the bathroom. 

Mr Chan told Siti to put the items in the pantry and went back to his office. 

I wanted to warn Joan but her phone was still charging in my cubicle. 

I decided to head out and intercept her at the lift lobby below. 


I dashed into the lobby, flashing a smile to Thomas before I exited the office. 

The moment the lift door closed, I cursed at my carelessness as I had forgotten my phone and my office pass. 

I reached the ground floor and I took a quick glance around the lobby and checked if there was any sign of Joan. 

After making sure, I hit the close button and headed back up again. 

I felt my heart dropped the moment my lift door opened. 

I caught the glimpse of Joan raising her key card to the scanner by the glass door before she stepped in. 

I ran out, almost forcing the lift door open as it slid apart at a snail’s pace. 

I must have covered like 20 meters in a couple of second but it was too late. 

I stared in horror as the glass door closed with a thud. The magnetic lock snapping into place. 

Thomas and the PRC girl stood up and Joan was caught off guard. 

The first thing that came to my mind was what could I do if Thomas laid his hands on her again. I could only stand helplessly on the other side of the door. 

I knocked but no one pay any attention to me. 

I can hear Joan speak. 

I can hear Thomas reply. 

Then the PRC girl shouted. 

PRC girl : 就不过是段恋情。。。。干嘛搞我的签证。。。 

( It’s just a relationship, why did you have to meddle with my visa ) 

I heard those words loud and clear. 

I knocked on the glass again, tapping for someone to let me in. 

Siti saw me but she was too shocked to move. 

Then it happened. 

I, James, have never felt so useless in my life before that day. 

I could only look on as the PRC girl swept the bundle of coffee off Joan’s hand, as the cups swayed and spill hot drinks all over the carpeted floor, that bitch squeezed onto one of the cups, splashing and squirted coffee all over Joan and herself. 

Joan was definitely shocked and I could see her turn sideways to her right, cradling her arms together close to her chest as she pulled her cardigan together.

Both of them must have been scalded by the drink and the PRC girl was cursing and screaming at Joan for her visa issue.

Thomas manage to grabbed hold of the PRC girl and I saw him dragged and pulled her away from Joan towards the door.

The block of wood, Siti, finally unlocked the door and I pushed the right panel inwards, going straight to Joan while Thomas took the left panel outwards with the screaming bitch.

Siti helped to pick up the cups and by then the pantry auntie and several colleagues had come out.

Mr Chan too and he was not looking too pleased.

He gave Joan 10 minutes to clean herself up before spending 20 minutes with her in the office.

I could not work.

I was worried about Joan.

Her left wrist seemed pretty red even after I made her run her hand under the tap for a while.

My blood was boiling.

That fucking bitch.

I took deep breathes, forcing myself to calm down.

I went round the office, asking colleagues if anyone had any cream for burns and I managed to get a bottle of aloe vera gel from Junwei.


Joan came back into the cubicle.

I immediately went over to her seat, glancing around quickly before I whispered to her, asking if she’s ok.

James : Are you ok ? Still painful ?

Joan just smiled and shook her head.

I applied the cream for her and she just stared into blank space, zoning out for a while.

Then Joan suddenly brightened up with a smile.

Joan : Oh… oh… I almost forgot.

She reached into the pocket of her cardigan and brought out this crumpled, oil stained brown paper bag.

I could smell what it was even before opening it.

I did not know what to say.

Joan still had the cheek to smile and said.

Joan : You better eat it ah…. I went all the way to buy for you.

I slowly unwrapped the bag and took a bite of the cold soggy kaya toast.

That was the nicest toast I’ve ever had in my life.

Joan : Nice ?

I nodded.

I finished the first slice and asked in a dramatic manner.

James : So…… Who do you want me to kill ?

Joan smiled and jabbed me in the ribs, asking me to get back to work.

I got back to work alright.

There was so much to be done.


Just before the day ended, Joan’s phone rang.

It was still plugged in at my desk and I could see it was Thomas.

I passed the phone to her and although she answered the call, she was strangely silent throughout most of the conversation.

I only heard , ‘ ok ‘ ‘ erm’ ‘ yah’ , ‘we’ll see’, ‘I’ll think about it’

She did not update me on what was discussed over the 15 minute phone call and I did not ask.

I offered to send Joan back that day after work but she said she wanted to meet her parents for dinner and she wanted some time alone


I got home just in time to see my brother come out of the shower. I asked if he was free on Monday and he said he’s got some lectures in the afternoon.

I just nodded and did not reply him when he asked me what I wanted.

After a quick shower, I dug out the old files I had compiled and kept when I first started snooping about Thomas.

I was still pissed about that bitch but I realised I had almost nothing to work with.

I don’t even know her name.

I fell asleep thinking about what I was going to do to her for hurting Joan.

1st March 2013


Joan was her usual cheery self that day and a couple of colleagues came over to ask me about her when I was in the pantry.

It seems the rumour mill had been churning out weird variations of what happened.

From Joan threatening Thomas’ new girl to Joan dumping Thomas because he cheated. The best version in my opinion was from Junwei although I knew it was a joke.

He said that the PRC girl was upset because Joan dumped her.

We were all busy that day, and I hardly had a chance to talk to Joan.

I took the opportunity when Joan was out for a meeting to submit a leave application for the following Monday.

I received a notification at 5.30pm that my leave had been approved by Mr Chan.

I did not tell Joan about my leave.


I could see my family member’s eyes drifting to Joan’s injured hand but Joan was quick to say she was clumsy when she tried to cook some noodles a couple of days back.

I could see Jasper giving me a doubtful and suspicious look but I ignored him.

After dinner, Joan and I settled down for fruits and TV with the family before I sent her back at 10.00pm

She did not feel like staying over that day.


I reached the 24 hour shopping centre in little india and I got myself a shopping basket.

I bought a set of children’s walkie talkie toy. It says the range is about 50m although i’m a little doubtful.

You can really find everything in that shopping centre and I added a belt hole puncher to my shopping basket.

A tube of hair dye, few bottles of Vaseline and some decorative coloured sand were dropped into the basket as well.

I took about 6 superglues, gloves and a normal black cap.

I caught the last train home and saw my brother having a beer and flipping through some books.

He saw the bags of stuff I had but I went into my room before he could ask me anything.

3rd March 2013


I had dinner with Joan and her parents at Serangoon garden. I overhead that they had already finalised a meeting with Thomas.

I pretended to be engrossed in my stingray and let them continue with their conversation.

Joan’s mum was a little disappointed that Joan wanted to just sell Thomas the business without putting up a fight but she said it was her choice.

They did not seek or ask my opinions about the decision, after all I’m considered a outsider.

Right when we were tucking in dessert, Joan’s parents casually asked if I knew how to cook. I just said I’m ok with simple dishes. Joan beamed and tried to show off to her mum that I can make pretty good pasta.

Joan’s dad immediately rebutted her that she should be the one that learns how to cook.

Joan’s dad : You have a giant industrial kitchen in the factory, you should go and learn something. So many good cooks there. If you can pick up 5%, good enough already.

That led Joan’s mum to add that Joan had never stepped into the office for the longest time, the least she could do was to head down and say hi to some of the employees.

Joan threw up her hands in mock surrender and said she’ll head down the next day if they drive her down.

I almost choked on my dessert when I heard Joan asked her parents if I could stay over at their place that evening without first consulting me.

Her dad simply replied,

Joan’s dad : Join us at the factory tomorrow morning too.

I smiled and nodded politely and Joan gave me a playful pinch on my thigh.

When her parents were not within earshot, I asked Joan

James : What if we bump into Thomas ?

She waved me off, adding that Thomas only shows up on payday.

Joan : You’ll win the lottery before you see in working on a weekend.

4th March 2013


Nothing happened at Joan’s place.

Instead of asking Joan to sleep with the door open, her parents decided to sleep with their door open.


We took a short drive to the central kitchen and I could smell the delicious food being prepared the moment we got out of the car.

Hygiene was strictly observed and we wore mask even though we’re only passing through the far end of the kitchen where the frozen food were stored en route to the office.

The office is small, probably about the size of a HDB living room with a few tables and filing cabinets.

Joan was talking to her parents and I helped myself to the copy of newspaper on the round table which I assumed doubled up as the meeting desk.

Joan’s mum had called to one of her staff to bring us protective gears and boots so we could tour the cooking area.


The staff came with only 2 pairs of boots, and aprons. Joan went on ahead with her mum while I stayed behind reading the news.

Joan’s dad joined me and we were both leaning back on the chair, papers covering our face.

I quickly looked around the office, trying to find any out if there were any information I can get about the PRC girl.

There was the giant white board, with names and work schedules scribbled in a mix of English and mandarin.

There were names, many names. I tried to single out which one was hers but it was impossible.

Most of the names on the board were all alias.

Ah meng, Ah yen, Auntie Choo, Ah sun, even a Ah neh and Ah bang.

The cabinets did not seem like they were locked but I can’t exactly rummage through them.

I saw a plague with Thomas name on 1 of the table and I was tempted to head over.

I needed a reason.

A good plausible reason.

I looked around the office again and I noticed Thomas’s desk was the only one with a box of tissues.

I lowered my papers to make sure Joan’s dad was still engrossed in his. His papers were held high, at eye level. Even when he flips, he kept the papers upright.

I decided to take a gamble and I tickled my nose with the edge of the papers.

The smell of the chemical from the print and the tease of the paper edges gave me what I wanted in no time.

James : Ahhh CHhhozz….ah choozz..

I lowered my papers to see Joan’s dad peering over the side of his.

Joan’s Dad : You ok ?

I nodded and I just stood up naturally as if I was looking for something.

I walked over and reached for a couple of tissues at Thomas’ desk and I saw Joan’s dad lifted the papers up again.

I blew my nose a couple of times, keeping my eyes on Joan’s dad.

My heart was racing.

I felt like peeing as I calculated the risk in my head.

There were so many things on Thomas’ table, but if Joan’s dad were to catch me snooping around, I would not have a good reason to explain myself off.

I took a quick look to check out Thomas’ table.

Files, folders and yes. A picture.

A picture of him and the girl. It was taken by someone else as they were by the side of his car.

A Nissan.

Carplate. I remembered the carplate.

I was about to take a closer look when I heard the ruffling sound of papers flipping.

I quickly reeled around and pulled a couple more napkins and dabbed at my nose.

The papers were still blocking Joan’s dad and I quickly stole another glance at the desk.

I lifted up some papers, it was nothing but purchase order and invoices.

I could feel beads of perspirations build up on my forehead.

I heard the flipping ruffle of the papers and I quickly stopped and walked back to my seat just in time to see the papers being put down.

I barely sat down when I saw the papers went back up, he just started on a different section.

I bunched up the used tissues and walked over to the bin near the door.

That was when I spied the time cards and the clock beside the door.

The time cards were neatly arranged and the names of the employees were printed no only on the cards, it was printed on the metal racks that held them.

Each slot was like a mini pigeon hole, the slit size is probably about the length of a A4 sheet. Some of the slots had envelopes and letter stuffed into them too and I noticed it was addressed to the same employee that owed that slot.

I heard the ruffle of the papers and I dropped the balls of used tissue into the bin and pretended to walk back.

I checked to make sure the papers were up and I quickly doubled back to the rack.

My heart was slamming against my ribcage and I quickly ran down the list of names.

Every slot was filled except 2.

One was for Shen Yan Ting, the other for Halim.

There was no timecard for that 2 employee.

I heard the paper sound again and I quickly bent down and got onto my knees just in time to see Joan’s dad stand up.

I pretended to tie my laces and I calmed myself down.

Heading back to my seat, I held up the life section of the papers to block what I was doing, I did a google search of the name Shen Yan ting.

It yielded quite a few results but I could not find any pictures to link the name to the PRC girl.

I mentally filed away the information.


We left the factory and I excused myself to the bathroom while waiting for breakfast to be served at the prate joint in Jalan Kayu.

I dialled the number of the office and after 2 tries, it was answered by a employee.

James : Hi, can I speak to Shen Yan Ting ?

Employee : She is no longer with the company. Who’s that on the line.

I had my reasons ready and I wanted to confirm the information I had was accurate.

James : I’m from the visa agency, I helping her to do her visa application. Is there anyway I can contact her ?

Employee : I don’t know. You wait.

I was put on hold for a while before the phone got picked up by another employee.

The person spoke in mainland Chinese and asked me what I wanted.

Employee 2 : 你哪位?( who is this )

James : 我是代申请签证公司的。 之前燕婷填了些表格。 你有办法联系到她吗? ( I’m from the agency what helps to submit visa application, Yanting filled in some forms previously, is there anyway I can contact her ?)

Employee 2 : 哦。燕婷不在这干了。。表格没联系方式吗?( she no longer works here, is there no contact number on the form ? )

James: 哦。 我试过了。 联系不上, 你能给我他手机吗? ( I tried, can’t get her )

Employee 2 : xxxx1715

James : 哦,难怪。 表格上写成 xxxx1515. ( Oh , the form is written as xxxx1515 )

James : 好。 谢了。怎么样称呼你呢? ( Thank you, how do I address you ? )

I spent another 5 minutes on the phone and found out the employee was called Ah yen and I told her to consider my company when doing her visa application in the future.

Ah yen is still sharing a flat with Yanting together with a few other housemates, and I offered to give them a good rate for any visa related applications if she introduce them to me.

I even bragged that we have a good success rate with the applications.

Right before I hung up, I asked her if I could confirm the address with her since Yanting’s handwriting is not clear and she gave me her home address without second thought.

I hung up after thanking her, I chuckled when I realised I did not even tell her the company I was supposedly from.

I keyed Yanting’s number and address into my phone the moment I hang up.

I immediately went to wasapp and tried my luck.


The profile picture of that bitch showed up the moment I added her to the contact list.

I went back and enjoyed my Sunday breakfast with Joan and her family.


I contacted the same brother which sold me the phone card some time back and asked if I could get another one.

He replied that he can meet me at 11pm that evening.

10.30 pm

Jasper saw me getting dressed at 10.30pm that evening and asked what was I up to.

James : Mind you own business la.

I loitered a couple blocks away from my place and waited at the agreed carpark.


The same brother arrived with a card for me and I paid him before thanking him for the trouble.

I got back into my room and laid out everything, packing them into separate compartments in a old black haversack of mine.

I did extensive social media search of Yan ting and I found several pictures of her on Linkedin and on weibo.

My room door opened suddenly and Jasper came in.

I quickly minimised the windows but it was too late, he saw Yanting’s picture.

Jasper : Wah Knn… you 2 timing Joan ah ?

James : Fuck you la. What you want ?

He returned me a brand new box of condoms.

Jasper : Nah. Return you.

He was about to make another stupid comment when he saw the look I had on my face, I was not in the mood for silly jokes and he caught onto that before he blurted something stupid.

No one knows me better than Jasper, after all, we’re brothers our whole life.

He helped himself to the mouse and brought up the pictures again.

Jasper : Who is she ?

I closed everything and shut down the computer.

James : She’s the reason Joan’s hurt.

