I can’t think of an appropriate start to this thread despite having several drafts written down.
There are some things in life that is simply too hard to be put down into words.
My wife and i lead a simple life. An occasional holiday here and there, we are happy and contented with our quiet 4rm flat in bedok. We have no children and after 3 years of marriage, we are happy just to have each other’s company.
We are conservative by nature, we lost our virgin to each other on our big day.
All these changed in June of 2010 when my father in law ‘run road’.
Running from both the bank and loan sharks.
He is not a gambler nor drinker, the debts he chalks up are a combination of failed businesses and credit cards. We are not talking millions here, but nevertheless still a big amount.
Banks wise is a whopping 87000+- while loan sharks is chasing for 16000+-.
The 3 room flat my FIL is staying in is already a colourful art piece. I’m thinking the loansharks are hiring NAFA or La salle students these days. I can almost see the angst and effort in every stroke. The splatter of colours, though it’s restricted to black and red really lights up the corridor. I am already thinking of putting it up for a arts competition.
My mother in law is no longer around, the art house is currently owned by my MIL’s brother who is working in malaysia, taking care of oil palm plantation.
My wife, being the only daughter, ends up being saddled with the debts of her dad.
For those of you who have been hounded before, you should know the psycological impact it has on you. From the legit debt collectors, to the banks, to the countless letters, although we are not the intended target, everyone is asking where is Tim ( my FIL )
The whole fiasco is affecting our lives and we quarrelled frequently. We threw in the towel eventually and decide to settle the outstanding debt.
Selling my car only got us 30k and i can only afford to chip in another 10k from my portfolio. My wife also liquated some of her holdings which she painstakingly built up since she started work 7 years ago. She managed to raised 44K. Scraping here and there, we manage to pay off the banks.
At that point of time at age 32, we have less than 10k in our bank, around 5k each in our stock portfolio.
We could have emptied everything and settle the loansharks but we did not.
Despite trying everything from calling the police, to talking to MP, there is no end to the harrassment. We are embarassed because the neighbours of the art house is being harassed as well. These are people who watched my wife grow up.
Our big break came when somehow through friends and contacts, we manage to get hold of a mediator. Someone who can act as a channel to communicate with the loanshark. Not the runners, i’m talking about the ceo of the moneylending organisation.
There was no dramatic entrance, he was not flanked by heavily tattooed body guards, no thick gold chains around the neck, no shaking of legs at coffee shop. We just had a simple meal at swensens, ( his treat ) . The main thing we want to discuss is about stopping the harassement, and that to work out a payment arrangement.
It went really went as the mediator manage to stop the recurring interest and we worked out an installement plan for the debt which is now around 28k, but this is no credit card 12 months installement. We have 3 months and we need to pay up 10k within the next 3 days.
We literally emptied out everything and scraped together 10k for the 1st installement.
With our combined salary of 6k a month, if we scrimp and save, i still don’t think we can meet the rest of the payment for the next 2 months.
Time flew by and miraculaously,by borrowing from friends and colleagues, we met the 2nd payment of 9k.
3 days before the next 9k is to be due, we are at our wits end.
The ‘ mediator’ can;t help us again because apparantly he ‘mediated’ himself back into lockup for some reason or so we’ve heard from the relative who introduced us.
On the day the loan is due, our phone rang at 7am in the morning.
We tried bargaining for more time but he said no way. I tried to ask him out to discuss about this matter and after a while he simplied.
“i’ll only talk to your wife”
My wife and i simply looked at each other as i switch off the speaker mode after agreeing to meet him for lunch near her workplace at bugis.
We are not retarded nor stupid. The very suggestion is already very clear to us what the loanshark wanted. If fact the idea did cross our mind as a joke during one of the nights when we were intimate.
Truth is, my wife is no longer a 20 year old with , the exact words from her that night were spoken with a bit of shame, as if she blames herself for growing old.
“ Ha, even if I would, who would want me. I’m already 32”
Her words hurt me a little that night as I look more closely at the woman I married. I still think she is beautiful and I am the luckiest man on earth to be able to have her as my wife. I guess life sometimes throw a curve ball at us and this must be a really curved one.
