I remembered being helped off an office chair by a staff before being whisked to the facility’s sick bay for a body checkup. They took my blood pressure, blood samples , fuck I don’t even remember what else they did.
I only remembered asking for Meihui and Kathy.
Jude : The girls… Meihui… where is she…. Where is she ?? What about Kathy ???
The medical staff told to me to relax and calm down.

I was a little dehydrated according to them and was put on a drip.
They must have given me something, perhaps a shot, I don’t remember.
By the time I woke up, I was lying on a bed, feeling hungry and exhausted. There were no call button for me to get help, I looked around for my phone but I don’t know where is it.
I got off the bed and saw that my clothes were neatly folded by a table beside the attached bathroom. It must have been days since I last took a shower and that was the first order of the day.
I don’t remember how long I spent in the shower either, what I do know is when I got out with my towel wrapped around my waist, Joanna was sitting on the chair beside my bed.
Jude : Where is Meihui ? …
Joanna : Relax Jude…. You did well…. You need some time off everything…. Take as long as you want…. As long as you need…
Jude : Please answer my question…. Where is Meihui…
Joanna : She is fine… resting on level 5…. Kathy is fine too… I think
Jude : I want to see them… how are they doing ?
Joanna : Meihui yes… I think she’s fine….. not Kathy though…. Kathy was ovulating, there is a high chance that she will get pregnant…. And if she does… she is company’s property…..
Joanna helped herself to a glass of water by my bed.
Joanna : Meihui is fine…. Don’t worry… her menses started a few hours ago…. She should be safe….haha….
I was angry but I held it in.
Think of the big picture.
Think of the big picture.
I kept repeating that to myself although the thought of Kathy being forced to bear a child kept pushing it’s way into my head.
Joanna : I came here to tell you….. the management….and the major investors… they really like you Jude…. You put on a good show…. And we think you probably fathered a few kids in there too.
I kept quiet and waited for Joanna to go on.
Joanna : You will be rewarded…. for your good work…. Check your pay slip at the end of the month…. As for your role… within the facility itself…. The management had a quick meeting, they decided that …. You are not really suited for managing the facilities…. We have a wider scope for you…..
Jude : What is that ?
Joanna : I think you would do well managing the operational aspects of the facility…. What do you think ??
Jude : Is this a promotion ??
Joanna : You can put it that way, although I’ll be upfront…. There is no pay increment…. Not that you would be interested in any after the bonus we credit for doing well at the games…. Hahah… Let me put it this way Jude…. The bonus we give….. is good enough for you to not even consider any increment…. It has always been this way for the staff that works here….
Jude : What do I have to do ?
Joanna : We’ll take it slow…. For now…. Take the rest of the week off…. if you need to extend your leave…. Just drop HR a note….
Jude : Can I see Meihui ?
Joanna : Sure… she’s getting a checkup done…. Doctor wants to keep her in till tomorrow….just to be sure….
Jude ; Is she ok ??
Joanna : Physically or mentally ? hahahaha….
I gritted my teeth and said nothing.
Joanna : Relax…. Meihui is stronger than you think…. Hahah… let her rest….. you can go off on your dates…. Or a fuckcation at a hotel or something…. Hahaha…. But well done Jude… you made a lot of money for the company…. Well done….
With that, Joanna left.
A staff came in after that to remove the needle on my hand before saying I’m free to go. I exited the door and realised I was still in the basement. I could see the food zone in front of me, a few dozen cleaning crews were hard at work clearing the area.
I asked one of them what day and time it was and he said it was Sunday evening.
It was then I realised I have yet to see the light of day for a while.
Walking out into the open, I breathe in the humid air. I checked my phone with all the missed calls and messages. I tried Meihui’s phone but she did not pick up.
I called Kathy too , no luck either.
I tried Ella next and she answered after 2 rings. She was crying, almost hysterical in her reply.
Ella : What is going on !!!??? where is Kathy ?? Where is Meihui ??? oh my god…. I saw the footage of the games….what the fuck is wrong with these people ???!!!
I gave Ella a quick update base on what Joanna told me. She said she was afraid, and on the verge of freaking out. She was considering tendering her resignation on Monday.
Ella : I can’t…. I can’t do this any more…. I can’t live in fear every day…..i can’t.
Jude : Calm down Ella… calm down. …. Meihui should be out soon. She would probably call me tomorrow …. We’ll figure something out together….
13th March 2016
I ordered food in, stuffed myself silly and went to sleep.
My phone rang in the middle of the night at 3am.
14th March 2016
Meihui : It’s me…
Jude : Where are you ?? are you ok ?? are you out ??
Meihui : I’m back home… just got back…
Jude : I’ll be right over…
I drove to Meihui’s place and got there just before 4am.
She showered, her hair was still wet. She looked a little pale and didn’t seem like she was in the mood to talk.
I laid on her lap and she ran her fingers through my hair, neither of us saying anything.
Jude : I’m sorry….
Meihui : I watched the reruns of the games’ highlights….. I would have done the same…
We left it at that and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I dropped Ella a message to tell her Meihui is fine and not to worry about Kathy.
We will do what we can to save her.
Meihui and I took the next couple of days off work.
We did not fuck each other. I kid you not, after the games, I think I’m a little put off by sexual intercourse.
I’ve done enough shit to last me a while.
We cuddled up in her bed with snacks and drinks and watched rented DVDs.
Meihui and I hugged.
We faced each other on the bed and kissed.
I played with her breast , she closed her eyes and snuggled up to me. I had an erection as I smelled her hair, kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears. I rubbed my legs against her smooth calves and thighs, pressing my groin against the cotton panty she was wearing.
Still we left it at that.
Somehow we both knew we were not ready to fuck each other.
Meihui : You’re going up to level 5 Jude….. I heard from Joanna…. That they want you in operations….
Jude : Yeah… whatever that means….
Meihui : Oh… don’t you know ??? That meant you are tasked with every shit job that nobody wants to do… hahah
I laughed and wrapped my arms around Meihui’s waist as she made me a cup of coffee at the kitchen counter.