Jasper nodded and left my room, not before adding that if I needed help, he’s up for it.

Jasper : I can skip a few lectures…..What are brothers for ? Let me know.

I text Jasper if he’s up for a bit for fun the next morning.

Jasper sms : Why not ?

4th March 2013


I left home early with Jasper and reached the coffee shop in Serangoon north which gives me a view of the unit which Yanting stayed base on my research on google maps.

It’s amazing how much information you can get with streetview.

I ordered breakfast for both of us, chose a suitable seat and settled down.

The coffee shop faces the common corridor of that block of 3 room flats and from where I sat, I have a good view of the residents leaving their units for work.

I saw at least 4 person leaving the target unit on the 3rd floor but they were all casually dressed and none of them looked like that PRC bitch.

It was a torture to wait in the coffee shop and I took the time to fill Jasper in on the situation.

From Thomas hitting Joan till that very incident with Yanting.


I saw a familiar car pass us by on the road and headed into the carpark and I immediately told Jasper to confirm the car plate.

He came back a while later and I verified it was the same one I saw in the picture.



Thomas was on the phone and we watched him step into the lift and head up to the 3rd storey.

The door opened and he went in.

He was wearing all black that day and Jasper commented that he looked like an Ox.

Jasper : Wah… so tua jiak and so tan ? Black Ox.

I passed Jasper a walkie talkie and I asked him to keep an eye on the unit.

James : Let me know if they come out.

I was going to snoop around the car.

I walked 10 steps away and I tested the device.

James : Testing.. testing… can hear bo Jasper.. ?

Jasper : Knn… don’t say name la… this kind of frequency every Tom, dick harry can access.

James : Okok ……Just Call me J Lor.

I literally meant the letter ‘J’ and the ‘lor’ was just my singlish but I did not expect Jasper to take it so seriously.

Jasper : You don’t have J Lo figure la…. But good call sign.…. Call me ‘J lo 12’ ,.. you can be ‘J lo 11’

James : You siao ah.. you miss your in camp si bo.

Jasper : enemy call sign is simi ?

James : I don’t care la.. you can call him chee bye for all I care.

Jasper : Aiyah.. go la.. go la… don’t waste time.

I went over to the carpark. It was a good 50 m or so from the coffee shop.

I peeped into the car and I could make out some bags and documents.

Jasper decided to comms me at that moment.

Jasper : J lor, J lor…. Oei J lor…

James : Knn la. Simi ? I already very kan Cheong already.. I hear you until I also feel like ‘zhao lor’

Jasper : If I see them heading down how ?

James : Warn me la !….

I put the walkie talkie aside and I searched in my haversack for something I could use.

I don’t think I could achieve much within such short time but even if it’s a prank on Thomas’ car, it’s better than nothing.

I was about to superglue the wipers to the windscreen when I heard some broken messages from the walkie talkie.

It was just broken and all I could make out was ;

Buzz… buzz…down… coming…. Buzz… I think… so… buzz.

James : Repeat last message.

Jasper : buzz… buzz…… I …. Think…. Buzz…see…

James : I can’t hear…. Repeat. Speak slowly la…

Jasper : buzz.. buzz… ahhhh. Buzz…

I put the talkie aside and I got down on my knees to uncap the glue.

Right when I got down, I could hear footsteps and voices heading towards me.

I looked under the car and I saw 2 pair of legs heading towards my direction.

One in heels, one in shoes.

I panicked.

Before I could react, the 2 person split, heading to each side of the car.

I was fucked.

There was no way for me to get out without being seen.

Right when I was about to make a dash for it, I heard this loud commotion.

Crash !… arhhhrghgh….

I could hear Yanting’s scream.

I did not wait but immediately made a dash across the carpark to the neighbouring block.

I ran up a flight of steps before I peeped down at the commotion below.

I looked down to see a recycle bin

Yes, those yellow coloured bins with wheels, it was resting at the rear or Thomas’ car.

And for Thomas, he must have taken a bump of the recycling bin and was down on his hands and knees cursing away.

Yanting rushed over to his side.

I looked around, trying to find Jasper.

He must have pushed the bin towards the car.

James : Jasper !… Jasper !…. where are you ?

James : Jasper !… are you ok ?

I was getting a little worried as I watched Thomas and Yanting try to shit the bin.

It must be pretty full, they’re having some trouble pushing it away.

I was about to call Jasper on his phone when my walkie talkie rang.

I could hear Jasper panting in the background but he still manage to say it.

Jasper : J lo 12 to J lo 11……… we have a black ox down…. Black ox down


I wanted to burst out laughing but I could only pant as I tried to calm myself down. Everything happened so fast and although it was only a short sprint, the excitement and anxiety of everything happening together actually made my heart raced as if I has just ran a marathon.

I asked Jasper where he was and he said he’s not sure, he just ran a couple of blocks and went up the stairs.

James : Landmarks brother… landmarks. What can you see ?

Jasper : HDB… everywhere also HDB.

I took another look at Thomas and saw that they had already got rid of the bin and had gotten into their car.

I watched as they pulled out of the driveway and disappeared into the main road.

James : Meet me back at the coffee shop.

We met up shortly after and after a quick discussion, we decided to head up to the unit to take a look.

We made a casual pass and checked that there was no cameras along the corridor but it’s a really opened corridor. Anyone will be able to see what was happening at that unit.

Jasper and I went to the nearest bus stop and made our way to Ang Mo Kio.


I bought Jasper lunch at a restaurant. As we tucked into our roast duck, I realised I had about 7 miss calls on my phone.

4 were from my office extension, the other 3 were from Joan.

She must be wondering where I was, and she would probably not be in the best of mood when she realised I took annual leave without telling her about it.

I wanted to call her back but did not want to do it with Jasper around just in case she subjects me to a series of embarrassing replies and questions.


Jasper had just tucked into his 2nd bowl of rice when his phone and he answered after giving the phone a questionable look.

Jasper : Who is this?

Jasper : Hello ?

That was followed by a 3 second of silence before he looked at me and smiled.

Jasper : Oh… Oh.. hold on.

I asked him who it was and he mouthed that it was Joan.

Jasper passed me the phone and told me good luck.

James : Hi dear..

Joan : What are you up to ?

I explained to her that I had some errands to run and I wanted to buy my brother lunch.

James : It’s been a while since we got together.

Joan : Right ~~~~ ….. you see each other everyday….~~

I spent 10 minutes on the phone with her and even though it was obvious she’s not very convinced with my reasons, she did not pressed me any further.

1 pm

Joan mentioned something that really struck a chord with me.

I see my brother almost everyday but come to think of it, we hardly talked.

I could not believe how much we chatted and caught up with each other over that lunch session.

Memories of our childhood came flooding back as I recalled the times we were jumping around the living room, leaping off the sofas.

Images of my parents preparing reunion dinner in the kitchen while we screamed and shouted, waving the miniature lion dance heads around during new years eve.

I could not believe how fast time flew by, before long, the shouting and games stopped. It was replaced by words and greetings so cold , that you would not believe barely a few years ago, we were still sharing the same toys from the toy box.

I woke up one day to realise that it was my brother’s turn to head to Tekong, and I remembered how proud I was of him when the family sent him off to the island.

The look of worry on my mum’s face, the expressionless look on my dad’s and just a nostalgic sense of the good old days as I breathe in the salty air.

Before I even realised it, I had already joined the workforce and Jasper had gone back to school.

The countless times we pass each other by in the living room with a simple nod of the head, a monosyllabic greeting, and that acknowledge nod at the dining table. It was a stark contrast from the noisy setting when we fought over every single thing when we were young.

I sipped my tea as I watched Jasper describe some of his course mates, the sudden realisation that I had known this very man for about a quarter of a century and yet we had drifted apart by so much within the past few years.


As I called for the bill, I reminded myself to make it a point to spend some time with Jasper every once in a while.

Jasper : Need to split the bill bo ?

I waved him off, adding that it’s ok.

James : What are brothers for ..

Jasper grabbed bubble tea for both of us and we took a stroll through the neighbourhood shops of Ang Mo Kio.

It’s been a while since I visited and being a old school heartlander, I preferred these old shops along the old town more than any glitzy malls.

I was happily sipping my tea, chewing on my pearl when Jasper grabbed my hand.

He yanked me to the side, out into the open plaza.

James : Simi… simi tai ji ?

Jasper was quiet, his gaze focused on something a distance away.

James : what ? what’s wrong.

My brother kept his gaze steady and I followed his pace. He stopped abruptly and turned towards me.

Jasper : Behind my right ear, your 11 o clock.

I turned to look, my eyes searching the distance for whatever Jasper has caught sight of.

I felt my heart skipped a beat when I realised who I was looking at.

It was Yanting.

I saw her outside this shop, trying to eat some fruits. The tight dress she was wearing with all the glittering accessories and the high heels made her stand out in the neighbourhood.

A couple of old man turned to stare at her heavily made up face as she bent forward awkwardly to bite on a piece of fruit that she was trying to hold with a plastic bag.

She was wearing a pretty low cut dress, and the very sight itself was a put off for me.

The way she stood to balance herself on those high heels and the manner in which she was dripping fruits all over the pavement.

Even the bangala worker that was pushing some bins along stared at her.

I nudged Jasper closer for a look and we tried to look casual.

I could see a couple of aunties throwing her a dirty look, no doubt convinced that she had cheated some poor old man of his CPF.

If only they knew she had her eyes on something bigger.

Yeah. Like A Black Ox.

I told Jasper to walk in front while I hung back a good 5 meters away and we just strolled casually down the alley of shops that sold everything from mattress to gold jewelleries.

As Jasper got closer, I saw him casually looked around before moving on.

I was nervous.

I was worried about two things.

One, Yanting had been to the office before, and although we did not have any direct interaction, I was not sure if she would recognise me.

I was wearing pretty casual, my hair was not gelled, she did not pay much attention to me that day in the office anyway, there might be a chance I could slip pass.

Two, If Thomas was there, he sould wurely recognise me.

I got closer to her and my eyes did a quick scan.

The immediate shop to my right was one that was split into 2.

Half was a small beauty shop, facial, eye brow removal and stuff while the one on the left is a mobile shop.

I slowed my pace as I pretended to read some of the hand written ads along the street.

YanTing was done with her fruits and she had stepped into the mobile shop, apparently chatting with one of the staff as he passed her some napkins to clean her hands.

I pretened to be interested in a facial promotion that was brightly coloured on the standing board outside the shop and I strained my ears to try and pick up snippets of conversations.

Anything at all will be helpful.


I could not hear anything with the loud music from the shop and I took one step closer, pretending to pick up a brochure from the booth.

Then before I could react and unfold the brochure, I heard the rapid click of heels towards my direction.

I panicked and I quickly tried to slot the brochure back but it was too late.

A figure appeared in front of me and I was hit with that strong smell of perfume as I looked up and stared straight into Yanting’s face.

I was dumbstruck and before I could react, Yanting spoke first.

Yanting : 先生,洗脸吗? ( Would you like a facial Sir ? )

James : ERmm… erm… it’s ok… I’m fine.

I was about to turn and leave when Yanting grabbed my hand.

Yanting : Wait… wait…

Her eyes widened and I could see the layer of fake eye lashes as she stared at my face.

I was about to push her hands away and walked off when she spoke.

For that instance I thought she recognised me from Joan’s office.

Yanting : You… the..

Yanting : You eyebag….very bad… face oily….oily.. need treatment..

She went on to try and sell me a promotional trial facial at $28 .

My heart was racing as she tried to explain to me in broken English that I needed to take care of my face and so on.

I could see Jasper from the corner of my eye standing a distance away, no doubt looking for another bin to push towards my way the moment I signalled for help.

Yanting : Try… it’s very good… I swear… good.. you’ll sure come back.

I decided to take the risk of getting disfigured and agreed to the trial.

I stepped into the shop and was hit by this overwhelming scent of lemongrass.

I immediately dropped Jasper a message to tell him to head back on his own, I’ll update him again.

I set down my bag as Yanting served me a glass of tea.

Yanting : You wait a while…. Get ready room.

The interior is dark, the warm orange glow of the light cast this dreamlike shadow on the lounge where I was sitting. It’s a small space, but it’s cozy enough.

There was another lady at the reception, no doubt a PRC as well from the way she dressed.

5 minutes later, I was ushered into a room and told to lie down.

I was about to when I saw Yanting close the room door.

James : ERmm.. you’re doing the facial ?

Yanting : Yes… of course… I very experienced….. do this many years.

I wanted to shout chee bye at her, really.

She’s been working as a chef cooking in the kitchen for so many years and she got the cheek to tell me she’s an experienced therapist.

James : Oh.. ok…

In my heart, I was already dreading the facial.

I kept telling myself I was fucked.

I’m going to get disfigured.

I’m going to get pus bursting out of my pores by night fall.

After I laid down, Yanting put a blanket over me and went about preparing for my facial.

I could only follow the click of her heels as she paced around the small cramp room for a couple of minutes.

I was already thinking of how to tell Joan about the sacrifice I was about to make when I felt the cold touch of Yanting’s fingers on my face.

She used some cotton to clean my face before applying some facial wash.

Seriously, it smells like the Johnson facial wash I used at home with a little added herb smell.

Yanting : Ok… I doing the cleansing now…

After the first wash, I had some machine spray mist on my face for a good 10 minutes as Yanting gave me a head massage.

I felt like a plant being watered on my face and my head hurts.

Her nails were quite long and some of her presses hurt.

I heard the opening of a fridge, probably the one from the corner of the room and I felt the soft fabric of a cloth mesh being applied on my face.

Yanting cut a breathing hole before she applied this mint smelling stuff on my face.

Yanting : This… cold mask… very good.

James : Orh…

The moment the mask came on, Yanting started her sales pitch.

Needless to say, she wanted to me to sign up some package for the facial.

She tried to sell me 20 sessions for 2.4 k, I refused, adding that it’s too expensive.

She tried again with 15 sessions, before eventually coming down to 10 sessions.

When she failed to sell me any, she pretended to be disappointed.

Yanting : If I not sales…. Boss will scold…. Help me please…

She pretended to plea in a pitiful voice, whining about how high the cost of living is in Singapore.

I could not believe the words that are coming out of this woman’s mouth.

Then without warning, the door opened and even with my eyes closed, I felt the sudden increase in brightness.

The voice that rang out caused my balls to shrink in the cold room.

I recognised it anywhere.

It was Thomas.

Thomas : 宝贝啊。。。Oh .. Sorry….

Yanting : 干嘛啦。。。人家工作。。。差不多呀卖个20的配套了,。。。你干嘛来打扰啊。。。现在谈不成了啦。。。讨 厌。。 ( What do you want ? I almost closed a big sale, why did you have to disturb? You’re causing me to lose the sale.)

Thomas apologised a couple to times to me for intruding on the facial and he excused himself and closed the door.

Yanting apologised too and asked to be excused.

I could feel my heart slamming against my ribcage as I prayed that Thomas would not recognise me. If my face had not been covered by that mass of muddy mask, it would have been game over.

I could not think of a reason to explain myself out of this one.

