I was 23 when this happened.
Only 23.
I was still a virgin at 23 years old. There were so many things I have yet to try and experience in life at that age.
I’ve had relationships before but none of them progressed to the stage beyond masturbating for each other. Personally I dig a certain type of girls, everyone has their preference.
Mine can be characterised as your sweet and obedient girl next door you would love to bring home to your mum. She has to be sweet, slim and pure.
Innocent and pure, preferably with fair skin.
I don’t like girls that are loud, talk too much or attract too much attention.
She needs to have a proportional figure, breast cannot be too big, legs must be toned and have long hair.

The girl must love me for who I am, be sexually adventurous and willing to please when needed. In short, I want my girl to be the slut inside the bedroom and the demure sweet girl everyone is envious of outside of the house.
If you have just smirked and threw a middle finger at your screen, rest assure you are not the only one.
With such expectations, some of my friends asked me to head to a cloning factory and maybe just leave them a note with my specifications. Perhaps in a couple of hundred years, I can head back there to collect my perfect partner.
Still, there is nothing wrong with having expectations.
This are the characteristics of the girl I would like, there is nothing wrong with wanting them. The challenge is just finding one that fits it.
I’ve considered losing my virginity at the red light district countless times.
There are times when the urge is so bad that even masturbating twice in a day would not calm the horny monster inside me.
Still, I told myself that I must control myself.
My first time is sacred even though many of my friends don’t view it this way. It’s my cock, my life, and I’ll be the one to decide how I want to use it.
Having said that, I never expected that I would lose my virginity in an office.
The office that I would be doing my internship.
It was my final year in university and I needed to clock in a 5 month period of internship as part of the graduation criteria.
Unlike some of my classmates who are well connected or have parents to link them up with prospective office, I needed to find a office who is willing to take me in.
My results frankly is shit.
It’s like I’m trying to scrape though to graduation.
Instead of getting a Bachelor in banking and finance, I think my cert would probably read ‘thank you for participation’
I sent out countless resumes to banks and finance institutions but received no replies.
I was getting that desperate feeling when I finally saw a mail come into my mailbox one evening.
That one email changed my life, or rather, it fucked up my life.
It was a reply from a small venture capital firm located in Suntec City call CP Capital.
They invited me down for an interview the next day and I almost flipped my table in joy as I punched my fist in the air.
Not wanting to screw this up, I quickly went to the company’s website.
It’s a small boutique firm with about 20 staff. Not much is being said on the website and there was not much information for me to digest either. Still, I read through everything, from their Corporate social responsibility statement to the company motto.
I suit up, rehearsed my interview in front of the mirror a dozen times and trying to anticipate what questions would they be asking me.
By 11pm that night, I was confident I would nail it.
2nd June 2017
I was at Suntec at 9am sharp that morning.
The interview is at 10am and there’s no way I’m going to be late for this.
I went up to the office located on the 23rd floor and the moment the door opened, I was welcomed by a view of the city and the sea.
The office took up the entire floor.
There was no one at the reception and beyond the 2 meeting rooms behind the front desk, I could not see how the rest of the office look like.
I hit the bell and waited.
The magnetic catch of the full height glass door released with a thud and I entered.
The moment I reached the reception desk, a lady appeared from behind a hidden door that blended in with the feature wall behind the reception.
I had to stop myself from saying ‘wow’ out loud when my eyes made contact with her.
She has that sweet smile that reminded me of some fairy tale princess.
When she smiles, her eyes lit up and I could immediately feel this current of energy shooting into my veins. Her body is slim and shapely and her tight dress is like a 2nd skin.
I could see a mole on her left arm, a small mole near the part where her biceps is aligned with her armpits. Her shoulder length hair bounced with limitless energy as she extended her hand towards me and introduced herself.
Olivia : Hi I’m Olivia…. You must be James….
James : Hi…. Hi.. yes… I’m James……thank you for having me here….
Olivia : would you like a drink ? coffee ? …..
James : Oh no its ok…. I’m fine…. Just had a drink ….
I was fucking nervous as I followed Olivia into the meeting room. I walked a couple of steps behind her and indulged myself with her legs. Her attention grabbing heels that revealed a row of perfect toe cleavage with a bondage style strap around her ankles sent blood shooting right into my dick as I forced myself not to stare.
Olivia : You sure ? …. We have nice coffee her you know ? …. Hahah
James: Yes… it’s ok…. thank you….
Olivia : Ok then… take a seat…. I’ll be right over….
Olivia left without another word, leaving me to think about what she meant when she says she will be right with me.
Fuck, imagine she is my supervisor for my internship. I would literally kill and move mountains for her.
Olivia cannot be more than 30 years old, probably in her late twenties.
I detected the hint of maturity from under her youthful and bubbly look.
She’s hot, I would definitely do her but I don’t think she is someone that I would date.
I waited alone in the meeting room and tried to calm myself down while rehearsing the interview in my head.
Olivia appeared again with another lady.
Fuck my life, this has got to be a dream.
I could see Olivia talking and smiling to the girl beside her as they entered the meeting room.
I stood up out of courtesy and I could feel as if time just stopped for a few seconds.
The 2nd girl had an aura of someone in charge. Perhaps middle management or higher.
While Olivia carried a file, this one came in with only her mobile phone in hand. Her French manicure looked like they were just done and set hours ago. Unlike Olivia who was in a figure hugging dress, this one had on a fitting blouse and a light grey skirt that went high up her waist.
I could see a little bit of a tummy that looked so cute and alluring. I don’t know if I could term that as a tummy or it’s that little puffiness in the waist of women that makes them attractive.
I could see the fullness of her breast from how the flowly blouse settles on them and she too was wearing a pair of attractive heels.
Olivia : James , this is Crystal….. she’s our HR manager….
James: Hi… hi… nice to meet you….
Crystal : Hi James….. hello…. Please… take a seat….
You know, I’m sure you’ve heard of interview tactics and tricks employers like to pull. Something like trick IQ questions, asking you something totally none related or maybe something to make you uncomfortable.
I never expected the 2 ladies to do what they did.
Fuck come on, I’m just an intern wanna be.
Instead of taking the opposites of the table in the meeting room like I expected to, Crystal suggested we head to their pantry.
30 seconds and a few steps later, I was seated on a beanbag.
A fucking beanbag.
Who the fuck make interns sit on a beanbag for interviews ??
A low coffee table about the size of a chess board separated me from the 2 ladies.
As my eyes drifted northwards from the coffee table, I looked at the 2 ladies who in between their own conversation, slowly took their place too on their own beanbags.
Don’t look.
Don’t fucking look.
I was screaming to myself. Look away.
Fucking look away but I can’t
Like I’m being bewitched, I looked at Crystal and Olivia like a block of wood as they directed their eyes towards me, leaned back and lifted their legs up almost in a synchronised manner.
As the 2 ladies crossed their legs, I could feel a raging erection pushing against my pants.
They say you can probably tell if the interview is going to be a tough one from the first question that leave the interview’s mouth.
Why is this happening to me ?
I just want an internship position.
Crystal looked at me with a friendly smile as the first question left her lips.
Crystal : Do we make you uncomfortable James ?
Oliva smiled as I alternated my eye contact between the 2 ladies.
I hate this feeling of being caught off guard.
How should I answer this ?
I’m obviously uncomfortable. To admit it would make it look bad on me, perhaps a lack of confidence, yet to deny it would only make me look stupid.
The discomfort is written all over my face.
Of course I’m uncomfortable.
Put any guy in my position with 2 babes trying to flash their panties to you while seated on a beanbag, how do you think I should feel ?
If this is in a pub or some club, I would have flirted for sure, it’s like a open invitation but this is not. I’m desperate for a position and I cannot afford to fuck this up right now.
I swallowed a gulp of saliva, wet my lips with my tongue and took a deep breath.
The only thing I can do is to be honest but try to keep everything subtle.
James : Errr… well… I was expecting a more formal setting actually…. So ermm… this…. Is .. this is more casual than I expected…. So yeah…. I’m a bit unsure hahaha…
The girls gave each other a look as if they can communicate through telepathy before turning back to me with a smile.
Crystal : Alright…. James… tell me about yourself….
What followed was pretty standard stuff you get during interviews. I spent some time talking about my experience and my interest. Shallow stuff that all parties would try not to roll their eyes to out of pure courtesy.
Results wise it’s shit, I tried not to go there but I placed more emphasis on my eagerness to learn.
Just when I thought everything was going well, I had to fuck up my summary by saying something stupid.
James : I’m a fast learner and I’m eager to please…
The moment that left my mouth I could see both girls raised an eyebrow before trying to stifle their laughter in a professional manner.
James: Sorry… sorry… I mean I’m eager to learn and improve myself….. and I’m really hoping for a chance to do so at your office….
I could only manage a sheepish smile as the 2 ladies nodded.
Olivia was about to speak when Crystal blurted out something.
Crystal : so…
Olivia : James…
I alternated between the 2 girls waiting to see whose question would come out first as they gave each other a look and laughed before each offering to let the other go first.
In the end Olivia asked her question as she uncrossed her leg before leaning towards the table.
As she lined up her legs, she angled them  15 degrees to her right like the straight double yellow line you see on the road.
I could see the shimmer of the pantry light shining off her smooth hairless calves and I lingered half a second too long on her legs before I focused back on the question she asked.
Olivia : a couple of questions James…… are you ok with…. Ermm…. Extra hours …. Occasionally of course…. And working a different timezone….you know…we serve different clients….. from all over the world…
James : oh of course…. It’s ok with me…..I’m ok with it….
Olivia : Sure ah ?? … hahah…. Don’t wait you complain your girlfriend say you weekend have no time for her…. Haha
Crystal laughed as she too waited for my reply.
James : I’m single… so ermm… that is not a problem…
Crystal : Ohhh… really…. You strike me as someone who would be attached….
James:  Oh… no no… I’m not at the moment….
Crystal : Good… good….
Olivia : James… what is your salary expectations ?
That came out of the blue an I could only stammer and said I’m open to offers. I mean I’m just an intern man. A allowance , maybe a few hundred, a thousand bucks or something. Whatever you give I’ll take.
James : ERmm… it’s an internship… I’m…. I’m ok with any offer….hahha.
Oliva nodded and Crystal asked me something that I wasn’t expecting as well.
Olivia : Student loan ??
James: Err… yeah…. I took a loan for my studies…. Don’t have rich daddy and mummy… ahha
Olivia : Good.. good…. it’s good to be independent….
After a few more cursory questions, Crystal gave Oliva a look with I could pretty much see it marks the end of our conversation.
Olivia : Ok James… good…. let us discuss about this and we’ll give you a call shortly….. ok ?
James: Sure.. sure… thank you for having me here today…..
I extended my hand and was surprised to find out how firm and tight the girls grip are.
Their radiant and sweet smile would make the perfect fapping material for me that evening.
Olivia : Come… since you are here… let me show you around the office….
James : Oh…. Ok.. sure….
My heart was beating pretty fast as I followed Olivia towards the employee only area of that floor.
Crystal excused herself and I saw her heading towards the lift lobby. I followed Olivia as she scanned her card on what seemed to be a blank part of a wall and the door slid opened.
Olivia : This is our main office….we adopt a pretty open concept over here… no cubicles…. And it’s hotdesking for all staff regardless of your position…… unless you are director level and above….
I looked into the white and sleek looking work area and the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was.
I felt a strange chill.
As I stepped into the office, I could hear the slide of the door closing behind me.
Staff that were previously working looked up from their workstations, looking at me as if I’m the new student in class and the teacher was about to make an introduction.
The curious gaze lasted about 2 seconds before they went back to their laptops.
As they were looking at me, I was also observing everyone of them.
There are at least a dozen staff within my line of sight.
All of them were girls.
All female.
They are all young and pretty decent looking. I think their average age could not be more than 30.
All girls except one other guy.
This lone guy sitting right at the corner in the middle of the office.
I made eye contact with him as Olivia signalled for me to follow her.
Olivia : come…. I’ll show you the back office and the rest of the departments…
That eye contact lasted at least 3 seconds.
A full 3 long seconds of eye contact.
That look on his face.
He looked like he was in his early 30s but instead his expression looked grim and weary.
Where is that bliss and excitement of working in a office filled with hot babes ? Where is that energy ?
As I crossed the midway mark of the work space, I turned and my eyes met that of the guy again. He was still looking at me.
The chill finally came and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand when I saw him shaking his head slightly at me like a scene from a horror movie.
I was still trying to digest that scene when Olivia showed me the room where employees can rest during lunch breaks or when working a different timezone.
Oliva : Here’s our break room….
James : Wow… it’s like a hotel suite….
Olivia : Hahah.. yeap…. Only the best for our employees…
We toured the rest of the departments before Olivia walked me to the lift lobby.
Olivia : So… what do you think ??
James: ermm… I’m ready to start as soon as you make me an offer… hahahah….
Olivia : hhaha… that’s good…. any questions for me ??
I hesitated for moment before asking Olivia what are my chances of being able to work as an intern at her office.
James: What are my chances ?? …. It’s ok… you can be honest… haha…
Oliva smiled and she folded her arms before giving me the once over.
Olivia : there’s a few candidates I’m considering…. In fact you’re the last one we shortlisted for the interview… so….
James : Oh… you are the one deciding ?? ..
Olivia : Of course…. The intern will work with me…hahah.. of course I get to decide…
I smiled and nodded, inside my heart I was screaming and pleading for the chance to work under this hot babe.
James : Ok… if… I mean if selected….i would give my best man Olivia…. For you… I mean… ill do anything… hahah
Olivia laughed as the lift door opened.
I stepped in and as I turned back to look at Olivia, she added.
Olivia : Anything ??? hahah you sure ??
James: yes… yes… anything…
I beamed a wide smile , receiving one from Olivia in return as she shook her head playfully like a teacher dismissing a playful student.
Olivia : I’ll see you around then James… haha
As the lift door closed, I tried to interpret her last sentence.
Does that mean I got the position already ?
The lift went down 2 floors before it stopped.
There was a bit of commotion and I could see paramedics pushing someone in on the trolley.
I made way as the guy was wheeled in seated upright.
I looked at the guy on the trolley who was barely conscious, and it was then I noticed something weird. Neither of the 2 paramedics were attending to the guy.
One had his eyes on the door, the other had his eyes on me.
As the lift door opened, I watch them wheel the guy out before adjusting the trolley into a lying position. I walked out and as I made my way to the exit, saw the paramedics loading the guy up onto a private ambulance.
I did a double take as I turned to look at the stencilled logo on the vehicle.
‘CP Capital’
What the fuck…
As the private ambulance pulled away, it got me thinking.
What kind of private investment firm need their own ambulance ?
The first thing I did when I got back home was to draft a nice letter to thank Crystal and Olivia for seeing me that day.
I googled all the nice things to say and edited them to make it sound less like I’m licking their balls so I get the job offer. Not that they have any balls but I would lick any part of their bodies if they wanted me to.
I entered the email on the name cards given to me and hit send before sitting back in my chair.
Now the only thing I can do is pray.
5th June 2017
I checked my mail the first thing in the morning and there’s nothing.
No reply.
I told myself to give it some time.
I saw the girls last Friday, everyone is in weekend mood on Fridays so nothing much gets done.
They would probably start thinking about my interview on Monday.
Maybe by noon they will give me a call.
I checked my mail every hour and kept looking at my phone. I cannot believe how desperate I was. As I looking through my course materials, I could not help but ask myself am I desperate for the position in that office or am I feeling this way because of how pretty the girls are.
Would I have felt this way if it was a couple of ugly fat aunties who interviewed me ?
Still no calls.
I even googled what is the appropriate timeline to wait before calling up the company to make a polite enquiry on my application.
My phone rang and I immediately answered it.
James : Hellow ??
Olivia : Hi James… Olivia here…
James ; Hi.. hi….. hellow….
Olivia : How’s your weekend ?? good ?
James ; Yeah.. yeah… it was ok….
I could almost hear her smiling over the phone and I could picture an image of her sitting at her desk, her legs crossed while her sexy heels dangled off her feet as she looked at my file.
Olivia ; Ok… here’s the thing…. I’m pleased to inform you that….. we are offering you the position as an intern in our office…
James : really ?!!! that’s great…. Thank you so much !
Olivia : Allowance wise we can offer you 1.1k , is that acceptable with you ?
James : sure sure… no problem….
I don’t really care about the money, I just needed the position. Knowing that I secured my internship position really takes a load off my chest
Knowing that I’m about to work in Olivia’s team, picturing her hot figure, trying to recall her fragrance and smile, I know I could take several loads off my testicles as well just masturbating to her.
Olivia : it’s not a lot I know but I assure you… you are going to learn a lot more over here…. So…. I hope you won’t be too particular about the basic allowance…
James : Oh… not at all… It’s fine with me really…
My mind was immediately trying to process what Olivia’s statement is really about.
Basic pay.
She talked about basic pay but I’m an intern, perhaps there is overtime pay or something in this office ?
Or perhaps performance base bonus ?
Olivia : Depending on your performance, the office might adjust your basic allowance too , and if we need your help with difficult projects and clients, we will be sure to make it worth your while….
James : Ok… i’m just really happy to be able to get the position… the rest I’m really ok with it haha…
Olivia ; haha… that’s good to know…. By the way… the information we are dealing with is quite sensitive….
Olivia went on to mention that I am required to sign some non-disclosure documents and contracts.
Olivia : Information that even after you leave the office, you are not allowed to share or divulge….
James ; Oh… ok… sure.. sure…
Olivia ; This is serious James…. Because if you breech the clauses, the company will come after you…..understand ??
James : Yes… I understand… no problem…
Olivia ; Ok great… I’ll prepare the documents…. One more question James…
James ; Yeah…?
Olivia : Do you have an outstanding student loan ??
What a weird question to ask.
James ; Yes I do….ermm…. why are you asking ??
Olivia : just some additional information I needed to key into the system….. may I know the total sum ??
James : About 37 thousand…
Olivia ; Ok… great…. When can you drop by to get some paper work done ?
James : Anytime they are ready !..
Olivia laughed and asked me to drop by the office again that Friday afternoon.
Olivia ; See you on Friday…
James : Ok… See you.. ! …
It was only after I hung up that I realised just listening to Olivia’s voice made me smile and that I was probably talking to her with a permanent smile on my face as well.
She has this absolute charm that I find it impossible to resist.
9th June 2017
I was back at the same office waiting for Olivia in the meeting room.
No one received me in the reception, I was buzzed though the intercom and told to wait in the room for Olivia as she is occupied with a client.
I took a seat and made myself comfortable, letting my mind wander what Olivia is wearing that day.
Perhaps another figure hugging dress , or maybe a loose blouse that would show off her clevage. Maybe a pair of striking hot heels.
However when I saw Olivia, none of the images I conjured up in my mind matched the clothes she was wearing.
Olivia was in shorts.
Yes, shorts as in casual shorts.
She had on a singlet with a popular thai beer brand logo and I could see her perfectly manicured nails from the flip flops she was wearing.
I stood up as she came into the room with a few documents separated by her fingers.
Olivia : Sorry…. Sorry… was held up….
James : Wow… you look…. Different today …
Olivia laughed and I watched her brush her hair behind her ears as she set the documents in order for me to sign.
Olivia ; I’m supposed to be on leave today…. Got some errands to run….
James ; Oh… sorry…. Did you come back because of this ?? …
Olivia : oh no… no… actually got a colleague to help with this but I came back to attend to some urgent matter…. … so I thought I might as well go through with you….
Olivia remained standing and as I watched her bend over the table trying to sticky note the parts I needed to sign, I could not resist looking through her singlet.
Her single is pretty loose and with her youthful looks, she looked just like your typical classmate in university going though project work with you.
Looking straight in, I could see her bra.
It’s a trendy cage bra with really sexy and alluring straps, the fingers of which were tightly curled and wrapped around her chest area.
Olivia : Ok… here… you need to look through all these and sign them…
I did not even bother reading and just started signing where ever Olivia had marked.
Oliva: Are you going to read them ? hahaha
James : It’s ok la….. don’t worry… I won’t go around shooting my mouth about work matters…
Olivia ; hahaha.. ok.. that’s good.
5 minutes later, I was done with all the documents and Olivia told me she looked forward to seeing me in August.
Olivia : So I’ll see you in August then….
James : Yeap… I can’t wait… haha
Olivia : That’s what everyone says at first…
I raised an eyebrow but said nothing as Olivia offered to walk me to the lift.
She gave me a copy of the employee handbook and the internship contract I signed but kept the rest of them.
I must have signed at least 6 documents, I caught a glimpse of a few.
Non disclosure, non competition and stuff, the usual. Nothing out of the blue, who the hell reads through stuff like this anyway.
Olivia : James…. do me a favour … take the lift 2 floors down….. it’s a subsidiary of ours…. … drop this at the reception…
Olivia passed me an A3 envelope
James : ok sure… see you in August.
Olivia gave me a wink and one of the sweetest smile you can imagine from a hot office babe as I took the lift down.
When the lift opened, I walked into the lobby and realised it was the same floor I saw some guy being wheeled into the lift previously.