I enjoyed pressing myself against body, smelling her hair. It’s an intimate act. I like it when she turns around with her head and looked up into my eyes as I hugged her. It felt like one of those advertisement you see on TV.
A happy couple in some swanky new apartment.
Meihui sipped her coffee as I kept my hands around her waist, smelling her hair by the counter.
Meihui : What do you want Jude ??…. what do you really want ??
I replied without hesitation.
Jude : I want you…
Meihui laughed and tilt her head back to hit me on my chest playfully.
Meihui : Hahah… be serious…
Jude : I am serious…
Meihui just laughed and said she didn’t believe me.
Jude : Why not ? …. I like you Meihui… I think we…. I think we have a future together….
Meihui wriggled her way out of my embrace and turned to face me.
She looked sexy and appealing dressed only in her white boyshort panty and a singlet that stopped just above her belly button. I could see the peek of her light purple bra from beneath the thin fabric of her white singlet.
Meihui : You won’t like me anymore… once you get to level 5…
Jude : Why do you say that ??
Meihui laughed and looked at me as she sipped her coffee.
Meihui : Because I know………because all men…… lose their control when they go to level 5….
Jude : hahahah…. No way… that won’t happen.
Meihui : We’ll see… L5 has this ….. effect on men….
Jude : Come on….. it’s just another level….. I’ve seen 3, I’ve seen 4….. I think the rest are pretty much the same….
Meihui said nothing but kept up her smile.
Meihui : So… you’re saying you want to date me ??
Jude : Of course I want to….
Meihui just laughed and put down her cup.
Meihui : Remember this moment ok ?? ….haha… I’ll ask you the same question again on level 5….
Jude : sure… I’m in love Meihui…. I’m in love … I mean it…
Meihui just laughed and we cuddled up in bed for another movie marathon.
31st march 2016
I took the whole of that week off together with Meihui. The break really helped.
It gave us time to deal with the reality of what has happened. The facility is not for everyone. You want to work there, you suck it up, no matter what happens and you move on.
That was the way for everyone.
Uncle Lee has his employment extended with a new contract. The terms were pretty good and he was all smiles when he saw me back in office. He came in and hugged me, he broke down for a brief moment before telling me that his wife is getting the best possible medical attention money can buy.
Uncle Lee : Thank you for this Jude…. I don’t know how to thank you….
Jude ; It’s ok…it’s all over….
I could not visit Kathy nor get in touch with her because she was in Level 5 for the past 2 weeks but that is about to change.
Today is the day.
Thomas had swung by and gave me my new access card. It said L6
I was given Level 6 clearance once I agreed to take on the new role in operations.
My pay slip, well it came alright.
I had a bonus of a year’s salary. A year.
A fucking year.
Yet I knew it was peanuts compared to the millions the facility made from the games. Rumours put the figure at close to 12 although no one could verify.
Thomas was busy with his own stuff and he was unable to take me through Level 5. Aaron was out stationed that week too.
Meihui showed up at my office at 11.30am that day.
Meihui : Are you ready to go up to level 5 ?
Jude : Show me…
Meihui smirked and I fell in step beside her.
That anticipation I have inside my stomach felt like a couple of charging bulls. It knocked me around a little and I tried my best to put up a calm demeanour.
I was excited. Excited to be up on Level 5 but I don’t want to let it show.
Not in front of Meihui.
We stepped out of the lift and into a lobby. It felt like I was entering the hotel lobby of a modern chic hotel. Minimalist furniture, very zen and calming.
The receptionist stood up and extended her hand.
Elaine : Hi Jude…. I’m Elaine….
Jude : Oh.. hi… have we…. Met ??
Elaine : haha.. no… but trust me Jude…. There is not a single staff with level 3 clearance and above that doesn’t know you…. aha…
Jude : oh…. Okay…
Elaine had short trendy cropped hair with a endearing smile. She looks good, definitely hot. Before I had time to admire her curves, Meihui moved along and asked me to keep up.
We entered a door and I could see a map by the wall. A large map about 1m x 1m in size. It’s like a directory you see at a shopping mall with each of the rooms clearly documented.
Meihui : Here we go…
Coming up to the first room, I was immediately blown away by what I saw.
Jude : fuck !
I had trouble digesting and processing the image infront of me.
Looking through the large glass panel much like the way you do at the zoo at animals, I saw 3 rows of girls.
3 rows with 5 girls each.
It was a disgusting sight but I could feel an erection building up.
The girls were standing but their bodies were bent at a 45 degree angle, lying against a customised made stainless steel rack. Their wrist were shackles together with their neck onto the metal rack.
Their feet spread shoulder width apart with ankles shacked onto hooks on the floor.
They were naked. All of them
Their eyes were blindfolded and they each had a mouth gag .
The room looked sterile , like a food preparation kitchen. I saw a staff come along and started hooking up these machines. I recognised those machine, I used them once during a farm stay holiday.
It suddenly dawned on me what they were doing.
The staff attached the teat cup to the breast of the girls, that was when I saw the vaccum tube and the milk hose trailing down the machine.
They’re fucking milking the girls for their breast milk .
I gasped in horror as the staff attached the teat cups to the rows of girls and start up the machine. It was an erotic sight.
All 15 of them shuddered within the confines of their restraints, their head nodding front and back as the machine milked their tits for milk.
Meihui : These are all new moms…. They babies have been given to the clients who adopted them…. Some of them are surrogates…..even after giving birth, their bodies are still an asset to the company.
Meihui went on to say Clients are willing to pay top dollar for the breast milk the facility provides. It’s one of the big money spinners.
Meihui : a litre of cow milk cost probably about $3…. We charge 300 for a litre of breast milk.
Meihui grabbed a sample package from a trolley nearby and showed it to me. It was packaged just like any other milk you see in supermarket with a nice white label but with the drawing of a woman’s body.
“Milk from Singapore sluts”
Meihui : Clients dig that…. so the marketing department went along.
I turned back to look at the girls, the room is sound proof but you could tell a few were screaming. Imagine the strong suction of the teat cup squeezing your tits and areola for milk day in and out.
I saw another staff made his way down the row of girls with a dildo in hand. He applied lubricant onto the vagina of a girl being milked and inserted the dildo into her privates.