I immediately racked my brains on how to get out of this situation when voices of their conversations reached me in the room.

I did not expect her to speak to Thomas right outside the door, the soundproofing it pretty bad. I could hear almost everything.

She blamed him for disturbing her and that I’m angry and I refused to buy the package.

She whined in a pitiful voice and demanded that Thomas pay her the commission that she was supposed to get. Thomas laughed in a typical manly voice that only serves to tell any bystanders that he was already her carrot.

Thomas : 你只是在这打发时间。。干嘛怎么样认真。。(You’re only here to pass time, why take things so seriously )

Yanting : 去你的。。什么话。。。有钱不赚吗? ( what nonsense, who would give up the chance to make money )

Yanting returned shortly after and apologised to me.

She tried to sell me stuff again and I took the opportunity to sound her out.

James : Oh… is that your boss ? He came to scold you ?

Yanting : Oh.. no.. no.. friend… he my friend…

James : Oh ok… I thought he’s the boss, come in to check on you.

Yanting : Oh … no hahha… boss no come here…. Only me and xiaofang.

Yanting went on about other products and even haircare formulas that she claimed shaolin monks used when they ORD from the temple.

When she has exhausted her means, I asked her how much she makes a month.

Yanting : Oh… very little…. Basic only $700… need commission.

She went on another rant about me not supporting her and even dropped the price of the packages she proposed earlier.

James : But…. 700 is low…. you wear branded clothes and earrings.

She was caught off guard but she bounced back pretty fast.

Yanting : Oh… no… haha…this from….commissions.. haha..

She helped me removed the mask and I heard her head out of the room.

The next time she came back to attend to me, I heard her call out at the door.

Yanting : 小芳,门关上啊。。。 跟Thomas 说我出去会。。。

Immediately my senses were high on alert. Bloody bitch must be using some hardsell lock door tactic on me.

I could probably guess she would say she locked me in till I buy a package from her.

I was already preparing a list of reasons why I do not wish to purchase the package and I was even thinking about calling Jasper for backup when Yanting got back and began cleansing my face for the last time.

Yanting : You… Singaporean ? … no speak Chinese ?

James : Oh… I was overseas for quite a while… I can’t really speak or understand Chinese… I know how to order chicken rice…. 鸡饭一包 ( a packet of chicken rice )

I spoke in a obscene way in terms of pronunciation for that few words and Yanting laughed.

Yanting : Hahaa.. very good… good…

I felt the cotton balls rolled up my face and Yanting pat dry the rest of my cheeks and forehead.

Right before I sat up, she spoke something that made my heart stopped.

It threw me off balance.

It got me disorientated for a while before I regained my footing.

My mouth must have gasped opened for a second or 2.

Yanting : You….. want special ? …

Bloody… bitch….. like that also can ah…


I was struggling to come up with a reply and I could already feel Yanting’s hands touching me on my shoulders and roaming down my chest.

I tried to evaluate the situation and come up with an appropriate response.

I myself was surprised with the amount of information I could process within that short period of time. 

From doing a brief summary of her looks, to her figure, to her dressing. 

She was definitely shapelier that Joan and she looks presentable. One you would definitely ask for if you see her at the KTV door popping her head in. 

She had that oriental look with a finishing touch of slut attitude. The perfect character for a concubine if I was an emperor but she would never be queen. 

The tight dress showed off her figure perfectly, tracing every curves her body has to offer.

Yanting’s skin is really fair, her fingers felt smooth too, like the touch of firm baby skin. She has a sweet vixen smile, one I have no doubts would coax a lot of men to part willingly with their hard earned money. 

She knew how to play her cards well, the gentle touches, the whiny voice, the way a little girl pretends to act all shy and helpless to get whatever she wants. 

Yanting started saying in broken English that she don’t do this for everyone, only those that she liked. 

Yanting : You handsome boy…. If not no special… hur hur hur… 

James : Ermm.. haha… ok… 

I decided to play along and ask what kind of services are available. 

She took a moment to consider my question before asking if I’m from any law enforcement agency. 

Yanting : You…. No police ? … sure ? haha… I don’t want to go jail. Haha.. 

James : Of course not. I’m just an average customer. Haha… 

She took a while to response before adding that she only provides handjob. 

My eyes widened in disbelief and she laughed, slapping me playfully on my shoulder. 

Yanting : I don’t know you…. I only see you today…. So only handjob.. 

James : So if I come often, got other specials ? haha

Yanting : Of course, you come everyday, I give you special. Haha. 

I laughed and told her I can recommend a lot of customers for her, that way, she can earn more commissions. 

She seemed a bit reserved but I added that they are big clients, all bosses, they tip very well and her eyes seemed to lit up a little. 

Yanting : So,,…. Special for you ? yes ? 

I nodded and sat up on the bed. 

She was about to unzip my pants when I stopped her and asked if I could have a special request. 

I told her I want to touch her, all over, anywhere I wanted, and she no need to handjob for me. I will do it myself. 

She considered my request and agreed. 

Yanting : No shoot mouth and face. 

James : Haha.. then where can I shoot. 

She took a box of tissues and waved it at me but I told her I don’t want tissues. I want to shoot onto her breast. 

Yanting : No… cannot.. haha.. very hard to clean… 

After a little haggling and the promise of a big tip, she allowed me to shoot onto her feet. 

I asked her to turn and face the wall, partly because I could not stand the look of her even though she’s quite pretty. 

I’m not being picky or anything, but it’s just me. It’s a personal preference. 

She slut up the moment she faced the wall, no doubt thinking that she landed herself a good deal, don’t even need to do a hand job, just let someone touch. What’s so hard about that ? 

Yanting placed both palms against the wall, perking her butt towards me, she slid one of her legs back a little, getting into this sluttly a la ready to be doggied kind of position. 

She chirped in a little squeaky voice, asking me if that’s ok. 

Yanting : Can ? Ok ? 

James : Yes. … yes… 

I grabbed and pressed her firm butt, my palm feeling the soft velvety texture of her tight dress. I drew circles with my palms, feeling the softness within the firmness of her womanly curves. 

I let my palm slide and wander all over her body, feeling every curve, and Yanting would give out soft moans of approval as I roamed my hands. 

It made me feel as if my touch was like that of a seasoned therapist, giving her obscene amount of pleasure. 

I roamed and cupped my left hand around her bouncy breast, squeezing them a little too hard and she squealed. 

Yanting : Arh… pain…. Soft… soft more… pain. 

I felt this incredible sense of sick pleasure when I know I’m inflicting pain on her. She was trying to wriggle her way out of my grasp but I moved forward, trapping her against the wall with my body as I fondled her body. 

A body that no doubt had been abused and used in everyway possible by Thomas. But it didn’t bothered me. 

I had an erection alright, any man would when presented with such a willing body. Together with her fake moans of pleasure, it was enough for me to start stroking myself. 

I reached into her dress, feeling the soft lace of her bra before I came into contact with her nipple. 

A nipple which probably had been licked, sucked and abused by many. I shudder at the thought and proceeded to fondle her breast as I wank away behind Yanting. 

It was probably the heavy breathing of mine on her neck that told her I was coming. 

Yanting’s breathing got heavier and faster in an attempt to match my tempo. 

Yanting : Arghh.. urgh.. urgh…. 来呀。。。。来呀。。。快。。快。。。来吧。 

It was something I have yet to experience. That cheap slut voice with the Chinese accent urging me to come. 

James : Argh.. I’m coming… I’m coming… 

Yanting turned around and I saw her slipped off her heels. 

She rested herself against a shelf and lifted her right feet up to my dick and she continued her fake slut moan. 

It was too much for me to bear and I quickly came, squirting streams of warm cum onto her manicured feet. 

Yanting : Ughh… yes… ueghh….. yes….. yes…. 

I saw my cum dribble onto the floor and most of it coated her toe cleavage and a good chunk landed near her ankle. 

I caught a breather as I watch Yanting clean up with wet tissue and slipped her heels back on. 

James : You… don’t need to go wash ?

Yanting : No no… it’s ok… 

I paid her for the special, $80 and I gave her a big tip. $50. 

She smiled brightly and asked me to visit her soon. 

I told her can I recommend some friends of mine to her and she said of course. 

Yanting : My name is Yvonne….

I smiled and nodded. 

James : My name is Robert. I’ll tell my friends to say my name when I recommend them ok . 

Yanting accompanied me to the cashier and I paid Xiaofang for the facial. She was about to unlock the main door when I asked if I could leave by the back. 

Yanting gave me a sly smile and said ok. 

Yanting : You must be always go special…. Like back door. 

James : Haha. You have no idea… 

I thanked her for the service and I took a peek around the back to check that the coast is clear before I left.

It was already close to 4.30pm by the time I reach home and everyone was out. 

I took a shower and scrubbed myself clean, especially my face. 

As I piled on the facial wash for the 4th time, one question crossed my mind. 

Did she wash her hands before she washed my face ? 

I shivered at the thought and scrubbed myself thoroughly before I collapsed onto my bed. 

I must have totally knocked out because by the time I woke up, it was already dark. 

I could hear quite a bit of voices in the living room, my parents, Jasper and definitely Joan, 

I got up, stretched and open the door cautiously. 

I saw the clock and it was already 7.35pm 

My mum had bought back dinner instead of cooking and Joan was in the midst of folding up her long sleeves to help set up the table. 

I don’t know if it was my sleepy just woke up eyes but Joan oh Joan. She looked so beautiful that evening.

Her hair was tied up in a pony tail, the bunch of silky hair bounced as she got about helping to set up the table.

The simple white blouse was a little translucent, and I could see the imprint of her camisole she was wearing on the inside. Her black skirt was tight, really tight that it rode up whenever she bent.

Joan had to pull them down and adjust herself whenever she stretched.

I was enjoying the sight when she looked up and our sights met.

Her eyes narrowed to a slit as she shot me a dagger like look. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and went to wash my face before joining everyone at the table.

Dinner was concluded and Joan cut some of the apples she bought on the way over.

I went over and offered to help but was met with a hostile response.

James : Come I help….

Joan just turned towards me with the knife in her hands without a word.

Joan : You…better have a good explanation for me later…….

I saw the force in which Joan separated 2 pieces of apples and I retreated out of the kitchen.

I could not tell if the apple was really that crunchy that evening or Joan was biting them really hard. All I knew was that dagger like suspicious look never left me.


Joan went into my room first and Jasper quickly came over to my side.

Jasper : Ok ok… quick one.

He tried to recall what Joan had asked him and he summarised his replies he gave

Jasper : but hor, paiseh ah. … I cannot explain why we were not together the entire day. I bump into her at the train station on my way back. I told her you had other plans after lunch.


I took a breath and opened my room door.

Joan was sitting on my chair, her legs crossed as she fiddled with her phone.

James : Hi dear…

She laughed.

Joan : don’t come and ‘hi dear’ me…

James : Actually hor… this morning…

She ignored me and gestured for me to pass her my phone.

James : Why ?

She took my phone and got onto my bed, lying on her tummy.

She gave me this cheeky look and asked for my password.

Joan : Password ? …. Got anything to hide or not ? Any calls on your call list forget to delete ? har ? har ?

I shrugged my shoulders and told her don’t have.

Joan : Must be up to no good…

She asked for my password again and I told her it’s the last 4 digit of her handphone number.

There was a look of surprise on her face but I could see she was trying to stifle a smile as she keyed it in.

I got into bed beside her the same moment she unlocked the screen and out pops a picture of her smiling as she sipped her coffee as my wallpaper.

Nothing could have hidden that smile of hers as she bit on her lip and scrolled to my contact list.

She gave me another look as if asking me for permission to open it and I told her to go ahead.

James : I have nothing to hide one leh…

She laughed and instead went to dial her own number.

The moment she hit dialled, the words ‘ dearie Joan’ came up on screen and I was duely rewarded with a kiss on my cheek.

Joan : Wah…. Do until like that ah… sure do something wrong liao la… haha.

I laughed and went to look at Joan’s phone only to see my name displayed as ; James , cubicle colleague.

James : Wah lau…

She chuckled and replied in an amused manner as she rolled onto her back.

Joan : Aiyah… we girls don’t go for this one la…

It was such a playful remark that even she giggled at her own reply.

Joan started taking selfies of herself with my phone, as if she was determined to flood my entire sd card with her pictures.

I sat onto my chair and looked at her, feeling a sense of guilt for what I did that afternoon.

Looking at Joan’s dressing, I was reminded of the uniform the thai university students wore.

The tight black skirt and the figure hugging white top.

Joan saw me looking at her in that manner and she quickly got up and adjusted her skirt and top, pulling them properly.

Joan : No!….

I laughed and told her I haven said a thing but she rolled her eyes at me.

Joan : Some things…. You don’t need to say….

She returned my phone to me and went to the door, saying that she needed a drink of water.

I followed her out to the kitchen and right when she poured herself a glass of water, she asked.

Joan : Where did you go after lunch with Jasper.

James : I went for a foot massage followed by the library.

She nodded and teased me.

Joan : Stress or not…. I asking so many questions…. Haha.

I smiled and replied as I went forward for a hug, putting my hands around her waist.

James : You’re asking because you care…

Joan : Wah liew…. How many little girls you cheat liao James ? ~~ haha.

James : Where got cheat other girls, you see my phone liao… nothing inside one..

I could not believe how good I was at this and I could feel my ego getting a good boost as I flashed Joan a seductive smile.

Joan smiled and the next thing she said wiped the smile off my face.

Joan : Ok… good… what about the spare phone in your drawer ?

My reaction of shock must have been obvious as Joan smirk and folded her arms, waiting for me reply.

Right then, the bathroom door in the kitchen opened and Jasper came out.

Jasper : Kor, I need the spare phone for my in camp next month. Lent me ah.

Jasper dried his hair as he checked himself on the small mirror on the kitchen above the sink.

Jasper : Joan jie… the spare phone is shared by the both of us…. For in camp training…

He took a comb, brushed back his hair, poured himself a glass of water and walked suavely out the kitchen, but not before he gave me a wink.

Joan changed the manner in which she folded her hands, overlapping her left over right and gave me a look from the corner of her eye.

Joan : Fine ~~…

I followed Joan back to my room and saw her checked the time before crawling onto my bed again, this time round huddling to the extreme corner.

James : Dear ah… what’s wrong with you ?….

She just shrugged her shoulders and said that after the incident with Thomas, she finds it hard for her to trust another guy completely.

I did not know what to reply to that and I just nodded.

I saw her suddenly pull back her knees to check on her nails, mumbling something about needing to get her nails done.

I went over to join Joan on the bed and she cuddled up with me as I put my arms around her.

She tilted her head backwards, looking at me from a weird angle and asked.

Joan : Promise me something James..

James : Yah ?

Joan : Promise you wont cheat , lie or steal…

I gave her a silly look and asked.

James : You have a lot for me to steal from you ah ?

That remark earned me a light slap on my face from Joan, one she did not even bother to look at me, simply just waving her hand in the rough direction my face was at.

I was quiet for a while before I eased myself out from the bed.

Joan just stared at me while I spoke in a calm measured manner.