The reception looked grand and professional, an average looking lady looked up and I handed her the envelope.
James ; Hi… erm… Olivia asked me to hand this to you….
The lady immediately smiled when she head Olivia’s name.
She hit a button and I heard the magnetic catch of the glass door beside her snapped open.
She gestured with a welcoming hand towards that glass door and went back to her work station without a word.
Ok. This is weird.
I shook it off and went into the room.
It was a small area about the size of a badminton court.
There were several lounge chairs and coffee tables and I seemed to have come into a pantry or a club lounge of sort.
I saw 3 other ladies, all pretty old, probably in their later 40s. They were all plump and they looked like they have been binge eating for a good few years.
All 3 of them looked at me without a word.
I felt pretty uncomfortable as I raised up the A3 envelope.
James : ERmm…. Hi…. Olivia…. Asked me to deliver this here….
Another door opened and 2 more middle age ladies entered.
These 2 looked a little younger.
Probably in their late thirties.
They have the milf kind of looks on them, quite decent looking but sorry. They are all not my cup of tea.
I’m still into sweet young things and innocent school girls. Olivia wise, yes, the hot office lady who feels like an older sister but these are just a turn off.
I repeated my question to the 2 ladies who just entered, hoping they might be able to relieve me of the envelope so I can get going.
For a good 10 seconds, none of the 5 ladies in the room spoke. They just stared at me in awkward silence.
James : Erm…..err…..
I was about to turn and head back into the reception when one of the fat auntie came by and took the envelope from me.
She introduced herself as Faye.
Faye : I’ll take that…. Thank you….
I have never felt this level of weirdness before in my life as I handed the envelope to Faye and walked back out the reception.
As I took the lift down to the ground floor, I could not help but feel a certain creepiness in my body as I thought about what just happened.
I brushed it off as nothing more than my own imagination.
I’ll just ask Olivia about it when I start my internship.
When I reached home, I could not help but think of the situation I just encountered.
This better not be some Quentin Tarantino shit when the rich bids for my life or something.
I shudder at the thought of being butchered alive and forced myself to be positive.
It’s just an internship. The aunties are probably some admin staff who are taking a break and reluctant to move their fat asses to process some additional work Olivia is doing.
Yes. That must be the case.
Within a week, I forgot all about the weird incident and  was looking forward to start my internship in the office.
1st August 2017
I was at the entrance of the office at 9am sharp.
I hit the intercom and I could hear Olivia’s bubbly voice over the machine.
Olivia : Welcome…. First day yah…
James : yes.. morning…
Olivia : Come in… be right there in a minute.
I waited in the same meeting room for about 5 minutes before Olivia came in with a file.
She gave me my staff pass which will get me through the door, gave me my login ID for the terminal before she showed me to my seat.
I thought I will be working in the same wide hall as the rest of the people I saw but instead I was brought to Crystal’s office.
Crystal : Morning James…
James : Morning Crystal ….
Crystal : Welcome…
After handing me some files I followed the girls to the break room.
The same break room I toured the day after my interview.
As I stepped in, I was first hit by the scent of a hotel room.
There must be some universal disinfectant that the hotel industry is using in the rooms, the temperature felt a little low and I saw both Crystal and Oliva removed their heels before stepping into the break room.
James : Oh… must remove shoes…
Olivia : Yes of course…. It’s the rest area…
James : Ermm…. Why are we here ??
I removed my shoes and followed the ladies into the room where the study desk is.
The king size bed looked inviting and the neatly pressed sheets feels like they are ready to be used.
Oliva smiled a little apologetically and added that the room is the only place with an available terminal for me to work.
Olivia : We are trying to set up a station for you in the meantime….so for the time being…. Hope you don’t mind ok ? hahah
Crystal : I’m sure he won’t mind la… hahha.. work in hotel suite wor…. Haha
Olivia : The previous intern liked it so much that he remained here throughout his entire internship…. Haha
Crystal : Oh… you can get attached to this place…. That intern joined us full time after he graduated….. even asked if he could still work back in here… hahah
Olivia : ya hahah…. He’s such a funny guy…
I nodded and asked.
James: Oh… but what happens when the staff need to take a break ??
Crystal : There’s more than 1 break room…. Anyway, usually it’s for night use, Day time it’s usually empty….one of the place with peace and quiet in the office…
Olivia : You can ring my extension if you need anything….leave a message if i’m not there….
James: ok sure…. Ermm… anything for me to do for today ?
The girls laughed and told me to read through the employee handbook for now.
Olivia : I need to head off for a meeting…. I’ll bring you out for lunch later…
Crystal : see you… have fun James…
I watched the 2 ladies chat about the price movement of a particular company as they bent down to put on their heels in front of me.
This is truly a weird place to work.
First day as an intern and they put me unsupervised in a place like this ?
The terminal at the study desk is already turned on and I logged in with my given ID and password.
Username : Tempintern
Password : temptemp
This must be the typical access they issues to temp employees like me or something.
I entered they details and waited for the terminal to finish loading while I check out the room where I will be working in.
I looked around the break room.
The paintings, the side table, there is even a mini bar and fridge both fully stocked.
I head to the bathroom and was blown away by how big it is.
There’s a bathtub as well sitting inside the spacious marble interior.
There were gold trimmings on the faucets and I tested the bathtub and rain shower.
It all worked.
Looking at the counter top, I could see an array of personal grooming kits. From shavers to toothbrushs and cotton buds
Man, if I am a full time employee, I don’t mind working late if I get to enjoy a suite like this when I clock in extra hours.
I tried the TV as well, it had all the international channels too.
There’s even a centralised switch for the lights.
I must truly be dreaming.
This is like having my own office.
I looked at the desktop of the terminal and was surprised to see the amount of stuff left behind by the last intern.
James : what the hell….
I don’t believe this shit.
There were games icon all over the terminal.
The previous guy must be having a great time it seemed.
I could not stand a cluttered desktop so I started to clean up.
There were 12 games in all installed on the terminal. I’m not talking about those time wasting click games, I’m talking about full blizzard and Steam shit.
Starcraft, Call of duty.
There are all in the terminal.
I went to the internet explorer and the moment I hit the address bar, I cursed out in shock.
James : Fuck ….. you got to be shitting me…
There were porn sites on the address bars.
Porn sites, sex forums, erotic blogs, even sites that sells sex toys.
The previous guy must be having a hell of a time here in that room.
Probably letting the fact that he is working in a hotel suite get to him.
I immediately turned up and looked around.
There isn’t any cameras in the room.
I flipped up the full height curtains and realised it was a fake window.
There’s full height glass alright with a light source behind to simulate daylight.
A quick glance around the room followed by some snooping around, I’m pretty sure there were no cameras.
I thought about the possibility of hidden cameras but I brushed it off.
This is a place for people to take a break, to rest.
Maybe staff use it to surf porn too, who knows.
And if the previous intern was using it openly, it should be safe.
I sat back on the chair and looked at the terminal.
I had a direct view of the door, and anyone that will be coming in.
My terminal faces me and the back is the fake window and curtains.
I’m pretty tempted to start surfing some youtube videos but I don’t want to fuck up my internship on my first day so I stuck to the reading.
Barely 30 minutes in, I was feeling sleepy.
The temperature, the smell, the overall lighting of the hotel suite. It is just so conducive for a good rest.
I nod off hard enough to jerk myself awake the same time to realised I was not alone in the room.
The auntie.
The auntie that took my file.
She was standing at the entrance with what looked like the same A3 folder in hand.
I almost let loose a string of expletive as I stood upright immediately as if a senior army office had just walked into the room.
Her sudden unannounced arrival made me feel as if my privacy had been intruded.
Perhaps the comfort of the hotel room lured me to become too comfortable. I could feel my heart drop as I snapped awake. I could even feel a significant lag in my body as I tried to come to terms with this sudden shock.
I looked at her as she walked towards me in a nonchalant manner.
James : Hi… hi… i… i… ermm……
I don’t know why I was that nervous and I’m almost stuttering. I did not do anything wrong, or rather, I was not doing anything.
James ; Hi… I’m the new intern…..i’m James…
The auntie did not stop walking towards me.
I double checked the computer in front of me just to make sure I did not accidentally open up and of the windows or programs where my predecessor left behind a trail of his taste of porn.
Within seconds, the auntie was right in front of me.
I could see the wrinkles on her face and the crow’s feet on the side of her eyes. She’s probably in her late forties or early fifties but somehow she feels older than she looks.
Her figure or rather, the lack of one made her swaddle as she walked towards me.
She’s like a penguin as she tried to balance on her low wedge heels.
When she smiles, I could see the stains on her teeth. She must be one heavy coffee drinker.
She introduced herself as she dropped the A3 folder on the table in front of me before dragging the spare chair to settle her body into.
I could almost hear the chair creak in pain as she lumped her fat ass on the seat.
Faye : I’m Faye
Yes, I remember her. She was the one that took my envelope.
Her eyes, there is something about her eyes I cannot put my finger to.
The way she was looking at me made me feel uncomfortable.
It’s like she was looking at a piece of meat.
An image of me when I’m old and fat as I ogled at a girl young enough to be my daughter started to appear in my head.
I looked at her body language.
Fuck my life she was trying to cross her legs.
Her fat thighs looked uncomfortable as they squished on top of one another in a rubbery manner.
I looked away, trying to concentrate on her face.
James : Hi… hi Faye….. ermm… do you need anything ??
Faye : yes of course…. If not I won’t not be here would I ??
James ; Oh… ermm…what can I do for you ?? I’m actually waiting for Olivia and ….
Faye waved me off as she tried to fold her arms.
I had to stop myself from making any weird expressions as I looked at how her fat almost rubber like arms squished her breast onto her body.
Faye : yes.. yes… I know you are Olivia’s intern…..they’re busy now….
James : Ermm….
I waited for her to go on and hopefully tell me what the fuck she wants.
Faye looked at me, starting from the top of my head as she worked her way down the rest of my body, as she scanned my features with her beady and suspicious looking eyes, I looked hopefully towards the door of the room.
Perhaps someone might come in then to save me from this awkward situation.
Faye : I’m here regarding the finances…
James : Oh…
Ok, she must be here to get my bank details.
They need to credit my pay and stuff.
James : Oh right…. Sure… sure…. My bank is POSB…. Do I just give you the account number or ??
Faye laughed. She burst out into a short chuckled initially which sounded weird to me.
She sounded different, but as soon as I caught hold of how weird her laugh was, her voice went back to the low dull tone it had always been.
James : ERmm….. i… ermm…
I looked at Faye who was trying to get out of her chair with a little bit of difficulty.
My patience is running thin and I really wish I could just tell her in her face to just let me know what the fuck she wants.
Faye : Not about this James… hahaha…. Hahah… not about this…
James ; ERmmm. Then…..??
Faye smiled and tapped the A3 folder on the table.
James : ERmm.. is that for me ?
Faye : yes…. On one condition…
Ok. That is.
She can go fuck herself.
I don’t care what is inside, that’s it. I’ve given her enough of my time and patience.
James : I…
Before I could even start, Faye opened the envelope and pulled out a small rectangle piece of paper.
She orientated it to face me and as soon as I saw what it was, my eyes widened and I immediately looked back at Faye.
James : what is this…. What is the meaning of this ?
It’s a cheque for 40 thousand dollars made out in my name.
Faye : it’s for your student loan….. and a little bit of bonus …. Something like a token fee..
I was dumfounded for a good 3 seconds before I could even muster up a reply.
James : You give all your interns….. such bonus ?
Faye : hahahah.. if they deserve it…. Why not ?? hahaha….
I knew I did not have to wait long before Faye told me what she wanted in return for that cheque.
I know what you are thinking, she wants to fuck me. Or rather, she wants me to fuck her.
Please la dey.
I doubt I could even get an erection looking at her when she is fully dressed. My dick might just decide to flip inside out and go back into my body if I see her naked.
There is absolutely no way I’m going to do anything obscene for this cheque.
40 thousand brother, is not 40 million.
I can easily make 40k on my own merit after I graduate.
Faye : Ok you see…. As an investment firm…. We place quite a bit of emphasis…. On… risk taking….
James : What ??….
I listened with my mouth half opened as Faye went on.
She says it’s important for all staff, full time employees and interns alike to understand and be acclimatised to the company’s culture of risk taking.
Faye : You don’t take risk…..you should not be in this field….. yet if you take too much risk….. you suffer the consequence…..haha
Faye walked around the table and I backed away a little, giving her more space.
She tiptoed and sat on the table itself, her rubbery fat thighs splattered across my work desk.
I better not find a layer of oil on the desk after she gets up.
It would make me puke out my breakfast.
Faye : I’ll play a game with you…. If you win… the cheque is yours…..
James ; What !??
Faye : It’s a simple game…. Are you up for it….?
James : What… what if I lose ??
Faye : hahah …. Then you don’t get the cheque…
James : That’s all ?
Faye nodded.
I had to hold back a chuckle.
This has got to be a joke.
Of course I would play the game.
Win I get the cheque, lose, the most I don’t get it. I’ve got nothing to lose.
James : Ok… deal… what game do we play…. ?
Faye smiled and told me something so absurd that I had to stop myself from laughing.
Faye : Scissors paper stone..
This must be some prank they play on the interns and new staff.
You know, some orientations shit and all.
James : hahaha.. you are joking right….
Faye shook her head.
James : we’re playing scissors paper stone for 40k ?? … hahaha…. This level of risk taking is a bit…. Ermm….
Faye replied in a nonchalant manner.
Faye ; We make decisions involving millions of dollars every day…. 40k…. I think it’s a nice figure to start with….
James ; haha.. ermm.. ok… fine….
I took a deep breath as I worked out the odds in my head. This simple childhood game might actually get me enough money to clear my student loan.
Faye : So….? Good to go ?
James : Hahaha…. Really….. I mean… this is some kind of joke you play on interns is it ? …. I mean… be serious…. Hahah…
Faye : No… but the choice is yours…..you can choose not to take the risk and not play …
I replied almost immediately.
James : I’ll play….. wait… wait…wait…
I thought about it for a moment before clarifying some doubts.
James ; How many games are we playing ? … what if it’s a tie….?
Faye smiled and replied.
Faye : Just 1…. If it’s a tie, we keep playing until there’s a winner…. Simple right …
I looked at her double chin as she smiled. There is something very unnatural about her overall outlook.
Something just seemed weird and out of place.
James ; Ok… let’s do it….
I raised up my hand and suddenly I could feel my heart beating a little too fast.
I’m feeling nervous.
This has got to be the most expensive rock paper scissors game ever.
I don’t know what I want to throw, I mean the odds are equal for all of us right.
33% chance for me to win.
Draw doesn’t matter.
I clenched my fist and made up my mind.
Faye : ready ?
I nodded.
James : scissors …….
Faye : Paper….
James ; Stone…
I threw out stone and I stared blankly at Faye with her outstretched hand. She threw paper.
I lost.
Faye : How typical of men….. Rock… or stone…. Is a typical opening move. Very aggressive yes…. But very amateur ….. hahah… you lose…
What the fuck….
James : now what ? …
Faye opened her mouth again and aside from offering me another go, she started to go all analytical on the game.
Faye : This…. Is a game of psychology….  Not a game of chance…. Do you understand….
James : errr…..
Faye : I’ll let you have another go….. for 200…
James : What ?!
Faye : 200 bucks…. If you lose… you lose 200….. if you win… it’s 40k….what say you ?? hahaha
Faye already raised up her fist and I could feel my head doing the math.
200 for 40k.
It’s worth a shot.
Fuck this psychology shit. This is a game of chance.
Faye counted down and this time round, I threw scissors.
I felt my heart drop when I saw the rock Faye was holding.
Faye : hahahahahahah….
I could not believe this.
Faye :  losers change their strategy…..i know you won’t throw rock again…. So there’a  50-50 chance of either paper or scissors….. seeing how aggressive you are…. My money is on scissors… hahaha… you lose again….
My blood is boiling by then and the thought of losing a good 200 bucks on this stupid game is making me even more angry.
I looked at Faye in disbelief. She seemed like she was getting a kick seeing me all worked up.
Faye : Now James….. would you like to take another risk……?
I could feel my chest heaving up and down as I looked at Faye.
She’s reading me.
I know she is.
Faye : 1k…… 1k…… for my 40k…..
This is ridiculous but I found myself gravitating towards the offer. I’m still on the winning end if I win.
I can win 40k.
Faye : Show me how much of a risk taker you are James…. Hahaha…. The choice is yours….
I see her fist clench up and she raised it above her head.
I threw rock, I threw scissors, there’s no way I’m throwing paper. Fuck.
She is still reading me.
What should I throw ?
Should I go back to rock ?
Faye : Think carefully James…. I said this is a game of psychology…. Not chance… hahaha… think….
Fuck you.
This is a game of chance. She just got lucky .
I clenched up my fist and nodded my head.
There’s no way I’m going to lose this. Not to Faye.
Not to this fat auntie.
Faye started the countdown again and when our chose signs were lined up in front of each other, I sat back down on the chair in disbelief as Faye chuckled again.
I threw a rock and she threw a paper.
What the fuck is this black magic. She is fucking with my head.
Faye : hahahah… oh my…. How good are you with math and statistics ? hahaha… hahah… you know you cannot anyhow take risks unless you know the math right ? hahahah…
I looked at Faye in disbelief as she went on and gave me a lecture.
Statistically, the expected average is 33%. If everything is completely random, it turns out that the most common throw is rock base on studies and researches done.
Faye : there’s a 35% chance of you throwing a rock, 35% scissors… and 29.6% paper…. By applying that….
My mind had zoned out by then.
I was down 1k.
1k for a stupid game.
Faye was still talking but I was not taking in anything.
The only thing that I heard after zoning out was her offering me a chance to get it all back.
Faye kept the 40k cheque and made me another offer.
Faye : I guess the cheque is off…. At this rate.. you will never be able to get it… hahah… as for the 1k…..
I looked at Faye as she took her time to fuck with my head.
Faye : 1k……. for….
Faye pulled out 3 pieces of 1000 bill from her skirt pocket.
Faye : 3 of mine….
I stared at the purple coloured bill before looking back up at Faye. Every ounce of logic left in my head was screaming for me to stop but I can’t.
Faye : if it’s a draw……. I’ll take it as we’re even……you lose….. you are down 2k in all….. you win…. ….. the 1k debt is gone…. And… you get all these….. how about that ?? hahaha… another game ??
I wanted to shout so badly in the room as i considered my option.
Fuck !
I want to win.
James : Ok… 1 last game .
Faye : hahaha… ok…. I’ll give you a hint… I’m throwing paper….ok ? hahaha
I stared at Faye in disbelief as she raised up her clenched fist once again and pulled it behind her head like an archer priming her arrow for the shot.
She’s fucking with me. She has to be fucking with me.
Who the fuck in her right mind would tell her opponent what she wants to throw ?
She say paper, she expects me to play scissors. Then she will smoke me and play rock.
Fucking cunning slut !
I drew back my hand and gritted my teeth.
I could go for a draw. I’ll throw paper, if she’s telling the truth, it’s a draw. I walk away unharmed. If she fucks me and throw a rock expecting me to play scissors, I will win since I’m throwing paper.
The odds are on my side.
Faye counted down and I suck in a breath of the cold air in the room.
Faye : scissors…. Paper…
James : stone !!
I stretched out my palm , my heart barely beating as I looked the 2 signs that was being thrown. It took my mind a second too long to process what I was seeing.
I threw a paper.
Faye threw scissors.
I looked up from the signs and directly into Faye’s eyes.
She was trying to stifle a laugh.
James : You !!
Faye : Yes. I lied….. I cannot believe how naïve you are. … but then again… you are only 23…. Still a long way for you to go young man… hahahah….
James : You… you!!
I was so angry that I could hardly speak.
She said she was going to throw paper.
Faye : You are not much of a risk taker James….. are you ?? …. Going for a paper…. You want to go for a draw…… save your own skin…. Why are you not going for the win ??
Faye went on to say that if I had been more aggressive and gone for the win, I would have thrown a scissors and she would have let me go with a draw.
Faye : hahha… I like playing this game with you James…. Hahaha…. Haha…. What say you ?? shall we go another round ??
I stood up from my chair in anger.
Within the span of 30 minutes, I lost 2k.
2 thousand !
I’m only a student. This pretty much means I’m going to work for free for the next 2 months, not to forget I need to dig into my own savings for my living expenses.
Faye : one more James? …. One more ??
I wanted to say yes but I resisted.
No. No more.
If I continued down this path, I would never crawl out of it.
James : no…. no more !…. I’m done…
Faye : alright… hahahha… as you wish… just pay me… and I’ll be on my way….
James: What !…. now ??
Faye : What do you expect ?? hahah.. of course you have to pay now…. I would given you your 40k cheque instantly if you win…..
James : but… but….
Faye : Oh… please don’t tell me you are taking a risk with money you do not have ?? hahha… that is not cool at all….
I was fuming inside as I tried to recall how much money I have in my bank.