Jude : What are they doing ?? !!
Meihui : Making the girls cum….. it’s to improve the quality of the milk…. According to research….
My eyes were transfixed by what was happening in front of me that I found it hard to move.
Meihui : Come on Jude…. There’s still a lot of rooms to cover.
I left the viewing panel and fell in step beside Meihui. Only the 1st room and my cock was throbbing like crazy.
Fucking unbelievable.
Moving down the hall, Meihui brought me into a room. It looked and feel as if I was entering a KTV joint in town. Some clients were chilling with beer and wine. A few were just relaxing with their eyes closed alone at the lounge.
Meihui : This is a clubhouse for members…. Food and drinks are free….nothing fancy but it’s a nice place to chill…
She pointed to a door beside the bar counter.
Meihui : Clients call a number assigned to them. A staff will meet them at the carpark and bring them up through there…… the service corridor we came in from is out of bounds to clients….
Jude : Ok..
Meihui : Once they are in this lounge, they will be offered a new menu of services…
We walked down the row of rooms and towards the control centre at the end of the corridor.
We entered and a series of screens much like a security room greeted us.
Meihui : These rooms are for quick fucks and fantasies…. The budget option for level 4…. The clients don’t know there are cameras inside the room but it’s necessary….. for the safety of both the clients and the girls.
I looked at the screens and it was incredible.
The staff on duty is like having access to live porn shows every day.
Everything screen had something going on. Each different in their own way.
I saw a client smearing chocolate onto a struggling girl. She was tied down on a table and he kept smearing chocolate onto her privates and breast.
Another one was sucking onto the toes of a girl dressed up in office attire. Long sleeve blouse, waist high tight skirts and blood red high heels. She had her collar shackled to a metal pole with her wrists handcuffed above her head.
The client stopped sucking her toes and squeezed his head in between her thighs and moved up to smell her privates.
Moving on to another screen.
My god. There is really no limits to what you can do here.
2 girls were naked and restrained to the table with their wrist tied above their heads. There were 2 clients inside there and they appear to be chatting casually as they shaved the girls’ pubic hair.
Then I watch them rub their cocks on the smooth hairless armpits of the girls, rubbing and rubbing as the girls squirm.
The screen on the bottom showed a girl in anime costume being fucked by a bald headed man.
Another one had a client trying to put on a pair of fishnet stocking on for his girl.
There was a screen with a guy fucking a girl dressed as a parking warden.
Meihui : This particular client…. He’s rich but weird….. he likes to drive around the island…look for hot parking spots and get summoned for not displaying parking coupons….He would pick a fight with the warden, cursing and swearing at her before coming here and doing one of the girls….
Jude : Wow….
Meihui : Yeah… rich people and their kinks….
Meihui pointed to another screen.
Meihui : This one…. Has the hots for his sister in law…. He comes in every now and then with his sister in law’s worn clothes, lingerie and all….. gets a girl to put it on and fuck her…..
Jude : wicked…..
Meihui shot me a look and I immediately kept quiet.
That pretty much wraps up the activity rooms and lounge.
We left the zone and came to a smaller zone, much like a clinic.
We entered via the service corridor directly into the control room.
I could see the waiting area. There was a couple sitting on the couch, they were holding hands. I could see the girl was nervous and the man was trying to reassure her.
Meihui : This is the couple clinic….
Jude : What do they do here…..
A profile of the couple was displayed and my god, the girl looks hot.
Meihui : This place is opened only to husband and wife…. Legally married….
Jude ; Oh …?
Meihui : One of the top taboo fantasies men have…… is to see their wife fuck another man or more….
Jude : No shit ?
Meihui : It’s always fully booked….
Meihui went on to explain that in that clinic, couples come to explore their fantasies in a safe and controlled environment.
They may start off with just touching. Perhaps a blowjob before moving on to a full fuck fest.
Meihui : I have seen women graduating from just giving a handjob to a staff to being gangbang raw by several…..
Jude : Wow. !….
Meihui pointed to the couple’s profile as more information of them were called up on the screen. Daily selfie shots, their wedding album, even their wedding reception photos.
Meihui : Sue Ping and Harold…. They were married last weekend…. Started attending the clinic when they were just dating…. Today…. Sue Ping is going to get gangbanged by 2 other staff….
My jaw literally dropped an inch and I could feel excitement coursing through my body.
Jude : Can we get to look ?
Meihui : If you like…. But we got other rooms to cover…..
Jude : Oh….
Meihui : Don’t be disappointed….
We left the control room and Meihui shut the door before folding her arms.
Meihui : Just so you know…. All male staff with L5 clearance…. Their profile will be uploaded for the couple to choose…
Jude : Really !!! ???
My eyes widened in excitement.
Meihui : Yeah… I’m the approving officer for the profiles… they go through me…
Jude ; Oh…
Meihui gave me a raised eyebrow look from the side of her face.
Meihui : So….. are you still interested to date me ??? If we are dating… I’m not approving your profile ok ….
I forced up a natural smile on the outside but actually inside my mind, I was squeezing my own testicles.
Not only squeezing it, I think I just dropped it into a blender.
Fuck the benefits for Level 5 sure is tempting. No wonder so many staff got swayed by temptations.
Meihui ; Just so you know…. We have celebrity couples…. Both local and overseas…. They come here too…. And if your name is in the list… I’m pretty sure you get to fuck all the pretty actress…. Think about it ok ??
That look.
That look that woman gives when you know she is about to string you up by your balls.
I could see it on Meihui’s face.
I will not fall for this shit.
Jude : Dear…~~~~ come on… you know I only have eyes for you….
Meihui : Don’t “Dear” me yet….. we’re not done with level 5…
Jude : Alright… come on… let’s go…. We’ll have dinner tonight eh…. Then we’ll head up to your place ??
I put my arm around Meihui but she shrugged it off in her usual cool demeanour. She continued down the corridor, her bottom swaying with each step she takes, stirring up the urge within me.
Her heels clicked and echoed down the service corridor and we came up to another room.
We entered and it was like walking into a pantry. A large pantry. It’s big and roomy, the layout is squarish, I would say about 10m deep and 15m across. All around us were girls with collars around their neck.