As we were waiting for the feeder bus to the interchange, we held hands and no words were exchanged.
I made up my mind that I will join her for lunch, regardless of what that loanshark want, we will face this together as husband and wife.
I can’t concentrate on work as I looked at the picture of my wife on my desk. Standing at 1.60, she is only 10cm shorter than me. Despite not working out often, she still has a nice figure. Heads still turn whenever we attend weddings of friends and colleagues, people say we look good together.
Even during the trip to our neighbourhood provision shops for our groceries, the uncles will steal an occasional glance. The provision shop owner in his mid 50s always like to chat with my wife, giving her extra freebies.
The thought of my wife having to sleep with the loanshark to pay off her dad’s debt infuriates me.
Lunch came and I wanted to leave on the dot to meet my wife in bugis. It’s only 3 train stops away but I got held back for a few minutes to answer a urgent call.
I got an sms from my wife that she is already at the foodcourt, waiting for the loanshark.
I rushed out of office the moment my matters are settled but by the time I reach bugis foodcourt, it’s already 1.30pm.
I saw my wife sitting back faced towards me as the loanshark was gesturing and talking to her.
Pulling the chair back, the loanshark did not react with much of a surprise but simply gave me a nod to acknowledge.
The words were chillingly simple and straight to the point.
“I’ve already told your wife what I wanted, it’s a matter of her agreeing to it “ He was stiring his drink with his straw as his eyes met mine.
My wife was just staring at her feet as she contemplates his demands.
I put a reassuring arm across her shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze saying’ “ Dear, we can surely work something out, let’s go off first ? “
She simply nodded her head and replied to the loanshark that she will get back to him.
We walked to the national library and sat down on one of the bench as she relates to me what the loanshark wanted.
Tears rolled down her eyes and I felt like crying too.
“He is willing to extend the payment period for another week if I sleep with him”
Just like that.
I felt helpless and angry at the same time. For some unexplained reason, the image of my wife sleeping with the loanshark gave me an erection, I dispelled the thought immediately and told her we can think of something. Don’t do anything stupid.
She limply nodded her head and dried her tears.
Standing up, she said she is very tired, tired of having these burdens on her shoulders and just wished all this could be over soon.
We parted ways after and went back to work.
In the midst of clearing the last few emails for the day, my wife smsed me saying that she has been in contact with the loanshark.
She will accept the deal only if the deadline is extended by 2 weeks instead of 1. She would also want me to be present in the hotel. Those are the terms she is discussing with the loanshark.
He agreed to the point of me being present and he offered a payment term of 10 days starting the day after they’ve done the deed. It has to be done within 3 days.
He expects a reply in 2 hours.
I met my wife at the train station as usual after work before walking together to take the bus back home. We were quiet throughout the journey before I finally blurted out the first words.
“ there is no need for this, we can work something out”
My wife refused to look at me but instead offer a reply almost immediately, “Let’s not forget we still owe friends and relatives, I am really tired of all this. I don’t even know where my dad is now”
We had a simple dinner of instant noodles when her phone rang.
We did not have a reply ready.
My wife picked up her phone and answered’ ” I need 30 more mins to discuss this “
We left our unfinished noodles as they were and moved to the couch where my wife cuddled up to me.
“I want you to know i love you very much, and i’m really sorry for all these troubles my dad has caused.” She mumbled in between short breaths and tears.
I could not think of a suitable reply but she saved me the need for 1.
“I want to take his offer”
Just then we heard a thud outside our door.
Opening it i found a bag of rotting chicken liver and parts with bits of head spilling over our potted plants.
I cleaned up the mess as my wife just stared blankly into space.
I was splashing the 3rd pail of water along the corridor when i heard her reply on the phone.
” ok , i’ll do it “
that was followed by an almost immediate ” what ? now ? “
With that, i saw her stomp off into the bathroom.
My wife was in and out of the bathroom in a couple of minutes, she did not shower but instead changed out of her work pants into a pair of casual jeans and tied up her hair into a ponytail.