James : I cannot promise you that Joan….

She was about to throw a pillow at me when I continued.

James : I will cheat….. I will cheat death for as long as I could, so I can spend every waking moment by your side.

I paused for that to sink in as a smile slowly broke out from Joan

James : I will lie….. I will lie beside you on your darkest nights, and be your beacon of light.

Joan had already gotten on her knees and her hands had reached out for me.

James : I will steal…. I will steal away all your sorrows, and fill your days with nothing but laughter…….

And as I went forward to embrace Joan for a hug, I added the last part of my sentence.

James : And orgasms…

She laughed and tried to push me away but I held her back and started unbuttoning her top.

Joan : Oei… don’t la… late already…

James : But…. You look like a thai university school girl…. Simply irresistible ….

I tried to kiss Joan but she laughed and pushed me away.

She managed to get out of my bed and started to adjust the clothes properly, brushing her hair while I whined and begged on the bed.

Joan just laughed and asked me to walk her to the door.

I said my goodnights and asked her to drop me a message when she gets back.

As I close my room door, I felt that immense sense of guilt again as I composed my feelings.

I had no choice.

Some decisions I have to make, some things I had to do.

I went to my phone chat app and called up the group that was usually only active during my in camp training days.

James to wasapp group : Yoz…. How are you guys…. Long time never go Cheong…

P1 : Haha… I thought you retired…. Got lobang bo ?

P2 : Lai… lai… anytime…

P3 : Need to wait for baby to sleep then can Cheong

P4 : Bo lobang how to Cheong….

I waited 5 minutes and I could not help but laugh at the array of replies from my in camp mates.

James wasapp : I got this new lobang…. Interested bo ?

I was peppered with request for contacts and locations within seconds and I texted the details out to the group.

P3 : Got FR bo ?

P2 : KNN… James recommend one leh…. Confirm ho liao one…. Tio bo sergent James ?

James wasapp : … Tio….. tio….

P5 : Tio…… then go Singapore pool collect money…

James wasapp : Say you recommended by Robert….. look for Yvonne.


13th March 2013


Work has started to pile in the past week or so and I left work together with Joan at 8pm almost everyday.

I received my letter from Mr Chan that I had been promoted and that the company appreciates my contribution and so on and so forth.

The $250 increment is not a lot but at least it’s something.

I’ve got 2 additional days of annual added to my original 12, still a far cry from my peers who are in the civil services and private sectors but I got no complaints.

It’s the little things in life that keeps me contented.

I popped in to check on the wasapp group occasionally and was not surprised to see several FRs already being posted.

The reviews were pretty positive from my mates, although there is something that is consistent throughout their reviews.

No one received anything more than a handjob on their first visit.

2 of them went back the 2nd time and got a blowjob.

1 of them will be returning again soon since he was promised something more if he returns the 3rd time.

15th March 2013



I was in the midst of having dinner with Joan when a comprehensive FR for Yanting came through.

I barely finished the 1st FR when the 2nd one came through as well.

In fact I was a little surprised that it came from a really low profile friend that seldom post FRs.

The 2 descriptions of Yanting, aka Yvonne could not be more different.

One came from a ah beng helping his dad with his fruit business and another from the only son of a developer poised to take over the reins.


FR for Yvonne. (By Ah beng )

Looks : She got the slutty ah tiong look, I like. I confirm will hang flower

Breast : Soft. Doink, doink kind. You squeeze will get the shoik feeling

Figure : Got a scar at the lower hip, but overall looks tok kong. Hourglass. The backside firm firm one. Piak liao for echo.

Blowjob : wet, wet, slurpy slurpy. The suction like my house the powerful phillips vaccume cleaner.

Main course :

I save up 2 day worth of ammo. Enter the firing range straight away strip liao. See her bouncy neh neh, I buay tahan liao.

Immediate squeeze and adjust while she lie down on her back.

I squeeze and adjust machiam like adjust sandbag for life firing. Si be shoik.

Then mai tu liao, I take up firing position, prone down and enter her after I put on my favourite okamoto .02 .

Yvonne very wet and tight, but what I like most is her superb Bose sound system.

Knn, so loud, moan until I myself think my M16 is a GPMG. I very sure my dick is small one, confirm is M16 on semi mode, but the way she scream and shout, wah lan eh.

I think is squeeze GPMG don’t let go kind. The 1000 round ammo box 1 shot squeeze finish.

Really make me feel like I’m some iron man.

When I coming that time, even more power, she like a bit pretend don’t want, beg me that kind of CFM look.

CCB !.

See that Ah tiong slut face, together with her moans and my piak piak sound.

I KNN almost give her my CPF singpass. Ask her take everything.

Then I zhuar out into the condom…. She CB, moan until I feel I is some Champion F1 driver shoot champagne. Si bei song.

Paiseh, I seldom write so loso, but is really buay pai.

I whole day carry fruits around, first time I feel like standing on F1 stage.


James , Si bei good lobang la… next time have must share more ok ?

I private msg you my lobang also, I not so noble like you share good stuff. Haha. If not the fuckers in this group sure Potong Jalan one.

PS : Next in camp road march I carry fieldpack for you.


I had to stifle my laugh and excuse myself to the toilet in case Joan asked me what was so funny about a message on my phone.

Below’s the 2nd FR from another brother, Macus.


FR on Yvonne ( By Marcus )

James , how did you manage to find out about this joint ? Haha. It’s quite near my office, I shifted to Sin Ming area by the way. Drop my for coffee sometimes.

Here’s my honest opinions for your reference.

I did not expect to find such a place nestled in the heartlands. It looked like any other shops in the neighbourhood, the last thing I expect was to have a orgasm in such an unassuming shop.

It was my 4th visit within a week and I’ve build up quite a rapport with Yvonne. Yah la, I know you all will say I’m crazy but I have my lunch in the area almost 5 times a week. It’s really hard to resist popping in for a quick one. Haha.

What I liked about Yvonne was how personal her services are, she mentioned that so far, most of her customers are recommended by Robert, aka James. Haha. It seems like she just started out in this but still, I took it with a pinch of salt.

Yvonne was in a white dress with black stockings when I visited her. She immediately scolded me and asked why I did not tell her in advance I was visiting. She would have wore something nicer.

The way she flirted and whine at me in the shop is classic, really like a little girl whining for a new toy. Even her friend at the reception counter said she only behaves that way towards me.

Communications are no issues, I’m glad I took higher Chinese back in school, it’s fucking erotic to recite Tan poems when you fuck. No kidding guys. Haha.

After my massage , she let me doggy her on the massage bed. I’m not sure if she really meant it but she kept saying I was so big and long. Haha.

I slid my hands underneath her shirt and my cold hands touched her warm breast, even the pointy nipples seemed to shiver when my palms caressed them as I enter her from behind.

Anyway, her vagina’s quite tight and I like the way she reached back to hold my hand when I doggy her. You all know I’m a sucker for GFE and I have to say, Yvonne is just my cup of tea.

And fuck you James… for making me spend so much money in a week. Haha.


I cleared the message history after telling them we should all catch up soon.

Needless to say, after reading the FRs, I had to initiate something with Joan that evening.

16th March 2013


Joan confirmed with me that the official handover of the documents and papers will be done on the 31st of march 2013, it’s a Sunday. They will all be meeting at the lawyers office for the paperwork to be done.

For accounting sake, that was the last day of the financial year for the catering business. Joan did not go into details and I could see she was quite unwilling to talk too much about it

After breakfast with Joan, i sent her back home and told her I’m meeting up with a couple of friends for coffee.


I took a bus to a community club near yio chu kang and I called a old friend of mine who was pretty active in grassroot activities.

From his facebook postings, I would see he was always volunteering his time at the center and there are numerous pictures of him and the residents being update every week.

His check in frequency for Saturday afternoons is almost always at the club.

You might have guessed what I wanted to do by now, yes it’s about Yanting and the shop where she is operating at.

Now the easiest thing would be to call the police, whistle blow about the location and everything would be over, why go through all the hassle.

I’ll tell you why.

Some things it’s best not to get involved personally.

There are other ways to get things done, you just need to be a little patient.

If I were to go to the cops, there would be questions, I need to have my statement taken, there would be records.

In case you are contemplating making an anonymous call, forget it.

This is Singapore.

Even from a public payphone, it doesn’t take too long for the authorities to figure out who you are.

We are an island surround by cameras, from the time you tap into a bus till you top up your easylink card, big brother is watching.

I managed to reach Spencer who was in the midst of loading some leaflets for distribution throughout the estate.

He saw me as he reached for his phone by the back of the car.

Spencer : Eh brother…. Ho seh bo ? When want to come and join me….. always jio you you not free….

James : Aiyah…. Not my cup of tea la… haha… how are you ?

We chatted a little and I told him I was visiting my aunt across the road and I thought I’ll just swing by and see if I can catch him since he’s usually there on weekends.

We spent 5 minutes chatting by the car before I suggest grabbing a quick coffee at a coffee shop 1 street away.


After the mundane topic of how each of us is doing has been concluded, I casually brought up the conversation about the neighbourhood.

James : Eh… recently you got to AMK central walk around bo ?

Spencer : Quite often… why leh ?

James : I tell you this funny incident….really stupid incident.

I told Spencer that I was looking for a spare battery and to get the screen protector on my phone the other day.

James : so I was waiting for the guy to stick on my phone then I browse around a bit.

I went on to add that half of the shop unit was being shared with this facial/massage palour.

James : I was just standing at the entrance looking at some covers when the door to the parlour open. Wah, this chio girl popped out followed by this fucker.

I gestured in a exaggerated manner.

James : I was sort of blocking his way, I stepped aside but I took a look at the girl and him.

I hit the table in a mock angry manner.

James : You know what he did bo ?

James : He actually said this to me ; “ Siao eh… xiong simi, bo kua kuay yandao sibo knn…. “

Spencer : Wah… haha.. really ah.

James : No Joke, I donno whether to laugh or to be angry.

Spencer tapped my on my shoulder and added.

Spencer : Wah , our brave James also got this day ah, I still remember how to wack the gangster head in our school back then.

Spencer : Nobody dare to stand up to him, you gag a wack him across the face in the canteen . ahah.

I laughed and waved Spencer off.

James : You see the problem with all this old stories, nobody remembers the ending, all only remember I wack him.

James : In the end I kena wack jialat jialat until go sick bay, bo lang remember meh ? haha

Spencer : Aiyah…. Different. It’s not the end result that matters, it’s the fact that you dare to wack him. Haha.

We laughed and brushed it aside as I update spencer more about the encounter.

James : I naturally dulan so I shot back. “ Wuu.. Yandao wa kua kuay…kuai lan eh lang ma si kua jing zoei.

I told Spencer that after that remark, things got a little heated but that was when the interesting part happened.

The mobile shop owner came out and apologised to me.

James : Then the massage parlour lady also apologised to me.

James : After she pulled the guy away, I saw the door open again, wah!. Got a guy pulling up his pants and quickly putting on his top and another pretty girl peeped out to see what was going on.

Spencer : Wah… happy ending shop ah ?

James : Must be la…. That guy come out guilty looking…. Knn… call chicken also want to hide here hide there. Nowadays the people…

Spencer listened intently before asking me where is the shop

James : Wah lan eh….. don’t tell me you want to visit ah….. I think not your cup of tea.

Spencer : Bo la…. I inform my friend ask him to take a look.

I gave Spencer a vague description of the shop and it’s location and I could see him typing intently the information into his phone.

I could not help but stifle a smile when Spencer said he would tell him counterparts to keep an eye on the shop, after all, AMK is probably the last place on the island you want to have something shady going on.

After a 2nd cup of coffee, I said my goodbye and promised to catch up soon enough.

20th March 2013


I arranged for my meeting to lapse into my lunch time so I could make a trip down to AMK. I went to the florist at the market and bought a bouquet of flowers before I looked around for a suitable target.

The evening before, I used 5 pieces of 10 dollar bills to fold them into heart shapes and wedge them into a small box with ribbons. I tied the box to the side of the bouquet so there’s no way Yanting would miss them.

I saw 2 kids playing card games and they were deliberating whether to spend their pocket money on a booster pack. I approached them with a smile and ask if they could deliver the bouquet of flowers to my friend at the beauty shop across the street.

In return, I’ll pay them $10

James : It’s a surprise. Don’t answer her question, just give her with a smile and go off.

They accepted the deal right away.

I planted myself at the coffee shop across Yanting’s shop and watched the 2 boys knocked on the glass door.

It took a while for the door to open and I could see it was XiaoFang who opened it.

She accepted the flowers and checked the card on it with a puzzled look on her face before closing the door again.

I waited about 5 minutes before I used the spare phone I got to drop Yanting a message.

I did not identify myself since technically I was not supposed to know her number.

James sms : 宝贝。。。喜好吗? 好想你摸我啊。( do you like it ? Miss your touch )

I did not get a reply for a good 15 minutes. It was then I saw the door open and Yanting had just sent another customer out.

A couple minutes later I got a reply.

Yanting sms : 死鬼。。。哪位啊? (Who are you ? )

James sms : 你的忠实顾客。。。(your loyal customer )

James sms : 好像把脸贴在你胸喔。。。 ( I want to plaster my face on your chest )

Yanting : 去你的。。。这个死变态。。几时过来啊?是要预约吗? ( You sicko, when are you coming over? Are you making an appointment ? )

I sniggered as I watched Yanting came out of the shop and chatted with the mobile shop employees.

I exchanged a couple more messages with her, adding that I’ll be travelling but look forward to my gifts the next few days.

For the next few days, I would randomly send flowers, gifts and dropped Yanting 2 messages everyday. I made sure i paid in cash and my messages were always explicit.

Anyone who reads them would have no doubts the kind of activities she was up to.

I don’t know if she bothers to delete them but I don’t care. I would send a couple with wechat, before switching to wasapp.

Then I’ll use Line app, before going to traditional sms.

Sometimes I would get a reply, sometimes nothing at all.

It’s ok with me, I’m not in a hurry.

27th March 2013


The work day started late as it’s our office annual healthy lifestyle day.

Actually it was known by all that it was Mr Chan’s birthday, he always made it a point to book a few lanes for bowling at a Safra club every year.

By the time we got changed and reached office, most of us were in the post lunch time sleepy state.

Productivity was almost non-existent, perhaps it was because Mr Chan did not even come in until late in the evening around 5.30pm


Joan and I stayed back late that day as we were preparing for a major presentation the next morning. We had to make some last minute changes to the materials because Mr Chan had a change of mind.

Mr Chan too was at our cubicle, going through the materials on our screen.

He only gave the green light when it’s about 8.30pm

Mr Chan checked his watch and I could see he was a little embarrassed he made us stay back so late but I told him it’s ok.

We’ll finish up the materials before we go.

Joan and I will meet him in the office at 7.30am to load the materials into his car.

Mr Chan : Ok… shouldn’t take very long right…. Rest early.

I wanted to tell Mr Chan that at 75 double pages per copy, 80 copies will still take the printer a while to get it out.

Not to mention the binding process and putting them into boxes.