We were the only one standing. Almost all of them were crawling on the floor or sitting down.
Their eyes, they were always looking down.
I could hear some sobbing, some soft whisper, that was it. Guards and staff walked around and kept everyone in order.
The dozen or so girls were the more well behaved ones according to Meihui. Most are having their menses, or they are not ovulating, which meant they could not be used for breeding.
Meihui : This is a place where they could interact with each other for a bit….
I could see some board games, stacks of old newspaper and magazines. There was a old TV doing re-runs of TV drama from at least 5 years ago.
Meihui : They are allowed to mingle and walk around as long as they behave…
Jude : Oh… ok….
Cutting through the recreation room, Meihui pointed to a glass viewing panel into another room. 3 rows of bed were lined up, there are at least 20 beds in there by my estimate. Most of them had someone in it.
Meihui : Kathy is in there…. I don’t have access…. Medical staff only…. I pulled a few strings… she’s ok… not tested positive…. If her menses comes, they will let her go…
Jude : What about the rest ?
Meihui : All girls that have been inseminated will wait inside this room… until we confirm their pregnancy… we have 2 of these holding rooms, the other one slightly bigger further down the corridor.
Jude : Ok.. ok….
Meihui and I ventured deeper into level 5.
It’s amazing how much they can fit into a single level.
We got to a zone where it feels different from the rest of the Level. It was all glass walls with black aluminium frame. I could see right through into a place where it feels just like a hipster café.
3 girls were in, they were collared but dressed in their home clothes.
They sat alone, sipping coffee and tea as they read a book of their choice.
It’s literally café. There were cakes on display too together with tins of sweets and biscuits.
Meihui : You accumulate enough points for good behaviour….and making babies… you graduate to this…. The girls inside here have sort of accepted their fate …. They are well behaved, cooperative and gave no trouble to the staff….
She went on to tell me that the girls were barely 25 years old yet each of them has already given 3 babies each to the facility.
Meihui : We use girls like them to counsel the newer girls …. To get them to accept their fate….. eventually they would be able to enjoy a level of freedom that they have…. They can wander around…. But they cannot get out of level 5…. And the zones assigned to them…
Jude : Oh… they’re all….
Meihui : Pretty right ? ….of course… they get prettier the higher you go….
I pretended I did not hear that last bit as Meihui opened another door into a nicer recreation room. It’s done up tastefully , much like the posh lobby of a hotel lounge. A handful of collared girls were enjoying pastries and tea.
They lowered their voice and looked at us when we entered.
My god.
They’re all so hot.
So hot and pretty that I feel like fucking everyone of them . They looked like they were in their mid 20s to early 30s. Like the well dressed tai tai you see in hotels at weekday afternoons gossiping and talking to their friends.
Meihui : Here’s more of them… they’re one of the pioneer batches….the message is simple…. Produce for us…. Behave yourself…. And we treat you well…
If not for the collars around their neck, those girls would not look out of place in the middle of town.
Fuck. No wonder David got tempted.
I could feel my heart thumping.
Every pair of eyes that met mine, even for that brief second, it sent a jolt of electricity into my body. It’s like a hook.
An invisible hook tugging at my soul.
Meihui pointed to a narrow corridor and said that would be the girl’s sleeping quarters .
Meihui : Different room sizes for different category of girls…. Boring stuff.. you won’t be interested….
We skipped that portion because she says there’s nothing much to be seen there.
Meihui : Last room… the biggest on level 5….
She walked on and continued with her explaination.
Meihui : These girls… they are……
Jude ; They are what ??
Meihui struggled to find the right word to use.
Meihui : They are special….
Jude : In what way ??
Meihui ; There are 8 of them…. And there will only be 8 of them…. No more… no less….someone comes in…. another will leave…. It will always be 8.
Jude : Why ??
Meihui explained that the 8 girls belong to one of their biggest client.
A Korean businessman staying in Singapore.
Meihui opened the door into the last zone and I thought I dislocated my jaw. I stepped into a dance studio with a long mirror. Track lights lined the ceiling, bottles of drinks and towels of various colours were hung on nearby chairs.
Fuck me.
I saw a man talking to 8 girls.
8 girls.
They were not wearing collars but they had something around their wrist.
I cannot even begin to describe their beauty.
There were not nicely dressed, all of them were wearing shoes.
Some wore shorts and a loose fit t-shirt. A few wore leggings and a singlet.
One had a pair of denim shorts and a casual t-shirt.
A few of them wore a cap.
Simple , homely dressing.
It’s exactly what your neighbour or wife or girlfriend would wear if they needed to run down to grab something from the grocery stall.
Their figures were proportionate and good. Everyone had long slim legs that I would love to grab onto.
No super big breast or super big bums.
It was all proportional.
This was indeed a golden collection of girls.
All of them had really sweet smile and their eyes.
Fuck me, that look in their eyes when they looked towards Meihui and me.
I felt as if someone had grabbed my cock and gave it a good shake.
That was the feeling I got when those amazing eyes looked my way.
And yes, that girl.
The mysterious girl I saw when I peeped out from the locker using the secret passage.
She was there.
She was right there, in the middle of the group.
The guy turned around, saw Meihui and gave her a wave before going back to the girls.
Jude : Who are they ?? ~~…
Meihui : Tempted ??
I could not even bring myself to answer Meihui as I looked a the girls smile, bicker and chat with each other.
Meihui : That guy is Krisna… he trains them…
Jude : Trains them for what ??
Krisna gestured for us to go closer and we did.
The girls giggled as they exchanged looks at each other before glancing at me.
The feeling is weird.
I don’t know why.
You know that silly smile you naturally do when you feel like blushing. I was fucking doing that.
The girls, they gave off this vibe that just made me want to smile. That youthful energy. They cannot be more than 25 years of age, everyone of them.
I’m smiling. I don’t know why but I just had a smile on my face as I went closer .
Krisna : Alright girls… you’re almost there…. We have guest…. Do a good one ok ???
The girls : Hookayyyy!! !~~~ hehehe…hehe…haha..hurhur…
Even the way they smile and laughed affects me, making me smile wider.