Probably a little shy of 5k. My savings from my years of hard work doing temp jobs during holidays. Those are my living expenses. Money that I earned. I stopped taking an allowance from my parents the day I enlisted in the army. I’ve been financially independent for a while .
Now I’m almost graduating, I’m not about to ask them for money.
Faye : well ? … you can write me a cheque…. Or… would you like another game ?? hahaha
I could not stand her taunt.
I wanted to ask her to leave and get out of the room.
Just then, the room door opened.
It was Olivia .
She looked a little surprised and I saw a raised eyebrow when she saw that I was not alone.
Olivia : Oh… hi Faye…. What are you doing here ?
Faye : Hi Olivia…. I’m getting to know your new intern… haha… he is an interesting guy… much better than the previous one you had…
Olivia : Oh.. really? Hahah….that’s good…
Olivia came over to me and that was when I noticed something.
Olivia removed her heels.
Faye did not.
In fact, she was still wearing her flat heels where she was.
Olivia came over and handed me a thumb drive.
Olivia : James, help me read through this proposal and give me a summary of it….. you can do that can you ??
James: Yes… of course…
Olivia : It’s urgent… can you give me by today ??
James: Ok… I’ll get on it right away…
Faye asked Olivia about some budgeting issues for a particular project. Looking at her body language and the way she conducts herself, I assumed she is of a higher rank that Olivia.
Olivia : That budget we need to bring forward to next workyear… we don’t have enough resources to do it right now….
Faye : but this was brought forward from the previous isn’t it…. At this rate… CFO might just take it away if we don’t sort it out soon.
The 2 ladies were deep in conversation when Olivia’s mobile phone rang.
She excused herself and turned away, speaking softly into her phone.
At this moment, Faye turned towards me and threw me a sudden dare.
Faye : James…. Ill give you a chance to call it even….
James: Huh ??
Faye : What is the colour of Olivia’s underwear ?
James: WHAT !!
My eyes almost popped out of my sockets as I exclaimed so loudly that Olivia turned around before moving further away from Faye and i.
She was still talking on the phone, her body angled towards the bathroom and the exit.
Faye : Tell me the colour of Faye’s panty…. And we’ll call it even…. Hahhaa.. how’s that ?
I cannot believe what she was saying.
I looked over at Olivia, she was still on the phone. I don’t know what Faye was thinking, she probably expected me to run over and quickly lift up Olivia’s skirt or I don’t know, stick my phone under her for a second or 2.
Eitherway, it was a sure fire way of getting myself fucked in that office.
James: ARE you out of your mind ??? No way!!
I whispered harshly as Faye just chuckled as how much of a chicken I am.
Faye : You’re not a risk taker James…. Come on… we need people who like to take risk….
People who are willing to push the boundaries….this is what makes this firm successful hahaha….hahah…
I shook my head as Faye egged me on.
Faye : Come on…. For 2 k… you just need to bend for a quick look……
I could hear Faye’s voice in my head as she tried to get me to do it.
She kept saying that Olivia is pretty, that she is so sexy and young.
Faye : That youthful energy…. You can see the bounce in her steps…. Her bottom sure is very tight and firm…. Her panty…. Oooohhhh… I’m sure it’s pink and lacy don’t you think ?? hahaha…
She went on to describe how hot that weather was that day, that Olivia was sure to have some sweat stains on her panty.
I could feel the throb in my erection as she went on.
Faye : Just a quick peep….. for 2k ?
I refused.
James: No!… no way… I ….. I cannot do this …. I can’t..
Faye laughed and shook her head.
Just when I thought this was all over, she threw me another dare.
Faye : I’ll do it…. How about that?
James: What ??
Faye : hahah… I said I’ll do it…. I’ll find out what colour is her panty… hahah…. Would you like to play this game with me ??
I looked at Faye in disbelief.
She told me that if she did it, I would end up oweing her 3k.
Faye : If I don’t…. consider your debt cleared….and… I’ll give you another chance to win the 40k cheque.. hahaha….
I looked at Olivia, who was still oblivious to our conversation.
Faye and I whispered as we tried to work out an acceptable deal.
I reasoned that there is no way Faye would do this.
She’s just fucking with me.
Sure, she may be Olivia’s superior, but there is no way she would do something so perverted such as peeping at Olivia’s upskirt.
It’s not possible.
She may be female but this is sexual harassment.
Things like this are not taken lightly in Singapore. She might even lose her job.
It’s a bluff.
Faye would never do it.
Faye : What do you think ?? are you going to take this risk ??
I nodded and I could see Faye pumping her fist in excitement.
Faye : hahaha… hahaha… I like you… I like you James… hahaha.. hahah…
I sat back and waited for Faye to make her move.
If she’s agile enough, Olivia might not notice what she was doing.
Besides her dress is already so short, I bet the guys behind her on the escalator would keep their eyes glued to the bottom of her dress.
I was expecting Faye to move but she did not.
She waited.
She waited for Olivia to finish speaking on the phone before she spoke.
Faye : Olivia…
Olivia : Yeah ??
Faye smiled and turned to look at me before looking back at Olivia .
Faye : James wants to know the colour of your panty…
I almost fell from my chair as I quickly stood up and started waving my hands at Olivia.
James: No… no… no….. Olivia…. i… i….
Faye laughed and laughed on the chair.
I feel like strangling her right there and then.
Olivia gave me an irritated look as she remained quiet before turning to look at Faye.
Olivia : What are you talking about ??!
I could see the frown on Olivia’s forehead.
My god, even when she frown, the manner in which she showed her displeasure, she still look so pretty.
Faye ; It’s true…. James wants to know the colour of your panty… he made a bet with me…
James : NO!!.. no!.. no… i.. i…
Olivia : James….is that true ???
Faye laughed and I could see her rubbery fats jiggle  around her cheeks and tummy.
Faye ; Ask him… ask him if it’s true……hahah….
I was totally dumbfounded as I looked at Olivia, I was blushing red. I have never been so embarrassed before in my life.
Imagine you are in my position.
On the first day of my internship, your superior finds out you want to know the colour of her panty.
Faye : Admit it James….. are you man enough to admit it ??
I snapped and I could not longer keep it in.
James ; You are the one that is instigating me to do this..!!…. you are supposed to find out the colour of Olivia’s panty !!….
Faye clapped and laughed as I stole a quick glance at Olivia.
Her cheeks too was blushing red.
I cannot imagine how she must be feeling.
This is awful.
James ; fine… you want to do it this way….. I won the bet then…. You did not find out the colour of her panty !!…. I win….
Faye ; oh… hahahah… oh… you’re talking about the bet now are we?? Hahah.. hahaha… Olivia look… see…. He admitted it already right… hahaha.. haha..
James ; I… I … !! … Olivia… I !!.. it was she…!…
I did not know how to go on.
This is so awkward.
I wish I could climb into a hole and hide there.
Faye : by the way James…. I have yet to lose the bet…..
James : What !!
Faye ; There isn’t a time limit on how long I can take to find out the colour of her panty…..is there ??? hahah… haha…
James ; How… how could you even….?
I sank into the chair and buried my face in my palms.
This is one of the most shameful moments in my life.
Faye ; Olivia…..
Olivia : Yes….?
Faye : Go over to James….
I looked up in horror.
I could see Olivia’s lips trembling. She was on the verge of tears.
James : What are you doing  Faye ?
Faye ; hahah.. haha… go over to James…. Show him… show him the colour of your panty…
James ; NO!!…
I stood up and immediately put up my hands with my palms facing Olivia.
Faye ; Do it Olivia…. Or you’re out…
James : No.. no .. no… don’t do this please…no…
I could see Olivia glaring at me, her eyes turning a little red. Tears were beginning to gather around the corner of her eyes.
James ; NO!!. NO… stop… fine.. you win… you win… I don’t need to know…
Faye ; hahaha.. you don’t want to see Olivia’s panty ??? hahah.. haha
James ; No.. no… I don’t stop this… you win… I’ll pay you… I’ll pay you….
Faye ; hahaha.. hahah
Faye clapped her hands and gestured to Olivia over to her.
I cannot imagine the power Faye must be wielding to control Olivia to that extent.
Faye’s hands reached under Olivia’s dress.
Olivia : ernghh !
With one fluid motion, Faye yanked and pulled Olivia’s cream coloured panty with a slim panty liner attached down to her knees.
Olivia’s eyes were totally red by then and I saw the first drop of tears roll down the side of her cheeks.
James ; stop !… I’ll pay you….stop… I already said you win….
Faye ; hahah….do I look like I need the money James ? … hahah…
Faye stood up and chuckled.
Faye : I’ll stop…… if you play another game with me… hahaha… hhaha…
James : No… no more games…
Faye : I insists…..haha.. hahah
Faye redefined the term of being sick by removing the panty liner from Olivia’s panty.
I could hear the sticky adhesive being pulled away from the panty.
Faye took a quick peek at it before folding it in half.
Faye : Discharge…… or no discharge….?? Hahaha…. Hahahha..
James : What do you mean ?? ….
Faye ; Choose…. Are there any discharge on the liner ?? …hahaha…or not…
I was on the verge of tears.
She is obviously playing me.
I looked at Olivia who is now washing her face with tears. She was hugging her own body as she looked at me, waiting for me to answer the question.
What kind of fuck up company is this !!!???
My heart was slamming against my ribcage so fast as if I was sprinting.
Faye : You get it right… I’ll stop this…. If not…. You double the 3k you owe me to 6k… hahahah.. how’s that ?? hahha….haha…
I wanted to protest the terms offered but Faye was fast to add on.
Faye ; It’s your choice ok…. You can choose not to go ahead…. I’ll just carry on playing with Olivia…..it’s not your fault ok…don’t worry… I’m sure Olivia will not blame you ….. right ? Olivia…. Am I right ?? hahah.. haha
Olivia : sniff…. Sobzz… y…yess…
I want to fucking kill this bitch so bad.
Faye : decisions…. Decisions… hahaha…hahah…. So… James… what is your decision….
James : YES!!!… I’ll take your game…. Yes… there is discharge on the pad !…
Faye’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment before breaking into a wide smile.
Faye:  hahah.. haha…
I saw Olivia’s eyes closed in humiliation as I too looked away.
Faye stood up and wobbled over to me with Olivia’s pad in hand.
I turned away but even as I did, I could feel my erection throbbing.
Faye ; See for yourself…. Hahaha….see for yourself…. Hahahaha….
Faye held it so close I thought I could smell something
Something feminine
Something womanly.
Faye thrusted the pad into my hands as she laughed.
Faye ; See for yourself James … do it !… hahaha.. haha
I flipped open the panty liner in my hand and as soon as I laid eyes on a small wet patch of yellowish discharge, Faye fucking slapped my hands and pushed it into my face.
Faye : hahahaha…hahahahah!!!… hahahaha.. congratulations….hahaha.. you won !!.. you finally won !!.. hahahaha.. hahaha…
She clapped and tapped Olivia on her shoulder before wobbling out of the room.
I was so ashamed of what happened that I did not dare to look at Olivia.
I heard the door open and shut as Faye left us alone.
Olivia wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and looked up into the ceiling for a brief moment before taking a deep breath. Then she bent down and pulled her panty back up.
She walked over to my side and before I could say anything, she gave me a slap.
Smack !
James : Olivia… i…
She snatched her worn panty liner away from me and I could see she was fuming mad.
Olivia : Don’t ever….ever….play any games…. With anyone…. In this office… you hear me !!
James : I…i….i’m sorry…
Olivia grabbed a fistful of my shirt but let me go as she could not hold back her emotions.
I watched in horror as Olivia left the room in a huff, slamming the door behind her in a fit of anger.
I collapsed down on my seat and placed my head on the table.
All I wanted was a normal internship position.
Why is this happening to me ?
Before I could get a chance to calm down, the phone rang.
I picked it up and it was Faye.
Faye : Are you ready…… to play another game James ? hahahaha….
I was so confused by then I was unsure how to react.
Olivia is angry and I should be running out after her to apologise or something.
Faye : Are you there James ? hahaha….. are you too shocked to speak ?
James : What do you want !!!….
Faye : You still owe me money James… hahah…hahah….but that is a small matter….Olivia is angry with you… hahah..haha… are you affected by that ??… are you ?hahah . I can read you like a book….
Faye let her chuckle die down before saying something that I knew I will regret if I accepted it.
Faye ; I can make Olivia ….. forgive you …. Not be angry with you…. Hahaha.. would you like that ??? hahah… would you…?
I did not say a word and I hung up.
She is trying to fuck with my head again.
I looked at the time, it’s going to be lunch soon.
I’ll rush to the ATM, withdraw the money and pay Faye so she will leave me alone, then I probably got to work on getting Olivia to forgive me for doing something so stupid.
I massaged my head and I wanted to hit myself so bad.
How can I fuck up my internship on my first day ?
My phone rang again and I wanted to smash it against the wall.
Faye : James oh James…. Hahaha…. Are you upset ? ….. come on… be a man….i’m sure you can handle more than this….
James : What do you want ? … can you just leave me alone …!!? I already got slapped by Olivia !!! don’t make things worst for me !
Faye : oh but I can’t leave you alone…..hahah… I need to get my money back still right ?
James ; I’ll pay you your money… I’ll go to the ATM during lunch….
Faye chuckled and changed the subject.
It was obvious what she was doing.
She just wants to fuck up my life.
Faye offered to waive off the 3000 I owe her if I am willing to do something for her.
Faye : how about you…. Perform a simple task for me….
James : I don’t want to play anymore games.. !!… what’s the point of playing if I’m going to end up owing you more money… !
Faye asked me to check my email.
James : What email ? … I don’t have an email account yet…. The company hasn’t assigned me one….
Faye : Just click the mail app on the computer … hahaha.. the one in front of you….
I followed Faye’s instruction and I opened the application.
The mailbox is empty and there is only one mail that was sent by Faye.
Faye : Do you see my mail ? hahah…
James : Yes I see your mail….
Faye chuckled and ask me to open it.
I opened the mail and there was a link on it.
Faye ; Click the link….
James ; what is it ?
Faye ; just click the link… hahha… you won’t regret it….
I could see the address of the link, it’s not some porn website but rather it points to some location or server within the company’s network.
I clicked it and within seconds a window opened.
I immediately stood up in shock as I looked around the rest room just to be sure I was alone.
What the fuck is this ?
The window opened to show a camera view of Olivia.
I could see Olivia clearly at her desk.
She was still drying her tears and I could see the numerous tissues that were already on her desk.
Faye ; Are you still there James ? hahaha….. are you interested to play with me now ? … hahah…
James : Why ? … why are you doing this ??? do you have a camera on me too ??
I looked around the place and Faye just laughed.
Faye ; Relax… there are no cameras in that room…. And for Olivia… well…. What can I say…. She was once an intern here too….. I was the one who hired her…I used to own her ok ? … hahaha
What did she meant by saying she owned Olivia ?
Faye : Olivia spent quite a while paying off her debts…..hahaha… but of course… I always keep a few cards in my hand…. You never know when you need to play them right ?? hahah…
I looked at Olivia on the screen.
She looked so pretty.
Base on the angle of the clip, it looked as if Olivia was staring right at the camera.
It must be the webcam on her laptop or something.
It’s a straight frontal view.
I looked at Olivia type on her laptop, trying to concentrate hard on her work.
I was getting an erection.
I don’t know why.
This voyeuristic act of spying on Olivia is actually turning me on.
Faye : So James….. are you a risk taker ? hahahah… show me you are…. Proof to me you are fit to be a perm staff in this organisation… hahaha… I assure you… it will be fun….
My eyes are glued to the screen, glued to Olivia.
She stretched herself and I saw her adjust her bra.
She adjusted her bra, her finger sliding under her bra cups and seemingly adjusted her breast as she checked her bearing on a mirror.
She smoothed out her blouse and took a deep breathe before standing up with a  smile.
I think someone came into her office.
I could see her stretching out her hands to greet and welcome the person.
James : What….. what do you want me to do ??
Faye : Well you know James…. Asking you to spy on the person who hired you…. Is not very nice… hahaha… but we do what we must right… ?
I tried to analyse what Faye was trying to get at but she kept on coming with her brain washing words.
I felt so helpless even though I was just listening to her over the phone.
She’s charismatic when she speaks, she’s confident. I felt like a zombie, even though I wanted to say no I just kept listening to her as I stared at Olivia on the screen.
Perhaps it was Olivia that was keeping me spellbound.
I saw her return to the front of her screen again. Her fingers were working the keyboard and I saw her reach for the mouse, clicking away as she looked back at her guest before referring to the screen again.
Faye : James….. what you are seeing is a live feed of Olivia’s work station….. now… I have a recording of these but due to limitations of….. let me see… resources…I only have the recordings for 24 hours before they are over written…..
James: why… why would you want recordings of….
Faye : I suspect Olivia is working to take away a big client of mine… simple as that…. I want you to keep an eye on her…..can you do that for me.. ?
James: but… but…
Faye sweetened the deal and said that if I agreed to do that, she will consider me having paid off the money I owe her at a rate of 1k a month,
James : What …. What if I say no ??
I could hear her sneer over the phone.
Faye : You want to say no ? … hahah… and give up the chance to spy on Olivia ? hahahah…. Are you sure ?? touch your heart and tell me you don’t want to look at Olivia while you work ? hahahah….
I hated that feeling.
I hate it when people could read my thoughts and Faye was doing exactly just that.
Faye : think of it this way James…. I’m offering you a chance to advance yourself in life …. Hahha… I won’t force you ok…. I’ll let you think about it….let me know tomorrow.. hahaha…
Faye hung up and I was left alone to think.
I continued to look at Olivia on the screen.
I spent the entire time looking at her, even after her meeting with her client, I watched her work.
I watched her use the facial oil blotter on her cheeks as she checked her mail. I watched her sip the coffee slowly as she used the scroll on her mouse.
Her lips, her serious working look. It was all such a turn on.
Olivia stood up and I saw her scratched her back. Her fingers casually brushing against her bra strap.
I saw her reach into her drawer and pulled out a new panty liner.
She must be about to head to the washroom.
I stood up immediately. This is a good chance for me to intercept her. At least I won’t be stuck in her office trying to explain myself.
Hopefully I can talk to her along the corridor or something. Apologise to her sincerely and move on.
I was about to close the window and head out when I saw Olivia pause at the edge of her desk.
She looked like she was talking to someone.
Her hands were moving, gesturing.
I saw her backed up a step.
Then another.
And another.
Faye came into view.
That bitch.
She was talking to Olivia about something.
Then I saw her shot a look at the camera and looked at me directly in the eyes.
I felt this strange chill as I looked around the room I was in again. Faye is definitely giving me the creeps.
I gasped in shocked as I watched what happene don the screen.
It shocked me so much that the hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end.
Faye had just slapped Olivia right out of the blue.
Then as soon as it happened, I saw Faye walk away.
That bitch.
It’s as if she wanted me to see this.
I watched as Olivia turned towards her screen and she reached for some tissue before her face scrunched up.
She was trying to fight it.
Olivia was trying to fight back the tears but she can’t. First she was being humiliated, then now she’s being slapped.
She’s the innocent party .
Seeing her cry really got to me.
The phone rang and I almost shouted into the phone.
James: YES ?
Faye : hahaha… why ? …. What the harsh tone ? …. Why ??
I knew she had me right there and then.
James : what is the matter with you ?!!! … stop picking on her !!!
Faye : ohh… why ? … is it breaking your heart to see her like this ? …. But… but you told me she slapped you right ?? hahah…I merely slapped her back for you…
James : can you just please stop this !!!
Faye : of course… all you need to do is to promise to help me keep an eye on Olivia….hahaha…. can you do that ??
James: Yes.. yes…. I’ll do it…
Faye: good… hahah…. Let me know if you see anything suspicious then… hhaha… have a nice day James….
As Faye hung up I gripped the edge of the table so tight that my knuckles turned white.
That fucking fat blob of fats.
There is no way I’m letting her fuck with me in this manner.
Olivia hired me. My loyalty should lie with her.
I looked at the window of Olivia sobbing on the screen.
Reaching for the phone , I dialled Olivia’s extension.
I saw her stopped crying and wiped her tears. She checked the caller ID and I could see she hesitated during the pickup.
When she did, she snapped at me over the phone.
Olivia : What do you want !!
James: Olivia… i…. I’m sorry…. i…. I have something to tell you… can… can you come over here for a moment ?? it’s…. it’s important….
I saw her took a deep breath as she rest her forehead on her palm. She was thinking, considering in fact.
Finally she looked up and I saw her pull more tissues to wipe her eyes.
Olivia : I’ll be there in 15 minutes….. it better be important…
James: It’s…. it’s definitely important….
Olivia hung up and I watched her dry her tears as she reached into her purse and brought out her makeup pouch.
As she touched up her smudge makeup, I thought about Faye.
That fucking slut that fucked up my first day of internship.
I’ll fucking destroy her if it’s going to be the only thing I do for my internship. I’m going to come clean and tell Olivia all about it.
I replaced the phone and waited at my desk.
I looked at the screen again and I saw Olivia looking at her phone, tapping away as she replied some messages.