The print room was just a small space right at the back of the office, barely wide enough for 2 person to pass through with all the stuff inside.

Since the office was already empty, I turned off all the lights except the section near our desk and print room.

Joan immediately pointed her finger at me with a stern look and in an even more stern tone, said no to me.

Joan :No …. What ever you may be thinking of…. The answer is no !.

I laughed as Joan made a big show of pulling her dress lower to cover her legs and to press down on her chest area whenever she bent.

Joan and I left the printer running, switched off all the lights and we went out to grab dinner.

We ordered food and Joan’s phone rang right when our orders arrived.

Joan : Hello ? …. Oh Patrick…. Yup…

Joan : Oh but i left the file in office………I’ll check and get back to you tomorrow can ? Yup…. Ok Bye…

I asked her what was it about and she mentioned that Patrick needed some information.

After I finished my hor fun at a nearby coffee shop, I told Joan I needed to rush back to the office to shit. She was only halfway through her meal and she told me to go ahead.

I could feel the pressure building up and I quicken my pace to get back to the office toilet. I’m not doing it at the coffee shop that’s for sure.

When the lift door open, I was about to head for the bathroom when I heard the audible thud of the magnetic catch for the office.

It was pretty late and the noise carried itself down the entire corridor. It sounded almost like an echo.

I bit down on my lips and decided to head over and take a look.

The lights to the reception area had been turned on, someone had just entered the office. 

Out of sheer curiosity, I scanned myself in and I left the glass door open. I quickly head over to Siti’s desk to hit the disable switch so the alarm would not sound for leaving the door open. 

That way, the glass door would not shut with a loud thud either

I peered into the office and it was empty, I could not make out anyone walking around. 

It was then I noticed the lights at my section had been turned on.

I could feel my bowels complaining and I really needed the bathroom but I heard some commotion at my desk area. 

I decided to just fuck it and headed over to take a look. 

I walked briskly over and the moment I turned into my cubicle, I had a shock and I gave out an involuntary yelp. 

James : Woah !… 

There was a series of fumbling and things dropping and I saw our colleague Patrick stooping at Joan’s desk. 

He too gave a loud yelp as we surprised each other. 

The silence that follows was so awkward that my shit actually retreated back into my intestines. 

There Patrick was, with a box of chocolates and a card by Joan’s desk. 

Yes, he is one of the few that actually expressed interests in Joan after the dinner and dance. 

There was a couple of times Joan received candies, sweets and some desktop ornaments but I never really took notice of it. 

I only knew Joan would share them with me. 

The thing is, what was awkward is not the chocolates. 

It’s not about Patrick secretly putting presents on Joan’s desk. 

He had Joan’s cardigan in hand and I could see he had pulled her heels out from underneath the desk as well. What’s worse was Joan’s gym bag was opened too. 

The plastic bag with Joan’s sports bra and the clothes she wore in the morning were out. Patrick had taken the sports bra out and placed them on his shoulders.

Then it dawned on me why Patrick called Joan earlier. He wanted to make sure she was not in office. 

I did not know what to do or say, neither did Patrick. 

It was such an embarrassing moment and Patrick just dropped everything and mumbled that he’s sorry and he got to go. 

I was really lost for words and I did not know how to react. 

James : ERmm… 

Patrick : James… I’ll….. erm…. I buy you lunch another day ya… I got to go. 

He went off before I could say a thing. 

He’s my senior in the company after all and to be honest, he took pretty good care of me when I first joined. 

I was feeling a tinge of jealousy that another man had tried to snoop through Joan’s worn clothes, yet I could not help but feel proud that my girlfriend actually was pretty desirable. 

I could not feel my shit at my bowels anymore and I decided to save the bathroom trip for later. 

I looked at the note and the chocolate before placing them back on the desk. 

Looking at the mess Patrick made, I decided to just clean it up. I had no intention of letting Joan know about this incident. 

It’s very embarrassing and it would be awkward for them to see each other in office. 

I bent down and started picking up the clothing. 

I had just picked up the sports bra when I felt my phone vibrate. I placed Joan’s bra over my shoulders as I knelt down and reach for my phone. 

I checked the message and reached for Joan’s worn shirt at the same time. 

It was Spencer. 

He just notified me that the authorities just conducted a raid at the shop I told him about, true enough, something was going on. 

I could not help but smile such a wide grin, almost wanting to laugh out loud. 

Right at that moment, I heard a surprised gasp and I looked up to see Joan and Patrick at the entrance to my cubicle. 

Patrick actually had that worried look of stress on his face until he saw the state that I was in.

I was on my knees, Joan’s bra on my shoulders, worn shirt in my hand and with a sick grin on my face. 

He too stared at me and gasped. 

Before both of us could say a word, Joan spoke first. 

Joan : James !……. you sick…… fuck… 

I was totally caught off guard and I was about to explain when Patrick spoke. 

Patrick : ok ok …erm… let’s all calm down.. .. 

I could feel my bowels moving again as I looked at the priceless expression on Joan’s face. 

Joan shook her head and walked off and Patrick immediately came over to my side and pleaded with me. 

Patrick : Please James…. Please… I beg of you….let’s…. just bury this… no one needs to know.. 

I sat on the floor and exhaled. 

Patrick told me he knew I would not breathe a word to anyone on what I saw. 

He said he trusted me. He said he knew I was cleaning up after him. 

If not for the fact that Joan bumped into him at the lift lobby, he would be long gone. 

Joan insisted to pass him the file he had asked for earlier since we would be out with Mr Chan early next morning, that was why he came back in. 

Patrick : I will not forget this… 

He patted me on the shoulder and I could hear him saying goodbye to Joan who was in the print room. 

I packed up Joan’s clothes, and I dragged myself to the print room to see Joan starting on the binding of documents. 

She stopped what she was doing, folded her arms, leaned against the wall and nodded her head at me. 

Joan : Is this why you’ve never returned me my underwear from way back since our first date ?





I exhaled and was about to speak when Joan beat me to it. 

Joan : You like my worn clothes ar ? 

Joan : Have you done this before ? 

Joan : Like even before we got together ? 

Her battery of questions came all at once and for some reason I was without a reply. 

James : I… can explain… 

Joan actually snigger and giggled to herself as she stacked the documents together.

I told Joan what actually happened but she scoffed and snorted when she laughed, adding that she did not believe Patrick would do something like that. 

Joan : It’s ok la…. I know I’m hot and young man like you got your needs … hahaha. 

I tried to explain again but she waved me off, asking me to quickly finish up the documents and head back. 

Barely 10 minutes after we picked up the momentum of binding the documents, Joan actually initiated a series of discussion with me that surprised me. 

Using the worn clothing incident as a springboard, Joan actually asked me in a very direct manner what my fetishes were. 

Joan : So… what do you …..erm… really really… like ? As in …in a sexual kind of way… 

I looked up from the binding machine and my hands jumbled up the slots for the binding teeth. 

Joan : Well, you know….. it’s better to be open in a relationship…. 

She went on a matter of factly and carried on her questions. 

Joan : Since I chanced upon your worn clothes fetish….. you might just as well come clean with the rest of them .. haha… 

Joan did not even look up at me when she spoke, instead choosing to carry on her work. 

I was actually considering what she asked pretty seriously and thoughts of my previous relationships came into my mind. I tried to recall if I had actually had such a conversation with my partners before. 

This level of communications seems a little bit too high level for a simple man like me. 

Immediately I considered the duration I had been together with Joan, asking myself is it too soon to be discussing these questions, then at the same time I was processing these thoughts, words of advice from older friends who have been married for some time. 

They all had the consensus that if you had anything wild on your mind you wanted to try, best to do it early in your relationship. 

Especially during the honeymoon period. 

James : Let me think about it…. You think about yours too. 

She threw a ball of paper at me, adding that she does not have any particular sick fetishes. 

Joan : I’m not smelling your worn clothes for sure….. 

29th March 2013


11 am 

I could feel a couple of weird stares coming from Patrick’s lunch khakis the past couple of days but I brushed it off as me being too sensitive. 

No one would believe me now that Patrick had spoken first. No point explaining myself, it’ll only make things worse. 

I guess he had to make the first move in case I decided to spill the beans on him. 

I wonder how would he feel if he eventually finds out Joan and I were together.


Joan’s parents actually came and met Joan for lunch that afternoon so I ate with a couple of other colleagues. 

Even after the lunch meeting with her parents, her phone rang several times throughout the rest of the day. It was not hard to guess it was her parents. 

2 more days before the handover to Thomas and to close the chapter, I guess it’s natural they’re busy with all the necessary preparations. 

At 7pm that Friday evening, I was done with my work and ready to leave but Joan was still engaged on the phone. 

It’s her parents, they kept bothering her with phone calls, asking her to check her emails and I saw her using her banking token a couple of times. I snuck a few peeps and saw that she must have entered her Singpass into some website no less than 3 times that day. 

By 7.45pm 

My stomach is growling and I had to resort to munching on crackers I kept in the office. Joan is grumpy and she had a frown on her face as she spoke to her parents over the phone. 

Every couple of minutes, she would slide over on her chair, held onto my hand and put whatever I had on my hand into her mouth. Bits of crackers, chocolates, loveletters, even some pistachio nuts. 

I considered taking my dick out in my hand and just have it ready but I was worried she might bite it off given her foul mood. 


Joan was finally done and she signalled that she was ready to head out for dinner. 

James : Everything ok ?

Joan : Yup. 

We grabbed a simple dinner at the hawker centre at Kovan before heading over to Joan’s place. 

10 pm 

I had just come out of the shower when I saw Joan’s parents talking with her at the dining table. I excused myself into her room. 


Joan snuggled up to me in the room and she updated me about the discussion with her parents. 

It turns out that her mum had receive calls from several staffs, telling them that Thomas had started hiring quite a few foreigners into the company. Most of them are related one way or another with Thomas girlfriend. 

From uncles who use to drive a bus to aunties who use to clean the foodcourt. There was even a new admin staff who was supposedly a good sister of the girlfriend. 

The staff were not happy for obvious reasons, they complained of hygiene and unethical handling of food by PRC workers. The trio of chefs that had followed the mum for quite a while were considering leaving too, together with a few other old workers. 

James : Let them leave… good what… that way, Thomas new company won’t survive for long. 

Joan went on to explain that there’s some new developments because of the staff decisions. 

Joan : The chefs wanted to start out on their own… on a smaller scale or course but they only know how to cook and manage a kitchen. 

Joan : They are not confident of handling the other operational requirements of the business. 

Joan added that her parents was keen to help their old staff start off but they did not want to get involved for too long, so they wanted her to quit her job, take the helm of the new business and eventually they can retire with a piece of mind. 

James : Woah… you’re quitting ? 

Joan : I don’t know … but my parents already registered the new business entity together with my name in it. 

We spent the next 30 minutes talking about her plans but came to no conclusion. 

Joan : I got to start from scratch…. Get clients, customers… build up the reputation… it’s going to be challenging. 

James : If it’s easy, everyone on the street would own a business already… 

Joan : How… how ? ,,…. Headache. 

I got up and straddled Joan . 

James : Give me a blowjob and I’ll tell you the solution… 

I started to pull my shorts aside and Joan just started biting wildly, saying that she will bite it off it I ever go close.

James : You already have a good list of clients….. one that your mum build up over the years. 

Joan : What do you mean ? 

I gave her a naughty smile and told her she could probably copy all the important information from the office and bring it over to her new company. 

James : Send out a mail, say all the chefs and old staff have joined you and so on and so forth….. 

She gave me a look of disgust and added ; 

Joan : That is so wrong… …. But…. It’s a good idea though… 

I parted my shorts aside totally and Joan hesitated for a while before taking my dick in and I felt the instant comfort and warmth of her mouth on my manhood. 

I continued talking as Joan sucked a little half-heartedly at my dick. 

James : Erhgh…..you see… urgh.. once Thomas new PRC staff …uerghhh urghh.. takes over… urgh… the standard would probably drop… 

I exhaled and readjusted my position so Joan could take more of me inside her mouth. 

James : Your old clients would probably start leaving…urghh..urgh… they would need to find someone else… 

I felt the sudden increase in suction pressure and Joans’ hands had came over to my waist as I struggled to balance while holding onto the bed frame and the wall. 

James : urghh… urgh…. Rather they find a new company… arghh… urgh… they might as well go to you… urghhh… urghh… 

The slurping got a little more frequent and as if concurring with what I said, Joan put in more effort into the blowjob. 

James : Urgh…urgh… urghh….oh my god… I’m… coming… 

Joan suddenly paused and pulled me out. 

Joan : But.. how are we going to get the information ? … I can’t exactly walk into the front door and sit at the machine to download everything out.

I tried to put my dick back into Joan’s mouth but she slap it away.

James : Dear I’m coming….. almost there already..

I half coaxed and beg my way back into Joan’s mouth and the moment the suction started, I could feel the pressure building up.

James : Just…. Arghh.. argh.. just… sneak in at night…arghh..arghh..arghhh.. to copy the information….arhgh.. arhg.. urghhhhhh

I did not know if it was what I spoke but Joan suddenly sucked down so hard, at the same time pressing her tongue down the tip of my dick, as if trying to stop me from cumming but it instead increased the pressure buildup at my dick and I could feel the shiver coming from the back of my spine.

James : ARghh… I’m cumming..

Joan wanted to stop and pull me out but it was too late as I lost control and squirted my sperm deep into her mouth as her eyes widened in horror.

Her mouth wanted to open but perhaps for fear of making a mess, she instead clamped shut.

Joan tried to press down on the tip of my erupting dick with the tongue but the sensitive nerves caused me to squirt more violently, emptying my load into Joan.

Her eyes were wide open and I knew immediately I was going to get a scolding the moment I pull myself out. Joan had already started tapping me vigorously on my hip, as if telling me she’s going to overflow.

I withdrew myself and a slimy trail of saliva and semen followed my dick out.

Joan’s hand tried to cover and protect the drip but her own sudden action caused her to choke and cough.

Joan : Cough…cough… bleh..

I could tell it was not going to be a pretty sight. If we get cum all over the bedsheets and pillowcases, we’re going to have a hard time explaining why we needed to change sheets in the middle of the night.

She tried to sit up and hover over the bin by the side of the bed while covering her mouth at the same time.

I tried to be helpful and started tapping on her back since she was coughing.

James ; Calm down.. calm down… don’t choke…

They was a violent cough and I saw a little trickle of saliva end up in the bin before Joan screamed and tugged my hair.

Joan : You ! …. James !!!… arghhh…

In between coughs, Joan hit me repeatly, blaming me for letting her swallow most of my warm cum.

When she has calmed down enough, I asked her how does it taste like.

Joan : Like the sambal stingray you had for dinner…

I got on top of her and pulled down her pants.

Joan : What are you doing ? ! crazy ah…

James : we shared the stingray… I want to taste for myself….

I got a smack so hard across my head that I tumbled onto my back.

Joan : Don’t touch me for the rest of the month.

We fell asleep after I fingered Joan to her big O.