No short skirts, no high heels, no makeup. Just plain o wife of mine
She rewore a ‘starbucks’ t-shirt that was left hanging in the bathroom.
She couldn’t have looked more normal but I still find her beautiful.
She went on to say that he wants to meet now at pan pacific before pausing a moment adding that she just wants to get this over and done with.
I nodded without giving much of a reply, deep down I felt confused and lost. My wife is going to sleep with another man yet I felt this strange stirring in my pants as if I yearn to be part of this. I had butterflies in my stomach as I watch her kept the dishes and did the washing up. What is this that I am feeling ?
We left the house together at 9.45pm that day , August 17th, 2010, Tuesday.
Her phone rang the moment we got to the busstop. The loanshark demands to know where we are and what time we will reach.
My wife simply replied “ 1 hour, waiting for bus.” And hanged up.
A barrage of smses followed soon after, saying she should take a cab, it’s much faster. Things like he will offer to pay for the fare started popping up. He even offered to send down a cab when we were already on the train at paya lebar station.
Lavender station.
My wife’s head is on my shoulder as the train pulled away. I kept replying the image of her being violated by that slum of a loanshark, I wanted to stop this but I don’t know how. At the same time I am having a sustained erection as the train takes us closer and nearer to pan pacific.
I looked at the crowd coming into the train, all looking forward to head back home for a good rest while here we are, on our way to a stranger’s hotel room, looking to clean up the mess left behind by my FIL.
The hiss of the train braking at cityhall snapped us both out of our dreamlike stage and we alighted.
We held hands as we walked towards pan pacific. My wife’s phone is still ringing now and then and she updated on our location.
The cold air hit us like a gust of winter wind as we walked into the main lobby of the hotel. My wife edged closer to me as we stood in the middle of the hotel, a little lost as to what to do next. We were about to make the call when the loan shark appeared behind us.
“Hey James , Lynn , nice to see you, shall we? “
Calling our names like we were old friends did not make things any easier. I could feel my wife’s hand shaking a little as we were let to the lift.
A card was flashed and we were on our way to the 12th floor.
We followed him to a corner unit and he beeped us into the room.
It’s a big unit , I entered and saw the washroom on my left, I was greeted with a 6pack of beer on the dining table and the TV playing spiderman on the screen.
“Alright, James, I’ll take care of Lynn, you want to grab a coffee or something downstairs in the meantime ? “
He said it so casually that I did not know what to reply.
“Daryl, can James stay here? , I want him to be here with me” My wife replied on my behalf, still clinging on to my arm.
Daryl : whatever, but he stays out here on the living area, only we go into the room.
My wife gave me a helpless look and probably thought it’s for the better that I am not in the room.
Without wasting time, Daryl is already casting looks of lust on Lynn.
Daryl : Shall we shower together ?
Lynn : No, I already did. You go ahead.
With a shrug of his shoulder, he went ahead to the bath in the bedroom.
My wife and I settled down on the couch as the sound of Daryl singing loudly in the shower spread to the living room. I held her trembling hands and told her we can walk away, we can always find another way.
Lynn: I really can’t think of anything else. I just want to get everything over and done with. We still owe friends and relatives.
Time seemed to slowed when I saw Daryl appear at the door to the bedroom in bathrobes.
Daryl : Lynn ?
He stretched and offered his hand to my wife.
My heart was thumping hard and fast as my wife stood up and cast me a longing look before mouthing ‘ I love you ‘
Her hands did not rise to meet Daryl’s, instead she just walked straight on into the room.
Daryl just grinned at me and gave me a wink.
Despite the feeling of lost and feeling humiliated, i had to stand up and adjust my erection the moment Daryl’s back was turned and he disappeared into the room.
He left the sliding door opened.
I can clearly see Lynn sitting at the edge of the bed through the reflection of the TV on the wall inside the room.
I saw Daryl, walking towards her slowly, undoing the knots of his robe.
Lynn sat unmoving on the bed as Daryl approaches he closer till both their reflection seem to blur and merge into one.