Then I watched her looked up above her desk seemingly trying to check if anyone is looking over or coming near her.
I felt the rise in my cock again when I saw Olivia half standing up and adjusting her panty. Then she started to reapply her makeup.
I heard some knocking on the door and I quickly minimised the window. Looking up, I saw someone familiar.
It’s the other male colleague.
The same guy that shook his head at me on the day I had my interview.
James: Hi…. I’m…
Then right out of the blue, the guy turned to look behind his shoulder and he started running towards me.
I had a shock of course and he was about to speak but 2 other guys came in barely seconds after he started running.
“ Don’t ! “
That was all I heard from him before he was wrestled to the ground and put in a chokehold.
That 2 other guys I’ve seen before as well.
They were the 2 paramedics from the lift.
James : hey hey hey!!.. what the fuck… ? hey ! what the fuck ….
One of the paramedic told me to stay back and everything is fine.
Another 2 guys appeared out of nowhere and together, they half carried the guy who was trying to scream out of the office.
The entire scene looked weird and surreal.
I watched in horror as the guy who tried to talk to me was forcibly removed from the office.
James : What the hell man ?? what’s going on ??
No one answered me.
Crystal appeared at the entrance of the room and I could see her turning her body aside to let the men pass before walking towards me with a smile.
James :Crystal, what is going on ??? what’s happening ?
Crystal explained that it’s all ok, there is nothing to be alarmed.
Crystal : he was caught stealing company documents and selling them to a competitor. ….
James : What ?
Crystal : Yeap…. This industry is competitive…..things like this happen…
James : But…. But…. Why is he running here instead of away ??
Crystal went on to say that he probably have something hidden in the computer in this room.
Crystal : It’s a temp PC…. Anyone can log in…. besides… he was an intern before as well… so I’m sure he knows the login for this terminal.
James : Oh… ok….
I was lost in thought for a minute and it was a minute too long.
I totally forgot about the window I had minimised on the screen.
Crystal was already sitting on my chair and pulling herself closer to the terminal.
She must have wanted to check what that guy has kept in the terminal.
James : NO!! NO!! wait !!!
I barely had time to rush back to Crystal’s side when I saw her open up the window I had minimised.
Crystal froze for a second before turning up to look at me.
I don’t know how much worse can my day get.
Staring back at us on the screen is Olivia.
She was clicking away on her mouse as she brushed back a strand of her hair behind her ear.
Crystal : what is this James ! ??
James : I…. I can explain….
Crystal : what are you doing ?? … are you spying on Olivia ??
Crystal stood up form her chair and I could see she was mad.
Crystal : How could you ?? who put you up to this ?? ….are you sent here by another company to spy on us ?? How could you do this to Olivia ?
I was on the verge of breaking down as Crystal continued to bombard me with questions in that manner.
I’m the innocent party in all of this.
I’m just a pawn being played by some higher power.
James : No.. no… please.. let me explain…. This is not me… this is Faye… it’s all her…. She… she made me do it…
Crystal raised an eyebrow as she folded her arms.
Crystal : Go on… I’m listening…
James : I….i… I played a game with her…and… and I lost….
Crystal sighed and shook her head. From the manner in which she behaved, I could see I’m not the first to fall for something like this. I told her everything.
James : I’m sorry… i… I planned to fix this…. Before… I meant even before you came over… I already called Olivia….. I …. I planned to come clean with her… tell her everything…. That Faye put me up to….i’m serious….
Crystal went straight to the point and asked me how much I owed Faye.
I told her it was 3k and she shook her head.
Crystal : Never… ever play games with Faye… you hear me ??
James : Yes… I won’t do it again…. Olivia told me the same thing…..
Crystal sighed and looked at the screen where Olivia was just about standing up to leave her desk.
She’s probably on her way over.
James : I’m sorry… I will tell Olivia about this….and… and….
Crystal closed the window and cut me off.
Crystal : No, don’t… you will only make her more angry…. After all that has happened today… you think she’s ready to know you have been watching her on this screen for god knows how long…?
James ; What ? why ? I already called her…. She’s probably on her way over here….. I mean…. We have to tell her Faye is spying on her right ?
Crystal : Yes we need to but not like this…. Not today… after what happened. If you insist on telling her this now….. you will only drive her over the edge. … give her some time to calm down….i think it would be better if I talk to her about this…
I swallowed a gulp of saliva. What Crystal said made sense.
Crystal called Olivia on her mobile and I listened in to her conversation.
Crystal : Olivia… I need to talk to you about some stuff…. Are you heading over to James ? …hmm… ok…. It’s ok… don’t need to come over… I’m here with him already…. ..yes…..yes… I’ll update you later…. I see you in the meeting room in a bit…. Alright… see you…
Crystal hung up and told me she will take care of this for me.
James: Really ? thank you… thank you so much….
Crystal : I can handle Olivia but you need to take care of Faye yourself.
James : Ok… no problem… I will pay her the money and… and…
Crystal held up a hand and told me with an expressionless face.
Crystal : You really think Faye is doing this for money ? …. You think she needs that few thougsand dollars from you ?? …
James : Huh ?
Crystal : Faye is one of the big investor / partner of the company…. She has no need for money…. She’s just out for fun…
James : Then… but…. Then why ??
Crystal ; She just wants to fuck with you….
James : How do I get her off my back..?
Crystal : Simple…. Fuck her…
I almost vomited out my breakfast.
James : what ? …. You mean as in like physically ? are you kidding me… she… she… she looks….
Crystal smirked as she looked at me as if I’m a innocent boy fresh to the workings of the realities of the industry.
There is no way I’m doing it.
She’s looks so off putting.
Crystal : what’s wrong ? … Faye is pretty decent looking no ?
James : Are you kidding me… she looks disgusting….she’s fat…. She wobbles… and…
Crystal blinked a couple of times before bursting out into laughter.
Crystal : oh…. Oh… ok… ok… I see.. I see…. I know what is going on now.
James : What do you mean ? what are you talking about.??
Crystal unlocked her phone and I could see she was scrolling thought her gallery.
Crystal : let’s just be clear….. is this the Faye you are talking about ??
Crystal showed me a picture of the same fat and wobbly lady that I’m entangled with.
It’s the same lady. The same one with the weird eyes, rubbery skin and funny outlook.
An old Auntie.
James : Yes that’s her…
Crystal burst out laughing and nodded her head while I failed to see the humour in this.
Crystal : Seems like she’s really out to fuck with you today James… hahaha…
James ; What do you mean ??
Crystal  : have you touched her ?
James : what ! ? you’re you of your mind… why would I do that ??
Crystal tapped me on my shoulder and told me something that I could not decide if she was the one that is fucking with me instead.
Crystal : touch her James…. I want you to touch Faye….
James : What !???
Crystal : touch her….
James : NO!…
The door to the room opened and I saw Faye standing at the door.
She paused when she saw Crystal standing with me.
The 2 of them exchanged looks and I could sense the hostility between the 2 of them.
Faye : well… well….. looks like someone is here to spoil all my fun… heee hee.. hee…
I looked at Faye before turning to look at Crystal
She said nothing.
Faye wobbled towards us and soon I found myself sandwiched between the 2 ladies.
Faye  : I thought…. Interns are free for all …. No ? heheehe…
Crystal said nothing but just stared at Faye.
She spoke to me without even looking at me.
Crystal : touch her James… touch her body.
James : WHAT!…. i… i…
Faye : Don’t you dare… !
Crystal : touch her James… touch her !!
James ; I…I…
Faye : you will regret this James…!…
I was caught in the middle of some shit storm I don’t want to be in.
Fuck, given a choice, I would rather touch Crystal. She’s so hot whereas Faye is well, the complete opposite.
Crystal  : James…. Listen to me… and just touch her…
Faye : Don’t do it James…. Don’t do it….
This is fucked up.
Before I could even think of what to do next, I felt Crystal grabbed my hand.
It happened so fast.
She fucking grabbed my hand and shove it towards Faye.
I gasped and my testicles shrunk in size when I felt my hand depress Faye’s fat and rubbery breast.
This is it. I’m going to jail for sexual harassment.
The world will laugh at me.
The judge will roll his eyes when he sees the target of my harassment.
My hand depressed Faye’s breast and what surprised me was how weird and hollow it felt.
I pressed in so much that it felt as if I had pushed my hand right into her ribcage.
My eyes widened as I pulled back my hand.
I could not control myself as I touched Faye’s fat arms.
Then I pulled my hand back.
It’s not real.
Her skin is not real.
It’s rubbery and feels like some weird silicon but the texture, the detail of it looked so convincing.
It all started to fall into place then.
Why her eyes looked weird, like it doesn’t belong.
Her fat rubbery limbs.
Everything is not real, her wobbly walk.
Faye is wearing a suit of some sort.
Faye : awwww….. there you go again bitch… always spoiling my fun… hahaha….
Crystal took a deep breath and walked away. Before she left the room, she asked me to square things out with Faye.
Crystal : James… we have an important week next week….. I cannot afford to have you distracted…. Sort things out with her and move on….
Faye : awwww….. that is so sad… we could have played a little while longer… hahha.. haha…
Crystal walked out of the door without another word, leaving me with Faye.
As soon as the door close, I was given a slap by Faye.
It did not really hurt, I could feel the cool rubbery skin on my cheek as Faye said that I could not be trusted.
Faye : aww… seems like you are a confused little boy…. Unsure of where to put your loyalty… hahah…haha… seems like you need a lesson or 2…
This has to be the weirdest company ever.
Everyone is weird.
Even their agenda is weird.
Faye got up and started to wobble towards the exit.
Faye : Come to my office in 30 mins……. We’ll sort out your debt ….. it’s not longer fun to play…. Sigh…. …
I was left alone and dumbfounded in the room.
I was in a total daze.
Eventually I mustered up enough courage to leave the room and I went straight to the reception when I tried to drop off the envelope for Olivia.
James : can I know what is Faye’s office ??
She buzzed me in and directed me towards the corner office. She even has her own assistant seated outside her office, a sweet looking chick who I could love to go out with. I told her Faye asked me to be in her office and she buzzed me in without question.
My breath was taken away the moment I entered.
The room had an expansive view of the marina bay area and it was well furnished with antiques and designer furniture.
I looked around the office and I went over to the couch for a seat.
Before I could rest my bottom, I almost fainted when I saw a photoframe on the side table.
No. No way.
It’s not possible.
I grabbed it and took a closer look.
The resemblance is uncanny.
I could see Faye in the eyes of the babe in the photo.
She’s not young but I can tell she is well maintained. The lady in the picture had this classy air about her, like a rich tai tai who had everything she wanted.
I would put her age somewhere in the late thirties but her figure is superb.
She will definitely pass for someone who just turned 30. The right and ripe age for woman.
Like a hot Milf.
As I lost myself staring at the phone, the door to the office opened.
As Faye stepped in this time with high heels and a tight figure hugging dress, I felt my mouth go dry as I stood up holding her photo frame tightly in my right hand.
Faye smiled, came over to the couch and sat down.
She crossed her legs and spoke with authority to me. It sent a quiver in between my thighs as my confused body fought to come to terms with the woman sitting in front of me.
I stared at Faye for a good 3 seconds, unable to believe my eyes.
I held up the photo frame, took a look before looking at Faye once more.
Then I did it again just to be sure.
Faye : Are you ready…. To negotiate your debt…… and perhaps reconsider where…. Your loyalty should lie ?
The clock on the display ticked towards 6pm and I remained in my seat.
Images of what happened between Faye and I kept replaying in my head.
I felt a little hurt, disturbed in fact. The nonchalant attitude she displayed after spending such in intimate moment with me. It’s like she is cold blooded.
One moment she was hot and passionate, yet after getting what she wanted, she turned cold.
Perhaps I am overthinking, or perhaps it was my first time. That’s why I kept thinking about it.
I touched my cock and I could feel my erection building up again.
Faye’s wet swim suit. Her soft and firm breast.
The way she made me wear her swimsuit for her.
Everything just kept replaying itself like a broken record in my head.
The knock on the door caused me to jump and I stood up immediately.
It was Crystal.
She shut the door and walked over to me.
Crystal remained standing and I could see that gaze in her eyes. She looked like she could pretty much guess what happened.
Maybe she could read it from my expression.
That I was fucked and used like a toy by Faye but she was not interested in that.
Crystal : What did Faye ask you to do. ?
James : huh… what do you mean ?
Crystal : Faye…. You spent the afternoon with her…. What did she want you to do.?
James : She….she… i….
I mustered up enough courage and said something that Crystal could probably guess.
James : I had sex with her..
Crystal remain expressionless and she asked me the same question again.
Crystal : I don’t care that you have sex with her…. Faye has sex with everyone she can get hold of with a cock….. I want to know what she wants you to do ..
James :huh ? … nothing…. She … she didn’t ask me to do anything…
Crystal : Liar.. !….
James : What ? ..!
I could see Crystal was on the verge of losing her patience.
I had already fucked up my relationship with Olivia on the first day, now this.
I think my internship is officially over.
Crystal : You spend an entire afternoon with Faye…. A scheming bitch like her… you expect me to believe she did not ask you to do anything ? !!
James : Crystal … it’s the truth…. She did not ask me to do anything… after…. After we fucked…. She.. she just asked me to go…. To come back here…
Crystal shook her head at me.
I could see the obvious disappointment in her eyes.
I’ve never felt so wronged in my life.
Crystal ; James ….. Olivia hired you….. I would have thought you know where your loyalty should lie…..
I was on the verge of tears as I tried to explain myself to Crystal .
This is absurd.
Faye really did not ask me to do anything.
James : It’s the truth Crystal …!… other that the spy cam on Olivia, she did not ask anything else of me….. I already told you about the camera…. i… i…
Crystal took a deep breath and held up her hand at me.
Crystal : alright James… enough…fine…. Ok.. fine…
James : Crystal I !!…
Crystal  : I don’t blame you….. Faye has the money and the influence…. I just hope you choose the right side….
Before I could say anything else, Crystal walked out of the room, leaving me shell shocked.
Things are getting out of hand.
It was then I realised what had just happened. I’m isolated.
I’m alone.
There is no one I can turn to.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.
I shut down my terminal and decide to leave for the day.
If I get a chance to fuck Faye again, I would rape her like a slut and make her scream.
This is all her fault.
I went to the lift lobby and waited for the lift to arrive.
I have yet to even wash up properly after the session with Faye. My underwear is probably stained with my own precum and her cunt juices.
I entered the lift alone and the lift car stopped after 2 floors.
I stepped aside and waited for other passengers to enter the lift car.
There was no one so I hit the close button.
Before the lift car could close, the door opened again.
I held the lift and waited, there was no one coming in.
Curious, I stepped out into the lobby and take a look.
The same place Faye took my file some time ago. The reception is empty but the door leading into the office is ajar.
I don’t know why but curiosity got the better of me.
I walked towards the opened door and I peek in.
There was no one in there either.
Another door at the end of that lounge like area is open as well.
I walked towards that door and I could hear some people talking.
I peeked in and my heart immediately flew into my mouth as I saw the 2 guys that wrestled the man from my room earlier that morning inside. They were standing beside their trolley with their backs facing me.
My heart beat really fast as I quickly hid behind the door.
There was someone on the trolley dressed like a patient. I could not make out the face or if it’s a guy or a girl.
The person was wearing a surgical cap and mask as if they were about to go head into a surgery.
One thing I could see clearly though that person was restrained to the trolley.
Both wrists and ankles were secured by black leather cuffs to the trolley handle.
I heard someone call out from deeper inside the room and immediately the footsteps of them moving away rang out. I could hear the pair of footsteps moving away.
I waited for a few more seconds before I stole another peep.
The corridor is empty, only the trolley and the person on it remained.
I looked behind my back and I stepped into the room. Walking briskly towards the person on the trolley, I was determined to talk to the person.
I have so many questions.
As I got closer, I realise that the person on the trolley is a woman. A female.
There was a hint of familiarity as I got within mere steps of the trolley.
I reached for the face mask and pulled it down.
James : Gasp !!!!
I stepped back and I looked around my vicinity.
What is going on ?
Sitting on the trolley is Olivia.
She looked like she is unconscious. She’s striped down to her bare body with only the flimsy hospital gown covering her body.
James : Olivia…. Hey.. hey… Olivia… can you hear me ??
I tapped Olivia a couple of times but she was not responding.
I heard someone laugh further down the corridor and I started to panic.
They must be coming back. Looking around the immediate area, I saw a door a few steps down but I will be running towards the direction of the guys that are coming back.
Even then I have no way of knowing if the door is unlocked.
I looked at Olivia who was totally out cold.
Something is definitely wrong with the office.
There is too much weird stuff going on here.
I can’t leave her like this.
I replaced the mask on her face and I ran towards the door I saw.
I turned the knob and it was not locked.
I can only pray there is no one inside the room.
I entered a storage area with a few other similar trolleys and a large basket of laundry sheets. I barely closed the door when I heard the footsteps of the people walking by.
Pressing my head to the door, I could hear the 2 man talking.
“ So… you think who will win today ? “
“ hard to say haha…. Got new contestant.. “
“aiyah…. 75 metres only…. It’s a warmup race “
“ Eh… but then… Olivia first time…. You… “
The voices trailed off and I had to cover my mouth as I tried to make sense of what I just heard.
I heard the snap of the lock for the trolley wheels disengage.
Then the noisy squeak of the trolley wheeled passed me.
I waited and held my breathe.
My heart was beating so fast that I was worried someone would hear me.
When I could no longer hear the sound of the trolley, I opened the door and ran towards the direction where the guys wheeled Olivia.
I turned a corner and a larger holding area of sort separated by a double leaf door with a viewing panel.
It was a office with the usual open concept cubicles.
The only difference was that only half of the space was filled with cubicle, the other half was left totally empty and clear.
It was too wide a space for people to walk, at least 4m of clear space.
It looked like it went all the way along the office before it turns around the corner.
I saw a door opened and a large group of people filed into the space. They looked like the average working staff I saw in the office. They were talking and chatting and they just hung around the edge of the open space as if waiting for something to begin.
There were at least 50 people by my estimate and some of them don’t look like they are a lot older than me either.
Perhaps I can sneak in and blend in.
I took a deep breathe and entered the office.
No one paid any attention to me.
I found a corner and stood there.
Then I heard the squeaky sound of the trolleys again.
Slowly coming into view were 5 weird looking go-karts of sort. My jaws dropped and I found it hard to breathe as I come to terms with what I’m seeing.
They are about twice the size of your usual delivery trolley. It was fashioned in such a way that it looked like a chariot of sort.
On each trolley, is a girl. She’s stripped totally naked and bare.
Her hands were tied to a bar much like the lever you see the cartoons pressed to detonate the dynamite. In there case though, it looked like it was not meant to be pressed, but it looked like a lever of sort.
Something you pull and push.
The ankles of the girls were restraint to the sides of the chariot, spreading their behind apart.
Then I saw the chariot riders appear in view. They were all men, naked to the bare skin. I found it hard to breathe when I realised they were all young men. Probably around my age.
Their cocks were erected and their bodies looked like they were oiled like galdiators.
Out of the 5 girls, 3 were screaming and struggling against the restraints.
It was obvious they did not want to be there.
I heard a loud scream and I saw the desperate struggle.
One of the riders turned to wave to his colleagues and I caught a glimpse.
A glimpse of the girl that hired me as a intern.
A glimpse of Olivia.
I watched the men take their position.
My heart was beating really fast.
The cheers got louder.
Then the whistle sounded, I gasped a gulp of cold air and I staggered backwards, hitting onto a chair and falling to the floor.
As the sound of screams and cheers filled the air, it finally dawned on me why Faye made me do the things I did.
The sound, I will never forget that sound.
It’s sick to the core.
The men behind started fucking the girls doggy style really hard.
They grunted and shout while the girl screamed and moaned.
I could hear Olivia moaning and screaming as her pussy gets violated by the cock of the guy riding her chariot.
There was no gentleness in their motion. It was animal like love making.
The men grabbed onto the waist, the buttocks, even the hair of the girl in front of them and they fucked their cocks as hard as they could into their pussy.
Initially I thought that was the way the chariots or carts were powered but I was wrong. It did not seem like it was powered that way.
The girls, screaming and moaning were grabbing onto the bar in front of them.
I struggled to get up onto my feet and I walked closer to the watching crowd.
I need to know what is going on here.
I heard a guy trying to explain the game to a female colleague and I took the chance to eavesdrop on them.
The hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end and my cock rose to its full erection as I took in every word.
Now, upon starting, all 5 carts are moving at a constant speed of 5km/h . It’s fixed.
There is an electric motor that powers each chariot like cart.
The bar which the girls were tired to were pressure sensitive brakes.
The harder they squeeze the bars, the more the brakes was applied to the cart, thereby slowing it down.
Why would they do that if this is a race you ask ?
It appears as if there are 2 races going on at the same time.
For the girls, their ordeal ends the moment the car reaches the finish line.
So , there was no reason for them to apply the brakes at all.
This is where the guys race comes in.
The guys are racing to see who finishes last.
In short, girls want it to end fast, while the guys are challenging to see whose cart is the slowest.