I could see Meihui looking at me but I couldn’t resist.
That sweetness I was feeling, it’s like meeting my first love for the first time.
The feeling of the first date.
The time you first held hands.
The first overseas trip as a couple.
I was flooded with emotions as the girls took their positions and Krisna started the music.
My god, I almost pissed in my pants when a familiar Korean song from a pop girl group started. I know the song. I’ve heard it many times before. I’ve even seen the music video.
Lionheart by girls generation. One of the popular Korean girl groups.
Following each beat, the girls smile and moved their body. Their moves were synchronised and casual. It was no rigid and it looked good.
In fact it looked so good I felt like I have my own personal girl group performing for me.
How I envy the Korean businessman.
My smile went from a bashful smile, to a wide mouthed, teeth showing grin.
As the girls danced along, they expertly changed their positions, brilliant footwork and seductive glances were thrown my way. I think i must be blushing like a swollen cunt as a few of them giggled as they looked at me.
And the girl I saw. I may not know her name but when our eyes met, I left like I’m an ice cube left on a BBQ grille.
I melted.
I think my heart melted.
It was embarrassing but I had to look away and cover my mouth , too bashful to even look at them in their eyes.
As the music drew to an end, Krisna clapped and gave them a thumbs up.
The music stopped and Meihui came over to my side.
Meihui : What did I tell you ?? Level 5… will change you…
I tried to wipe that smile off my face but I can’t.
I’m just a normal guy like everyone out there.
My smile was there to stay but I knew I had to reply Meihui in a diplomatic manner.
Jude : well… ermm… they’re sweet… but I think you are sweeter…
Meihui laughed and rolled her eyes at me.
Meihui : Oh please… the whole facility knows I’m the last person when it comes to being sweet…. Hahah…
I cleared my throat in a bid to reclaim my composure.
Jude : I’m serious… besides…. I don’t know them…. What can they possibly do that will melt my heart like you do ???
Right about then when I finished my sentence, Meihui folded her arms and levelled her eyes at me and I heard Krisna introduced me to the girls.
Krisna : Girls…. Meet Jude… he’s in charge of operations…..
It happened so fast .
I was still looking at Meihui when I heard their giggly sweet voice called out.
The girls : ~~~~Annyeong ~~OPPA ~~~~….
I tried to hold it in. I really did.
It was too hard.
I turned and looked at each of the smiling girls in their eyes and I couldn’t resist it any longer. I broke out into a all out bashful grin, covered my mouth, gave a slight bow before dashing out of the room as the girls broke out into laughter.
My heart.
It was beating so fast and I’m still smiling.
Still Smiling.
I leaned against the wall, tilt my head upwards for 2 second before breaking into a smile on my own. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me but I just could not help it.
Meihui opened the door can joined me in the service corridor.
Meihui : Happy ?
Jude : ermm hahah…errr… no… it’s just… hahahah.. it’s just… different haha….
Meihui : Oh please… unless you’re gay…. So far every single male staff we brought here behaved exactly the same way as you did….
I looked away and tried to change the topic but Meihui laid out a trap for me.
Meihui : So…. You still want to date me….
I hesitated.
Fuck I shouldn’t have hesitated.
It was for only that one second but I could see the change in expression on Meihui’s face.
She slapped me playfully.
Meihui : You’re a jerk !….
Jude : Hey.. hey… i… I just need some time to digest all these….
Meihui : Yes or no…. answer me….
I gritted my teeth, mentally squeezed my testicles, sucked in a deep breath and put on the most sincere look I could muster.
Jude : Of course…
Meihui did not say anything, she was holding back a grin as she nodded her head slowly as she kept her eyes on me.
After what seemed like 30 seconds, she unfolded her arms and replied.
Meihui : Okay… I’ll believe you … for now
I mentally heaved a sigh of relieve.
Jude: Where do we go now ??
Meihui went to open the door again.
Meihui : Come in…. we need to introduce you to the girls…. You need to talk to them…part of your job scope….
Jude : I can’t speak Korean !…
Meihui : Don’t be a dick…. They’re all locals… come on….
Jude : Oh Ok…..
Inside my heart, I was secretly getting hyped up and excited. Fuck, I must have done some good deeds in my past life to have this job.
Jude : What do I need to do….
Meihui kept her expression emotionless and turned to me.
Meihui : You need to get rid of one of them.
Jude : WHAT ! why ?!!
Meihui : To keep them on their toes…. It happens every 6 months… up on level 6… Clients always wants new blood….there must be motivation for the girls to perform their very best…..
I could not believe what Meihui has just told me.
Jude : What… what happens to the girls who gets kicked out….
Meihui : She goes back down the hall…. Starts from the bottom… and produce babies….
This is fucked up.
My day just went from being high on cloud nine to this shit.
Meihui stepped into the room again and I went in behind her.
The girls were wiping their sweat at the rest area, chatting with each other.
We walked towards them and Meihui lowered her volume.
Meihui : Know this Jude….. everyone of them knows…. You will be the one to choose 3 out for review on level 6 for the elimination……..which means…. They would be willing to do anything……so you won’t choose them…. Krisna will brief you on the selection criteria.
Meihui paused, turned to face me and adjusted the collar of my shirt, brushing away a speck of dust from my shoulder.
Meihui : And since you want to date me…. don’t you dare fuck them…
Meihui gave me a menacing smile before turning around to face the girls.
Meihui : Girls…. Take care of Jude for me will you….
All I heard after Meihui spoke were their giggles.
Only giggles.
Some of you have been asking me about this. I’ll put it here.
The previous update about the girls was inspired partly when i came across this clip of the girl group practicing their dance moves.
So if you needed some visuals, here it is.
Meihui left me with Krisna as she has something else to attend to.
Krisna asked the girls to go wash up before having lunch while he will show me around the rest of the rooms.
As soon as the girls are out of sight, Krisna gestured me to follow him and started talking.
Krisna : Pretty hot bunch eh ?
Jude : Yeah… it’s…. really top grade man…. I envy your job ….
Krisna : hahaha… don’t…. I’m just training them…. Envy the client…. Makes you wonder why didn’t you work harder back in school right ? hahahah… be a big shot businessman with loads of money…
Jude ; Hahah….