Then there was no movement at all.
I wanted to stand up and go into the room but my legs seemed to be frozen. My throat felt dry and i held my breath thinking what is going to happen next.
There seemed to be a furry of movement as i saw a robe being thrown on the floor, right in the middle of the door, as if Daryl wanted me to know he is now naked in front of my wife.
My teeth was chattering and my hands was trembling despite holding on to the TV remote.
Then there was that familar flash of green as i saw my wife’s starbucks t-shirt land on top of the white bathrobe. ………….
I tried to stand up but my knees gave way and I sat back down on the couch. Holding on to the table for support, I stood up, hovering a little, afraid I might just faint. I clicked off the TV, I want to be able to hear Lynn’s cry for help in case she needs me.
That was my reasoning, sub-consciously I don’t know if I wanted to hear what was going on inside the room.
I took a can of beer from the dining table and opened it, I needed the drink to calm down. The crack of the drink prompted Daryl to shout out from the room.
Daryl : Hey James, can you bring me 2 of them, I think we need to warm up a little.
I took a big glup followed by another before throwing it away and peeling off 2 more from the 6 pack.
As I approached the room, my nose picked up a nice aroma, probably the left over soap smell coming from the masterbath. The lights of the room were still on and I took in a sight that caused me to drop the 2 cans of beer in my hand.
There was my wife, kneeling down in front or Daryl . She still has her bra and panty on but the jeans has been removed. Daryl was stroking her face with his hand as his dick hover close to her mouth.
Lynn did not look at me but instead decides to look away towards the bathroom.
Daryl : Thanks man, don’t throw the beer on the floor lah…. Your wife is a little tensed up.
Daryl : Here, finish this up one shot.
Lynn : I can’t
Daryl : You can, it’s a matter whether you choose to or not.
Lynn : I really can’t, I will puke.
I stood helpless at their side, my wife on her knees trying to bargain over a can of beer.
Daryl was laughing and smirking when he threw out an offer.
Daryl : Lynn , I think you are really sweet girl , i’m going to make you this offer once. Finish up the beer, I’ll take 500 off your father’s debt. How’s that ?
Lynn took a moment to consider before nodding her head. She downed the beer with much difficulty as I stood barely 1m away.
Daryl made a show of clapping and took a glup of his own drink before gesturing that I should be going out of the room.
I retreated out of the room backwards, trying to take another look at my wife.
I saw her wipe her mouth as she try to burp when Daryl took his dick and inserted it into my wife’s mouth. I was afraid she would gag or choke but she manage to recover well enough to take it in.
I could feel my erection straining to burst through as Daryl throw his head back with a smile.
Daryl : Arrrghh, James, you are a lucky man.
With a fluid motion, Lynn’s head went forward and slowly drawing back, taking Daryl in as close to the shaft as she can.
With every pull of her mouth I could feel my dick throb as I recount the heavenly feeling that entails. As she pushed her head in, she did it slow, and memories of my foreskin being pushed back flooded my mind. Another pulled coupled with a slurp told me she is starting to get into rythem. My manhood could almost feel the warmth and security of her mouth and I realized it’s been a while since I have a good blowjob from her.
Daryl’s eyes were closed and he had this contorted look on his face almost as if suffering from a stroke. His hands were initially on Lynn’s head but were now hovering near his own groin , unsure of where to put them.
I was memerised by the scene as I tried to reason with myself the events that are happening. Part of me was expecting Lynn to give a halfhearted attitude towards the whole thing, hopefully Daryl would feel she is a cold fish and leave her be once everything is over, but yet seeing her giving her best gave me a tinge of jealousy.
My manhood is straining and it hurts to a point I need to keep adjusting them.
Daryl cast me another look and gave me the thumbs up adding,
Daryl : My god, bro… James, your wife is amazing.. she’s arghhh.. .. shh shhs hhhh
I heard and loud slurp and pop before Lynn’s head pushed down again.