30th March 2013


We had breakfast with Joan’s parents and parted ways at around 11.30am

Joan’s mother commented that she must have had a good sleep the last night, she could see the radiant colours on her cheeks.

I had to restraint myself for laughing out while Joan did not find it funny at all.

James : I read online it’s good for you.

Joan : Then you take it yourself lor.


We bought a hardisk at a local IT stall and Joan was asking how should we go about doing it.

I told her to just walk right into the office with a swagger.

The papers are not signed yet.

By 5pm over at my place, I could tell Joan was having 2nd thoughts, she did not feel comfortable doing something like this.

Joan : Eh… how… like not very right leh….


Joan : I think forget it la…


Joan : How ah James ? …. Should we do it or not ?


I started packing some tools and equipment into my backpack and I got changed.

Joan : I’m a bit nervous James…

I zipped up my bag and picked out Joan’s clothes for her.

James : Here… change.

The only black clothes she had at my place was a black bra and undies. The rest are pretty much coloured.

James : Nah.. just wear this..

She stripped and got change and I had to force myself not to look but I could already feel my erection building up.

Joan : How ah ? jia lat leh….. like that…. So indecisive…. I’ll make a bad boss…

She buckled her bra up and went to pick out a black t-shirt of mine and just slipped it on although it’s a bit too big and loose for her. Joan rolled up the sleeves and tied the bottom into a cute knot at the side of her left waist.

Then she reached for one of my army running shorts and pulled it on.

James : Don’t worry, just copy and paste only, very fast one…


I did an equipment check and made sure I had everything I needed in case of an emergency.


We reached the location of the central kitchen and we alighted 1 street away on the cab. The cab driver gave us a suspicious look but asked no questions.

I waited for the cab to pull away before heading in the direction of the kitchen.

We paused 4-5 units away to observe the unit for a while, concealing ourselves behind some large crates.

We saw a couple of staff slowly filing out from the side door. The last shift ends at 10pm.


We do not know for sure whether all the staff had left but it’s been a while since anyone came out.

Given a choice, no one would want to stay late.

We were about to head over when I saw the road lit up by the headlights of a incoming car.

I quickly pulled Joan aside and back into the shadows.

The headlights illuminated the small road, I could hear the hum of the engine as it slowly cruised down the street.

It should have past us by now but it seems to be going really slow.

I saw the peek of the headlights and I pulled Joan behind the crates, circling around to the back before coming up just in time to see the rear of the vehicle.

We immediately shot each other a look and Joan instantly grabbed my hand, signalling that we should go.

It was Thomas’ car.

I signalled for Joan to calm down while I take a look.

The car eventually stopped, not at the unit owned by Thomas, but instead at the neighbouring lot 2 units away.

The lights and engine were turned off and the entire street fell into a deafening silence.

Aside from the occasional gust of wind scraping leaves by the road, it was quiet.

Joan and I were perspiring and I could see the beads of sweat rolling down the back of her neck as we both observed the vehicle.

It was dark but I know for sure Thomas has yet to step out of the car.

I told Joan to go closer for a look but she was a little unsure.

I reassured her that I know what I’m doing and I brought her on a big detour, keeping to the blindspot of the cars and avoiding the large light cones cast by the street lamps.

As much as we could, we hid in the shadows.

As we slowly crept towards Thomas’ car, I could see some movements. I could hear some voices too, giggles and laughs.

We were about 7-8m away from the car and I could see the windows are down about 1/3 of the way.

I could make out Thomas and a girl in the car.

There was suddenly a loud exclamation and I instantly could tell it was Yanting.

I stole a look at Joan and she had no expressions on her face.

I signalled to her that it’s a good time to head in since they’re busy outside.

I could see Joan was hesitating a little but eventually she nodded her head.

Joan : 不奸不成商。。。

I gave her a surprised look when she said that but said nothing.

James : Any cameras ?

Joan : Only at the main loading areas and the store where we put the expensive ingredients.

We looped our way back the long route and entered the kitchen at 11pm.

Joan keyed in the password and using the light from our phone, we reached the office.

We did not switch on the lights and I immediately went over to Thomas’ station.

There were 2 PCs and 1 laptop in the office.

I told Joan to copy whatever we could and sort it out later.

I powered on all the machines.

While waiting for them to load, I went to the office entrance and kept an eye on the kitchen entrance.

The laptop booted up first and Joan started copying the data into her new hardisk.


The other 2 machine were password protected but Joan just keyed them in.

Joan : It’s the same as the door keypad number. All the password is the same.

We started copying the data from the 2nd PC as Thomas’ machine took a while to boot up.

It was hot and stuffy in the office and I could see our perspiration dripping all over the desk and keyboard as we worked in the dark.


We were about to unplug from the 2nd machine when we heard some commotion.

I immediately switched off the monitors of the PCs and I signalled for Joan to stay low.

I duck walked to the office entrance and I saw Thomas and Yanting entering through the kitchen.

They turned a corner and I saw the lights at a small corridor lit up. I could see the toilet signage hanging at the ceiling, they’re probably washing up.

I told Joan they’re heading to the bathroom and to quickly get the information from Thomas’ PC.

Joan plugged in and was about to copy when the lights for the entire kitchen got turned on.

The white light flooded into the office through the opening and we both immediately stopped what we were doing and paused to listen.

Joan started copying before switching off the monitor. She crawled over to my side and told me it’s going to take 15 minutes.

I could hear nothing. No one was outside.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, Thomas and Yanting emerged from the bathroom.

I could hear Thomas talking in the quiet kitchen. His voice echoed in the big space and I could roughly gauge where his location is at. I stole a peep and saw him heading to the baking section to retrieve some snacks and cakes to eat.

Yanting opened up some metal like cabinet that was emitting steam and I saw her took some pots out with a glove.

Joan : That’s disgusting… they’re eating the food just like this…

I could tell the disdain in Joan’s whisper as she glared at them.

We need to be out of the place before Thomas and Yanting is done with their food. There’s no telling if they would head over to the office.

The lights were all on in the kitchen, if we were to head out now, there’s a good chance we would get caught if they were looking at our direction.

We needed a distraction.

Joan checked that the data was all copied and she unplugged the hardisk.

We both looked like we had just ran a marathon, our t-shirts plastered onto our bodies by our sweat.

I signalled to Joan to call Thomas, but don’t speak.

She tapped in his number, one which she knew by heart and hit dialled.

The loud ringing echoed throughout the empty kitchen and I wanted to laugh when I saw Yanting jumped, almost spilling her dessert.

Yanting : 有病啊。。。电话铃声怎么大。。。 ( Are you mad ? ring tone so loud )

I craned my neck to take a look and saw what I wanted.

Thomas took a look at the caller and turned away from Yanting and answered.

Thomas : Hello… hellow. ? … Joan ? ….hellow..

I told her to hang up

I told her to dropped Thomas a message, saying that she needed to talk to him before calling again.

Everytime she called, she would hold on for about 10-12 seconds before hanging up.

We repeated this for 3 times before dropping Thomas a message that she can hear his voice but he can’t seem to hear hers.


Thomas mentioned that he needed to take a call and he headed for the exit. Yanting followed closely behind, unwilling to be alone in the empty kitchen.

From where Thomas stood, he’s closer to the main loading and unloading entrance, I signalled for Joan to get ready.

The moment I saw him open the side door, we made a dash for the back entrance we came in by.

I heard the slam of the door on the other end of the kitchen and we immediately exited the unit.

Joan’s phone rang almost immediately and she asked me what to do.

I pointed her to the opposite end of the street and we sprinted across the road and I told her to answer the call, pretend to clarify some questions before the meet tomorrow.

I left her to deal with Thomas as I kept a lookout.

5 minutes later, she hung up and we skirted round the sides of the industrial area and started jogging towards the main road.

Neither of us spoke.

We just ran at a comfortable pace for about 5-8 minutes before we spotted cab and hopped on.

Only when we got back to my place at 12.30am did we take out the hard disk and actually had a good laugh at what we did.

We showered and plugged in the data. We spent 30 minutes scanning through it, there was nothing of note, mostly data about food suppliers, recipes, and notes for using the various industrial size cookers.

I was hoping to get a glimpse into the accounts but there was none to be found.

We did manage to get the purchase order for the last 2 work year and a list of corporate clients with special rates offered to them.

It’s still a good start.

We collapsed from our exhausting day and fell asleep.

31th March 2013



Joan was supposed to meet her parents at the office an hour before the official meeting at 3pm

I told her I wanted to be there but it’s probably not a good idea.

Joan was munching on her egg muffin when she suddenly chuckled and said she had a great idea.

We arrived at the office at 1pm.

Joan walked in first to make sure the coast is clear.

After she had gotten hold of one of the staff loyal to her mum, she got him to prepare a set of protective gear for me.

I suit up with a cap, apron, slacks and even a face mask and gloves. I was stationed at the soup section where it’s helmed primarily by the locals, in particular 2 of the chefs that wanted to move on.

I said my friendly greeting to them and was surprised Joan introduced me as her boyfriend.

She told them in dialect that she did not want Thomas to know I was present that day.

Joan showed me where the pantry were, I was to bring in some drinks later for her parents during the meeting when she drops me a message.

Joan : This is if I need you to be inside. If not…. I think it’s better you don’t ….. I don’t want any unpleasant incident with Thomas again.

I nodded.

My only worry was Yanting would recognise me.

Joan spent some time chatting and gossiping with the local staff and she laughed when she found out from them that Yanting was being investigated for being involved in some shady deals at a massage palour.

She was lucky she’s not there when the raid happened, but she was listed as a employee there and the authorities are investigating.

One of the chef added that Thomas engaged a lawyer for her, adding that once he has taken over, he would get her back to the catering company.


I kept a low profile, sticking to the group of local uncle and aunties while I kept an eye on the PRC staffs who kept to their own group.

I almost gagged on my breakfast as I caught 1 of them putting his feet up on the chair and rubbing in between his toes.

Another man was digging his nose before wiping on his apron as he gestured and spoke loudly in his native dialect.

One lady had such oily hair that I felt nauseous just looking at that glossy shine. Yes, I could see her hair meant her hair net was off.

It was such a fucking put off.

I shuddered at the thought of eating food prepared by them.


I saw Joan’s parents arrived and they went into the office.


Through the gaps and crevices of the equipment, I saw Yanting and Thomas entered the office.

I kept checking my phone, not wanting to miss out on Joan’s message in case she needed me inside. 

I was perspiring as I wandered around, talking to the staff and kept checking my phone. 


The office door opened and I could hear raised voices. 

It was loud. 

A couple of staff huddled over and as I went closer, I can tell it was Yanting’s voice. 

Yanting : 搞什么嘛? 讲不讲礼呀。。。( What is this , it’s unreasonable )

Yanting : 如果在国内你这么样搞。。。你玩完了。。。肯定玩蛋。。 ( If you do this in China, you’re dead ) 

She went on a loud rant, and as I made my way to the front, she was ranting and shouting like a crazy bitch, pointing her finger at Joan. 

Yanting : I know…. You do this.. 

She spoke in her usual smatter of irritating English, accusing Joan of something. 

Joan’s parents started to raise their voices too , so did Thomas. 

Soon the commotion attracted the attention of the PRC gang at the far end and they too huddled and squeeze their way rudely pass everyone into the office. 

I could feel my hair on the back of my neck standing. 

The commotion is getting me excited. 

You could feel the tension in the air, I can smell the hostility and it’s like this weird anticipation in your gut. 

It’s like an angry mob waiting for a spark. 

A spark to set everyone off. 

The group of PRC workers started talking loudly too for some reason. 

A couple of locals who got shoved rudely pushed back. 

Chao chee byes….. KNN….. Pu bor Kia…. Rang out generously. 

The ah beng chefs from Malaysia shoved back the PRCs and showed their fingers. 

The local uncles pulled off their apron and walked right up to the front, ready for the big game. 

I could not help but smile as I felt this exhilarating sense of confrontation filling me from the inside. 

I haven’t felt this excited since my first gangfight back in secondary school. 

Ok, I admit I exaggerated a little. 

It’s just 12 kids who are barely 15 hitting each other with whatever they can get their hands on in the sports room.

I snapped myself out of it and I pushed my way into the office in time to see Yanting pointing her finger at Joan and shouting in her face. 

Yanting : In China…. You will be done….!! 

Yanting : Nobody do things like this !!! Back home…. You and your family ….finish ! 

Yanting : Come to China…. I show you !!!… I show you how we do things in CHINA !! 

It was worse than a fish market. 

The din was deafening 

I squeezed pass the crowd to get into the room. 

I was barely 3 steps from Joan when it happened. 

It fucking happened. 

I saw Joan gave me a look with her gentle eyes before she flashed me a brief smile. 

I felt my balls shrink for an instance before the rush of endorphins slam it’s way into the back of my head. 

It’s fucking felt better than an orgasm I kid you not. 

I would give anything to be back in that spot, on that day when it happened. 

I watched at Joan slammed her hands down on the table, the loud smack echoed in the room, causing a ripple of silence that lasted barely a second amongst the angry crowd. 

But it was enough. 

That second of silence was enough. 

She grabbed onto Yanting’s finger roughly without warning right when she was about to rant of something about China once more. 

Joan : THIS ……IS …. SINGAPORE !! 

With that, I saw the first slap left Joan’s hand and connected with Yanting’s face. 

Not contented with the slap, she kicked the office chair in front of her , sending it flying towards Yanting. 

With the cracked of furniture hitting furniture, and Thomas trying to hold on to Yanting, the entire office erupted into chaos.


There were a lot of shouting and shoving around. Fingers pointing, curses in different dialects.

I could see 2 distinct groups emerging. No I don’t mean the PRCs and the non PRCs, it’s more of the group that was trying to stop things from escalating further and the group that was going all out for blood.

Before I could react, Yanting had already bounced back and swung her bag at Joan while pushing Thomas away at the same time.

By the time I got over to Joan, she had already gotten hit by the handbag but she threw a punch at Yanting too but it failed to land on it’s intended target.

Thomas immediately grabbed onto Yanting by the waist, almost lifting her up into the air as he tried to separate the catfight. I grabbed hold onto Joan’s left arm, and I manage to swing my body in front of her.

My primary concern is Joan, nothing else.

I don’t want her to get hurt.

It was chaotic, the moment I tried to block Joan from the advancing crowd, I felt several heavy items land on my back, thick ring files, stationary holders, books.

I felt a hard object brush pass my chin roughly and I saw a hole puncher land on the floor in front of me. I immediately guided Joan back a couple of steps, and I could see Joan’s father trying to calm everyone down.

Joan’s mum was trying to shield herself from a couple of pen throwing PRC aunties with a ring file.

Thomas did what he could with Yanting, while he waved his free arm wildly in front of the stationary archers in an attempt to stop them. I could hear him shout at his staff, asking everyone to stop but it was no use.

In the heat of the moment, no one listened to him.

Then the situation escalated when I turned and saw the nose digging ah toing took a punch at 1 of the 3 uncle chef right at the doorway.

It was a direct hit and I could see blood trickling down his nose.

Several of the PRC guys immediately held down to the guy, chiding him for doing something so rash. They tried to restraint him but he was strong, easily breaking free.