Krisna brought me around the rest of the zone where the girls reside in.
Krisna : See… there’s their shower and locker room…. Their sleeping quarters,…. They usually eat at the café down the hallway, it’s either that or they will be at the lounge if they are not training.
Jude ; Wow… they… just… train ?? the whole day ??
Krisna : In a way…. There is a strict workout routine they keep to…. Client wants all of them in good shape….. well… he’s paying top money…. of course he wants to fuck a girl in good shape… hahaha…
Jude : What do they do everyday ?
I was told on a typical day, they would wake up at 6am for a 90 min walk on the threadmill.
After that they get 40 minutes for breakfast.
Krisna : Then is off to dance practice….. all the way till lunch.
Jude : Wow… this is like the army man….
Krisna : hmmm… close enough…. But we have it worse…
Jude : How so ??
Krisna laughed and added.
Krisna : Because we get fucked for no reason sometimes by the sergeants and officers…. Haha they only have to fuck the client once or twice a month… hahaha…
Jude : Oh…
They get a short break at 4pm according to Krisna and at 5pm, they have to get ready for their daily ritual
Jude : What ritual ?
Krisna : Everyday , without fail, they have to masturbate themselves in front of a camera. .. that would be recorded and sent to the client…..
My eyes widened as Krisna went on.
Krisna : Here’s the thing…. They have to masturbate and get their heartrate and pulse up to a certain predetermined level….. this level is an average we derived from countless orgasm we gave the girls….
Jude : No shit….
Krisna : smart eh ?? .. hahaha… anyway… so for example….say Yuri…. She has an average resting heart rate of 60bpm….. out of a total of 20 orgasm we gave her, her heart rate averages about 120bpm when she has her orgasm….
Jude : Woah… this is science and shit man….
Krisna : It is…. Client is particular about these…. So we take 10% off…. Yuri has to masturbate herself and hit 108bpm before we consider she has completed her ritual….hahaha
Jude : I’m speechless man…. Why… why do this ??
Krisna told me that it was the client’s way to control them. He wanted all of his girls wet and at the brink of orgasm everyday, yet they are unable to complete the release. This builds up everyday until he comes and fuck the girls.
He wanted them to be left high and dry.
Jude : What is the girls lose control…. Or she did not hit her required bpm ??
Krisna : A demerit point of course… and the more you get… the higher your chance to get booted out…. It’s a cruel practise…. But… it’s fun to watch…. Haha…
I never knew there could be people this sick in this world.
Having the girls masturbate themselves everyday yet denying them the chance to complete the orgasm. This level of control.
It would drive anyone mad.
Put yourself in their shoes, stroking yourself everyday to the edge only to be told to stop.
I think I might just kill myself.
Jude : Wait… I have a question… you mentioned Yuri…. It’s a Korean name…
Krisna explained that the client is a big fan of the girl pop group, so he names each one of them according to the girls in the actual one.
Krisna : You will address them as such too….
Jude : They… don’t wear collars….
Krisna : No need… client gave them a wristlet that monitors their movement within the facility, their heartrate in case they decides to masturbate…. And if they misbehave, he could remotely send a electric shock to their wrist.
Jude : This is sick man…
Krisna : hahah… well.. who are we to judge… we just work here….After the ritual, they are allowed to eat…. Followed by another 90 minutes on the threadmill…. Then they’re free to do what they want….Sounds restrictive but they have it better than the other girls….
We got to the end of the zone and Krisna went on with the short tour.
Krisna : Anyway… moving on… the dance studio… you already saw… then we’re left with the suite.
The suite is where the girls would meet and entertain the client. It’s locked all the time and will only be opened when the client is in.
Krisna : Right outside the suite….. is the web link room.
Jude : Web link ?
Krisna : Yeah…. It’s the place where the girls communicate with the client… when he is overseas ….
We walked over and entered the narrow space.
There were 9 cubicles , much like the way old public telephones were set up. Instead of telephones, each of the cubicle had a laptop with it’s own webcam. A small control room much like the security guard booth at private residences sat at the back of the cubicles.
We entered the cubicles and from the one way mirror, we could see all 8 slots clearly.
Krisna : Sometimes when the client is free, he would want his girls to accompany him even though he is halfway around the world…. He would want them to sit in front of the camera for hours at a stretch to interact with him…
Krisna told me once the client made the girls all strip and touch themselves while he wanks himself off in Korea.
Krisna : We have to cater to his whims and fancies too…. Sometimes he wants us to collect all the worn sweaty clothes the girls wore for the dance practice… seal it up and courier it over to him…. It could be used towels, sports bra, socks…. Even panties….you name it….
I nodded. The client owns them totally.
From their body to the things they use.
Krisna : This is about it….. they are quiet well behaved… most of the time…. Which brings me to the thing you are here for…. The elimination up on level 6…
Jude : Oh… what is that about….
Krisna : ….. 3 girls with the most demerit points will be called up to level 6…. This is where the client would decide…which one would be replaced….. currently….Yuri, Taeyeon and Yoona are tied at the same spot..…..
Jude : Where do I come in ?
Krisna : well… the client watched your performance at the games… he liked you a lot… and he has requested that you….. hmmmm… what’s that word to use…. Play with 3 of them…. And pick one for elimination…..
That sucks.
I hate to do stuff like that.
Jude : But… but….
Krisna : I honestly don’t know the definition of his ‘ play ‘ but I think you can fuck them if you want to…. They are all on birth control… so go ahead and shoot all you like…. I’m pretty sure they would fuck you too if you tell them you can keep them in this place…..
Jude : It’s… it’s not that…. it’s such a cruel thing to do….i mean… how… who am I to judge which girl to get rid of ??
Krisna : Well… I’m just thankful it’s not me doing the judging… hahha… they’re all so sweet… anyway… good luck to you….
Krisna passed me a document with the girl’s details.
Krisna : Don’t take this too seriously though…. That’s my advice to you…. I mean… even if you lie to all 3 just to fuck them…. No one would blame you…. definitely no the client… end of the day…. This is just entertainment….
I nodded with a forced smile.
It might be entertainment to us.