Holding on to Daryl’s thighs, Lynn did what was expected of her. Daryl’s moans and groans is annoying and disturbing, my eyes were fixed on Lynn. The mouth that kissed me when we took our vows, the hands that held mine when we walked down the aisle, the body that only belonged to me is doing the bidding of another man
Daryl : ok , ok , stop stop stop. I’m going to cum soon at this rate. Stop.
He pushed Lynn away and sat down on the bed, catching his breath.
Barely 5 mins into the BJ and he’s calling it quits, perhaps we have a chance of getting everything over and done within 15 mins max, or so I hoped. Daryl is in his late 40s, that would be my best guess. He probably wouldn’t last long anyway.
Lynn stood up and looked at Daryl, unsure of what to do until he patted the side of his bed, asking her to join him. My wife crawled onto the bed, refusing eye contact with me.
I just stood at the doorway like a block of wood, preoccupied with how do I adjust my dick around in my pants while my wife is being enjoyed by another man.
Daryl : Lie down.
Lynn laid down flat with her hands on her stomach, she looked so beautiful. I saw Daryl push her legs apart and started kissing her inner thighs, light pecks and kisses as he worked his way downwards to my wife’s claves.
His hands caressed her breast as he kissed and nosed his way around my wife’s privates.
Lynn’s forehead is in a permanent frown and her eyes were closed, I’m guessing she is trying her best not to think about the whole ordeal.
As if wanting me to see more of what he is doing, Daryl shifted over to the other side of the bed, putting my wife between us 2. He slid his hands underneath Lynn’s bra playing with her nipples as I watch her chest rise up and down, trying to control her breathing.
Putting his nose at the entrance of my wife’s vagina, Daryl takes in a deep breath before nudging the love hole with his tongue followed by his nose.
Daryl : You smell so good Lynn ….
Daryl continued his nudges and tease of my wife’s privates , caressing her breast and stroking her stomach. As if a switch got flicked on, I saw Lynn took in a deep breath as her body arch a little before settling down.
A smile appeared on Daryl’s face as he seem to be taking notice of my wife’s privates.
I started to shiver again as I saw Daryl part aside a little of Lynn’s plain black cotton panty and using his tongue to mimic a hooking action, he gave it a flick, followed by a slower insert.
Drawing his tongue out slowly, I saw a trail to sticky mucus like substance staying on the edge of his tongue as Daryl slowly caught my eye and lick it all up. He grinned as I saw Lynn’s hands left her stomach, holding instead to the pillow she is on.
Her fist clenched around the edges of her pillow as I heard Daryl take a loud slurp before catching my eye again, he opened his mouth, showing me the mess of love juice and saliva before making a show of swallowing them.
Grinning again, he slid my wife’s panty off her before adding.
Daryl : Wow, you gotta see how wet your wife is James. Come here.
I refused to move, holding on to the door
Daryl : Come on, I’m serious, take a look.
I shuffled forward and Lynn’s vagina is almost glistening with her love juice.
Daryl : See! , what did I say.
I backed off again, preferring to hide near the sliding door.
Daryl pushed my wife’s legs up, planting her feet on the bed as he buried himself into her vagina.
I saw Lynn’s frown deepen and she clenched tighter to the pillow’s edge.
Daryl was emiting sounds of slurps and ‘ermms’ while he licked and teased my wife’s privates.
Lynn’s mouth started to open a little before she quickly clamped it back down .
Drawing a deep breath, I saw her eyes open and looked at me.
Lynn : Stop Daryl, wait.
Daryl looked up, his mouth and chin wet and shiny with thick mucus and saliva.
Daryl: What ?
My wife looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes and said
Lynn : Darling, please go outside.
With that she turned away again as I saw Daryl grinned again.
Daryl : James, do you mind waiting outside ?
I stepped out of the room with a heavy heart and sat at the dining table.
Then I heard the 1st moan escaped from my wife. Soft and gentle, yet unmistakable.
An intermittent pause before the 2nd one escaped. A moan couple with a slow exhale of breath.
The 3rd and 4th arrived in succession of each other.
Then I saw her Bra join the robe and starbucks t-shirt on the floor by the door.
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