Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.
I was just doing my regular jog at punggol park when I noticed the girl in front of me.
A check at my watch revealed that it was almost 11.30pm, with all the construction site around, it’s not usual for a girl to job on her own that late at night.
There were no one in front of her and I doubt she was aware I’m behind.

I quickened my pace and caught up closer as I checked out her dressing.
She’s about the same height as me, 1.6m or so and she has a pair of smooth beautiful legs. I could see the glean of perspiration on her calves as droplets of her sweat reflected off the dim lights in the park.
I could almost smell the heat radiating from her body.
I felt the stirring of this monster inside me as I take in the rest of her body in detail.
She was wearing a pair of short white socks and a bright pink running shoes. Her running shorts were black short FBTs, the short hugged her backside so tightly that I think she needed them 1 size bigger.
It was as if she deliberately bought them in a small size, trying to show of her perky bum.
The hem of the shorts could hardly cover her entire bottom.
She was wearing a neon pink sports bra underneath her white translucent top, the sweat soak top clung on tight to her body, leaving nothing to imagination.
Her figure is good, dam solid, I got to give it to her.
Even her shadow looked attractive.
She had headphones on, jogging at a constant pace.
I don’t know why, but looking at her jog made me horny. Looking at her put 1 feet in front of another made my mind wander.
Her white socks looked so pure, so clean against her toned tan calves.
I could not stand her choice of colours, it was as if she was just crying out for attention.
Why does she need to dress up in that manner ?
In such a quiet park, so late at night.
She’s just asking for it.
I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, remembering my doctor’s advice to take my medication. I had skipped my dose for the evening due to work.
I kept up the pace, my eyes devouring hungrily every inch of the girl’s body.
It’s so tight, so delicious looking that it made me feel almost inferior. My stomach has started to get flabby, and I feel unfit after spending long hours in the office.
As she rounder the corner, I caught a glimpse of her side profile, her sharp nose made me more attracted to her as she brushed back a stray fringe.
Her face looked like it was peppered with sweat too, and she was panting.
Her panting pushed me over the edge as I tried to reason with my inner self.
Her pony tail bounced happily with each step while images of me grabbing onto her pony tail flashed repeatedly into my mind.
Her pace slowed down, and I noted the dark unlit corner right up front.
My heartrate quicken as I knew the entire patch was flanked by construction site, the hoardings were up but work has not started yet.
I felt this compelling urge to grab her. To throw her to the grass.
I quickened my pace, closing the distance between us to 5 meters.
Her heels pounded the ground softly, almost in a dragging manner, she looked like she was spent, her energy quickly draining away.
At the 3 meter mark, she slowed down, placing both hands to her hips as she sucked in deep breaths of air. The sucking sound aroused me even more as I realised I could not control my actions any longer.
It felt really really terrible but I knew I needed to do this.
I have to.
I really need to.
I blamed it on my medication, on my work and the stress my boss put me through.
I opened up my footsteps and checked my surrounding, it was clear.
There were no one near us.
The road up front was dark and unlit.
It was a quiet park.
The path was quiet.
All was perfect.

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