For the girls, I think it’s a matter of life and death. I cannot imagine them, having worked so hard only to end up being thrown back to square 1.
I’m sure the girls themselves are not stupid. It’s better to get fucked by 1 client, then subject yourself to the whims of many. At least they don’t get pregnant here.
We completed the tour and come a full circle to back to the dance studio.
Krisna : Now… the girls are aware of where they stand in terms of their points…. So I be honest with you… they know why you are here….my guess is Yuri, Yoona and Taeyeon would do their best to please you….and perhaps stab each other in the back or something…. End of the day… you make the pick… and give us your recommendation….
Krisna told me that the client would very much love to know how I make my choice and since there were no cameras following me around, he would like a detail report, of what I did.
Did I manipulate them ? Did I lie to them ?
Did I turn them against each other ?
Details. He wanted details in the report.
Krisna : so… this is it…. I don’t know what you are going to do… but we need a name when we get to level 6….that task is yours…
Krisna checked to make sure no one was around before saying that he knows Meihui and I have a thing and that he would tell no one if I fucked the girls.
Krisna : I won’t tell Meihui…. Hehee..hee…. It’s a man’s honour thing…. Hahaha….
Jude : right …..~~ That’s helpful…. This is her level…. She could pop by any moment…
Krisna : well… you got to be resourceful…. Your call….come back during dinner… we can all eat together….and you can interact with the girls….
Jude : Ok…. Hmmmm … have you like… ermm.. you know….
Krisna sniggered and shook his head.
Krisna : No no…. I didn’t fuck any of them…. Haha… I stopped at handjobs and blowjobs…. God….. seeing them on their knees and looking up with those big eyes…..arghhhh… you’ll blow your load in no time….hahah…
Jude ; Oh…. Ok…
A moment of silence followed and right after that, Krisna changed his body language and tone so suddenly that it gave me a shock.
Krisna : I’m warning you Jude…. Their lips… can be sweet…. Many man has succumbed to their words….look at David…. He made off with one of them….and I’m not even going to bring up the other attempts by other staff members….
Jude : Are the girls punished ?? for trying to run….
Krisna : hahaha… no… …
Jude : Why not ?
Krisna : What further punishment can you give the girls than the state they are already in ?? hahah…. Don’t try it though Jude…. You don’t want to know what they do to male staff who were caught….
Before I could ask, I saw 2 girls with their arms linked walking by. They had just showered, their hair still wet and I could see the outline of the bra they were wearing from the thin material of the shirt.
Both of them smiled shyly at me before walking back to their rooms.
Krisna : Calm down Jude…. You’ll have time with them later…. Come by in the evening….
Jude : Ok…
I went up to meet Krisna and I saw him heading towards the web link room. I quicken my pace, eager to take a look at exactly what he meant by the ritual.
The girls were already there in front of their cubicles. Some of them looked away, almost shy and embarrassed that I would be there to watch the ritual. The laptops were all on, one was playing with her hair, the other looking at her nails.
A couple of others were chatting as if they were queuing up to get tickets to the movies.
There was a casual and aloof mood to it.
I stepped into the control room with Krisna and felt relieved immediately.
The one way mirror putting a barrier between me and the gaze of the girl’s eyes.
Krisna tapped a few buttons and told me the client happens to be free that day and he wants to watch the ritual live.
My heart was thumping really fast. It’s like heading to watch some erotic show in a different country. The feeling cannot be easily described.
The girls were all dressed casually. In fact, they would not look out of place in a university if they had a couple of books or laptop in hand.
Krisna spoke into a mike like the seargent major conducting a live firing exercise.
Krisna : Alright girls… boss is coming online…. Get ready.
The moment Krisna sat back on his chair, I felt an immediate rush of blood to my groin as I watched all the girls starting to strip.
They removed their tops, their singlets, their bras. Then they slipped down their pants, their shorts and their colourful panties. I had to hold onto the wall for support as bundle of clothes were piled outside the cubicle as they stepped in.
Krisna : Alright… starting from the left there….. That’s Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun…..
Jude : There’s one spare cubicle….
Krisna : That belonged to Jessica…. How ironic….. she left the girl group….i meant the real one…. And she was the one David ran away with…… so that’s left empty…
Jude : Oh… is the client looking for a replacement ??
Krisna : Not that I know off…. Here they go.. there they go…
That scene happening in front of me was so vile that I thought I would cum on the spot. My cock was pushing so hard against my pants that I had to adjust my erection at least 3 times.
The screen came on and even though I was watching all their back view, it was enough to make my boxers wet with precum. Their bodies, all so toned and well shaped, their buttocks, they are so firm that if you slap them, I’m sure it would give a little jiggle before returning to it’s original structure.
There was structure integrity when it comes to the shape of all their buttocks.
The girls were touching themselves in front of the laptop.
Fuck. A few did a half squat and started to rub and finger fuck themselves. I could hear moans. The moans got louder.
The smattering of voices and groans made it hard for me to differentiate who is moaning the loudest.
One thing I know is there were all trying their best to pleasure themselves.
An indicator linked to the control room showed their heart rate.
All were rising, slowly but steadily.
Not only were they rubbing their own cunt, some were playing with their own nipples. Fuck me it was an amazing sight to behold.
8 hot and definitely fuckable girls pleasuring themselves together.
The ritual is as cruel as it gets. Heart rate started to go beyond 100 for almost all of them.
Yes, they were high, they were horny, they were definitely aroused, probably not just by their own moans, but by the collective moans of all the girls around them.
I could see how wet their fingers were. Long stands of sticky juices fell from in between their privates, staining the floor beneath them.
Green light lit up for 3 girls and they immediately stopped their own fingering, panting and holding onto the divider for support. Their legs slowly gave way as they forced themselves to hold back their orgasm.
Yes, they were not allowed to cum.
I wonder how they feel. Right at the edge, so close yet knowing if they let themselves go, they would live to regret it. This is modern day slavery at it’s best.
Seohyun : erGHHH!!! erGHH!!NO!!..NO!! erNGHH!!!!
The light at her cubicle went from green to yellow then to red and I watched in amazement as her legs buckled before she sank to the floor as her heart rate went from 105 to 137 immediately.