By fucking the girls really hard in their cunt, they caused a natural body reaction.
What do you do when you are in pain ?
You contract your muscles, onto whatever you are holding. The same as you biting down on a cloth or a knife if someone is trying to remove a bullet from your leg in a Hollywood movie.
For the guys, the harder they fuck, the more pain they caused the girl, the stronger the pressure applied on the brakes, causing the carts to go slower.
Nothing I ever heard in my life could describe the medley or moans and cries I was hearing.
I could hear Olivia screaming as her vagina was fucked relentless by the guy behind her.
I felt a chill in my spine as I recalled Faye asking me to fuck her hard.
The harder I fucked her, the happier and more satisfied she was.
It’s like she was going to use me for something, or perhaps, train me up for something.
I tried to pick up more from the guy explaining the rules and I shifted closer to the group.
For the women, if they come in first, their ordeal will end.
If not, they will have to keep doing this for a minimum of 5 races.
I gasped at the number.
5 races.
Does this mean Olivia is going to get raped like this for at least 5 more times.
How does she even keep it together ?
Why is she here in the first place ?
Did she do something wrong ? Offend someone she should not have ?
The cheering went up a notch and I saw employees walking along the track, clapping and cheering.
One guy was fucking the girl so hard she was literally screaming and moaning at the start line.
I could see her face flush red as her pussy was ravaged by the guys’s cock and hard fucking.
The guy though, was on the  verge of cumming.
If he cums, it’s over.
There’s no way he can fuck hard and long enough compared to the others who have yet to cum.
“come on… come on !! “
The claps and cheers drowned out the cries and moans of the poor girls on the cart.
I could see her knuckles turn white from how hard she was squeezing the bar in front of her.
The loud exclaimation by that rider was immediately followed by loud jeering from the crowd.
He came.
I don’t believe this.
I saw the girl screaming and shaking her head as the guy came raw into her pussy, giving her a creampie in front of the whole company.
I moved away from the crowd and went further up front.
That was where I saw Olivia.
Tears streak down her cheeks as she gritted her teeth .
She was sobbing as the guy fucked her in doggy style.
My cock was throbbing to the rhythm in which she was being fucked.
My testicles trembled with each time Olivia;s breast were being fondled and bounced about.
It was such an erotic and sick sight.
The sweet beautiful girl that hired me is now being fucked like a whore in front of me. I feel sorry for her but I could not explain the level of arousal I was feeling.
It was out of this world.
Her unwillingness, the whole act being non-consensual, it stir up feelings and emotions I cannot describe.
Olivia’s cart was in 2nd place.
I could see her trying to control herself from squeezing the bars but it was easier said than done.
The guy’s fucking motion was hard, I could see her toned body shaking with each strong thrust. The scrunch in her face, the frown and her opened mouth dripping saliva. I don’t remember seeing such an arousing sight from the years of porn I have seen.
That was the time I think I really fall for Olivia.
Another guy on the 3rd place just came.
He grunted and shout as he pulled out his cock, shooting his spunk all over the back and hair of the girl he was riding.
“I’m sorry…… ahhhh… I’m sorry …”
The guy moaned and apologied to the girl but he was promptly dragged away, leaving the crying and sobbing girl behind in the race.
I was curious about that and I went back to my source of information via eavesdropping on the conversation.
“they are a couple…. Since he failed…. The next rider will be someone else…”
“gosh..really ? “
“yes… he would need to do the race while watching the girlfriend being fucked by another man “
“what’s in it for the guys that win ? “
“ Ohh.. a lot… money for one, and the choice to choose any of the girls to fuck for the next round “
“oh… I see.. that means if that couple who lost, now need the guy to fuck another girl and win….. so he can chose his girlfriend for the next round and then let her win ?”
“exactly… it gives you the chance to save someone if you want … haha.. but you still get to fuck her… haha “
“ this is a sick game… only a sick person could come up with a game like this haha.. “
My heart had all but stop beating by then.
What the fuck is this investment company really doing under the surface ?
I walked back towards the front, eager to see what was happening to Olivia.
She was still in 2nd place.
The guy fucking her had slowed down considerably. Her cart was moving at a pretty constant pace.
I could read the guy’s body language, he was about to cum and he was trying to control himself.
He was looking at Olivia, he was squeezing her breast and fondling her nipples.
I watched him yank and pull Olivia’s nipples as he kept his cock inside her.
He tried to cheat, he squeeze Olivia’s nipples hard, hoping it would make her slow down a little but it was no use.
He fucked a few more strokes and I could see the veins on his neck and body bulging.
He’s at the end.
James: No…no… don’t…. don’t do it…
I spoke to myself softly as I watch him squeeze and dug his fingers into Olivia’s firm and toned bottom.
I was watching with my heart in my mouth when I froze.
My entire body went cold.
I looked up and I locked eyes with someone I was all too familiar with.
I saw Faye sitting across the track with a wine glass in hand.
She was looking at me.
She was smiling as she raised her glass at me and winked.
She knows I was not supposed to be there.
I back tracked a step.
And another.
I turned and run just as I heard Oliva scream when the guy fucking her grunted, releasing his cum deep into her vagina, filling her up with his sperm.
I went back out the door with the vision panel and ran down the corridor.
Slipping my way back out the lounge and into the reception, I hit the button of the lift so many times that I thought it would break.
I only started breathing when the lift started to make it’s way down to level 1.
When the lift door opened at level 1, I remained where I was, unable to move.
Standing in front of me are the 2 guys.
The same 2 guys I saw doing all the weird and dirty work.
They looked at me and said something that I dreaded to hear.
“Hi James…. Faye would like a word with you. “
I did not reply.
They entered the lift and stood behind me.
I tried to remain calm.
Everything will be ok.
I heard the lift chime and suddenly a black cloth was pulled over my head and everything went black.
James : What are you doing !!! let me go !!
I was half dragged and manhandled out of the lift.
James : Let me go !! fuck !! .. I can walk on my own !!!
The cloth over my head is thick and suffocating. I can hardly make out where I was headed.
I could catch glimpse of the office from the small holes but nothing in detail.
I head the mechanical beeping of some keypad before I was pulled along some corridor.
It must be a separate space because I could feel the difference in temperature. There is no airconditioning in that corridor. Almost like a service space.
There were a few turns before the sound of the keypad sounded again.
6 beeps, a 6 digit code.
The moment the door opened, I could feel the cool air again.
The pushed me inside and the black cloth bag was yanked off my head.
I came face to face with Faye who was filling up a glass with ice cubes.
She nodded at the 2 guys and they left us alone.
I looked around the large room and it was surrounded by half height glass panels.
The bottom of which is all cabinets, while the top were all glass with black frames.
The glass though, were all opaque.
Aside from the door which I entered ,there is one other door that too had it’s own opaque glass.
Faye : you want a drink James ?
James: No… look Faye… I’m sorry…. I know I’m not suppose to be inside there …. i…. I just wandered about and… and….
Faye laughed and poured herself a drink.
Faye : Relax…. I never said I was angry with you did I ? …..
She gestured to a couch and took a seat herself.
I hesitated before sitting down.
James: Why…..ermm… why am I here… ?
Faye : You are a smart boy James…. I’m sure you know why I want you here …
I kept quiet.
Faye : Look… I’ll go straight to the point…  don’t like to beat around the bush….
Faye told me what I just saw was nothing but a small office competition.
Faye : Inter – department…. So to speak…
She said that it was nothing but a warm up to the main event that is going to happen in a couple of months down the road.
Faye : There is a regional competition coming up…. Offices around the region will be sending their staff down here… for the competition….
I put up my hand and stopped Faye.
Utterly confused, I blinked a few times before I looked at Faye and asked her what the hell is going on.
James: I’m just an intern…. I just want to complete my internship….
Faye sighed and finished her drink.
Faye : I’ll summarise this for you James…I know what you want to ask….
She told me that they are a legitimate investment company witl a good portfolio of clients.
What they do, the services that all investment company provides, anyone can do the same.
Anyone, anywhere.
The question is why would their client choose them and most importantly , stay with them ?
Faye : We need to make them money of course… but making them money is not enough…. These people have money…. More that they could ever spend but anyone can make these people money with the right knowledge and expertise……
She went on to say that the unique selling point of this company though, is the excitement that it provides.
Faye : excitement that you cannot buy with money…. Hahha…
As she spoke, her words swirled around my head.
Money can buy you anything. The prettiest models, hot babes, men too if you are into them, drugs, luxury, literally anything but excitement like the ones the company is offering, you cannot buy them through mainstream channels.
Faye : The games we offer…. The challenges…. The risks…. The gamble….. all these…. The thrills…. These are things their money cannot buy…. Only with us are they able to experience truly, the meaning of being rich and powerful….
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I struggled to say Olivia’s name.
James : O…. Olivia… she…. I saw her earlier… she… she… how did she get in the race…
Faye shook a finger at me as if I was trying to accuse her of something.
Faye: Now now…. Do know this James…. We are not savages…. We don’t force our employees to do things like this….. it’s all voluntarily….
James: She…. She don’t look like she volunteered for that…
Faye laughed.
She told me that it might sound hard to belief but to be in that cart. Employees volunteered, in a way.
James: What do you mean by that ? In a way ??
Faye : Well… this company is about taking risk…. Sometimes you win… sometimes you lose…. You get what I’m trying to say ? hahah
James : No I don’t….
Faye got up and said the moment she came back from the hotel, Olivia came looking for her.
Faye : She told me that you…. Belong to Crystal and her…. And that she hoped I can…. You know…. Leave you alone…. Hahaha… but well…. We already spent some intimate time together right…. Hahaha… how can I just leave you alone ?
Faye said that in the end, Olivia agreed to play with Faye for me.
James: What do you mean ?
Faye : We played a game of course…. Hahah…
James : What ? !!
Faye : I let her choose the game…. She chose it… the odds were with her but I still won…
James : What game did you play ?
Faye : That’s none of your business…. Anyway… I want to talk to you about something….
James : about what ?
Faye told me that interns are not allowed to be at the games nor are they allowed to participate. However, if I were to become a full time staff, I will be able to participate in the game.
Faye : ohhh…. They way you fucked me hard…. That intensity…. I know I winner when I feel one…. Haha… I think you can win….
James : You want me to play that ??!!! NO… no way !
Faye laughed at me.
Faye : Don’t be such a prude….James… hahah…. I’ve been observing you…. You like Olivia…. I can tell….
James : No… no I don’t…
Faye : Don’t lie… haha
Faye reached for a remote and hit a button. One of the opaque glass panels turned clear and I was immediately looking into a room with white tiles. There was nothing in the room, no furniture, nothing.
Then a door within the room opened and I could see Olivia walking through the door.
She was back in her office clothes, she looked a little pale and terribly shaken. She was holding her high heels in her hand. I watched her place her free hand on her chest as she tried to breathe and calm herself down.
She breath a couple of times before she retched and vomited onto the floor in front of her.
Faye : poor thing…. She lost the race….now she got to play it again….
James : Why is she doing this… why are you doing this !!
Faye: to be striped naked….. violated in such a manner…. I’m sure she will have difficulty sleeping tonight… sigh… poor girl….hahah…
I watched Olivia brushed her fringe behind her ears as she tried to compose herself.
Faye : to win… just like you need a good horse to win a race…. I need a good…. hmmm
She looked at me as she tried to think of a suitable term to use.
Faye : Champion…. Yes… hahaha…. Champion…
Olivia stood up and she looked around the room. The door she came through opened again and the guy she was partnered with entered.
He was still naked from top to toe. His cock dangling and swayed as he walked in.
Olivia glared at him and I could see her mouth moving. They were talking but I could not hear a thing.
Faye could see I was interested and she hit another button, letting me in on their conversation.
Olivia : will not win…. Not with me !!
Guy : I can win …….. I just need more practise…. It’s the first time for us… that’s why I came early….
Olivia : You are sick !!!
The guy approached Olivia and he tried to touch her.
Olivia : Get away from me !!
Guy : I’ve always liked you Olivia…..i think I was too excited…. That’s why I cum so fast.
Olivia : Shut up… shut up!!!!! Get away from me !!!
Guy : I need to practise Olivia… you need to understand … it’s for the good of the company….i need to win for the team…
Olivia : Fuck you… get away from me… aHHHHHH…. AHHHHHH!!!
I don’t believe what I was seeing.
The guy was forcing himself on Olivia.
James : Hey… hey !! stop this… stop this !!
Faye : hahah.. why ? … you want to play the white knight is it ? …. Don’t tell me you don’t lust for Olivia too ? hahah… huh ?
James : Just stop this… open the door… open the door !!
I grabbed the control from Faye and started hitting all the button but it was no use.
It was fingerprint protected.
Faye : hahaha….. become a perm staff…and play for the team James…. I’ll let you have Olivia… imagine having her body to yourself….
I hit the glass panel as I watched the guy tear off Olivia’s blouse.
Her button ripped off and her bra was pulled as she tried to fight him off but he’s too strong.
He peeled back her bra cups and was licking and squeezing Olivia’s breast and nipples.
Olivia tried hitting him with her heels but he grabbed them and threw them across the room.
Oliva :ernghh… no!!! ernghhhhh stop… stop!! Ernghh…!!!
I watched helplessly as he pinned Olivia down, spread her legs while her skirt was pushed and bunched around her waist.
He pushed aside the panty and I could see him pull out the panty liner as he tried to push his cock into Olivia’s vagina.
Olivia : ernghhhh stop !!.. stop!!!
James: Faye stop this… stop… ok… ok… anything… I’ll do it… I’ll play for the team….
Faye : really ? hahah… good… !
Faye tapped a message into her phone and the same 2 guys appeared inside the room Olivia was in and they pulled the guy away from her.
He was kicking and screaming as he was being forcibly pulled away and out of the room.
Olivia screamed and sobbed on the floor and she buried her head in her hand.
Faye : ok… now…. I’ll leave it to you to tell Olivia then….hahah
James: Tell her what ?!!
Faye : Tell her that the next race… you will be playing it with her….
Before I could get over the shock of what was just said, the door to the room opened and I saw Crystal walk into the room.
She looked pissed and mad.
She saw Olivia in that glass room and she turned her attention to Faye.
Crystal : Is there a need for this ?
Faye : for the company’s interest…. I think its necessary….
The 2 woman stared at each other and I could feel the tension within the room.
Their obvious beef with each other must go way back.
Faye : I already have my champion right here…. Haha
Crystal : don’t speak so fast Faye…..
Faye : oh… why is that ??
Crystal : Because you don’t know which side is your Champion going to play for yet…
Faye’s eyes narrowed as she resumed her staring match with Crystal .
Crystal : Don’t forget…. I can give him Olivia too… and so much more….
Faye slammed her glass on the table, that was the first time I saw her losing her composure.
I swallowed a gulp of saliva when I saw Faye’s 2 henchmen entered the room upon hearing the clam of the glass.
Barely 30 seconds later, I saw another 2 guys entered, taking Crystal’s side.
Whatever games this 2 women are playing, one thing is obvious.
They are evenly matched.
And Crystal, is about to make her first move.
Crystal was the first to break away from the stare and she gestured to her 2 helpers how proceeded to escort me out of the room.
Faye : This is not over Crystal…. That’s my champion….
Crystal : I would be disappointed if this is the end of it…..and just for the record….
Crystal turned and looked at Faye before going on.
I could see her give Faye the finger as she said that if she knew I was to be made into her champion, she would have never allowed her to fuck me in the first place.
Heading back out the door into the non-airconditioned portion of the office, I realised I was passing a corridor with backdoor access to a variety of rooms.
There were no labels on the doors and each came with it’s own keypad.
The whole corridor is white , even the doors are white.
It looked like it was constructed in a circular loop, there was no indication of where we are. No exit signs, nothing.
If it was just me running around in here, I would probably be lost and just going around in circles.
Crystal and her guys seemed to know exactly where to go and they stopped at a door.
Crystal told her guys to leave us alone as she unlocked the keypad and we walked into a storage area of sort.
After the door behind us closed, there was a soft hiss as another door slide open in front of us, bringing us back to the lounge area beside the reception.
I followed Crystal through and turned around in amazement.
The door closed and it blended back with the row of filing cabinets. There’s no way anyone would have known there is a door there just by looking at it.
Crystal turned around and she folded her arms before speaking.
I could tell from her body language that it would probably be wide not to speak right then and just listen.
Crystal : I don’t want to hear anything from you…. I don’t want you to say anything…. Not to anyone, not to Olivia…. She must not know… you understand ??
I nodded.
There was nothing else for me to say.
Crystal : Go home… sleep it off…. And I see you in office tomorrow…. We’ll talk tomorrow.
She released her arms and I took that as a sign the conversation is over.
I hurried to the lift and hopped on the first train that arrived to get home.
I must have spent at least 20 minutes in the shower.
My cock is swollen and throbbing, begging for a release.
I wanted to wank myself of so bad. The feeling of losing my virginity, the tightness and warm of being able to slide my cock into Faye.
The sensation of pushing and fucking her so hard that her whole body was shaking kept coming back to me. How could I forget about Olivia.
Her tight package of a body shaking as she gets raped on a cart in full view of her colleagues.
Everytime I pictured her breast bounce, my cock would throb.
I could hear her moan, that hardness in which it came out. It sounded so genuine , unlike any of those fake moans I hear in the porn videos I saw.
Those were a far cry from what I heard that day.
That sharp, breathe taking ‘ Ergnnnnnh! ‘
There was so much more depth and feel to that moan from the ones I;ve heard throughout the years of surfing porn.
Her frown, her opened mouth, that gasping of air while her saliva falls from her lush lips.
It was the most sexy sight I have ever saw.
I wanted to cum, to shoot out my semen while I picture I was doing Olivia but I stopped short of doing so.
My image of Olivia was of her facing me, looking at me, kissing me as she asked me to fuck her. I realised with such an arousing image, my cock was not hard enough. In fact , it was getting soft.
Why ?
Why am I getting soft when such an image is being projected ?
Then I changed my perspective in my head.
I pictured myself behind Olivia,
I pictured her begging me not to do it.
I imagined her shaking her head, pleading and begging.
My cock got rock hard as I filled my ears with her moans and pleas while I flood my head with images with her tugging and resisting against her leather cuffs.
The more I thought about it, the harder my cock gets.
Until the point I pictured myself sliding into her unwilling cunt, I squirted precum and I stroked myself to a grand orgasm, mixing my shower runoff with my semen.
I grunted and shook as I stroke my cock, trying to imagine I just emptied myself into a screaming and begging Olivia.
That sensation was so powerful that I was instantly addicted to it.
By the time I was done with the shower, I was so exhausted that I collapsed onto bed without having dinner.
I got to work the next day as usual and went straight into the rest room.
I saw a cleaning lady just done spraying the room with air freshener. She smiled at me before leaving and I switched on the computer.
It felt like a dream as I waited for the terminal to boot up.
The door opened and I immediately stood up. It was Olivia.
She looked amazing that morning in her usual tight and figure hugging office wear.
I looked at her and was full of respect and admiration when I saw her cool and unfazed expression despite what happened to her.
I cannot imagine she only went through the 1st race and there are 4 more to go.
Imagine knowing the fact that you would need to get fucked by 4 other men. Men that are your colleagues in other department, perhaps someone you would have interacted or worked with.
Olivia : James… I need you to go through these, and give me a analysis of the company….. can you do that ?
James ; Er… can… can…
Olivia : It’s just a warmup…. I need to see how much you know before I can assign more things to you….
Olivia wanted me to go through the balance sheets of the company for the past 3 years.
Olivia : Tell me by the end of the day, are they undervalued ? ….. overvalued ? … are they efficient with managing their capital. And will they drop their dividend next year…
James ; Ok… ok.. can…. I will do that….
Olivia ; Any questions just give me a call or drop me an email….
James ; Ok… Olivia… i…
She put up a hand and shook her head.
Olivia : enough… that was yesterday…. We start afresh…. Don’t bring that up again…
I nodded as Olivia walked out of the room.
The thought of holding Olivia’s panty liner, the smell that hit my nose. My cock was pushing against my pants again as I sat down.
I went to my email and brought up the link Faye sent me that allowed me to spy on Olivia.
I clicked it to find it invalid.
Makes sense, there’s no point in letting me see that if she’s not sure I’m on her side, anyway, Crystal knows about it.
I sat down and opened up the files and folders.
Before I could start going through them, Crystal came in.
Crystal  ; James…. Follow me…
It was not a question, it was an order.
I immediately got up and caught up with her.
We went to her office and she shut her door.
Crystal : I’m sure you have a lot of questions…. But I don’t have the time to answer everyone of them…. I have to go straight to the point …
Crystal did not mince her words.
She told me that the race I saw yesterday was Faye’s brainchild.
Crystal : It was well received because of how sick it was…. Do you know the rules ?
James : Yes… .. the… the girl have to reach the finish line as fast as they can… while the… the guy has to delay it in order to win….
Crystal : Correct….
James ; The girls will always lose then…. They.. they need to get… get…
Crystal  :Fuck…
James ; yes.. fuck…. Even if they win the first time…. they would also have been violated….