He shouted in Chinese that the chef he punched always found fault with the way he does things.

Nose digging PRC : 你每天摆明是给我过不去。。。整体找我麻烦。。。 你妈的B。。

( You have been picking on me everyday, you’re out to pick on me. Fuck you )

A couple of younger Malaysian guys stood out in front of the injured chef and tried to calm things down. Shouting and shoving ensured but no more punches were being thrown.

Yanting resumed her cursing at Joan but Joan just remained quiet, glaring at Yanting who was trying to reach for her heels to throw at her.

Right when the situation inside the office more or less has gotten under control, the narrow passageway erupted into yet another round of shouts and shoving.

One of the Malaysian chap who was trying to keep the PRC gang from advancing tripped and fell and the nose digger took the opportunity to kick him when he’s down.

The fellow Malaysian who was left standing could not look on any longer and he immediately threw a punch which hit the nose digger squarely on the Jaw.

The shouting got louder as both sides had their share of peace maker trying to diffuse the tension.

Right at this moment, Joan’s dad decided to guide Joan’s mum out of the office and away from the mess but the mass of PRC workers at the door refused to move aside. Even Thomas threats did not work on them as they rallied and blocked the exit.

I tried to call out to Joan’s parents, asking them to stay away from the crowd but they can’t hear me over the din. I was still wearing my silly mask and cap in the office.

Right at that very moment I heard this low growl like bellow that grew louder and more forceful as it’s decibel level rose.

It’s like the growl of an angry animal trying to fight it’s way through the crowd. It emerged from the crowd at the door and I saw it was the toe rubbing PRC.

It was the first time I saw him at his full height, he was sitting down earlier on during his toe rub. He must have been taller than Thomas but a good 10 cm.

Thomas : Lao Liu ! 你给我出去。。。!! ( Lao Lui, Get out ! )

It was clear things was starting to go out of control as Yanting immediately called out to Lao liu.

Yanting : 哥!!。。那贱货出手打我。。。 ( Bro, that bitch hit me )

She began whining about how she was being victimised, she did not get to finish her sentence when Thomas asked her to just shut up and stop her whining.

Lao liu had already started shoving himself towards Joan and me.

I grabbed the closest mug I could find, ready to use it in whatever means necessary.

Thomas tried to push Lao liu away but he himself was shoved and he lost his balance and toppled clumsily onto Yanting who screamed at him.

My eye met with Lao liu and I knew the confrontation is inevitable.

We were separated only by a desk and the chair Joan had kicked towards Yanting.

Then from out of nowhere, I heard this loud yelp by 2 of the PRC staff at the main entrance.

It sounded like a whoarrrrrrr that disappeared as soon as I heard it. The 2 figure disappeared from view as if they were sucked into a wormhole and the lady in front of them followed suit, being yanked firmly out the door.

2 more PRC guys went to fill the gap but all I saw was a pair of heavily tattooed hands that gripped onto their waist and yanked them out of the office, effectively clearing the doorway.

The bald head emerged through the entrance and I recognised the old man as the head chef of the company.

Joan just introduced him to me barely a couple of hours ago.


Charlie advanced into the room, his feet planted rock steady as he shove and pushed aside employees from both parties, attempting to separate the conflict.

Charlie was flanked by his disciple, this blond hair chap called Ah Soon from Malaysia. I remembered Ah Soon saying that he’s 2 years younger than me when I asked him what was the trick to making good soup base.

Charlie and Ah soon moved as one, separating angry bodies all the way right up into the office.

Ah soon took several shoves and push from the evicted PRCs but he made it a point to block Charlie from them.

Charlie shouted loudly at Lao liu who just made a wild grab for Joan’s hand but I shoved him away, angling my left shoulder and driving my body towards him.

Everything happened fast, I barely knocked him off balance and he just shove me aside. I was about to smash the mug onto him as I regained my footing but I felt this strong forearm hit me on my chest, knocking me off balance and landing butt first onto the floor.

By the time I looked up, Charlie had engaged Lao liu.

Charlie is approaching 65, looks like a puggy marshmallow man but he is strong. I think Chinese Tze char chefs are probably some of the strongest man around. The simple act of making a dish of fried rice requires a control of both the fire and the strength of handling the wok.

I could work out and lift weights in the gym the whole day, yet it took me only 5 mins before my arms hurt when I tried to help my mum with a big serving of bee hoon during a relatives gathering.

Given Lao liu’s superior build, he managed to avoid Charlie’s first attempt to pull him back, pushing his arms away like the flick of a cigarette butt. Charlie’s second attempt to grab him failed too as he avoided his move, Lao liu feigned a left dash before making a complete turn to head for the right opening towards Joan.

I quickly got up on my feet, feeling utterly useless as I was the 2 super size human face off each other.

I retreated to Joan’s side and pulled her towards the back of the office with her parents.

Lao liu made a dash at Charlie, throwing a thick folder of invoices at him at the same time.

Ah Soon was faster, he blocked the folder for Charlie, jumping in front of lao liu’s charge. His heroic act immediately cut short as lao liu grabbed onto the collars of Ah soon and threw him across the desk like a rag doll.

Joan and her mum cried out in horror as Ah soon landed on a chair before toppling noisily onto the floor.

By this time, all of the other commotions and confrontation had stopped.

The other PRCs and local staff no longer shoved and pushed around.

There were no more punches, no more kicks.

Rationale and reasons started to sink into everyone’s overheated brain.

Thomas was shouting for everyone to clear the area, I saw him entrusting Yanting to another colleague.

Staff were helping each other up and off the ground.

Only lao liu and Charlie remained, squaring off in the messed up office.

Charlie motioned for all of us to leave the office as he undid the buttons on his white spotless chef coat.

He warned lao liu once again to stop and calm down but lao liu started spewing vulgarities at Charlie, cursing Singapore and everything the country had to offer.

A couple of his PRC colleague tried to calm him down but he yanked off a keyboard and threw it at them, causing an immediate retreat at the doorway.

I escorted Joan and her parents towards the doorway right when I saw Thomas took off his Rolex watch and unbuttoned his coat.

Thomas took up position beside Charlie while lao liu cursed at Thomas for not taking care of his sister Yanting.

I checked to make sure Joan was ok and her parents were unhurt.

James : You ok ?

Joan : I’m fine. 

The action was about to begin. 

I could feel the excitement again. 

I will not miss this for the world. 

I exhaled and I reached behind my back and undid the knot for my apron, allowing the white cloth to fall ceremoniously onto the floor. 

I pulled off my cap and wiped away the beads of sweat around my forehead. 

I pulled off my face mask, crumpling it into a ball before throwing it onto the floor. 

I removed my casio watch and passed it to Joan. 

Before I even said a word, I felt a smack across my head and Joan glared at me. 

Joan : Look inside…. It’s like transformer vs pacific rim…. You hobbit go in for what!

I wanted to protest, to tell Joan I could help but she pinched me and said 

Joan : You think you very zai ah ? Your gang fight in the sports room… that time you told me what did you grab ? 

Joan : You were the last one in … 

James : I had to go toilet to shit…. I need to pang sai whenever I get nervous… 

Joan folded her arms and continued. 

Joan : Answer my question. People grabbed bats and rackets…. What did you tell me you grabbed from the sports room ? tell me ! 

I hesitated before answering, regretting telling Joan about the incident. 

James : Hula hoop… …. ….. I want to loop the biggest size guy…..but.. but… 

Joan’s exhaled in exasperation and her right arm went around my neck, pulling me towards her. 

Joan : I don’t want you to get hurt James… it’ll break my heart.. 

Her eyes went back to the office as I digested what she just said.

Right at that moment, I heard the loud crash and shouts of 3 men clashing inside the office. 

The shouting and cursing continued for less than 5 minutes before all was quiet. 

Everyone had calmed down. 

Joan asked me to leave first with her parents, I was unwilling to leave her but she told me to trust her. 

Joan : I can handle this. 

Joan’s dad drove and we sent her mum back before immediately heading over again to the kitchen. 

He was already on the phone with her the moment we dropped her mum off. 

It sounded like everything was resolved and the tension was more or less under control. 

The papers were signed and everyone was about to part ways. 

I could not help but ask what sparked off the incident. 

Joan’s dad explained that several staff wanted to leave the company to start out, something which I already knew. Both he and Joan felt that it would be very irresponsible if they were to just leave like this, and that it would be unfair for those who stayed if Thomas did not have the time to get new staff. 

They were actually in the midst of negotiation when Yanting started spewing curses. 

When Joan got into the car, she updated her dad about the situation. Thomas had things under control. Injured staff were sent home to rest, and he fired a couple of PRC staff. 

He also activated staff from another shift in to take over the operations to make sure the day’s orders went out as planned. 

Joan’s dad dropped us off at my place. 


Joan and I did not even mention the day’s incident to my family over dinner. 

We enjoyed a nice meal of Tze char at the coffee shop, finishing with desserts over at the mall. 

We did some grocery shopping as a family, thinking of what snacks to get for the TV later in the evening.


While Joan was in the shower, I went to the storeroom and did some digging before I found what I wanted. 

Mum : You crazy ah… so late take hula hoop for what… 

James : Aiyah… you won’t understand la. 


Joan was drying her hair while looking through the clothes she had at my place, picking out the pieces she wants to wear for work the next day. 

She saw me come in with the hula hoop and started laughing. 

Joan : Hahahaha… crazy ah James ? …

James : I want to show you what I can do with this…. 

She chuckled and put aside her towel.

Joan : It’s ok la…. No need… 

James : It’s important… I need to show you…. 

I was about to explain myself when Joan went to my drawer when I kept my condoms and took out a bunch of them before scattering them onto the bed. 

Joan : Show me what you can do with these… 

With a shy smile, she got into my bed, laid down on my pillow, pulled my blanket right up to her cheek before looking coyly at me. 

Joan : You can take off your casio watch now James…


I was feeling a little exasperated and I really wanted to show Joan what I could do with the hoop.

Then again, with her wide eye coy look just staring at me, I decided to keep the demonstration for the future and just cast the hoop aside in my room. 

I feel weak almost immediately, knowing that I had just given myself in to the offer of sex. It’s amazing how easy men can be controlled once you know the right button to push. 

In my feeble attempt to make it seem as if I’m not that desperate, I went to the scattered condoms and in a grand display of wide arm swipe, I picked all 5 up at one go. 

I shook my hands left and right, as if I’m some Japanese yakuza shaking a few dices in a cup. 

James : I’ll show you !!….. I’ll show you what I can do with these !!! 

I twirled 2 rounds, my hands shaking more vigorously and I cast the condoms onto the blanket Joan was covering herself with 

James : Huat ah !!! …..

I clasped my hand together with a loud smack before immediately going for the condoms. 

I took one, threw it up into the air and caught another, playing a game of 5 stones as I smirked and looked at Joan. 

James ; I actually quite good with this one ok… haha… look… look !…. 

Joan’s face was expressionless, the smile she had on earlier left her face and she looked like she wanted to strangle me. 

James : Ok.. ok.. I was just kidding… 

I tried to straddle Joan but she hit me several times and pushed me away when I tried to mount her. 

Joan : Go and play with your 5 stones. 

I laughed and tried to straddle Joan again only to get pushed roughly away, landing awkwardly on my back on the squeaky bed. 

James : Haha… dear ~~ … kidding la..… haha

Joan mounted me 5 minutes later and my brains was fucked out by her that evening.

As if making me moan was not enough, she made me pay back the slaps I owe her long time ago. 

I found it hard to express in words the feeling of getting slap while being rode on like a galloping horse. 

We used all 5 condoms within 2 hours, I came twice, had 2 blowjob and it felt like we had both ran a marathon. 

Joan : How are we going to work later ~~~ …. 

Joan fell asleep with her perspiration soaked t-shirt while I knocked out with a clump of tissue wrapped around my dick as if it was bandaged. 

1st April 2013 


Joan’s phone rang several times in the morning after we got into work, it was not hard to tell it was her parents. 

Right after lunch, her phone began a 2nd bout of ringing and it was Thomas. I could hear Joan speaking his name when she answered, asking what he wanted. 

I was busy with my work and did not pay much attention to the phone conversation. 

Joan left on the dot at 6pm after sneaking in a quick peck on my cheek that day, she said she had to meet her parents to sort out some issues. 

8th April 2013 


One week after the incident at the kitchen, Joan was giving serious thoughts about quitting her job to concentrate on the new venture. Her parents voiced their support for her but ultimately, they wanted her to decide for herself. 

Joan : They said as long as I was happy with whatever I was doing, they would support me. 

I nodded in agreement and said that as long as she’s happy, I’m behind her decision too. 

I noticed Patrick acting a little weird that day, entering and leaving Mr Chan’s office several times.

I found out in the pantry later that afternoon that he had just tendered his resignation. 

I told Joan about it and she was a little surprised about him leaving too. 

James : Well…. If I was caught playing with your ….. 

Even though it was a hush whisper, a quick jab on my ribs made me stopped as Joan gave me a frown and push her finger to her lips. 

Joan : You never know who’s listening. 

She whispered quickly before turning back to her work. 

26th April 2013 


Joan told me over dinner that Friday evening that she had made up her mind. 

Joan : I’m handing in my resignation in May. 

I was a little sad that I would not be able to see her at work everyday but I did not let it show. 

Joan updated me on the issues at the Kitchen, several staff had left, with a few more serving their notice. Her parents had come up with the initial capital of close to 300k for her to start out the new business.

James : Wah…. So rich….. you really ah siah kia…. 

She ignored my comment and added that the 3 chefs who would be the business partners are coming up with another 120k


I made dinner reservations and we spent some time packing up her table since it was still early.

I helped Joan packed up some of her stuff that had accumulated over the years deep in her drawer and she mumbled she had some missing stuff. 

Joan : I thought I had them here all along…… 

I looked at the box of belongings when Joan went to the bathroom right before we left for dinner around 7.30pm. 

Some of her pads looked like it had been opened and stuck back. Lip gloss with missing body, only the cap remained. 2 bottles of hand lotion which Joan said was brand new but the seal looked like it had been tampered. 

She mentioned she was missing some photographs too, pictures of her days in the office. 

I disposed off all the pads and tampons and threw away the hand lotions. 

You never know if there are any other sick people in the office. 

People like me. 

10.00 pm 

I headed over to Joan’s place that evening after dinner to see her parents packing up quite a bit of their stuff in the house.

I placed Joan’s stuff down on the dining table and went forward to help Joan’s dad bubble wrap a laughing Buddha sculpture. 

James : Uncle, you all moving ? 

Joan’s dad went on to tell me that they had leased the place a while ago. Their original intention was to live there for a while, and when Thomas and Joan get married, they intended to buy over the flat from the owner for the both of them to live in. 

Now that things had come to this state, there was no point in extending the lease any longer. 

I nodded as I went into the room to wait for Joan to finish her shower. 

As I settled onto her chair, I began to ask myself how much did I really know about Joan ? 

Come to think of it, it’s only been a quick few months, yet it felt like we had been together for so long. 