She shivered and went into a short spasm before groaning as she accidentally gave herself an orgasm.
Krisna : Oopss…. An accident there….
That accident served as a wake up call to the others who were on the brink of exploding.
Moans got louder as they tried their best to hit the minimum bpm before they stopped.
Yoona shriek as her lights turned green and she immediately crossed her legs, squeezing her body tight as she slowly squatted down.
I could see her bpm increasing.
Then it stayed there together with the yellow light before it went back down to green.
Krisna : Ohh… close one there… hahaha.. hahha..
This is torture.
But the time the girls were done with the ritual, Krisna spoke into the mike again , informing them that it’s all over.
Krisna : Ok… good… it’s over… go wash up for dinner…
As all of them turned around, that look of exhaustion on their faces made me want to grab out my cock and start masturbating.
Krisna : It’s been 2 weeks since they get to fuck or cum…. And know this… they can only cum….. if the client is here and he says so…..
Pointing to Tiffany, Krisna added that she has not had an orgasm for close to 2 months.
Krisna : Client is starving her out…. Hahah… poor girl…
Jude : Oh my god… this is sick….
Krisna : Well….. this is the facility….things like these are supposed to be normal… hahah…
Krisna checked to make sure all the files are properly documented before shutting down the controls.
Krisna : come.. let’s get ready for dinner after the walk……. Threadmill time is cut down to 30mins today…. We need some time to speak with Jude….
7.00 pm
Dinner arrived via the dumb waiter from the kitchen in basement. It was served like airline food. All prepacked and arranged nicely on trays.
Krisna and I unloaded the delivery onto a trolley and pushed it out.
Krisna : There is a shortage of staff at the moment… so this is something that we do personally… serving the girls the meals…. Not that I mind… hahaha…. They treat me well… hee.. heeeee..hee….
The meal trays were properly labelled.
I could see 8 green trays and 2 orange. Colour coded so we know which meal belonged to who.
The girls were already at the café and we served them their meal.
I tried to crack a joke and they giggled happily.
Jude ; Would you like the chicken ? … or the fish ??
Yuri : hahah.. the green tray please….
Jude : Would you like a drink…. Coffee perhaps ???
Yoona : Yuri!… he is so flirting with you….
Sunny : hahah…. I want your orange tray can ??
The atmosphere.
Oh my god.
I felt like I’m in heaven.
We settled down for our dinner and when I saw what was on their plate, I felt sorry for them.
They had vegetables, loads and loads of vegetables and fruits. A Yogurt and half a banana.
That was it.
Krisna and I had rack of lamb complete with mint sauce and fries. There was even a side of onion rings and mac and cheese. We each had a can of ice cold beer while the girls had a bottle of water.
Tiffany : Awwww…. So nice… your dinner… Oppaaaaaa…. ~~ can we share ??
That flirty look and the pleading eyes, it was impossible to resist.
Fuck man. I want to just cut up the lamb and start feeding them but Krisna stopped me.
He shook her head and said no firmly.
Krisna : you know you are not supposed to girls…
Half of them pouted and looked at me while the other half slouch their shoulders and started poking at their vegetables.
My heart fucking broke.
Krisna ; Ignore them Jude… they’re just fucking with you…
Sooyoung : No we’re not !!
Hyoyeon : Yeah… we’re not like that… I’m sure you can feel we are sincere right Oppaaaa~~~~ ??
Ahhh… that drag of that ‘ paaaaaa’ It felt so satisfying.
Why are we wired this way ?
I nodded my head and smile.
Krisna : no.. no. no… cut the bullshit.. and let’s eat…. After this…. You all get some time to talk to Jude… and then he needs to talk to 3 of you…. you know who you are…
The girls said nothing and ate quietly.
Krisna’s phone rang and he said it was his wife.
Krisna ; Ok.. I got to take this…. Eat up…
The moment Krisna was out of the café, all 8 pairs of eyes looked at my plate of food.
I could see them salivating at the food.
Yoona : It’s been…. I don’t know… so long… since we had something like this…
Sunny : Just a teeny bite ??? pleasesssssssss ???
I turned and looked around, Krisna was probably down the hallway.
That eagerness in their eyes, craving for something so simple.
Something we take for granted everyday.
I nodded my head and there was an explosion of hushed whispers.
Yoona touched me on my thigh, stroking me with her palm as she asked for a bit of the lamb.
A few girls left their seat.
Someone came onto my left.
Fuck, someone sat on my lap.
Another was hugging me from behind.
I did what I could to cut up the lamb and the girls were just picking food off my plate.
Jude : Hey.. hey.. hey… calm down.. calm down…
I could see the satisfaction in their eyes, Hyoyeon looked like she was about to cry as she savoured that piece of lamb with her eyes shut.
I turned and checked behind my back.
Jude : Ok… ok… enough… he’s coming back… quick…
The girls giggled and grabbed a few more bits before returning to their seats.
Sooyoung : I’m in love with you Jude…. Please don’t leave us…
I bit my lips and didn’t know what to say as the rest of the girls started with their praises . They were touching me too. Rubbing my back, nudging my arm, stroking my thigh. Someone ran her hand through my hair.
Fuck I don’t think I ever want to get back to the other levels.
I just want to stay on level 5.
Krisna came back and I could see the girls returning to their food.
Krisna : You sure eat fast Jude… you really hungry ???
He gave me a suspicious look as I nodded my head with my mouth full of fries.
He did not press on further and we wrapped up dinner with some light conversation.
Fruit juices were served for the girls while I had a 2nd can of beer. Krisna is heading home and he says I can spend 30 mins with all of them for a chat……after which I will need to talk to Yuri, Taeyeon and Yoona.
Krisna : Jude…. If you want to fuck them…. Do it in the shower area…. Hee hehe… I get my blowjobs in there too…. Hahah…. Keep this to yourself yeah….
I nodded.
Krisna : there’s still time…. Tonight is just a quick chat… you will have a day with each of them next week….. after that…. give us the name… don’t stress yourself out.. there’s plenty of girls to take their spot….
Jude : Oh… ok…
Time really flies when I’m with the girls.