Crystal smirked as if I said something stupid.
She took her tablet and brought up a window.
There is a list of girls names and among them, I saw Olivia.
Crystal : employees in this company…. Have many ways to make money… on top of getting their pay…
They can choose to play a game. Games that involves money of course. You can carry a debt up to 20 times your annual salary.
Crystal : If you cannot pay…. Then your body belongs to the person you owe money to…
James : Olivia owes Faye money ? ….
Crystal : Yes… she tried to play with her…. Lost 50k within a few minutes.
James : oh my god… i… I …
Crystal : She could have paid the 50k but one thing she underestimated, was how good Faye was with her taunt… She doubled down and won…. Faye paid her in cash.
James ; Then why did she own Faye money ? … she won  ?
Crystal : For the 1st time….. and the 2nd…..
Olivia was up 100k in cash including getting Faye off my back and was about to walk away when Faye offered to triple the amount.
Crystal : 300k in cash…..
James : Olivia took the bet ?
Crystal : I don’t think it was for the money…. It was more of to wipe the smirk off Faye’s face…. But she lost…
James ; Oh my god…
Crystal told me Olivia ends up 150k in debt and base on cash bets policies, it has to be repaid immediately.
Crystal : There’s no way she can pay that…. She could have come to me but Faye is a bitch…. She did not give her a chance to even get out of the office….
I felt a rise in my cock when Crystal told me Faye’s guys grabbed her and the next thing Olivia found out when she woke up was when she was on the cart.
I felt the hair on my skin rise as I found myself aroused by what Crystal had just told me.
Crystal  :The carting game… is a cheap and sadistic game… there is no class whatoever to it…. People are starting to get bored of it… they want something new… something fresh…. Something that can keep up with the technology… which is why… I created a game of my own…
James ; You have … you have your own game ??
Crystal nodded.
Crystal : You make a game…. You must have your own champion…
James : Champion as in ?
Crystal : Something who you think can win for you… then you train him…. Push him… make sure he’s the best in your game….
James : Faye …. Faye wants me to be in her game….
Crystal : correct… but… I want you in my game too…
I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I looked at Crystal, unsure of what I just heard.
James ; Your… your game ? …
Crystal : Yes…
Before I can ask her what is it, she told me the of all the games created, they follow a general rule of thumb.
Crystal : delayed gratification….. it’s all about control…. You know you can have something… you know you want something…. But you do all you can make sure you delay it , you bask in the joy and pleasures of delaying it….. knowing that anytime it can slip away if you lose focus…. And when you go for the win…. That feeling… … will give you a mind fuck….ahaha…
James : i… I don’t understand…. The clients.. they….
Crystal  : the clients can play too of course …. If they want….. at the right price… this is all entertainment…. And…. Risk taking…
James ; You mean gambling…. Why else would you need to have a champion to win…
Crystal smiled.
Crystal : clever boy…. Now… back to my game…..i’ve tested it with many participants….no one lasted more than 5 minutes…..seeing how Faye is interested in you… I think you might do a little better….
James ; What… what game is it ??
Crystal : It’s a game about love…hhaha..
James ; Huh ? …
Crystal : I’ll see you in a hour… in my office… we have to get ready for the test…
I went back to my room and quickly got back to work.
I tried not to think about what Crystal said to me. I need to finish up Olivia’s task to me.
I cannot let her down.
The hour flew by in a blink.
I finished up my last observation and stick on some sticky notes to the folders for later.
I went to Crystal’s office and my heart was beating really fast.
Faye’s game is already sick to the core. I wonder what game Crystal has come up with.
Crystal was on her tablet when I knocked and entered her office.
Crystal : Good… you’re on time… come… change into this…
I was given a full body suit in black. Something like you wear as a stage hand or something to blend into the background. The material though, is tight and feels silky smooth. Like putting on a pair of tights or panty hose.
James : Change here ? !!
Crystal  :Why ? …. Is there something I’m not allowed to see ?
She said it so casually that it made me feel as if I asked something stupid.
I turned away and stripped.
Slipping into the black full body suit, I could feel my cock getting hard.
It’s as if I’m cross dressing into a girls’s panty hose. That feeling of the soft fabric rubbing against my leg hair, the cold air on my cock, it was erotica on a different level.
The thin Velcro that locks up the suit is behind me and I could feel Crystal locking me in as I tried to adjust my body to the feeling of the cold and tight suit.
I was up to my neck in that suit and my lean body was literally bared for all to see with the suit sticking to me like a 2nd skin. Needless to say, the most obvious thing at that moment was the large throbbing cock that was pushing against the suit at my groin.
Crystal saw that I was erected but it did no bother her at all.
I was given a balaclava made of the same material. Afte I put it on, I feel like a bank robber with only my eyes visible.
Crystal then led me to one of her cabinet which magically reveals another hidden door.
I entered and walked into a lounge like area.
It was cosy and well decorated. It feels so comfortable just to be inside the room.
Crystal : sit down… put this on…
I was given a virtual reality goggle and I put it on. It was a full-face customized goggle. Much like the full face helmet a biker wears.
Crystal fastened it on me and I heard a clip.
It was total darkness. I can’t see anything but I can hear Crystal speaking through a embedded speaker.
Crystal  : testing… nod if you can hear me…
I nodded.
Crystal  : No one will be able to hear you except me… just speak into the mask…. Don’t panic… just relax…. And enjoy the game…
James ; What is the game about ?
Crystal : About love of course….
James : You.. you’re going to teach me about love ? … using virtual reality ?
Crystal laughed but said nothing.
Suddenly I felt someone strap me onto the couch. It was like a safety belt of sort i guess.
I can’t move. I can’t stand up.
Suddenly the screen came on and I was blown away.
What I was seeing in the virtual world was a perfect recreation of the lounge I was in.
James ; wow…
Everything looked the same.
James : Are you going to make me experience and fall in love or something ?
Crystal : haha…. Don’t be stupid… we don’t have the luxury of time….
James : then….
Before I could finish my question, I saw the screen change.
I felt my breathe being sucked out from my lungs as I shivered in my seat.
Blood rushed to my groin as I focused on what was in front of me. My senses came alive.
I could feel the sea breeze. I could smell the saltiness of the sea.
I could see 4 girls freeze in time in front of me as a bar loads up.
4 girls.
One of them is Olivia.
Crystal spoke and everything fell into place.
Crystal : Lovelle, Olivia, Valarie , Elaine…… that’s the love I’m talking about….
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James : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhh ….
I groaned into my full face helmet as I watch the helpers lift Olivia off me. As she disengaged her freshly fucked cunt from  my cock, I could see my semen ooze out from her vagina, dripping down the side of her thighs and onto the carpeted floor.
I looked at her as if I’m a voyeur. She don’t know it’s me.
She will never know it’s me behind the mask.
To her, it would just be someone anonymous, someone she don’t know and she would never know.
Looking around the room, I realised it is quite a mammoth task to create the game experience. In order to keep it real, there is at least a dozen staff working to keep things in synced with what I was seeing.
Crystal came into the room looking all serious and excited.
I watch her gesture to the rest of her crew to clear the lounge before hitting some controls on her tablet which unlocked the helmet I was wearing.
I pull out the helmet and breathed in a gasp of cold air as I looked at Crystal in disbelief.
Crystal : so… how do you feel….
James : That is the sickest thing I;ve ever done in my life…
Crystal : you think so ? haha
James : why ?…. why did Olivia agree to this …. Does she know there’s a chance she needs to be fucked by the players ?
Crystal threw a towel over to me to cover my exposed cock and poured me a glass of water before she started explaining.
Crystal : The game…. Like others…. Including the one Faye is doing has multiple bets going on at once…. This is a key signature of our company…. There is always more than one way to win…
James : I don’t understand…
Crystal : For Faye’s game… you can bet on the cart that wins… meaning the girl that gets to the finish line first….. or…. You can bet on the guy that last the longest….
James : oh…
Crystal : For the players themselves… they too are in the bet…. They bet with their bodies….hoping to win…
Crystal went on to explain that her game is similar in essence.
Everyone is free to bet on how long the player will last in the simulation.
Crystal : Most players don’t make it pass the 40% mark ….. you got to 63%… I think that’s’s quite good…..
James : but… but …. Olivia…
Crystal put up a hand to ask me to relax and let her go on.
Crystal : yes.. yes.. I know you like Olivia ….. just slow down…
Crystal explained that as I could see, there are 2 sets of girls involved.
Crystal : the 1st set of girls which provided the tease and simulation are professionals….. whores and prostitutes whose main role is to seduce and tease with their bodies….. almost 95% don’t make it pass them…..
I looked at Crystal as she explained calmly.
Crystal : As for the real Lovelle, Olivia, Valarie and Elaine…. Yes.. they are all employees of the office and they volunteered for this game…. Why ? … why volunteer ?
James: yes why ?
Crystal : because of the odds….. everytime they enter this room in anticipation…. They too are taking a risk and placing a bet….. they bet that the men will not last beyond the teasing of the whores….. and each time… regardless of the outcome…. They get paid…. …
James : Oh….
Crystal : let’s look at the odds and probability again from this angle….. Even if the client makes it pass the whores to start fucking them…. there is only a 1 in 4 chance they will get picked…… and a even slimmer chance that the client can pick another after choosing the 1st….so you can see…. How good the odds of this game is compared to Faye’s….
I nodded my head but I could not speak.
What happened has left me speechless.
James : Olivia…… is doing this for money ?….
Crystal put down her tablet and sighed.
Crystal : She was out of this for a while….and there was a new Olivia assigned to her role but…. Because of the money she owed Faye… she beg me to let her back in….this game that I created….. is one of the safest and fastest for her to earn back the money she owe…
James : oh my god….
Crystal : Did you notice the flashing of screen, the white screen, the sudden flash and all
James : yes… I saw it in the game…
Crystal added that it was not meant to be that way.
Crystal : We had to rerun a old program with the old Olivia, the one you know…. This resulted in quite a bit of cut scenes and over writing…. That was why the experience is not as good…. if not… it will be seamless….
James : I see….so for this game…. You can bet on the progress of the player and which girl will get chosen….. and for the girls, they bet with their bodies hoping they don’t get picked….
Crystal : correct…
James : 95% of the chance 3 girls will win… 1 will lose…. That’s good odds….
Crystal : Not good enough for Olivia today I guess…. Because the player is you….
James : I…. i….
Crystal : No need to feel guilty….everyone made their choices….
James : I’ll be sure to do better the next time…. I think I can last longer… I’ll pick someone else…..
Crystal laughed.
Crystal : Sorry James….your game went live the moment you put on that helmet…. I could not tell you that…..
James : what !
Crystal : you’ve done well…. Better than if you had used your body for Faye’s game….
Crystal asked me to get dress and she pointed to my clothes at the corner of the room.
Crystal : That’s all I have for you today….. I did promise you I’ll give you a lot more that just Olivia right…. Haha… don’t you think this is better from just the crude fuck game Faye did ?? hahah
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and said nothing.
James : so… now…..
Crystal : the 63% you got told me 1 thing….. I can be sure you will do better in the games to come…. And I will do everything to make sure Faye don’t get to use you as her champion….
She turned and walked away, tapping onto her tablet. A sign that my stay there is over.
I left the lounge and exited Crystal’s room.
It was already lunch time.
I went to the foodcourt and ate my lunch alone, still reeling from the shock I just went through.
I fucked Olivia.
Even if it’s for less than 5 minutes, I fucked her.
I was able to stare at her in her eyes, taking in that look of disbelief as I shot my cum inside her pussy.
My cock got hard again as I thought about Olivia’s body shaking in denial but being forcibly held in place.
It was such an erotic sight.
I wonder how she felt at the time when it happened. She must be lamenting her lousy luck, worst of all, allowing a stranger to cum inside her and suffer the humiliation of being fucked and never knowing who the person was.
I forced myself to calm down as I realised my cock got so hard it was pushing against my pants.
As I scooped another mouthful of rice into my mouth, I saw a familiar figure walk pass a few tables away.
It was Olivia.
She was not alone.
She was with her other friends.
Lovelle, Valarie and Elaine.
It’s truly a sight to behold.
They drew attentions of the nearby tables of men who stole glances at their tight blouse and skirts.
Other women shot them stares, envy of their toned legs and how they look so good in their seductive heels.
A table of hot fuckable OLs sitting down for their lunch.
Even the way each of them cross their legs is enough to cause the surrounding tables of men to stop eating for a few seconds.
I  felt precum seep thought my cock again as I looked at the 4 of them.
All of them are hot. I saw Lovelle put a hand on Olivia’s shoulder. Valaire offered napkins.
Elaine said nothing. She looked the least affected and her appearance was the most brief.
She only appeared towards the end of the whole tease.
I don’t know why but seeing how nonchalant she looked when Olivia is so sad angers me.
I had my orgasm barely an hour ago but looking at how nonchalant Elaine is, it triggered something in me.
My cock started to get harder.
She has that resting bitch face that makes you want to fuck her.
Yes she’s pretty and hot. Given a chance , anyone would fuck her but her face. That cold, non smiling and non-chalant attitude.
If I do get to fuck her, I will not be just fucking her body.
I will be fucking her attitude while I’m doing it.
My line of thoughts was suddenly cut off when the chair in front of me was dragged out and someone took a seat.
Faye : can we share this table ?…. it’s so hard to get a seat during lunch time….
James : not you again… what do you want !
Faye : ohh… why the hostility…. We are quite well acquainted don’t you think ?? hahah
I started to gobble up my food and let Faye talk, after all, I know she is not just going to leave me alone. I could see it in her eyes.
She’s unhappy that I got wrest away under her nose by Crystal.
She would surely do something to get back .
Faye : What’s wrong? …. Are you pretending to be a saint now ?? …. Haha…. Touch your heart and tell me you are not enjoying this at all ?? ….
James : It’s sick….. what… what you put the girls through…
Faye : And who is to be the judge of that ? …. You ?? did they not volunteer for taking that risk ?? …. No ?
I scooped up the last of my lunch and got ready to finish it up the moment I was done swallowing the rice I have in my mouth.
Faye ; 825 thousand…. Within an hour… that is impressive….
I raised an eyebrow and looked at Faye .
James ; What are you talking about ??
Faye : Oh.. you don’t know…. Hahaha
James : About what ?
Faye : Crystal ….. you just help her make 825k with the little game you played….
James : what !….
Faye : well.. that’s gross profit actually…. Nett of the amount she needs to pay her crew and those who took up the bets…. I would put the figure at around…. 600 ish… give and take… and how much is your cut  James ? ….. hahaha
I was speechless as I looked at Faye.
Faye : Oops… did I say something I should not have ?? … oh dear…. I remembered… Interns are not allowed in on the cut….. hahaha…
I sighed and finished up the last scoop of my lunch.
I looked over at Olivia and her friends.
They were talking softly, sipping their hot soup with rice for lunch.
I could feel the reaction in my pants the moment I look at them. I directed my eyes to the rest of the lunch crowd.
Men of different ages, some with wedding rings on their fingers. Most of them were stealing glances at that table as they eat.
This is hormones at play isn’t it ?
We are nothing but the male species looking at the opposite sex of breeding age.
Our eyes appraised their looks, their beauty. The healthy glow on their skin. The sexy and well kept body, perfect for child bearing.
I blinked and looked back at Faye who was eager to continue our conversation.
Faye : Well… I know my game isn’t exactly …. You know…. High tech…. but it’s the brutality of it that appeals don’t you think ??
James : I’m … I’m not playing in that game…. If that is what you to talk to me about….
Faye snapped her fingers and gave a whoop, startling the surrounding tables.
Her outburst drew the attention of Olivia’s table as well and she looked over.
I saw her frown and I felt the twitch in my cock.
Her obvious displeasure was written all over her face. She is not happy that I’m hanging out with Faye but what can I do ?
Faye just came to me. I can’t possibly run away with my lunch or something in the middle of the foodcourt.
Faye ; You know James… that… is exactly what I want to hear from you…
James ; huh ?? what ??
Faye ; yes…. Your choice of words….
I shook my head and got up to return my food tray.
Faye chuckled and left her lunch at the table and she linked arms with me in front of the whole word.
I panicked and instinctively I looked towards Olivia and her friends who was looking over as well.
From the look on Olivia’s face, I would surely get a good verbal fuck from her later on in the office.
I need to explain this situation to her once and for all later.
Faye ; You see James…. You said… you will not play in ‘ that ‘ game….. which to me…. Meant that you are open to playing in other games….
James : What ! ? …. Where is the logic in that ?!!
Faye : It’s the subconscious things you say that gets noticed…. Hahah…. You’re excited… you’re curious…. You want to go down the rabbit hole and see where this all leads don’t you…. ?? … I take it as you are not opposed to playing in my other creations then… hahah…
James : No… no I don’t … and… and please don’t… don’t link arms with me here… a lot of people are looking at us….
Faye ; you’re shy now ?? haha… were you shy when we were at the hotel and you know you are going to fuck me ??
I tried to release myself from her hold as Faye laughed.
James : let me go… people are looking…
Faye : alright… I’ll let go and get working on it then… hahaha…
I quickly entered the lift and went back up into the sanctuary of my work station. She’s clearly mad.
Then I did something I should have done the very first day. I turned the knob and locked the door.
I got back to my seat and started working on the assignment Olivia gave me that morning.
The phone on the desk rang and I pick it up, disengaged it and left it there. Fuck the phone calls.
I don’t care.
I heard someone knocking on the door 30 minutes later.
Faye ; James… it’s me… open up….
James : I’m busy….
Faye ; Oh…. Are you ? …. Hahahaha….. well… I’ll see you later then… hahaha…
I did no even let the cleaning lady in to empty the trash can and for once, I enjoyed the peace in the room when I did my work.
There is water from the fridge. There’s a coffee machine.
Hell at 3.30pm, I finally decided to fuck it all and take a shower.
Fuck it feels good to have a hot shower in the middle of a work day and I came out feeling refreshed.
Olivia’s task for me was almost done too .
I’ll take the opportunity to explain my situation with Faye, but I would have to leave out certain details though.
Olivia must not know how much I knew about the games the company is organising.
Olivia knocked on the door asking why did I shut myself inside the room.
Olivia: Are you ok James ??
James : Y… yes… I’m ok…  Olivia.. i… I need to talk to you….
I did not even give her a chance to reply me.
I started blabbering what I had rehearsed earlier.
I told her about Faye’s pestering. I came clean about her making me go to a hotel.
James : She… she… she made me…made me.. have sex with her… i…. I don’t know how things got into such a mess so fast…. But… but believe me… i… I really don’t want anything to do with her….
I told Olivia that it was Faye that is the one pestering me.
James : I… I had to lock myself in the room to get her away from me….
Olivia put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and it melted the fatigue of the day away instantly.
That feeling of her delicate fingers. It was amazing.
That reassuring squeeze she gave me sent my cock into a frenzy again despite the best of intention.
Olivia : I know…. James… I know… I….. heard from Crystal….about the hotel…. I’m sorry you lost your virginity like this…
My eyes widened and I looked at her in horror.
James ; What…. How… how did you know that ??
Olivia raised an eyebrow and looked at me as if I said something stupid.
Olivia : You mean the hotel…. Or your first time… ?
James : That… that…. How could you possibly know it was my first time….
Olivia waved me off and picked up the folder I was working on to take a look at my work.
Olivia : James… the whole office knows Faye took your first time….
I could not believe what I was hearing.
It took a while for that to sink into me head. It was such a humiliating thing to be shared with the entire office.
Faye that bitch. If I ever get to wager in a bet with her, I will make sure I win, no matter the cost.
People like this needs a taste of her own medicine.
Only then she will learn.
Olivia broke my chain of thoughts with some comments.
Olivia : Looks good…. But there’s some mistakes here…. You need to account for these as well… these are one off gains through the disposal of assets…. Here… and here….
James ; Oh… ok… sorry… I’ll.. I’ll edit it right away…
Olivia looked at the time and told me to leave it.
Olivia : don’t worry about it…. It’s about time to leave anyway….. go back and rest…. Deal with it tomorrow….
James ; Oh… ok…
Olivia : by the way….I’m flying for work tomorrow with Crystal…. We’ll be back in a day….do what you can to stay away from her….. we’ll deal with her on our end…
James : Ok…ok…
I watched Olivia sighed and reached for her forehead with her palm as if she was trying to recall something.
She looked tired, exhausted.
I could not help looking at her body, wondering how she is feeling beneath her tight work blouse and waist high skirt.
James : Are…. Are you ok ??
Olivia : …hmm? … yeah.. yeah… I’m fine… why do you ask ??
James : Oh… nothing…i…ermm… I thought you looked tired….
Olivia gave me a warm smile and said she’s fine.
She looked like she was about to speak. Her mouth opened a little then she stopped.
Then her mouth opened again.
I saw a twitch on her expression and she swallowed a gulp of saliva.
James : errr… Olivia ?
She put up a hand and said she’s fine.
She turned and started walking briskly away from me.