Perhaps it was because of the amount of things that had happened within this period. 

Well, I knew Joan’s parents pocketed a tidy sum from the en bloc deal at Farrer court few years back, they should have no problem putting up 300k for the business. 

Still, for someone who has yet to have even 30k in his bank, I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like investing 300k in a new business. 

Joan emerged from the shower, drying her hair as she hummed along a pop song from Jay chou. 

James : Dear…. You never mentioned you’re moving…. 

Joan : Oh… ya…. Wanted to ask you to help me pack this weekend. 

James : So last minute…. Are you running away ? 

Joan studied me for a moment before breaking out into a smile. 

Joan : Ooooohh… someone not happy I never tell him we’re moving ah ? ….. 

She chuckled and sat on my lap, using her feet which was still damp from her shower to push the door close. 

As she guided my hands around her waist, Joan told me that she was just moving back to her old place. She did not think it was such a big deal. 

When I asked where her old place was, she just casually mentioned Serangoon garden. 

My eyes widened and I nodded without any expression. 

She gave me a weird look and asked me what’s wrong.

It was at that moment I realised I really don’t know much about her.

Joan : It’s not mine la….. my parents one.~~ ~~….

She went on to mumble about some workers quarters that was just around the corner and so on before changing the topic.

James : So besides that….. do you have any other place to move to ?

Joan looked up to the ceiling and thought about my question for a moment before replying.

Joan : It’s either there, the one at Punggol end, where the world war 2 execution site is …… I still prefer Serangoon Garden.

She said it in such a nonchalant manner that my jaws had difficulty closing after hearing her sentence.

James : Why do you even bother working…. Just stay in my room and collect rent….

She threw her wet towel at me and added.

Joan : Which part of “ they do not belong to me” do you not understand. ?

I wanted to remind Joan that she was her parents’ only daughter but thought otherwise.

She changed the subject and I did not ask her about it any longer.

2 May 2013


Joan tendered her resignation.

Mr Chan had a long lunch with Joan that day and I found out from Joan that Mr Chan supported her decision although he was reluctant to let her go.

Joan had saved up a good amount of leave from her years at the office and she calculated that she would only need to work another 4 days before she can concentrate fully on the new business.

She started handing over her work and clients to me and I pestered Mr Chan to get a replacement for Joan over a cup of coffee at the pantry.

James : No experience never mind….,…. Hot, pretty, short skirts will do. .. I’ll guide them. Haha ….

Mr Chan said he’ll post exactly what I said on the jobs forum the moment Joan came into the pantry.

Mr Chan : I’ll make sure to write short skirts, high heels and no safety shorts into her employment terms…. Like that gum bo James ? hahah

I could only afford a weak smile after a strong glare from Joan.

3rd May 2013


News of Joan’s resignation spread and at about 5pm, several colleagues came over and chatted with Joan.

By 5.30pm , the crowd had grew and our cubicle was getting a little crowded.

When we left for dinner that Friday, Joan realised her shawl was missing.

6 May 2013


Joan had to stay in her heels the entire day. The spare pair of slipper she kept under her desk was gone too along with some wet wipes.

7 May 2013


It was Patrick and Joan’s last day at the office. Mr Chan offered to buy them lunch and they did not get back to office until 3pm.

Patrick shook my hand in the pantry and was a little shy when he thanked me for keeping his secret.

I just smiled.

25th May 2013


For a good 3 weeks, Joan gave the new start her undivided attention. She would start work at 7 sharp in the morning, only returning home at close to 10pm.

She took most of the meals at her new work place which was another central kitchen in a industrial building near Simpang bedok.

Joan’s parents helped her out initially but after a week or so, they let her go.

I went down to the kitchen on that Saturday to check out the place. It had minimal renovation done, they took over from a previous owner who wanted out. A lobang from the Head chef.

The office Joan was working out off is small, barely the size of a HDB living room. Most of the space was dedicated for the food preparation and storage of the catering equipment.

I did what I could to tidy up the place.

10th June 2013


Joan’s catering business was officially ready for business.

She had a skeleton staff, 3 chefs, 2 assistant from Malaysia and a cleaning auntie.

That was it.

Parked in front of the kitchen was a old 2nd hand white van that had seen better days.

Everything was ready.

Everyone was ready to go.

There was just one problem.

She had no clients.

I took leave that Monday to lent Joan my support. Together, we sent out emails, posted out even more menus to the corporate clients. I even suggested going door to door to push out the menus in new housing estates.

Joan drew the curtains and pointed out of the office.

Joan : Look James….. you’ll probably curl out and die in this heat and the bad haze.

I peered out the window and realised visibility was really poor, there was just this gloomy sad view of the industrial estate. Too foggy to see anything.

James : Well, it’s the first day…… Tomorrow will be better.

13th June 2013


Joan stayed over at my place, exhausted and disappointed.

She had a good lunch though, testing out new creations from the chefs.

15th June 2013



That was what Joan told me she felt.

Joan : I did everything I could…… hope it pays off.

17th June 2013


There was a couple of enquiry in the mail.

Nothing concrete.

18th June 2013


The look on Joan’s face was priceless when she came back and told me she had 2 confirmed jobs meant for Friday.

I get to fuck her that night.

One of my first in a long time.

21th June 2013



My phone rang when I was about to sneak out to grab breakfast

It was Joan.

She sounded desperate and asked if I could take urgent leave that day.

James : What happened ?

Joan went on to say that the staff that was supposed to be delivering the food crashed the van when he went to top up the fuel tank. 2 Staff called in sick because of the haze too.

Joan : I’m left with 2 chef and the cleaning auntie….. ..What do I do ? ….

She was panicking over the phone, blabbering that she’ll be dead if she screws up her first deal.

James : calm down…… calm down…. We’ll think of something.

I told Joan I’ll call her back in a minute.

James : Get the food ready.

I made a few phone calls and activated the only resources I could think off and explained the situation.

I called Joan back and told her not to worry.

James : I’ll be over with help within the hour.

I asked for a day off from Mr Chan in person, my first urgent day off and he told me to go ahead.

I activated my parents who was midway through their breakfast at the round market hawker in Tampines.

I activated Jasper who said he was about to head to the shower.

He told me later that he too activated Cheryl who was about to get dressed in his room.


It felt like we’re mobilising for a mission.

I was the first to arrive, my sleeves rolled up and I was ready to lend a hand.

Joan’s parents arrived shortly, reversing their car to allow for easy loading.

My parents and Jasper arrived shortly, they too reversed their car and double parked in front of Joan’s parents car.

We said hi and I made the introductions.

The skies were grey and hazy.

There was a smell of burnt ash in the air as the radio broadcast about the bad haze that had descended upon the country.

Like the opening scene of some hero movie, the roller shutter opened, rolling up to reveal a pair of tan coloured boots that reached up to the middle of the owners’ calves.

As the metal shutters went up higher, a beautiful pair of legs followed, the smooth flesh covered in the middle of the thighs in a pair of black shorts.

Joan’s grey T-shirt was peppered with sweat spots and her hair was tied up in a high pony tail.

I fucking kid you not, if she had a pair of guns on her waist, she was ready to raid a tomb.

Her headset was on and she gestured over to her parents to take over the phones and orders that were coming in.

Joan pointed 2 fingers at Jasper and me before gesturing to the office.

She asked for the trunk of both cars to be popped and everything to be emptied out to make space for the stores.

Joan spent 5 minutes updating Jasper and me on the situation.

Thankfully it was a high tea setup, we still had some time.

The stores for the tables and chairs were already in the van. Jasper and I were to head out and retrieve it.


Jasper got into the driver seat for my parents car while I took the wheels for Joan’s parents ride.

The engine got started and I was about to drive off when I saw Cheryl running towards me, waving for me to wind the window down.

It was hard to concentrate on anything else except her boobs as she waved and bounced towards me.

I wound down the window and I laughed when the walkie talkie cracked and Jasper’s voice came through.

Jasper : J Lo 11…. This is J Lo 12…. What’s the plan ? haha

I watched as Cheryl went into the office, passing by Joan who was walking furiously towards me.

She tapped on the window and tell me to get going.

James : J Lo 12….. Proceed to secure to crash site.

Jasper laughed as the crackle of the walkie talkie died off.

I followed behind Jasper’s car and we got to the site where the Van crashed.


I could see Ah soon unloading the sores to the side of the road while the tow truck waited for him to be done.

Jasper and I immediately pulled up as close as we could to do the store transfer.


We arrived back at the Kitchen and immediately Joan directed everyone to start loading up the food.


We were done with the loading.

The convoy moved out at 12.40pm and we managed to reach the first location at Toa payoh within 30 minutes.

Jasper, Joan and I did the setup in the small foyer outside of the office. It was hard work getting everything ready. Thankfully Joan spent some time doing a few dry runs on setups during her free time.

My whole body was aching by the time we were done with the set up at the 2nd location in Novena.

Joan and I hardly spoke in the car as we head back for a quick rest.

It was already 3.20pm when we pulled into the driveway and knocked out in the car after switching off the engine.


Joan went to help her parents with the administrative work in the office and by 4.30pm, they had 1 more confirmed job for the following week and Thomas had actually called for help, citing manpower issues because of the bad haze.

Thomas pushed 2 jobs to us, both dinner for the following day.

The rest of us ferried Charlie and Ah soon to start picking up materials from suppliers as it was too late for them to deliver.

6.00 pm

We unloaded the raw materials and food, filling the fridge and stores.

Ah soon and Charlie went to prepare dinner for the whole crew.


We gathered in the staff pantry, a small cozy corner with a salvage round table. 

It was not enough to fit everyone and most of us stood. 

The atmosphere was warm, family like and there were laughter and cheers as we ate, joked and filled our stomach with more than just food. 

Stories were exchanged, from something as silly as unable to find a pair of scissors to having to borrow soy sauce from the kitchen next door. 

We chuckled and laugh as everyone related how things went wrong on that faithful day. 

I watched Joan’s dad peel an orange for her mum as she brushed off some dust on his t-shirt while asking him to drink more water.

I turned just in time to see my mum laugh at my dad as she helped him pound his lower back, commenting that it was a good work out. 

Jasper and Cheryl ate quietly in the corner, their eyes never left each other as they put dishes on each other’s bowl from their own bowl. Their soft whispers made them seem as if they were in a world of their own inside the noisy room.

Joan was leaning back against the countertop, smiling as she looked at Charlie scold Ah soon for crashing the car in a funny manner. 

Charlie : Kuar zhar bor si bo ? ( Look at girls is it ? ) 

Ah soon looked apologetic and admitted he swerved to avoid hitting a stray dog who dashed out. 

Charlie laughed and gave him a light shove, exclaiming loudly that he was born in the year of the dog. 

Charlie : Aiyah….. suar la…. Suar la…… Lang bo dai ji xiang toing yao… ( Forget it, the most important thing is you’re ok ) 

Joan turned towards me and I went over to her side. 

Before I could speak, she spoke first. 

Joan : Thank you James…. I could not have done this without you…. 

I smiled and I reached for a peck on her cheek. 

James : What are family for … ? … 

Joan : When did I ever agree to be part of your family ? haha… 

We turned our attention back to the group in the room, there was a special kind of warmth that I found it hard to describe in words. 

No, we definitely did not just pull off some out of the world feat, it was nowhere close. 

It’s just that the realisation that we had accomplished that much together brought about this overwhelming sense of satisfaction. 

I asked Joan how much did we make from that 2 job and I could not help but laugh and chuckle from the amount. 

She laughed too before turning away to get more food. 

Sometimes it’s really not just for the money. 

She estimated a profit of about $250 max. 

I was about to tuck into my second helping when Joan suddenly put her bowl down a little too loudly onto the table. 

“Piak “ 

Joan : Shit !…… 

There was an immediate silence around the table as all eyes turned to look at Joan. 

Joan : I forgot about clearing up after the job… !!! Everything is still there ! 

The room was quiet for a good 3 second before Jasper put down his bowl and said he was ready to go 

Jasper : Let’s go… 

Cheryl too joined Jasper by his side, rolling up the sleeves of her cardigan and gave Joan a wink.

My Dad reassured my mum he’s fine and stood up too. 

Charlie followed next and it was clear dinner was officially over. He began directing staff to prepare for the next day. 

Joan : I’m…… I’m so. Sorry for dragging everyone into this….. 

Jasper spoke after Joan, echoing what I just said only moments earlier. 

Jasper : Joan…. Don’t be sorry…. What are family for ….. we’ll support you all the way.. 


I started the engine of Joan’s parents’ ride as I watched Jasper and Cheryl get into my dad’s car from the rear mirror. 

I saw my Dad deep in conversation with Joan’s father and both of them got into the back seat behind Jasper and Cheryl. 

I watched Joan drained a bottle of water at the entrance through the side mirror and I waited. 

Moments later, she walked towards my car in a swagger that reminded me again of Lara croft. 

She got in, took off her boots and put her feet up on the dashboard. 

She stuck her left hand out of the window and gave Jasper a thumbs up and the headlights flashed twice from behind. 

I shifted the gear into drive and slowly rolled out of onto the road. 

Joan turned on the radio and just so it happened it was playing the song which she sang that night during the company dinner

She started humming the song as she tapped her thigh with her finger. 

Joan : Please James…. Please let this day be over soon….. please…please…please… please….. 

Joan stretched and massaged her neck as she lowered her seat a little to make herself comfortable. 

At the first red light, I turned and look at Joan. 

James : Look at me in the eye when you beg…….

She laughed and tried to give me a playful jab in the rib with her phone but it ended up being pushed and dropped near the accelerator when I tried to counter her move. 

Joan : Haha… idoit… see la… my phone… 

Joan tried to retrieve it while I looked down and gave her directions as I knew roughly where it landed. 

Right at this moment, the walkie talkie crackled on the dash board. 

Jasper : J Lo 11….. This is J Lo 12…… 

James : Wassup ? 

Jasper : Is Joan doing what I think she is doing ?… Because it really looks like it from back here……. And Joan’s dad is asking…. 

We laughed but did not reply and as soon as the lights turned green, we sped off. 

December 2013

Joan ‘s new company took about half a year before finally turning a profit. 

After taking away operating cost and drawing a salary of $2700 for herself, the company made a profit of $1700 that December. 

She has since expanded to include confinement meals in her menu. 

Joan now employs 12 staff and owns 2 delivery Van.

It’s really a tough environment getting good committed staff in this climate, especially in the F&B sector. 

Still she managed a decent turnover with an average profit of 6-7k per month after deducting all her cost, rental and staff salary. 

It’s not a lot but it’s a start. 

Definitely going to be a while before everyone gets their capital back. 

Jasper, Cheryl and I helped out during peak and festive periods. Mostly for corporate events and setups. 

So do keep a lookout if you see 2 handsome guys, a girl with huge boob and a local version of lara croft which you think might be Joan doing the buffet setup at your office. 

Go ahead and have a casual chat with the crew…. And keep an eye out for the walkie talkie. 

If you ever see if sitting by the side while the crew is setting up, try your luck with the call sign. 

You never know who will reply. 

The end…….