I definitely caught a jump, almost like a shock as Olivia made her way towards the door. It was strong enough to make her steady herself on her heels by holding onto the wall.
Olivia quickly opened the door and left the room.
I scratched my head and shook my head.
Weird company.
I replaced the phone just before I shut down my computer and as soon as I did. It rang.
I wanted to ignore it but was afraid it might be Olivia who wanted me to do some stuff for her since she will be on work trip so I pick it up.
James : Hello ?
Faye : Hi James…. Hahaha… how’s your day ??
James : Oh god…. I said no …. Please….. leave me out of your game….
Faye laughed.
Faye : it’s too late James…. I included you…
James ; I don’t care… I’m not going to take part….
Faye : Well…. You don’t understand James…. The game…. Has already began….
James ; What ??
Faye : well…. I take it as you consented earlier at lunch…..Check your mail….
I refreshed my mail and I saw a mail from Faye.
Faye : I paired you up with Olivia you know…. Your favourite right….hahaha…. happy reading…
Faye hung up on me and the hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end as I read through the instructions.
This is not happening.
There was a link. I clicked it and I could see Olivia.
She was at her desk.
I could see her squirming and clenching hard on the table’s edge. One of her hand went to her tummy.
James : FUCK…. Faye you bitch !! Fuck !
I screamed into the empty room and stood up. With a clenched fist, I slammed it onto the table as I tried to stop myself from shaking.
I must save Olivia. She’s in this shit partly because of my tangle with Faye.
The door to my room opened and I saw Faye’s 2 goons heading towards me.
They handed me a box with a full face balaclava including a pair of Oakley googles together with a full body black suit to indicate I’m in the game much like a overall.
They left the items there and went out without a word.
Dear James
Inside Olivia’s vagina lies a device.
Form a C shape with your middle & index finger together with your thumb.
It’s shaped in that manner with the thumb resting on Olivia’s clitoris and the rest inside her vagina pressing against her G-spot.
This clamp not only vibrates, it closes.
It closes tighter, squeeze harder as time ticks by. The intensity of it’s vibration will get stronger and stronger making it hard for the girls to even walk.
The only way to release it is by removing the leather bracing that locks and holds it in place outside the subject’s panty.
The key to unlock the bracing of your partner, lies on the bracings of other girls.
Identify your partner via colours. Couples are paired with colours combination.
For eg.
Pink Panty with Pink goggles
There are a total of 10 couples in the game.
No one knows their partners at the start of the game.
(PS : I gave you an edge James….i gave you Olivia… Hahaha… don’t say I never help you  )
The devices don’t start clamping unless 1 of the 10 has been removed.
It stops clamping the moment the 2nd one is removed.
Odd number of clamps remaining starts the constriction and vibration.
Even number remaining stops it.
In 4 hours, those with the clamps still on will wish they were dead.
There is $400000 at stake.
Those with clamps removed shares the price, those with it still on, carries twice the debt.
If all 10 couples failed to remove the clamps. They will take on the $800000 debt equally split among all 20 individuals.
Unlock the bracings of anyone other than your partner does not change anything, you merely helped them to win.
Hint for all employees.
By 6.30pm, the office will be cleared of all non-essential staff.
It should not be that hard to find your partner by then.
Happy hunting.
I looked at the screen and saw Olivia clutching onto her tummy and kneeling down inside her cubicle.
I got a message on my mobile phone.
“ Tick is ticking James….. my money is on you… Happy hunting.. ! “
Signed off
I clutched the mask in my hand and said a silent prayer.
May god forgive me for what I’m about to do
As I changed out of my work clothes into the ones provided, my head was already thinking about what I should do. There is hardly anytime for me to think.
Time is ticking.
I recalled the contents of the mail and picked out the items one by one in order to rationalise it.
With the key to unlock Olivia’s bracing lying in other girls’ bracing, it meant one thing to me.
Regardless of what they are wearing, I would need to strip them in order to access the key.
I gasped and adjusted my pants as my cock pushed against my underwear when the mere thought of trying to strip a girl cross my head.
Judging from the way the company operates, I don’t think the key is a physical one. It could be a code, a number, a chip I don’t know.
I know from this that the girls would do whatever they can to protect their own codes form being stolen. No one will be flashing you their upskirt.
Think of this from their perspective, if they fail to guard the code embedded in their bracing, it would allow others to get free. This increases the burden of the debt on their shoulder should they fail to find their partner and get out of the game in time.
Since everyone don’t know who their partner is, it meant that as long as the guy sees a girl, he will attack her with everything to strip her.
What about the colour combination you say ?
Well, the easy way would be if everyone wears their googles and walks around during the hunt.
The girls, knowing their own colour of their panty could easily identify their partner. This however comes with it’s own cons.
From my perspective, I would have just revealed my card to the other players.
My goggle is light blue, which meant Olivia’s panty is light blue in colour.
Fuck that Faye.
That bitch.
The so call advantage she gave me was of no use.
If I wore my mask and my goggle to hide my identity, the rest of the players would know what colours I am hunting for.
I could keep the goggles and just wear the mask, revealing only my eyes, but then if Olivia sees me, she will not know for sure that I’m her partner.
Worst case scenario, she recognises me from my eyes and knows I’m her intern before freaking out.
It would be a gone fuck from then onwards. I don’t know how to tackle this
I started to perspire as I paced around the room.
Should I wear the goggle or not ?
How should I approach this ?
Do I go all out and start attacking other colleagues the moment I see them or should I play my cards slowly and check out the situation in the field.
Fuck. I cursed again , verbally and loudly this time round.
I never knew doing an internship can be so challenging and taxing on my mind and body.
I decided to keep my goggle in the pocket provided and I zipped it.
The mask alone should be enough for now. Looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t think anyone will recognise me from wearing that balaclava. It’s ample protection.
I looked at my shaking hands.
Fuck. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do this. Imagine seeing a colleague and you start charging towards her trying to strip her of her skirt, or blouse, or what if she’s wearing a one piece dress, or a romper ?
My cock got hard and I adjusted my erection.
A chime rang out from the speakers in the office.
An automated message told me that all non-essential employees have left the premises.
Then it went silent.
3 floors of office.
The 1st clamp has been removed even before I got changed. That was why the clamp got activated and Olivia started to feel the effects of it.
That’s fast.
Now there’s only 18 of us left.
800k divided by 18, I did the sums in my head and I felt a shudder in my balls.
Fuck my life that’s more than 44k each.
There’s no way I can pay that.
I need to get myself and Olivia out of this game quick.
I opened my room door and peered out into the corridor. It was eerily quiet.
I know the way to Olivia’s cubicle.
Should I go there and tell her I’m her partner ?
I heard the nervous clicks of a pair of heels a distance away.
She turned around the corner, one hand clutching onto her tummy and the other supporting on the wall.
It was a colleague of mine. I don’t know her name but I remembered passing by her before.
She saw me and she turned immediately to get away.
Blood rushed to my cock and gave me the biggest erection I’ve had in a while.
I ran towards her and as I got closer, I heard her scream.
I don’t even know her name.
I know she’s seated near the window. She looked like she’s in her early 30s, probably a newly married woman.
Colleague :  No… nO!!! please no !!! ernghhhh!!!
I caught up to her and I grabbed onto her from behind.
I lifted her off the floor causing one of her high heels to fall from her feet.
I rotated her around and wrestled her to the floor, causing her other heel to fly off under a desk. I felt like a bastard, a monster for doing what I did but I could not help it.
I don’t want to take on a 40k debt.
Colleague ; NO!!! please… please…. No!! NO!!….
James ; I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I need to do this…
Her tight bandage skirt was no match for my forceful arm.
I hate to do this, it made me feel sick and aroused at the same time.
I yanked up her skirt, pulling the hem up above her knees.
She tried to resist, and she hit me on my head and face with her hand.
I lifted her legs upwards, dragging her by her ankles for a good 2 metres as she screams on the carpeted floor.
I pushed back her skirt and I saw her panty, the force and jerking motion in which I pulled her skirt up caused it to rip a little, putting me into the shoes of a rapist who targets helpless office ladies in back alleys
The panty is grey.
She kept strugging. I could see the reddish glow beeping on the clamp beneath.
I could hear the vibration.
Her grey panty is wet around her pussy region. The clamp must be both arousing and comfortable at the same time. Enough to wet her cunt.
Colleague : ernngh… no please… no!!…er ghhhh !!!….
I grabbed the leather bracing and I saw it.
There’s a series of number. 3905 printed in orange. It must be for the orange panty.
It was on stencilled on a card like device that had 10 digits on it about half the size of your credit card. All these tucked neatly by the waist band of the bracing.
James : I’m sorry… I’m… sorry….
I let her go as she collapsed onto the floor, sobbing and crying as she tried to pull her skirt down to cover her modesty. I committed the number to memory and got up to run off. I don’t want to stay around long enough for her to know who I am in real life.
It would be fucking awkward to walk pass each other at work after doing this to her.
I feel like shit for doing that but the arousal I was getting is out of this world.
I could not come to terms with what this internship is doing to me.
 Just as I was getting out, the screams and commotion caught the attention of other hunters like me.
I stood up and I saw 3 of them appearing at the same time along the corridor.
I backed away and started to run.
When I turned back to look at that female colleague, she was screaming for help as the 3 hunters descended on her like zombies feasting on a meal.
Colleague : ernghhh.. no !!.. no !! ernghhhhhhhhh!!!!
I turned back and realised they were not only getting the code, they were stripping her of her top. They were laughing and taking the opportunity to molest her.
They tore off her bra. They even yanked off her skirt, leaving her stark naked with exception of her bracing and the sole panty she was wearing. One took her bra cup and started sniffing and licking, laughing at the same time.
The other spread her legs and took the chance to kiss her private region. I saw him yank the bracing to the side to bite on her panty and suck on the cunt juice that was leaking out from her stimulated vagina.
It was a terrible sight to behold.
I took one last look as one of them started to suck on her tits as she hit him on his head.
The other 2 just ran away after getting the code.
I felt a chill in my spine as it finally dawned on me what is going through the heads of these people.
Everyone volunteered.
No one is breaking any laws.
Chances are you’ve seen each other around in office but with the mask on, perhaps they don’t know who you are.
If you don’t do things like these now, you would never get a chance to do it.
I could feel a patch of wetness around my groin.
I don’t know if I can bring myself to do this to my colleagues. Would you be able to do this ?
Or rather, would you be able to resist doing this to your hottest colleague, or the one wearing the tightest dress or skirt knowing there will be no consequence at all ?
The screams seared itself into my eardrums as the girl on the floor pleaded with the guy to stop.
I forced myself to keep moving as I head towards Olivia’s office.
Pushing my way into her cubicle, I found it empty.
She’s not there.
I ran back out into the office corridor and I saw another girl appeared at the staircase.
This girl.
This I remember.
She looked up, our eyes met.
Before she could scream. I saw a pair of hands grabbed her from behind, pulling her into the staircase.
I was about to go for her when I saw Olivia appeared from a few cubicles away.
Olivia : Valarie !!!
One of her hand was clutching her tummy, the other reaching out halfway into the air for her friend.
Before she could continue, she realised my presence.
I saw the look of fear in her eyes as our eyes met.
My mouth opened, I wanted to tell her I’m with her. I’m on her side.
I want to tell Olivia I will protect her.
Before I could do that, the guy sucking on the 1st girls tits appeared from round the corner, panting and laughing.
Olivia gasped and turned to register his presence.
Olivia : oh my god… erngh….erngh…. ergnhhh!!
She tried to fight the arousal and squeeze of the clamp to get away from both of us but there’s no way she can make it at that speed.
The sound of Valarie screaming in the staircase flooded the office.
Valarie :erNHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ernnhh!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia : Valarie !!!!
The tit sucking guy ran over and dove for Olivia.
Fuck this.
It’s now or never.
I ran towards Olivia as well, plotting a collision course with him.
He leap the same time I did.
James : arenghhh!!! arGHHHHHHHHH!
Our bodies connected and I drove him into a cubicle, knocking over a pedestal and yanking a monitor off the work desk. The impact caused a domino effect on a row of documents.
I struggled with the guy and we tussled and rolled on the floor.
He yanked a portion of my mask off, revealing half my face. I turned away from him in time to get off but Olivia saw me.
She saw half my face and knew it was her intern.
Olivia ; GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia’s eyes widened as she staggered a couple of steps backwards before hitting the desk of a work desk. I pulled the mask back on and put a finger to my lips at Olivia.
The guy got back up and I managed to push him away with a combination of a shoulder ram and head butt.
Guy ; Olivia… hahahah… hahah… Olivia… you are fucking… hot… I’m going to fucking strip you !!.. ahahha.. hahaa….
He laughed and chuckled as he tried to recover from the floor.
I ran over to Olivia and grabbed her hands, pulling her with me as we ran away from the laughing man on the ground.
Olivia ; JAMES !!what are you doing here !!!
I did not have time to answer her.
I drag her half moaning and panting towards my work room.
Before I could get there, I saw another hunter about 20 metres away in front of me.
My mind did a mental calculation of the distance between us and the door to my work room. The room with a lock. If I can get Olivia in there, I can protect her while I hunt.
Olivia : We….ernghh…. we…erngng… gasp… oh god.. erngghernng…. Ernghh!!! God.. erng… I’m going…I’m going to cum… ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! …. We won’t make it…
We’re all about 10 metres away.
I could feel Olivia shaking and trembling behind me. Perspiration beads dotted her forehead and face as she panted for air, clutching onto her tummy.
Olivia : ernghhhhhhhh!!!  Ernghh!!!!!!!!!!!!  We…. We won’t make it…
She moaned.
The clamp must be doing it’s job, clamping down and massaging her pussy at the same time.
The hunter in front of us looked like he too was doing the math in his head.
James ; yes… yes…  we can…..get in and lock the door….
Olivia : rennnhh… erngh.h. what !.. ernghh..
James : I said…. Get in the room…. And lock the door….
Olivia ; ernghh…James… JAMES !!
I let go of Olivia’s hand.
The approaching hunter charged towards us, I heard the eerie laughter of the one we knocked onto the floor from behind catching up, his laughter permeated the entire floor.
I ran forward will all my strength and collided with the hunter head on, smashing our bodies onto each other, bruising muscles and flesh as we rolled on the carpeted floor.
I turned and saw Olivia moaning and clutching her tummy as she struggled to get into the room.
She fell, losing a heel in the process with the laughing guy hot in pursuit.
Guy : hahahahahahaha… hahahha Olivia…. Olivia… hahahaha
Olivia screamed, as she charged into the room and slammed the door shut, turning the bolt the very second the laughing guy tried to open the door.
In a mix of orgasmic screams of pleasure from her forced orgasm and from fear, Olivia shuddered and cried, knocking her convulsing body against the door as the guy laughed.
The screams of other girls travelled along the corridor and everyone immediately picked up on their cries.
Olivia will be safe here for now.
I needed to find the key anyway.
I got up and just as I was about to head towards other targets, I watched the laughing guy picked up Olivia’s dropped heel and put it to his nose.
He took a really deep whiff, sniffing as he massaged his crotch, licking Olivia’s heels as he spoke.
Guy : You…. Smell……………….. Amazing….. hahahah …. Hahaha….. haha… slurpzzz.. slupzz….
He took Olivia’s heels and laughed again before running off in the other direction.
I picked myself up from the floor and looked towards both ends of the office.
From the screams, I know there are girls on both sides.
Then I recalled seeing Valarie being pulled into the staircase.
I turned towards that direction and I started to run.
Before I could get to the staircase where I last saw Valarie, I caught up with the laughing hunter.
He looked like he is having a lot of fun and I saw him trying to push open a door to a storage area for ink cartridges and paper. He is totally into this game as if he could not be bothered if he won or lost.
He’s just fucking having fun at the expense of the girls.
Laughing guy : hahaha… open up… open up.. hahaha.. hahaha
The girl was screaming and trying to shut the door but it was too late. The guy already had his shoe by the door. She kept slamming the door against his leather shoe but it was no use.
The door is not getting shut.
The laughing guy kept shoving and he saw me.
Laughing guy : hey fucker… her you…. Yes.. selfish fucker… hahaha… fuck…come and help me quick.. ahhaha.. you noob….fuck… you don’t know how to play this game do you… hahaha… help to get the girl !… haha… you don’t know how to play la…hahah.. you have no idea what is going on !!.. hahahaah
I could not care less about helping him but I knew under the dress of that screaming girl lies another code.
That is another possibility that I can unlock Olivia’s bracing I cannot just give it up.
Laughing guy : hurry up… hahaha… I’ll pay your share…..i’ll pay your share… just play first… hahaha….you hear me ?? hey… I’m talking to you… you noob.. hahaha
I ran over and helped the guy push open the door.
I don’t know what the fuck is he blabbering about and I don’t care.
I want to get the key.
The girl saw me coming and her screams intensified, her hands desperately trying to close off the door, knocking and scratching the shoes of the laughing guy. Her off shoulder tight dress showed off her sexy and smooth arms
I held onto the door and I heaved at the panel, pushing backwards and sending the girl back onto her buttocks as she landed on reams of paper and carboard boxes with toner inside them.
Girl : ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! …
The laughing guy was quicker than me.
He immediately pounced on the girl as he tried to pull down her dress. The girl screamed and held onto her dress for her dear life. The yanking and pulling motion exposed her strapless bra within seconds.
While she was trying to cover her modesty of her breast, the laughing guy switched focus immediately and lifted up the bottom of her short dress which was barely touching her knees in the first place.
Girl : eRNgHH!!! No!! …
Laughing guy : hahahaha… fuck… haha.. not my colour… hahaha….. but nice wet pussy…hahaha
True to his perverted ways, he did not just stop once he got the key from the bracing.
He held onto the bottom of the girl’s dress with 2 hands and he laughed and started to yank.
He pulled downwards so hard that it dragged the poor girl across the carpet with each pull. The girl, sobbing and kicking was trying to hold onto her already torn dress.
One hard tug and it was all over for her. The fabric left her body, exposing her bra and her apple green panty.
I immediately reached for the bracing and checked the key.
It’s 4430 stencilled in pink.
It’s not for Olivia.
Oh my God. How many more times do I have to do this ?
I got what I wanted and I immediately got up to leave.
The laughing guy used the dress he pulled off the girl and I watch him try to tie her hands up.
Laughing guy  : help me man.. fuck… hahaha.. help me tie her up and we can have some fun… hahaha….
I ignored him and I stepped out of the storage area.
I turned to look at the girl sobbing as he hands were tied up above her head and anchored to the leg of a metal rack in the storage.
The laughing guy forcibly spread her legs, laughing as he pushed his face into her groin, smelling and slurping up her juices that were seeping from her shivering vagina who has already experienced god knows how many orgasm.
I hurried towards the staircase.
It was already empty by the time I get there. I’m not surprised.
There’s no way Valarie will be there waiting for me.
Seeing her get grabbed probably meant she already had her bracing read by other hunters.
I could still hear the buzzing vibrating sound from the clamp from the girl in the storage unit when I was checking the key.
It tells me that so far no one has found the code to unlock their partner’s clamps yet. If not, with a even number of clamps remaining, the constriction and vibration will stop.
I went down a floor and came to a office I’ve never ventured into before.
The layout is more or less similar and I could hear people running a distance away.
I looked around, it was just me. I kept my ears open, hoping to catch some buzzing sound that might give me an indication of where the girls are.
I walked passed a cubicle and I saw a pair of heels that looked really familiar. A cream pair of heels that I remembered seeing Valarie wearing earlier that afternoon when I was having my lunch.
Yes. Those were her heels.
She has taken them off.  Smart move.
The carpeted areas of the office would have been fine with the heels but there are stretches where they flooring is tiles. The echoes alone will give away their position.
I went over to the heels and looked at the cubicle.
Valarie’s photo was at the desk.
That is her table. Some contents of the cupboard were spilled onto the floor and I saw a gym towel and a lone pair of socks.
I stood up and looked around the empty office.
Valarie has changed into her workout shoes.
I walked on further, checking each and every cubicle and I saw a blouse and skirt at one cubicle. If I remember correctly, those were the clothes I saw Valarie in too.
I picked it up, the blouse was torn , so was the skirt.
Ok. She’s totally out of her work clothes, most probably in her gym and workout attire.
I picked up the pace to clear the section of the empty office. I was almost reaching the reception of that floor when I heard screams again.
Valarie : let me go !!!! erNGHHH!!..er gnhh!!!
That is Valarie’s voice.
I immediately ran towards the reception counter and I was a hunter trying to pin Valarie down on the counter.
The hunter saw me and waved for me to go over.
“ Come help me !! “
Valaire screamed as she tried to fend of the guy.
Her attire is not easy to remove now.
Instead of the typical blouse and skirt, Valarie changed into her sports bra with a loose fitting off shoulder top.
Not only is she not wearing a skirt, she had on a pair of tight leggings she probably saved for her Yoga or Pilates class. To top it off, she also had a pair of under armour running shorts with neon yellow trimmings on.
I saw her sneakers on her feet and was glad that my deduction is correct.
Valarie had pulled them on in a hurry and the shoelaces were not even done properly.
Valarie : get away from me !!! eRNGHHH.. ernnhhh!! Fuck… oh god… enrrrhggg!!!! Ernghhhh!!!
Guy : quick… she’s having her orgasm… haha.. she can’t fight us like this…
I grabbed the waste paper basket from beside me and I ran over.
To everybody’s surprised, I dumped it over the head of the guy before pushing him over the counter. He hit the low part of the reception before losing his balance, cursing and swearing as he toppled onto the floor.
Valarie : ernghhhhhhhh!!….gasp….!.. oh my god ..e rngggg….
I grabbed Valarie’s wrist. She shook me off and tried to swing a hole puncher towards me but thankfully for me she missed.
Valarie ; fuck off..e rnhh… fuck.. ernghh…. Ernhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I whispered harshly at Valarie and I grabbed her wrist again.
James : Olivia sent me…. Come with me…
I saw Valarie’s expression changed as she registered what I had just told her.
She nodded weakly as she clutched her tummy.
Valarie : ernghh…….ernghhhhhhhhhh!!!… ernghh! Fuck…fuck.. ernghh I’m going to cum again… ernghhhhhhhh!!!
Valarie collapsed onto the ground as she moaned, her body engulfed by the orgasm that was forced upon her.
I reached under her arms and lifted her up, my hand touching her soft breast.
I half yank and half dragged her across the office towards the staircase.
We barely started up 3 steps when I heard someone shouting at us from 2 flights of stairs below us.
I looked down and it was another hunter, he too was trying to drag along another girl behind him.
James : Valarie… we have to hurry…. Move….
Valarie : ernghhhhhh!!!.. I’m trying… ernghh!!! Ernghh!!!
I don’t know how we manage to get back up to the floor I started with Valarie moaning and gasping by my side.
I was drenched in perspiration by then when I stepped into the office corridor.
James : come on… we are almost there…at the staff rest room….Olivia is in there…
Valarie :ernghh.. ok… ok.. ernghhh.. god… ernghhh I’m cumming again….gaspp!!! ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck !!..
Valarie squeezed her eyes shut as a drop of tear streaked across her cheek.
Half sobbing and half moaning, we hopped and wobbled towards the room Olivia was locked in.
We passed by the storage room and it was already empty.
No one was there. Things happen fast around here.
I could see the door of the room about 20 metres away.
It was all clear.
We just need to get there and we are safe.
Suddenly i felt a force pull Valarie back.
Valarie : ernhhhg !!!
I turned and I saw a fellow hunter yanking Valarie down onto the carpeted floor.
Valarie : aerhhhh!!! aHHHHHHHHH!!!!
He was fast, with a grip of his nimble fingers, he held onto the top of Valarie’s shorts and somehow managed to get her tights as well.
He grunted and yank it downwards, revealing Valarie’s panty.
I felt all the hair on the back of my neck stand on it’s end.
Valarie’s panty is orange in colour.
That’s the 1st key I got. I can unlock her bracing.
Valarie : ernghhh.. aHHH!!.. enghh!!
I went in and the hunter managed to kick me away.
His shoe landed squarely in the middle of my chest causing me to fly backwards.
From out of nowhere another 2 hunters appeared and the joined in the fray trying to strip Valarie.
One tugged on her top and pulled up a side of her sports bra, revealing her bouncy B cup breast and her erected nipple.
He laughed and he pinched it, squeezing Valarie’s nipple with his thumb and his index finger, pulling and tugging it while rolling it in between his fingers at the same time.
He pulled up the other side of the sports bra and pressed his face downwards on Valarie, commenting that her sweat smells really good, it’s like he was smelling her after her gym class.
The other hunter was helping the 1st to pull down enough of Valarie’s tights to check out her bracing.
Then when he saw the colour of Valarie’s panty, he shouted and pushed the breast sucking hunter away. He immediately tried to stop the 1st just from reading her bracing.
Valarie screamed, pushing herself on the floor backwards as she tried to pull up her tights and shorts.
I know. That guy that had a change of mind immediately after seeing Valarie’s panty colour. He must be her partner.
I massaged my chest and got up on my feet.
Now Valarie’s partner was trying to tussle with the other 2 hunters.
Valarie wiped her tears with the back of her hand as she backed away from the 3 hunters and further away from me while clutching onto her tummy.
Looking at how she was breathing and heaving, her eyes widened as she looked at me in horror. She must be on the verge of another orgasm soon.
Valarie : erhnn… ernghh… god… fuck… ernghhl.. .. ernghhh.. harrrr… har…
She leaned her body to one side, supporting herself on the wall. One of the hunters broke free and went for her again. He hugged himself onto her, plastering his body against Valarie and pushing her onto the floor.
I went over and put a choke hold on the guy pressing Valarie down and dragged him backwards away from her.
James : Get to the staff rest area…. Go !
Valarie moaned as she tried to run, collapsing face first onto the floor before she went into convulsion.
Valarie : ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!…e gnhh!!! Ernghh!!!
Her fist clenched as she tried to make her own body listen to her.
I shove the guy I held head first into a cubicle, causing another avalanche of documents onto the floor.
I grabbed Valarie and pulled her up towards me.
I barely made it 3 steps when Valarie was stopped again.
Her partner was wrestled onto the floor and with one free hand, he managed to grab her ankle.
Valarie partner : I’m your partner !!!! Where are you going !!!!
I hugged onto Valarie from behind, feeling her slim waist and smelling her hot and perspiring body before lifting her off the ground in an attempt to shake her partner.
Valaire: erhggghh!!!
James :arnghhh!!!
We got away after 2 tugs and the only casualty we suffered was Valarie’s left shoe.
I grabbed her wrist and we ran as fast as we can towards the room.
The moment we got there, I hammered on the door.
James : OLIVIA !!! open up…. I’ve got Valarie !!!
The bolt turned and the handle barely moved.
I opened the door, squeezing Valarie thought first before I got in.
Both girls collapsed onto the floor, groaning and moaning as I shut the door and threw the bolt behind me.
I was totally drenched in perspiration as I sank onto my bottom and tried to catch my breath with the 2 girls moaning in different stage of their orgasm in front of me.
My throat was totally parched.
I went to the fridge and got myself a bottle of water. I removed my mask and sucked in a gulp of fresh cold air.
I hydrated myself, not knowing how long more this will be going on.
As if reading my mind, there was another chime.
“ Ding! “
“90 minutes remaining. 9 clamps remain “
And the announcement ended.
I almost forgot, I can release Valarie.
With that, it would stop the vibration and constriction.
I ran over to the girls and I told them what I knew
James: I know the key for the orange pair… I can unlock Valarie’s bracing.
Valarie’s eyes widened as if she has just heard the best news that day.
Valarie : ernghh… do it… do it !!.. ernghhh…
My cock throbbed as Valarie laid on the floor of my so call office.
She arched her body upwards, pulling her shorts and leggings down at the same time.
She moaned and got them down to her mid thigh level before asking me to quickly stop the clamp.
I grabbed her bracing and I keyed in the number I got from stripping my first prey.
I entered 3905 into the keypad .
The buzzing did not stop. It was still going on. Then after about 10 seconds, it stopped.
There’s a delay, probably it takes a while for the signal to be sent to the device since it’s lodge in the vagina.
Olivia :ernghhhhh!!!.. ernghhh
I watch Olivia curl up and rolled onto her side, turning away from me but still clutching her lower tummy.
The moment the key was entered, a latch detached itself from the insides of the keypad and the bracing can be removed.
Valarie moaned and broke down, sobbing on the floor, her orange panty was totally soak with a combination of her sweat and her sweet vagina discharge.
I took the bracing up and looked at Valarie’s key then I froze.
I blinked twice.
It’s light blue.
It’s for light blue.
I turned to Olivia and I tapped her on her arm.
James : Olivia…. Olivia !!!… light blue…. Valarie’s key is for light blue….
Olivia turned and she looked at me in disbelief.
James : Your’s… your’s is light blue right ….?
Olivia grabbed my shirt and tried to pull herself up. She nodded her head eagerly and i leaked pre cum as I watched Olivia reached for her skirt and undid the buckle before sliding the zip downwards.
Olivia : Yes… yes… how do you know ? ….
James : Faye… Faye told me…. She told me she paired us up… I got light blue goggles…
Olivia nodded rapidly. Nothing could describe the look of relieve on her face as she pulle down her skirt, voluntarily revealing her panty to me .
I took her bracing and I keyed in the code I got from Valarie’s bracing. 2287 into Olivia’s keypad.
It came loose immediately.
Olivia quickly removed the bracing and threw it across the room.
Valarie had recovered by then and the 2 girls hugged onto each other, crying and sobbing.
I sat back down on the floor, relieved that I don’t have to bear any of the ridiculous debt.
I watched the 2 girls support each other as they walked to the bathroom probably to remove the clamp from their vagina.
Valarie : quick…Quick Olivia… before it’s too late…
I did not know what she meant by that and I went on to get another drink.
Olivia : ernghh.. ernghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH..ENGH!!!!!!!!!!
Valarie : ergnhhh… ernghh.. AHHHHHHHHH.. eRNGHHH!!!!!
I thought nothing of their screams as it’s probably the feeling of sliding the clamp out from their cunts.
Imagine it being constricted so tightly around their privates. It would be hell to try and pull it out.
However when 5 minutes later, I heard the girls moan and groan in the bathroom, I went over and knocked on the door.
James : ae you all ok ?? … what’s happening…. ??
Valarie opened the door, her forehead drenched with sweat.
Valarie : the clamps… its wound too tight…. We… we can’t pull it out….it’s too late
I looked behind her to see Olivia face down, supporting her body on the counter top.
James : what do you mean it’s too late ?? … I already removed the bracings… we unlocked it already right… we stopped it…
I looked at the girls and something eerie happened at the same time.
Both of them looked up at me, as if they knew something I don’t.
Olivia spoke first.
Olivia : it’s not over yet…
James : but… but it’s over already right… we already removed the lock…. We keyed in the code….
Valarie : no…, the instructions is to remove the clamps…. Not the bracings…
Olivia : the bracings is just a mean to keep us from removing the clamps….
James : I… I don’t understand….
Valarie told me that if they had unlocked the bracings early in the game, the level of constriction and tightness of the clamps will not be that intense. They might have been able to remove it on their own with force.
Valarie : but we are too far into the game for that…it’s too tight…we can’t get it out on our own…
James : does that mean I’m not free from incurring the debt yet ?? … then how… how do we remove the clamps ??
There was a moment of awkward silence as Olivia and Valarie shared a look with each other in the bathroom.
When they start to describe the method to unlock it, my cock started getting harder and harder.
My cock pushed harder and harder against my underwear.
I looked at them in disbelief.
James : who…. Who the fuck….. thinks of such a device…. ?
Olivia : perhaps… one day you will meet him… he…
Without warning, both girls collapsed onto the floor, clutching onto their privates.
The buzzing started again.
Olivia :ernghhhhh!!!! Erngh !!!
Valarie :ernghhh!!!.. ernghhh!!! aHHH!!!
James :what… what is going on ??
The constriction started again.
I did the math again in my head.
No, it doesn’t add up.
Removing Valarie’s bracing earlier stopped the buzzing. Removing Olivia’s one meant there’s 7 left, although it should start up again, but I already disabled hers.
Why is it vibrating again ?
The chime happened
“ Ding”
“ 70 Minutes remaining. 7 clamps remaining. “
Clamps. The announcement said clamps. Fuck, unless it just so happens that when I disabled Valarie’s clamp, someone removed one and stopped the devices.
I went to my terminal and read the mail once more.
James : fuck….
Clamps. Not bracings.
This explains the delay in the device stopping when I unlocked the bracing for Valarie. It was sheer dumb luck the vibration stopped when I removed it for Valarie.
The devil really is in the details.
Someone must have removed another one, causing all the clamps to start up again.
The girls moans filled up the room as they writhed on the floor.
Olivia : ernghhhh!!.. enghh!!! JAMES!!!…ernghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valarie : erNGHHH!!! JAMES!!!! Hurry !!!!! AENGHHHH!!..hurry !!!
As if the pressure to remove the clamps were not enough, the hammering started at the door.
Laughing hunter : hahahahahahahaha… Open up… Open up.. Open up……. Olivia… ahhahahaha… Olivia !!!! hahahaha….
His crazed laughter made me remember something he said.
He said I don’t know how to play this game. He said I don’t know what is going on.
All the pieces fell into place.
It’s not just about pairing up with your partner or ripping skirts and dress off.
The real fun…… is removing the clamps.
And the icing on the cake….. is seeing the girl begging you to do it.
Optional read – Clamps
I heaved a heavy sigh as I looked at the removed clamps on the bed.
After so much effort, they have finally been removed from the girls’ vagina.
Olivia and Valarie were huddled together on the bed as they waited for time to pass. One moment they were whispering to each other, another moment they just kept quiet, staring into space and lost in their own thoughts.
I wonder what was going through their head.
Were they thinking about what happened earlier ?
Were they reliving the moment when the voluntarily allowed a young chap like me to fuck them ?
Did they even enjoy the sex or was it purely a transaction so to speak ?
My cock for their freedom.
It did not matter to them that the bed is soaking wet with their own love juices and a lethal concoction of sweat and semen. All it mattered to them was that they are now safe from the other hunters.
I looked at the damaged wall beside the doorframe.
The battering it took while guarding us in the final moments of removing Olivia’s clamp was commendable but it looked like it’s going to collapse anytime.
Every other hunter still in the game popped in to check when they came past.
And the moment the saw the clamps already out, they walked away and moved on without a word.
Rules are rules.
Those that can be bent, will be bent. However, one thing is clear.
No one is about to break the rules of the game.
Once the clamps are off the girls, you are not to touch the girls any longer.
I asked if the girls are ok.
The question sounded a little dumb and silly.
It was hardly the thing to ask or say to girls that I just fucked. Not only did I fuck them, I came inside both of them.
Yet the morbid truth in this uncomfortable copulation is that we are all willing parties.
Everyone knew exactly what they signed up for in a way.
Valarie : We’re ok…. … are you ok ?
James: i… I think so….
Valarie laughed and she gestured to what I was wearing.
Valarie : Then perhaps it’s time to get our bras and underwear off your head don’t you think ?? hahah
Olivia laughed as well.
James : Oh !…
It was then that I realised that they were even on me.
I pulled up and yank off the tights that Valarie was wearing and in turn releasing the bras that were clinging onto my face.
I removed both their wet and wet panty as well, throwing them onto the floor.
Valarie : hahahah….. sorry James …. i… I wasn’t really thinking when I did that….
I looked away and I could feel myself blushing.
I don’t know what came over me. In the heat of the moment, everything felt so normal no matter what we did. Now that it’s ok, thinking back, it was truly a sick and perverted act.
Valarie : I…. I shouldn’t have pulled the panty over your head…. I apologise for that…
James : It’s…. it’s ok… i… I erm…. Nevermind….
Olivia : Hahaha.. you mean you are ok with pulling panty over your head ?? haha….
I stumbled for words before the 3 of us burst out into laughter, easing the tension in the room immediately.
I could still feel the wetness in my hair and face. Traces of the girl’s womanly juices were all over me. The smell lingered around my nostril and I’m sure it will linger much longer in my head even after I washed them off.
Olivia looked a little embarrassed but she too apologised to me.
Olivia : I’m… I’m sorry that you had to go through all of these….
She told me that she should have warned me about Faye right from the very start.
Olivia : I didn’t expect her to make her move so fast…. Besides…. What would you think if I had old you this things happen on your very first day of work… you would have thought I was mad….
Valarie : anyway…. Everything is over…. I’m just glad its over…
I looked at Olivia who put her arm around Valarie before they hugged each other.
Valarie told me that by doing this and winning, they effectively cleared all their debts.
They don’t owe anyone anything anymore.
Olivia : The payout for this is good… plus the winnings and bonuses, I cleared all of my outstanding debts to Faye….
Valarie : And James… you stay away from her …. She is not a friend… no matter how she paints herself to be.
James :Ok…. I … I will stay away from her…. I’m just worried she won’t stay away from me…
As the time ticked to an end, I could hear a couple of distant screams and some laughter. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet and peaceful wait.
At the chime of the final bell, 4 clamps remained unremoved.
James : 4…. Oh my god… they are taking on 200k debt each ?
Valarie : unfortunately….. yes….
James : How are they ever going to finish repaying ??
Olivia : I’m not so worried about the men….
James : why not ??
Olivia : because for games like this, usually men will pay to play….imagine all the things they get to do….
James : what !
Valarie : Besides…. 200k to the men who can afford to pay to play is nothing…. They are in it for the fun….
No wonder the laughing guy offered to pay for my share and asked me to help him.
He must be looking to bed all the girls in the game or something.
A couple entered the room and came over to attend to us.
One male, one female.
They are medical staff and they were there to assess if we are ok.
The girl attended to Olivia and Valarie while the guy attended to me.
He checked me for bruises, he took my blood pressure. He even asked if I’m feeling ok and whether do I need to take the day off tomorrow.
I shook my head and he gave us the all clear.
That was it.
A paper bag was given to me and I found a simple pair of shorts and t-shirt bearing the company logo inside. Probably something they give out to employees during family day or something.
I got changed and Olivia asked me to head home and rest.
Olivia : You can come in later tomorrow if you like…. It’s fine with me… just be in by lunch…
I nodded and I said goodbye to the girls.
It was surreal.
It felt like a dream as I took the lift to the ground floor.
I walked past regular employees who put in a few extra hours at work and were on their way home. The extra hours I put in took on new meanings in this office.
I got onto a taxi and looked at my hands.
I saw the cab driver checking me out from the rear mirror.
I must smell terrible. I wonder if he knew or can he smell the sex from the stench on my body.
I took a shower and collapsed onto bed.
I woke up the next day and decided to go to work on time.
I was curious to see how different everything would be after the game.
I got in at 8.30am and I saw contractors milling around. They already started fixing some of the damages the office took on during the game.
The toppled files & cracked monitors have all been replaced.
I got to my work room and the door has been removed totally with a work in progress sign being put up.
I stepped into the room and was impressed that the bedsheets have been changed. The entire room has been tided up and fresh toiletries have been replaced as well.
I sat down and turned on my computer.
There was no mail.
I went to the pantry to get myself a cup of coffee.
As I waited for the hot coffee to be dispensed, I heard the clicking of heels behind me.
I kept my eyes peeled on the stainless steel panel of the coffee machine as I looked at the reflection.
The lady was making her way towards me.
As she got closer, I could see she was Crystal.
She stopped right behind me and called my name.
Crystal : James…
I turned around to face her and before I could say anything, I was given a tight slap across my cheek.
I froze as the searing pain of the slap registered in my cheek.
I looked at Crystal. Instead of an angry face, she was smiling.
The expression on her definitely did not look like someone who just slapped me.
James : Crystal……. i…
Crystal : That slap…… was for making me lose 2 asset in one day…. Not bad…haha…
I knew immediately what she was talking about.
Olivia and Valarie.
Crystal put her hands around my shoulder and with the warmest smile that still put a chill into my spine, she added in a chirpy voice.
Crystal : Now….. lets have a chat shall we ? hahahah …
James : what…. What do you want to chat about ?
Crystal : did you enjoy yourself yesterday ?? I bet you did….
James ; I….
Crystal : Don’t need to answer me…. I was just making a statement. …
Crystal said that she wants to be clear on one thing.
She is upset not with the fact that she lost 2 girls but she is unhappy with the way she lost them and why she lost them
Crystal : The game is flawed….. don’t you see James ?? …. Pairing you with Olivia…. Putting the key to unlock at her good friend’s bracing ?? … where is the logic in that ??
I kept quiet and just walked on.
It was not my place to say anything.
If I am anything to them, I am just a low lifeform.
A pawn in their game.
20 steps away in front of us, a familiar figure turned the corner and it was Faye.
She saw us and immediately smiled.
I watched her remove a slip of paper from her purse. As she got closer, it was a cheque.
Faye : Oh good morning my dear colleagues…. What a lovely day !!…
Faye  and Crystal smiled at each other as if all were happy and good between them but the coldness of their stares could not be hidden by that warm smile.
Faye : James… this is for you my dear little boy….
I looked at the piece of cheque she pushed into my hand.
There are 6 winners. 200k going 6 ways, that’s more than 30k each for the prize alone.
I wonder how much did Olivia and Valarie get. They would have gotten a large amount to waive off their debt just by participating.
33 thousand.
I’m holding a cheque for 33 thousand.
Faye : That’s only valid for a full time employee by the way….. I’ll have HR send you the documents by lunch…. Welcome to the company James….. you are such a lovely boy to have… hahahaha….haha….
Faye walked away and I looked at the cheque in my hand.
This is absurd yet strangely arousing. For doing the things I did, I get paid ?
33k ?
That is like the annual salary I was hoping to get after graduation.
Crystal : I hope you are happy…. With that 33k….
I kept quiet as Crystal egged me along the path towards her office.
Crystal : Faye got a full million for the game yesterday….
James : what !
Crystal : For betting on the underdog….the odds are way better….